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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  September 7, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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neil: we're waiting to hear from president trump in fargo, north dakota. no doubt he will respond to a couple things president obama had to say. now to trish regan. trish: president obama had a lot to say. we'll get to that with karl rove later. suite hear from president trump any minute from now. you're looking at a live picture from fargo, north dakota, as he calls on attorney general jeff sessions to open an investigation into "the new york times" op-ed. the president is considering taking actions against the paper for publishing the anonymous op-ed. the president is in north dakota right now to help senate candidate kevin cramer unseat heidi heitkamp. the markets are off 132 right now on the dow jones industrial average. 25,864 is the level. president trump said he is ready to slap china with a whole new
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round of tariffs. i'm trish regan. welcome, everyone to "the intelligence report. ♪ also breaking today, more proof our economy is booming. we had 20 1,000 jobs. how about that? wages are up nearly 3%. guess what? former president barack obama he is out saying he ought to get credit for the booming economy. really? president trump will respond to this. we are waiting for him. you look at live picture there coming to you from fargo, north dakota. we will be hearing the president speak momentarily. the other good thing he will probably talk about is the op-ed, the anonymous op-ed, the coward like, op-ed printed in the "new york times." we may hear more from china. lots of stuff going on today.
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as we wait for the president i want to bring in fox news contributor, former deputy of chief of staff to president george w. bush karl rove. hello, karl. great to talk to you. >> greetings. trish: we want to start with the op-ed. we'll go to president obama in a moment. this moneys op-ed in "the new york times" what is your reaction? >> every administration deals with people inside the administration trying to bend things in their direction and leaking to the press that bad decision was not theirs. they wanted to go into a different recollection. this takes everything to a whole new level. i don't think we've ever seen anything like this anonymous op-ed in the "new york times." first thing, whoever this person is did themselves no good, their cause no good, and their country no good. they were not elected president. at the end. day their job to give the president the best advice, if he decides to go a different
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direction, he was elected, they weren't. if they can't serve his policies, if they can't change his mind, they ought to think about whether the best thing for them to do is to leave. i would also say this, i don't think the president serves himself well by paying a lot of attention to it. he has so much else he could be talking about. think where he is today in north dakota. this is a place that has seen an energy boom. think about this the president came in and said i'm going to green light the pipeline construction that president obama blocked for eight years. you know what this means in north dakota? this means the state of north dakota is collecting $500,000 more a day in tax revenue from the production of energy, that can be now taken to market and it's a small state. one congressional district. that is a lot of money. trish: i hear you. the economic policies he put in place have been very favorable to places like north dakota, frankly the whole country. that is what you see reflected in the job numbers, et cetera. >> yeah. trish: yo if i agree with you not making a big deal of it.
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i think it is pretty atrocious "the new york times" published this, number one. it should have been a very high bar. if i am at "the new york times" i would want someone very high up in the administration. we're talking either secretary of defense, we're talking vice president. i think you've got to be thinking someone very, very big. >> yeah. trish: but "new york times" did what it did. >> trish, that is your decision. they get to make the decision. that is why we have a free peace. trish: doesn't it confirm -- karl, so that is why i don't know if i agree. it is worthwhile for him to highlight this because what this anonymous op-ed showed us, karl, that he is fighting his whole group within. he is fighting a kind of deep state. it really does exist. >> trish, everybody knew that the moment they heard about it. i'm saying there are 60 days left between now and the
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election. is it better for the president to say i want my department of justice to sue "the new york times" over publication or better for the president to talk about the achievements of his administration and things he wants to do to keep the prosperity growing in strength and breadth? i think it is better for him to spend his time on the latter than the former. you're right. people get upset about it. if you disliked president trump, you loved that op-ed. if you liked president trump, you hated that op-ed. not too many minds are going to be changed over anything because of that. trish: regardless how you feel about president trump, i mean if you read that op-ed, this person says he or she is doing the country a service staying in the administration, they care so deeply are to the country they're staying so they can save the country from president trump, why on earth would you publish something like that? why would you give it to the "new york times"? that is not doing the country any good? >> i said at the beginning, what
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good did it do? if this person's cause was to serve the country, bitter to keep their mouth shut, serving the country ain't instead drew attention to themselves. i repeat, nobody got elected except donald trump. if you work for the president, you give him the best possible advice you can, if he disagrees with it, that is his decision. he got elected to make those decisions. trish: he has people within they don't like him. they don't like him so much they would write anonymously at "the new york times" f you're him, what do you do? >> well, look, as i say carries it to a level we've not seen in our lifetime but let me tell you, particularly in the first four years, of the bush administration, i remember many instances we would have to deal with leaks out of various departments. the state department would be leaking on the defense department because somebody at the state department didn't like somebody at the defense department. it wasn't helpful. they were all trying to make themselves look bigger ultimately at the expense of the
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president of the united states. so i get this. this has been carried to a level we've never seen. but again, everybody has to deal with this. and, it is just this one is worse by a factor of magnitude of 10 than anybody has before. trish: do you -- [inaudible] >> no, i don't. at end of the day, 10 years from now maybe we'll find out who the author of this op-ed was. between now and then, fine, let people figure out if they can identify who this person is. the president's time is valuable and his megaphone is valuable. use both his time and megaphone advancing his cause 60 days from now when people turn in their ballots to figure out who controls the house and the who controls the senate. trish: pretty lousy for "the new york times" as well, to publish this anonymously in my view as a journalist. let me talk to you about president obama. he is out today, trying to claim victory, that the jobs numbers are a result of him.
