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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  August 16, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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liz: yuri deliberations in the paul manafort case will resume tomorrow morning. thank you for watching. charles payne is here now with "making money." charles: the economy simply on fire. it's the biggest story and something i have been saying on this show for a very long time. it's all about consumer confidence powering this. larry kudlow explained it. >> confidence numbers, large businesses, small businesses, and consumer confidence numbers are at or near record highs and from the latest surveys are continuing to rise. charles: walmart just amazing. it's a reflection of the booming
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economy and consumer confidence to go out and spend your hard-earned money. the strongest growth in more than a decade. the report shows consumers are heading back to brick and mortar locations. they are staying longer and spending more money. let's talk with tammy bruce, lindsey bell and rachel campos-duffy. when i listen to larry kudlow, i think yes, yes, yes, these are the things i have been talking about for a long time. the evidence began immediately. after president trump was elected, the consumer confidence levels exploded. now we are seeing the manifestation of that. >> you have been seeing it for a long time.
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i have been living it. i live in rural wisconsin. places where the obama economy wasn't good for them. if walmart is doing this one know consumer confidence is going up. walmart making good on its evident to compete on groceries. now they are going to deliver or do pickup which in cold wisconsin is music to my ears. they are also competing on retail. which also works in rural america. i would much rather return my item at the store than deal with the packaging. charles: yesterday the two things that stood out were restaurants with the strongest month over year and year over year gains and department stores. people are going to the mall. walmart has been an example.
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walmart saw a bit of a slowdown because food tamps went down. the decline of food stamp use earlier in the year slowed them down. it matters more that food stamps. but when people make more, earn more, keep more. >> it took a little bit to say what is going to happen? so you will be hesitant and cautious. but of course the tax ketz, the consistency of the president's rhetoric matching the results. suddenly it was the realization, oh, that is not the new normal. this can change and i can live my life in this fashion. the administration's issue is make sure the american people know this isn't automatic
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because there are leprechauns who make this happen. it's policy that's done this. the combination of the president's attitude, his promises, the application of dealing with things like regulation, the tax cuts. but the trust created between the consumer, the american people and the president that make them confident 0 act on what he has done. charles: that's the wildcard, to say i believe enough. i will start to use my credit card more and splurge more because i have the confidence it will continue. that i probably will get a raise. what's interesting to me from a wall street perspective. the federal reserve created $3 billion out of thin air. it never worked for main street. i think we are in the midst of a virtuous cycle. >> they are spending more at
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those stores. and they are trading up to national brand and buying the more spebsive products because they have more money in their pockets. wages are going up. but all is good and the consumer is feeling good and they are the key to our economy. charles: we have confidence polls from institutions that don't that kind of thing. people just -- they don't reflect what i see in the markets, what i see from corporate america. you wonder about that sometimes. these things can be skewed. but it's hard to deny what we are seeing on the ground. >> i am not just a mom with kids. i'm also a political spouse. so i have a feel on the pulse of what's going on in wisconsin.
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we vacations in northern wisconsin. cars, fishing boats, the tackle shops are going. it's not just walmart. it's small businesses. people are going out to eat. tammy, you are right, people at least in middle america are definitely giving donald trump credit. the rest of the country can try to spin this obama did the. i heard a democrat politician in wisconsin saying it's because they passed the stimulus bill 9 years ago. no, it's the trump economy. charles: what i find interesting with the consumer confidence report is til below its 2000 high. take a look at this. january 2000, the dow jones trim average.
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consumer sentiment is still below that level. tammy: you had 8 years of being told every day there was a new normal. you would work two jobs delivering pizzas. you needed the government to pay for stuff. we were conditions to believe we couldn't trust ourselves anymore while we enjoy recognizing president trump, it will take longer to realize. you were lied to by your own government. people who didn't know what they were doing. it will take another cycle where americans maybe pass the mid-terms or americans realize, wait, we are still remarkable people we know ourselves to be. it will take longer but we'll snap back quickly to keep the nation on her feet. charles: what the sentiment now shows, a lot of people have
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missed the stock market rally. but we lost faith in major institutions including our government. we lost faith in so many different things. we had two market crashes. we had the great recession. we had 9/11. do you think to tammy's point that we can break through that and create a new cycle where people are feeling confident and it goes up the way everything else is going up? >> i think this is the beginning of that cycle. you are beginning to see the consumer spending again. what you are seeing in corporate america, while they are buying back shares a lot, what they are seeing is sales go up. this is the number one thing that has been ignored. the sales are significantly better than they have been in a long time. the 3.10% is better than any
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number we have seen come out of the recession. the top down growth trickles down. that means to me wages are going to start coming up. tammy: one of the things that hurts the sentiment is the in-fighting with republicans. there is a sentiment that some republicans aren't supporting the president. >> when my husband would do a town hall during the obama years, he would say how many of you think your children will do better than you? and nobody would raise their hands. charles: we are going to talk about that later in this show. elizabeth warren is smart. she senses because of that, this is the moment to take control of government and businesses. we'll cover that also, ladies.
