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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  August 8, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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calorie, what kills me how many billions of dollars spent by restauranrestaurateurs. >> i like it you think you are being good. all right, "evening edit" starts now. >> from the tweets this out this morning. 5-4-5. >> you don't see the blue wave that democrats promised, they don't have a national leader, still having a discussion discussing whether or not they are running away from nancy pelosi, they should run away. >> republicans have under performed. >> they are spinning in as a win. >> this is a great flight for republicans, it showed coattails that donald trump has. >> to give a great deal of president for the president coming in. liz: 5 states voting yesterday, trump backed candidates doing well, every one of the primary
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candidates endorsed by alexandria ocasio-cortez and bernie sanders, lost. progressive democrat liberals furious they may lose ohio, democrat outrage, including from hollywood celebrities, and to hate speech and fake news finest social media, twitter ceo now backing jones. but after pressure from conservatives, facebook taking down a video from the nation of islam. louis farrakhan, we have details and detail. >> a group of far left protesters allegedly connected to antifa, costing charlie cook and candice owens outside of a restaurant. >> and reports of civil war brewing in iran. white house officials they that president trump's sanctions target a corrupt regime, thank
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you for joining us and watching, money, politics, we have the debate be-- behind tomorrow's headlines, the "evening edit" starts right now. i am elizabeth macdonald. liz: checking your money, dow finished down 45, ending 25583. but first we are 89 days until mid terms, it a blue wave coming? how pivotal is president trump's support, trump backed candidates did well, socialist backed candidates by the democrats did not do well. first to kansas republican gov for primary too close to call, crisco -- kobacl, hach has a slt lead over collier, democrats
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primary beating bernie sanders' sander's backed candidate there and look at this, representative adam smith did well in washington, so did william lacy clay in missouri, fending off socialist backed challengers. to ohio, election between a democrat and a republican, still too close to call. balderson now claiming victory again conyer. and media is playing up the ohio race, as a referendum on president trump. >> if ohio's -- indication a blue wave may be coming in november. >> these are not normal times. >> you have this some respect a referendum on trump. >> we have seen in the special
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elections is a large shift toward democrat. >> this blue wave is looking bigger and bigger. >> could tonight be the beginning of a blue ware. liz: joining me now, mark lauder. is there a blue wave. >> i think they are color blind, there is not a blue wave forming, they continue to lose race after race, even in ohio, they are missing some key statistics, remember barack obama won that in 2008, president trump is 2016, it is a close district. our candidate got outspent 3 to 1, yet he is still able to pull off that vaik victory, shows trudge of message and president's leadership. liz: later in show we'll have hollywood celebrities saying green party candidate is ruining it for the democrats, they are outraged in hollywood, that green party candidate claimsly
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was from aliens, that is what is happening there. which way do you see it going after yesterday's eventses? >> i don't put too much stock into any of these special election, they are low turn out usually, especially the summer, but i think you are seeing success in the message. probably lose a few seats here and there, that is historical trend but i believe that republicans will keep the majority, because the people want to keep the economy going, they want to keep their tax cuts and they don't want to run so socialism. liz: that is not playing in heartland at all, trish regan speaking with home depot founder on why capitalism is needed. >> one night in january of 16, i
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am watching television, and i see bernie sanders and i see around him a bunch of young people, i said my god, if these kids give up at their age, what is the future? go to cuba, venezuela, all these places that embrace socialism, and ask yourself, how well is that society doing. this young lady -- >> they want opportunity. >> this young lady in queens, i would like to have her tell me to know how much she has done in the way of helping people, and bernie sanders, tell me, about how much time you have given to a charity, forget about the money, did you feel the pain of these people. show me how you have expressioned that pain in our efforts, we'll pay a terrible price by not understanding personal price that people pay for not having a sense of accomplish am.
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lizaccomplishment. liz: he also saying heartland, middle america understands how jobs are created. >> i was born and raised in indiana in heart of heartland that is not a message that will resonate in indiana, in michigan, ohio, illinois. is just not what we believe in. we believe in hard day's work, good day's pay. and supporting your families and your community, and freedom. that is not what socialism is about. socialism is about government providing things, not american engine annuityy, also not win. the worrisome thing for democrats that loudest voices in their party right now, maxine waters, and new york candidate and others, they are socialists who are taking up all of the oxygen in the room. very hard for -- if there is a centrist or moderate democrat any more, they will have a hard time cutting through that with
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their message. liz: the democrats are treating her like a rock star, when she only got votes in tens of thousands, she wants to change the entire economic system, all of her endorsed candidates lost. cortez failed. we're talking about michigan gubernatorial candidate. and congressional candidate. missouri congressional candidate as well. so the signs of democrat version of tea party movement, they are failings so far. >> when is you look at economy numbers, you talk about every day, it will make it more difficult to sell that message, we have historically low unemployment low, and history high consumer confidence, and business confidence, and stock markets continue to go up, paychecks going up, they are not a message of changing the economic system to socialism. liz: let's get to the trade fight with china.