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here he is is karl. this is a little excerpt. >> by the time i left office household income was near its all-time high, and uninsured rate hit all-time low, wages were rising, poverty rates were falling. i mentioned all this so when you hear how great the economy is doing right now, let's just remember when this recovery started. when you hear about this economic miracle that has been going on, when the job numbers come out, monthly job numbers, suddenly republicans are saying it's a miracle. trish: yes. you know, kind of is a miracle but it down take much. i remember the obama years very well. taxes were going up. regulations were increasing hand over fist. there were tons of uncertainty over obamacare and what it meant for corporation. >> yeah. trish: you know what? ceo's made conscious decisions not to invest, not to hire, and then you get a different attitude in the white house and
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suddenly, we're growing our economy. why is he out there trying to claim credit for this one? will the democrats get anywhere on it, karl? >> no, i don't think so. look, americans know we had and a anemic recovery, the weakest economic recovery in the recorded history of america under the previous administration because they burdened our economy with higher taxes, higher regulation and remember the stimulus bill, full of shovel-ready projects turned out not, does everybody remember all the promises about obamacare and how you can keep your plan, and this will guarranty universal coverage. president obama, look, it is amazing to me, he is trying to claim credit for results of what president trump did to take and a people i can recovery and -- anemic recovery to make it broader, stronger, faster and he will never get credit to his predecessor. people don't like the tarp program, but the bailout of the banks and the strengthening of the financial system was legislation passed under his predecessor and largely executed
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by his predecessor. so, president obama wants to have it both ways. he doesn't want to give credit to his predecessor for having passed the legislation that gave the tools to put the economy back in a good place. he doesn't want to accept responsibility for and a anemic recovery and he wants to claim credit when that recovery begins to speed up under his successor because we cut regulation, cut taxes and because we restored confidence in this administration. consumer confidence is higher today than it was at anytime during president obama's term. business confidence is higher. we're getting wages finally now to begin to increase after being flat-lined basically under obama. so he does deserve credit for having acted on, following up on his predecessors legislation and the his predecessor's action to stablize the economy. let's be clear. the economy was anemic, the weakest recovery we've ever had. that was direct result of his policies.
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trish: you say that very well. i couldn't agree more. and i say that as someone who is very entrenched in the coverage of all that. was very frustrated by the lack of good economic policy i saw during the obama administration years. so for him to take credit now is pretty wild. but this is what he is doing. >> yeah. trish: this is part of the talking points of the democratic parity. we hear it many times from democrats on networks these days. i guess my other question for you, is, what role is president obama trying to take on here? because he is no longer president. the democrats are lost, looking increasingly towards the likes of elizabeth warren or bernie sanders types. is he trying to take on a statesman-like role to get the party into some semblance like this that could win? is that the goal. >> if he was a statesman he would step back from politics instead of plunging up to his arms. every former president has a
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role to play in their political party but we're served best if that political role is small compared to the role of rising above politics. president obama has never been able to rise above partisan politics. we saw it when he was president. this is the guy who was president of the united states. yet when people came in from the opposite party to give him suggestions, he cut them off saying i won. this is the guy who took his, who took the chairman of the house budget committee, invited him to a speech in washington, d.c., and put him in the front row and then excoriated him saying his proposals on the budget were quote, un-american, end quote. so look the president, president obama is too often tone deaf. i think he is being tone deaf now. there was a reason why in november of 2016, 2/3 of the american people thought the country was going seriously off on the wrong track. it was his policies. the election of 2016 was a referendum on what he had done. and it elected donald trump. i think it is, it is
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inappropriate for him to be taking such a high-profile role. one thing for him to say i'm campaigning on behalf of a democratic candidate. it is another thing to make it the center point of his presentation, i will criticize my predecessor. >> other thing he did was offer a whole lot of excuses why he wasn't more successful with the economy. i want to play this sound for you, karl. listen. >> we made progress, but, and this is the truth, my administration couldn't reverse 40-year trends in only eight years. especially once republicans took over the house of representatives in 2010 and sided to block everything we did. trish: ah, so you see, he couldn't get anywhere, even though he claiming credit for the economy now. hmmm. how does that work? >> in texas we call that the me, no alamo defense. i was not at the alamo.
