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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  July 23, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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that does it for us, i guess we have to chat for a few more minutes, until we get to e. mac, what? adam: crackers, they cost a fortune. melissa: "the evening edit" start the right now. >> the president has been very, very clear, again since day one, what his objectives are, and he's certainly not going to tolerate the leader of iran making threats against americans, making threats against this country, making threats against israel. this is a president who is going to stand up and make sure he is doing what is necessary. elizabeth: a fiery tweet storm from president trump last night warning iran that threats against the u.s. will lead to dire consequences. we'll bring you the latest and show you what's really going on inside that theocratic regime. we're going to ask a former top trump official this: there was a north korea summit, a russia summit, so will there be an iran summit? that's coming up. also this, a potential democrat
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presidential contender also saying abolish i.c.e.. so is this the democrats' midterm platform message, and will it work? and speaking of the midterms, we've got the latest from the socialist campaign trail. it's now splitting the democrat party. we have a growing number of democrats now warning that alexandria ocasio-cortez and bernie sanders will wreck the midterms for the democrats, plus which former top obama official is now warning democrats the same thing too. thank you so much for joining us, thank you for watching. money, politics, we deliver the debate behind tomorrow's headlines. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit," it starts right now. ♪ ♪ elizabeth: first to your money, the dow's down slightly today, 13 points, ending the day at 25,034. nasdaq ending in the green ahead
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of big tech earnings. more on your money in just a second. but first, to the fight with iran. check out oil prices. higher, ending the day settling basically, settling at $73 a barrel. gas prices at the pump year-over-year. the president now considering reinstating tough sanctions on iran. tough words from secretary of state mike pompeo on iran likely prompted the following from the iranian president, quote: mr. trump, do not play with the lion's tail, this will only lead to regret. america should know that peace with iran is the mother of all peace and war with iran is the mother of all wars. president trump firing back with an explosive all-caps tweet that's now drawing comparisons with his fire and fury threat against north korea. the president tweeting, quote: to iranian president rouhani, and then in all caps, never, ever threaten the u.s. again or you will suffer consequences the
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likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered before. your demented words of violence and death, be cautious. and national security adviser john bolton also reinforcing the president's, basically his thoughts there too. he is the former specialist to president trump, he's mark lauder. mark, your take on the president's response here. are we going to see a summit with iran? >> i wouldn't know. and we'd be a long -- elizabeth: could we? but could we? >> we are a long way off from that possibility. let's remember iran is the largest sponsor of terror, state sponsor of terror in the world. i find it humorous, iran claims to be the lie are on's tail, it's more like -- lion's tail, it's more like peter cottontail. iran needs to know this is not a fight they want to pick. they need to come to the table, they need to join the world community, get rid of nuclear weapons, their desire for them, and that's what the president is focused on. elizabeth: iran is one of
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russia's big clients in the mideast, this also comes just two weeks before the u.s. could reimpose sanctions to economically throttle iran. that's the issue, right? >> absolutely. and what we have here are many companies in europe and in russia that are trying to profit and do business with iran, but at the same time iran is withld holding funding from its own economy, its people. they're clamoring for jobs. they are wasting their resources, sponsoring terror, threatening overall stability in the middle east, and the president is being very clear-eyed on this when he says we've got to confront iran just like we're confronting north korea, just like we're confronting destabilizing activities with russia. elizabeth: you know, mark, let's go to the strait of hormuz. a third of the global sea-borne oil trade goes through or hormuz, but watch this. what's really interesting, marc, is that the pipelines are going full blast in saudi arabia, the uae, iraq. they're rapidly building oil
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pipelines to circumvent iran. i mean, iran does continue to be an economic freefall, there's hyperinflation there. >> you're absolutely right. and be also the president's been in contact as we have seen in recent months with leaders in the middle east talking about increasing oil production to offset any kind of disruptions that might be caused by what we're seeing happening in iran. so we're taking that leadership position, we're making sure that we can secure or the flow of oil to the rest of the industrialized world. and at the end of the day, we've got to have iran doing the right thing and supporting the iranian people who are now rising up more and more against this regime. elizabeth: you know, let's get, move on to this next case. the department of justice releasing more than 400 pages of the fights saw surveillance -- fisa surveillance warrant application for former trump campaign official carter page. republican representative trey gowdy says it shows no evidence
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president trump committed any crime regarding russia. let's take a listen. >> carter page is more like inspector gadget than he is jason bourne or james bond. trump never met him, never had a conversation with him. we'll never know whether the fbi had enough without the dossier, the unvetted, dnc-funded dossier, because they included it. everyone who reads this fisa application sees the amount of reliance they placed on this product funded by hillary clinton's campaign and the dnc. i do have an issue when you rely on political opposition research that is unvetted and you represent that to a court and use it to spy on an american. elizabeth: judge -- excuse me, sir, marc, basically we have senator marco rubio saying, you know what? carter page was on radar screen well before the trump campaign, so they had every responsibility to look at carter page.
