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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 21, 2018 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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out on facebook and twitter. there's also plenty more information and videos on our website, [ woman vocalizing ] of our top stories, president laying the foundation for a second summit with russian leader vladimir putin sending the dems and the republican and rye knows and national left wing media into dizzying heights of hysteria we take town pandemic of trump derangement syndrome tonight. the president of the judicial watch joining us as white house strategist gorka and while rhinos between for political attention.
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please any kind of attention, they say. president trump stays laser focus on the economy and giving a boost to the red hot job market as unemployment claims plum total the lowest level in almost a half century. >> i have to tell you as a country we have never been more successful than we are exactly today. the numbers are beyond what anyone ever thought possible. >> president trump firing early shots in his re-election campaign taking on two potential, well two time presidential loser joe biden and the dean himself ed rawlings weighing in why the former could be the dems best chance to go down in agonizing defeat again this time in 2020. our top story tonight. president trump giving dems and left wing media and the rye
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knows the vapors over the president haling his meeting with putin a great success and now he's looking forward to a second to implement the ideas they talked about in helsinki. sarah sanders conforming plans for new talks in a tweet that read in helsinki potus agreed to on working dialogue between staffs and president trump asking ambassador boltton to invite vladimir putin in the fall and that is underway and while they whine and wail a new survey says three quarters of republican as prove of the president's handling of the summit with putin. also today. fbi director christopher ray conducting foreign policy from a forum in aspen, colorado and well getting little confused
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about where his support might lie, voicing his support for special counsel robert mueller's investigation into russian collusion, inexplicably backing the investigation without justification or evidence. >> i did not believe mueller is on a witch hunt. i think it's a professional investigation conducted by a man that i've known to be a straight shooter in all my interactions in my past life in government and since then so i don't think it's a witch hunt. >> hmm... ray failing to mention the profound bias that in effected the top of the fbi and beyond and didn't mention mueller's bias team of prosecutors or 13 angry democrats as president trump calls them as mueller energy
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enters the second year of an investigation producing no collusion and the president weighing in on prospects of interview with mueller. >> my lawyers are working on that. i've always wanted to do an interview. there's no collusion or talk of russia. there's no phone call. there's nothing and it's, i call it a witch hunt and that's what it is. it's a vicious witch hunt and it's very, very, bad for our country. >> our first guest tonight to discuss russia, an absence of any evidence in the mueller witch hunt. yes christopher ray it is a which hunt no matter what you say. the justice department and f bsu i remain significant and unaccounted for. hopefully there will be a reckoning soon. joining us now judicial watch pvt tom.
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good to have you here. >> this is remarkable. christopher ray, the robert mueller witch hunt is not a witch hunt? it's interesting because he has no evidence and the american public, we're looking at lots of evidence. your thought? >> mr. ray endorsed mueller's raid on the president's lawyer, extraordinary. it's not even done in mob cases. it's done on manafort to suits he bought. this is what he sees as legitimate law enforcement with mueller. he has a relationship with mueller that he admits predates the investigation and him and rosen stein have personal relationships with mueller making it impossible for them to disinterestly call into question or help manage his investigation. so we're not going to get any protection. the rule of law is not going to get protection from the director
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of the fbi or rosenstein on the mueller investigation and you nail it in the beginning when you said conducting foreign policy. the justice department, the mueller, doj russia indictment is doj high staters hijacking our foreign policy. supposedly they told president trump a week before putin summit we'll indict these guys. what's he going to say? don't do it or wait until after the summit? that would be leaked immediately and he'd be accused of obstructing the department of investigation. you have this intervention in foreign policy with these indictments that are really press-releases in the sense they'll never be litigated or see trial, and it's disported our relationship with russia and i'm not fan of putin, but i don't want the justice department running the show. >> yeah, yeah, the justice department has very little to do
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with justice right now and all about politics. it is beyond splpoliticized. there's no question and for christopher ray to sit there in aspen and answer a question as he did, he's not an artful or imaginative person. that was the worse answer given what he knows about what's going on. >> the top leadership of the fbi, comey, fired for misconduct. mr. mccabe fired for misconduct both under criminal investigation. top leaders of the fbi moved an out or demoted or fired and the very individuals behind the mueller investigation and mr. ray think it's no big deal and they're off to be no accountability for having this evidence and these now contents
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in the fbi that wanted to get trump and be involved in his investigation and when mueller fired or removed strok he did not say anything until exposed by congress. >> he was sent off to the hr department. when you figure out he's involved in a relationship with the deputy director's leading attorney, in violation of all the regulations of the justice department he's moved to the hr presumably to find more people to recruit just lyme like him for the one storied agency. >> he fired four more prosecutors and not one republican of whom worked in the obama counsel's office. >> he has a record that's a disaster in the national media and left wing media in particular, will not look at it. let's go to a couple of things.
