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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 31, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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people motivated and keep them their job and happy. charles: shout-out to geoffrey owens. here is lou dobbs. [♪] david: good evening, i'm david asman in for lou dobbs. our top stories of the night. more corruption surrounding bruce ohr telling lawmakers earlier this week that he kept his doj colleague andrew weissmann in the loop with regards to the anti-trump dossier. this is the same andrew weissmann who is part of the witch hunt itself. gregg jarrett, and sidney powell join us. also the trade discussions between the u.s. and canada ending without a deal this week. but both sides will be back at
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the table next week wednesday. the president says either way it's all about america first. >> if we don't make a deal with canada, that's just fine. i say affectionately, we'll just have to tariff those cars. that's a lot of money coming into the coffers of the united states. david: political savant, ed rollins, and a major hollywood movie on the life of neil a strong omits the first man on the moon planting an american flag on the lunar surface. we'll discuss this and a lot more with vince co coliging nie.
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catherine herridge has the details. catherine: justice department bruce ohr kept andrew weissmann in the loop on the anti-trump dossier. earlier this week sources say ohr told investigators the contact with weissmann and senior fbi officials occurred before and after the 2016 election. a half dozen justice department officials knew about his back-channel contacts with steele. ohr told investigators he never handled evidence this way before. and the broad circle of contacts indicate senior fbi leadership, weissmann and two other department of justice officials knew about steele and the dossier. on the fbi side, ohr's contact includes peter strzok who ran
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the russia probe who was recently fired over his anti-trump text and other issues. and his former lover lisa page who also left the bureau. andrew mccabe who was fired over allegations he lied to fbi agents. republicans in the house want the president to declassify fbi records about ohr and the surveillance warrant for campaign aides. president trump: what's happening is a disgrace. at some point i wanted to stay out. but if it doesn't straighten out properly. i will get involved and i will get in there if i have to. it's disgraceful. catherine: house democrats say the focus on ohr is being mischaracterized by republicans.
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david: catherine herridge thank you very much. joining me, gregg jarrett, author of "the russia hoax." people can't get enough. i'm surprised it's still in print. gregg: they are doing a second printing. david: bruce ohr, a lot of us suspected that we weren't going to hear much. he is telling us a lot about andrew weissmann who is now a member of the mueller team. gregg: he's the lead attorney on the mueller probe. his tentacles are on every aspect of that case. which means the entire case has been corrupted and tainted by his actions. because weissmann was in on the russia hoax, using false intelligence and a phoney
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document to try to frame donald trump. he knew and the fbi and the doj knew the document was inherently suspect because they never verified or corroborated it. they knew christopher steele who composed it was not credible and had been fired for lying. and he also knew the ohr's wife had worked on the dossier, and they were both getting paid for peddling this document, which by the way is three different felonies. david: apparently the one thing bruce ohr was honest about was by informing people at the fbi that his wife was working for fusion gps. should they not have been aware of the political orientation of that organization? gregg: it should have been a red flag. they should have taken the dossier and thrown it in the
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garbage. the reason ohr is squealing is he's in legal jeopardy. he never disclosed the income his wife was getting and that's filing a false government report and that's a crime. david: mueller released peter strzok from his team. he was vehemently anti-trump. is it incumbent on mule tore dismiss wise plan knowing what we all know? gregg: that would be the right and ethical and legal thing to do. the presence of weissmann all these months has corrupt and tainted all the evidence under the exclusionary rule, under normal circumstances none of it could be used. he should fire wise man and terminate his own special counsel probe? david: do you think he'll?
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gregg: no he won't do it. he's bound and determined to go after trump for the firing of long time partner and ally, james comey. this is the man who has taken justice out of the system of justice. david: the more we understand about what the russian dossier was about, with the officials in the justice department, fbi and probably cia. for all we know brennan was in on this, too. gregg: he was the instigator. we know now in detail how partisan this process was. shouldn't the fisa court which is under control as i understand it of the supreme court. should they not now take some action? clearly they were duped into allowing a warrant to be used to spy on americans based on a piece of material that was just pure partisan trash.
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gregg: documents revealed today, they never held a hearing. they approved these fisa warrant based on written paper submissions by the fbi and department of justice which means they never posed any questions. they didn't say what about this footnote mean that some of this material came from a political party? if they had done their proper job and asked discerning questions, they would have got to the bottom of it. david: should the chief justice of the supreme court take action on his own? gregg: he appointed all 11 members of the fisa court. he should direct the presiding judge to hold a hearing, a show cause hearing why people shouldn't be held in contempt.
