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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 24, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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gentlemen, thank you both. liz next. lou: good evening everybody, top stories, department of justice, fbi have confirmed most of us pleased for the past year and more, political corruption in the highest levels of obama fbi and department of justice permitted creation of the special counsel, the endless so-called investigation of the trump campaign and administration in what has become a futile effort to prove what never existed, collusion with the russians in case you have forgotten the original idea of it all. all of what we thought we knew we now know for sure. all confirmed in hundreds of
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pages of documents turned over by the fbi to the watchdog group "judicial watch." tens of thousands of redactions to carter page fisa warrant, exposed truth, president obama, his justice department, his fbi, yes, his fisa courts cooperated to spy on the trump presidential campaign and administration. based solely on pretext and no evidence whatsoever. "judicial watch"'s chris farrell joins us to talk about the bombshell document that "judicial watch" brought to light. the president tonight is considering whether to lift security clearances from corrupt former intelligence officials in the in obama administration, who used their authority and security clearances to lie, leak and undermine the trump campaign and trump administration. former federal prosecutor andrew mccarthy joins us to talk about the dems, the desperate,
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desperate radical dems and the desperate deep state and continuing war against the trump presidency. plus, radical dems rushing to embrace a socialist agenda of higher taxes, universal handouts, open borders, unfettered illegal immigration. of course hatred for president trump. >> my fantasy is see donald trump dragged out of the white house in his boxer shorts. i want him naked and humiliated what he has done to the country and it is embarrassing time. lou: one would think she would be embarrassed. we'll take up the lurch left with the dean, ed rollins, our top story tonight after months of stonewalling. the fbi finally released documents proving beyond any doubt the obama administration was behind the deep state's phony russia collusion witch-hunt. the released tears unconclude the october 2016 fisa
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application, to surveil trump campaign adviser carter page. it showed the democratic national committee and clinton campaign funded the dirty, discredited dossier, a major component of the fisa warrant, if not its very foundation. congressman matt gates weighing in today. >> there is a serious problem with the fbi presenting to the fisa court an application for a search warrant against a united states citizen and then followed by three renewals when they were basing it on a very flawed document, the so-called steele dossier has negative been verified. lou: that of course, bob goodlatte, chairman of the house judiciary committee. "judicial watch" has been at the forefront of getting the fbi to release the fisa warrant. chris farrell, director of investigations and research for "judicial watch" joins us no. chris, good to have you here. congratulations to you, to
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"judicial watch," for the important work that always do for the country, but in this specific instance we're deeply appreciative because it goes to the very heart of what we have been talking about on this broadcast from the insipient point of the trump administration. >> thanks, lou. what we've seen, what we now have documented is gross misconduct. i'll call it what it is, it is criminal misconduct on the part of senior fbi agents and officials, attorneys on their staff as well as department of justice officials knowingly and willingly provided false and misleading evidence to foreign intelligence service court, to have them sign off, to conduct what is really a legal coup against president trump. it is just that simple. lou: it is that simple. it is that complex. it is that awful. the corruption is, you know, i'm still somewhat irritated at this point that the leaders of the house and the senate speak in
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velvet terms and tones about what is a corrupt and toxic level of corruption at the fbi and the justice department, who have condoned as well as created a special counsel that has no foundation in fact, in probable cause, in any evidence whatsoever. and yet, we are watching this thing go on and on and on to the detriment of governance in this country. to impeding the president of the united states in his administration. when in the world, what will it take to end this nightmare? >> the corrosive effect of someone as corrupt as rosenstein, who is a fact witness with respect to the foundation of the creation of the appointment of mueller as counsel and firing of comey, he is disqualified at face value and this sort of abuse of
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process, this abuse of the fisa system, the fisa courts, this submission of this phony warrant application and underlying affidavit which is deeply flawed and outright false, the long-term consequences for this is denigration, minimizing of faith and trust in the justice department and our courts. in the long term, the, this is the path to a failed state, let me be very clear. you can't keep going this way and pretend that oh, well, we'll bounce back, it will be okay. it's not. lou: when are we going to rip out the influence of the chamber of commerce, the business roundtable and the people it owns like paul ryan, mitch mcconnell? the list goes on. they have more company than not in both the house and the senate. it is a corrupt and flawed government that we're looking at today. president trump campaigned from 2015 on, talking about he was not owned by anybody. meanwhile nearly everyone he has