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what do you say to that? >> well, but they waited until the height of a presidential campaign to do it, and they used information that was off of that phony, unverified dossier and then actually used other news articles that were attributing that dossier to back it up like it was some sort of collaboration when it wasn't because it was all coming from the same source. this is just dirty at its core can, it comes from the clinton campaign, the dnc, and i think chairman gowdy's got it right when this is just nothing but a witch hunt in terms of we still have no evidence of collusion which was what the original intent of all this investigation was supposed to prove. elizabeth: sean spicer says it's unreasonable to call it a witch hunt. he's essentially saying robert mueller should finish off his probe. what do you think of that? >> as it relates to collusion, it is a witch hunt, and any kinds of auxiliary crimes they may have discovered or people who are lied to investigators --
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who have lied to investigators, that needs to be fully prosecuted. but the underlying premise of collusion, there is no evidence, there has not been any in 18 months, and as the chairman said yesterday, if there was, you could bet adam schiff would have leaked it by now. so let's get on with finishing up the investigation in a quick and expedient manner and a complete manner, and then let's move on to the more important things about confronting russia and dealing with the issues that the president has on his table right now. elizabeth: now, the white house is reporting that president trump can -- is considering revoking security clearances from former obama intelligence law enforcement officials. let's watch. >> not only is the president looking to take away brennan's security clearance, he's also looking into the clearances of comey, clapper, hayden, rice and mccabe. the president is exploring the mechanisms to remove security clearance because they've politicized and in some cases monetized their public service and security clearances.
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making baseless accusations of improper contact with russia or being influenced by russia against the president is extremely inappropriate. and the fact that people with security clearances are making these baseless charges provides inappropriate legitimacy to accusations with zero evidence. elizabeth: you know, marc, "the washington post" headline, you know, trump can do this, he can revoke it if he wants, but it won't change much. the word is that this is political a payback by the president, that he's trying to shut down also the mueller probe. your reaction. >> i don't think it has anything to do with the mueller probe, i think that's more wishful thinking by some liberal pundits. this is basically act knowledging the fact that these -- acknowledging the fact that these are former officials, and it can limit their ability to go back and refer to their own notes if it contains classified information. so any kind of possession that they would have of classified materials, they wouldn't be allowed to do that any longer. we've got former officials who are supposed to be nonpartisan, above the fray saying the
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president committed treason. it is just outrageous, and they have been rightfully called out by a few folks here and there there. i think this is a very strong step by the president to say that they've gone too far, enough is enough. elizabeth: so what happens to these individuals if their security clearances are basically revoked? >> probably nothing big, because they're already not receiving classified information because they are former officials. but they maintain it. it would limit their ability to be consulted by future administrations unless it were to be reinstated. but it also could limit their ability to refer back to their own notes and possessing their own notes if that were to have kind of classified information in it. elizabeth: thank you, marc lotter, really appreciate it. >> thank you. elizabeth: the dow closing down 13 points. google parent alphabet hit an all-time high after hours. it posted strong sales, and now google's net profit, its bottom line was hit hard by that e.u.
