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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 24, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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that sort of puts it -- he is bigger than nas bigger than nas. we hope you jonus tomorrow. good night from new york. ♪ kennedy: president trump is going to war with the deep state. now they are cornered they are bound to fight back, will the president go for the throat? stripping their security clearances. they have been threatening to shut out 6 former members of the intelligence community. brenon, haden, and james clapper. my foe, former fbi director james comey and andrew mccabe. and former national security add havadviser susan rice, they have all been highly critical of the president, which is fine, they have every right. but why do they still have
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clearance. brennan called president trump's visit with vladimir putin treasonnist. and critics say that administration's threats are counterproductive, including house speaker paul ryan. and bo bob corker. >> i think he is trolling peop people. this is in the purview of the executive branch. >> that happens in venezuela, where i just was. you don't do, that i can't believe they allowed it to be aired. to be honest. it is a banana republic thing. kennedy: what did adam schiff and nancy pelosi have a baby and name it bob corker? this not venezuela, with all due respect, we're debating about it. and lawyer speaker, the president buzz to the bluff.
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and political analyst say he does have the right to evoke security clearance for whoever he wants to no longer have it, great sentence. is trump playing hardball? or empty threat. joining me now mollie hemingway, welcome back to the show. >> great to be here. kennedy: for fans of limited government, and certainly shrinking the scope of government, why do so many people have continued security clearance to begin with? >> there is an idea when you have a transition from one administration to next, it could be helpful for people to have the security clearance in case they need to be called in to share information, we're now 18 months out. there is no more transition, if there were, these people are going to twitter acount accounto scream about treason, they are going on media using that
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security clearance they had, access to information they had to sort of portray themselves as expertses on all things, there is no need for them to continue to have that. kennedy: what is interesting is implication many of them make, you know, i am such a big person, i would not divulge what i know, but it is so bad, you have to trust me that the president is horrible. maybe there is other motivation, perhaps in them having access full access to the surveillance trough for so long. >> this is a calling card of the swamp, leaving a sensitive government position, if you can maintain your clearance it gives you more money. it is a swampy thing unlike what bob corker said about it being venezuela. most americans are wondering why
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do they still have the clearance, what good is it? particularly when you can actually give it out on a temporary basis if needed like if someone is testifying about their actions while in government, they can get a temporary clearance to review documents they might need to for familiar. this is -- for testimony. >> is a problem with over classification of information then having too many people with access to that. we could really use a lot more transparent. and only people who really need to see the information should have the clearance. kennedy: otherwise it is meaningless. it really funny, you are right, there are temporary forays back into the world of sensitive information if that is necessary. if you have to call someone in to give you context on you know, a policy or an issue or a war that you know 10 years or
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decades past, that is fine you can do it on a temporary basis, the whole thing is strange. i always thought that the president has too many secret service agents. >> it is good to have security, other thing that people need to remember, these are primary leakers of information, this is where a lot of americans looking at this why isn't the government cracking down on the leaks of information, which is really important how they were sursailing trumps so -- surveils trump associates it would be nice to see government crack crn hard on this. kennedy: if nothing else, say that security clearances are not revoked, that is fine. i imagine president may be trolling, he may not, it is important we understand how this works. and the fact that all of these agencies are able to share
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information without warrant. there and are a untold number of americans caught up in the section 702 net of the fisa law that was reauthorized in january. fbi does not even divulge in how many americans are caught up in transition. whether it is text, e-mail or videos on various devices. >> or they lie about how many people are caught up in this,. kennedy: as james clapper did. >> yes. kennedy: he was the group is protesting the loudest, i don't have a problem with people calling truth to power, that is fine. but don't say, that you don't have a political dog in the hunt then call the threat of losing your clearance partisanship. in a hyper politicized environment, that is what they
