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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  August 7, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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employees 3 month paid bereavement leave. david: the bill now awaits signature of governor andrew cuomo, i wonder if taxpayers realize where their money is going in the state. melissa: amazing, "evening edit" starts right now. >> on iran. currency is going through the floor, much in the past 90 days. >> trump appears to be threatening any country that did you business with iran. >> in the spring, we lost the support we had, hard to achieve from russia and china. and the eu. >> why do you want to do business with world's largest financier of international terrorism. do your shareholders feel good that you are doing business with a terrorist regime, that is the thing that everyone needs to ask. liz: pressure on, president trump warning european companies, you do business with
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iran, you will not do business with united states german carmaker daimler changed expansion plans in iran. who is next to fall in line. you will not believe which european country is stepping up. >> and iran president rouhani said that iran cannot negotiate with u.s. while under sanctions. accusing u.s. of psychologcool warfare -- psychological warfare, we debate that. >> and conservatives getting assaulted in public. tesla stock halted in trading after musk tweeted he may take tesla private. we have the latest on that, and also disney earnings and more, thank you for watching, money, politics. we got the debate, i am elizabeth macdonald, the "evening edit" starts right now.
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♪ liz: look at your money, dow finished up 126. 25628. sleepy august and the dow continues to go up, tesla and amazon on the move. but first, president trump sanctions on iran within into effect today, businesses from berlin, paris, rome to london feeling pressure to back off from doing business with iran. and daimler moving cash to. -- iran wants that money, they want 400 million now. to avoid it being detained under looming sanction, u.s. san sancn cause daimler abandon their expansion plans in iran and
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maker of peugeot cars, and a u.s. official says nearly 100 international firms have announced their intend to leave, iran. and linsey gram saying it -- lindsey graham saying it is time to make a choice. >> what is it about the eyia the ayatollah that you like? do you think he is kidding when he says death to israel. to the europeans, you need to get with the iranian people, get behind trump to break the regime's back before it is too late. liz: joining me now, former u.s. army special forces, and group study president jim hanson, great to see you, is this enough for european companies to say we're not going to help iran with major exports, islamic
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revolution. >> i don't think it is a tough question from a business perspective looking at the size of the economy in iran and the size of the economy in the u.s. you add-on top that fact that iran is most mel -- me left vent force in the region. right now, they seem to be stepping in line. liz: it looks like we're in a hinge point. interesting development. europe was thought to be saying to iran we'll work with you on a nuclear deal. but now this, germany we know that germany is europe's economic engine, it is reportedly moving to stop iran from getting $forcing00 million -- $400 million in cash out of germany, is significant.
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>> you have a 100% clear message out of u.s. administration, president trump said, do business with them, don't do be with us. john bolton said stop buying their oil. it was stolen by the mullahser sent t hezbollah and other terrr groups. >> it seems that iranian people are saying to europe, stand with us, not those opressing us, to democrats and liberal left here, you, stan with the people in the streets of iran not nose those opressing us. and president rouhani saying they cannot talk to u.s. while under sanctions. >> what is means of negotiations when you impose sanctions attime
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same time, claiming we should be talking and negotiations. liz: your reaction? >> come on, rouhani is a thug, bottom line is we don't have a lot to talk to him about. all decent people should be standing with citizens of iran, they want to stop being, have their money stolen and used for terrorist as opposed to giving them a decent standard of living, obama administration decided that iranians were a partner for peace. they were wrong, now that reality hassett back -- setback in, and we can flip that back on its head. liz: john bolton explaining what it would take for a deal with iran. >> policy is not regime change, but we want to put maximum pressure on the government. we want to see a broader retreat
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by iran from their support for international terrorism and belligerent military activity in middle east, and ballistic missile nuclear related programs. >> can you scare that for us? >> i think that quick policy is one that john bolton just outlined, we want the mullahs to change their mel -- ways if they don't do that, who knows who will be replacing them. so, i don't think it is a question of u.s. saying we think that everyone there should change the regime, that is the iranian people's choice, we support their right to a decent government. liz: jim hanson, president of
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security studying group. >> thank you. liz: let's get to job, job gains in manufacturing sector, in last 12 months, most since 1995. as president is moving to retrain our work forces and get better education, we have former education secretary under president obama he is dunkin' he is criticizing president trump. >> i'm not sure president trump wants to have the best educate the workforce. >> why is that. >> i think it does not play to his author tearian tendencies. having thoughtful people who can think by themselves. i am not sure that is in his self interest. liz: we welcome to show for her reaction. star columnist liz peek. >> that is an appalling
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statement. if any group could be accused of not wanting to educate the people, it is democrats are all in with teacher union oppose any kind of reform, come out as hillary clinton and acp did against charter schools. where some places this is only ticket for kids living in ghettos, i am shocked by arnie, he was a school reformer in chicago, obama hired him to be his education chief, not until lead up to 2012 elect, teacher union said you stop with the reforms or we'll not back you and he backed off. liz: he said that president trump wants to keep the american population ignore an. >> that is an appalling statement, what is trump doing? he brought in betsy devos, who is trying to further other avenues to education for kids who really need a leg up and
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have not been able to get it through our public education system. and going after apprentice ship, that is education in the workforce. liz: learn a trade, and make a live. >> right. liz: this tweet, billionaire elon musk rocking the market today, saying he wants to take tesla private, the shares halted about 367 a share, they resumed trading, musk saying he wants to take tesla private, and tesla shares jumping that a saudi arabia bought a minority stake in tesla employmen. -- here is his tweet. funding secured, later company issued a block post saying no final decision has been made. and then musk clarifying, investor support is confirmed.