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trade talks, big news this morning. china sitting over a delegation. at any moment we could see a major deal with mexico. as the trade tensions ease, what does it mean for you and your wallet. we'll tell you when they come back. to give venture cardholders 10 miles on every dollar they spend at thousands of hotels. all you have to do is pay with this at 10 miles per dollar? that is incredible. brrrrr! i have the chills. because you're so excited? because ice... is cold. and because of all those miles. obviously. what's in your wallet?
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president trump: we want them to do well. president xi is a friend of mine. but how are they doing and how are we doing? >> numbers from china spanning 6 months, 9 months. their economy is heading south. charles: president trump and white house economic advisor larry kudlow discussing this
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increased tariff battle with china. president trump says he doesn't want china to collapse and trade talks will resume later this month. david nelson, i was on fox news yesterday and said the same thing. we don't want china's economy to collapse or implode. but what we are seeing now i think goes back of further than six months. i think the faults in china's economy are bubble together top and it's bringing them to the table. >> the countering china is the most of important thing donald trump will do throughout his presidency. we have been distracted the last 15 years dealing with terrorism and we have taken our eye off the ball. while we have seen a lot of u.s. investment. we see cyber hacking.
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now you are seeing american companies out there issuing chinese propaganda in apologies if they mention the wrong word on their website. i think it's important what the president is doing and i'm very supportive. we are trying to actually have a playing felt that's respectful. >> it goes beyond the industrial complex and goes into espionage. you look at their military complex and the strike fighter, a striking resemblance to an f-35. i wonder why that is? i don't think president xi or china was ready for this president. i think in the past they understood they could start up a negotiation and eventually we capitulated. this was not in their playbook.
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charles: they quietly have begun to buy soybeans. they need liquid natural gas. so there are certain things. they don't do business with us for altruistic reasons. i think it's telling on the intelligence and i.t. side. i watch the shenzhen exchange. there is something fundamentally wrong there. i think while you are cutting a deal obviously saving face. how important is it that he saves face. >> the political perspective is a great point. he accumulated power very quickly.
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he's emperor for life. there have been some rumblings in the chinese media, state controlled media, criticisms of his to our guest's point that he didn't entirely know what he was take on in donald trump. the fundamentals i think when it comes to china. the people who believe in the vision of china. they believe china is going to be great again. so they do have a lot of strong fund amountals in their people. i think xi has to be careful because a lot of people saying what's going on? charles: the yuan being so low may help exports. but consumer spend is the highest in gdp history and they would like to see it go higher. your thoughts on a big deal with mexico. how might that help the market.
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>> it weakens canada and china. as far as the yuan, it end their concept of regional currency. i understand it helps with their exports. but it's capital leaving the country. it's not good. charles: the people of iran have a tough message for the islamic regime. we'll tell what it is next. the fact is, there are over ninety-six hundred roads named "park" in the u.s. it's america's most popular street name. but allstate agents know that's where the similarity stops. if you're on park street in reno, nevada, the high winds of the washoe zephyr could damage your siding. and that's very different than living on park ave in sheboygan, wisconsin, where ice dams could cause water damage. but no matter what park you live on, one of 10,000 local allstate agents knows yours. now that you know the truth, are you in good hands?