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rosenstein impeachment. you called on the president to get rid of the special counsel and in fact, his attorneys were at one point urging him to sit town for an inter rue which i know you thought was absolutely i'd youedic. where is the president now in your judgement? and the threats from this special counsel? >> i'm not a lawyer but you know to sit down with someone who is goal was to investigate him. >> what do you see special counsel doing, tom? i know you're not a lawyer but you're also a political observer and activist and i don't see where this ends. the rules of the justice department are the president can't be indicted so right now special counsel is doing an
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impeachment investigation and if the justice department were being competently run they would tell mr. mueller there's no indictment here and you're not going to harass the president with questions. >> impeachment begins with the house. the only, the speaker of the house the lame duck speaker, paul ryon would love to see impeachment proceedings brought. he has been a greater obstructionist and member of the resistance than almost any democratic leader on capitol hill. >> i know there's going to be a new leader of the house and i hope among the things debated when they have that leadership election is the house will continue to be a door for officials like rod rosenstein who thumb their nose. >> not executive branch but specifically this corrupt justice department and the corrupt fbi.
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it's not about the entire executive branch. this is specific and the politicalization, the corruption is replete throughout the organization and this president, at some point will have to clean it up. >> what the last administration had the irs obstructing in congress, this administration has doj and fbi in congress. it's this attitude that congressional regress for information are to be played with and gamed out. >> why not? they're playing for the most part, tom, with fools. they're playing with inert opportunity objects that simply don't want to move ahead in the confrontation with the executive branches justice department. this president owns it now, this was obama's corruption and his, his political arm, the justice department and fbi.
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this president is the only one who will ultimately be able to clean it up. tom judicial watch. always great to see you. up next the president and his staff spending another day as the target of the national left wing media. >> this president delusional or is the president just simply lying? and i, that's not exactly, not mutually exclusive but i think he's lying. >> he keeps gravitating towards his real impulse not wanting to a blame to russia. and putin. >> how can he lie like that? >> president trump is enthralled to president putin. maybe he might be intimidated with him? >> what the hell is going on? seriously. >> what a gaggle of nonsense. the left wing national media on parade. we'll take that up and much more right after the break. right after the break. ed rawlings so you just walk around telling people geico
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if biden were to run the president says he likes his chances. >> i dream about biden. that's a dream. look, joe biden ran three times and never got more than one percent and president obama took him out of the garbage heap and everyone was shocked so i'd love to have it be biden. >> joining me now the dean of political strategist. great american pack charmer political director fox political analyst, contributor. great american, good friend. how are you? >> i want to correct the president. i made this mistake last night. joe biden never got one percent. 23 votes in iowa caucus that's less than half percent. ran twice. >> i don't think the president will be happy with you. >> the second time he ran he ran six out of six and my sense is
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that was after four years. >> so you know he got kicked off. i have to tell you this is tenant time. president trump wants to run against him and you're making him sound weak and pitiful. >> i my worries are a parochial interest. i ran reagan's campaign and if trump runs against him and even if he wins his home state of three electoral vote. >> you said there's no way biden could win anything. >> i talked to a friend that was a senator with him for years and said he's lazy and can't make-up his mind or raise money and he's known for all of his shortcomings in the speech performance level so, i think that - >> maybe that explains his stellar performance as vice president under the obama administration. >> and don't forget sarah palin pinned his ears back in the debate. she pinned his ears back.
