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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 18, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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on our website, we'll see you next week. [ woman vocalizing ] arles: thane much. lou: good evening. our top stories, the trump administration under assault from the radical dimms, the left-wing media, look to for any reason to attack, ignoring the accomplishments of his administration. we take that with ryan zinke and he'll give us an update on the largest wildfires in the state of california and the massive effort to fight those fires. jurors in the manafort trial wrapping up deliberations for
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this week without delivering a verdict leaving the fate of the president's former campaign manager hanging in the balance. president trump: i think the whole manafort trial is very sad it's a very sad day for our country. lou: gregg jarrett joins us to talk about the latest in that case. left-wing governor andrew cuomo is finding there noise way to walk back his devastating statement about this country. >> we are not going to make america great again. it was never that great. lou: president trump talking about the radical dimms meltdown. the new york governor unable to walk back his absurd statement. the trump administration under attack for revoking the security clearance of politically correct
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former cia director john brennan. a group of 12 former intel officials issuing a statement praising brennan and targeting the president. they said we all agree the president's action regarding john brennan and the threats of similar action against other former officials has nothing to do with who should and should not hold security clearances, and everything to do with an attempt to stifle free speech. do they need to be reminded just who john brennan really is? i will be talking about that very issue in my commentary tonight. this is the man who spied on the senate intelligence committee. their servers, staffers, and lied by the, then had to confess after the inspector general contradicted his statements. this is the same man who was the
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architect of america's drone program responsible for killing civilians, including children. this is the same corrupt official who originated the trump russian collusion knit without a shred of evidence and who took credit for the russian witch hunt's genesis. these attacks from the dimms, the national left-wing media and zeep deep state are reserved for the president alone. interior secretary ryan zinke has been attacked. insley attacking the secretary as he's facing a crisis with fires in california. the mendocino fire is the worst
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in california history. joining us tonight, second terrorist interior ryan zinke, mr. secretary, we appreciate you being here. the wildfires. let's start there. we have never seen anything like it because there has never been anything like it. >> i was a seal in iraq. this is on par with the worst devastation i have seen in iraq. 30,000 firefighters. we lost six to the wildfires. the death and the devastation to the communities is on par with what i have seen on the front lines of battle. but it doesn't have to be the new norm. we need to go back and actively manage our forests. it's not that difficult to look at what's causing the fires. temperatures are higher and seasons longer. but the amount of dead and dying tim besh, the density of trees is unprecedented and when a
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fire starts you can't stop it. but you can manage it. i heard the argument about global warming. i can tell you global warming is not the cause of these fires on this scale. it's lack of management. you talk to the forest fighters out there and they will tell you the same thing. lou: environmentalists insisted upon raising the dennity of those forests and refusing to allow comen common sense cutting programs. there is no harvesting or anything remotely approaching what we used to experience and permit in our forests. what can you do by the and how soon? >> we can do something about it. i signed an order to aggressively actively manage our forests.