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it is contingent on shareholder vote. closing out day 339 and change, liz quite a development. >> it is kind of unheard of for a ceo to tweet a 70s billion dollar transaction, but then a lot of things that he does are unusual. including apologizing on latest on earnings call for bad manners. you kind of thinking he is a little bit of a brat, what is really bothering him is scrutiny and criticism, you have shorts out there. and i am sure he is delighting tonight in fact those starts took a huge hit. i read the number, a big number they lost. because the stock going up 10 percent. liz: i can't recall having cover corporate accounting, i am not saying a scandal, but corp at accounting at "wall street
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journal," i can not recall a company making such a significant statement that moved market in a material way by tweet. >> harvey has come out said, perhaps this was not legal, i suspect that because -- >> fcc . >> yes, former fcc head, it has been judged you can make public announcements via twitter or facebook, but this is sort of outrageous to me in financing not been lined up. someone within out and talked with all of -- went out and talked with the banks, no one saying they are behind that. liz: wait. a good present to have in there. if there is no other bank funding. >> who knows. we'll see, you know. i read some of the discourse that came out after the earnings call, that was bullish, if you remember.
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but then, a couple days later, as is their want they held up 10 q . the financial report in this financial report there were troubling things about the balance sheet, they say they will spend $2.5 billion a year some, analyst believe that not enough. so i think there are questions about tesla solvency. solvency. >> going private in some ways would be a good thing for tesla. liz: i tell you, factors in musk ownership stake, and shorts half company is owned by shorts or musk. what a story. >> it is a big story. liz: liz thank you come back soon. >> thank you. liz: to your money. checking markets closing in green, dow up 126, walt disney reporting a disappointing third quarter.
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but revenue grew 20% year-over-year, with strong box office sales there, we get to nicole on the floor of nyse with latest. reporter: following numbers to disney we saw disney selling off, it missed on estimates, it did well enough in movie studio, they have higher programming cost, and trend from espn continues losing subscribers. watch disney tomorrow in trade, meanwhile, dow, nasdaq and s&p up higher. it is world noting as -- worth noting as for note inhighs disney hit a multiyear high as did pfizer and merck, and apple hit all-time high today, it pulled back but they are breaking out. back to you. liz: all right. thank you nicole, we'll stay on the story about musk, confirms his intention to go private via
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tweet. is this a brave new world for all investors that ceos tweet out information that rocks the markets. >> and also, a video now going viral ivy league millennials trying to explain what their understanding of the first amendment is. >> freedom yo under first amendment. >> freedom of -- um. >> and um? >> what are professors teach their kids, also tonight, a new report democrat using the fake news crackdown to try to grab more government control of the internet, judge andr and drew napolitano says watch out. >> and bernie sanders stumping for a michigan gubernatorial candidate, looking to implement
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a bunch of socialist policies. details coming up, stay there. this isn't just any moving day.
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liz: voting underway in 5 states today, primary in kansas, mississippi, missouri and washington. a special house election as bernie sanders stumps for gub tbeugubernatorial candidate, ste ain't union laws. let's bring in "wall street journal" editorial board member big mcgern .
