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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  October 15, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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but i look a lot less clever tonight. that's it for us. congressman jim overand and tom fitton our guests. we'll be following up everything victoria and joe have been talking about here tonight. trish: investigators looking into a suspicious letter sent to senator susan collins home in maine. we have the latest. just over three weeks before the mid terms and the lack of civility from the left could be endangering our democracy. watch. >> when someone says when they go low, we go high. no. no. when they go low, we kick them. >> you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about. that's why i believe if we are fortunate enough to win back the house and/or the senate, that's when civility can start again.
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trish: the one and only sean hannity is here. he'll give us his thoughts on that. "trish regan primetime" begins right now. also break right now. a big win for president trump as a federal judge throws out stormy daniels defamation lawsuit against the president. the liberal media's hatred for our president hitting a new low as one cnn host decides to speculate about what president trump might have been thinking when kanye west was visiting the white house last week. reaction from american conservative union chairman matt schlapp. and my big interview with president trump is tomorrow. later this hour i want to hear from you, all your ideas about what i should be asking the president. let's get to our top story.
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the democratic party in disarray just three weeks out from miss terms. lou dobbs joins me right now. i said to you before, i like following you. it's a good 1-2 punch. >> it's a great honor to be with you and i wish you all the greatest success. >> you look at the democrats right now. and they are clinging to this idea of identity politics. in your view what are they missing? >> group and identity politics are the blueprint for the democratic party. it's no longer as it once was about the american worker. it's no longer about middle america or middle class americans. for 20 years they watched the middle class in this country shrink. it took none other than
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president donald j. trump to stand up and say he's for the american work, for the middle class, and put america first. and with that he has driven, it seems to me, a stake into the heart of group and identity politics. remember, trish, and i know you do. this is a president who from the moment he began campaigning web said he'll be the president of all americans. no demographic solution and dicing for this group, that group. he is for the country, for the country's future and for all americans. and he's backing it up, whether it's low unemployment for minorities or stratospheric economic growth. you remember the democrats told us we can't quite envision such a thing. we have a new normal called 1%. this is the president of possibility and insistence upon
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dreaming, dreaming all america is dreaming. and by the way. those dreams are being realized in 21 month this man has been in office. trib trish: lou, in some ways hs beating them at their own game. as we saw in 2016 right up until today. thuption became about the transgender population which is 0.01% of the population. i'm not saying there is anything wrong with that. however, they forgot all these people out there going to work every day trying to make a living and put food on the table, and consequently, donald trump stole their thunder. lou: he toll their thumb der and he earned everything else by achievement and accomplishing things we didn't know presidented really could do.
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george w. bush, william jefferson clinton and barack hussein obama, these three presidents were three of the worst presidents in modern history. and they culminated all of their efforts in wasting in the middle east, $7 trillion, talking about utter nonsense, talking about iran, dropping off pallets of cash, saying you didn't build that. he, barack obama basically tried to destroy the american psyche. american exceptionalism, he didn't believe tonight and wouldn't tolerate it. he insisted on reminding everyone in this country that they didn't -- they weren't owed any birthright whatsoever. that is mayor -- as americans it was good luck, but you have been awful people and i am going
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through an apology tour through the middle east and europe to show you how it's done. this president in 21 months has restored more confidence, direction and dreams of a national and individual destiny and future for all of us. there is no exception. >> well, i think you like him. >> i do like him. what's not to like. >> i like that 4.2% economic growth. and i like the lowest unemployment rate since 199. he's doing a lot for the economy and a lot for our country. lou dobbs, thank you. lou: i was waiting for the bus. trish: if he's able to keep the house and the senate you will see more in the way of serious policy that will help our economy. lou: this man is for the people that we have in the oval office.