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that's prescribed burns in the shoulder season. the active removal of dead and dying trees. you start with the roads, you look at the trail systems. you make sure there is public access. a lot of these fires can be put out if the firefighters can get to them. but we shut roads down and those roads are overgrown man the case of the spot fires, you can't get in there. this is using best signs and best practices for the greatest good and longer term. it's -- you talk to the firefighters out there, they will tell you exactly the same thing. in driving around america's forests, what you will see is a lot of dead and dying timber. sometimes the mortality rate is on a par with beetle kill. lou: are you having active
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discussions and are they relenting in what has been just a wrong-headed approach to forest management? >> the radicals would rather watch an entire forest burn down than'' cut a tree. there is timber lying on the forest floor rotting. you look at housing prices. it's better to recycle that timber and klein our forests and restore the -- tim letter and clean up our forests. lou: are they persuaded? >> some are. day was in a conversation with
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nature conservancy, and they understand. lou: you have had to fight the kind of nonsense being said but that you would sell 0 your grarnld children for the oil industry. your response? >> sad and pathetic that he would inject grandchildren into a conversation. the great state of washington, i played for the ducks. i enjoys playing for the huskies. it's unbecoming of the great state of washington. he should apologize not to me, but to the state of washington for those type of comments. lou: i want to turn to this fight that erupted over security clearances, admiral mcraven among those. unexpectedly, surprisingly. i'm sure was to hear your reaction. weighing in, taking the president to task for listing the security clearances of an
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absolutely politicized director of a politicized intelligence agency, and that is the cia under president trump. -- under president obama. >> a security clearance is not a trite, it's a brif privilege. when you abuse that privilege he's absolutely right to revoke the security clearances. this is about brennan. and brennan lied. we know he lied. and there is others in there. and lied some more. and having a security clearance for what purpose? to attack the president. to misinterpret. to misinform. again to monetize. lou: mr. secretary, good to have you with us. thanks for all you do for the
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country. >> god bless. it's better to charge up a hill under fire than cower in a fox hole. remember the fight for freedom never ends. lou: president trump advocating for companies to report earnings twice a year better than every square. he said the idea was first brought up during a conversation he had with top business leaders. he said he thinks it could boost business outcomes and create new jobs. the labor department reporting 16 to 24-year-olds look for work in this country is 9.2%. that's a 52-year low. tesla's ceo elon musk buckling under pressure struggling to
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maintain his compose our, his word, during taken hour-long interview with the "new york times" in which he complained about an excruciating year. the latest in the trial of paul manafort. how members of the national left-wing media tried to target the jurors.
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lou: jurors in the paul manafort trial have gone home for the weekend. declining an opportunity to work over the weekend. the second day of deliberation ends and sphais two begins monday. judge t.s. ellis citing threats he received during the course of the trial. using those threats at least in part to deny requests to release the names and addresses of the 12-member jury and all four alternates. joining me, gregg jarrett, author of the number one new york trials best seller "the
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russia hoax, the elicit scheme to frame donald trump and clear hillary clinton." this marketing -- i like talking books. it's great to see you. congratulations on your continued success with the book. i'm fascinated by this trial. it has bench ado about what looks to be an event no one seems to understand which way it's going to go. have we had any clues the next couple days? gregg: we have. the jurors have four questions to be answered by the judge. three of them dealt with tax and banking. but the one question that was really important was what is the definition of reasonable doubt.
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and that is the dream of defense attorneys when they hear a question like that. these lawyers mounted a reasonable doubt defense. the answer to the question -- lou: most of defense attorneys do that, don't they? gregg: not necessarily. some of them take an active role and call defense witnesses. here they focused entirely on cross-examination and reasonable doubt. the judge can't answer the question because there is no legal standard of reasonable doubt it's up to the discretion and determination of each juror. defense attorneys try to help them along and routinely say -- lou: you are saying the judge invited them to use their imaginations. gregg: use your own judgment. it's up to them. it's not up to the judge.
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you can't quantify it. 99% proof. defense lawyers say ladies and gentlemen of the jury, it's not maybe guilt, it's not probably guilt, it's not likely guilt, it's -- if you have doubt that is based on a reasonable amount of suspicion or evidence in the case -- lou: i never thought about it that way. that does make it prosecution's job extraordinarily hard. gregg: it's an extremely high standard and it's the job of a defense attorney to create reasonable doubt. they tried to do it through cross-examination. if you are the defense you want a unanimous jury decision to acquit. but if you get one juror who refuses to convict, you hang the
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jury. lou: i don't know that i ever heard of this, the idea that a juror can say to the judge, i have got an event, we don't want to deliberate over the weekend. i am sure the judge knows what the event is. the judge is being relaxed by the all for a guy who is buttoned down and fiery about everything. gregg: you don't want to put undo pressure on a jury unless you have to. the judge is trying to accommodate these jurors. they have lives. and yes this is an important case. lou: the legal system often forgets jurors have lives. gregg: you want them to be rested and to make reasonable judicious decisions. lou: judicious decisions, would
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you have to say guilty or innocent. gregg: you wouldn't want some guy to vote to convict because he wants to go to an event on a friday night, would you? lou: no, i wouldn't. but i don't understand where we are. how do you read it? is manafort looking better with each passing day? that seems to be the cliche', the longer it goes the better it is for the defense. gregg: i always felt that way as a defense to be. the longer the jury was out the better shot i had. if they come back too quickly it's often not good news. lou: you believe who will prevail. we have new evidence now. gregg: there is no new evidence. it's a tough case for the defense to win. if i were a betting man i will
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bet the feds will get a few convictions, but not all 18. that's my guess. lou: i'm not going to ask you which ones. up next, former members of our corrupt intelligence agencies coming out of the woodwork to attack president trump who pulled john brennan's security clearance. stay with us.
