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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 14, 2018 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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derangement syndrome, people are willing to give them money just to spite trump. charles: thank you so much. lou dobbs is next. lou: >> our top story, white house at epicenter of vicious attacks from the left and the right, the national left wing media amplifying unfounded, vicious accusations against president trump. president trump and th administration fighting back in full force. >> i think most of america would be happy to ignore, unfortunately the individuals in this room continue to create a large platform for someone they know not to have a lot of credibility for someone they refuse to give a platform to when they worked here at white house. lou: we take up white house strategy to discredit the fake
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news and focus on trump agenda, kellyanne conway is joining us, and another round of primaries with president trump-endorsed candidates on ballot. will we see more evidence of a red wave building into midterms? republican strategist ed rollins will join us on his take of these races. and prospect of a blue or red wave. >> troubling signs of a reser re of taliban in afghanistan. >> four star general jack keane will join us with his state on the -- his take on the stac staf u.s. strategy in afghanistan. >> and tonight, white house under attack from left wing media. the buzz over past few days, centerings on former white house aide omarosa manigault newman, her new book, where she smears the president, in the obvious
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hope of jenning up enough publicity to take the book to top of bestseller list, so far her hopes have been partly realized, published guy gallery books, that is an imprint of simon and schuster, it is owned by cbs corporation, that same cbs that attacks president on a daily basis through its news operation. the president remains unfazed with this ongoing assault, white house press secretary throwing left wing media hypocrisy back in their faces at today's briefing. joining us kellyanne conway, counselor to president of united states president trump, and kellyanne, great to have you with us, and see you. let's start with all of the cur of ifuture el -- around omarosad
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push back with white house, how long will it go on? >> who knows, i think that president is focused on great job he is doing with the economy, firing of peter strzok which is the big news of the day. lou: i agree. >> we have another guy up in fbi lost his job, jim comey, andrew mccabe, and strzok, lisa page is gone. receiver of thousands of text-messages from this government peter strook who putt on his personal e-mail -- >> here is the thing. we have a you say, jameses comey, gone, andrew mccabe, gone. peter strzok, gone. we're talking about the top levels of the fbi. rife with political corruption. i think that the president deserves from the special counsel a reason why they don't close their doors, shut down their operation and send the 17
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angry democrats crying all way home. but to put this to a rest, this witch-hunt. >> the president has made clear, with his social media feed, he feels both sides should be investigating, we're still searching for certain things, 1.2 million documents later, and 33 witnesses later, and 15 months later, we see at highest levels of fbi, which is a shame for rank-and-file, 35 thousand or so fbi personnel who go to work every day, it is a shame those at top echelon most strzok who was in charge of clinton e-mail server investigation, and thumbs on scale against donald trump saying we'll take care of it never let him win. he gets thrown out, goes to twitter to like and retweet antinegative stuff, sets up a gofundme page, and shows his true color, he stands alone.
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lou: there are a lot of -- -- questions about people that remain now still in the upper echelons of the fbi. but we're also when we talk about strzok that you know crowdfunding. that he is doing, a lot of people don't realize, he will use that money to sue the fbi. and to sue david battage deputy director of fbi who had guts to override the office of professional responsible that want a suspension, a suspension for a man who set off special counsel, made the decision to use the words extreme carelessness rather than gross negligence, when referring to hillary clinton and e-mail scandal. this is a man who was at the center. the epicenter of what has been three years of horrible corruption on the part of the fbi, that is what we know about
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fors last two years of the obama administration. >> president's point, we should keep on knowing about it keep digging and investigating, they want to investigate other nonsense. that it has to go both ways, i am struck that all of kings horses and men all of bias people at top echelon of fbi who knowed hillary clinton, could not get her alleged. it -- elected. it is remarkable. lou: let's say thank you, lord over that one. without this president, in the white house, we -- this nation would be in unthinkable peril. i do want to turn to what you were talking about investigating, i think there no question, and president is raised this on twitter, in that is there no question that hillary clinton's investigation of her e-mails scandal should be reopened immediately because of what happened with strzok and
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others. of the fbi, it should happen immediately, i think also is important it special counsel, if he is insisting on staying in operation, then he should as rod rosenstein deputy attorney general said in creating the mission memo, the scope memo, he should go for the fact -- go where the facts lead him, right now they lead him to what about the collusion with dnc, hillary clinton campaign, russians and relationship between the white house and -- and the deputy of justice. and fbi and cia. under president obama. i think that there are rich for fertile grounds for mr. mueller to investigate. >> there seems to be. i want to make an important
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point, also lost, many of the strzok e-mails so much of the nefarious activity. guess to 2017, it occurred after their preferred candidate, hillary clinton lost president trump. it was decisive, they still were at it, after he was democratically and duly elected. where the ferocity and veryocity that should concern all americans, public has a right to know. transparency has to run of way. president has been way on top of this what about e-mail and server and text-messages? what about fact that one's wife is working for a research firm in collusion in cahouets with, it is important we're not yet satisfied. lou: kellyanne conway we're out of time, but i want to leave you
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with a smile on your face, president at 50% with rasmussen tracking poll approval rating, fight goes on. and it good to see you -- >> the economy, the economy, if is going well, tired of winning. >> thank you, kellyanne conway for all you do, thank you. >> never tired of winning, paul manafort's legal team resting its team today without calling any witnesses, closing arguments to begin tomorrow morning before the judge hands the case to jeushorjurors for their deliber, up next, a resurge in taliban, fighting to take control of an afghan town. general jack keane will join us next, stay with us, we'll be right back.