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who wants to run against that. thanks, trish, it's an honor to be with you. trish: president trump touring the damage from hurricane michael. florida congressman matt gaetz was with the president. i know you saw the defend sayings firsthand. what do you think of the recould are you efforts that are under way right now in florida and what do you think of the president's response to what he saw on the ground? >> there will be a lot of recovery and rebuilding ahead for northwest florida. but in my many years work in 8 government, i have never seen a unity of effort between our state partners and the local support. counties were immediately added to the fema disaster declaration list. that meant people were able to sign up for individual assistance faster than ever before. the challenge is we have to get the power on. in florida the air-conditioning is off for more than a week, we
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get on ar ornery. senior citizens and others may not have been found but may be trapped in a house in need of assistance. having the president here i think brought comfort to a number of people who are having to rebuild their lives. trish: i suppose if there is any time you need that civility, it's at a time when you are seeing that destruction. we are seeing people on the ground being civil to each other to try and help one another with that rebuilding. let me turn to a subject that congressman, i know you are very passionate about, that's the mueller investigation. there is talk now that the administration is looking at possibly answer something of mueller's questions via the lawyers. and the thinking is, if they do
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that, this whole thing may be coming to an end. one thing i know you would like to see. what's your sense of when it will wrap up? >> i don't have a sense of when it will wrap up because i don't think we understand as a country what the four corners are of the mueller investigation. is this something that will delve into roger stone's taxes? are we going to lurch into more information about paul manafort in the 1980s. i think we are on a never-ending journey. we need some sense of structure at the department of justice and what we expect to get as a report regarding the substantive issues. i'm not confident the president responding to interrogatories may hasten the process. it may extend the process. it has a rotten foundation that
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is populated by very biased people. trish: you recommend he wouldn't answer those questions. >> we need people focused on rebuilding our national security and i don't know that legitimizing an illegitimate investigation is the best use of his time. trish: how are you feel being mid-terms? >> i'm feeling bullish in florida. if ballots are lost, election centers and polling centers are damaged, are we going to get the vote in? if we can get the vote in my 8 it will be good for republicans. trish: tune in tomorrow 8:00 p.m. eastern as i talk one-on-one with president trump. what do you want to hear from the president. what do you want me to ask.
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trish: breaking tonight. sources telling fox the requires aware the saudis are willing to admit to accidentally killing journalist jamal khashoggi during an interrogation gone wrong. reporter: mike pompeo is headed to saudi arabia. the secretary of state is going to meet the saudi king tomorrow on the heels of the president saying there would be severe punishment if evidence shows the saudi government had anything to do with the disappearance. the saudis said they would retaliate if the u.s. adds sanctions because of this. president trump talked with the
11:16 pm
saudi king by phone today. president trump: the king firmly denied any knowledge of it. he didn't really know -- i don't want to get into his mind. but it sounded to me like maybe these could have been rogue killers. who knows. we are going to try getting to the bottom of it very soon, but his was a flat denial. reporter: american companies have pulled out of a riyadh conference. jpmorgan chase, iesh, ford and viacom. >> when i woke up in the morning before we were supposed to go to saudi arabia, we were informed of what was happening. and it didn't feel like a good time to be getting involved with that. it felt incredibly insensitive going to saudi arabia.
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reporter: there are unconfirmed reports the saudi government is repairing to -- preparing to report that jamal khashoggi was accidentally killed by being interrogated. trish: a lot of questions. edward, thank you very much. we'll keep you updated on the fast-moving developments on that story. senator elizabeth warren says a dna test proves she is native american. she says the test shows her great, great great grandmother is native american. the cherokee nation not too happy about that. saying quote using a dna test to lay claim to the cherokee or any tribal nation, even vaguely, is inappropriate and wrong.
11:18 pm
here with me now to discuss, we have monica crowley, a senior fellow at the london school for economics. thanks for being here on the first night. is she running? is that why she did this? >> i don't think today she is running. i think she didn't have the day she expected to with the release of that statement from the cherokee nation. she never claimed to be part of the tribe. she was clear saying i have a relative that was cherokee that was proven out by the test. but it's something she fed the gop where they can talk about this instead of talking about the issues. i worry this is a waste of a tremendous political ad. for over five minutes she is talking about their history and overt racism out of the
11:19 pm
republican party over this, and mimicking native americans which is offensive. trish: i think the concern is as well, you don't want to falsely present yourself as one thing so you get certain advantages in life when maybe you are really not, man today? >> this proves donald trump is running the table and he's defining all the terms in politics and culture. she felt she had to respond. for a couple years she has -- he has been going after her as pocahontas and poking fun. by taking this test, not on did she feed the point of president trump. but she made it worse. if they were definitive and showed 50% cherokee blood she could put the issue to rest. but baits was such a tiny fragment. the percentage of native
11:20 pm
american blood she has disqualifies her from all cherokee nations. she compounded the problem and made her the butt of jokes going forward by refreshing the whole story in this way. trish: one of the problems in 2016 for the democratic party. hillary clinton i know you like her a lot. but she wasn't warm and fuzzy and she didn't go to the states she needed to go to and she didn't connect with people. do they run the risk of putting forward somebody who doesn't connect with your average voter? >> i think that's a risk for any political party jockying amongst a lot of people who want to be running in 2020. elizabeth warren was never my choice for a candidate, i think she is too far left.
