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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  August 30, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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♪ >> i think canada very muchments to make the deal. >> l and we are by the progress they made. cheryl: progress made as negotiate force get to meet again and can they make that friday deadline? >> listing stocks again with with dow up up 60 points and s&p 500 as well as nasdaq and russell 2,000 record highs for day number four. cheryl: stock market futures right now seeing bit of pressure remember volume is lighter but again a dispute around world continue down on 85 a, s&p 8 6-and nasdaq down 17. >> amid this global uncertainty you can see the london is down
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three quarters of one percent and frankfurt. shanking high composite down, hong kong down. >> take on bernie sanders, over his comments, about amazon workers, fbn amy fbn:am starts right now. ♪ cheryl: 5:01 a.m. thursday august 30th good morning i'm cheryl casone. lauren: good morning i'm lauren simonetti august 30th. cheryl: i can't believe it is almost over. lauren: so much to get to and begin with breaking news talks between the u.s. and canada. looking pretty good, trying to reach a new trade deal by tomorrow. talks resume 9:00 this morning as president trump and canada's prime minister justin trudeau sound hopeful to meet the friday deadline. >> get the latest from our own
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lawrence. >> good morning lauren and cheryl markets move based on what the canadians were saying, in fact, the chief negotiator for canada, the minister foreign affairs said she's optimistic there could be a trilateral deal by justin trudeau of canada but he went ton say that canada would only sign a dole that was good for canada. president trump, though, softening his tone on neighbors to the north. >> canada very much wants to make the deal and, obviously, very good for canada if they do and i think it is probably not good at all if they don't. we have a very good relationship they came yesterday to the white house. and we negotiated late into the evening. they're in the white house right now when negotiating with them right now. they want to be a part of the deal. and we gave until friday i think we're probably on track. largest union which includes autoworkers signal they would be in favor signing agreement by friday he says alternative could be worse.
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>> by the way, autoindustry is critical it is a number one export century industry in canada as it results to many jobs but ultimately it is not just about auto but aerospace industry and so many other working industries. >> a sticking point for canadians dispute resolution portion revised under mexico u.s. agreement could be an issue for the canadian wheres also their goal to protect their dairy industry specifically with milk and cheese tariffs. dairy has a trade between ubs an canada and precedence that canadians have negotiated free trade agreements with the e.u. also asian pacific rim countries with lower ever tays so the president to back off that. the agreement with mexico, though, has no tariffs or agriculture which includes dairy. back to you. >> well meanwhile president trump extending targeted relief to some countries that exports
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spill aluminum into the united states. issuing proclamation that effect south carolina, brazil is and argentina on steel and aluminum the president announced tariffs on 25% on still imports and 10% on aluminum imports back in march site national security concerns. corporate profit soaring in the u.s. boosted by large tax cuts and stronger economic growth, commerce department says it is measured jump 16% in the second quarter from a year ago. that is the largest year over year gain in six years. taxes paid by american companies in quarter were down. down 33% from a year ago, and that's hing to boost their bottom lines. >> well president trump slamming google again -- but he says he prefers not to impose regulation on the company. taking a look at the google parent alphabet they did higher by 1.5%. >> at white house with the story.