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lou: 100 afghan soldier, at least 20 civilians killed in a surprise taliban attack in city of ghazni in northern afghanistan, our price attack -- surprise attack has gone on to five days of warfare, city, only 75 miles from the capital of kabul is under still after began government control.
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but the fighting rages on. joining us, retired four-star general, fox business strategic analyst, general jack keane, it is strange to hear word surprise attack, after all troops, forces in afghanistan. what is going on? >> well, fact is that we have never recovered from the awful decision that president obama made when petraeus and mcchrystal came forward to him, made a recommendation, put in play a counter insurgency strategy, he agreed with, then they told him we need minimum forces to accomplish that winning strategy is 40,000 troops, he cut that by 25 percent, and said i'm pulling troops out in 15 months we have never recovered from that decision. that doomed afghanistan to the path we're on now, to president
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trump, his national security team, they know they don't have a winning hand, what the president decides to do is said i'm not going to arbitrarily withdraw, i will stay the course, strengthen afghan national army as best i with advisers, what is not stated we'll try to convince taliban they can't win, and we'll be able to maybe win at the negotiating table. and end this politically. that is kind of what the strategy is that unfolded, the problem is that, taliban has initiative, freedom of movement, at times they can go out, attack where they want and undermine the government. lou: small outpost, did fall to the taliban. ghazni is still under government control. afghan government control.
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how important is it this ghazni be preserved under government control? and the taliban defeated in their so-called surprise ofengive? >> -- offensive. >> no doubt we have to take it back, and we will, we have a political and more call victory here, a prominent city not far from kabul, they have got what they want out of this. they have demonstrated they are still powerful. they want to stake in afghanistan for the future, and carve that stake out as much as they can militarily, so when they sit down at negotiating table they will get more out of the deal. >> it is worth considering deeply certainly our military and our geopolitical experts in washington and the world, the united states took control of
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afghanistan affective control in 2002. through its measures led in some parts by the cia. paramilitary operations and a u.s. special forces throughout the country. we have squandered that over the course of time through two administrations, and now we're faced with a prospect. the taliban, which controlled the country all those years ago. will be back and justs menacing if not more so in what would be victory. what are we to do? >> well, you are right. what happened to us is that in late 2001, 4 weeks after the taliban were defeated by the strategy and people i just mentioned. bush administration made a decision to go to war in iraq. that was december 2001, i was
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there. and we have never recovered from that decision. we never put any forces of any consequence back into afghanistan. meanwhile the taliban reemerged, because we didn't have forces to stop them from reemerging, and we did not build an afghan military, because we went off to fight the war in iraq. we never put forces back in 2008, president bush did is end of his administration, and what unfolded what i described in 2009-10, it has always been a secondary effort. it is tragic, 17 years, united states of america most powerful military in world can't defeat people running around with aa, okaak-47, my view, if you are gg
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to fight a war, you should make up your mind to win it, get it done. lou: we did that. in 2002. as we noted. it is to me you know as president trump has pointed out. you can put number at 6 trillion or 7 trillion. but iraq cost us, afghanistan. and military campaign to that are spread over a decade and a half that is come to this. president trump has said in his campaign, we have to have a smart government, and a smart military. and right now we just don't look very smart, do we? >> no. the good decision that president made was to stay the course, but we still don't have the right resources in. we're committing -- we have spoken about this before. this is the elephant in the
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room, permitting afghan taliban to have two sanctuaries in pakistan, we pulled military aid away from pakistanis, they can get that from chinese really easy, we have to put real pressure on pakistanis in way two previous presidents were not willing to do,. i hope this one steps up, that will really start to have an impact on the taliban, where they can't take refuge where leaders are, they do their training, and they leave battle feel to refresh themselves. and no insurgency has been defeated whether there are sanctuaries you on side of the combat joan zone and we're toleg it. lou: and creating death and devastation across the globe. why don't we destroy the poppy fields? >> we can.