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of doing, you can't claim to be offended by politicalization if in fact all people out there are guilty of one thing it is fueling an over politicized environment. >> it is a bit petty and partisan, you can go to any of their twitterfied feeds, you see enough petty partisan to last a lifetime. kennedy: that would be the best sitcom, mollie hemingway thank you about thank you. kennedy: the president's fire and fury strategy on north korea might be paying off. watch. >> new images just today show that north korea has begun the process of dismante dismantlingy missile site, we appreciate that, we have a fantastic meeting with chairman kim, it
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seems to be going well. kennedy: here are the pictures from the launch site where north korea started to dismantle a test area used to develop engines for ballistic missile, president is now trying same strategy with iran, warning them if hey threaten america -- if they threaten american again, they will suffer. secretary of state pompeo compared the iranian regime to the mafia, but iran does not like the trump administration's bombastic style. the foreign minister responded by saying -- be cautious. should president be approachingg iran the same as north korea? joining me now, christian is here with me. >> great to be here. kennedy: let's talk about north korea, is this good news and substantial development? >> it is great news because
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finally you see real world outcomes to here to for has been important talk. when trump and kim met in singapore, they did not get into details, the most important thing was a meeting of the minds, one specific thing they talked about that trump brought up you know very specific manner was the rocket testing facility, that u.s. officials said was this one that is just you know begun to face dismantlement, the one thing that kim gave his word he is starting to do, this is significant against a backdrop of a bunch of team saying, it has been a couple of week its has failed. it has in the failed. kennedy: we already lest week, that there were the opposite sort of progress, and there was activity going on at one of their nuclear sites, was it the dismantlement, were people
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confused? >> i think there was confusion, i am not an expert in overhead imagery, if you look at what was claimed a major expansion, they were building a hut, not where you would want to hang out. then there was more significant building that took place at a place where they assemble rockets, that probably was before that, they have not gotten into the working groups where they talked about how and what steps you dismantle a complex program. not like libya's program you put centrifuge in crates and send them to tennessee, i think even secretary pompeo implied that react to the images was overblown. kennedy: what is the difference between engaging in back and forth threats with north korea versus iran. >> with north korea it was a period of prolonged build up of
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military display of force, and quiet diplomacy, we leanedo a lot of country to sense home north korea diplomat and cut off sources of funds. we're doing the same with iran, in a public effort to cut off purchasers of their oil, that will happen in november, i think china will still buy some. iran will get less money. anyway, same type of pressure and also responding to threats with threats, with plain talk, iran has gotten away with a lot over the years. >> so, let me ask you. the world will get off oil, we're headed. saudi arabia is trying to modernize and you know become more like dubai, a destination zone as opposed to just an oil producer, what happens to iran when he make that economic shift? >> it will be a extreme aim of
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pressure on iran's government, they did not have popular support, that is why they don't have elections they would not win. kennedy: and there are a lot of protests there right now. >> yes, that is a great thing we can engage in peaceful activity. you know what we talk about -- when we talk about regime changes in iran not iraq style change that people have in mind, it is people doing in iran what they it in central europe in 1989, finally take control of their destiny. a peaceful way. kennedy: it will be interesting to see. and you know, news regimes fall in different ways. and thrive in different ways. no one really knows the outcome. thank you for your perspective. >> thank you kennedy. kennedy: all right, christian white. >> senate foreign relations committee with another round of
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bipartisan hearings tomorrow. president trump is looking to midterm, saying quote -- based on fact no president has been tougher on russia than me, they will push hard for the democrats. they don't want trump it worth noting that vladimir putin admitting last week he was rooting for trump in the election, but with a new report claiming that russians may have hacked our electrical grid are we in danger of missing the real problem amidst all of the political infighting. joining us jason chaffetz. fox news contributor welcome back. >> thank you. kennedy, we don't want any state sponsored hackery in our elections, we don't want votes changed. people are more spectical of
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fake -- of fake news. how much more destructive. >> have you also chinese and others that. go are guys in a van down the river also trying to do these, protecting our electric grid, president obama did a great disservice befores conclusion of 2016 elect by going before american people and world saying, even if you wanted to you could not do it. kennedy: was he just being -- >> i think they felt like hillary clinton was going to win, they didn't want to rock the boat. but, i have been and seen classified information. this happenso financial institutions, and to intellect intellectual properties, and within our government. this is a whole new paradigm, i think when president trump took the proactive way to say we'll have a space force, we have to