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he had, historically large margins in the house and senate in 2009 and 2010 and could have done anything he wanted. if he had wanted to reform our immigration system, if he had wanted to quote, undo 40 years, he had legislative power to do it. and i think it is, failure to do so is a result of two things. one is, that he never advocated those kind of policies, whatever it is he is referring to. and second of all, when he, his priorities were limited and localized and he is looking now to blame others for his failure of vision. there have been great presidents come in 100 days or 200 days or 300 days worked miracles when it came to the legislative front. not this guy. we basically got the failed stimulus bill and we got the affordable care act and the rest of that time he was in office, when he had those huge majorities he squandered it. he was unable to work across party lines with democrats and
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republicans together to get things done in balance of his years in office. but that is his fault, not other people's fault. trish: today, i watched the whole darn speech and -- >> my condolences. my condolence. trish: i was reminded, karl, yes, he has an oratory gift but there is something very programmed about it. the speech we are about to see, well you know, it is anyone's guess what's going to happen. there is something i think very authentic about that and exciting to americans. it is the anti-obama. it is the anti-politician. it's a person saying enough with all of this, scripted speech nonsense. i want to talk about what it is you need and what i can do. this is a real start comparison when you see president obama and president trump in terms of their styles, sir. >> there is. but there are different styles. we see differences in style with
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president trump between speeches. i want to see more of that president trump we saw, excuse me, in the last three or four weeks in 2016 campaign. when he would mock his advisor, they're telling me to stay on the script, donald. he would mock them. but he did and he had a focus and a discipline, he came down, people saw him as authentic. people connected with him. but he went into those speeches with an idea here it is, what i want to say this day in order to move my agenda forward and what happened in that last month people were sitting there saying i want change, i'm worried is he too risky? made the decision he was worth trusting them with his vote which is why he won the victory he did. discipline and focus next 60 days will matter a lot. ought thin activity matters most of all but you have to be authentic in pursuing an agenda that makes sentence to the american people. he has a lot of raw material what he has done so far. people around him, the
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president, have plenty of material to talk about what they want to do in months and years ahead. trish: karl, any idea who wrote that? >> who wrote what? trish: the op-ed? >> the speech. it's obama. it's obama. you mean the anonymous op-ed? trish: senior administration official, why, i still am so stunned by this. if that person actually is looking out for america, as this person claims to have been trying to do why would you publish anything like that? what about self-interest? >> it was news. like it or not, it was news. the idea that somebody, we don't know, one expert, martha kumar, professor at, who studied the white house says there might be quote 200 people that fit that definition. other political scientists who study the white house say number of senior officials in the administration might be smaller but there are several
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potentially, anywhere from several score to several hundred people who could be defined as a senior administration official and it is news. it is news when somebody says i've been chosen by the president of the united states to fill a position of trust and my job, as i view it is to confound him and stop him and to act in opposition to his policies. trish: i don't agree. i don't agree it is actually news unless it's a really big deal person. if it is one of those 200 people, perhaps, somebody that nobody has heard of, then shame on "the new york times" for putting something out there like that. you have to think about the bar, right? if you're the "times" and if they just publish some random person that, a malcontent, then shame on them. >> yeah, but you know what? we will never know the answer to that unless, unless it is revealed who that person is but simply the fact they were close enough to comment on kinds of conversations referred to in
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that, again we don't know how close they were. they might have been in those conversations. they might have heard those conversations. they might have heard secondhand about those conversations. they might have heard third-hand, but the fact they were in a place to hear sensitive conversations mentioned in this piece tends to confirm to me this is somebody who is among those several hundred people. again, the point is, is, what good was served by this? our country was not well-served. if they wanted to help the country by confounding the president, the last thing they should have done is to say it. and if they, and does it help the country to have somebody inside the administration who says, i can't convince the president that he ought to do something i think he ought to, that i think he ought to do but i am more important than he is and therefore i'm going to try to do everything i can to stop him. that -- the president was elected. the people have spoken. trish: let me ask you this, if you're in the white house now, this happened to president bush, what would you have -- we'll
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save that. for another time. perhaps the president is actually coming out. he will mobley spend time talking to the -- probably spend a little time talking to the press. what would you do? >> have somebody trying to figure it out. trish: let's listen in, everyone. carl agrees. you have to figure out who did it. you don't want toes kind of folks next to you. let's listen in. >> what a group of people. this was a big winner for us? that was a great victory. i want to thank you. your governor's here. doug, where are you? doug, come on, doug. look at him. [cheering] he gave up the good location so you could have a good location. thank you very much, doug and thank you very much catherine, tore being here, we appreciate it. you have a man who is special friend of mine worked so hard hon tax cuts, regulation cuts
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and all of the things we do, your great senator john hoeven. john. where john? [applause] thank you, john. mike, thank you very much for being here. we really appreciate it. kevin is special. i have to tell you, i came for kevin. i have been here for kevin. i asked kevin to do it. he was the one who could do it. he is the one that you love in this state. i said it's time and i think you're going to do fantastically well. you know how well he is doing. he is really doing a fantastic job. so i just want to thank him for going into the race, you know, if, you look at what he and chris have done in short period of time, they really turned it around. they're leading. i won't even tell them by how much. okay? i don't want to tell him by how much. [cheers and applause] i don't want to tell him by how
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much. he is doing great. assume you're down one point, right? that is the es about. that way you work really hard. thank you. i want to thank also kelly armstrong who is here someplace. kelly? thank you, kelly. [applause] running for congress. also, really out there, very popular, very outstanding person, they're going to do fantastic, kelly. rick, thank you very much. thank you, rick. we have a very, we have a very simple well-defined task. we want strong borders. we want to have low taxes. we want to cut the hell out of regulations. we want -- [cheering] by the way, we want regulations. somebody very popular guy here was just interviewing me. you know who i am talking about, great guy. and he said, what did you think of president obama's speech?