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charles: the people of iran keep sending a louder and stronger message to the islamic republic. there is an article about reza pahlavi who was shot by security forces at the age of 26
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seems to have sparked a wealth of dissent and a will to fight back. rebecca heimers and kelly jane torrance. rebecca, the headline in the "wall street journal" article, and youians want their country back. >> the thing that has been the worst for the iranian people is the iranian regime. the regime under president rouhani who was supposed to be moderate has not been moderate at all. not since the iran deal which was supposed to help the iranians get their economy back on track with the relief in sanctions. instead they have exported the iranian revolution and exports
6:23 pm
terrorism. these protests started out in the core areas, not in the urban elite and college students. it goes down to the root of the religious poor and the workers and the iranian people. the government is having a hard time putting these protests down. charles: way thought about the you nitiothetunisian street hero set himself on fire and sparked the arab spring. >> it's amazing that one person can have that effect across's region. it's not just one person. when the protests started in late december. in the first couple weeks you had 50 people eventually die.
6:24 pm
the iranian people are sending a message to the government. america has responded by sending its own message. secretary pompeo announced the iran action group. he calls it a whole government effort to change the iran ran regime's behavior. he's kind of hinting at something there. but it's basically to get all the different agencies involved in what they can do to help the people take their country back from the murderous regime. charles: do we walk a fine line with changing behavior and regime change? >> this regime can't change its behavior because then it would fall. the reason that it has these laws that womb convenient to wear the hijab. that's an excuse to place its secret this throughout country and use that as an excuse to
6:25 pm
intimidate people. the e.u. complained about a human rights lawyer for protesting by take their hijabs off. she was arrested months ago and the e.u. is finally waking up and saying this is unacceptable. the regime is not just going after the women, they are going after the lawyers who are helping them. it uses women and other groups as a scapegoat. it's not interested in helping the people of its own country. charles: we have outside global pressure. we see videos posted. we see truckers protesting. we have seen this before in recent years. how hopeful should we be that
6:26 pm
people get their freedom. >> because it's coming from the heart of the iranian people, they don't have a real leader which means it's much harder for those who are rebelling. it makes it much harder for the iranian regime. there is a myth in the media that this is all about the economy. this is about the regime. this is why the protests are about. rouhani and the supreme leader khomeini. the united states and the trump administration are responsible for putting that pressure on them. the united states is putting pressure on our european allies saying it's us or them and we are willing to put pressure on you if you don't put sanctions on the iranian regime.
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charles: you two are fantastic. everyone should follow both your twitter feeds on this. >> thank you for getting the word out for what they are trying to do. charles: president trump takes on the media after hundreds of newspapers publish editor cals slamming the media. it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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charles: president trump take on the media accuse the "the boston globe" of collusion along with 300 other publiccation. there were coordinated editorials organized by the "the boston globe." president trump tweeted the "the boston globe" that was sold to the "new york times." now the globe is in collusion with other papers on free press. stephanie hamil is with us. more begamoremorgan ortagus is . some people think he crosses the
6:32 pm
line when says the media is the enemy of the people. >> what came first the ching or the egg. did trump start attacking the media first or the media attacking the president. 90% of the coverage of trump is negative. that's very unfair. many of these media outlets are pushing a globalist agenda and constant criticism of trump. >> i couldn't disagree with stephanie more. the press is not the enemy of the people. these editor yalts in 300 puck cases are important to read in each these communities. every single u.s. senator today passed a resolution unanimously saying the press is not the enemy of the people and condemns
6:33 pm
attacks on the free press. charles: there is strong anti-trump sentiment in every single story. how they are promoted, articulated. and the economic stuff we are talking about. i don't know if anybody is going to cover that. do you think some have such animosity for president trump that it skews what they write and say? >> i think there is bias in everything we say and do. there is bias here on fox news and cnn and msnbc. but it's important to tamp down the rhetoric when it's clear a line has been crossed. sarah sanders backtracked a misstatement she said from the podium yesterday. charles: i think we are conflating a couple things. i want to read another president
6:34 pm
trump tweet on this topic. there is nothing more that it would want than free press. the press is free to write waste wants. much of what it says is fake news, pushing a political agenda or just plain trying to hurt people. honesty wins. >> i think the "l.a. times" and their editorial board was smart. they certainly agree with president trump on many things. they said they did not want to be a part of group think and a coordinated effort because that's exactly what the president is talking about. one of the things the president is sensitive about. during the republican primary it was estimated the president got a billion dollars worth of free advertisement for how much he was getting free media in earned
6:35 pm
media. to think that he was really inflated by the media during the primary because he's great television. when he gets into the general election, all of a sudden they turned on him and he started getting negative press. he has shown whether it's china or the media, he has shown in somebody punches him web's going to punch back harder. he's not a politician. a lot of people may not like it. charles: the "l.a. times" piece you mentioned. they are suggesting by acting together as a cabal, it almost helps president trump say they are all against me. on the same topic of the media. a lot of people blasting president trump for revoking ex-cia head john brennan's security clearance.