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>> president trump reiterating that hes that google, facebook, with twitter are treating republican ares and conservatives as he put it unfairly. the president says they are trying to silence a large portion of the country. the president top economic advisor as have said this week thatted a a mrgs would look into whether google should be regulated but on wednesday the president stopped short of fully people bracing the possibility. >> we want not regulation but fairness then we're happy but you're talking about a tremendous amount. i mean, i'm president they got me here. you're talking about a tremendous number of people. we want to see fairness. one of the top results on google wednesday when searching for president trump yielded don pending departure. president tweeting, quote, white house counsel will be e leaving position in the fall. shortly after the confirmation hopefully of judge brett kavanaugh to the united states supreme court i have worked worh don for a long time truly appreciate his service. no firm date for his departure
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but when he leaves it is clear that he steps into role of white house counsel earlier he was brought into the white house to represent president trump in the special counsel probe. back to you in new york. >> and president is heading to indiana today for rally in evansville endorse republican senate candidate mike bron when he's there. >> well amazon is firing back at one its harshist krit arings. tracee carrasco joins us with that and more headlines making news this morning. >> a frequent target of criticism from president trump. now has a new battle brewing this time with senator bernie sanders and amazon is firing back. on its company blog amazon said fired back an it called inaccurate misleading accusations by sanders who has said he'll require large employers like amazon and wal-mart to i a, quote, living wage or face a tax. amazon disputed those claims
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stating that average hourly wage for a full-time employee is over 15 dollars an hour. amazon even invited sanders and his staff to tour one of its warehouses. curious it see if president will weigh in on this one. >> amazon is one of the better paying companies in the nation i'm surprised that he would pick on them of all people. >> i agree. and someone else -- in addition to bernie sanders -- is not happy with amazon who is that? >> that's right british tennis fans upset with amazon over its streaming coverage of the u.s. open tennis tournament going on right now. here in new york city coverage is only available to amazon prime nobodies many u.k. and use reverse complaining about picture and sound quality. enable to reported matches and it being difficult to navigate of the hundreds of reviews on amazon right now more 80% of thm give the coverage one star. >> that's rare. not happy. >> that's frustrating for them okay so let's move to an apple intriguing acquisition what can
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you tell us? >> apple could be getting into business of making augmented reality glasses at least that is what it is latest acquisition is hingting at requires colorado based holographics a startup focus on making lenses for augmented reality classes. apple wouldn't discuss the future plans only saying it smaller companies from time to time. >> tracee thank you very much. see you a little bit laughter on in the show. we have a lot more coming up. seemless technology amazing technology -- how a 3d concrete precincter is helping marines build back those barracks a little fire under the house. we're going to tell you about that. taking a look at futures under pressure you know getting towards labor day holiday volume is -- you mean more volatility next couple of days. down five and three quarters. nasdaq down 16. you're watching fbn:am. year, i am sorry about that.
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cheryl: welcome back let's get you caught on on what's happening right now. we've had self records in a row but right now futures slowing back on this thursday, the dow is down 85 s&p down six and quarter if nasdaq down 17 and a quarter and new roshedz for the s&p and nasdaq yesterday. president trump says there's no
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reason to continue joint military exercises with south korea. in a twitter statement he said his relationship with kim jong-un is still, quote, very good. but that he could easily restart drills if necessary saying they would be, quote, far bigger than ever before. the nation comes after he canceled pompeo visit to north korea siting insufficient progress to denuclearization. joint district decided to shut off drinking water after finding higher than normal levels of lead an copper in the water. the suggest says the water is going to remain off at areas 106 schools. until a broader analysis can be done and solution is found. and finally there's this, group of marinessing making history with this 3d concrete printer which they used to build a 500 square foot barracks but precincter finished job in 40 hours very time saving. lauren.
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your tax dollars. glawrng lauren: at work. love it. more records on wall street yesterday, the russell 2,000 settling its fourth straight record close that added another 6 points. 29 records this year. and investor have favored small cap stock since march because they're less affected by global trade disputes but what will ham to the small cap when is those trade disputes are resolved? we ask lindsay bell cfr investment strategist. good morning. >> good morning. lauren: thanks for waking up early with us. so we have a deal with mexico, we're optimistic about a trade deal with canada. has the tide turned for small cap? >> you know what, i don't think so. i do think that the big, big issue in the room is china. so that trade are issue continues to play out and will be a concern moving forward once we get past this nafta and good news out of mexico and canada. investors focus will turn to that. i think for that reason, investors will still continue to