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haul the department of justice and the fbi in front of them and have them explain themselves. if they don't to the satisfaction of the court. if the court believes there was a fraud on the court, they should make a criminal referral to the department of justice against the doj officials and the fbi. david: haven't we had enough evidence that the mueller investigation is corrupted by individuals that have a clear conflict of interest, if not actually going the distance to breaking the law to pursue their personal political interests? gregg: the law enforcers became the law breakers. we trust people in our law enforcement agencies to uphold the law. they were breaking the law with impunity for political purposes. david: the mueller investigation itself seems to be guild with individuals who are part of
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this. gregg: mueller hired a team of partisans and ignored his own multiple conflicts of interest which are mandatory conflicts. the wording is you shall recuse yourself, he didn't do it. neither did rosenstein. they, too, have corrupted the investigation. david: look for this book on amazon. if they have it in stock. have a great holiday weekend. breaking news, the fbi announcing he arrested all five muslim extremists who were training kids to carry out school shootings. they are in federal custody. this coming after a day by a blunder by straight prosecutors
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that allowed three of the suspects to walk free. president trump: we love canada, but they have to treat us fairly. they haven't treated us fairly. this country is tired of being ripped off by the other countries. david: we take up the latest in the trade talks with canada with ed rollins, he's coming next. ♪ ooh, heaven is a place on earth ♪
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plus, 36-month financing. ends labor day. sleep number. proven, quality sleep. david: the leaking left-wing media. the "toronto star" publishing off-the-record comments he made to bloomberg news that he wouldn't compromise with canada and any deal would be on the terms of the united states. the white house notified congress that he intends to sign a trade agreement with mexico by the end of november and canada can join if they are willing. joining us, political analyst, ed rollins. if bloomberg thought they were going to screw the trump agenda
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by leak this stuff to the toronto star, they were mistaken. president trump: i gave an interview yesterday to bloomberg, business. i said off the record, and i made a statement about canada which is fine. they actually printed my off the record. these are very dishonorable people. i said in the end it's okay. but at least canada knows how i feel. dave are's owning up -- david: he's owning up to it. ed: we are close in trade policies, the big issue was always mexico. i think he accomplished what he wants to do. trudeau has to sound off a little bit. david: i don't want to lose the threat of the strategy of the leak. i suspect that in trump who knows the media very well knew that if he said this is off the
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record, they were some how going to leak it. then he used it as he did today. ed: he is not someone who goes off the record very often. my sense is it is a strategy. david: it was a two-fer because he got message out to the canadians and he was able to photograph once again the media is totally dishonorable. ed: equally it help with the mexican side because they feel they got a better deal than they really have. david: the canadians are our allies. we are not going to go to war with them whether it's a physical war or trade war. ed: november is a long what is away. my sense is they need to have a trade policy with us. so imsure it will work out. david: i think the america first
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strategy sucks some of the oxygen out of the democrat party because they are always suggesting we are getting the shortened of the stick with our trade allies. he's alying himself with the unions which they have allied themselves with for centuries. this could help the president with the election. ed: we have taken the blue collar workers and unions that have traditionally been at the democrat trough and made them a lot of them trump supporters. they are the ones getting the jobs and the jobs are what's important here. david: if the conservatives in his own party, we get the news the president is going to come out and stump for ted cruz, his old adversary. he'll have a huge rally in october in texas. what do you think of that? ed: it will be very helpful.
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texas and florida, two big republican states. we cannot lose ted cruz. ted cruz is very, very important. the president going down there rallying republicans will be very, very important. david: the democrats seem to be cooperating by going further to the left. ed: they can't go further to the left without bringing back chavez or someone like that to lead the charge. without one single idea how to pay for any of this. david: in florida they are trying to divert with a charge of racism. which i don't think is going to stick. ed: this is as man who never made a racist comment in his life. there is a clip of other people using ma monkeyism as a process,
7:20 pm
not a person. david: people recognize we are in the midst of an economic boom because of the tax cuts and the deregulation. it's all because of the policies that have been pursued that are complete 180-degree difference from the socialist philosophy that the leftists are push suing. >> many well to do people moved to florida. no taxes. equally as important there is a lot of senior citizens there. you are putting those people in jeopardy, the senior citizens. david: on fox news yesterday he said he was going to pay for it by the reduction in corporate taxes. ed: florida is a corporate state and the raising of tax will be
7:21 pm
unacceptable. david: are you totally discounting the possibility of a blue wave? ed: i think it many a competitive election. there will be no blue wave. can the democrats win the house? maybe. it will be a narrow victory if they do. and we can add two or three senate seats. david: there is a lot of talk about enthusiasm for democrats. but you look at the turnout of republicans in the florida primary. it was far greater than the last time. ed: this is a closed primary, the independents don't get to vote. so there is a lot of play. this will be a very, very expensive race. it's a $3 million to $5 million a week. 10 media markets.