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$5 billion fine. it has had two straight years of quarterly sales going up. let's look at facebook. it's also hitting an all-time high ahead of its earnings report coming this wednesday. let's get right to nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange with the latest on your money. nicole. >> reporter: well, stocks finished mixeded. the dow finished lower, but the nas a damage damage and s&p gained -- nasdaq and s&p gained. jpmorgan and goldman sachs were among the winners in the dow, microsoft and american express also helped to lead. but it was alphabet after the bell that wowed wall street. in fact, we saw earnings per share crush the estimate. revenue beat, traffic acquisition costs were comfortably below, and advertisement revenue came in way ahead. knocking this one out of the park. take a look at the live trade right now, but just after it came out, it was up five-sixths of a percent. that'll be a new high in
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tomorrow's trading. elizabeth: great to see you, nicole. look at this, a massive ritz cracker or recall due to food-borne illnesses in salads at mcdonald's, what the heck is going on? doc siegel on what to look out for. also tonight the abolish i.c.e. movement in the democrat party, is it going too far? comedienne michelle wolf parodying i.c.e., comparing them with isis. we have that debate in sound coming up. but first, socialist darling alexandra okays ya cortez barn storming through the heartland with bernie sanders. 42 socialists now on the federal, state and local ballots in 22 states. it's giving democrats panic attacks. my next guest says this is an issue, it's not a good one, it's a bad one for the democrat party. kelsey harkness will talk to me next. stay right there.
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>> the factor that ultimately cread our win was the fact that we had bold commitments, and i campaigned on hard commitments of medicare for all, tuition plaintiff free public college -- tuition-free public college and championing those issues were the reasons that we won. we won across demographics. we won, we expanded the electorate. meth elizabeth that's al drand ya cortez, she won with a turnout to, i think, of only 30,000 votes. this signals, though, a nationwide identity crisis for
5:17 pm
the democrat party that once was led by jfk and the blue dog democrats. democrat moderates now warn this ultra-radical left that is out of touch with mainstream america will wreck the midterms for the democrats. that is socialist al sand drink ya ocasio-cortez you saw there. 42 socialists are now on the federal, state and local ballots in 20 states including kansas and michigan. joining me now from the daily signal is kelsey harkness. here's the thing, when they talk about free tuition, kelsey, it's about incentives. when colleges see free tuition, they start spending like there's no tomorrow on, you know, bling college football stadiums or five-star cafeterias, and the taxpayer gets gouged. that medicare for all, tens of trillions of dollars are the estimates of costs for that. your reaction to all of this. >> of course somebody is going to have to pay for all these free things, and this is the thing that we always see when it
5:18 pm
comes to democrat socialists. they can never explain where that money is going to come from. but i think you're right to call this an identity crisis for the democratic party. my question is how long is the national party going to provide cover for these very socialist politicians who at least used to be very different from the democrats that most of us are used to. elizabeth: yeah. it's not our parents' democrat party. their policies like guaranteed income, guaranteed jobs for all collapsed economies overseas. i mean, we're talking -- let's say it again, venezuela, north korea, cuba -- and we've got moderate democrats, kelsey, like tim ryan, chris coons, they warn that these guys are so unhinged from reality, it will ruin the democrats' case that they should govern again. they're saying it's easier to mock us than marginalize us, and tim ryan says we're locked in a
5:19 pm
24-hour news spin cycle about these guys. >> i think they're right to be concerned. i think that if the future of the democratic party is as social isist as bernie sanders and some of these others, they are in big trouble. i think the democrats need to figure out who they are and along the way maybe travel across the globe and visit some of these socialist countries and ask is this really the model that we want to replicate, because in these countries that you just mentioned, venezuela, people are going hungry. they're actually going without medicine because often medicine and medicaid, any sort of medical program for all isn't able to work. it might sound good on paper, but it does not deliver. elizabeth: you remember bernie sanders said, about venezuela, that food lines are, quote, a good thing. even former fbi director james comey is warning democrats against these socialist candidates. comey tweeting, quote: democrats, please, please don't lose your minds and rush to the socialist left. the president and his republican party are counting on you to do