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flock to the small cap russell 2,000 and s&p 500, and beyond that. i don't think the story is over for these stocks. growth in the s&p 600 is projected to be 33% in 2018 versus 22% for the s&p 500. so the story is nots over. >> but how high can these stocks go because when you chart the s&p 500 which is up -- % i believe year to date and charge russell 2,000 it is doing significantly better how high can it go? >> you will get evaluations right now the s&p 600 is trading at about 20 times all of 2017 that index traded at 21.5 times and if you look out to -- 2019 number, it is trading at 18 times. that's a significant discount to historical average so i think that market is pricing in the potential for this -- index and not continue to do as
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well or for momentum to lag in the next year but like i said going back to earnings numbers you looking at 2019 earnings growth 22% for the s&p 600 in 2019 that -- compares to 10% for s&p 500. so in the s&p 500 numbers are being cut by 50%. when you look off to next year, for the s&p 600 smaller cap index they're reduced by about 35%. so that is really strong growth. and you're not able to find that in many other places. j any specific names that you like? >> you know, we don't have specific names it that i can mention personally but i would say that some of the sectors that are diagnose well in large cap, space will continue to do well in small cap space look the tax factor also you might want to look at financials those have been really been on fire in the last couple of weeks and months. and they could continue to do well. especially as we get past some of trade issues. >> small caps are feeling
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euphoria out there. the public might not necessarily be feeling but investors say things are really good. we are riding this wave of deregulation and tax cuts. do you think the small caps are feeling that or seeing something that some of the multinational or public not see? >> yeah. exactly you think that's why these stocks will continue to do well small business optimism in its most recent reading which was july -- reading was the best in its 45 year history. small businesses are feeling very good about the environment in which they're operating in. the consumers feeling good. we heard this week that consumers sentiment or consumer confidence coming up reached a very high level 133 we haven't seen that in 18 years. consumers are spend we saw that in second quarter just feeling confident. they're spending they have more money in their pocket and that will continue. like i said, and we've talked about on this so many times, that the economy here in the u.s. is strong it is firing on
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all and that will benefit. >> those small businesses a largest employers in the u.s. lindsay thank you very much. >> you got it. well coming up, how rescuers it was in wisconsin saved 11-year-old boy request just one finger. we're going to explain what happened and will heat wave let up in midwest? taking a look at future this morning a little bit of pressure after several days of records for nasdaq and s&p down 89. s&p down 6 and three quarter. you're watching fbn:am. ♪ what do you mean it's not working out, craig? i just introduced you to my parents.
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dramatic rescue 11-year-old boy sucked into a flooded wisconsin storm sewer when a firefighter found boys i think orer pop through opening in a manhole cover. this coming after boy traveled about 30 feet through the drainage pipe finding an air pocket to survive. officials say the the boy was alert conscious he was taken to the hospital but that firefighter seeing that -- his finger and knowing that that's incredible. you. well it is going to be another scorcher for some parts of the country today, but it looks like there might be some relief in sight. >> fox meteorologist janice hopefully has some good news. >> i have some good news absolutely if you want a bit of a cooldown across the northeast it is coming. yay. here's your forecast heat index later on today in the 90s but look at that cooler air behind it all right. it is on the way. so 70s across the the interior northeast parts of the great lakes. so here's your heat relief by friday. again we're not talking about really cool temperatures.
5:22 am
but cooling off a we will certainly appreciate it here in new york city. the average high is 81 wool be at 381. 86 in d.c., 83 in philadelphia. 78 in boston. all right here's your forecast today, we are going to see potential for showers and thunderstorms along that front that is moving towards the east coast. we're also watching a lot of thunderstorm activity along the gulf coast something to keep in mind next week ladies we could actually see some tropical potential in the atlantic in the pacific has been very active this is hurricane norman. cat 3 storm. hawaii needs to watch this one. this is merriam not gopg to affect hawaii but norman will come pretty close so that's something to watch in the weekend. and next week and then we're watching something a wave off the coast of africa that could potentially affect maybe the gulf of mexico or east coast next week. let's keep that in mind. >> got it.
5:23 am
all right thank you. you got it. cheryl: all right check this out. an incredible photo of lightning striking lake michigan is going viral. you can see the giant bolt light up the sky that strikes the surface of the quarter. the photowas taken by a crew member onbackward a freight ship crossing lake in the middle of the storm. and then get this snapped that picture using a samsung cell phone camera pretty darn good posted to the facebook page and shared almost 7 thowx times. >> it is beautiful. beautiful shot. coming up clock is ticking will the u.s. cut a trading deal with canada by tomorrow deadline and will china be next? in japan, there is a new trend and it is clear beer -- what's up with that? stock index future, the bulls are taking a little bit of a break this morning. dow futures indicated open by 84 points nays dag futures are down by about 16. you're watching fbn:am.