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>> i can't believe what the democrats are doing. how old is biden? 78? something like that. >> when he runs. >> we're checking. i'll get that. i think it's 78. what is it? 75. i was in error. all the producer ins the control room and now they come with that and i'm off by three whole years. i just find it amazing that the democratic party they have the young lady the socialist that wants to be a communist, but she's biding her time on that, no pun intended but all these old people. they have biden. they have what's her name? hillary clinton. what's his name? bernie sanders? >> the new program is a program if you don't work you get $15 an hour minimum wage. >> well, you know, that stacks up a free $500 a month.
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the democrats are trying to figure out how much to raise everyone's taxes by. you imagine them going into november with this idiotic agenda. they have moved so far left that they're going to even lose their base. >> they're going to be left of venezuela soon if they're not careful. >> and the country would be in the same sorry shape as venezuela. let's turn to the president in talking with putin. he wants round two this fall and bolton the national security advisor working on that now and the left is having a fit again. schumer is out. he shouldn't be anywhere near him. these people are out of their minds. >> reagan could not meet with the russians in the first term because they all died. >> that was a bad run. >> a bad run. he met every year second term with gorbachev and my sense is
10:21 am
if he wants an annual meeting home and away i think it's positive. >> why the heck would a president not have authority, right, privilege and expectation he can set the number of summits he wants and listen to some idiot in the u.s. senate in a bring about what he can or can't do or should or shouldn't do. i mean come on. >> interesting thing when you analyze this. the president and putin put out statements and answered the questions by the media and add nothing relevant and for now i'd put out statements and meet and if it's something that needs to go to congress i would send to it congress. >> the thing to come out of that whole thing the dems actually wanting to vote on, on forcing an interpreter, a translator in
10:22 am
the meeting between the president's trump and putin to testify before congress. they have turned, they've gone so far left they're now starting to look soviet left. >> it's a good thing trump is not a catholic because they would subpoena his priest if a world leader can't sit down with another one and not worry about it being exposed worldwide. >> you don't want your interpreter stammering in fear that they'll be brought before congress based on what they're hearing between heads of state. coming up next the left wing ladies of the view going off the rails and attacking our judge jenneane judge pirro. >> you tackleed the anti-trump called liars and leakers and
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>> the hysterical left wing national media meltdown goes on and co-host of the view whoopie goldberg dragging judge pirro in a screaming match and look what she does when she can't handle the judge. >> how long has the deep state been there and who's running it? >> i won't answer your question. your opening sustainability is how horrible it is that donald
10:28 am
trump is talking about all these people. you know what that's what you said. you said that when people shouldn't be here end up murdering the children of people. when the president of the united states whips up people to - >> i'm done. >> i that's remarkable. i got the feeling that she and the judge were not getting long there. what do you think? joining us is fox news national security former strategist to president trump and author of the new book, why we fight. sebastian i have to say, whoopie was, you know she was tested beyond her limited there by the judge. not backing up one ounce, good for the judge. >> yeah. don't argue with judge pirro.