5:20 pm
exactly that. america's great middle wants sensible, balanced, ethical leadership. sensible leadership, do you think the heartland of america will sign on to the socialist platform? >> well, first off, liz, there's a little bit of iron there in james comey asking for sensible leadership, because i think that's a when all americans wanted when it came to the fbi, the agency that he led. but i think there is some truth to that, that americans do want sensible leadership, and it's interesting to see that he isn't even onboard with the socialist wing of the democrat party. elizabeth: it looks like ocasio-cortez critics are saying she is not ready for prime time, certainly not ready to debate anybody. here she is calling for democrats to flip kansas red. watch. >> i'm so excite to be hopping on here. senator sanders' account, we're here in kansas city to rally for brent welder. we're going flip seat red in
5:21 pm
november. elizabeth: let me clarify. is this an honest mistake or a hint of something really problematic? >> i think a little bit of both. i think it was an honest gaffe, and we've all had those, so, you know, we don't need to be too tough on her in that regard. but this is what happens when you rise to fame this quickly. people are paying attention to what you have to say, and you don't have room for these little errors. people are holding you accountable, and now it seems looking at you as some sort of leader of in any millennial generation of socialists. elizabeth: it shows a systematic breakdown of our universities and what they're being taught, right? >> i certainly agree with you there. the challenges we face in our universities are far and wide, i think. young americans from my generation are being wrongly attracted to some of these socialist ideas. it's very dangerous. elizabeth: you'll be joining our panel later in the show, good to see you. >> thanks for having me. elizabeth: half of the
5:22 pm
left-leaning new york daily news editorial staff getting the axe. coming up, a guest who's going to argue, that's what happens when businesses are driven by one political agenda. but first, comedienne michelle wolf was trying to be funny satireizing. we've got the republican conference vice chair congressman doug collins, he's going to say she went too far. he speaks out after this. don't go away. ♪ ♪ be a little bit of water, it really- it rocked our world. i had no idea the amount of damage that water could do. we called usaa. and they greeted me as they always do. sergeant baker, how are you? they were on it. it was unbelievable. having insurance is something everyone needs, but having usaa- now that's a privilege. we're the baker's and we're usaa members for life. usaa. get your insurance quote today.
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>> when we flip the house and flipe senate, i think the first thing we should do is deal with the children who are being separated from their families at the border. [applause] i think we should get rid of i.c.e.. it would raise our strength. our diversity is what makes our country and economy so strong. elizabeth: that's new york democratic senator kirsten gillibrand saying the first
5:26 pm
thing to do after the midterms is get rid of i.c.e.. let's take it up with doug collins are. what do you think wound? >> how are you going to enforce our immigration laws? you can't just have a good sound bite that looks good on the back of a bumper sticker on a car. you've got to have a solution. democrats just don't want to enforce the border or immigration laws. elizabeth: they're really upset about the separation of family, but they're saying the answer to the that is abolish i.c.e., and the house passing that resolution last week expressing support for i.c.e. officers, but 133 democrats withheld their votes because they want the attention on the separation of families. congressman, david ward talked about this with us last week. >> 133 cowards couldn't stand up for what they were spouting off two weeks ago about trying to abolish i.c.e.. even though they abstained from voting, they voted against i.c.e., these men and women that
5:27 pm
put their lives on the line every single day going after criminal aliens in the united states and investigating child crimes from foreign nationals. this is mariah lopez, and this is her grandmother. a couple weeks ago he were murdered. and this didn't happen in syria or anywhere else in the middle east, this happened here in alabama. this little girl watched her grandmother be butchered by two mexican nationals, and then they cut this little girl's head off. this is a and-year-old child who was -- a 13-year-old child who was an honors student, and this is what the democrats are preventing i.c.e. from addressing. elizabeth: okay, so that story, also the abstention vote of the democrats, 133 just voting present about the resolution supporting i.c.e., will this hurt in the midterms? >> i think it will when you have people actually confront them. as long as they come up here and come onto the house floor and do their protest votes and say they're not -- they really want to find a solution, my question is where were they a couple weeks ago when we actually had