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china is unveiling a -- war is come. look at this s&p 500 in terms of stocks, near a record high. 1.3 trillion in market valueded to that index since president unofficially announced the aluminum and steel tariffs on march 1. and president predicts 5 percent growth in next quarter. >> i think if he can get these trade deals done, and there is growing optimism that many of them can be done this fall, i think you will see the economy rocket fuel again, even more so with tax cuts, if we can get something worked out with china long-term, that is going to be outstanding news for our economy, for their economy. and i think some of it already baked into the stock market, they know this is coming, they know there will be back and forth in terms of the negotiations. but when president is successful, i think we're set to
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have greater growth. liz: there is a new narrative to undercut the president's success, crediting barack obama for strong economy. >> strong economy, but this is not an economy that donald trump gave us, this is an economy that is part of 7 year ongoing recovery. barack obama had more people getting jobs the last 18 months, then had jobs during donald trump's first 16 or 18 months. again, not to say the economy is not doing well it is. liz: okay. obama doubled federal debt. obama had a half million more jobs in his final 20 months versus trump's first. but obama record worse than. and gdp -- and beyond that,
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remember you have, confidence at the highest level, consumer highest at highest level, removing of regulations, the cutting of taxes, those are all things that put rocket fuel into this economy, we're seeing it and while we were on a slow, slog of a recovery if for those 8 years, paychecks did not keep up, we're seeing that change now, because of the president's leadership, and what republicans have done in congress. joe scarborough might like having an under performing economy like under performing ratings. liz: oh, i heard that. >> manufacturing jobs in at best pace since confiden 1995. >> best year. and remember these are same experts and former administration told people in midwest, their manufacturing jobs were not coming back, president said no, we can do it he did it. liz: mark lottery thank you. >> thank you. >> check your money, markets closing dow down 25, 21 sen 21st
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century fox beating. the parent company of fox business network. to nicole on the floor of nyse with the latest. reporter: 21st century fox, parent of fo fox business netwok comes out with quarterly numbers, a beat on top and bottom line. and you were 75% for this particular stock. over last fiscal year versus s&p 500, outpacing that and media groups overall, they did see strength in cable, and double digit affiliate growth, looking at markets, dow finished down 45, snapping a 3 day winning streak, and s&p 500 first down day in 5, nasdaq up 7 days in a row, then uber, new york city council capping uber and lyft. the question is will there be reduced service, and higher
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fares? taxi drivers welcome it. liz: hollywood celebrities upset over ohio special election results, they are a tax -- attacking ohio voters for not electing their preferred candidate. >> and a group of liberal protesters acosting conservative charlie kurt and candice eones outside of a westboro. west restaurant. >> but first, cuomo called trump's immigration policies jihad, and now governor cuomo pledging to oppose i.c.e., my next guest, thomas heilman is with us to speak out after the break, stay there. [music playing] (vo) from the beginning,
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liz: welcome back new york city voting to be first major u.s. city to impose a cap on ride sharing services such as uber and lyft with a freeze on new vehicle licenses for a year. and now asking tesla questions about elon musk controversial tweets about taking tesla private, susan lee with latest. reporter: let's start with uber and lyft news, new york is first major city to cap the number of licenses. cars you can have on road for a year, this is to ease on congestion on the roads in new york city, and in manhattan. this goes into effect, they want to protect drivers as well, drivers paid minimum wage, and make sure they regulate the industry and reduce number of cars on road to get through the city a little bit quicker.