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leverage the younger americans, allow them to serve in government, and bring this expertise, i am for restraining, but you are no not retorrentialg someone with the punch card. kennedy: maybe a generational shift, whoever has best hackers will run the world. >> how do you fire back? if you see an instructio an an u u.s., whether to you do about it. >> or stealing sensitive information from opm like the chinese did. >> yes. there were tens -- think about it they took people that had classified clearance they got fingerprint data, personal information, by the tens of thousands, that is scary stuff. kennedy: what do we do about russia? is the president being honest
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whether he said, he is tougher than anyone else on russia. >> i think that what he did rat presat thepress conference is we admitted as much, he hates to do that. he has been stronger. i saw bush administration taking 20 percent of country. really not doing anything about it president has been tough. but i think we do a disservice on both sides of aisle if just focused on russia, this is bigger than russia. kennedy: shifting a little bit to an area of expertise of yours, midterms will be tight. we have seen the generic polling, shrink for democrats but we don't know which way it will go in house, do republicans have to pass another tax plan to win the house in fall. >> there are ti 10 full days tht
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congress is in session between now and december, they have 11 half days, really only thing that will happen in congress between now and the election, they have to pass a continued regularesolution or omnibus ande supreme court. who can get their basic side to get out and vote, congress is not doing much. kennedy: are you partly responsible for bolstering the deep state by allowing agency to have more surveillance power. >> i voted against it, i had tried to cosponsor a bill with democrats, congressman widen. try to say, look, you how we track people, allowing your government to track your geo location, i tried to extract from their attorney general, what is geo location? is that content or metadata, i follow you. i know your life, government for a long time believes no, i can track you, no worries. kennedy: n 4 you are the deep
8:18 pm
straight. >> i spent 8 1/2 years in congress, and 8 1/2 month putting the booking in. kennedy: coming up president trump fights critics left, right and center. on everything from russia, stormy daniels, and his popularlpopularity is rising. panel is joining me to talk teflon don, coming up. finally. hey ron! they're finally taking down that schwab billboard. oh, not so fast, carl. ♪ oh no. schwab, again? index investing for that low? that's three times less than fidelity... ...and four times less than vanguard.
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kennedy: president trumpo poll numbers on the rise even after the putin conference. how has the president managed to weather attacks, and why haven't don't democrats been able to come up with a message that hurt the president more politically. our panel is here, lawrence jones, leslie marshall. and dow jones newswire chief editor glen hollis. >> thank you. kennedy: glen, start with you, you say the president is shrouded in resiliency, and
8:23 pm
economic halo. >> that is real what i think a lot of this is about. the economy is going well. we have created a lot of jobs. you know and the markets have retained resiliency, that could be what really matters when voters go to the polls, if it stays a hot economy into midterm it could benefit. kennedy: and i saw that gerald wrote in "wall street journal," this is fine but if the economy takes a downturn it could be very bad for the president. >> that is a big achille's heel, right now he has a lot of support from his base, that is not enough necessarily to translate to midterm elections. kennedy: leslie is nodding. you have people who voted for him, they find a way to defend his flaws and mid steps and bad
8:24 pm
statements and his successes. are all of it. but is that enough to make a difference, get him reelectioned. >> no, i don't think so, if we're looking at polls, believe polls, i think after 2016 many of us are skeptical. i know i am. i predict the next two rounds of polls cycles, he will go back down, and numbers we're applauding would be abysmal for any president. kennedy: not really. you look at this point in presidency, he is on par, went a couple of points from george w. bush, and bill spadea and barack obama. >> -- bill clinton and barack obama. >> correct, i am telling thank you is going down. kennedy: fine, but scandal after scandal, score after story, democrats have been saying the same, that i told you so, and crying wolf, so far it has not been enough, what else will democrats is a to either won the president -- wound the president
8:25 pm
or get voters on their side with some sort? >> looking at poll numbers, majority of people don't approve of the people, they don't want to see roe v. wade overturned or the way he is handling russia, and say let mueller do his job. that is not his base. they are not majority of the republican party. kennedy: most important, that is the economy. that is where he has his highest poll numbers. >> democrat have to find a candidate, this is someone that did not support president. kennedy: eric holder is flirting with that. >> that would be dumb, but it is their party, they don't have a message, they are about anti-trump, that is really not telling american people what they are for. kennedy: negative as the coverage has been, for this onslaught that president whether you like him or hate him, you cannot deny that the onslaught has been relentless. his poll numbers should be so much lower.