10:29 am
that's my recommendation. >> that's what i was worried about happening. >> [laughter] but tds used to be a joke. trump derangement syndrome. lou, it's real. we just saw it and what your viewers may not know because judge pirro just revealed it earlier today, after the segment was taped or aired, whoopie goldberg went insane and used foul mouth language i can't repeat on television. >> not on this show you cannot. >> no. and told her to get out of the beeped building and absolutely became unhinged and it's the left in a nutshell, lou. >> the program does what it's designed to do which makes itself as outrageous as imaginable even by leftist standards. it's truly remarkable what is
10:30 am
happening. your thoughts about this, these second phase of outrage on the part of the esteemed national left wing media now that president trump is revealed that he is laying the foundation for a second trump/putin summit. >> well, lou, my family background, there's no love loss between me and former kgb colonels. my father was imprisoned by this but the president is pressing the right buttons he needs to press to make heads explode in the fake news industrial complex. this an important country because it spans 11 time zones and has nuclear weapons and veto seat and vladimir putin is a bad actor. he's destabilizing numerous parts of world but the president
10:31 am
as the most powerful man in the world can meet with whoever he wants to meet as regularly as he wishes because he won the election. i didn't say guess what? he did win the election. >> why did you say guess what? >> i know i shouldn't have. i'm sorry. >> it ruined the narrative theres but we were not sure. >> i was on a role. >> it's terrific. i just find right now what this president has to put up with from the ignorance of the left in this country is, is proportions we've never seen. this man should be getting credit from the very people whether they be democrats or the national left wing media or republican republican establishment or democratic establishment and the globalist elites. look what he's doing for the global economy and the american economy driving that global
10:32 am
growth. the international monetary fund coming out with new projections that are, i will admit, historically wide of the mark often and perhaps usually, but i agree with them. the strength of the u.s. economy is going to drive the global economy for years because of this president's commitment to deregulation and cutting taxes and the initiatives that free enterprise economy thrives on and we have people, some are saying, you know, he's being too nice to vladimir putin. why didn't they say he was being too nice to kim jung ung un or you know it's as if the national left wing media has married neocons and their coverage is the fruit of the union. >> and lou, in the history of
10:33 am
diplomacy, no head of state has actively insulted another head of state standing next to him. kennedy didn't. nixon and reagan didn't do it. nobody does it and the expectation of the cleft an artificial one, and we know russia. >> let me ask you. i don't think that president trump said rocket man is a compliment when referring to kim jung ung un. >> not with him standing next to him. this what they expected. so they don't do it face-to-face but behind their back. one of the things i admire about president trump is he'll take care of it face-to-face if that's the way he feels. it's an important signal that this president is trying to build bridges, rather than pursuing a collision with military, with unfortunate military results. i think he should be credited, don't you? >> i think that most telling
10:34 am
thing of all, is that the left wing media hadn't had a problem with russian so-called interference in anybody's election for 70 years and now they do? the only reason they have a problem now is donald trump won the election so it's all artificial and to your point of giving him credit. we expect the left to hammer this man for 8 years. that's what they're going to do, but my big problem is the republicans don't stand from this man. there's half a dozen people on capitol hill and that's it. we know who they are. >> let's name names. you talking the business roundtable. chamber of commerce. >> the bush. >> the what? >> former bush clique. >> and the clinton clan and a few other clans.
10:35 am
politics should be a nonstarter in this country but no one sometimes consults me on these things. dr. sebastian gorka we're glad you could be here. >> god bless. >> republican republicans turning the dems calls to abolish customs enforcement into a joke shoving a resolution of ice right down the throats of the dems and we'll take that up with it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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where we're changing withs? contemporary make-overs. then, use the ultimate power handshake, the upper hander with a double palm grab. who has the upper hand now? start winning today.