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>> i know. >> it takes a little will on our part, we would need cooperation of afghan government, right now we don't have that cooperation to do that. lou: general, it's a war, right? >> it is. lou: we hav our people in harm's way. i don't know that we need to ask that much permission when we see what is wrong. but that is -- we'll continue that conversation you have had to live with those choices over these years, thank you so much general. >> good talking lou. lou: more than half of refugee household in this country receiving benefits at expect of american taxpayers according to a new research paper from center for immigration studies, 56% of refugee household receiving food stamps, and 34% receiving medicaid, and medical assistant.
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27% household receiving welfare. vote in our poll tonight, question is, after the firings of peter strzok, andrew mccabe and correct o growth director gs time to end the mueller witch-hunt. and begin the -- up next, a former paul ryan aide is running to replace him. that is nice. but there is something he forgot to mention on his campaign web site. that is peculiar. we take it up with ed rollins, who has all of the answers to all of the questions political, right after this break, stay with us.
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lou: breaking news now. we're just about a half an hour from the poll closing in vermont. it's one of four primaries being held tonight. the other three states are connecticut, minnesota and wisconsin. now the president has endorsed scott walker for wisconsin governor and pete stapher for a house seat in minnesota's eighth congressional district. so we're going to be checking the president's record on his endorsements. he's doing pretty well. i will give that much away. and we'll take a look at how well he's doing lame duck speaker paul ryan by the way has made an endorsement of his own and he's groomed one of his former staffers, brian steele to fill his congressional seat that he's promised to vacate but it seems like it's taking a long time to get him ou out of town. it seems steele no longer wants to admit that previous
7:28 pm
relationship with paul ryan. curiously, get ready, there is no mention of steele having worked for ryan on his own campaign website. steele facing former green beret nick pulse in toight neats first district republican primary. this is not a guaranteed deal. he's well amade. buahead.but if you have to takee speaker's name -- he looks a little like ryan there. joining us is eds rollins, hall of fame political consultant. he served as white house director under president ronald reagan. great to have you here. >> thank you. lou: have you ever seen a speaker's former staff member who's been put in position like, i guess, paul ryan thinks it's his to hand off to the next generation, who opportunity want to be associated with ryan? >> shows me some wisdom on the part of the candidate. and obviously his polls must be
7:29 pm
showing him something that ryan is not quite the asset that he could have been two or four years ago. we know that. this is an interesting day today. wisconsin obviously has a great governor who's running for his third term, scott walker, who sort of started this whole thing. walker was hurt a little bit by running for president. one of the things that happens when you run for president and don't do well, it makes it tougher when you go home. there's two tonight, one in minnesota who also was damage when he was a front runner a couple of years ago and got blown out early on. lou: is he going to win? >> i don't think so. he's certainly not a front runner and it's not a slam dunk for him. he was a two-term governor too. lou: walker is an interesting case. he's a highly effective, successful governor. >> tremendous. lou: he's not a charismatic governor. but i think the people in wisconsin understand he's kept his word in much the same way that the president has dominated
7:30 pm
national politics, walker has made considerable impression by just keeping his promises in the state of wisconsin. >> wisconsin was a very liberal state and basically he was the first -- lou: is it ever. >> he broke through, took on the unions and i think he's been an effective governor and should be reelected easily but it's going to be a real battle. going to be a real battle. lou: the approval rating. the president has moved back to 50%. he's been hovering right at 50% for some time now. but a 50% approval rating in the latist rasmussen tracking poll, i marvell that this president how much as he's attacked savagely every day from inside his own party, corporate america, wall street and of course the national left-wing media which is unrelenting as it is illogical and devoid of fact,
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it's remarkable that he can do this. >> he's not lost any of his support among republicans and independents. they've locketheythey've lookedd fast. he's been under siege from the beginning aen day by day he gets stronger and now we're at the point where we're not leading from behind, we're leading from the front and he's leading the country on economic front, military front and everything else. lou: let's talk about the strzok fire very quickly. strzok sort of rounds out the top of the fbi now gone to firings. it seems to me that this is clearly in the minds of even the most acrimonious nasty leftist, they'd have to say there's something rotten in the fbi and the department of justice and that should, in my opinion, disqualify the entire special counsel initiative that's been weighing down this country for more than a year. >> it's dominated the media. there's not been one charge put forth that basically is a valid