5:28 pm
immigration legislation that addressed the separation issue, that fixed that separation issue, that worked toward a positive solution? instead they voted no, and then they come back two weeks later and vote present which is putting politics over policy. you want to talk about how our immigration needs to get fixed, and yet you vote not to support those who are enforcing our laws, and you have to listen to what this i.c.e. agent just said, it puts you in a bad position. let them go out and have to communicate that to the moms and dads in our communities and our restaurants. we'll see how it goes then. elizabeth: comedienne michelle wolf comparing ice with isis. this is all for her new netflix series. let's take a listen, let's watch. >> it's popular nowadays to say isis, bad. but there's no better representation of american values right now than isis. and as an equal opportunity employer, we accept all levels of experience and education. from low to the very low and
5:29 pm
actively welcome those with diagnosed anger issues. take it from me, no organization is better than isis. elizabeth: let's take a check of netflix stock, in the green up about half a percent. congressman, let's look at the numbers. the obama administration arrested about 150,000 more illegal immigrants than under the trump administration. that's in 2009. that was 2009 versus 2017. and look at the types of people being arrested by our i.c.e. agents. 16,000 criminal child sex predators since 2003, nearly 5,000 criminal illegal gang members in 20 the 17. 800 of those were ms-13. 74% of all these arrests had prior convictions. your reaction to that? >> you started out right, she tried to be funny. she is the spokesman for the democratic party. she's set herself up to be that. if you want the true face of
5:30 pm
what america's values are from the democratic perspective, all you've gotted to do is look at michelle wolf. being vile, being hatred, spewing vitriol toward those who are actually trying to help our country do exactly what you just shouted in those statistics, making sure those laws are enforced. my question for her is where do you want to draw the line? if you're claiming these are the qualifications for an i.c.e. agent, sounds like she would qualify because she's not thinking what she wants to say, she simply wants to be the democratic party spokesperson. if that's what she wants to do, get into politics. but her comedy's not funny, it's hurtful. elizabeth: okay, let's get to hillary clinton now planning to provide travel services to illegal immigrants who got separated at the border. this is basically a push to reunite these families. let's listen to the former democratic candidate for president. >> if any of you work for an airline, direct message me because we need to get vouchers and discounted tickets to bring
5:31 pm
these families back together the across that thousand miles. [cheers and applause] elizabeth: your reaction, sir. >> my reaction is i have just one basic word for ms. clinton, retire. it's time for you to realize that if -- elizabeth: but it's a nice gesture, right? it's a heartfelt gesture. >> well, again, she's coming back on at a time and playing up her political credentials where she's actually saying she might run again. liz, i don't want to be funny about this. this is a real situation which we had legislation on the floor, democrats voted no on this issue. now she's trying to get people to get vouchers? if she wants to relitigate something, it's the election of 2016 when she should have found an airline ticket to wisconsin. elizabeth: all right. congressman, good to see you. >> thank you. elizabeth: half of the newsrooms of the left-leaning new york daily news getting the axe, the bosses trying to refocus it on breaking news. coming up we've got a guest
5:32 pm
who's going to argue political agendas can hurt a business. but first, secretary of state pompeo accusing iran's leader of profiting from a personal $95 billion hedge fund, calling it a slush fund, saying iran's leaders, quote, resemble the mafia. my next guest agrees with the secretary of state, he is president of the islamic forum for democracy, he speaks out after the break. stay there. ♪ so no matter what you trade, or where you trade, you'll only pay $4.95. fidelity. open an account today. metastatic breast cancer is relentless, but i'm relentless too. mbc doesn't take a day off, and neither will i. and i treat my mbc with new everyday verzenio- the only one of its kind that can be taken every day. in fact, verzenio is a cdk4 & 6 inhibitor
