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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 14, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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you. >> here is lou. lou: good evening our top story, antifa takes violence to a new level. leftest thugs attack police and journalist in washington and charlottesville, threatened to kill president of the united states. >> murder him? >> take him down. >> i would. >> you have right there. >> i want to smack the [ bleep ] out of him. >> if president showed up what would you do. >> blown blown. >[bleep], i would throw a bella. lou: where secret service, fbi, and national media outrage, we
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take up growing threat of radical left with judge jeanine pirro joining us, peter strzok is out of fbi, could rest of corrupt leadership be next? we take up that with former president prosecutor sydney powell. and tom fitton. president of judicial watch. a campaign promise made, and a campaign promise kept. >> we'll string en our military like -- strengthen our military like never before, that is what we did. lou: president trumpsid signinga $defense bill. our top story, radical left, militant group antifa wreaking havoc over the weekend in virginia, and our nation's capitol. in charlottesville, virginia, 40
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might nationalists showed up for the unite the right to rally, but were out numbered by antifa thugs, some of whom had run ins with police, physically attacked the media, a station from raleigh, north carolina this an audio cord sliced by mob. and a crew pushed around in washington, d.c., where the antifa mob numbered around 200, they heavily out numbered 2 dozen so-called white supremacists they were supposedly there to confront,y this took their thuggery to a new level, threatening to kill the president. >> if it came down to it a group effort. we have do do him like a donkey. >> like a donkey. lou: -- like gad ave. gaddy -- ,
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this is what some want to the left, threat against life of president are a felon, and secret service said they are investigating the threats made over the weekend by the antifa thugs. joining us tonight, judge jeanine pirro hoist of justice with judge jennine on fox news channel, author of number one "new york times" best selling book, liars, leakers and liberals case again anti-trump conspiracy. great to have you here. >> thank you. lou:ly turn to the threats again president, i can not believe that the failure of the national left wing media to take note and call for action against the people. >> you know, someone who has been in law enforcement for over 3 decade, i look add the that introductiontion, i thought, i have never seen anything like this, it reminds me of what was going on with the black shirts in europe, many years ago.
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with mussolini and -- lou: and hitler. >> of course with hitler, but the fear that people or lack of fear they have to threaten the president is reflective of society we live in, there are no consequences any more. if secret service does an investigation, who are they going to for prosecution. the justice department, the doj, do you think that dom doj would prosecute these people, i highly doubt it. lou: i cannot honestly answer you in the affirmative when ask you that question that is the crises this country is now in, we no longer have reason, any imperial basis to have confidence and trust in fbi as a law enforcement agency, as a counter intelligence agency. >> think about it, when in a do this, when it on television, on the national news, they are not
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just getting away with it but emboldening people in their own organization. we have threaten to kill him, and throw things at him, i am not going through a list of all things we have seen over last few years, but there is a lack of consequence, and it will lead to tearing of this country. >> you are right, more people should talk about that issue, the lack of consequences if words and actions that are in violation of law, and in violation of everything that this country stands for, the very idea that anyone would stand there, went his right of free speech, which are occasionalling circumscribed by the very idea you would bring harm on a person. >> there is a crime, menacing, in a position to bring imminent physical force or harm to someone that is a crime, you threaten president of united
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states with intent. one act that supports that, that a crime, no one cares about it, i look at this group, i think to myself, this is frightening preview to what happening in this country. lou: you say a crime to threat en president of u.s., it say felony, punishable to 5 years in prison and a fine. i can't understand is why the secret service is not publicly stating they are responding and are going after these folks to investigate their threats are right there on video clear as can be. >> you know, i tell you, you do it and i'll do it i will put it in a inquire we secret service, woo the deputy of justice -- inquiry with secret very expis e and department of justice. we heard about threats against barack obama, i want to see