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stood up, gave his first address to the nation in the house chamber are owned, they're bought and sold almost daily for one thing or the other, and i don't know what the number is. is it 50% of the them, i don't know, but i can tell you every aspect of this government now needs careful examination and what do we have to do? the fourth estate is it no longer reliable because they have sold out to the corrupt, the toxic corruption of both parties and their ideologies, particularly the left. >> i can tell you that with respect to the establishment, big capital e, establishment, whether it is democrat or republican they're terrified of mr. trump. because he can't be bought. they will do everything they can to undermine him personally and his presidency. there is no better evidence, one first exhibit of multiple pieces
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that "judicial watch" is going to obtain than this fisa warrant with respect to carter page. it is phonied up, it is transparent. it's a pathetic piece of legal work and i want to know the name of the supervisory special agent who signed that underlying affidavit. he is hiding under redaction right now, but we'll find out who it is. lou: that is interesting. the judges of the fisa court system turn out to be no better than the agents whose work is so flawed and the justice department attorneys who are so corrupt politically corrupt, it is unimaginable. when we have, we knew, we knew for sure and for certainty that the top levels of the fbi were corrupt, we knew that the top levels of justice were corrupt, but i have heard too many people say that the rank-and-file of the justice department, the rank-and-file of the fbi isn't, and i have to tell you none of
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these documents in the field work that either was or was not carried out, doesn't leave anyone with confidence in the integrity of the institution of the fbi or the u.s. justice department. >> look, the fish rots from the head down. at certain point even the rank-and-file becomes even negligent or complicit. there comes a point when you realize what your leadership is doing, the games they're playing, the way they abuse the process and the authority. you can't say that it doesn't have an impact on the overall organization and that is, that is the larger, deeper problem. this is corrosive course of conduct. it is criminality. it will have an impact on the country. we have to address it and fix it now. lou: how do we do it, chris? i'm sorry. go ahead. >> i've already said that the there should be an investigative division created within the u.s. marshals service.
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the fbi needs to be collapsed in on itself. the agency interested joining new investigative division of marshall service. they need to be vetted and lateral over. the fbi as we know it needs to go away. it has zero credibility. people in the country don't trust, they're watching what's going on. they're seeing the abuse of authority and this corruption and they have lost their integrity. they have lost their, the authenticity of genuineness of what they once were. lou: i want to go to, it has to be i think something, the prescription you're laying out or something equally or perhaps more dramatic and dress dick has to be done because -- drastic has to be done, i don't know how we recover from this. anyone who cares about this country, their families, their children, their grandchildren. this is not institution, the department of justice you want anything to do with being responsible for endorsement of
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laws that work against the american citizen, that works against decency and honor and fidelity to the constitution. this is a, this is, as low a point as one could have imagined, even in the darkest days of watergate, do you agree? >> i do. there has been no greater documented abuse of authority, abuse of process, to deliberately target a candidate and then a president than what we've seen right now. this is an outrage that goes beyond the pale of anything in our modern political history. there is nothing like it. lou: i want to, i just want to understand, your understanding of how it is a fisa court judge, no, not one, but a number of fisa court judges -- >> four of them in this case, yeah? >> could abandon the basic, elementary rigors required of
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them under the fisa law, under the procedure of their court, and how anyone could stand in front of them and represent the steele dossier as sufficient evidence to carry out surveillance of a presidential candidate, for crying out loud and his campaign? >> well the process itself is, the procedure is built on, not just identifying the facts and answering all the basic interrogatories why you met the probable cause threshold but it is based on trust in this case. fisa courts are a little bit different. the justice department and fbi come in make representations, they swear to it. so the judge has to rely upon that documentation. now you can poke holes in it and ask questions but they papered this thing up in a way that is outrageous. frankly it should have drawn a intellectual curiosity from the judge, particularly when they