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lou: a few thoughts on d.c. and the affairs of men and women in the nation's capital. john brennan, the cia chief from 2013 to the end of the obama presidency has lost his security clearance and the swamp hates that. president trump took away his clearance because of his quote erratic conduct and behavior end quote.
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brennan has been attacking mr. trump even when he was still director of the cia. brennan has broken with tradition and civility. he's the first former intelligence agency head to politicize his public service, trying to monetize that service and inject himself into presidential politics and recruit heads of other intelligence agencies to attack the president as well. possibly he's guilty of more. rudy giuliani says brennan was the one responsible for orchestrating the phoney russian witch hunt. why did brennan have a security clearance to begin with? that's how the swamp works. the usual excuse is to provide continuity for preserve their
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knowledge should they be needed by the succeeding administration. that's not entirely bull. but mostly so. those clearances are actually cloying of the swamp. they moan ties their membership in a large and powerful club, the washington establishment or as it's better known, the swamp. more than 70 former top intelligence officials criticized the president's lifting of brennan's security clearance and in a lettered called the white house decision ill-considered. where were all those officials when brennan was hurling insults at our president. that too was unprecedented and ill-considered. james comey and brennan. where were they when brennan
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lied and lied some more when he denied the cia spied on the senate select intelligence committee. where were they when the senate abdicated its oversight of the agency and allowed president obama to politicize the cia and the justice department and the fbi and the irs and the list goes on. brennan's cia spying on the senate intelligence committee, lying to the very committee that has oversight responsibilities of the cia should concern and shock and anger every american. shame on those 70 spy masters. and yes your little letter. you do yourselves a disservice in ignoring brennan's history and you do the nation a disservice for not standing up for the president and the
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constitution. and not requiring congressional overnight of those officials. the president is the true patriot in all of this. i hope he'll end the wrong-headed practice of allowing clearances of political appointees. lift those clearances and this swamp will be draining a lot faster. our quote of the day, president trump said we'll discard the old policies and division of the past to rebuild our economy, rebuild our inner cities, and rebuild our country. how wayward rinos have given power to the dimms in the my father passed this truck down to me,
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lou: senate dimms get their majority courtesy of 9 republicans who skipped votes wed dane yesterday. majority leader mitch mcconnell scolding these no-shows, and there they are. our wall of shame right there. jeff flake, senators thom tillis and mike lee. lee and tillis urged the
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majority leader to keep the senate in session during august. then they don't show up for the day that was required. joining us ed rollins. rollins serve as white house political director under president ronald reagan. ed: the majority leader doesn't know how to count votes. he those had all the players to stay in line in august and this shows he doesn't have them all in play. he better figure it out. lou:f what is the excuse for a mike lee and tom til his who are about as conservative as most of liberals, they are absolutely misrepresenting themselves. how could they do that? call for the majority lead tore keep the senate in session, then do this.