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and i said, i'm sorry i watched it, but i fell asleep. [laughter]. i found he is very good, very good for sleeping. [laughter] i think he was trying to take some credit. he was trying to take credit for this incredible thing happening to our country. if the democrats, i have to say this to president obama, and it wasn't him but, would have been the same thing, if the democrats got in their agenda in november of almost two years ago, instead of having 4.2 up, i believe honestly you would have 4.2 down. would you be negative. you would be in negative numbers right now. you would be in negative numbers. [applause] we were heading south and you look at those bad numbers that were there in the last couple of years. it was this way and going in the wrong direction. it was the weakest recovery in
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the history of our country since, i guess, to be totally specific, because i'm not sure they have gone any further, since the great depression, in the '20s. it was weakest recovery we ever had. barely a recovery. now, this is called, not recovery, this is called rocket ship. what's happened. [cheering] and today, today, numbers came out and this this is something t makes me happy. the job numbers were great. the numbers have been incredible almost from the beginning. it took me a few months to get the engine started. we did that with regulation. we did that by freeing it up. you had pipelines couldn't be built. i immediately approved them. dakota. [cheers and applause] how about dakota access. that was very unfair situation. i approved it. i thought there were protests. nobody called me. they just built the pipeline.
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it has been working ever since. a lot of jobs. it was very unfair. they got their approvals. you have your approvals but you can never be able to build it. i was told they would never be able to build it. i approved it on day one. day one it was approved. same thing with keystone. i approved keystone. total of 48,000 jobs, but two great projects. we approved them both immediately. you would have been stuck, you were never getting that approved. so many people thanked me for that. i guess more importantly when i walked in, i was walking in with kevin cramer and walking through the door, and a strong man came up to me, tough, kind of a guy and said, i want to thank you, mr. president, for saving our country. [cheering] he had tears coming down his eyes this wasn't just a statement because he had tears coming down. unless he was a real wiseguy.
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he had tears coming down his eyes and he said, i want to thank you, mr. president for saving our country. i want to thank you for all the horrible things you have to go through. it is so unfair to you, and so unfair to all the millions of people and tens of millions of people that voted for you. that's true. [cheers and applause] thank you. so i really appreciated that. it is hard for republicans and conservatives. we have a great judge right now looked at to go up, be the next justice of the united states supreme court. this is a great intellect. this is a great man. this is a fine person. the way they're screaming and shouting and it is a disgrace to our country actually. i don't know if anybody is watching that. they're mooking fools out of --
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making fools out of themselves. one of those i'm running again in two years. i look forward to it. because we'll be able to give it back. so forward to it. [applause] the court system is very important, and i appoint ad record number of judges. we're going to be district court judges. we have court of appeals. we have supreme court of course. and one of the reasons that it is so important to get kevin in, just that. you know it could change very quickly. and we could actually have, you know, this will be hopefully everything goes very well with judge kavanaugh, he is, he is central casting. you know 10 years ago they said he will be a supreme court judge. the intellect is extraordinary but the man is extraordinary. i heard that several years ago before i ever thought i would be doing this there is a man named kavanaugh who is extraordinary
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and those are the people we want on the supreme court and we have two of them. we'll have him, hopefully. [applause] and we have justice gorsuch who was just an outstanding, outstanding man, very proud of it but we have to keep it going. if we don't keep it going it will change, and if it changes that affects your second amendment rights. that affects so many different things. we don't have to go into it. but it affects so many different elements of your life. i know it's a big native-american population and i know it has been very tough and i know heidi has not done a good job helping them, taking care of them. so voted for her because maybe they haven't had the right choices. maybe they don't know about what's going on with respect to the world of washington and politics but i have to tell you with african-american folks i would say, what do you have to
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lose? as i said a list of worst things you ever heard. highest crime rates. worst education, lowest homeownership. i would read like 10 items. i never forget. they gave me a list. i was making a big speech. i'm reading all these hosch things about crime and education and home and some things. and i just said, what do you have to lose? vote for me? what the hell do you have to lose? do you remember that? [cheering] and my people. my people all came up to me, oh, you shouldn't have said that. why? the response was incredible. why? i used it over and over again. frankly we went way up and now we have produced. now african-american unemployment is at the best number in the history of our country, best number meaning, at the lowest in the history of our country.