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difference in how this president is being treated, god forbid any harm come to him or any member of his family, have you a left wing media that emboldens these people and an attorney general in a closet hiding. lou: government, you have paul ryan, and mitch mcconnell, they should be standing up and demanding that the secrets service, fbi, state and local law enforcement. by god protect this president. and insist on respect for the offers to at least a point that no one would stand up and threaten the president of the united states, without as you say, consequence. because that time has come and gone. >> thing are getting hotter and hotter, i worry for this country that people feel justified in saying what they know, the antifa for the opposite of anti
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fascists, they are the fascists. if anyone speaks different from you, in terms of ideology, kill them. lou: and peter strzok, finally for his obvious bias, hatred of this president, and donald trump the man, has candidate for the president of united states and you have the left wing national media, saying more darling, all he did was talk to his lover in text, and really -- >> it didn't mean a thing. lou: did not mention he led investigation again hillary clinton in e-mail scandal and gave her a clean sweep by, he is the man who was responsible for changing the language from gross negligence to extreme carelessness, which is their way of getting around filing a
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charge. >> he started counter intelligence investigation, what took so long for this guy to be fired? are you kidding? christopher wray, do you say there a process? bologna, you are chief economy of or director of fbi you should have fired him when this came out. lou: i agree, and as soon as it was known, but there is also the officer of professional responsibility, recommended simply suspension, and the deputy director of fbi, david is one who said, you are fired. and for the life of me, you know how they refer to the office of professional responsibility of fbi, it is a yet, independent department. everything about the fbi and justice department, it is an independent justice department, an independent fbi. they have an independent office, of professional responsibility, and as if at heart of our
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justice system and law enforcement system, no one trusts leadership of agency, the fbi, no one trusts leadership of the deputy of justice. and -- department of justice this wrong. >> we know that nobody trusts them, but, even more compelling to me is that fact they try to get this information christopher brawray and rod rosenstein, makt clear there was a cabal, an anti-trump conspiracy. lou: and devin nunes t to a dege david ho horowitz. >> you know. to a degree. lou: judge jeanine pirro it will ways, then some. catch justice with judge j. frederick motz eanine . great to see you. >> thank you. >> appreciate it up. >> next, more to fbi a long
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overdue tiring o smurking smug trump hating agent, peter strzok, we take up why fbi had to overturn their original decision, and just to demote, suss span him or you know -- suspend him or slap him on the wrist, that is not the way it worked out, we'll talk with former federal prosecutor right after the break. stay with us, we're coming right back. my father passed this truck down to me, that's the same thing i want to do with you. it's an emotional thing to watch your child grow up and especially get behind the wheel. i want to keep you know, stacking up the memories and the miles and the years. he's gonna get mine but i'm gonna get a new one! oh yeah! he's gonna get mine but i'm gonna get a new one! when it's time for your old chevy truck to become their new chevy truck, there's truck month. get 10 or 14 percent below msrp on 2018 silverado pickups when you finance with gm financial. plus, during truck month make no monthly payments for 90 days. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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which could save you hundreds of dollars a year. plus, get $150 dollars when you bring in your own phone. its a new kind of network designed to save you money. click, call or visit a store today. lou: fbi fired strzok, today, for his ain't-trump text, he sent to lisa page. during 2016 campaign, and beyond. strzok had originally been demoted and given 60 day suspension, a decision made they had by fbi office of professional responsibility, robert mueller appointee, ca candice will. deputy director overturned that ruling today firing strzok. joining ple me now author of bok "license to lie" sydney powell, start with sphrok strzok finall.
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which was their code for the e-mail scandal. >> yes, lou there were far more reasons to fire mr. strzok than just his venomous anti-trump text and his pro hillary clinton stance, he actually acted did a number of things that facilitated cover-up of clinton e-mail crime. and helped create the russia collusion narrative again president trump. mr. strzok was one who interviewed miss clinton, and general flynn, and he was at epicenter of all of it, lead investigator for fbi on the clinton e-mail cover-up. as you mentioned earlier changed language from gross negligence to extremely careless.
