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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  September 11, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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irfour storm could -- a category four storm is moving towardsed the carolina and virginia coast. that's it for us. see you tomorrow. congressman andy biggs with us. kennedy: the carolina coast bracing for a direct hit from hurricane florence. how a category 4 machine. a million and a half people have been ordered to evacuate. it looks like florence will hit between myrtle beach, south carolina and the outer banks, north carolina. a devastating storm surge, heavy rains and extreme flooding expected late tomorrow night or early thursday. first up, there is this.
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[bell tolling] [♪] kennedy: a very solemn day in new york city as we mark 17 years since the september 11 attack. nearly 3,000 people lost their lives at the world trade centers, shanksville, pennsylvania and the pentagon. president trump: we grieve for every mother and father, sister and brother stolen from us. we honor their sacrifice by pledging to never flinch in the face of evil and to do whatever
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it takes to keep america safe. kennedy: here is a live look at lower manhattan. with the passage of time, the memories grow more distant. but as the families of those killed will tell you, we must never forget. edward lawrence is live with a report from the nation's capital. reporter: the president visited the field in shanksville, pennsylvania where flight 93 was brought down by the courageous people on board. he told the families of the victims of flight 93 that america will never forget what their loved ones did for all of us. >> while we all suffered loss that day, we know you bear a
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special burden. but we gather here in the shadow of the building where your loved ones departed this life to say that you do not bear that burden alone. >> where the world trade centers once stood in new york city, thousands gathered to remember the loss. >> uncle brian, even though i never got the chance to meet you. i feel i know you from all the stories that have been told. i have always been told i have your good looks and love of music. reporter: the names of the victims of the twin towers were read. all 2,983 names as well as those killed in the 1993 world trade center bombing. kennedy: edward, thank you for that report.
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$1.5 trillion according to the defense department is how much the u.s. military has spent in iraq, afghanistan and syria since the september 11 attack. but a new report from the 9/11 commission claimsa extremism poses a bigger threat than it did in 2001. they say it shows no sign of ending. was that money well spent? joining me now, iraq war veteran and kfi radio host, bryan suits. who in fact fought in iraq in the shadow of 9/11. how much did your life change after 9/11. >> we were in seattle on that day and my life took a pivot. my colleagues in talk radio have
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never left the country. i was in the army national guard. i had been in desert storm and been to bosnia. i was sent out for candidate school at the age of 37 i became a 2nd lieutenant and served as an infantry officer in iraq. it changed me quite a bit. the good news is my daughter is going to go to ucla for free. but it changed my perspective on a lot of things. i think you can attest, fit was possible for me to get more cynical. i did get more cynical. being wound and being deaf in this ear and shrapnel. that's the cost of doing business. i volunteered. i joined the army national guard decades ago. i volunteered for ocs.
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i signed up for war and i got my wash. kennedy: let's talk about that war. have we won? >> i think that the goal line was not eliminate radical islamic terrorism. the goal line was never let that happen to america again. and i would suffer to point out to people that since 9/11 it never happened again. in a way i don't have a problem being down range and catching the shrapnel that was meant for glendale or pasadena. if we served a purpose, possibly being a bullet magnet for all the jihadists who couldn't get a visa to flight school in minnesota, they came to iraq. i don't want to be fly paper. but i think we thrind out the
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gene pool. kennedy: let's talk about those who have been added to the commission who are saying the threat is greater today than it was. and perhaps there are active theaters but that still means a loss of life for american servicemen and women and civilians. it's incredibly expensive and we are still have much in afghanistan, our longest war, which isn't slowing down. >> i would point out to people, the indian wars in north america went from 1622 to 1924. if we want to prevent islamic terrorism from coming here. i worked as a private contractor in djibouti, i know this is an ideology that appeals to young
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men. it's not like the next generation is going to say taking up an ak47 is not a sexy way to spend my 20s. kennedy: that's what we are imploring young men to do in this country. that has bent marketing and the sell that somehow you appeal to these young men and say it is sexy to brandish high-power machinery and take people's lives. if i were one of the gold star mothers, i would look at the fact that we are still here so long after 9/11, and i would feel pretty hopeless. >> keep in mind the marketing recruiting appeal is your country continues to be under attack. will you tote a rifle and spend a few years defending it. it's not let's go to mecca and convert them to christianity. for americans joining the
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military service, i don't want to be in constant war and hand my daughter off to a war. but it's naive to think if we walk away it goes away. yes it's been expensive. if world war ii was fought in 2005, it would have cost. what would the end look like, nuking mecca? kennedy: if you can get all the bad guys in one place in the middle of the desert, yes you drop a nuclear weapon on them. isn't that the best plan. >> not mecca. kennedy: it does haven't to be mecca. i said middle of the desert. >> i owe my life to three translators who are now u.s. citizens who put their lives on the line for my then and myself. kennedy: and we owe you a debt
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of gratitude. for all of those people who signed up after 9/11, that to me is true heroism. kennedy: also firefighters and cops. and people who felt that call to duty after 9/11. there is something truly special about that. i prefer freedom over war. i think there might and better way to get there. perhaps it's not aban dong it. >> i'm a huge fan of the guys wearing the few form before 9/11. like jimmy stuart a year before pearl harbor. but i enjoy the guys who joined afterwards. by guys, i mean men and women. kennedy: thank you, suits. >> you would have been a good troop. kennedy: i appreciate that.