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ed: it's one more outrageous thing they do. it's why the country holds them in disdain. the three leaders, pelosi and religion and mcconnell. but mcconnell has gotten more done and held in the lowest esteem according to polls. lou: mitch mcconnell who i have been critical of for not supporting the president has shown the intellectual capacity and droik support the president on tariffs and views on balanced trade with china. he has moved through a record number of judicial appointments. ed: i totally agree. at the end of the day the senate
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is a hard place to function and run as a leader. we need five more senators after this game. that has to be our goal after this election minimum. lou: paul manafort in this trial. it go to the jury and almost everyone now is basically forget being it. ed: the judge on several occasions said make sure don't go home and talk about this. the problem is alexandria, near the heart of washington, d.c., that's all everyone talks about. they want to know what he's going to say or she says, whatever the case may be. the good news for manafort is that it didn't happen quick. there is a lot of evidence there. lou: i think the good news when the jury sends out a note that
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says please define reasonable doubt. that's not the same thing as saying define guilty as hell. ed: the reality is on trial strategy, if you get down to one or two jurors holding out the last couple days, i think there is a ways to go yet. lou: the clearances tonight. i said please mr. president, get rid of those clearances, wholesale clearances for outgoing administration. ed: anybody that signed that letter against the president, i would take their clearance away. lou: that's ignorance on a scale that's hard to imagine. ed: they all forget he's the commander-in-chief. lou: they forget it? ed: they foreget all the time. the reality is the president appointed all those people and they ought to give the same
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respect to the president. lou: this president has been so patient, i think he should be commend for the spay sense he has -- for the patience he has shown. the criticism from all quarters infuriates most of americans. edrequire doesn't help the presidency to have someone out there like brennan. brennan talks about mccarthyism. it's not mccarthyism. lou: thank you. up next, president trump going after new york governor cuomo on twitter today. he said when a politician admits quote we are not going to make america great against unquote, there doesn't seem much reason to ever vote for him. this could be a career-ending
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statement by cuomo. he'll get higher ratings than his brother chris. he followed up with this tweet. which is worse, high tax andrew cuomo's statement we are not going to make america great again, it was never great, or hillary's statement deplorables. cast your vote. we want to hear from you on his important question. radical antifa thugs becoming increasingly violent an and belligerent in their attacks on trump supporters. candace owens of turning point u.s.a. has experienced it firsthand. firsthand. she joins us ♪
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lou: turning point's candace owens take a lot of heat for being african-american who just happens to support president trump. but on msnbc she rendered
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leftist professor eric dyson there will speechless. >> antifa attacked me. this an all white gang that attacks me and attacked an all black bliss force in philadelphia. and they claim to be fighting racism. how is it plausible that you allow this to happen to your community because you decide because we are conservative we are okay with this. >> i didn't say a word. >> you said a lot of words. >> i said nothing about you. >> candace, we are going to take a pause. >> you are attacking. way to go, candace. lou: was that not spectacular. candace owens, our guest tonight. you were absolutely magnificent.
4:45 am
those two fellas don't know what hit them yet i'm sure. they were gang up there. >> absolutely. lou: and you just tore them up. >> he let michael go on for a minute and 50 seconds and i spoke for 20 seconds and he was going to cut me off. and i said i am going to finish my points. it was literally the day after we got attacked by antifa. and the professor was saying donald trump supporters are racist. lou: i don't know why they pretend nobody the news business. it's pure propaganda, and it's apparently mandate bid their corporate masters. the president happens immense patience to put up with this. under assault every day from
4:46 am
every quarter including his own party which includes a lot of rinos. >> i absolutely love president trump. he's such a strong leader. he takes the attacks every day in stride. and he still goes out there and does the job and is making america better. if president trump is racist, he's doing a bad job of it. the opportunities for black americans we haven't seen in decades. lou: i wonder if msnbc has reported the historic low levels of unemployment among african-americans and hispanics. women i believe it's something like an 18-year low. we were looking at youth unemployment. it's been more than a half century since that unemployment rate was this low. this president has every piece of evidence to show he's doing
4:47 am
everything he promised in the campaign of 2016. >> he's talking about the immigration crisis that impacts the black community directly. low-wage workers. young man men are impacted the most of when illegal immigrants come in and work for lower wages. lou: the great thing is the president said he's going to restore this nation to prosperity and restore prosperity for all americans. and he underlined that. he's delivering on that. the left has no answer to it. i watched some of these savants on some of the other channels on occasion. i wonder where are they getting their facts. what would they like this president to do that he is not doing? he's actually achieving. he's not trying to impress with