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he also the one who knew there were 6 65,000 e-mails on clinton file, entire clinton file of e-mail in new york on laptop of anthony wiener, he his that, sat on it, redirecting attention of fbi for approximately 6 weeks to corrected of russia -- creation of russia collusion there, instead of looking at that evidence that fbi supposedly had been looking for, for months in the e-mail investigation. lou: and we still don't know where all of those emails are, we still don't know the context in the southern district as to what was motivating both prosecutors and the fbi itself as well as fbi new york office, because there is a strange quiet and of be on va sa -- and those
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e-mails we're star from far frie e-mail -- far from understanding let alone seeing the e-mails and linking them to appropriate actors and evens. >> we need anthony wiener laptop, mueller was head of fbi at the time those e-mails were being since, we know that president obama was using an alias to email her, and agents in new york said it was file of hillary clinton emile fohillary. and they shut down effort to get search wa warrant to cover the a abedin e-mails and blackberry e-mails. you are right, we have not heard anything but crickets from everyone about it, we're only people that have been talking about it. lou: and i have a feeling that
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will change in the days and weeks ahead, i hope so. to the issue of threats by antifa thugs. against the president of united states why wouldn't a u.s. attorney in virginia or washingtowashington, d.c., or st service, publicly, visibly in effort if you will send a strong warning to all who would threaten the president of the united states, they are investigating and likely proceeds again the thugs who have temerity and venom to actually. threaten the president of the united states. >> i can't imagine why they 1, wouldn't, lou, they should be declared a terrorist organization and treated as
4:20 am
such, they are up to no good, they do not have a right to run arounder toizing -- terrorizing people and threatening the president, it should be shut down immediately if not sooner. lou: we should point out they have protect of most jurisdictions to precede as they wish whether it be berkeley or san jose, california, portland, oregon, list goes on and on. sydney powell great to have you with us, appreciate it. >> thank you, lou, my pleasure. lou: vote in our poll question is, do you think we'll seal of e enough corrupt fbi and department of justice officials fired in disgrace that even the dimamericaimms will have decentd the russia witch-hunt.
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lou: a kre cent nbc report shows a total of 51 radical dems won't be supporting nancy pelosi for speaker if they take back the house in november. the minority leader took issue with nbc and their story over the weekend. >> first of all, i know nbc has been on the jag of this as one of their priorities to undermine my prospect as speaker. putting that aside, i have not asked one person for a vote. it's important and i know better than anybody how important it is for us to win this election, because i see up close and personal what the republicans
4:26 am
and the president are doing. lou: wow. the anti-news fervor on the part of the minority leader. my goodness. who knew. the list of dems not backing pa pelosi include nine incumbents run in the no elections and proved tonight that the radical dems are moving farther and farther to the left. the new gallop poll finds 51% of democrats voters view socialism positively, just 57%. 47% how still view capitalism in the very same positive light. a minority but nonetheless there is some place in their hearts for capitalism. and here to talk about all of that, social media stars and president trump's most loyal supporter bs, diamond and silk. great to have you both with us. great to see you. let's start with the dems who are just, they're just diving
4:27 am
toward socialism. 57% with a highly favorable view of socialism. what do you think, diamond? >> well, you know, they just want people, the american people to suffer. >> uh-huh. >> they want the american people to rob peter to pay paul so they can control you, so they can continue to hand you crumbs and you be satisfied with that. i'm for capitalism. i'm not for any of the socialism. any fueling this rhett ring, rhs is not what we need to vote for. >> it's time for the 57% to go to the country of socialism over there in venezuela and then let us know how they's working out for you. >> yeah. lou: let's show everyone the contrast with republican osen the issue of socialism, if we've got that please. can we put that in? we can't because we don't have it. i guess we'll work on it and have it maybe tomorrow.