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they want to change u.s. economic system. >> and also let's remember, there is a lot of enthusiasm with bernie, but there was a lot of enthusiasm in 2016, he lost to hillary clinton. which who by all accounts was not best candidate. he may have a very dedicated following but not a message that resonated with larger audience. liz: they have a fraction of the vote. cynthia nixon and cortez and sanders, do they know that democrat socialist web site said that government will take control of energy and steel sectors and turn consumer good companies like kimberly-clark or colgate pol-- to a co-op.
5:21 pm
>> it is just does not work. it is an odd argument to be making for socialism now, when the economy is perks up, i think people feel it. i think they feel it in terms was not trapped in their jobs, i have a daughter just starts work out of college. i feel there is more opportunity. i think people feel it. it is odd for me to hear this message now. liz: you pay a heck of tuition. >> well. when i stop. >> switching gears, arizona democrat gubernatorial candidate david garcia proposed a border policy, taylor made, taylor madl immigrants to pour in over the border. >> just imagine, just imagine, no wall. no wall. in sout southern sairs sairs. a.
5:22 pm
>> john lennonnism, it silly, i am pro immigration, i have 3 daughters that are immigrants, but i would like a legal system. since democrats have moved to -- >> he had a deal but democrats -- >> right, but i think it might have been used against him people say abolishes i.c.e. that does not sound like a policy it sounds ridiculous. liz: ohio district vote tonight, people say this could be a referendum of midterms is that true? >> i think each race has to be fought individually, what is interesting about this race, i think suburban differen distric. they are worried about for republicans, maybe republican women, softer vote for the president. so it could be a referendum that way in terms of the swing
5:23 pm
district. liz: that a sliver. >> right. liz: not -- >> there are a lot of swing districts up for grabs, the question is interesting thing is republican is a interesting candidate, backed by both donald trump and kasich. liz: we love having you on bill. >> thank you. liz: video now going viral, ivy league millennials trying to explain what the firstmm amendment is. >> democrats, going for a new plan for government to control what you see on the internet. next, judge andrew napolitano will say, this is an attack on yours first amendment rights, after this.
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liz: welcome back, coming september, senate intelligence will call executive, twitter, and alphabet to testify, coming on september 5 about foreign influence and more happening on their web site,. as youtube, apple and facebook took down contents from conspiracy thesest alex jones, democrat senator chris murphy demanding that tech companies go further, he is getting heat for sounding like he wants to ban more sites. these companies must do more than take down one web site. the survival of our democracy depends on it. and gary cohen saying that the banks were more responsible in 2008 during the crisis than
5:28 pm
facebook is today. bring in fox news senior judicial analyst, judge napolitano. >> remedy for hate speech is more speech, you may dis agree with what alex jones said, but he mas every right to say it, these platforms are private, they are not owned by the government, first amendment does not regulate them, they can kickoff anyone they want. >> are they kicking off farrakhan. >> i don't know, here is dilemma, allowing private entitying oentities to kickoff l which they disagree. regulating the platforms, and sell telling them who they have to put on.
5:29 pm
liz: that is the point. your point is well taken, private entities, they are allowed to ban whoever they want. >> people want to listen they can listen. the problem is barrier to entry, are so great, the economic barriers, in a perfect world, the people that got banned they would go to another platform, there is no other facebook as far as i know. liz: senate democrat circulate plans for what they want as being called a crackdown of the internet, forces social media to verify geographic location of you and where you post, and mandatory identity verification, and let government researcher access user data. and make social media legally liable for defamation and invasion of privacy and disclosure of private facts.
5:30 pm
>> they should be liable for the negligent or intentional disclosure of private facts, but they are a -- bulletin board, they should not be liable for what people post on their site, the people who post them should be, but the you shall register with us before you can use us is outrage ous, that is all government needs to get in our iphone. liz: this is first amendment. >> right and also fourth. liz: switching gears. look at this camp us reform, asks mill millennials to name 5 freedoms guarantee by first amendment. >> i have $20, if you name all 5. >> no way, i am naming all 5. >> any freedoms?
5:31 pm
>> um? >> i have no idea. >> i can't. >> no. >> i can't. >> the right to a jury by your peers. >> no. >> i am done. >> i don't know. >> it involves what we're doing right now, all of us. >> assembled? >> freedom of assembly, like protests and stuff? >> judge is is arc astonished. >> i did not know this was columbia university, an ivy league school, they don't know the first amendment, congress should make no law abringing freedom of speech or interfering with exercise of religion or right to peace ibly assemble. >> and petition the government. >> also one supreme court said is there which is not there in print. >> religion. >> opposite of speech, silence.