7:32 pm
charge, in spite of the guys making stuff up and doing everything they could to sabotage the guy. lou: these guys being high level guys with, the guys that make stuff up for spies were not for presidents. >> strzok and his girlfriend gave hillary a total pass, which was a great misjudge of -- lou: a corrupt act. >> and then they've done everything they could to basically do the president in since the day he was reelected. lou: do you think we should reopen the hillary investigation? >> i think we ought to finish this one up real quick and then -- lou: right after we close the doors on the witch hunt. >> absolutely. lou: i agree with you. as always, good to see you. i sure hope you're right in your assessment of the victors in tonight's primaries. a new poll shows americans growing weary of special counsel
7:33 pm
mueller. 66% of those surveyed say mueller should wrap up his investigation before the november midterm elections up next, judicial lunacy and all sorts of lunacy in the state of new mexico. we'll tell you about an outrageous judge's decision for five alleged muslim terrorists right after this break. we'll be right back with the sorsorry story. stay with us.
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lou: a judge in new mexico releasing five suspected muslim terrorists who are accused of training children to become terrorists on just 20,000 dollars bail. judge sara backus, a former public defender. you see her there. she ordered the defendant to wear ankle monitors, to not drink, nor should they have guns and to maintain weekly contact with their attorneys. what in the world is going on in new mexico? former fbi special agent chris swecker defended the decision to fire peter strzok today on writing in his op-ed, all three of these rogue fbi officials, strzok, comey and mccabe, put themselves on pedestals and cast themselves as
7:38 pm
noble heros willing to sacrifice their own heroes for the cause of truth and justice. that's great pr spin and much of the media has fallen for it. but it's simply not true. we recommend you read the rest of his op-ed. it is excellent. and it is on fook on >> joining us tonight, harmeet dhillon. great to have you with us. >> thanks, lou. >> let's start with that judge releasing five suspected terrorists with minor bail who had obviously endangered 11 children, were training, or alleged to have trained them to become terrorists. it's mind-boggling. >> yeah, lou. this is an outrainl an outrage s bigger than you just is said. the five suspected terrorists who abuse a child or allegedly
7:39 pm
abused a child -- there's a dead child here. this is a sirius matter. four of them are being released today and not even with money bail but a 25,000 dollars bond, meaning a signature bond. so they only have to sign their own name and if they don't show up at their hearings, then they have to pay 20,000 dollars. you can imagine how that works. the. person is on the lamb and now the person is going to get the money from them. it's ridiculous. this is as a result of a bail reform legislation in new mexico two years ago which governor martinez is now trying to repeal because it's resulted in criminals committing crimes while they're out on this lick and a promise signature deal instead of on the public safety where they should be locked up, like in this case. this is a huge issue. anybody in american is going to look at this and say these people are serious threats to the public right now, not theoretical. they're accuse odd killing a child, of training tea terroriss
7:40 pm
and abusing a child. on the great state of california, i apologize for our exploitation of people like this who are affected criminal justice in other states. it's really bad situation, lou. lou: it is horrible. and at a time when it's clear what the circumstances are in this particular event, in this set of circumstances, why this judge would make this decision. and personally threaten public safety in that state. let's turn to. >> it's terrible. lou: -- the manafort decision not to, well, to put forward a defense of paul manafort after the prosecution rested. what does that mean in your judgment? >> this is very common in a white collar crime case. in fact, you know, what the position of the defense is that the government hasn't proven its case so there's no need for them to put on a defense. and outside the presence to have
7:41 pm
jury, the judge actually asked mr. manafort himself personally whether he agreed to not testify and put on a defense and he did say that to the judge outside of the presence of the jury. this is very much expected and we can look forward to strong closing arguments by both sides tomorrow in court and then it's waiting time to see what the jury thinks. lou: is it a suggestion to you, at least, that manafort's attorneys feel pretty strongly that that prosecution hasn't made adequately their case? >> yes. i mean, you know, the liberty of their client who is in his 70s and could spend the rest of his life in prison is at risk. clearly the lawyers who are top-notch lawyers believe that they've done a sufficient job of undermining the prosecution's witnesses. rick gates obviously a serial philanderer and crook was a star witness for the government. they may be betting that the government's overreach for this case is sufficient for the jury to look at this and say the case