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i think canada very much wants to make the deal. we had another productive conversation with light houser and his team. we discussed a number of issues, and we also gave further direction to our officials to continue to towards the landing zone in a number of areas. >> lapgding a trade deal optimism had a deal between u.s. and canada is possible and will be met by tomorrow's deadline. >> hose hopes lifting stock and up 60 and nasdaq and s&p hit record highs fourth day in a row. a bit of a pullback this stock market futures are down. off 86 nasdaq down 16. >> in europe stocks falling on worries and tariffs among other
5:28 am
things there. right now as yk see every major average there is under pressure. >> sea of red in asia concerns in china, now that the tariffs will dent their economic growth sham high composite down over 1% hang seng down 1%. then there's this. [inaudible conversations] you hide my clothes, i'm l wearing everything you own. [laughter] >> would you pay $9,000 for this joey inspired jacket? fbn:am continues right now. ♪ we're coming up on 5:30 a.m. here in new york it is thursday, all 30th good morning everyone. i'm cheryl shawrl. lauren: good morning i'm lauren simonetti. the trump administration making major headway on trade sign announcing deal with mexico and working to reach a similar agreement with canada by
5:29 am
tomorrow's deadline driving pence a key officer pence wealth management and capitol management joins us now. good morning. >> happy to be here. lauren: we're happy to have you our deadline is tomorrow do we get there with canada? i think we absolutely do. the bottom line is that canadian exforts are 20% of their gdp and u.s. exports to canada are 1.7 of ours they need us a heck of a lot more than we need them so i think they're going to make a deal. lauren: the president, president trump has basically threatened them hey you know, give us what we want, essentially what we're going to slap your cars with the 25% tariff. would that decimate their autoindustry how desperate is canada right now in your view? >> well the autoexports is largest part of their economy, in terms what have they trade overseas, so the fact of the matter is by putting big tariff
5:30 am
on their exports it would really affect them quite, quite negatively so they really don't have a lot of choice. but to make a deal. >> there's cars and then there's yous what's the latest with with the negotiations in terms of dairy? >> i think this is kind of a cars versus cows thing. they expert a lot of cars to us. we should be able to export a lot of dairy to them. and i think we have some competitive advantage and they have high tariffs so it is about getting a fair trade deal. >> about 300% to say misdeal that we reached with mexico there are no tariffs on agricultural products. dges the united states is most efficient agricultural producer in the world we have a competitive advantage there our farmers do a great job and we need to be tiebl take advantage of that without undo tariffs against what we do quite quell here in this country. and so we can not give up our competitive advantage and need to open things that we have. it is about having fair trade. and that's what all of these greems are about.
5:31 am
mexico is on the bus. canada needs to get there too. >> what about china. are they getting on the bus? >> well i think once this situation is finished -- i think that we're able to turn our attentions to china, and again, they have the same issue. you know, we're about 4.5% of their gdp if we don't buy things from china it really affects them a lot. we put tariffs on them. again, kind of in that trade war, we have a bazooka they have a f shoot or i like our odds. [laughter] >> i do as well. speaking of odds what are the odds that congress approves everything that the president is negotiating with mexico and a eventually with canada? >> i think they will. the bottom line is jobs for the american worker. if you take a look at what happened to -- nafta came in, what 1983, '94 since that time detroit lost a tremendous amount of jobs it went from 745,000 down to
5:32 am
670,000 today. they want those jobs back. those people are voters in the united states. and it's important that congress recognize that as we're doing things to help the american workers, we're doing things to help the american economy, and that moves our country forward. i think they'll get onboard. j but other thing that has changed since 94 is fact that robots, technology, artificial intelligence, all of this is taking those jobs as well. >> well, the american companies are the most innovative in the world, and what's important is as we use more technology, it also does help wage structure across the board. because we're able to use technology to kind of replace some of the lower wage jobs and the people that run the robots make a lot more money than those who are actually just moving things around. >> well said pence, thank you very much. >> thank you very much are. happy to be here. cheryl: well, thousands gathering at the arizona state
5:33 am