7:22 pm
it will be a $100 million race. dave require' the most of interesting mid term my lifetime. another call from the radical dimms to prosecute members of i.c.e. ruben gallego said be warned, when the worm turns you won't be safe because you were just following orders. he later added officials wouldn't be immune to legal consequences. it must be lost on him that i.c.e. officers are enforcing laws passed by the conscious he serves in. do you think the national left-wing media's leak of an off the record * statement by the president was an attempt to undermine the trump agenda?
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coming up next. president trump says it's time for the department of justice to step up. >> our justice department and our fbi have to start doing their job and doing it right and doing it now. david: we take up the doj and fbi in action with sidney powell coming up next. and at expedia, we don't think you should be rushed into booking one. that's why we created expedia's add-on advantage. now after booking your flight, you unlock discounts on select hotels right until the day you leave. ♪ add-on advantage. discounted hotel rates when you add on to your trip. only when you book with expedia.
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david: we have breaking news. president trump seconds ago riding back from charlotte, north carolina. he was there to announce an executive order that would allow small businesses to present a kind of retirement program for their employees that larger companies can do because they have economics of scale. smaller companies are limited because of regulations.
7:28 pm
he'll strip away those regulations to allow for better retirement plans. he was also dealing with the canadian trade deal. but again a busy day. typical, but very, very busy day for this president. president trump's legal team is crafting a rebuttal to robert mueller's witch hunt. the president's attorney rudy giuliani said the report will be split into two parts, one questioning the legitimacy of the muler probe, and the other disputing false allegations that the trump campaign colluded with russia. he says their report will be released once mueller releases his. sidney powell, let's go back to the ohr testimony. if you are looking to discredit the mueller investigation, the
7:29 pm
stuff ohr was saying about weissmann and others added to that fire. >> definitely. there is plenty to discredit the investigation with. mr. ohr was working behind the scenes with his wife nellie at fusion gps. and james comey's fbi allowing unfettered access to raw fisa data that was impermissible. there was a decision of the fisa court half live redacted but disclosed that indicates comey's fbi gave several private contractors raw access to the fisa information. i think one of those people or entities will be fusion gps. so you have ohr working with weissmann who always stays in' touch with robert mueller. they go back 20 years at least.
7:30 pm
david: his wife was working for fusion gps which apparently he did not disguise. which makes it even more extraordinary that andrew weissmann is still working on the mueller team, and i wonder if there are others work for mr. mueller who were just as much a part of this cabal. >> i would suspect that's true. they were running the back channel between the fbi and doj while christopher steele is being paid by the russian oligarch who was trying to get mr. ohr to approve his reentry into the country, and being paid by the fbi and being paid by fusion gps. david: one part giuliani was
7:31 pm
talking about, the other part is talking about the russian collusion story. if there is russian collusion, what we know is there were russian -- there was russian misinformation, a term we hadn't thought about since the cold war being used to discredit donald trump, not hillary clinton, paid for by the hillary clinton team and offered around the fbi and the doj and possibly the ci tax by a man, bruce ohr whose wife was work for fusion gps. >> and christopher steele and nellie ohr were hired by the fbi and fusion gps. and they were trying to get a story about donald trump early in this russia collusion lie. david: the rudy giuliani team
7:32 pm
has put a package together discrediting the mueller investigation. do they present it to the public at large or another special investigator? >> i guess we'll have to wait and see what they include in it. i would think it would be for in mueller and his squad. but primarily for congress and the american people at large. i would hope before it gets that far, the president would declassify things like the fisa court decision which is so heavily redacted and the warrant applications and warrants themselves and the house committee memo that still had redactions tonight and the inspector general's report. we are waiting on the inspector general's report on the fisa abuses. i would expect that to be even more damning for mr. mueller's
7:33 pm
entire investigation as the one that just came out a few months ago. david: your superb book talks about how prosecutors do lie to push their case. the prosecutor we are dealing with in terms of mr. mueller is someone using a series of witnesses for his case that have serious problems, credibility problems on a personal level and even recently with regard to michael cohen. i know that was in a different court system. but that was originally brought to the attention by michael cohen. you have a series of witnesses that mr. mueller has to make his case almost all of whom have severe credibility problems. how can you make a case with that? >> that's standard operating procedure for mr. weissmann as you mentioned in my book, "license to lie."