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abandoned source number one who we now know or believe is christopher steele, yeah, we had to cut him loose as a source but we buy all the stuff he has given us. recycling of the story through michael isikoff and yahoo! news. lou: yeah. >> that is transparent fraud on the court. lou: it is a fraud on the courts, carried out by the obama justice department, the obama fbi. it is a disgrace what we're witnessing here, what has been confirmed, again because of the diligence and efforts of "judicial watch," we have the documents, over 400 pages of them today. chris farrell, as always, great to have you with us. thank you. >> thank you, lou. thanks. lou: up next, president trump reacts after the department of justice releases those bombshell fisa application documents. the president tweeted this. quote, so we now find out it was indeed unverified and fake dirty dossier that was paid for by
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"crooked hillary" clinton and the democratic national committee and that was knowingly and falsely submitted to fisa in which was responsible for starting the totally conflicted and discredited mueller witch-hunt. that's right, mr. president, that's simply stated that straightforward. that's the truth that department of justice and the fbi and many in the fourth estate of course and many others in the deep state have been trying to keep from public view for a year-and-a-half. we'll take up the fisa abuse scandal with the dean of political strategists, ed rollins. he joins us here next. we'll be right back. stay with my father passed this truck down to me, that's the same thing i want to do with you. it's an emotional thing to watch your child grow up and especially get behind the wheel. i want to keep you know, stacking up the memories and the miles and the years. he's gonna get mine -but i'm gonna get a new one. -oh yeah when it's time for your old chevy truck
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lou: new york politicians digging in against president trump's crackdown on illegal immigration, they can't stand it. they want open borders. they don't want anyone deported or inconvenienced because they simply violated our laws and entered our country illegally. andrew cuomo is pardoning seven illegal immigrants facing possible deportation, claiming he is doing that to protect immigrant communities. when the democrats start talking about for the people which know
4:19 am
which people they're talking about, don't we? senator kirsten gillibrand telling voters exactly what to expect if the radical dems win in november. listen to this. >> so when we flip the house and flip the senate, i think the first thing we should do is deal with the children who have been separated from families at the border. i think we should get rid of i.c.e. lou: those are not original ideas about abolishing i.c.e., just one element of the rad kel dem agenda. raising taxes, personal income, allowing illegal immigrants to vote and seeking ways to entrap and impeach president trump. we have great america pac chairman, fox business political analyst, he had -- ed rollins. great to have you here. >> thank you. lou: let's start with gillibrand. >> take the immigrations and customs enforcement agency and
4:20 am
abolish it, it is the law enforcement agency has the ability to go across the country and -- lou: estimate if were abolished, 1 1/2 illegal criminal immigrants into society. >> cities are sanctuaries. we desperately need i.c.e. lou: ask san francisco how that is going? >> we need more. that is just, well, it is a ridiculous, it is ridiculous law. started with dianne feinstein and when she was the mayor there, she said i'm not enforcing any immigration laws. reality is, everybody else is following suit. lou: what is cute about feinstein doing that, is later as the chair of the senate intelligence committee she wouldn't bring charges against john brennan who had lied about spying on the senate intelligence committee because his cia was spying on senate intelligence committee. >> absolutely. lou: that is who has a security clearance right now, thanks to
4:21 am
the largesse of president trump. >> reality i worked in a couple white houses day i walked out, i turned in my badge and access and i didn't have anymore access to the white house and they shouldn't. these guys who have top secret clearance have no right to any intelligence. you think it might be helpful to the new administration, transition period. these guys are partisan hacks, john brennan being lead, any information he has leaking to the press. lou: he may, he acts and talks like a provocateur of a foreign government or at least alien ideology. i don't know what planet he is from but the man is not of, to me, he is certainly not of any stature in standing, to hold security clearance. >> you talk to anybody in the mainstream media, he was one of the biggest leakers when he was in the white house. when he was director of cia and my sense i would jerk every pass he ever had and let his only
4:22 am
access be washington, d.c. be like a visitor. lou: you've known washington politics for a long time. it seems to me the only reason to persist in these security clearances for former senior officials is simply to give them something to peddle in a new marketplace. it is, i think, i don't see a good reason, i know they say the reason is to maintain continuity of government between administrations. but the reality is that that, there is no basis for continuing security clearance for those folk. >> president controls security clearances. if the president felt he had a need for somebody outside of government, not these cast of characters, he could give them a 30-day or 60-day. this is the opposition. and they are out there being partisan. lou: this is resistance. this is subversion. >> that is much stronger word. lou: they have a shadow government and giving them security clearances. why? >> very valuable asset to have,