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asian-american and hispanic-american and women, 65 years but hispanic, think of it. hispanic is the best number in the history of our country. asian is the lowest in the history of our country. and i say with respect to the native-americans, that i go right back to where i was two years ago when i was campaigning, what do you have to lose? what do you have to lose? you put kevin cramer into that position, and you're going to see things happen that you will never see with heidi. you are just never going to see it with heidi. so i will say very respectfully, what the hell do you have to lose? [applause] we have the list. the list goes on and on, four
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pages of the things that the trump administration accomplished in a short period of time. it is less than two years. this goes on and on. [applause] if i read it to you, each dot is a thing, okay? some of those things are very big things. [laughter]. more than four million jobs created since the election. figure that. [cheering] 201,000 jobs just last month, brand new jobs. wages are growing at the fastest pace in nearly a decade. and, what happened this morning, did you hear that? 2.9%, it is like the best wage number that we've had in many, many years. and that makes me very happy. [applause] to me we had great jobs numbers,
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that are fantastic. thing that stuck out to me was the wage. people are starting to be able to live much to live. not only employment but wages are starting to go up for the american people. more people are employed than ever in recorded history of our country. think of it. [applause] think of it. today we have more people that are working than ever worked. we created more than 400,000, will be soon 600,000 manufacturing jobs since my election. president obama said you won't have manufacturing jobs anymore. they're not around. they're around, because if you look what i have done for your coal industry it is incredible. we had a man who is in the mining business. he said, sir, what you've done for the coal industry is incredible pause -- because we were dead. now we're vibrant again. where is that guy? shout out your name, please. i signed his hat. the guy is probably loaded and i
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am signing hats. get up here. can you try to get him up? i don't know. who the hell he is? all i know he is in the coal business. see if you can get him up there. he will have to work through secret service, but who cares. i'm telling you secret service, he'll be all right. [laughter]. this guy wants to protect trump. >> yeah! [cheering] >> come here. does everybody recognize him? i don't. but he is a big, he is one of the biggest. tell him what you said about the coal industry? do you mind? this is always very dangerous. >> if, given an order i guess you obey. what i said is, you know, for eight years the coal industry absolutely had the boot of government on its throat and many many jobs were lost. and many towns were destroyed by this, it was just a horrible thing. horrible suffering happened in
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this country really for made-up reasons, i think. what your administration has done is bring us back to life. jobs have been -- [cheers and applause] jobs have been created, you know. families now have an opportunity to provide for themselves, have great future in educations. small towns in north dakota and other places really survive because they have a great coal mine. they have a great power plant. that is what america is about. it is great to see we again care about those things. so again, thank you, mr. president. [cheers and applause] >> so nice. i could stand up here and talk about coal for half an hour and i couldn't do as good a job as he just did, seriously he is in the business. he knows.
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he said we were dead and now we're a vibrant, really a vibrant industry again. you know another industry that is vibrant, affects you a little bit less but affects everybody is steel. the steel industry is coming back like i've never seen anything because of what we've done. [applause] we've done, with all the dumping, they're not doing so much dumping anymore but the steel industries are coming back and when they do dump they're paying a lot of money on the dullped steel they send here. it goes into the coffers of our country. that's okay. u.s. steel is opening up eight plants. nucor and others are opening up plants. some are spending close to a billion dollars on a brand new plant. the steel industry is one of the great things to be talking about. so the manufacturing jobs are back. they're coming back and coming back at levels. economic growth as you know last quarter, 4.2. new unemployment claims recently hit a 49-year low.
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think of that, i'm going through them -- huh. think of it. median, median household income hit highest level ever recorded. that is not bad, right? these are some of the biggies. american pensions have grown more than $2 trillion in value since the election. [applause] i said before, african-american unemployment the best ever, best ever. lowest number ever. spanish american, asian-american, women, 65 years, sorry about that. i like history better, right? historic as -- i joke, women, in 65 years. best numbers in unemployment in 65 years. that's good. [cheers and applause] it will be historic, i would say, best in history very shortly, probably another two weeks. youth unemployment, youth unemployment the best in half a century. lowest unemployment rate ever recorded for americans without a
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high school diploma. is that a great thing? nobody even talks about this stuff. [applause] you probably never even heard of these categories. those are important categories to me. veterans unemployment recently reached, lowest in more than 20 years. that is growing up rapidly. i think it is wrong. i think it is much higher, much better than that. if it is not i'll make sure it is, okay? because we love our veterans. [applause] almost 3.9 million americans have been lifted off of food stamps since my election. [cheers and applause] so, medicare, if you look at what the democrats are doing, they're going to destroy medicare and they're going to destroy your social security. we're going to save your social security. we're going to keep it. we're not going to touch it. did you see when i campaigned i was only one that said we're not touching your social security? they say how will you do it? growth. we're growing faster than even i projected. although i thought we would be
2:38 pm
around that number. most other people, if i would have said it during the campaign they would have laughed me off the stage. they have been trying to do that for a long time. that hasn't been working too well, has it? we'll grow a lot faster. the fact is we're doing well. you have the 4.2. we'll go much higher than that most people said 4.2, it will take years to get there. it didn't take years to get there. very quick. last time we were at 3.2. everybody was shocked i said it will go much, much higher than anybody believes. when which fixed trade deals that has big impact. we're losing, we're losing 100 billion with mexico. we're losing anywhere from 25 to 50 billion with canada. even though canada like to say we have no deficit. they're smart saying that. they have a sheet out there it is $92.8 billion. they don't show us that sheet. that is meant for other reasons. but they showed 98.2 billion.