8:26 pm
>> right, then, they over play their hand, every time, there are easy wins, for example, president and putin summit, 39 e did have missteps -- democrats are saying instead of that they yell out treason, and the americans are saying now you are ridiculous. they have problems, i don't see them regaining themselves any time before midterm, but we'll see what happens. kennedy: i will see panel a little bit. first up president trump loves tariffs, he has a solution for american farmer, who are getting screwed in his growing trade war, make the government give them money, i will explain why that is a horrible idea, my monologue coming up, and john stossel is sheer t here to exple
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>> subsidies are nothing more than farm welfare, program that dole out 12 billion come from bureaucracies with names like the price loss coverage and agricultural risk coverage program and commodity credit corporation, terrible names, tariffs and welfare handouts are no more than premidterm fab for farmers who are more than recent full to hear closing mark market doors in the favr far east. if it is bad for china, it worse for us. where did subsidies end, if the tariffs don't work and we slide into protracted trade war, hopefully china will flinch in the dangerous game of trade
8:32 pm
chicken. something has to give, that does not mean giving hand out to lowell supporters -- loyal supporters. that are rotting behind great wall of economic isolationism. >> just moments ago president tweeted, european union is coming to washington it were to negotiate a deal on trade, i have a idea for them that would be called free market and fair trade. hope they do it we're ready, but they won't. negative nelly. until that happens, we're stick with threat of a trade war and a promise of more subsidies. fox business network john stossel to explain why it bad for us, so good to see you. >> this is disgusting.
8:33 pm
the tariffs was bad enough, now welfare for farmers, i voted against democrats they were spending us broke. now trump is spending us broke. kennedy: it starts with 12 billion, what if steel producers. >> a lots of people are being hurt, we need a hand out, and we need a hand out. this is washington directed economy. at least trump does from time to time say, best of all worlds would be no tariffs, it is possible that his talking about it and his being so horrible imposing them will bring that about. it is just unlikely. kennedy: i really am not optimistic, it sure would be great if that is the end that it turns out that china and the eu are so reliant on u.s. economy, that we have so many avid
8:34 pm
consumers, we love stuff, and choices. that mine means we're most benel trading partner. >> the tariffs on a tax on us, not china, it is but mostly on all of us who buy anything. kennedy: and those who can't afford that tax, they are the ones now that leftists come in to save the day, kamala harris with her federal housing legislation she's to pass to subsidize people's rent, that is also wrong, what does that do to the economy with various subsidies going out for housing, and agriculture, not to mention various welfare programs. >> what makes our economy work. what made america grow, was when we began government was 1% of the economy. prior to trump it was the 40%. i don't know about now.