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>> sometimes it seems the world hae desensitized to the regime's authoritarianism at home and its campaigns of violence abroad. but the proud iranian people are not staying silent about their government's many abuses. and the united states, under president trump, will not stay silence either. [cheers and applause] elizabeth: that's secretary of state michael pompeo, now accusing iran's supreme leader of profiting from a personal, off the books $95 billion hedge fund that acts like kind of a shush fund for the powerful revolutionary guard. that's what the secretary of state is saying. he's saying this while the iranian people suffer. he's calling them these, quote, hypocritical holy men. he's saying they participate in widespread corruption. michael pompeo also compared iran's leadership with the mafia. watch. >> the level of corruption among the leaders shows that iran is led are by something that resemblings a mafia more than
5:37 pm
the government. at the same time, they're covertly plotting terrorist attacks in the heart of europe. elizabeth: joining me now, american islamic forum for -- [inaudible] is the president and michael pompeo right? >> oh, absolutely. and it's obviously not rhetoric, it is reality. it is the truth. and i can't tell you, liz, how cathartic it is to finally have a president, a secretary of state, a cabinet, a dod that is calling out the reality, the truth of what the people of iran are saying from the streets, that these are mule la mobsters, that the money we sent them was simply ransom money, it was never going to get to the people. they were using it not only to hurt their people, but to fund genocide in syria, to fund hezbollah, terror throughout the region. so these mullah mobsters, secretary pompeo is calling them out. and the reality is this is going to help fuel the revolution to know that we are on their size,
5:38 pm
and we're not verbalizing the lies of the regime in tehran. elizabeth: enlighten us, sir. michael pompeo says the regime's sole intent is to keep the nation stuck in revolution and to spread that around the world by force if necessary. your reaction to that. >> it's 100% true. every islamic government from the hamas be to turkey's akp as we saw the muslim brotherhood in egypt to the khomeinis in tehran are a one-way street of oppression, theocracy, they take away the rights of any vulnerable population. and the people realize that since '79 they've had remorse since that revolution happened. and now as they're trying to fuel it, as their economy's on the verge of collapse, i i think the message coming from washington finally telling the people keep pushing because the weakening economy is not going to be helped by the west that will give them false hope of economic survival of a regime that's suffocating their people
5:39 pm
but actually continue to work for freedom and liberty and try to free those prisoners of conscience that are in the prisons of tehran and elsewhere in iran. elizabeth elizabeth yeah, i mean, the war on women really is in the mideast. we've seen this time and again, i'm not sure where european leaders and democrat leaders are around that, sir. >> it seems that all of a sudden the left have become a voice for the regime, for the theocrats, and their showing -- they're showing demonstration that is the iranian regime wants them to show and ignoring the plights of women and minorities. all of that's being ignored by the left because they're so pathologically anti-trump they don't want to see how the values of liberalism on the left are being helped by the position of secretary pompeo and the president. elizabeth: i liked your take on michelle wolf comparing i.c.e. enforcement officers to isis terrorists for a skit on her netflix show. dr. jasser, what's your reaction
5:40 pm
to that? >> you know, i don't know how these comedians don't learn from their previous mistakes. "saturday night live"'s skit on isis failed miserably. on the one hand, they claim if the right mocks islamist terror and other things, that somehow that's culturally insensitive. and yet if they use it to attack our law enforcement, equating the slavery that isis does, beheadings, shah eerie ya law, to the -- sharia law, i'm not only offended as a muslim, but especially as an american i'm offended. to compare our civil servants trying to keep the rule of law to some of the most heinous, barbaric individuals on the planet so offensive and by no means works as far as comedy's concerned. elizabeth: dr. jasser, great to see you. thank you so much for coming on the show, really appreciate it. >> thanks, liz. elizabeth: now to your money and your kitchen cabinets, a massive e ritz cracker recall due do to food-borne illnesses. and salads from mcdonald's
5:41 pm
have sickened 163 people in ten states. coming up, doc siegel is going to explain how crackers and salads are making you sick. but first, half of the left-leaning new york daily news edit staff are getting the axe. we'll bring on a guest who say that is' what happens when businesses are run by one political agenda. that's coming up. (siren wailing)
5:42 pm
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5:45 pm