4:28 am
none the less, by a huge majority republicans favoring capitalism, only 16% favoring socialism. there's not a clearer distinction between the two parties than that. >> i agree that the republican party is thinking more toward capitalism. everybody have a right to attain the american dream and keep their wealth that they attained and worked hard for. i am not for wealth distributing around to everybody. everybody need to pay their fair share and pull their fair weight is what i think. >> that's right. lou: and the antifa violence over the weekend, it is to me unimaginable that these thugs would actually threaten the president of the united states, his life, him physically, his family. this is just stunning and i don't hear the secret service stepping up, i don't hear the
4:29 am
fbi, i don't hear law enforcement stepping up saying we're not going to put up with this, it is against the law to threaten the president of the united states. your thoughts. >> you are absolutely right. it's time. what they're doing is running around wreaking havoc on civilians and that is terroristic behavior. okay. threatening a sitting president, they all should be arrested. out in the streets, antipolice, they're anti-american. we don't need that kind of rhetoric running around in our country. they need to be deemed a terrorist organization and arrested. >> i compared them to the kkk. the kkk have white hoods on and you have antifa who have black masks on, same script, different cast. >> they're trying to manipulate in order to dominate. lou: diamond and silk, great to have you with us. thanks so much. and we want you to check out diamond and silk's chitchat
4:30 am
tour. the next tour august 19th in richmond, virginia. diamond and silk, thanks for being with us. we appreciate it. the boston globe recruiting more than 100 newspapers it says to publish editorials denouncing president trump. that's right. coordinated national left-wing fake news. editors at the globe proposed that concerted move to call out the president's, what they call dirty war against the free press. among the papers, we're told, are the houston chronicle, miami herald and denver post. we contacted the boston globe to get the full list but they said they didn't have it. so the hundred is their number, the newspapers' names and numbers we can't corroborate. but we're told by the globe that it can be expected this thursday, making it, i this i you will note, no different than any other day. maybe we're supposed to believe since they're announcing that
4:31 am
they're act in a coordinated fashion this time that they haven't been acted in a coordinated fashion for the past two years. we'll see up next, while congress is fighting for unredacted fisa warrants, three newspapers have had them redacted all along. we'll tell you which and why right after this quick break. stay with us. we're coming right back. lou: the prosecution has rested
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now in the trial of president trump's former campaign manager paul manafort. one of the prosecution's final witnesses, a treasury department official who testified that manafort and his business partner rick gates never filed paperwork to document foreign bank accounts used for their company. judge ellis, the presiding judge in case said he would allow the testimony but he warned jurors that the government had a chance to indict manafort's company and chose not to do so congress has been hounding the department of justice to provide them the unredacted fisa warrant on carter page. but it would have been easier, it turns out, to just ask members of the national left-wing media. according to a new report in the conservative tree house, the "the new york times" and the washington post and buzzfeed have all been sitting on the
4:36 am
full unredacted applications since march of last year. meaning that they have not disclosed the truth, at least in that instant when it came to the fisa warrant disclosing the truth to the public for a year joining us now, judicial watch president tom fitton who makes it a practice to discloses to the public but he and his organization learn. first of all, it's great to have you with us, tom. first this report in the conservative treehouse, i mean this is stunning. and if it's sitting there, why in the world wouldn't others not have been so privileged? >> well, i don't know if they have -- i don't know if that report is true. the "the new york times" is suing for the full fisa application, that it received the warrant like judicial watch did in our foia lawsuit and it's mostly redacted. we're asking -- and i know congress is asking the president redact more of that.
4:37 am
we'll see. sometimes the news media has documents that they sit on and don't report on and try to get validation or verification of the documents, whether they're valid or not, by asking if government for copies. but this raises another question. "the new york times" -- lou: you ask it. >> why aren't the media being questioned and held to account for the classified leaks they reported on. they know who leaked all of that information about the communications the russians were having with members of the trump staff, classified information about spy efforts on the trump staff, the unmasking of information -- lou: the head of security at the senate intelligence committee, james wolfe. i mean the list goes on and on and on. what is very clear to me, tom,
4:38 am
is that the congress of the united states, the leadership of both the house and the senate aren't really interested in helping donald j. trump out here. and it's now up to donald j. trump as president of the united states to clear the deck. because this is a clear existential threat to his presidency. >> you know, when you see the reaction to the strzok firing today, i don't see others -- feigningly i'm sure you agree here, lou, is that the strzok firing is as much about the mueller operation as anything else. yet members of congress refuse to confront the implications of the mueller investigation. there would be no mueller investigation to investigate so-called collusion but for the imaginations of strzok and his colleagues at the top levels of the fbi. and we know this guy was corrupt. we know he had anti-trump -- lou: have you seen the defense of strzok on the part of cnn, on the part of other left-wing
4:39 am
members of the national media? i mean it's extraordinary, saying he's just simply a wayward soul who got carried away with a few texts, discounting his role in the creation of the special counsel. discounting his role as the lead investigator of hillary clinton in the e-mail scandal. discounting his absolutely venomous commitment to stop this president and his administration. >> you know, and if mueller had curtailed his investigation either voluntarily and recognized there was no collusion and he was going to curtail it, you might say that maybe mueller had learned his lessons that strzok was out there and was focused on getting trump as opposed to enforcing the rule of law. but instead we have an harassing investigation that mueller continue to pursue despite indictment after indictment of russia-related collusion activities that have no evidence
4:40 am
of collusion with the trump campaign ore any other american knowingly. there's nothing else to investigate by mueller and the strzok firing shows that his fundamental underpinnings of the investigation were corrupted. and i don't understand -- if it were any other criminal investigation it would be shut down by the courts or by honest prosecutors who know better. lou: how about honest judges in this judiciary system that is plit kay corrupt if nothing else, that they actually stand up and say this cannot go forward. it violate every tenant of a constitutional republic for this special counsel with all of his conflicts, with all of his 13, now 17 angry democrats poised to attack the president at his every turn without one scintilla of evidence of any kind of collusion or concert between his campaign and russia. i mean it's absurd.