4:23 am
a lot of companies will pay for that. lou: very quickly, the security clearance do you believe the president should for the with the security clearances? >> i would have had it done yesterday. lou: secondly, seems there is every reason to think this witch-hunt as the president refers to it is going to continue without pause, because it is a partisan enterprise against a president with only purpose that i can see is to subvert him. >> no question about that we are past the 18th month of this administration. every single day this president and his team have been harassed. someone like carter page served many administrations without any evidence whatsoever has been persecuted and prosecuted in the press and what have you. just outrageous. lou: i just talked to him earlier today. he says, point-blank, were it not for some of us in this national media keeping focus on
4:24 am
what was happening in washington he thinks that to this day he would be stranger in a strange land. >> no question about it. lou: i think he is probably exactly, i think he is exactly right. to think about the number of people in the left-wing national media who are working in complicity and to conspire with, and in a failed ideology and a failed administration, the obama administration. corrupt to the core. >> and the president, who we both love has to basically clean this thing up. he has ability to do that should do that right now. lou: do you think he should straight away? >> absolutely. lou: all classified material put it out there. >> absolutely. lou: i don't think there is another way to inoculate this country further against the expansion of this horrible, idealogical corruption. i think the president, i think he is a only one who can fix it. it begins with utter transparency. >> totally agree. lou: ed, always good to see you.
4:25 am
>> thank you. lou: ed rollins. twice failed presidential hopeful, that's right, hillary rodham clinton making a public appearance this weekend. the picture we thought was worthy of note but we didn't think any of our comments would be worthy, so we thought we would just let this picture speak to you directly. there it is. up next, the national level-wing media tough talk on iran. maybe a little dose of that. what do you think? >> the prospects of war are inching up because of his tweets, because of his impulses. because of his lack of experience. >> it is dangerous to do this. >> had this actually further highlights his sub servance to putin. >> analysts always feared what would happen one day. the president would be, at
4:26 am
night, up late, angry and tweet a military threat against another country. lou: wow, he should talk to his barber, what do you think? what we feared? like what we've been looking for. walid phares joins us here next, on iranian threat. oh, yes, how many cupcakes are in the iranian power structure who would be just beside themselves and distraught because of the president's direct language? we'll talk that up with dr. walid phares next. stay with you're headed down the highway when the guy in front slams on his brakes out of nowhere. you do, too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges... how mature of them. for drivers with accident forgiveness liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident.
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lou: president trump says never, ever, to the iranians, never, ever, again threaten the united states or else. some people in this country got a little excited about it. the left-wing cupcakes thinking the president was speaking too harshly. this is the same group of daffodils who got a little
4:31 am
excited when the president referred to kim jong-un as mr. "rocket man." they thought that would be instant war. joining me now, fox business national security and foreign policy analyst dr. walid phares. walid, great to see you. >> thank you. lou: i mean, can you believe that you have got a group of people in this country so concerned about the president's language that they can't see the geopolitical substance and the threat posed by iran? >> absolutely. that's the real question to be asked. the genesis of it, is that the iranian regime from the beginning for many years has been expanding in the region, penetrating countries, backing terrorism, trying to build a nuclear arsenal, developing missiles. president obama and his administration basically what they have done, they tried to cut a deal with them but that deal gave $150 billion to iran. what did they do with it? bought more weapons and missiles. lou: $150 billion, walid, that
4:32 am
would fund in perpetuity, terrorism against against princely western civilization, will it not? >> absolutely. number of terrorist organizations iran is funding not just in the middle east. it is in the western hemisphere in africa. what president trump has done put a stop to it, change the direction. as soon as we started to change the direction putting out of iran deal, by putting sanctions the iranian leaders threatened us and threatened the gulf, it will be a mother of all battles which warranted the tweet of the president. when the opposition in washington is trying to criticize that, they don't explain to us what is the alternative? how would they handle the iranian regime? lou: who wants to handle them? said very clearly, don't dot nonsense you gotten away with for eight years. the taking of american servicemembers hostage.