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high compliment coming from you. many americans began today by rememberinged the victims of the 9/11 attack. but joe scarborough started his day attacking the president that was meant to promote his op-ed. my latest, trump is damage the dream of america more than any terrorist attack could. he since walked back his treat, but donald trump, jr. is calling on him to apologize to the familiar his of the victims. joining me, author of the brand-new book, "every man a king." fox news politics editor, chris stirewalt. chris: smells like cinnamon. it brings andy jackson to life.
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kennedy: joe scarborough is no stranger to attention whoredom. chris: will you ever let me get out after segment without blushing? kennedy: you are a moral and decent person and that's a natural reaction. joe scarborough goes out of his way to get the wrong kind of attention. >> or that trump is worse than the terrorists. it's been 17 years. i wrote about this today in the halftime report. it was 17 years from the fall of saigon to bill clinton's election and surely there were people in 1992 as bill qulin on who dodged the draft and engaged in american foreign policy that was oblivious to the whre sons of vietnam.
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they said how could you have forgotten. trump deserves a descent dose. the president was political and range and gross today on a day where you should leave that aside because the lesson we are supposed to take from september 11 is what unites us is more than what divides us. we are better together. kennedy: what makes us strong is much better than the weakness. >> the people who want to kill us and destroy our freedoms don't care whether you are republican or democrat, cool or not cool or like the deep state. we all fall into the same category. what scarborough did was a great example of how we have turned totally against the message, the thing we were supposed to learn.
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the which coast pilot of flight 93 a year later when she was trying to get the memorial guilt said if we take only one thing away from all of this, it is that life is short and there is no time for hate. that was the lesson we were all supposed to take out of this. we have to stick together and be united for our own safety and security. but life is short. those people who went to the office and september 11 and went to work at the pentagon. it was just another day and then it was over. today joe scarborough and donald trump to a certain degree that those lessons are unlearned. we haven't just forgotten the lessons, we rejected them as we treat our fellow americans like infidels and exploit political advantage and self-promotion out of moments that should be left
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for the real thing. kennedy: it's a moral equivalence that shouldn't have a place on a day like this. there is a place for discussion and challenging the evolution of this country since 9/11. >> as your discussion illustrated. there is a lot of important stuff to discuss about this. but to do it -- joe scarborough -- he's another -- this was a guy voting to i am each bill clinton. he was on the other side. when it was good on the other side to be over there, he was over there. people are allowed to change their opinions and change their minds as they go through life. kennedy: but your talent has not changed. you are such a funny writer and we don't have time to get into it deeply.