capitol to say their final good-byes to late senator, john mccain. alicia joins us now from phoenix, she has live there with more on the the memorial service planned today and what is planned later today. and in washington, lee sha, good morning. >> good morning, cheryl, 15,000 people came to i their rpghts to this american hero and all of this in the blaze sun and triple digit temperatures the late senator, with john mccain, served his state for 36 years in washington. he's remembered not only for those years but the half a decade he spent as a prisoner of war in vietnam. >> if my hero can endure five year of torpment i can endure three or four hours of the heat. he said it like it was and moved forward that's why they call him the lion in the senate. >> four of the senators children jiminy, jack, doug thanked folk who is came to see their father
5:34 am
as he lied in state. earlier this the day, the mccain family began what will will five days of services and ceremonies of remembrance of their father, grandfather, and husband. in a private ceremony held here governor doug doocy said his friend is probably the only politician who could get us to set aside politics and come together. >> like many of us here in arizona, john mccain was from somewhere else. but his spirit, service, an fierce inexpense ultimately helps shape the state with which he became synonymous. i mentioned i mentioned five days, that continues today with the memorial service at the north baptist phoenix church where former vice president joe biden will speak and 24 sitting senators will attend. the mccain casket will then be flown to joint base andrews for a ceremony there before he'll lie in state at the capitol in washington followed by a memorial at the national cathedral on saturday and
5:35 am
cheryl, on sunday, his family will attend a private ceremony at the cemetery at the naval academy where late senator will be interred. cheryl. >> you know it is amazing how much we've seen bipartisanship when it comes to remembering john mccain. he was so quell respected -- and in the senate we'll see if this all continues weeks after. thank you very much for that live report from phoenix. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> lawmakers have yet to make a decision whether to rename rustle senate office building after the late senator, john mccain. but users of google maps already saw when you zoom in mccain senate, office building. he just saw this for a short time yesterday are, google say it was a bit premature that a user edited name and a it has been fixed and searches for office building on google maps are now redirected to russell office building. but you know, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said they'll discuss it. >> senator chuck schumer senator
5:36 am
minority lead where i say bipartisanship i mean that in a very, i say that fondly because these men and women are colleagues. you know, and with something like this happens it reminds them and all of us that we're all human at the end of the day so -- nice to see. yeah. let's move up to california, because they are moving, a step closer to bringing diversity to boardrooms. tracee carrasco joins with us more on that and other headlines making news. >> lawmakers in california passed a bill that requires major companies head quartered there to put female directors on their boards. the board will need to have at least one woman by the end of the year and on board of five or more directors two or three women by the end of 2021 depending on board size. and those that don't would be fined. the bill is expected to end up on desk of jerry brown who must decide whether or not to approve it. john: okay japan so showing us we shouldn't judge a drink by
5:37 am
its color. e yes. you remember crystal clear pepsi way back in the day but newest trend for japanese beverage makers clear drinks. products that look like water but are flavored in japan clear drink ares can taste like coca-cola, coffee, even clear beer. manufactures say consumers want the flavor but also want a healthier looking drink. >> doesn't have to be healthy but look healthy yeah that won't work. [laughter] plrt so designer balance is doing something with their clothing, and it is very expensive something that they'ren playing. >> they are always known for kind of the -- out there designs, but remember this look from the tv show friends where e joey wore with all of chandler clothes there it is. you remember that. well designer latest designs to hit the runway at paris fashion week looking strikingly similar. fake a look at this heavily layered parka one coat but made
5:38 am
up of several different types of clothing raging raging from hooe fleece jacket with different length and puppy coat. price tag for that $9,000. but that is not all. >> i do it for free trace e that's how i bundle. tack a look at the red shoes that they're selling as well people on social media comparing them with mcdonald's friendship -- this sell for $445 although they are on steal right now. [laughter] >> that jacket reminds me of the guy that tried to go through tsa with leak everything that e he owned and have to check his bag. remember that? that was the jacket reminds me of. [laughter] i don't know. >> tracee thank you. laughter this morning. good to see you. coming up everybody this is the most expensive midterm elections in history we're going to tell you where big money is putting their money. and a ups driver explains why he can't deliver a customer's
5:39 am
package that note -- three words going viral this morning. u.s. futures down after four day of record highs for ♪[music] dak s&p and russell 2,000. all of them pulling back this morning. you're watching fbn:am. ♪ ♪ fight security threats 60 times faster with ai that sees threats coming. the ibm cloud. the cloud for smarter business.