4:33 am
flaunting the passivity of president obama and now they have run into a president who they really just can't quite understand. he means what he says and he is going to say exactly what he means. and i think the nation should be rejoicing that we have a president who means to represent our national security interests in every, every instance. >> look, lou, i mean, we begin now, we are just in the beginning of changing that direction, which was a disaster in my view. not just our opinion. it is opinion of most of our partners in the middle east. yesterday i was on arab tv. they asked me about the american position. i said, the iranians are threatening to use force because you are putting legal sanctions. let them put legal sanctions. let them go to the international courts. how do they threaten us with military action? of course the tweet was legitimate. we need it to change our direction. lou: and, president trump is doing exactly that.
4:34 am
dr. walid phares. good to have you with us. >> thank you. lou: up next, more fallout from the bombshell release of the fbi fisa warrant. congressman trey gowdy, he seems more interested in making light of carter page than criticizing the corrupt figures who lead the federal bureau of investigation and department of justice, that spied on president trump for their own idealogical purposes. >> carter page is more like "inspector gadget" than he is jason bourne or james bond. lou: cute, clever. the very definition of trey gowdy. we'll take that up, and more with "the national review"'s andrew mccarthy. stay with us.
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♪don't tell me it's not worth trying for♪ ♪you know it's true ♪everything i do ♪i do it for you lou: with us tonight, andrew mccarthy, former district attorney of southern district of new york, fox news contributor, great to have you us. terrific article addressing this issue of the corruption that surrounded the fisa process, whether it be the fbi, the justice department or the judges, in this case, of the fisa courts. it is, it has to be deeply painful for you. you spent so much of your time, your career, and your energy prosecuting the bad guys and to find out there are so many bad
4:39 am
guys in today's fbi, today's justice department and the fisa court. these are bad guys. >> well, what i feel worse about is that having done national security work, what, you come to appreciate is number one, there is many things that are more important than criminal procedures. lou: right. >> and number two, you can't really protect the country unless you can do certain things like keep secrets. lou: right. >> be able to take actions that need to be taken in order to protect the country, and there is secrecy that's attendant to all of that and, what that ends up meaning is, if we're going to have national security, the apparatus of the country that handles intelligence and that kind of stuff has to be able to look the public in the eye and say you can trust us, and when things like this happen, what i always get afraid of us, the public will, number one say, why
4:40 am
should we trust you? i worry that the powers that we actually need to have to protect the country will be pried back because people show themselves not to be worth i of then. that is when bad stuff happens. that is when you become vulnerable. lou: we had sufficient bad things happen, andy. whether september 11th. whether it's a war against iraq. when perpetrators in saudi arabia and afghanistan. we have had three successive administrations that lied to us, that were incompetent, every bit as incompetent as they were corrupt. the obama administration, it will live in infamy for what it did just in one instance and that with of course the nuclear deal with iran. this is, and by the way, second horror would be what president
4:41 am
who failed to enforce a red line that resulted in five million refugees out of syria. and set off a cat chris i am in europe -- cataclysm. there should always be a questioning media. there should always be a questioning public and citizenry. >> i always thought, lou, the genius of the system is that, and framers were ingenius in this way, we don't rely on on the good faith and honor of the people who hold public office. we hope to get it. we hope that we would elect virtuous people but actually what the system is based on, nobody can be trusted and everybody has to be checked and watched. and -- lou: so where is the check on the fbi? >> the problem, i worry that the checks and balances in the system are designed for a system that's more modest than the one