2:39 pm
we're working on a deal with canada. we'll see if it is good. if it's a good deal with us, if it is good for them, i want it to be good for everybody. but we cannot continue to get ripped off like we've been ripped off before. our farmers are very important to me. our farmers -- [cheers and applause] you're great patriots. honestly you're great american patriots. it takes a little time. china wasn't letting you in for peanuts. the european union are very, very tough on you. they have trade barriers. they sell us but we are not allowed to go in there. i said we can't do that. if you do that we'll tax your cars because it is very easy. that is the biggest money, cars, all about the cars. that is the biggest money. they're all pouring cars into our country. we don't essentially, don't tax them. 2 1/2%, but for the most part they don't pay much why should they pay the u.s.? they are not used to paying the
2:40 pm
u.s. but now they're paying. it is only 2 1/2%. number one they don't take our cars and number two, if they do the tariff is many times the amount they pay us. they tax the cars, okay, we'll make a deal. any time i have many of these countries i talk about, especially the big car countries i say okay, look we can't make those deals. that's okay. i'm going to put a 20% tax on your cars. we'll do it. we'll do it. we'll agree! we'll agree. i mean actually in some countries, including canada, a tax on cars would be the ruin nation of the country. that is how big it is that would be ruination of the country. they have taken advantage of us for many decade. we can't let this happen anymore. we have a country to run. you know the expression, we have a company to run? well, we have a country to run. and when i get these horrible trade deals, these are one-sided
2:41 pm
horrible deals. nafta, a lot of people forget. i think nafta has an about the worst trade deal ever. i think i think world trade organization is the worst of all. a lot of people don't know what that is. that allowed china to become this great economic power. i'm a big fan of president xi but i told him we have to be fair. we can't let china take out $500 billion a year out of the united states and rebuild itself. we have some of these countries, they're considered growing economies. they're considered nations that are not mature yet, so we are paying them subsidies. the whole thing is crazy. you know, like india, like china, like others. we say, oh, they're growing. i see. i want to be put down in that category. we're growing too. we'll grow faster than anybody. [cheers and applause] they call them developing
2:42 pm
nations. well, we're a developing nation too, we are. as far as i'm concerned we're a developing nation. they call themselves developing nations and under that category they get subsidies. we have to pay them money. the whole thing is crazy. but we're going to stop it. we'll stop it. we have stopped it. [applause] and when we're securing militarily, john kelly is here, general kelly is great, when we're securing the wealthy countries from outside harm because we're paying for their military, i think it is fine but they have got to pay us for this. we're watching the whole world and they take it for granted, for years and years we've been protecting these countries. they're making a fortune. they had very little military cost. we had biggest military cost to the world. most of it goes to protecting outside countries, some of whom don't even like us. some of whom don't even like us. wee protecting countries, that i
2:43 pm
do say they have respect for us now but they didn't have any respect for us and they got to pay, they have got to pay when they're wealthy. we are going to protect some people that need help. that is okay. that is understandable. we all understand that but when we're protecting these massively wealthy countries i'm not going to name them butly no who some i'm talking about they have got to pay. we'll not be the protector the world and lose a fortune and have our taxpayers paying while these other countries are living very beautifully, thanks to us. not fair. we changed that around. i hope everybody agrees with me. [applause] by the way this idiot woodward who wrote this book which is all fiction, i said something like that but put it in a very crude manner. the concept is true but the way it was said was very, you know, hey, i went like to the best college. i did lots -- i mean you read
2:44 pm
this thing. the quotes were wrong. all these, john kelly, general mattis, they're all writing i never said that i never said that well it is fiction. but, they do put down the concept, i said that. isn't that horrible? isn't that crude? crude? you know what? i want to have our nation protected and i don't want to be taken advantage of by other countries in the world. you know what? they respect us more when they have to pay their bills. they can afford to pay their bills. and it is going to make a big difference for our country. you wait, you watch. you see. [applause] that is small tough compared, we opened anwr, potentially the biggest in the world. they have been trying to do it for 45 years. we have a record number of
2:45 pm