along with democrat strategist we welcome -- [inaudible] good to see you, guys. you know, kelsey, both new york mayor bill de blasio and governor cuomo, they're worried about what is going on at the daily news. the governor saying, quote: this will undoubtedly devastate many households, hurt an important new york institution. your reaction. >> looks as somebody in the journalism industry, my heart does go out to those who lost their jobs today, but i think this was the result of something we already know, newspapers are a tying breed. and maybe, just maybe, the new york daily news put out one too many provocative headlines about president trump, and americans just aren't taking them seriously. i think that this actually presents them with an opportunity to decide whether or not they want to be tabloid news or whether or not they want to be real journalists. i hope they choose the latter because we all know that dewe need more truthful and trustful journalists, particularly at the local level. elizabeth: antoine, go ahead. >> with all due respect, i think that's just fundamentally not
5:46 pm
true. what we've seen across the country is this idea of recalibration for a lot of publications. a lot of people are moving online. you have a lot of small town newspapers who are going away, and i don't think this newspaper shutting down has anything to do with the stories that itlies. elizabeth: you've got to get both sides of the customer base, right? and appeal to them. >> since donald trump has taken office, there's been an all-out assault on the media. and it's almost like the thing we've been dependent upon, particularly in small town america, the local paper was how we got our news. but this idea has been tarnished and bashed because of this president. elizabeth: your point's well taken about fake news because there are a lot of solid reporters at these outfits that the president's saying fake news, kelsey, and the president has used that tagline going back to the '70s when he was, you know, going after news reporters who questioned what he was doing in his real estate empire, kelsey. >> look, i think a lot of the provocative headline that is the new york daily news puts out as the face of its entire newspaper has a cheapened the actual, real
5:47 pm
journalism that we know that institution is capable of. and that's why so many americans are picking up this concept of fake news, because they are just exaggerating every little outrage under the trump administration. breath elizabeth okay. >> kelsey, you can point to any publication that may lean left or right, and that's not the case. the bottom line is the way we do news is different. our cell phones make this world a different place. i don't think it has anything to do with left versus right. elizabeth: let's get to your scary previous story of the day. ride-sharing apps uber and lyft suspended a st. louis, missouri be, guy -- jason gargak -- live streaming hundreds of his passengers without their knowing it on an online web site called twitch. the passengers had no idea they were being recorded and then shown on the internet. he admitted he made about $3500 doing that, people paid for his videos. people were drunk, he looked at bar, he put all sorts of people on the site.
5:48 pm
4500 followers. uber and lyft pulled the plug. 700 rides were filmed since he started driving in march. i mean, antoine, this is really creepy. he's playing it as people watching. what do you think? >> i think it's scary, and from a local government standpoint, this is why local elections matter. when uber or lyft comes into a state or town, there must be constant oversight, accountability measures, of how they're doing business and who they're doing business with with. i think that's so important. what if that was someone's underaged daughter or mother, anything. this could be very detrimental and scary. elizabeth: yeah. kelsey, children were live streamed as well from this car. your reaction. >> absolutely inappropriate, absolutely creepy. the thing is i don't think the government is necessary to the step in because i think americans are rightly outraged by this. and i think what we're all asking right now is that it might be legal, but why does uber and lyft not have policies against live streaming their passengers. it makes no sense. elizabeth: we have to go but,
5:49 pm
quickly, so sorry about this, but the state of missouri allows you to record, apparently, if there's one person -- >> that doesn't mean -- >> local government accountability. elizabeth: change laws. >> local government accountability will help. elizabeth: kelsey and antoine, thank you so much. first it was meat, then burritos, now a massive cracker recall at ritz. ritz cracker recall, possible food contamination. also salads from mcdonald's have now sickened 163 people in about ten states. we'll bring in doc siegel to help us figure all of this out. that's next, stay right there. ♪
5:50 pm
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elizabeth: this is quite a story. the maker of ritz crackers now voluntarily recalling 16 varieties of their ritz cracker products because of the risk of
5:53 pm