4:48 am
bloviation. >> hillary clinton said she had hot sauce in her bag or bringing jay-z and beyonce to a concert. they have destroyed the black community with the welfare system. what do you have to lose. the answer from watching at home is absolutely nothing. thank you, president trump for what you are doing for black america. lou: and thank you, president trump for what you are doing for america and all americans. >> that's correct. lou: i want to say again. great job on that other channel. do you think nell invite you back? >> they have invited me back. lou: how many people are they going to put up against you this time? >> i don't know, but i'm not going to be silenced, that's for
4:49 am
sure. lou: the best they can do is lose grace any. >> thanks for having me. lou: espn caving into the forces of political correctness or left-wing madness. i'll take it up autism spectrum disorder
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lou: espn revealing it will not broadcast "the national anthem" during monday night football. the network president said our plan going into this year is to not broadcast the anthem. that could change. it's unpredictable what could happen in the world. but as of now we are not. i don't know what that's going create. but surely something. joining us is robert jeffress. pastor of the first baptist church of dallas. great to have you with us. let's start with your thoughts on the announcement espn won't broadcast the anthem. >> i players have the right not to stand during the anthem. but viewers have the right no to support this disgusting treatment of our nation during
4:54 am
the anthem. and team owners have a right not to keep employed the players hurting the bottom line. the bible says there is an activity for every activity under heaven. there is a firearm for us to express our gratitude for living in a country like this where we can worship and speak and protest without government recrimination. lou: i don't know how this is going to play. i think there will be some people who are thrilled not watching the spectacle of players kneeling and insulting the flag and "the national anthem" itself. others will be furious that there is an element of the game, the national even them that starts every football game in this country whether professional or high school or what it might be. it will have quite an impact.
4:55 am
i don't know which way it will come. >> i don't either. but i'm glad the president is continuing to call out the disgraceful behavior by these players. if they are interested in police inequality and brutality. why don't they give a big chuk of their mega million dollar salaries to support the aclu or distribute their wealth among the poor they seem so concerned about. it's gross hypocrisy. lou: it is. make it imperative each network carry the national even them to see what is happening and in this politically charged environment to assure there is proper respect for "the national anthem." the pastor in turkey. turkish officials saying u.s. sanctions are an effort as a
4:56 am
coup through economics. ways your latest information on the state and the fate of the pastor? >> i think he'll ultimately be freed because of the increasing pressure the president and the administration putting on turkey. this an illustration of the president's commit to the religious liberty and it's an illustration much his commitment to protect america. he believes to attack one american is to attack all americans. for decades we walked around as a country with a kick me sign on us. those days are over. under president trump there won't be any embarrassing iran hostage situations that huh milated our nation for a year. the president believe in an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. while it's a lousy way to run
4:57 am
your personal relationships, it's an effective way to run a country. lou: the president deserves credit. one american treated this way is an insult on the united states and the nation. any american should expect their country to stand with them. as this president is obviously doing for pastor andrew brunson. this president moving us in a direction that is appropriately american. the kavanaugh confirmation. we are going to see that begin the 4th of september. are you confident we'll see this move forward in a positive fashion or what? >> well, he's going to be confirmed and probably by a wider margin than many people expect. but a side benefit beyond getting a second supreme court justice from the president. i believe these hearings will be a giant reminder to the american
4:58 am
people why they don't want the democrats in charge of anything. you will see the democrats try to thwart kavanaugh and they will make fools of themselves. it will energize people for the mid-terms as well as president trump's 2020 reelection campaign. lou: thank you, pastor. here is what we are look at for next week. interior secretary ryan zinke under attack by environmentalists. the secretary was with us tonight to talk about the fight. >> these radical environmental groups would rather watch the entire forest burn down than harvest a single tree. this country imports timber. there is billions of board feet of timber lying on the forest
4:59 am
floor rotting. lou: secretary zinke weighing in on former cia director john brennan's security clearance being revoked, saying security clearances are a privilege, not a right. and the president has the authority to revoke it. the judge in the paul manafort trial says he has been threatened and the jurors have been threatened in the case. the jury completed a second day of deliberations. they go back to work monday morning. i guess so do most of of the rest of us. thanks for being with us. we'll be talking about claudia toensing * and handy biggs.
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