regulations eliminated in history of this country. in less than two years. [applause] i have cut more regulation than any other president regardless how long they served, and i think that might have just been as important as the tax cut. regulatory relief for community banks. they were dying, the community banks. now they can loan you money. make a good deal, please. we enacted all sorts of different elements for credit unions to come so they make it possible for you. my administration providing more affordable health care options for americans through association health plans and short-term duration plans. we have all sorts of health care. we actually had it beaten, but that is a long story. we repealed and replaced. we'll do it, but we had it done, something happened. but, we, frankly you're right. heidi's vote would have been great. if we had heidi's vote but she voted against it. but we got, if you remember, the
2:46 pm
individual mandate was wiped out. so we wiped out the individual mandate which is the most unpopular part of obamacare. [applause] we wiped it out. i have three more pages, two more pages just like this. look? okay? isn't this much, isn't this much more exciting than listen to president obama's speech? [cheering] all of us, like the gentleman from the coal industry, i have had that from so many people. i have had it for some industries, what we're doing for timber, lumber, doing so many industries much what we're doing for cars. plants are moving back into the united states. they're coming into michigan. they're going into ohio. they're going into pennsylvania. they're going into north carolina. we have a lot of them, a lot of them coming back in, tremendous. we've just started. one of the things i wanted, i don't want our companies, and i
2:47 pm
just insist on it, i don't want our companies moving to other countries, firing everybody, losing these great companies and losing these great jobs. that is the thing i'm most insist extent on with trade deals. we did nafta, our country emptied out. they still have empty places up in new england, these big factories all emptied. they went to move to mexico and other places but they moved to mexico. so i could go on and on. reached so many different things. we've started the wall. it's, it's moving along. [cheers and applause] kevin is a big fan. kevin is a big fan of the wall. i just say this, we have so many things. i will, i will put it very strongly. your second amendment is under siege. you put the wrong person in there, they will vote with schumer. look, heidi will vote with schumer and nancy pelosi. i always add maxine waters in there pause -- [laughter]
2:48 pm
but he is going to vote with, we're going to vote, he is going to vote with me. he is going to vote on making america great again which soon -- [applause] which soon we're going to be changing. to keep america great! keep america great. but kevin will be with us. we have got the agenda for the courts, the agenda for the borders. we want the borders. we don't want people coming into our country we have no idea who they are, where they comfort. we have lotteriers, we have lotteries where people come through a lottery system. do you think these countries are sending us their finest? i don't think so. they say that is terrible thing to say. i hit ms-13, i call them animals, nancy pelosi said how dare he say that about another human being. no, we have to be tough. we have to protect our law
2:49 pm
enforcement just like think protect us. [applause] i.c.e. is under siege, and our law enforcement is under siege. they want weak law enforcement. they want crime to come in. like in chicago with the liberal mayor had these stupid, stupid policies but now he is not running anymore. so that is fine. two weeks ago, 68 people shot, 12 died. chicago. that is our country. i mean, excuse the crime figures because the crime figures in the night are doing well but you add, that is a lot of addition in terms of skewing numbers. but that will get straightened out. it is easy to straighten out if you have the right policy it actually easy to straighten out. so we want to have strong borders and that's kevin. we want to have no crime. that's kevin. kevin cramer. we want to have --
2:50 pm
[applause] we're going to have totally protected medicare. we're going to protect our social security. that's kevin. the democrats are going to destroy our social security, assure as you're standing there, sorry for the no seats. but the crowd was bigger than it was supposed to be, sure you're standing there, they are going to, they want to destroy your social security. we're going to protect it. of kevin will protect your second amendment and so am i. [applause] but you know, things like that, that is a very important thing. and things like that, they are under siege. things like that can disappear very quickly if you don't have the right people. so, i'm here for kevin cramer. i want to thank you all for supporting him. it's, it is an honor for me because he is a very special man i said you owe it to the country, you have to do this. you have to do this.
2:51 pm
we need that vote. we need him. we need his brain power. we need his presence in washington, d.c., because that places brutal. it is brutal. it is, a lot of bad, bad things up here are going through people's heads. these are sick people. these are sick people. [cheers and applause] i mean the deceit -- some much these democrat senators, oh, mr. president, how are you, i'm such a fan, blah, blah. then i see them on television, ten minutes later, we must get rid of this guy. wait a minute, i said hello the guy. 15 minutes ago he is hugging and kissing me. he is hugging and kissing, these people, it's bad. i used to say real estate guys in new york, they're really tough. now i say they're babies. they're babies. but we need, we need kevin there. we have to have him. so i'm here for him.