salmonella. the ritz bits sandwiches contain whey powder, this is a cheese element, has the potential of salmonella. mondelez international down about 2%ed today. let's bring in fox news medical a-team specialist doc marc siegel. docker how does the cheese in the crackers have salmonella? that's wild? >> you know, liz, that's the whole problem here which is different ingredients get mixed, and you have to trace almost like a detective where all this comes from. now, whey is made from milk, and raw milk comes from cows, and cows have salmonella in their intestines. so the company actually found this, that the salmonella is in the whey protein that ends up in the crackers. no one's gotten sick yet, so that's one good part of this story. normally you find out about this when people get really ill, and it can cause fever be, abdominal pain and diarrhea, and immunal compromised people really can
5:54 pm
have a problem with it. but in this case they found it in advance. now, they're monitoring this and withdrawing from the market to see if anybody gets sick, because it can take several days. so far it's a good story about surveillance. elizabeth: so this is a precautionary measure, but let's get to mc's. it, too, has voluntarily stopped selling salads in 14 states. salads across 10 states sickened 163 people. three have gone to the hospital. that's according to the federal government. how dangerous is this, doc? >> now, this isn't salmonella. this is a little parasite that we can treat with antibiotics, but here again you can harbor this for many days and not know it, and then you end up with watery diarrhea. it doesn't get you as sick as salmonella, but you can get very dehydrated, and you may not know what the heck this is. you finally go to the doctor, and they have to go looking at your stool to figure this out, and days and days may have gone by. the other problem with this, liz, is that food handlers can
5:55 pm
introduce this at any point in the process. they could have it on their hands. in this case it looks like a mixing plant that was mixing salad parts together is where it went into the process. some people have said why not e radiate all these salads, but first of all, you don't know what the long-term consequences of that are to food handlers. and, number two, where would you eradiate? you still could introduce this parasite later in the process. it's also a fairly small outbreak at this point, so i like the fact that cdc and fda are getting together and looking into this. elizabeth: quickly, merck is now joining other novartis and pfizer, other drug giants, moving to lower the price of someover its drugs. you know, we had bernie sanders and elizabeth warren and others saying the government's going to lower drug prices, but these drugmakers are responding to
5:56 pm
president trump's tweet. your reaction. >> we've talked about this, i love this, and i like how you phrased it, it's putting something together the democrats were shining a spotlight on that now the president is tweeting about. and look at merck, they're going to decrease prices on several drugs up to 10%, and one big truck for hepatitis they're decreasing by 60%. merck can afford to do this because after drug called keytruda, it's made them a fortune, a tremendous cancer drug. it's made them a lot of money. so they can afford to roll back prices under pressure from the president. great thing that he's done here. elizabeth: doc siegel, love having you on. come back soon. okay, we've got some breaking news right now, the senate voting now to confirm robert willkie as secretary of the v.a., veteran affairs. more on that after the break. stay right there. ♪
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inside the food box is a special note that will bless them and will let them know that america stands strong in solidarity with israel in their struggle for survival. many of these people are ill, they're sick, they're alone. they don't have the money to afford things that many of us; most of us take for granted. i ask you to please help. go to your phone and tell us that you stand with israel at her time of need. israel and it's people need your help now. you can make a life changing difference by calling and saying that you will give a $25 food box to help a family in need in israel. thank you and god bless you for your support. liz: senate voting to confirm robert wilkie as secretary of
6:00 pm
veteran's affairs, we stay on that vote for you, thank you for having us in your home, thank you so much for watching, charles payne is here now with "making money." charles: i am charles payne, president trump hosting companies from the national white house, he wanted to showcase products, they have one thing in common, all made in america, from fighter jets to cookie cutters, as president reiterates his threat, he will put tariffs on $500 billion on chinese exports to u.s. but president trump saying he is work with the eu, and mexico on trade. >> manufacturing wages are expected to rise at the fastest rate in more than 17 years, 95% of american manufacturers, which i love. are optimistic about theut


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