5:18 pm
and more effectively, there are 80,000 vehicles in new york city for uber and lyft, they account for 17 million rides a month, in new york city this means those they -- customers have to pay more for the rides and would cap amount to drivers could earn. and to elon musk, the sec, according to sources, they might be looking into elon musk's surprisement i announcement on twitter, thinking about taking company by private. he said it is true he is finishly backed, they are very strinch enisthey could be held r
5:19 pm
making fall statements and manipulative of the market. >> if you susan. liz: aclu suing trump administration over new rules for refugees, attorney general jeff sessions said that victims ofs of gang violence and domestic abuse do not qualify for refugee status in u.s. new york governor cuomo now pledging to oppose i.c.e. >> i will do nothing cooperatively with i.c.e., i have sense them letters asking for an investigation, i said if they to any criminal actions, which a police force can do, we will take criminal action against i.c.e. because i believe they are politically motivated. liz: former acting ietion i.c.e. director thomas, thank you for joining us. the aclu lawsuit, they say that has been asylum law for decade
5:20 pm
that a person can ask for refugee status if their home government is unwilling or unable to protect them. >> first, i am not an attorney. the asylum law, fleeing gangs is not a qualifying factor. last administration broadens those, what qualifies for asylum, i find it strange one administration is broaden strain standards but another cannot narrow it back to where it used to be, i think that administration will win that case, this is another attack on the trump administration, what he is trying to do. liz: sir, what is going on in new york. >> we have governor cuomo and democrat candidate nixon saying extreme things about i.c.e. >> they are on a jihad to deport
5:21 pm
as many people as they can who they believe are not in the united states legally. >> what it turned into is frankly a terrorist organization of its own. liz: your reaction? >> it is ludicrous, i am a native new yorker. i was a police officer in new york, my dad was, and my grandfather. rather then these politicians who want to put their political ambitions ahead of public and officer safety, maybe they should ask about what ietio i.cs done in new york, criminals, arrested off of the streets of new york released from a sanctuary jail, that these politicians support, we have arrested numerous child predators, and rescued victims of second traf -- sex trafficking.
5:22 pm
maybe instead of vilifying men and women of i.c.e., and threatening them. maybe they should say thank you. they have to commit crime, what they are doing is enforcing the law, doing their job. liz: how many illegal immigrants have a criminal record, we saw about two million criminal illegals in country, half of those of at large. what is the number? >> well, look, real question is first, there is no rerec sift -- prerec sift in immigration law to commit another crime to be arrested by i.c.e., a number that not touted out, 89% of everyone that i.c.e. arrested in interior united states last year had a criminal history, that is 9 out of 10. but question to ask, how many criminal aliens in united states, is how many crimes could have been prevented if they were
5:23 pm
not here to commit the crime? if we had more security, real effective immigration laws the crimes could have been prevented. liz: if you had cuomo or -- ornyxon in front of them. >> shame on you, you are putting your own political a ambitions ahead of the community safety. 2014, we had a staff on riker island. we had 1800 criminal handed over to us in 2014, this year we have single digits, 6, most of them are criminals that were already in custody, we gave to them to prosecute, and we demanded back, we get less than 1% that means that other 99% are walking the streets of new york. liz: also ris i.c.e. is protectg immigrant communities and mine overty greum -- minority communn
5:24 pm
our country,. >> thank you. liz: hollywood celebrities upset with what is going on with the ohio candidate election, they are attacking ohio voters for not getting the democrat candidate elected, coming up, antonio sabato jr. is here to talk about that. but first zuckerberg, his facebook site taking down a video by racist, gay bashing louie farrakhan. one of their reporters is joining me next. >> the satanic jews. >> white folks are going down. up and especially get behind the wheel. i want to keep you know, stacking up the memories
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>> the jews don't like farrakhan so they called me hitler, that is a good name. hitler of was a great man. >> your country has been taken from you by the synagogue of satan, the satanic jews. >> white folks are going down. liz: social media companies under fire, for handling hate speech. facebook finally taking down a video, of farrakhan railing again interracial marriage, that is considered hate speech, in november 2016 video, farrakhan said that black americans were being among rallyize --
5:29 pm
mongeralized with interrare inte marriage. >> he has said disgusting vile things it is amazing he still has a platform and alex jones does not, daily caller reporter pointed it out in an april. article. all he wanted to do was point out the double standard in hypocrisy. so originally facebook said that farrakhan video to interracial marriage, did not violate any of their rules, they deemed it as not hate speech, then a took another look and decided it was hate speech. liz: staying on that for a second. thank you for bringing that up, we reached out to facebook, company initially did let video stay because posted it they said
5:30 pm
it was not clear how farrakhan was using the word mongralized he said that word is used to attack people. >> interesting, this is going to be a complicated next few months for facebook, now they removed jones and some other social media companies, now they really have to look at other people who say very controversial hateful things on their platform, right now there is a lot of evidence to suggest they target conservatives more than the left. farrakhan is embraced by high profile democrat, with barack obama and meeting with barack obama, today democrats, that hold was on th office that haveo farrakhan, there seems to be a reason why facebook was protecting him. there will be a lot of people