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welcome back we'll show you markets not gained this morning for first time all week down by 78 points. well a war of words has erupted between president trump and cnn. network firing back after the president mocked water gate legend karl bernstein that former lawyer michael cohen prepared to give information to special counsel robert mueller. in a tweet, cnn wrote this make no mistake mr. president, cnn does not lie we report the news and report when people in power tell lie. cnn stands by our reporting and reporters there may be many fool miss this story but karl bernstein is not one of them. and cnn continues to stand by its original report on michael cohen. well temperature outside wasn't the only heat being in new york last night. knock governor andrew cuomo actress cynthia nixon head-to-head in their first and only debate. nixon suggested that cuomo act
5:43 am
in interest of corporate donors when it cools to his campaign while cuomo painted her as naive and inxeernsed about politics both firm about their opposition, however, to president trump too bad that debate wasn't national. finally a note left by ups driver is going viral. and some delivering the package to the the door, the driver was met by a bear roaming arranged in woman with's driveway so couldn't make the delivery he left a note that had three words, bear in driveway to point and that picture has gained over 2,000 share since it was posted. he didn't have a choice. let's move to what happened in primaries, on tuesday, top democratic billionaires tom and george put their money behind far left tallahassee mayor for florida governor. and remember he won -- meanwhile upcoming midterm election expected to be most expensive in u.s. history and he's a former dnc national,
5:44 am
director and justin is gop pollster and strategist. gorn. justin it is fascinating to see how much money has been thrown in from threes two gentlemen let's give you a sense of what we overall think is going to be spent. 1.6 billion in total expected to be spent on advertising. come november, tv advertising 1.0 billion. this is incredible amount of money. is this the referendum on trump that we were expecting? >> yeah. i mean stake just continue be high per right if -- if democrats fail to kind of line with historical trends and retake congress well it is enormous win for the the president. on the other hand if they do, it seems likely impeachment is on table. stakes they just couldn't be higher. so there's a tremendous amount of money sloshing arranged. >> interesting too because if you think about this role the fact that they spent that they're spepgding this much money but in particular, these two -- billionaires george and these are capitalists that are putting
5:45 am
bsh polling money pouring money excuse me, into someone who is kind of anticapitalist, the messages are universal health care 15 an hour. abolish i.c.e. and impeach the president is this about impeaching and getting everyone they can arranged country including gillum to impeach the president? >> no. i think that this is just ash a sign of likely going to happen when we get to midterms. then money that ising being put in here, is important. but i think most important fact to upon the out here is that democrats are coming out to vote in record numbers as a matter of fact 1.5 million democrats voted in this election, for -- for florida governor i think that's most important part here. people are excited and they're going to polls. >> you know also justin -- this is another part of the country you know steve bannon was on with sean hannity he said look november is beginning to be about the president now president trump said when 30
5:46 am
days after mtd terms he'sing going to be working 6 to 7 days week and we did see a trump bump if you will particular in florida do you think the message could stop the blue wave? >> i think it can. and especially if the blue qeaf wave it tempered by ill conceive spending and you have a great example with california hedge fund manager tom steyer with a lot of must be in ads they talk about impeachment but they all feature tom steyer who no one knows. so messengerrers matter so if that's what republicans are facing in the fall they have a tremendously difficult task ahead of them to buck historic trends but we've seen positive things so far and democrats continue to allow ego overcome efficacy of messaging we're going it see positive result there is on republican side. >> tom steyer did tweet about this about and he's been pretty clear about his message and that is, of course, wants president
5:47 am
trump out of office but let's get this tweet he wrote. people ask is me what they can do about mr. trump behavior my answer is this. if we stick up and elected official dos not listen we have to replace with leaders who will. my question to you on democratic side is are these the right candidate especially well some of these that are going to incredibly left some are members of the socialist party. >> look, people are going to -- are going to run only what's good for their district, an what their district looks like. so you know, steyer can do whatever he wants to do and -- put money where he wants to just like the coke bros do on republican side so -- every cant that we have that we're putting up from -- from all the way up to congress is going to run an election based upon their -- their demographics and their district. >> we've got breaking news we have got to go. thank you very much for being here this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having us
5:48 am
cheryl. >> coming up major sports leagues lining up behind sports betting billion in congress and green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers new man. well his colors are green yellow jared max has the latest. we have to pullback on wall street day after day of record gains, s&p down 5. nasdaq down 16. you're watching fbn:am. ♪ year, i am sorry about that.