4:41 am
why in the world? i mean you watch antifa, you watch the socialists in the parties with they're the ones more likely to ka lewd with russia thacollude withrussia the country. >> strzo.>> mueller is pretendig went wrong, he used them for lord knows how long. he used the clinton dnc dossier, he used steele and there's no accountability there. and it can only begin, as you pointed out, if the court started asking questions. everyone is afraid to take him on in the courts. now it's up to the justice department and the fbi to clean house here. and it's only going to happen with pressure from the white house, the president and congress and frankly the american people are going to be
4:42 am
driving the bus in the end. and i just hope that we get some justice here. the firing is necessary but not sufficient. we need a criminal investigation to follow up. look, if anyone else had done this he would have been run out of the fbi immediately upon the discovery of the texts and the whole thing would have been shut done. lou: quickly. >> it's got to stop. lou: and tom, the president, as you well know, tweeted about judicial watch this weekend. and the fbi hasn't released the messages from andrew mccabe, the former director, deputy director of the fbi. could the president and the instruction to turn those over to judicial watch, to the fbi, to the justice department, how would that work and are you hopeful that it will occur? >> i'm always hopeful. lou: i don't mean capriciously.
4:43 am
i mean sincerely and surely. >> i think this would be a relatively simple intervention by the president to order transparency, to have the fbi say look, text messages, they're covered by foia. you should search the andrew mccabe text messages and make them available to foia and judicial watch and other -- we're not the only ones asking about text messages here. but the idea that the fbi said text messages aren't subject to foia is something that the president can obviously say no, you should apply the rule of law to andrew mccabe's text messages and other text messages that the fbi may have. this is the fbi trying to protect itself, trying to protect andrew mccabe because we know what's in there given what happened with the strzok-page text messages. lou: great to have you with us up next, president trump fulfills another campaign promise. he puts our military first.
4:44 am
we take it up with green veteran wisconsin can date for the united states senate, kevin nicholson. he's here with us next. stay with us.
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4:47 am
marine veteran and republican senate candidate from the great state of wisconsin, kevin
4:48 am
nicholson. kevin, good to have you with us. and let's start with. >> thanks for having me. lou: let's start with paul ryan has endorsed your opponent. how can that be? >> you know, i said to the voters of wisconsin over and over again if you like the way congress is running and you think those folks in congress have everything figured out, you should vote for my opponent and vote for tammy baldwin. it's going to take those of us outside of the political class to go to washington and support the president's agenda and get things done. my life from the marine corps to business is about producing things, getting things done, hitting deadlines. the president gets it and clearly there's not enough people in congress that get et. it lou: you say the president gets it. you're talking about a man who has created unprecedented
4:49 am
success from the oval office whether it's foreign policy, whether it's domestic policy, whether it's in the markets, the economy. and to say things like he gets it, help me out. how would you use that language about a man who is at the forefront of the republican party and wh's accomplished so much and is fighting 24/7 against all sorts of devils, including rinos? >> well, look, 4.1% gdp growth. his life is about getting thing done, accomplishing things. you hear it all of the time, 0 oh, this white house is all over the place, they're doing all sorts of stuff. yeah. that's how many of us work throughout our regular day. we're going through a checklist of things we have to get done. we don't have the alternative of simply talking about things and rolling problems from one day or week or month or year to the next. only in politics can you fail upwards ap and only in politics can you simply talk about things
4:50 am
and consider that to be a victory. the president understands that you actually need to produce. we wouldn't have 4.1% would it not have been for the tax reform act. as we move to trade in the attempt to eliminate tariffs in other countries, clearly the president is trying to get new market to american producers in agriculture and manufacturing that can actually see our country and our economy continue to grow, an opportunity for everybody. lou: you're going to, if elected, support the trump agenda 100%? >> the trump agenda is a great agenda. just look at it. the tax reform -- lou: you're running as a republican. >> right, right. well i mean the president's agenda is a good agenda, a conservative agenda, created growth and opportunity for everybody. that's the key. this applies to everybody in every corner of this count pry.