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book now at >> the hausz today passed a pro ice resolution 234 to 35. 34 dems voted no. the gon praising ice while putting the dems on record and the republican party using unusual creativity and humor in the praise of the open borders. ms-13 and illegal immigration that the dems move further and further to the left in this country. for example speaking of moving to the left. hard to believe it but keith ellison claiming borders are an in justice and mexican workers should be able to compete with americans for high wages and cortez has called the abolish meant of ice and occupation of airports. those go together, right? the co-sponsor of the ice
10:40 am
resolution congress woman of new york on the house financial services committee and we're delighted to have you with us. that was an overwhelming vote. it's interesting that the dems didn't want to vote no. 34 did, but president seemed to be their way of showing how much courage they have about ideas of abolishing ice. >> i'm surprised anyone would vote against this. first of all ice is no different than any other important law enforcement agency keeping us safe. like 76 thousand arrested were made in 2017 for dangerous drug offenses and thousands of other serious crimes committed by illegal aliens in this country so why would you want to get rid of an agency keeping you safe. really this protest was about there were democrats that sponsored legislation to abolish
10:41 am
ice and i would love to see that come to the floor and make them vote no on their own bill. the hypocrisy over this bill was quite spectacular. >> your leadership is not about to take, i mean that is, i can't imagine paul ryan having the flair to do that. this is his idea of returning serve. >> i think that, i think kevin mcarthy really wanted to put it to the floor, our majority leader but either way they're on record. even senator gillibrand has supported abolishing ice. how absurd when he comes from an area in new york where there's so many issues with crime. unbelievable. >> we don't have time to go into the list of her absurd ways in her politics. it's extraordinaria. speaking of that. the national left wing media goes after the president because
10:42 am
they thought he should have been a high school sophomore bumping up against the leader of russia with 65 warheads. who are these people and what have they become and what is going to be the result here? we're watching the democratic party move left and the national left wing media is going to arrive there before it appears. >> the media is ridiculous and not doing it's job. they're suppose to be providing us with the information we need for making decisions. they say democracy and democracy but no we're dependent on this government, the people that are running this government that for people under the tenth amendment are not informed but they're having a partisan left wing media that's not telling the truth. >> look at the corporate ownership and hold the corporate ownership of these outlets responsible. i mean when i look at cnn, nbc
10:43 am
and they're various outlets and the "new york times" and "washington post" it's appalling and not once, well i'll put it this way. seldom do you hear corporate ownership mention comcast, at&t now. jeff bezos writing check every year for a propaganda outlet. there's no possible excuse for their conduct other than they've decided to be a propaganda outlet. >> if you can give the president credit for it a number of things as you sighted look what he's done in less than two years. i used to own a newspaper so i know what it's like. i own and alternative newspaper where i had to compete against other media and for years i wish
10:44 am
i could have coined the term fake news then. they were always in the tank for the status quo and who that was and in this case it's really just all day long, never trump. doesn't matter what he does or says if he says what obama said exactly, they meltdown in hysteria and it's too bad. >> i think it will be too bad for dems in december. so long as republicans attach ourselves to the trump agenda, we'll be fine. as a matter of fact i think dems will have a lot of explaining to do. congresswoman it's great to talk to you. come back soon. >> thank you. have a great day. >> up next the helsinki hysteria goes on and how they go on. the national left wing national media can't quite, can't quite grasp that president trump is in charge. he is doing great things,
10:45 am
unprecedented things. he hasn't been in office even two years and these folks are really so hey hateful that they are having issues with their own mean to look at all that's been accomplished in this country. my father passed this truck down to me, that's the same thing i want to do with you. it's an emotional thing to watch your child grow up and especially get behind the wheel. i want to keep you know, stacking up the memories and the miles and the years. he's gonna get mine -but i'm gonna get a new one. -oh yeah when it's time for your old chevy truck to become their new chevy truck, there's truck month. get 18% of msrp cash back on all silverado 1500 crew cab lt pickups when you finance with gm financial. that's $9,000 on this silverado. plus, during truck month make no monthly payments for 90 days.
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>> the national left wing national media embarrassing themselves further today again, after falsely interpreting the word, no, uttered by president trump and having fun doing so we're sure. the confusion and consternation ramped up when the president had a question shouted in regard to russia still targeting united states. sarah sanders badgered by reporters today and that's another matter. why she puts up with that is beyond me. i would clear the room and not put up with their ignorance for a moment but she set the record straight. >> the president was said thank you very much and was saying no to answering questions. the president and his administration are working very hard to make sure that russia is unable to meddle in our elections. the president said he's not taking questions and i've stated
10:50 am
what our to is six. president put out initial tweet after boarding air force one that clarified his comments and again he put out an initial tweet. again the president thinks that we have to focus on securing our election integrity. >> senators went on to highlight the president's tough stance on russia and attacked the left wing media for what they call reporting. fbi fired director comey will lecturing the american people on how to vote saying, quote this republican republican congress has proven incapable of filling founders design that ambitious must counter act ambitious. all must vote for democrats this fall. policy matters don't matter right now. history has it's eyes on us.