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but when you talk about pop film this country from andrew jackson to donald trump and the characters in between. it's concise and you have such a wonderful grasp of history and language. >> i am not even going to steal one of your pens now, that was so nice. kennedy: well done on your multi-faceted career. the carolinas bracing for a potentially catastrophic hurricane. the newly released text messages between peter strzok and lisa page reveal a coordinated media leak strategy. the panel is here to get to the bottom of things. they are next. ♪
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kennedy: hurricane florence now a category 4 monster on a collision course with the carolinas. where it will make landfall is unclear. but all the experts say it's time to evacuate because it's look like the could be more destructive than anything the region has seen in a long time. rick reichmuth is here. rick: it's hard to imagine it's
8:21 pm
not storm we have seen in this area for a long time. the strength of it and how long it will be around. hurricane warnings in effect from just to the northern part of the outer banks to the middle part of south carolina. within 36 hours you can startr expect hurricane conditions. watch out if you are crossing the coastal areas of texas and louisiana. we could see some tropical development there the next few days. and we won't be talking about it much because we'll be talking about florence. florence is still incredibly strong, 140-mile-an-hour storm. and it will go through a couple eyewall replacement cycles. that means the center of the storm gets so tight it collapses on itself. the wind field extends out farther than it had been previously. we'll see it fluctuate from a 4
8:22 pm
to a 5 the next couple days. it slows down and gets trapped for a couple days. once it gets trapped it's hard to say where it will go. it could stay off the coast for a while. it will just destroy the coast. but all kind of moisture and rain will fall. you see this wiggly stuff where it loses the direction of what's going to happen for two days. because of that we expect rainfall totals to be extreme. we had numbers 12 to 15 inches. now those numbers moved to the south. we don't know where it will make landfall. and the numbers will change based off of that. anywhere from parts of virginia to north carolina. some spots i don't see how they don't get away without 20-30
8:23 pm
inches of rain. in addition to that. the rain that falls here will run down the rivers to get back out to the ocean. but there will and continuous on-shore flow. so the storm surge will be push water into the rivers and streams. and it will exacerbate the flooding problem. this is a le jirt threat across the carolinas, especially and conditions will get worse tomorrow night around this time. kennedy: you are saying it many pretty bad. rick: i'm saying it's bad. no way this one isn't. kennedy: i hope people are evacuating. don't try to be a hero. get out now. america's sweethearts are back at it again. we have new text messages that surfaced from former fbi agent peter strzok and his mistress
8:24 pm
lisa page. the two describe what he says is a media leak strategy. strzok wrote i literally have to find this phone to tell you. i want to talk to you about media leak strategy about doj before you go. a second text warned lisa page that two articles were going to come out about carter page, and congratulate her on the release of one of those articles in which he said, article is out, congrats, lisa page. the president wasted no time calling out the love birds. nothing is being done at doj or fbi. but the world is watching and they get it completely. peter strzok's lawyer claims the text was about a strategy to
8:25 pm
stop leaks in washington. let me bring in tonight's panel to help separate fact from fiction. a coauthor in the age of trump. jessica tarlov along with the host of the jamie weinstein show. and wwe superstar and tag team champion dolph ziggler. welcome, everyone. so let's talk about this. both side are rushing to day completely different things. the media leak strategy be about prevent something of these leaks? >> according to their lawyers. like michael avenatti, never lie, michael cone, never lies. i don't know. we are going to find out about it. we need more probing of this.
8:26 pm
the fact that the president chose to tweet about this on 9/11. kennedy: the strzok texts, well done, page, there are fbi sources anonymously quoted in the article. what is well done? she didn't keep anything out of the "washington post." >> i think with all of this there is always more to it. i have been hard on peter strzok and lisa page and the damage they did to the reputation of the fbi. but i'm not ready to jump to trumpian conclusions about what's going on here. >> i hear media leak strategy. my strategy is ad hoc leaking is not work. we just don't know. what is the grandest conspiracy? if the fbi and doj were trying to leak and destroy trump it's
8:27 pm
terrible. these two people, it's bad? the government leaks and you are not supposed to? kennedy: andrew mccabe got fired and is in a criminal investigation for lying about that. >> not good, but like what's the conspiracy? that people in the government leak? we know that. kennedy: none of this is surprising. the most of surprising thing about all of this is this is the least sexy text exchange i have ever seen. >> i think we are getting the texts, but not the pictures in between the texts. it's so uninteresting. we can say either side, can't wait to stop trump's presidency. and i can take that to -- they are releasing something.
8:28 pm
i don't know. either way, who cares. it doesn't change anything. kennedy: it's still shocking that bruce ohr still has a job. >> there were people in his testimony last week calling for the release of things that they say does explain. kennedy: release everything. >> do you think he'll release everything next week? kennedy: that would be so great. release the roswell files and the mcgriewder footage. >> i think he's waiting for an n word tape if that is coming right before the mid-terms. kennedy: now you are thinking like a trump strategist. >> here we go. 9/11, 17 years ago today, but how much safer are we? and how much of your civil
8:29 pm
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remember where we were when our country was attacked by those stinging bastards. today i took my children to a manhattan firehouse and explained to them as the bravest among us were taken from us that day. some of us just said thanks for what you do. then i shake my head at congress and three administrations who arguably have not made good on the trade of liberty for security. 9/11 showed americans are by and large compassionate, brave and trusting. but when we trusted the government to just go after the bad guys and leave the rest of us alone, they haven't made good on that sacred pact.