5:32 pm
>> the government cannot force speech, i would not expect them to know, that but they should know -- it is an ivy league school, they should know their freedoms. liz: astonishes, you are rightfully shaking your head in different gust. >> that ple mmentalty is being portrayed by others that' to interfere with speech. liz: another segment. >> there you go. liz: great thank you, judge. >> we're staying, elon musk tweeting out his intention to take tesla private. coming up we have details from letter he sent to his worker. >> after a week of antifa protests, a group attacking conservatives. stay there.
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>> shame on you, shame. liz: a group of liberal protesters alleg allegedly aligd with antifa.
5:37 pm
activists mobilized within an hour, blowing whistles in their faces, police had to step in. let's take it up with conservative commentator. launches jones. >> your reaction. >> i mean, liz, this is getting to a point we should not be surprised. this is a movement that has been out of control since uc berkeley, they are often pit in positions they are not arrested for radical behavior for calling people and we're supposed to sit back. when is enough, enough. liz: obamas said when we they go low, we go high, then you have maxine water telling them to --
5:38 pm
liberal who showed up, they screamed f the race efs police, all police are racist, and i called candice owens and police there race traders. >> yeah, i would like to know that majority of people that are talking about race, and calling corporatessist -- toppings race icht, they are white a -- these are white anarchist, this all a political strategy for the left, i am not sure that the american people will take this much longer, i don't care if you like candace or charlie, they have a right to express whatever opinion they want. liz: what is going on with liberal left, idea you disagree with them, it okay, they are allowed to call anyone a nazi or a white supremacist, and saying same of the officers, who keep them saf saver day.
5:39 pm
>> this is not just name-calling, people can say what they want, but they start throwing you know fruit, and water. a lot of them, i don't know how i would have responded if someone would have assaulted me because of my political ideology. liz: has it happened to you? >> no, i am 6-5 and i am from texas, we don't tolerate, that i can't imagine trying to do that with me. liz: you come on the show tell us if it does. we love having you on, thank you. >> thank you. liz: tesla ceo elon musk, he jolted financial markets with a tweet, considering taking tesla private. we want to get to guy with information and scoop, he breaking news all day long, fox business charlie gasparino, what a tweet. >> yeah. bizarre what happened before the tweet and after the tweet, put
5:40 pm
it in context, tesla is a heavily shorted stock. fair to say that elon musk is at war on the shorts, he has been lashing out at reporters, certain short sellers, claiming conspire trees drive down shares. kind of stop some of hemorrhages of stock of late, they had a recent better than expected for the, then this today, stock was heading you know down, early trading. then a story leaked in "financial times" that said that he was going to buy about 3 to 5% of twitter share -- tesla shares, and then, not long after, minutes later, comes a tweet he is considering going public. he did not disclose it in press
5:41 pm
release but on his twitter page. and stock, took off. a lot it pretty unconventional stuff. there is a question whether irkn mufnlmusk violated disclosure n, probably not. he generally discloses stuff on twitter, that they are probably okay with that, in a might get issues is with how this leaked out about saudi wealth fund. who leakd that and why. and then, did - what he tweeted out, i am considering doing this, i have funding secured, is that accurate. liz: that is the point, have you great sources, what if he as saudi arabia stake and no bank saying we'll fund it. you make a good point about him,
5:42 pm
that pitted battle with shorts, who knows if he is just tweeting out to take out the shorts and create more dead shorts. >> the shorts are i spoke with some today, they are saying th that. a fundamental oriented short seller, he looks at numbers. he does not tweet out. short this stock, shorts got killed today, real question, and i am not casting aspersions on him, but if he did not have financing secure for taking it private, this is a big chunk of change. 70 to 80 billion. that would be by far, largest lbo in history of lbo's. am i getting numbers right. liz: it sounds right. >> check my numbers, if he does not have financing secured and
5:43 pm
he tweeted he did, that would be a problem. liz: that means me was taking out shor shorts. >> he -- >> good to see you charlie, great stuff. >> okay. liz: now look at this story, high sensitive tie blood test may be able to pick up whether or not you are going to have a heart attack, faster and more rack -- accurately than the existing test. >> we take on alexandria ocasio-cortez with new stuff, what is she saying today? you won't believe it, my panel take its on next, stay there. i want to keep you know, stacking up the memories and the miles and the years. he's gonna get mine but i'm gonna get a new one! oh yeah! he's gonna get mine but i'm gonna get a new one! when it's time for your old chevy truck to become their new chevy truck,
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you can make a life changing difference by calling and saying that you will give a $25 food box to help a family in need in israel. thank you and god bless you for your support. >> i'm the last, there has been there reluctance to say, don't moralize the issues. and i push back on that, like, we are in a time of right and wrong.