10:51 am
this man is out of his tree. along with three stooges. be than and clapper the lumi nati under president obama. the left wing still thinks they can run all over president trump about the russia summit through magazine covers. we're going to share a few of them with you and sydney powell and charlie hurt and more straight ahead. stay with us. you're headed down the highway when the guy in front slams on his brakes out of nowhere. you do, too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges... how mature of them. for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪
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>> the anti-trump left wing national media, hysterical still over in the trump putin summit and they're lashing out with get ready, art work. art work. take a look at what time magazine did for their cover. this clever isn't it? they merged. talk about cliche devices they couldn't even come up with original idea. trumps face merged with putins creating this creepy hybrid and then the new yorkers cover drawing the president flattened at the bottom of an escalator still giving a thumb's up. what in the world? the ignorance of all of this and these magazines dying before our eyes and this is part of the reason why. the magazine parroting trumps escalator decent, deep, deep,
10:56 am
deep. this is not what we call audio visual aid but the real moment. joining me tonight. former federal prosecutor sydney powell and charlie hurt and fox business contributor. good to have you both here. quickly, sydney let me ask you, what do you think of dying magazines trying desperately with the most hacked cliche concept that is i can come up with? are they even trying to entice reader? >> well, the desperation is the right word for it. the entire left has just gone so off the rails. they're making chicken little look rational. the sky is falling every day over one thing or the other. nothing the president does or says will be right and frankly i think we need to stop paying so much attention to anything the left says. the american people aren't. they're focused on the
10:57 am
president's successes and the economy booming and crime being fought and the progress we're making with low unemployment. >> it's interesting proposition you're putting forward. just simply ignore them in conjunction with that approach, i'm just curious what do you think of the idea of the trump administration telling every rude ill mannered reporter interrupting sarah sanders of other officials in the briefing room to take a hike and instead the president we see giving interviews to networks that are the fake news. they are the very stuff of fake news. it's peculiar charlie. >> yeah, i don't know why they insist on giving interviews to any of those people that are clearly not interested in covering the actual news or reporting the truth, but rather on some sort of weird jihad.
10:58 am
that said i also don't think they ought to kick them out of the press briefing room because they do such a good job revealing themselves. i think that's very important. but mental i'll snaes serious issue and i take it seriously and i think everyone should and the writers at time and new yorker are two magazines i have enjoyed reading in my lifetime, i think they need to seek help. it's very disturbing and a lot of it is comical but the weird thing about that escalator ride, whatever, cartoon is that, it shows a president trump who is clearly dead. that's really disturbing and that should disturb all americans and that should be taken very, very seriously and i think the new yorker headquarters should be visited by secret service and they should be asked questions about,
10:59 am
what is this obsession with the president being dead? >> let's ask sydney about that. former federal prosecutor. sydney, what has happened to all the laws that protect presidents and that require the secret service to investigate as charlie suggested. this or any other number of threats. >> or the beheading of the president. >> i think there's a lot of things that could be more aggressively enforceed with respect to comments and depictions and threats than have been. i was glad when the first lady called out the person in hollywood that made the post about baron. that's absolutely outrageous but some things at the women's march were and secret service should investigate all of those and some of those people should be arrested and given pause at least to think of what they are doing. we've been too tolerant of that
11:00 am
and we have to stop all the threats and violence against all public officials. >> and the disrespect they continue. the disrespect they're showing this president and the first lady. thank you both for >> muscle-bound heroes... >> my dad said, "if i'm gonna do conan, it's gonna be done my way." >> curvy vixens... >> when i look at the female characters that dad did, mom was okay with that? >> the da vinci of fantasy art. >> this entire visual genre traces back to this one artist. >> how much did it sell for? >> about $1.1 million. >> but when he's gone, a real battle takes shape. >> how bad did it get? >> i'm not close to my brother anymore. even today we don't talk. >> can the next generation save the family and its fortune? >> i think i was like their last hope. >> my grandfather deserves to live on, and what better place than comic-con? [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ]


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