8:34 pm
the patriot act gave way to the freedom tact and freshly bolstered agencies to spy often on unwitting americans. even in fresh outrage as we demand to know the inner workings of the surveillance state as it prize open the contents of a presidential campaign. the very lawmakers who seem shocked and peeved about federal agencies crafting phoney warrants gave them the unconstitutional unprotected freedom. leave it to lawmakers to create these agencies in a crisis. the men and women in shanksville
8:35 pm
and and new york, are brave than the filthy cowards with how the government reacts to tragedy. 9/11 is the worst attack on american soil. but how should we balance freedom and security. gary johnson is back. >> kennedy, you don't call, you don't write. i have to run for the u.s. senate to be on your show. you know, i wish i you had just read your memo. we are not -- we should not be living in fear. and i think for the most of part we are not. but government continues to grow. we need to reduce the size and scope of government. tsa has become a nightmare, i don't fly if it's 600 miles away
8:36 pm
for the degradation i have to go through and we all have go true when we fly. sometimes it's an okay experience. but sometimes it's degrading. homeland security. why was it even created? why don't they break it up and send the departments back to the agencies. kennedy: you are right, governor johnson. if you talk to secret service agents they would love going back to the presents treasury department. but they are lumped in with dhs. if you were elected to the united states senate and you have a really good shot in was a poll last month before you started campaigning. 21% support in your state. twice what your republican competition has and you are gaining grounden the incumbent
8:37 pm
there. he has 39% in this poll. but they know you well. you served two terms as governor. you have a lot of name recognition in new mexico. can you convince enough voters to come over to the side of liberty? >> the pitch i'm making is i could be the swing vote in the senate and i would love to be on the senate budget committee. i'm pledging to submit a balanced budget to congress. that means taking on big issues everybody has their heads in the sand over. reforming social security and medicaid and medicare. and cutting military spending, and it would not be at the expense of not being able to defend ourselves. but a trillion dollar deficit this year? this is not fair to our grandkids. and if running up the key to success then zimbabwe would be
8:38 pm
the center of the world followed by venezuela. it doesn't work. eventuality of us continuing to pend more money than we take in will be horrible inflation. >> you will have a few friends in the senate. they may be republicans. rand paul has endorsed you over the republican candidate in the race. obviously like lee and ben as and others are more liberty minded. would you caucus with the republicans? >> i am saying i wouldn't caucus with either party, but that may not be the reality if i get elected. the idea is to work with both sides. let's get you are heads out of the sand and deal wish yous earn is aware of. social security is not going to be around unless we reform it. medicaid, medicare. medicare for all.
8:39 pm
$32 trillion is way it's slated to cost? this is incredibly unfair to future generations. it's not going to last that long. it's going to implode. >> keep us posted on your candidacy and i would love to talk to you again before the election. >> it's a deal. kennedy: bob woodward's book hit shelves today. he has jaw-dropping claims. is any of it true? the panel debates next. i can't believe it. that everything sticks to stefon diggs's hands? no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. cool, huh? yeah. he plays football, huh?
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kennedy: bob woodward's controversial new book about president trump hit shelves today. last night he was promoting it. he described former white house attorney john dowd what he told him after a practice session for an interview with robert mueller. >> you can't testify. you are disabled. imagine a lawyer telling you you are disabled. and you can't testify because you can't tell the truth. you just make things up. kennedy: how about that. two former white house officials
8:44 pm
gary cohn and rob porter called the book inaccurate and misleading. the panel is back to discuss. i will start with you. donald trump, jr. says the president's inner circle has shrunk so much because of the leaks and the sense of disloyal i. is that the beginning of the end for any presidency let alone this one? >> it sounds like his staffers are not around him because they like him. i think what is interesting is donald trump knows that this is true. some of these stories describe things he can say that happened. so these denials from mattis and denials from kelly that they said those things. if he can point to some instances in the book that are true, he won't buy the denials that those parts are untrue.