7:34 pm
they make sweetheart deals with the people who are the real criminals and put the screws to them to try to get them say things that incriminate people higher up that are the real targets that the prosecutors want, whether they did anything wrong or not. two defendants in the enron litigation in related cases had to be allowed to withdraw their guilty pleas because what mr. weissmann coerced them into pleading to wasn't even a crime. david: but years later the damage was done and reputations and lives were ruined. let's just hope the same thing doesn't happen here. >> please visit my website david: reuters reporting chinese
7:35 pm
espionage agencies are creating linkedin accounts to lure americans. we take that up and more with judicial watch's chris farrell next. metastatic breast cancer is relentless, but i'm relentless too.
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david: welcome back. the fbi is denying any evidence that china hacked hillary clinton's email server. it was the obama inspector general who discovered the breach. saying the fbi was deceptive in its omissions. according to louie gohmert, it was a clever response by the fbi. saying we didn't find any evidence of hacking into the hillary server. which is true, baits was the i.g., the inspector general who found out about it. >> it's easy not to find something when you don't look for it. david: richard pollock writing in "the "daily caller,"" apparently from the beginning of
7:40 pm
her term as the secretary of state, the chinese embed a bug into her private server, and there was a lot of top secret stuff on there. >> they were getting copies of virtually everything that went acrock the server. -- went across the server. one of the problems in the whole saga is the fact with respect to the server itself we said look, there is a statutory obligation on the part of the fbi and justice department and the intelligence community to conduct a damage assessment. they are required by law to identify, what did we lose and how much of an impact there is on the security of the country. you know what the response of the federal government was? they didn't want to do it.
7:41 pm
they said they didn't think the damage was grave enough, even though there is a statutory requirement for them to do it. david: it was actually worse than that. president obama went on "60 minutes" saying america's national secured was not in danger. he told that to the american people. it was on 60 minutes. that's what he said. there was no endangerment of national security at all. >> he was still lying. when you have an unsecured server as hillary clinton did, every single first class intelligence service in the world will go after that server. even people we consider to be friendly because they are dying for that kind of information and it's relatively easy to get. she was so criminally gross in her conduct and carelessly and recklessly endangered the country with her security
7:42 pm
violations sending that classified information, 22 classified emails alone in addition to secret and confidential emails. her criminal conduct endangered the united states. david: is it too late to go back into this. >> it's a compelling urgent requirement to do exactly that. not just for the sake of the loss of information, the vulnerability and the damage assessment that is yet to be done. but also message it send. we have 4 million people running around this country with security clearances. do you think there is any disparity of treatment? and who is most of prejudice by this conduct of hillary clinton? the american people are. they are owed justice on this.
7:43 pm
david: we have been dealing a lot with mueller. when you think of what happened and the testimony of bruce ohr, sidney was on with some extraordinarily good points. primarily that prosecutors often will use bad witnesses to prove a case that is not provable by corroborative evidence. do you think there is enough information about how poor most of of the witnesses for mueller are so that he won't be able to make his case, or could he still try to do it. >> the points made by sidney are excellent. there are incredible witnesses in the sense that they are not credible. look at the fisa warrants. we just released today important information about, you know, there were no hearings, zero around those fisa warrants related to carter page.
7:44 pm
since there are no hearings, the judge realized there is no defense there. this is just the government talking to the judge saying we need this. but now we have judges who know they were lied to, a fraud was perpetrated on the court. what do you think the judges are going to do? it's a rhetorical question. but it's an important one. the federal judges know they were lied to by the government to obtain the warrants unlawfully and violate the rights of carter page. david: as the great gregg jarrett said it's something the chief justice of the united states says and does. because he has responsibility for those courts. it's up to him to step up to the plate. perhaps he'll. chris farrell, thanks very much for being here. president trump taking aim at the radical dems and the left-wing media at his rally
7:45 pm
last night. president trump: today's democrat party is held hostage by left-wing heart is, angry mobs, our biggest obstacle and their greatest ally is the media. david: stay with us. ♪ a hotel can make or break a trip. and at expedia, we don't think you should be rushed into booking one. that's why we created expedia's add-on advantage. now after booking your flight, you unlock discounts on select hotels right until the day you leave. ♪ add-on advantage. discounted hotel rates when you add on to your trip. only when you book with expedia.