11:21 pm
that's something we have to contend with in our party. she does have a number of professors she worked with at harvard law school and elsewhere who said she did not get hired because of her native american heritage. but she comes from a poor family in oklahoma you would usually think is republican based. but it's a liberal family. she advocated tirelessly for the poor. trish: but she is increasingly left left left and that's a problem. >> they are making a stampede to the far left because they don't want to alienate the base. do we have time? we'll run this sound of hillary clinton somehow defending her husband and his affair with monica lewinsky. i want to get your reaction. >> in retrospect do you think
11:22 pm
bill should have resigned in the wake of the monica lewinsky scandal? >> absolutely not. >> it wasn't and i abuse of power? >> no. >> there are people who look at the incidents and say a president of the united states cannot have a consensual relationship with an intern. the i am bam is too great. >> she was an adult. -- >> it would be one thing for her to make this absurd argument 5-10 years ago. but in the context of #metoo we are having the conversation about the tour of men over their subordinates. for her to make that comment in 2018 is staggering in its tone deafness and absurdity. trish: do you agree? >> you can address the question
11:23 pm
of whether he should have resigned. there is no one on either side of the fence hop questions whether he abused power when he had an affair with monica lewinsky. the powerful men move on unscathed and the women's lives are changed. i would encourage everyone to read monica lewinsky's writings. i think when it is your husband and we saw this with melania being asked in hern't view about her husband's alleged affairs. it's obviously uncomfortability if it's your partner. if we want to have a thoughtful discussion -- >> the difference is when you talk about president trump, these were alleged activities long before he became president. these were activities when he was president.
11:24 pm
trish: the liberal media's hatred for the president hitting a new low. this is unbelievable. you have one cnn host speculating what president trump may have been thinking during kanye west's visit to the white house. why identity politics simply does not work.
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>> my curiosity wasn't what came out of kanye's mouth. what was coming out of trump's head. imaginary headlines. black smoke trump. he's blairk than obama. look at trump here, superman, sure i am. i can do anything, i can save people. i wonder if images of hurricane michael came into his head.
11:29 pm
trish: that was unbelievable. that was cnn host chris cuomo speculating what was in the president's head. i have a tip to share. one of the most of basic things in journalism is a journalist does not speculate. and this tirade from this guy goes even grand speculation. how bizarre is it to put your own word, your thoughts into someone else's head in this case the president of the united states. it's very clear there is a bias at cnn. there is a bias and it's clear they are not interested in it in presenting news. despite running a slogan they are the most trusted name in news.
11:30 pm
this anchor and the left in general are clearly bothered by kanye west. they are really mad. how dare he. there he is, an african-american man daring to say that this president has some of the right policies in place. watch. >> if he don't look good, we don't look good. this is our president. he has to be the freshest, the brightest, the flyest planes, the best factories, and we have to make our core be in power. we have to bring jobs into america. i love this guy right here. trish: a famous singer like kanye is a threat to the left because he's someone people look up to. that americans like, that they listen to, and he's admitting he cares more about economic opportunities for everyone than does about identity politics. if african-americans, if
11:31 pm
hispanics, if women, if all minorities believe their lives and futures are looking better, what is the left going to run on. the unemployment rate is the lowest it's been since 1969, and wages figuring up a little. when people have opportunities they no longer feel like victims. isn't that exactly what we should be aiming for? don't we all want success? the key to moving beyond identity politics is prosperity. cnn and the rest of them will target kanye or anyone else who endorses the president. they will say he's just crazy. but they are just ignorant. i have advice for them. remember americans want to vote for something, not against. joining me right now with more, american conservative union
11:32 pm
member matt schlapp. do you think that some members of the left and perhaps some members of the mainstream media that are left, are they getting nervous? is that what is motivating attacks like we saw on kanye? >> i do. they are all part of this effort to say that donald trump is not a legitimate president, and you saw with brian seltzer he's like the liar-in-chief. what the left is trying to do is own the truth. they want to determine when someone is telling the truth or not telling the truth. the problem cnn has is they with their sharp move to the left and editorializing and substitution for the truth. you could get the left, the right and the straight reporting. they no longer have that reputation. they don't get to determine for most of viewers what truth is.