7:42 pm
is not proven beyond a reasonable doubt. and the judge has put his thumb on the scale a little bit, very hostile to some of the tactics taken by the prosecution. and i think the defense is counting on the jury to have absorbed that and take what the prosecution's case is and their lying witness with a grain of salt. lou: very quickly. antifa threatening the life of the president, threatening him physical harm. antifa that we have heard from the secret service that they are aware of the threats but then nothing beyond that. the fbi not even acknowledging that. and you're bringing -- you've brought the lawsuit against the police department of san jose for channeling a crowd of trump supporters into harm's way, if you will. in absolute complicity with antifa and other groups as well who are represented in that me e
7:43 pm
lei. why in the world can't the secret service say yes, we're investigating them at least as a part of an effort to prevent further threats or harm to the president? >> well the fbi and secret service, they're all under the doj. and as i previously said on this show, the doj is mia. they have a civil rights division that should be opening up an investigation into the racketeering and organized crime. that's what it is, organized crime. and it's going on with impunity. the paid leftists, no doubt about it, the liberals advertise for protesters, pay them and then they pick and choose where the events take place. and they take place in liberal jurisdictions that are complicit, ask the police to step down. the feds do nothing. it's outrageous that the people are not infiltrated and brought up on criminal recoan rico. this is a spreading disease in
7:44 pm
america. we're seeing this happening in multiple cities and americans are getting hurt. and the long lasting damage is americans are afraid to assemble and express their rights peacefully because of the violent criminals and this is exactly the purpose and they're succeeding. lou: harmeet, thank you very much. haharmeet dhillon. up next, the panel weighs in on a new disturbing report detailing systemic abuse of children in the state of pennsylvania. we're coming right back with that and much much more. stay with us. your insurance rates skyrocket after
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yeah, but i'm pretty sure it's the same plan they sold me before. well your situation's totally changed now. right, right. how 'bout a plan that works for 5 kids, 2 dogs and jake over here? that would be great. that would be great. that okay with you, jake? get a portfolio that works for you now and as your needs change from td ameritrade investment management. report reveals more than 300 catholic clergy in six pennsylvania die see die yo ceae been 0 cuesed of covering it up. josh so peer ro says more than 1,000 child victims have been identified and the grand jury believes there are more. >> priests were raping little boys and girls and the men of god who were responsible for them not only did nothing, they hid it all for decades. lou: though some of the accused
7:49 pm
clergy have died and the statute of limitations prevents some others from being prosecuted, priests in the grens borrow die seize pleaded guilty last month. joining us to niect, tammy bruce, fox business contributor, wor radio personality, mark simone, great to have you both here. your reactions. i'm one of those people who thought the catholic church had taken steps to diminish this ugliness from their presence. >> i'm a person of faith. i have issues with organized religion because man kind tends toe gets its hands on things and it does horrible things wit. and yet this is also from decades ago, as you've noted. it's also the broadest investigation a government entity has done in this kind of an instance. the stories are horrific. they clearly destroy lives. and the catholic church clearly still has some answering to do
7:50 pm
and i don't know -- again, i think partly growing up in and hearing these stories is what's affected my view of oaring niezed religion. organized religion. it's horrific -- lou: we should say in all fairness, organized religion does great good. >> as i just said, it did. lou: i don't see how this would affect other churches, denominations and other faiths. >> i think this is certainly for the united states and for those of us who are people of faith, i think that stories overall of large organized efforts and the problems that can stem from them onthem, including our governmen, it affects us. and dealing with this head on, like in this case, makes a difference in the ability to trust and to get certainly justice also for the victims. we need to deal with statutes of
7:51 pm