4:42 am
we now have. lou: smaller government as part of it? >> doesn't need to be small but needs to be limited. we want it to be big big things we needed to do, but it has to be checked. lou: i don't understand people can talk about the number of fbi agents that we have. >> about 13,000 there bs. lou: you have 30,000 -- there abouts. lou: think when we were in struggle against markism and leninism and how fewer we have, how much more effective they were. we have unquestioning acceptance of an fbi, no one knows what the heck they do in law enforcement anymore, they don't do much in point of fact of the they interposed themselves, in homeland security department between the first-responders, that is local law enforcement, where they used to be in support
4:43 am
of law enforcement. it is a screw-up of massive proportions. add to that the toxic corruption that is represented throughout justice and fbi. it is horrifying. >> one of the arguments i always made against the idea of treating national security props props -- problems like terrorism if they were law enforcement problems, the only waa you can bring the problems into the system eviscerating the line that used to be a pretty bright line what is really law enforcement, criminal procedure and what you need other measures for. that is such a big part of what we lost. lou: in support of what you're saying, it is almost as if the fbi, taking them as an example, they're not unfortunately alone in this example, but because of a significant portion of their resources and manpower being devoted to national security issues -- >> right. lou: that they have somehow
4:44 am
taken the trappings of all of that and applied it to their conduct and their operations and their procedures which should remain secretive. law enforcement taken a back seat. their activity within the body politic, whether it -- i mean they're not involved in, frankly, in criminal illegal immigrants either being arrested or tried. they're, they're on some sort of secret mission all of their own. the fbi has become unrecognizable and it is lack of values, the institution has just torn itself to pieces. by the way, three successive presidents presided over this. >> let me speak up though for my own experience which has always been that whatever was going on in headquarters, the rank-and-file of the fbi has always been very effective and tried to go about its business in a --
4:45 am
lou: untainted by headquarters? >> no, not untainted by them, sometimes fighting tooth and nail against headquarters. lou: when i say untainted, i can see you with your heart reaching out to the old institution that you served. we appreciate that. but this is not the same institution. it is not the same people in the leadership sure as hell isn't the same. these are, these are the smallest people imaginable that we could have at the top of those once storied institutions. they have become a blight on this society, a burden on our people, and to get citizens and we don't know where the national security interests rests because, frankly, those intelligence agencies that include the fbi have so, so skewered it there is, i don't know if it is ever retrievable. >> the only way, what's called the swamp can be undone if we
4:46 am
get congress back into being an actual congress that checks second is live excess. that is for sure. lou: i think chris farrell has got it exactly right. i think you have to take apart the fbi because as long as they are there, the deep state is armed and dangerous. andy mccarthy, we thank you. we recommend his most recent column to you in thank you. how did we get into that conversation? >> it was uplifting. lou: our pastor, pastor tom told us to keep it very positive. >> yeah, yeah. lou: tweets and all this. oh, boy. where am i headed. thanks so much. be sure to vote in to newt's poll. do you think it is time to end the self-serving practice to allow former intelligence officials to retain security clearances after leaving government? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. that is what the president is deciding now. we'll be right back. stay with us. [birds chirping, drum stomps] force the world has ever seen.
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lou: tammy bruce, "washington times" columnist, lar recognize jones, editor-in-chief, campus reform. wor personality, a big personality here in new york city. mark simone. great to have you all here.