8:35 pm
but every time government interfears with the decisions of free people buying and selling stuff, that makes economy work a little bit worse. and we need the growth, we're going broke because of medicare, and social security. and these tariffs they fight that growth. kennedy: like trying to run a marathon in a latex bodysuit, you can't be encumbered by material that does not allow your body to move, that happens with federal programs and subsidies. >> or dragging a ball and chain. kennedy: right, and try that for 26.2 miles. >> no. kennedy: you look fantastic. >> thank you, i just broke my jaw and recovering. no fun. kennedy: what happens to us dsomeone have a stossel, kennedy voodoo doll. >> i would like to blame
8:36 pm
someone, but my own fault. kennedy: well, i blame the government. thank you, john. >> thank you. kennedy: coming up, is pump getting ready to sit down with bob mueller? rudy guliani say, maybe. but there is a catch. attorney general jeff sessions is taking to college crybabies? to we actually agree on something? say i it ain't so, jeffery, kennedy returns after the break. opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today.
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kennedy: we're north american scum, mueller probe on pace to wrap up by end of honey boo boo second term, trump's legal team doing their part to speed things up, lead attorney rudy guliani reportedly entered a counter offer for a interview. where president would be willing to discuss collusion but not obstrucobstruction of justice. white house is not addressed latest reportings leading them to believe they are not concerned, but it possible they are not talking because they are in full panic mode? i doubt it. tonight, we ask my panic-proof
8:41 pm
panel, glen, i will start with you. what are you hearing about a possible deal between rudy guliani and robert mueller, yes to collusion questions no to obstruction of justice. >> that is it, guliani said president has right to fire anyone. we don't need to talk about it, we can skip over that. kennedy: the questions, how did you feel with jeff sessions offered to resign. >> also more that president of directly involved in that decision, there may be more risk going down that path, we hear from people close to legal team, president has speaks long windedly, he could walk himself into trouble by giving his off the cuff answers. in the collusion question there less there that he might be able to walk around. a lot less direct involvement
8:42 pm
around the line of inquiry. kennedy: so, the sky is falling, michael cohen recorded president, this is obviously undoing of this presidency, go! >> no, i am a realist, but i do think he has something to hide, if you don't you say, look, i want truth to come out, i will answer your questions. >> that is not true. >> i have a great legal team. kennedy: no one that dumb. >> i think that tapes say more about cohen than perhaps the president. >> i agree. >> i think he was hired in my opinion to be very -- -- sleazy, recording this and doing whatever he can. >> recording his own clients. >> right to cover his butt, i think one of the reasons maybe they talk about solution collusion -- collusion, they
8:43 pm
think they know what is on the tape, i think there might be enough to indict him, a 5 year statute of limitations. this is different from john edwards with the timing, tighter, and he is president of united states. >> we should not conflate the tapes and issues of paying someone with idea of collusion and firing of comey they are different. >> let me say, this is smart of rudy, because the constitution, he is saying that, you don't get to question the president. this is is his job, i also think that with the whole sketchiness of cohen, i think he is not a credible witness any more, he just destroyed himself, if he had to take the stand, he seems like a shady lawyer. if rudy got a piece of him on a stand, it would be total masterpiece for his -- i do find
8:44 pm
it comical leslie says if there is nothing to hide he should be able to -- there is no client on planet of the earth, that a sitting president would do that. kennedy: even if someone feels they are innocent, they don't just go to police and start blabbing. >> right, you may trap yourself by saying anything, that is what they want. kennedy: on something stupid and then get indicted. >> like thing that president said after he you know fired comey, it took a lot of pressure off of him that starts to sound they have something. >> it his constitutional right to do, that i find it funny, someone in attorney general office is now tries to put pressure on the president. kennedy: speaking of the attorney general, jeff sessions, today he spoke with a group of high school students and blasted colleges, for suppressing free
8:45 pm
speech. jefferson -- >> rather than molding a jen rargeneration of mature, well informed adults, some schools are doing everything they can to create a generation of super --r sillious snow flames. kennedy: then he told them to get off his lawn. he said instead of fostering debate, college are coddling student students with trigger warnings and crying rooms. now on record, record on the drug war. less than stellar, buzz he deserve credit here? >> no. he is attorney general of united states, the lawyer for all of us, snowflakes include, those flames, you know i think, he in november will create an avalanche, and perhaps he will see that. not a weakness, i live in
8:46 pm
california. i know you used to live there some people make fun of us call us snowflakes, i don't think that beathat being sensitive tor people being offended. >> you mean burning down campuses like berkeley. >> go to ever green, like that where they feel like violence is justified if they don't like your words, that is where this is leading. >> there is not conservative -- he is not on the right. even though i hate the guy, it free speech, he is protected by the constitution, if you don't like someone, you are doing, you scream him down, then you have violence on campus, antifa included, and people that are consider moderate -- >> i don't agree with what you are doing. >> young democrats of america they shout down speakers, they
8:47 pm
attack them, spit on my students, my reporter on campus because they don't like. >> you if i pay tuition for my kids to go to a private school, i have a say. as the person that writes to check. kennedy: members of alumni association hopefully withhold their donations, 5 seconds. >> that was a partisan speech. nothing to do with free speech. kennedy: good. thank you so much. on topical storm is next. finally. hey ron! they're finally taking down that schwab billboard. oh, not so fast, carl. ♪ oh no. schwab, again? index investing for that low? that's three times less than fidelity... ...and four times less than vanguard.