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david: an upcoming bio pick of neil armstrong does not show the iconic moment when the astronaut planted the flag on the moon. ryan gosling said the first moon landing san francisco transcended borders and was seen as a human achievement. a report from "the daily beast" nbc executives buried the harvey weinstein allegations. he didn't want to upset weinstein. joining me, the daily caller editor vince coglianese.
7:50 pm
president trump's so-called off-the-record comments to bloomberg finding their way into "the toronto sun." >> somebody near the president was disloyal. there were two white house officials and three people from bloomberg. those reporters should honor that commitment. that was one of the terms they would agree to before going into the oval office and having an interview with the president of the united states. but the end result, the fact he's being tough on canada in a trade dispute. going back to the g7 he was tough on justin trudeau. david: he used it today to push his own agenda with regard to canada and push his agenda against the media, sucking with good evidence that they are
7:51 pm
dishonorable. another face plant for chuck todd because he suggested that today is the day when we were going to have some major revelation by mueller. it's 7:50 eastern time. i haven't seen the bombshell from mueller, have you? >> no, i haven't. the idea here is mueller is supposed to -- it's a self-imposed deadline by rudy giuliani and president trump's legal team. the guidelines are 0 days out from an election. that's why it's such a big day going into this weekend. but chuck todd promising big stuff. it undermines your credibility. david: a week ago he called the president an unindicted co-conspirator based on the outstanding word of michael i
7:52 pm
coulden. >> he's drinking the partisan kool-aid and he said republicans should be pursuing impeachment proceedings against president trump it's silly. david: another nbc story is ronan farrow and a producer who left nbc, it was the top brass trying to kill the harvey weinstein story. ronan farrow had to leave nbc to report on it and presented it to the "new yorker" magazine. >> the #metoo story is one of the biggest pieces of journalism done this year. any journalist would be proud to go after a villain like harvey weinstein. but nbc tried to kill this thing so many so that ronan farrow had to leave the network and go to
7:53 pm
the "new yorker" to publish it. they were stopping them from doing interviews. they weren't even allowed to do the interview with the sources they were looking to pursue. nbc reported to have threatened ronan that he wasn't able to take his reporting with him when he left nbc. this is bad news all around. and further evidence there is a culture of corruption at nbc that is negatively affecting their ability to do good journalism. david: neil armstrong, i just reported on it before. the movie that avoid planting the american flag because it was a worldwide achievement according to the lead actor. >> what does ryan gosling know. he has no stake tonight. he's a canadian. it was placed there by an american to flew on an american ship paid for by the american
7:54 pm
taxpayer. you want to create an inspiring moment and a film with incredible imagery. one that brings a tear your eye, show neil armstrong landing on the moon, stepping on the moon, and planting the flag. dave require was put forward by jfk, a hero to the left. he said we'll do it in less than 10 years. no country in the world has had an achievement like that. it was an incredible boon for every american alive and something that should never be forgotten. >> hollywood is an american industry and it shows where their loyalty lies when they leave this out. david: bruce ohr's testimony highlights further corruption in the muter probe.
7:55 pm
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david: on wall street stocks closed mixed. volume on the big board 2.8 billion shares. jobless claims falling to 213,000 in august. the lowest level since 1969. the lowest unemployment. and reminder to listen to lou's reports coast to coast on the
7:59 pm
eighth salem radio network. more corruption in the department of justice with demoted official bruce ohr said he kept attorney michael wiseman in the loop on the trump dossier. gregg: he should fire weissmann and terminate his own special counsel probe. he won't do it. he's bound and determined to go after trump i believe in retribution for the firing of his long time friend, partner and ally, james comey. david: the united states and canada ending the week without a trade deal, but they will be back at the bargaining table wednesday. the media tried to undermine the discussions by printing his off the record comments. that's it for us tonight. louis back next week.
8:00 pm
tune in tuesday. and thanks for joining us. have a great weekend. >> announcer: from the fox studios in new york city, this is maria bartiromo's "wall street." dierdrestreet. reporter: welcome to "wall street." former reagan advisor david stockman is our spellings guest. deirdre bolton is standing by. dierdre: the u.s. economy looked strong, the commerce department released its revised second quarter gdp numbe


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