5:31 pm
sorting through videos and pointing out hip case -- hypocrisy, the social media companies do they really top go dune this road. but, a lot of hate on both sides, remedy is more speech. liz: a good point. to your point, twitter, facebook, alphabet, google, they are all private company, they are allowed to put up what they want, but twitter ceo dorsey explaining why he kept up jones and his postings, saying hes has not violated our rules, and dorsey saying we did not suspend joe joan jones we know that is hard for many butly it not break any rules. if we suck ow succumb and reactn outside pressure we enforce,
5:32 pm
regardless of political view points, we become a service that is constructed by our personal views that could swing in any direction, check stock twitter down more than 2 percentage points. alex jones has been criticized, as fake news is that what social media says they will do clean up fake news. >> again, question, how will they clean that up, and what is fake news. jones has some controversial things he said in past, but there are other news organizations that have been accused of spreading fake news, and host that have said controversial things, i aflawed dors -- applaud dorsey for making it decision to not kick jones off, otherwise they will be kicking a lot of people off, that is not what someone who represents first amendment -- who respects first
5:33 pm
amendmentments to see. >> but first hollywood celebrities really upset over what is going on with the ohio special election, they are attacking ohio voters for not getting their candidate elected. hollywood actor turned republican candidate, antonio sabato calls out hollywood after the break, me he is fired up, stay there jardiance asked: when it comes to managing your type 2 diabetes, what matters to you? you got a1c, heart,
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liz: new york republican congressman chris collins arrested on insider trading charges, accused of giving nonpublic information about a biotech company to his son who shared that information and allegedly traded on it, bryan llenas with details. >> congressman chris collins pled not guilty today, his bail sit $500 thousand, and forced to turn in his diplomatic passport, his son and his son's fiance father pled not guilty to changes from june 2017, saying he was at a congressional picnic at white house, received a e-mail from ceo of innate pharmaceutical company, where collins was a part of the board of directors in that e-mail consider ceo said, a prominent drug, supposed to treat multiple
5:38 pm
sclerosis failed in the drug trials, collins called his son, his son and others pulled and sold their stock 5 days later, this information went public, the stock plummeted 92% and colins and his family and friends saved $800 thousand in potential losses. >> congressman collins had a obligation, legal duty to keep that information secret until that information was released by the company to the public. but he didn't. he instead as as alleged commit a crime. he placed his family and friends above the public good. reporter: congressman chris collins lawyers contend, look the congressman never sold stock based on this insider information, to that prosecutor say because he was under investigation by congressional
5:39 pm
ethics committee for his relationship with the very company at the time that was all going down, that would explain why he never sold his stock, he is scheduled it speak 6:30 eastern at a press conference in buffalo. liz: thank you bryan we appreciate it. >> to hollywood, hollywood backed democrat candidates failing, celebrities are upset. talking about ohio. politically engaged celebies were hoping for the ohio democrat candidate to win in the special election, a tight race there. the guy their democrat candidate is failing. celebrity responding to their candidate's poor showing. by saying it is russian meddling in the green party, they blame the green party voters in ohio, here is alisa milany because of unwillingness to pass policy, i think this green party vote tonight are russian meddling, why else would anyone cast a
5:40 pm
protest vote in ohio when there is so much at stake. >> patricia arquette, demand a recount if you did can, and outside analysis and audit of the machines. >> debra messing tweeting this is an embarrassment. we take it up with antonio so bato, whao -- so i sabato your ? >> hollywood lives in a bubble. the democratic party are done, this is about putting americans and america first across the board, that is why i am hire, these people put so much efforts and money into races they are losing it, instead of helping homeless mess oness or veteransr military or farmers, they are so
5:41 pm
stuck in a bubble. this thing they created, and anybody who is again them, like myself, i was black listed from hollywood, i had been working 30 years now because i am a conservative, my beliefs might be deficient -- different, i can't talk about this president, i can't be proud of my country, those days are over. we can't keep doing this. for the future of this country. liz: what is going on with ohio, special elected. deemed too close to call, the green party candidate picked up over a thousand votes that is nearly difference two balderson and o'connor's. he thinks he was from aliens. here is billy ikener saying, green party can you please wait to mike your symbolic votes at a time when our government is overrun by white supremacists?
5:42 pm
>> there we go with racial issues, if you are a republican you are a racist and this is that, they call me all kinds of name, my family survived auschwitzs, that has to end, all that racial stuff has to go, this is about americans and america first. i want keep fighting for that. >> antonio sabato thank you. >> thank you. liz: we have reports coming in that iran on brink of revolution, reports that government there is now ordering its security officials to fire on its own citizens, they want a deal after president trump's sanctions, coming up details. >> but first a group of liberal protesters allegedly aligned with antifa acosting which was charlie kirk and sand a candices outside a restaurant this week, charlie kirk is here to take about it.