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kennedy: breaking news, stormy daniel husband filed for divorce, he has proof she cheated on him. i suspect the pizza guy, pool boy, and teacher who changed her grade, they know. this is the topical storm. topic one. we begin in santa clara, california, a bird went to a soccer game it had a ball. oh, no. o. it landed on the field, just for kicks. he got them, he is now flying
8:52 pm
over that big windshield in the sky. right after it was washed. internet was freaked out by that video, but before you feel sorry, none of us knows this bird. it could have been a jerk bird. never mind it could have been worse, if you don't believe me, google randy johnson. topic two. what a better porn name, randy johnson or magic johnson? state of california in midst of an historic heat wave. that is not stopping people from venturing outside that play the race card, training for rannial- annual wiener dog race at state fair. the internet loves this video. but kudos to the trainer, nothing focusing the attention like a squeaky toy.
8:53 pm
i use it on my staff. race kicks off 2 p.m. saturday, if you can't wait that long to see a wiener, you can follow carlos dane or twitter. >> no one had a crazier week than a rookie truck driver still rough around the edges crossing the manatee bridge in florida, florida? they within haywire, florida is unclear if the truck malfunctioned or if he was the on bath salts like every else. you should see the lot lizard who of riding shotgun. driver said to be okay. he said if he could do it over, only thing he would change is the how is my driving bumper sticker on the back of the rig.
8:54 pm
phone will not stop ringing. topic 4. the iconic mtv game show remote control, had a category called dead or canadaian, you guessed if a shoul is celebrity of the n real life or from living in canada, they listed utah senator orrin hatch as deceased. there he is very much alive and very much sexy. his office shared photo of the 84-year-old senator doing all kinds of living people stuff like reading news painer newspad signing bills ans.
8:55 pm
this is not only time google made an embarrassing error, last week they listed show wolf as a comedian. and topic 5. nobody is luckier to be alive than workers at a california pot farm who got blazed in the worst way possible, a fire broke out at loud pack farm, and smoke to have cawe caused $2 million in damages and $4 million in ice cream sales, one residence got so high, he claimed that elizabeth warren could be our next president. layoff the peace pipe. luckily firefighters were able to get the blaze under control but not before several truckers
8:56 pm
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#topicalstorm tomorrow night chris bedford is back, and see r suter man. good-bye. ? >> doesn't every new york city apartment have a soldier room? >> it's one of the biggest collections in the world. >> one man's army four decades in the making. >> when i first saw it, i was absolutely amazed. he had every soldier placed in their position. every general was placed in his position. >> but he doesn't want to leave his wife with all this. >> bob wanted to sell off the collection so carole wouldn't have to deal with it. >> what's an heir to do? turn to "strange inheritance." >> what did you think when you saw the episode about toy soldiers? >> i was knocked out. so, i reached out. >>we


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