4:51 am
4.1% gdp growth is great for everybody in wisconsin and this country. it unlocks prosperity and allows people to chase their dreams. if president should be applauded for what he's done, not to mention in terms of what he's gun in terms of foreign apolicy. the iranian government, the government that is no doubt the state sponsor of terror. the president is right to reapply pressure to that regime and makes it less likely that our kids are going to fight in the same wars that i did. lou: it is not as you say, a joke. the iranians responsible by the last estimate, a third of all of our casualties in iraq. it still amazes me that in afghanistan we still haven't burned the poppy fields and taken so many casualties and spent, as the president points out, so much of our treasure in the middle east and in
4:52 am
afghanistan. kevin nicholson, it's great to have you with us. appreciate it. look guard to talking with you again soon. >> thanks you, lou. thanks for having me and i'm looking forward to talking to you before november 6th about beating tammy baldwin. lou: chinese propaganda could consume the american radio waves. a large spanish language radio station in tijuana, mexico being bought out by a group of chinese investors who plan the flip the station into a chinese language outlet, the station capable of reaching more than 600,000 chinese-speaking americans living in southern california. the justice department has launched an investigation into that deal. up next, antifa thugs, threatening the life of our president over the weekend. we'll ask why the secret service, the fbi and law enforcement is on this issue right after the break. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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>> wall street stocks moving lower. the dow done 125 points the s&p lost 11. down 19. volume on the big board 3.1 billion shares. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. the islamic regime in iran is testfired its first missile this year. iran launching a short range ballistic missile over the strait of hormuz. lastly the trumpet ministration reapply sanctions against iran. this is where we are today and what we are looking out tomorrow. washington d.c. this week appeared not only attack police and media, they also threatened to kill the president. judge jeanine pirro says the thugs are tearing apart the nation. >> this antifa they are the
4:58 am
opposite of antifascist, they are the fascist. they only allow people that agree with them to be heard. hate anyone that speaks differently than you do in terms of ideology. >> form antitrust fbi official peter strzok finally fired by the fbi. praise antitrust text messages and for being in charge of the hillary clinton email scandal investigation. the former federal prosecutor, sidney powell, on the broadcast said there was far more anti-trumpet texts that peter strzok should have been fired for. namely, hiding 700,000 emails on anthony weiner 's laptop and turning to creating the trump-russia collusion narrative and ultimately, special counsel itself. more democrats viewing socialism favorably in capitalism. according to the latest poll. diamond and silk saying that all of that is for the people to suffer so that the democrats
4:59 am
can ultimately control them. as we finish tonight i'm just wondering, whatever happened to the upper over democratic senator dianne feinstein and her husbands long-standing ties to china? namely, the relationship with a man who served as their driver for the fbi they say this is a chinese spy for two decades. and a reminder to vote on the pole tonight. do you think we will ever see enough corrupt fbi and department of justice officials fired and disgraced that even the democrats will ultimately have the decency to end the special counsel, russia witchhunt. we would like to hear from you. cast your vote on twitter @lou dobbs.join us tomorrow with conversations general jack king. -- be sure to join it tonight when i joined hannity 9 pm eastern on the fox news channel
5:00 am
again.thank you for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow. good night from new york. lauren: breaking news this morning, london is on high alert after a car plowed through the gates on parliament. live to london just a moment. trained to look at other foot he is reacting to the news coming out of london about the crash. the ftse is barely higher, just a fraction of the cac 40 in the grain, the dax also slightly in the grain. lauren: the turkish currency is stabilizing this morning. investors looking to a speech coming up in the country's finance chief. train to the dow losing 125 moments yesterday. it really


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