limitations frankly in cases like this. this is how we can work to clear this up and the church can help us do that. >> it's an ugly thing. there's rapes, who i believe things in this case. there's a letter from somebody in charge saying i'm sorry what you went through. and then it's to the priest, the guilty priest. this has got to stop. we have a problem in this country. we don't crack down on anything. you were talking about antifa and not cracking down on this. that's how you end up with somebody like a james comey, don't crack down on what's going on. at the fbi. we've got to stop this. look at strzok running around raising money for a legal fund. lou: and the first reflex was to say it's a suspension and everything will be fine, despite the fact that this man was at the center of the special counsel inception. he was at the very center and leading, in fact, the hillary
7:52 pm
clinton corruption investigation. and the president's special counsel. thank you very much, mr. strzok. my god. this man is evil incarnate. >> and my second book was called "the death of right and wrong" looking at this kind of dynamic proceeding through the nation. we're now seeing the results where there is no accountability. where there is nothing that's going to happen to you. whatever it is that you do wrong. and when it comes from the top of entities that we as americans rely on, whether it's the catholic church or the american government, we love these entities. we've got to fix them. lou: i don't know love these entities at all. i am very suspicious of a church that cannot and does not solve these kinds of sordid and horrible crimes against their own, their own flock, their own children. i mean, i don't have any patience whatsoever for political corruption, no matter the institution, the agency or
7:53 pm
the department. >> but it's the corruption of everything. every institution. people talk art thei about thei. you see this everywhere. look at mueller with all of his conflicts of interest, rosenstein. there's in standards anywhere anymore. >> we've got to take responsibility what we put up with and what we do demand in the midst of this. lou: one of the things that we should do, it seems to me, tammy, is not make our problems larger in the abstract but focus on that which is in front of us. and what is in front of us is some of the ugliest, nastiest human conduct imaginable. >> and we've got to put these people in jail also. i don't care what position they're in, if they've been a priest, whatever it is. there has to be a demonstration -- lou: that's the tammy bruce that we wanted to hear from. >> and you can love them and put them in jail to make a point. >> i hate to say it, when i go to confession, i just say to the priest, you first. >> dude.
7:54 pm
lou: never disappoints, ladies and gentlemen. mark, thank you very much. we appreciate it. and i would say that that is a wise and serious offering in humorous form. thank you. appreciate it. up next, the california republican national committee chair talks about how to fight back against the rad cam left-wing terrorist group antifa. or is it antifa. or is it something else all together. we'll be right back.
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♪ lou: on wall street today, stocks closing higher. the dow jones industrials up 312 points -- 112 points, the nasdaq gaining 51, the dow breaking a four-session losing streak. volume on the big board, 2.9 billion shares. and a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. well, this is where we are today and what we're looking at for tomorrow. antifa protest death threats still being ignored by the national left-wing media. joining us tonight to discuss the outrage -- >> this is, this is a spreading disease in america. we're seeing this happen in multiple cities. we're seeing americans get hurt, and the real long-lasting damage is that americans are afraid to assemble and express their rights peacefully because of these violent criminals.
7:59 pm
lou: and tomorrow closing arguments in the trial of paul manafort taking place tomorrow morning at 9:30 in alexandra, virginia. -- alexandria, virginia. and tomorrow we'll be discussing the trump effect in the latest round of primaries which are taking place today in four states, and political strategist ed rollins with us telling us wisconsin governor scott walker, endorsed by president trump, he believes will be elected in what he also calls a real battle, saying that both of the president's endorsements will prevail. and with all of the democratic hysteria about russia hacking the election, i was just wondering, why aren't the dems demanding voter identification as a means to protect integrity of the vote? it'd be a very good bipartisan issue. republicans, democrats, independents coming together. a swoon moment for the national left-wing media.
8:00 pm
that's it for us tonight. thanks for being with us. tomorrow we'll be talking with joe digenova and john solomon. we hope you'll be with us. thanks for being with us tonight and good night from new york. ♪ kennedy: omarosa is a snake. the president should never have hired her in the first place! she is famous for causing problems. has he never seen "the apprentice"? and now the media's playing right into her silly hands as she publicly fights with the white house in order to sell copies of her dumb book which comes out to the. in the latest twist, she continued pushing her claim that there is a tape of the president using the n-word. so far she has produced doughnuts, no evidence. the white house has filed an arbitration claim against her, accusing her of breaking her nondisclosure agreement. they're demanding she pay millions in penalties. omarosa says the administration is just trying to silence her. today


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