8:45 pm
if you see him distancing those figures i any he recognizes some truth in the book. kennedy: if you are this president, it's interesting. if you go on social media and i know you do, it's difficult being at fox when you say things that are contrary to what a lot of the audience holds dear. there are a lot of people who watch fox business and fox who are incredibly loyal to the president. why can't the president find people like that in his white house. is that because d.c. is a swamp? >> i don't know how much foreign policy experience the average american has. kennedy: what about loyalty? >> i think you are honest yourself with people.
8:46 pm
even when he has a win. the gdp rate. he testified it's higher than it has been in 100 years. but then you have someone too comes out there and d someone who comes out and says i am not on the advisory process. i think mattis and john kelly feel that way. kennedy: washington is by and large a hell hole. so what's the cumulative effect of this book and the other book? that it inspires his base so he'll, and the economy does well so people naturally vote for him. or does it erode confidence of death by a thousand cuts. >> bookstores were dying, i
8:47 pm
think it's fantastic. part of me enjoys that part. he brought it all back. we'll reopen all the walton books. mattis, if he had something to say, he would head butt him and say it to him. he would take off the sunglasses. and i think that's the saving grace. if mattis has something to say. >> it's totally possible. kennedy: we'll have to wait for the next book. "topical storm" is next. great panel. see you in a bit. they are leaving, i'm staying.
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kennedy: miss new york returned to the city for the first time since being crowned miss america sunday. she stood out at the pageants because she was the on one who wished for a parking space instead of world peace. and she wished for a championship for the knicks. this is the "topical storm." topic number one. we begin with patriotic news.
8:52 pm
nasa is exploring the idea of selling advertising on the side of their rockets. the space agency is looking to boost its brand by selling ads and having astronauts appear in commercial. who wouldn't want a marls bar from the duty dude head for mars. but if you are like most of americans you have no problem letting nasa act like nascar as long as they don't let danica patrick drive. the he long musk spacex company just sold their first ad. there it is. the smoke coming it from the thrusters. this is not what the shareholders meant when they told him they wanted the company
8:53 pm
to go green. let's head out to the sub rosa mexican grill in thanks where you never know who might drop in. watch this. there she goes. yep, this woman told the police she was in an overhead crawl space because she was look for a bus stop. the good news is she was unhurt and everyone was able to get out of the way. one of the perks of eating mexican food is you are always ready to make a run for it. witnesses claim she was a homeless woman named hillary. at least one hillary broke a ceiling this country. what happened? i don't think so. topic number 3. there is a flaunt san antonio
8:54 pm
making -- a restaurant in san antonio make headlines. you order dish and they throw in dessert. what were you talking about? san antonio police say they don't know why this food site fight started. but according to witnesses she was in town to see the alamo. fortunately nobody was hurt. and oddly enough business is booming since they reopened. word on the street is the tacos are really flying off the shelves. over 2 million people watched video of the restaurant dorito battle which is one for every calorie in the ques sorks dip. if you google food fight, every
8:55 pm
story is about the brett kavanaugh hearing. at least no one claimed to be spartacus, cory booker. what did he do with that $100 million from mark zuckerberg. never mind. scientists sat bringing sham --t brigham young university. they have good news for people who prefer to drink large quantities of ice cream. they created a new ice cream beverage. sparkling scoops. a carbonated beverage a lot like soda pop. they won first place at the' competition and brought the team $10,000 for their efforts. locals are calling it the most of exciting thing to happen on
8:56 pm
byu's campus since homecoming weekend. the students are now working to sell sparkling scoops commercially. though not everyone who had some gave it sparkling reviews. there it is. it's a scary fight but it's nice to see someone having a melt down besides serena williams. metastatic breast cancer is relentless, but i'm relentless too. mbc doesn't take a day off, and neither will i.
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insta graham. on email tomorrow night on the show, have a beautiful night. always thinking of you. e're dyin here. >> "our time is over." that's serious. >> announcer: a divided family on the verge of a painful split... >> no amusement park in the world has been owned by a family as long as this one. >> the family loyalties just tend to get disintegrated. it's just a pattern for disaster. >> announcer: ...and a reprieve from the governor. but will it be enough? >> it's the day after labor day. the amusement park's not open down there. my father is flipping in his grave right now. [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ]


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