5:47 pm
issues of today are all moral, right to healthcare is a moral issue, idea we have largest population of homeless people since great depression in new york city, is a moral issue. the fact that there are three empty luck luxury apartment for every homeless person is a moral issue, and kids going to trailers in back of school to get an education, because we won't guild schools that a moral issue, they are all moral decisions, we made to make this moment, we have to -- we do need to claim the moral high ground. liz: she is making important point, alexandria ocasio-cortez about the problem out there and how a lot are moral issues, but then she says i am taking moral high ground, the problem is will all her policy ideas be morally right? we take it up with political panel, ford o'connel, and raj,
5:48 pm
ford? >> yes, that is the case, that is only way you can sell medicare for all, these policies, ignore modern history, basic math. and rise of aoppressive regimes, we hear socialism we hear, venezuela and bad what they hear now is canada, affordable housing and affordable college. the difference between what we know and what in a hear. liz: socialism did not make this country perrou -- pros prosperos capitalism. >> i have to say ironic for someone from republican party to suddenly say morality does not have a role. liz: i am talking about?
5:49 pm
the question. >> actually these issues that she is talking about, i agree with ford, on notion that younger people in america, who are hurting a lot of trump base, the same base that voted for bernie sanders. liz: are you going to answer my question about government controlling all sectors of the economy. >> everyone is a capitalist. liz: she is not a capitalist. >> she is. liz: she is not. >> here is the issue. liz: why do you think -- ford, stay there raj. >> ford why do we think that she is a capitalist? >> we don't. she is dragging rest of democratic party down with her, look at unemployment. the reason that unemployment low is people working two or three jobs, 5 minutes later, warren said is they are working 4 or 5, bottom line she not a capitalist, they are looking to play on people's emotions.
5:50 pm
liz: who she is say -- >> one second. >> point that she makes are good ones. >> absolutely,. liz: there is suffering. >> hang on. >> we're talking about solution that work. solution there have failed in country in world her solutions. >> people of this country, i represent a very red district in red estate. , my former constituents would have agreed with notion we need change, that is why donald trump got elected, but issues, and is a dagree with ford that republican party is meltdown right now, only person who lost major national elect in a cycle because was he an extremist is roy moore in alabama. >> and also a pedophile to be honest. >> leader of republican party supported him, why is republican party not competing because -- >> liz: ford --
5:51 pm
>> absolutely ridiculous to say we lost the virginia race because somehow we could compete, we could win now and then, in alabama guess what we needed a senate seat he backed luther strange who lost. liz: we used a harsh term that we condition o can't use on thi, pedophile. >> sorry about that. liz: okay moving on. >> i get what objective circumstance we need a liberal punching back. liz: you are not. >> wait, leave it there sorry, ford, raj, you are not answering the question of why you claimed high wa she is a capitalist. >> thank you. >> carmaker gm working out a deal with a local hospital group, instead of dealing with insurers, gm saying that say good thing, doc siegel on that after the break.
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liz: a car maker planning to offer a health plan for workers. >> i like this. it cuts down costs. it be $300 to $900 in premiums less. they are using the henry ford healthcare system in detroit. general motors going to henry ford hospital. it's a very good hospital. they will get next day service. they will have access to 3,000 healthcare providers. prescription drug prices will be
5:56 pm
less. general motors has the power behind it that they can negotiate directly with healthcare providers and lower costs and prices. liz are you how is gm going to protect its bottom line by doing it this way? >> shell cut out waste. they will actually not waste money. so again the money doesn't get chewed up by gm. liz: you like this. >> boeing and intel is doing it. 11% of all employers is doing it. everybody knows the money in the healthcare system is not lost with the doctors'. it's lost with the insurance money managers. it's a private way to cut down on healthcare costs. this is not a bed.
5:57 pm
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liz: the trump white house set to impose a second set of tariffs on chinese gootds on august 23. that's two weeks away. adam sha shapiro here with "makg money." adam: i'm adam shapiro in for charles payne. it's primary day in five states including ohio. missouri voters are heading to the polls today and they will determine whether unions can require union workers to pay dues in a huge right to work decision. what's at stake here, jeff? reporter: ohio has gone the all the attention. but i think this is one of the


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