5:43 pm
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>> clai shame on you [inaudible] liz: a group of liberal protest or allegedly align with antifa acover thing kirk and owens outside of a restaurant they were at. police stepped in to keep the peace. with me now turning point usa founder charlie kirk. great to have you on. i watched it several times, i was worried for you guys, were you scared in. >> you know it was frightening, it came out of nowhere, candice and i we go to college campuses preaching message of free market, smaller government, we are by no means extremists, but
5:47 pm
this particular morning we were minding our own, constituentingg -- just sitting down a peaceful breakfast. and then next thing you know antifa mobilized again us this is a scary moment, we're activists we're not members of administration or congress. we are not senators, we're just youth activists trying to make america's better place, we may have a difference of opinion with left ho how to get there ty consider us such a threat they have to mobilize again us, 8:00 a.m. on a monday morning to prevent us from eating. and throwing stuff at that, i like to say we as conservatives had to banish the e extremists from our ranks for the better, why have not the left denounced this and kicked this out of the base. liz: they called you a nazi and
5:48 pm
candice a white supremacist, and more, the moment you were hit by water, i get worried it could have turned really violent. >> if you see video, i smile, because i try to meet tragedy with comedy, i don't retaliate physically. if i had to i think i would have got -- further escalated it we were most scared we would have done something we would regret, to be honest. that you know we are very controlled individuals, you can see. and before i went on i whispered let's stay in control. we did. and we highlights the extremism in their activism andr -- we walked away but they followed us, for 5 or 6 blocks before police got in the way of them, said you are becoming a public disturdisturbance. this base -- >> how do they m mobilizeo
5:49 pm
quickly, antifa are they just sitting around. >> some might say it might be their job, i am not saying anything but strange, 8:00 a.m. on a monday morning they can mobilize that quickly, come after us in philadelphia, this is what maxine waters calls for, said when you see supporters of the president in a restaurant, gas station, a store, make a screen, create a crowd, yell at them, that is what they dthis happened in sarah huckabee sanders and nielson from department of homeland security, and scalise who got shot, this is the base of democrat party. liz: stay safe, charlie come back soon. >> thank you. liz: reports coming in that iran on brink of some say revolution. guard reportedly firing on its own citizens, they want the
5:50 pm
deal. we bring in "wall street journal"'s james freeman who'll joininjoin is after the break, y there.
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>> we think that economic consequences are already felt in iran, currency going through the floor. there are press reports of the iranian elites getting assets, currency, gold and other out of the country as fast as they can. >> reports now coming in what is going on iran has taken a turn for worse, iran reportedly shooting at protesters, they are risking their lives, yelling
5:54 pm
death to dictator, iran now is on brink of economic collapse, possibly civil war. let's bring in author of new book, borrowed time, "wall street journal" editorial assistance editor james freeman. your take. >> hello, it is is amazing, trudge trump administration said it not pursuing regime change but it looks perhaps that people of iran are away back in 1979 this regime came to power amid a lot of anti-american sentiment. now people saying get along better with america, and stop mistreating our neighbors and stop corruption, there are a lot of reasons to dislike the iranian regime, and people seem to be responding. liz: you know what is striking, they could be executed, the fact they are pouring into streets, this is before the white house
5:55 pm
said we will move to stop iran exporting oil. >> i am so glad you mentioned that, you see this footage of courage it takes to get out on the street, and why a few hundred, we're seeing some cases, perhaps thousands in the videos, the guts whether this is a's screa regime that maintainig torture prison, and jails full of political prisoner, we saw it with obama administration sadly, people shot in the streets it takes a mazing courage. i think that people have had enough. liz: we'll stay on the story, let's hope no more people on shot. >> james new book. borrowed time, you talk about the financial crisis. >> yes, just, basically lookinga history of classic too big to fail for much of last century. biggest bank in country.
5:56 pm
and we're just i think 10 years after familias-- financial crisg people a chance to you know see if government supports biggest banks and prevents them from failing is really working. our study found it is healthier when it was a bank without a government backstop. liz: a great point it different now. >> i think that might be a good time to consider reform. the economy is great, banks are making a lot of money, you might be a to shrink federal safety net. >> good to see you james. >> it works. >> great to see you buy his book,ly is a great buyer. >> and now this more on that after the break. but allstate actually helps you drive safely...
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liz: . thank you for having us in your home. adam shapiro is here with making money. adam: i'm adam shapiro in for charles payne. the u.s. trade battle with china is escalating. china says it will match the u.s. slapping tariffs on $16 billion of u.s. products. this is mexico's economic minister. he's in washington today meet wusmght s. officials to try and reach an agreement top update nafta. edward lawrence is live at the u.s. trade representative's office in washington, d.c. are they say where


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