4:51 am
tammy, start with you. >> yes, sure. lou: we have the smoking gun. we have corroboration. we have the evidence. it is carefully cut from the stone as we could imagine it. the fbi corruption is absolutely corroborated. department of justice corruption. but importantly, the incompetence and corruption of the fisa courts. >> you know. this is the thing that you do fear, is that it all comes together. that you're expecting one to balance off the other part, right? at least the court. and yet it is so awful. a lot of people still can't go there to think that this is actually occurred. and the good news is, that we've caught it. we've seen it happen. it was done in a lot of ways in very sloppy way. so we're able to catch it. we have a president who is willing to face it, because he is from the outside. but all these things come together, again, horrible dynamic, but an environment
4:52 am
where we can face it and takes it down and recover. that is the key. lou: i'm delighted. we have a sunny outlook. our pastor will be thrilled that we've got that -- here is rest of it. >> we're in this position right now. it is us. thisthis is good. lou: i have you down with sunshine and rainbows. what i don't like we have the same fbi working. we still have the department of justice and same fisa courts. mark, your thoughts here on where do we go from here? >> i think clapper is one of the most frightening guys i ever seen. i think brennan is one of the most frightening guys i ever seen. hayden looks normal. lou: makes him more frightening. >> mccabe, strzok who looked like harmless bureaucrat is frightening when he testified. lou: picture him, i don't know about you, lawrence, i'm sitting there watching him with the table he looks back and his eyes
4:53 am
roll down, it looks like hannibal lecter, for crying out loud. >> i would rather have hannibal lecter there. would i feel safer with him. lou: one vote for hannibal lecter. >> lou, every american should be afraid. one thing i keep hearing members of both parties talk about is protect the institution. i don't give a damn about the institution. i am concerned about the american public. lou, if they will take on the president of the united states, what do you think they will do to any other american? and members of congress have given up the intelligence community, so much power, the fbi so much power, that the department of justice and the courts so much power, now coming to bite them in the tail. so i'm hoping that they wake up now. lou: well, we're all hoping. and the fact they're not only, not only have the audacity to take on the president of the
4:54 am
united states but also a presidential candidate and now, now, we know that they were willing to take on congress and stonewall them for two straight years. we're going to be right back with our panel. their final thoughts are coming up next. stay with us. we're coming right back after these very brief but very important words. stay with us my father passed this truck down to me, that's the same thing i want to do with you. it's an emotional thing to watch your child grow up and especially get behind the wheel. i want to keep you know, stacking up the memories and the miles and the years. he's gonna get mine -but i'm gonna get a new one. -oh yeah when it's time for your old chevy truck to become their new chevy truck, there's truck month. get 18% of msrp cash back on all silverado 1500 crew cab lt pickups when you finance with gm financial. that's $9,000 on this silverado. plus, during truck month make no monthly payments for 90 days. when you're expecting... a teenager hey guys, today we're talking about
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how to wake up your teen, and this works literally every time. [trumpet blows] [vacuum sounds] give kisses. give kisses. give kisses. give kisses. [vacuum sounds] dad: you heard how loud that was. mom: i know, i heard. dad: how could he sleep through that? it wasn't you, it was the is that bacon? announcer: you don't have to know it all to be a perfect parent. thousands of teens in foster care will love you just the same.
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lou: back with our panel.
4:58 am
mark, let me start with you, should the president just declare all of the documents at the justice department and fbi that are central to the special counsel investigation, say that is it. and oversight function of congress open it up. >> yeah, years ago in new york city we had this problem, they had to clean house, and arrest jeff sessions for loitering, what has he been doing? lou: top that one? >> i think also president needs to get congress involved and rein in fisa court. and those war war ain'ted. they have too much power. >> too much power, and yet we can't get them to respond to congress in their oversight rule. >> also getting rid of security
4:59 am
clearances and access by some of the individuals, they are simply the opposition. this is why president trump was elected. he is the individual who could handle this. he knew he would be able to do it, he is the right time at right time. lou: security clearance, should president lift them. >> they take your building pass as soon as you leave. >> why do they need them? lou: that has been line for you know ever. i get feeling you are dismissing that establishment blather. >> to protect the unstution. >> you can't find a parking space because you don't have a parks pass any more but you can protect the institution. lou: i think that brennan and clapper and the boys are in trouble. thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you, lou.
5:00 am
lou: join us tomorrow we track with judicial washington's president tom fento fenton and congressman ron desanti >> what do you think about the idea that they are not spending as much much as a thought on all these different investments? >> a lot of times when it comes to spending the time the resources are being allocated a recent summer success working with commercial partners for away a mile and a balloon project, but cost is also significant. we will see more of that in the coming quarter. gerri: breaking news this morning. google's current alphabet rows away from its forecasted as sales drop of $5 billion european antitrust fun. markets


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