11:33 pm
trish: they may have to change that tag line one of these days, the most of trusted news. i look at the president take on china in a meaningful way. previous presidents were kind of afraid to do, frankly, or maybe they just didn't feel like it. but nobody was out there pushing these economic issues and the policy to the extent that he is. if you have economic success, does that make identity politics irrelevant? >> the left is trying to divide us so they can get political power. we want everybody to prosper with these economic policies that are in place. even when president trump was the president, i didn't like his policies. but i wanted america to be strong and prosperous. we have got to get back to this
11:34 pm
idea that there are certain fundamental truths that grow an economy. even if you don't like him, you can't deny that it works. trish: 4.2% gdp growth. >> everyone at cnn is benefiting from that 4.2% growth. the stock market, real wages are going up. even if they are a hater or a loser as the president would say, they are benefiting. trish: if your base is saying things are good for the economy, we have judge kavanaugh on the court. will they be as motivated to go out and vote right now? >> it's a great question. i would say the number one reason why trump voters, conservative voters and republican voters, the number one reason why i'm feeling more
11:35 pm
and more encouraged about the mid terms is the radicalism of the democratic party and the hard left with mobs and riots. trying to tear down the doors of the supreme court. this antifa mob mentality is not consistent with the american. >> i deal our democracy. i think the voters will reject it. that's one of the reasons i think we'll do well on election tonight. trish: you heard matt talk about antifa. i tell you, our democracy is under attack. some folks cannot stand what the republican party stand for, so they are resorting to this. vandalism. the new york gop headquarters destroyed ahead of a big speech and a note left hund that says, this is just the beginning. the one and only sean hannity is here on the left's lack of (roger) being a good father
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trish: an investigation under way in new york city after the republican headquarters were trashed by vandals. all of this on the heels of hillary clinton saying civility is off the table. and she is not the only one talking like that. you heard foat former attorney general eric holder adding to the unrest. sean hannity joins me. sean: i'm talking to lou dobbs today. he said tell trish i'm not giving up my number one slot on the fox business network that easily. congratulations. trish: thank you. you are terrific, louis terrific. sean: i am more terrific than lou. i am just kidding. trish: this is aphrasing to me and frightening as well. i'm look at this rise in
11:41 pm
violence within the left and it seems sanctioned if you would by very important people like hillary clinton, like eric holder. sean: you are right. the "new york post" just published pictures of the people that van gallon todayized gop headquarters in new york. that's dangerous. hillary. you can't be civil with people you disagree with. you have to defeat them first. barack obama said get in their face. he mentioned me one time saying i will send mr. burgess over to sean hannity, he'll tear him up. the scary part and where rand paul might be right. look at what happened to pam bondi in a restaurant, sarah sanders in a restaurant. ted cruz and his wife heidi, mitch mcconnell who is getting on in years at an airport. you put it together with the rhetoric. i don't care if it's kick them,
11:42 pm
eric holder or maxine waters saying you see these cabinet members, you get a crowd and you follow them into department stores and restaurants and gas stations and confronts them. cory booker saying the same thing. it sound to me -- i hold individuals responsible for their actions. but it sounds like marching orders to me. there are people that are unstable, that potentially would be hearing this sort of rhetoric and maybe they are going to see a congressman, a senator or maybe they are going to see somebody out there. and you know what? who knows what people are capable of. this is for all side. i don't care who you vote for or how protest. violence or any type of graffiti or vandalism is wrong and those people need to be arrested. that's not part of the civil society and debate we have. trish: you would think senior
11:43 pm
people within the democrat party would stand up and say enough. we need to lead by example and do what we think is right. we are not going to act like this and encourage any kind of violence. they are not. i guess they are getting pretty desperate. sean: if you look at the democrats, they are running on simple things. there is an article out by the center for american progress, whatever you do, don't talk about immigration, don't tell people that you want open borders and want to eliminate i.c.e. they want to hide that issue. maxine waters revealed she has been chanting impeach 45, she says they keep telling me not to say it but i'm going to say it anyway. what is their agenda? we know they want their crumbs back. new numbers from 2016, the top 10% pretty much pay all the
11:44 pm
taxes in this country. so we have full redistribution in this country. but if you go back and look at all the things they are standing for, open borders, eliminate i.c.e., they want their crumbs back. endless investigation and impeach donald trump, and they want to keep obamacare. how did that work out for everybody? trish: it's gotten so far away from where they once were. and as i said to lou earlier. he has stolen their thunder. you think about the people in pennsylvania who voted for him instead of hillary clinton. people who are long-term democrats who didn't feel the democratic party represented them anymore. sean: you said something i think democrats should learn. you have got to run on something. donald trump had a plan, he kept
11:45 pm