6:36 pm
he says my principles are worth far more than clearances. i will not relent. a variety of people have come out saying they think brennan is wrong from steven hayes to susan collins. >> i have never seen a cia director spend so much time in front of the media. he's acting in a which which we have never seen a cia director act before. let, look at leon panetta. he had his criticisms of particular policies of the administration. but he conducted himself with decorum. the cia director is representing thousands of people in the intelligence community who are
6:37 pm
non-partisan professionals. he politicized that dplownlt their detriment. >> brennan should have had his security clearance revoked a long time ago. this guy is a political hack. he has a history of lying and spying. under his direction his agency spied on staffers. i think it was a good call and there are many other people who should have their security clearances revoked as well. ♪
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6:41 pm
first half of the year, 3.1%. currently the atlanta fed sees the current square at 4.3%. there is walmart. they posted their earnings. the company exhibited that nice combination. pricing power. think about it. traffic ticket internet. after the close nordstrom just posted a monster earnings report. the stock has been up 14% in the afterhours trading. it's one that should get more investors to invest here. we saw the huge move without the high-flying tech names. consumer sentiment has shifted.
6:42 pm
can the dow and other major indices break out of the all-time highs before labor day. here to discuss whether this happens tonight. i want to bring in my good friend, david nelson. break out new highs before labor day? >> i really don't know. charles: what would it take? >> if we take our eye off the geopolitical, it's the earnings that bailed us out every time. it was walmart and tonight it's a company like nordstrom. we are rallying not with just the bang names. we have the industrials doing well. retail which was in secular decline. manufacturing which was in secular decline and they are doing quite well.
6:43 pm
charles: snoard nordstrom said this is a profit inflection point. this is just the beginning. they are saying this is now the beginning of a new wave of profits for them. >> if you look at the retail data out of the government you are starting to see the difference and they are coming together. the department steals are starting to get the online right. wages are going up. unemployment is at lows. five minutes ago a piece coming out. the fcc is probing tesla. they make it a point of saying these investigations began before elon musk put out that tweet about going public. netflix has been under pressure.
6:44 pm
facebook has been under pressure. those were the stocks investors were buying big time. can the market have a long-term sustained rally without those participating. >> healthcare, industrials had a great quarter. and speaking of tech, if you look at the. >> i call weight tech sector, it's outperforming the market cap which would yield to the higher cap. charles: there is a china proxy. if they can say because the stock has come down a lot, we are doing great domestically. could that be the big one name? boeing got a huge upgrade. if you get boeing, deere and
6:45 pm
caterpillar. >> construction spending, how is retail sales going. charles: can we break out the all-time highs before labor day? >> august and september were the worst performing months of the year. charles: elizabeth our be says she wants to hold businesses accountable. but some are saying she wants to own businesses. she wants to nationalize everything. we'll be right back. insurance tt won't replace the full value of your new car? you'd be better off throwing your money right into the harbor. i'm gonna regret that. with liberty mutual new car replacement we'll replace the full value of your car. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty ♪ ♪ ♪ our new, hot, fresh breakfast will get you the readiest.
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after all, 4 out of 5 people who have a stroke, their first symptom is a stroke. so call today and start with a free health assessment to understand your best plan of action. so why didn't we do this earlier? life line screening. the power of prevention. call now to learn more. charles: the fallout continues to mount after elizabeth warren
6:49 pm
laid out the details for her proposal in this new deal, accountable capitalism act. a lot of people think this is a facade for a whole lot more. kevin williamson's piece in the "national review" calls it elizabeth warren's batty plan to nationalize everything. antoine, to me, i don't think elizabeth warren if she had the opportunity to get this much control over corporate board would top there. but what -- would stop there. what are your thoughts? >> she has a track record or body of work fighting for middle class working people in this country. this is just another example of her making and attempt -- an attempt to do that. she is in the minority party in
6:50 pm
the senate and congress. you won't get too much pushback saying that does not trickle down and translate to workers. this is a framework of a plan to get to a place to say where corporations do well, the workers should be rewarded. charles: elizabeth warren has a long track record. she erupted to national prominence in 2011. i want to play that famous sound bite hat that put her on the national stage. >> there is nobody in this country who got rich on his own. nobody. you build a factory out there. good for you. but i want to be clear. you moved your goods to market on the roads the rest of us paid for. charles: what she is saying, and we have seen a lot of people come to the same thought.