2:52 pm
i honor him. i honor you for helping. thank you all very much. thank you. [cheers and applause] ♪ trish: all right. that was president trump, speaking at a rally there, fund-raiser i should say, in north dakota. he had an opportunity perhaps, to have gone after that "new york times" op-ed, the anonymous one. he chose not to do so. karl rove would have approved of that. karl rove had given him that advice on this program just moments before he came to the stage. instead he talked about his accomplishments, something, again i think karl would approve of quite significantly. he talked about the economic success this country has had. he talked about the success, the coal industry has had there in north dakota and all of this being the result of policies that his administration has put into place. joining me right now with reaction to what we just heard,
2:53 pm
fox news contributor james freeman of "the wall street journal." also hear american majority see joe, ned ryun and democratic strategist, john summers. james freeman, starting with you, what do you think? >> a fairly relaxed donald trump. we've been reading a lot of anonymous sources saying he is unhinged and volcanic over this "new york times" op-ed. i think you saw a pretty relaxed and restrained and comfortable president talking about what, i think by any measure is a very good economy. trish: it is. i mean, i love the jobs report today. ned ryun, i love that wages are growing. that has been a very big problem over the last 20 years if you can imagine. >> that's right. >> wages were not budging. now we're looking at nearly 3% growth. it is a start. >> yeah, no, i like the point, the point that he made about the manufacturing jobs, trish. obama assured us that those manufacturing jobs were gone and
2:54 pm
never coming back. already 400,000 returned and maybe we'll get to 600,000. and, the unemployment numbers, with african-americans and hispanics. i thought the figure was kind of fascinating, trish, i wasn't aware of it. record unemployment among women. lowest it has been in 65 years. the idea trump came in and made everything better for everyone. the rising tide lifted all ships regardless of party affiliation, regardless of race and gender. that, i listened to a little bit of obama's speech. then i turned it off and i couldn't understand it -- trish: my viewers, getting tweets from folks, they didn't really enjoy taking a trip down memory lane there. >> no. being completely honest. but the thing that is amazing obama saying these people voted for trump, out of bitterness. some reaction to them. you're right reaction. he is reaction to the fact i think a bipartisan globalist governor inning class of both
2:55 pm
pup republicans and democrats gave rise to trump, i am going to defend and promote the interests of the american taxpayer regardless who you are, roaredless of party, race or gender. i will be a benefit to all of you and he is proving it. trish: john what was your reaction? >> i think it was one of his better speeches. you guys mentioned he is very relaxed. that is not surprising. he is in a solidly red state in front of a very friendly audience. that is not surprising. i do think, trish, you're right, he did a better job of following karl rove's advice sticking to the actual issues rather than taking us down russia and those other areas. i'm actually impressed he was able to show that sort of discipline. i'm not sure his message was the best. vote for cramer. he will be my rubberstamp. basically i characterize it. the fact he has to go campaigning for republican candidates for states in north dakota and montana speak to headwind that face republicans in this election. >> no.
2:56 pm
trish: one of the problems -- >> no, everything is fine, right? >> trish: hang on. some much these candidates, i'm not saying that the north dakota candidates are lacking but some of the candidates don't have the general -- they don't have like president trump, personality up on this stage. if you vote for this person, you're voting for me, i think, james freeman that does resonate n this particular case because he so larger than live. that message sells at least to his base. it gets them out there voting for these candidates. >> these are satisfied customers and i think that, an endorsement from donald trump is, while in some parts of country it might be radioactive, in a red state like this, it is absolutely
2:57 pm
valuable and, i think cramer is probably very grateful for that moment, where he can stand on the stage. remember, north dakota, has even lower unemployment rate than the very low national unemployment rate. so things are working. if the message from the president is, elect this guy, we'll keep it rolling, i think that is probably a compelling one. trish: just politically speaking. so i would differ with you on that, jon. back to ned for a moment. you heard him sort of ticking off his accomplishments there. the economy obviously being a really big one. what is it that will motivate people in midterms? this is the challenge especially when things are doing okay. >> right. trish: we've got some success. judges on the supreme court, assuming kavanaugh is confirmed by then. we have economy doing better. i'm out working now. i have some prosperity in my life that maybe i didn't think i would have had five or six years ago. so why do they go to vote?
2:58 pm
>> impeachment. he goes out and reminds people, if you like this agenda, if you like what is taking place with the economy and jobs and wages, you want republicans to stay in congress. however if democrats take over you can be guaranteed, i mean this, trish, especially looking at video of chuck schumer this weekend, if democrats win the house they will move toward impeachment. based on chuck assume ear's remarks they are trying to keep it under wraps until they take back congress. if i were trump i would hammer this again. this up-or-down vote on my . >> jon, if you're a democrat, you hammer that as well because democrats don't like him. they want him impeached. politically, it doesn't work on both sides. >> no one talking more about impeachment than the republicans. this is their big bogeyman and that's not the case. representative -- >> really?
2:59 pm
i seem to recall maxine waters saying that the day after he was elected. we heard it multiple times since from her as well. >> okay, you might have gotten one or two people saying that. that doesn't mean that's what the party is going for. a great bogeyman, a great scare tactic. >> chuck schumer. >> where trump is saying we're going to be a third-world country, and your guns are going to go away. i've got all the guns obama took right in front of me. zero. and our country hasn't been a third-world country. i saw one of the strongest economic times during the service of president bill clinton and we can thank president barack obama for digging out of -- >> oh, boy, here we go again, here we go again, our great economic prosperity of today is all thanks to president obama. i've heard that one before. i heard that earlier today around noontime. >> you cannot deny he got us out of an economic trench created by george w. bush. >> wow, wow, wow. okay. we're going to have to save that conversation for another
3:00 pm
day. i remember barney frank having a hand in the no income, no asset loans as well. really interesting hour. over to liz who is delivering another interesting hour for you right now. liz: did you see the breaking news? more than 110 points of losses erased off the dow industrials. why? canada's top trade negotiator just revealed that the u.s. and canada have made, quote, very good progress in the nafta talks and are, quote, understanding each other when it comes to trade. so right now the dow is down only 4 3 points but president trump's comments aboard air force one around noon eastern time on trade that sent markets stumbling. with the dow to close down 177 points, the president blurted out threats he's teeing up another $267 billion in tariffs in his trade war against china.


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