his promise, and he did it expeditiously. 8 years of obama we had 13 million more fellow americans on food stamps. 8 million more on poverty. first president never to hit 3% gdp in a year. he took on more debt than any other president combined. we had the lowest labor participation rate since the 70s. and the lowest homeownership rate in 51 years. we have 4 million new jobs, 8 million americans out of poverty and off food stamps. we have 4.2%. the atlanta fed was predicting 4.3% growth. so america has a choice here. either you are going to continue the progress we made in two years or you will go back to what has failed. i hope they make the right
11:46 pm
choice. i don't have a crystal ball. if they don't run on the good agenda, things are looking good for republicans. >> there is a lot at stake. sean: congratulations. i am going to lie, trish said she is going to be number one on the fox business network. trish: don't start anything. sean: that's my job. i get paid to start things. trish: 9:00 p.m. eastern, you can see sean. sean: 14 minutes from now. switch channels. trish: more violence called for by hollywood. alec baldwin said it's time top overthroat government. >> we need to overthrow the government of the united states under donald trump. under donald trump. [cheers and applause] ...for that, and
11:47 pm
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>> we need to overthrow the government of donald trump. not in a violent or unlawful way, but it must be overthrown as well. let's make america great again
11:51 pm
by making donald trump a casino operator again. trish: make america -- no matter what side of the aisle you are on, people are still civil to each other. it's so small, you might see somebody at the coffee shop the next morning. more democrat calls for -- well, violence. you see them. we played them with sean hannity. but this is for people to overthrow the government from liberal hollywood actor alec baldwin. he was in my home state new hampshire fundraising for democrats. former new hampshire governor chris sununu. it's great to have someone from my home turf. >> i feel the live free or die
11:52 pm
spirit in this studio. we are all very proud at home. trish: what do you make of that? this talk of overthrowing. of all the word you could have used. do you have to say overthrow the government? >> alec baldwin has a history of not thinking about his word. for the new hampshire democrat party to be highlighting him as a guest speaker at the eleanor roosevelt dinner of all things, it's disgraceful. but this an example wet were you are in new hampshire or across the country. main street democrats have to decide, are you going to associate with extreme liberal elitism? that's what government is about. it's about public service getting things done. the democrats have to decide if that's who they are going to be represented by. trish: you see what hillary
11:53 pm
clinton is saying. she is saying we can't be civil until we win. >> i take a lot of pride in new hampshire. we need to lead by example. you have to remember when it comes to public service the job is not about ourselves or what we want individually. for me it's about the 1.3 million people i represent. when you work collaboratively and positively, you let all the idea come to the table, amazing things happen. trish: people in new hampshire do work together and they are civil because they want to get stuff done. but you look at the federal government and you see a massive division. >> it's a circus. when it comes to congress and the senate, fire them all. what we say in new hampshire is we are not going to let the negativity, the polarization of washington define our success.
11:54 pm
trish: i sometimes wonder when you look at this division and look at what mueller is looking into. has vladimir putin gone the exactly we wanted? here we are completely divided with hillary clinton saying we need to abolish the electoral college. i mean, these people are saying things like that. they are not -- they are saying this is not my president. they are undermining this transfer of power. governor, you know very well has been so much a foundation for our country for the last several hundred years. >> it's something to be proud of. our system of american government is tremendous. it's really a system of the people. a system that allows individual, it doesn't matter how much money you have or your name notoriety.
11:55 pm
if you want to make a difference in your community, you can do it. i think we have taken it for granted in the united states. but it's a wonderful thing, a positive thing. it should be embraced. trish: what does inspire a lot of everyday folks across america is economic success. you look at what this president has accomplished thus far from a policy standpoint and look at the jobs numbers. you look at the gdp numbers and say wow, that's something i can get behind. i don't need the identity politics. when you are economically successful it matters. but vladimir putin, i wonder if he's sitting over there saying, this is hey, we are in a state with we can't get anybody to get along in washington. and maybe this is what he wanted all along. >> however it might be out
11:56 pm
there. enemies of the united states, they are reveling in this. but they don't realize the success of our country, he goes the united states and so goes the world. trish: we are friend. my uncle ran against your dad. >> it was a very close race. >> it was a very close race. we are going to have much more (sounds of race cars)
11:57 pm
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trish: tune this tomorrow. i got a big one, big interview. sitting down one-on-one with president trump. what do you want to hear from him? send me your questions on facebook, also on twitter @trish regan. we've first show here in the books. thanks for watching, everyone. kennedy: thanks so much, trish. and here's a news alert now. a potentially are explosive development in the case of a washington post journalist who is missing and feared dead. according to "the wall street journal," the saudi government plans to admit he was killed during an interrogation gone wrong. that's a far cry from the denial the saudi king reported to president trump, and it could have major implications for our relationship with the kingdom. as you may know, jamal khashoggi vanished almost two weeks ago. here's video of him understanding the turkish consulate, and he has not been seen since. he is a saudi citizen as well as a permanent resident of these


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