6:51 pm
corporations, even individual success should be all part of the public domain and all go to the same pot. even though you might have thought you were wake up at 4:00 a.m. and put our hard-earned money into it and worked an 80-hour week. the person that was sleeping until 12:00 and eating a bowl of cheerios, they deserve a cut and a piece of the action. >> that's her rationale. she says she is trying to make capitalism great again by making it more socialist and giving government more means of control of production in this country. i agree with her on one point. i believe capitalism and morality should go together. charles: give me an example. >> capitalism works best when the people creating the profits have a moral come pass. in that case what elizabeth warren should be doing is
6:52 pm
promoting more family formation, encouraging religious mores. but she wants her own morality, her own idea, her ethics to control. >> charles, i will tell you it is very tough. i'm from rural south carolina. it's tough for just a teacher. forget about someone work a corporate job. it's tough for a teach tore make end meet on a teacher's salary. she says we need to look at the way we make wages in this country. i don't think you will get too much pushback. people trying to put to hand together. >> your 401k is doing a lot better cloorls * antoine you just made an argument against
6:53 pm
the government being involved in this. with the amount of taxes we pay, make sure you watch rachel campos-duffy, she'll be co-hosting "fox and friends" saturday and sunday. president trump blasts andrew cuomo for his comments on american greatness. >> we are not going to make america great again because it was never that great.
6:54 pm
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." charles: trump slamming democratic new york governor andrew cuomo after saying that u.s. was never that great. trump tweeting -- can you believe this, the governor of the highest taxed state in united states, having a total
6:57 pm
meltdown? back with us to discuss our guests, kelly jane, and tammy bruce. i know so-called trump derange am syndrome is powerful, but you hear someone say, that i don't think he necessarily slipped. the way he tried to clean it up was almost justifying it talk about america history of racism and sexism. i don't think he was contrite about the statement. >> he was not, it was a fake apology, apology, great does not mean perfect. in in u.s. original statement he said america will not be great until we have every last bit of prejudice gone from our society, we're not perfect, we're humans. he said we're not going to be great until every citizen is engaged. a great thing about living in a free country, is you don't have to be interested in politics if
6:58 pm
you don't want to. it is great to live in a country you can ignore things if you want to, it is not a life or death situation like people in so many other countries. charles: you hate to hear it, the way he did it, i hope people pick up on this fall back and talk about racism, i am sick on a personal level of racism. and blacks being victims and women victims. and what happened in america years ago, we should be proud of the progress we have made, i don't know why we don't celebrate that more often. >> we get to be used slogans and democrats make it worse, we know you learn more things about people when you don't knock on the door, you just go in police like being called excited utter ans, they consider them more serious, and a revelation about what someone thinks, that was an
6:59 pm
excited utterance by cuomo, he thinks that america has never been that great, a poll of democrats a year ago 20% of democrats were proud of the united states that is an inher inherent problem there barack obama i would argue, that america deserves to be cut down a few pegs because we were the problem in the world. this is typical for the democrats, new yorkers deserve better, the state deserves better, the city which is remarkable deserves better, so do americans. >> general. charles: any general epi generay that come out of this. >> i think people even if they are not involved in politics, they love being american in
7:00 pm
america. it is a inspiration to the world, a country founded on an idea, has not done it perfectly but it inspires people. >> no promises but you can try, we have to leave it there, god bless aretha franklin. lou: good evening, our top story, tonight straight talk on impact of the trump policy agenda on this country. tonight we recognize the facts that national left wing media ignore. you noticed since president trump was elected, booming trump economy has been growing, strengthening and american can again be call the a prosperous nation and americans a prosperous people. as the president promised on the campaign trail in 2016, his leadership, his administration, policies have resulted in a return to prosperity for all americans. and as we have come to expect,


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