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>> some breaking news campbell soup reportedly say it is plans to sell its international and frimghted food businesses they bring in about 2.1 billion a year in revenue. now this move according to the journal would open door to an outright sale for the company we
5:52 am
could expect announcement as early as this morning. campbell soup will report earnings before opening bell. shares of the company and this is one of the reason why daniel lobe is pushing for a full sale here. shares are down 17% this year so this is certainly a stock we will watch today. >> breaking news there also we have sports news to get to for you this morning. a gambling and u.s. government is looking to oversee how it is all run. lauren: regulation is here. >> senate minority leader outlined framework that has received strong support from sports leagues. schumer proposed bill aims to protect minors so nobody under 21 could bet. it is also to protect those who suffer from gambling disorder. official league data is to determine all outcools they hope and that leagues qowb determine
5:53 am
which types of bets are are acceptable. now a joipt state between major league baseball, nba and pga tour reads as legalized sports betting spreads across the state there's a need for consistent nation wide integrity standards, to safeguard the sports. millions of fans love, we strongly support the legislative framework outlined by senator schumer and we encourage congress to adopt it. the cleveland browns have at least linebacker michael ken distribution after he and codefendant charged with conspiracy to commit security fraud. kendricks allege to have profited just under 1.2 million in an insider trading scheme. a whole lot of green for quarterback and grown and yellow packers signs extension through 2023 worth up to $180 million over four years. 103 million dollars guaranteed in league high average of 33.5 million. looks like new york jets believe strongly in rookie quarterback
5:54 am
sam they traded teddy to new orleans saints with a six round pick for a third rounder. check this out tyler white walkoff home run for astros yesterday sets a baseball record 81st walkoff home run of the season. and it was also the shortest astros increase their lead. coming up in one hour and mornings with maria, the miami marlins are doing sthng that fans might want to get ear plugs for. that's in one hour. coming up. cheryl: a good tease we'll watch. thanks. covering ears thank you catch fox news headlines siriusxm channel 115. >> we have a lot more coming up. an american icon jack daniels is stealing paint of eu tariff we'll have that story when we come back. make a big inpact.can i grew up on tour with my parents. kind of different,but we bonded over music and we talked. honest conversatiions like when my dad shared his experiences as an alcoholic.
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>> okay, brown foreman american of jack daniels issues profit warning due to u.s. trade disputes and retaliatory tariffs from the e.u. let's go over across the pond michael houston chief analyst at cnc markets is here. michael how bad is this for brown foreman? >> i don't think anyone would argue that additional tariffs are generally bad for operating margins. for companies such as brown foreman exporter of jack daniels whiskey but i give impression i think management are trying to get their excuses in early.
5:58 am
they estimate a around $50 million on annual earnings with tariffs. i would suggest that is -- that is excessive, and the reason why is that products aren't particularly price sensitive but appeal it a very discerning demographic. >> not increasing prices yet but eat the cost now to pinch them in the short-term. michael thank you very much. >> indeed endowed, absolutely. >> thank you michael we're just about out of time we want to let everybody at home know that we're watching futures right now. futures under pressure but remember -- that we have had day to day records for the s&p and nasdaq and dagen mcdowell knows this very well because she's watching numbers for us hello. >> they were pushing my chair forward so -- >> you have to get right in the spot dagen you're on. >> one of those mornings and i wasn't late so -- >> never are. i've got like four new bruises this morning ladies thank you so much.
5:59 am
great to see you both. [laughter] all right made james freeman laugh and 5:59 in the morning giving away who is on the show. dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo thursday august 30th. your top stories at 6 a.m. eastern. looking good, as we inch closer to deadline tomorrow, officials from the u.s. and canada optimistic to the trade deal will be reached. >> canada very much wants to make the deal and i think it is, obviously, very good for canada if they do and probably not good at all if they don't. dagen: justin trudeau says deal could be reached only if it is good for canada. investors are still worried about trade. but we have had did i after day of new all-time highs on s&p 500 nays nasdaq and russell 2,000 this morning we have a picture that is lower to the downside dow futures off by 84 points at the moment. as i pointed out we had record
6:00 am
highs yesterday for your broad market gauges. hitting their fourth consecutive record close. in europe take a look at england, frns and germany losses across the board to tell you about biggest loser is the dax in germany down about 1%. trade tensions between china and u.s. weighing on asian markets but hong kong shanghai and south korea lower on the day. new round of u.s. tariff on $200 billion worth of goods imported from china. set to hit later next month. trump versus google, the president of the united states criticizing the search giant for bias against conservative voices. wheal show you the evidence that trump posted to back it up and we do have google's response. sales selloff shares of sales sliding after the company earnings report we


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