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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 19, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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lou: good evening our top story, caravan of central american migrants trying to u.s. border second blowing -- is exploding in numbers and size. becoming a full-blown international crise for governments of hon honduras, guatemala and mexico. president trump says that the country do nothing to stop the caravan from streaming into united states, he will call on the military to close the southern border. we take it up congressman andy bigs of air aired.
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angel mom marianne mendosa, whose son was killed by an illegals immigrant. and washington time opinion editor charlie hurt. also fbi's former top attorney testifies about rod rosenstein's plan to wear a wire and record president trump in the white house. jameses baker's testimony behind closed-door today. as one republican congressman demanding rod rosenstein resign, and resign now. >> it's time that rod rosenstein steps down. he should do so immediately, in doing that, i think it would serve the country well, this president well. and it is time we evenly get to truth of the matter. lou: investigative journalist sarah carter will join me, and talk about latest developments. president trump on his way to
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moma mo -- montana. >> we're doing a rally for matt rosen dale, a fantastic man. he is doing well, we will be talking tough things about senator tester who has been a disaster. and a disaster for montana. lou: republican strategist ed rollins with me, assess the states when what appears to be likely outcome of midterm elections. >> our top story, caravan of 4,central american4-- 4,000 central americans. the leading edge of the caravan
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it guatemala, 1 over the border they face a journey over 1200 miles to reach brownsville, texas. the closest point to where they are right now, today mexican government dispatched additional police to the border, and warned caravan that mexico will not permit them to enter mexico without a passport and visa. it is unclear whether mexican government official are ponding to president trump's -- responding to president trump's request that guatemala and mexico stop the caravan before it gets near united states, and president makes it clear could he will order u.s. military to the border if the caravan is is a well youd to approach -- allowed to approach the border. president has ordered stopping payment to countries be
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considered. he must ask mexico to stop onslaught, if unable to do so, i will call up u.s. military and close our southern border. united states faces without any doubt a historic immigration crisis. as a result of the open border policies of form ar former press bush and obama, latest study number of illegal immigrant in united states higher, twice as high as previous estimates, yale m.i.t. study, estimating over 22 million illegal ill grand immigw in the country, perhaps as many as 30 according to yale m.i.t. study, first done in almost a decade. the president with ready to act alone if mexico does not take responsibility for assuring
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integrity of its borders and safety of its own citizens. this crisis created by our radical dimms who insist on open borders, amnesty, crime, and coexisting with mexican dug drug cartels, a crisis everyone should consider as we vote november 6, 19 days from now. first guest, to discuss break down of border security, enforcement of our immigration laws or failure to do so, national security threat, and the crisis of sovereignty for this country, joining us congressman andy biggs of arizona, member of house judiciary committee and house freedom caucus. i don't think some people in government understand their role. it seems very clear that the department of homeland security is not taking as responsibilities seriously.
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and there is an effort on be on- obfuscate dimension of this problem. -- you name it. across that border from mexico. >> you are right. i think secretary nielsen needs to clean house. the people that are running the border patrol now, some of them are architects of original cash and release program, for pete's sake. i don't understand what is going on. nationaly, she should have -- additionally she should have been fighting for restoration of money for border patrol agents. we have an invasion coming over, of day, then you have an organized invasion from central america american states then we have border patrol stations in arizona that are 50% of their comment am because the moral is so low.
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it low because we have not supported them. lou: talking about high turnover. >> yes. >> it is a very tough job, moral, i understand. the dimension of this problem, whether business round table, chamber of commerce, koch brothers, wall street, they are willing to lie about numbers of illegal immigrants in the country, using same number we used more than a decade ago, learn million illegal immigrants, the yale m.i.t. study saying, clearly, at least, least 22 million. and certainly as high as 30 million in this country, that throws into just it is an upheaval of the estimate of the cost of what we're spending on welfare. on social programs, on education. for illegal immigrants in this
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country, it is stunning when business establishment, left wing, radical democratic party, and yes bush administration, you remember they do jobs americans won't do. pure utter nonsense. >> yes. lou: why y -- so where do we go. >> you are right, our problem is they use static numbers, we know they are cashing people there are -- catching people there are getaways probably 4 timings more. they used to work seasonaly and go home, that is a different animal, i was at border last friday, if we don't build a border wall and secure our southern border we'll actually lose our sovereignty, i believe it. you won't have a border, you won't have a nation with boundaries. lou: that was plan. it was the union. they were going to harmonize our
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borders with canada and mexico. it is extr extraordinary, we hae seen two presidents bush and obama do to this country sovereignty, president said, if mexico does not respond to his requests, he will order u.s. military to our southern border and shut it down to stop this onslaught, it is -- at least that. we have a million, million people enerring this country legally every year. as in chain migration, a million crossing that border, from 600 to a million, we have no idea. illegally into country. and we're spending a fortune. it is unconscionable. your thoughts? >> i think he needs to do it i
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support it, i tell you why. we need more personnel on the border today. we have barriers that people, you can watch videos, people shimmy over, jump down, they are hurting themselves jumping down. they come over, they claim asylum, we need's present on border that stout with the military, that is a good thing, it is necessary, and i think president trump's instincts are correct on this this is the international security. some of these people are not wholesome. lou: some of them, for most part they are minimally educated, they have minimal skills if any, central america and mexico have been exporting their poor to this country, it has to stop.
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we cannot afford it it were one thing if we were not a welfare society now, every one of these illegal immigrants enters and immediately entitled to education, to welfare to all sorts of social programs, that is stunning what it costs, congressman. >> absolutely. lou: it is good to see you, what is your bet on mexico. >> i think they will help, i think president trump is leveraging them we signed that new trade agreement, i think they will step in a little bit, just a sive, a sive, more people will keep coming they will put help up for us. lou: i would like to see it manuel lopez obrador, i think represents a real opportunity as new president of mexico come this december. i think he represents a real opportunity for this president to find a partner who'll be
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responsible and treat the border and peoples on both sides of the border with respect for a new min elia. >> we hope. >> congressman great to see you, andy biggs. >> thank you, lou. lou: up next, record level of spending in this year's midterms, it will boggle the mind, ed rollins, is joining me next, also, hordes of migrants making their way closer to the united states. angel mom, marianne mendosa and washington times charlie hurt joining us, taking up president's warning he will shut the border, and order military in if the dimms fail, fail to act and if mexico and those central american nations don't take responsibility for their people. also, disappear of an saudi activist jamal khashoggi
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provides radical left with a new line of attack, if you want to call it that, again the president. >> i'm sure they have been working to try to concoct a story that will stand up to scrutiny that will be put on it. >> united states actually a part of the you know explanation process with the saudis. >> idea he is already making excuses before the facts are known is typical. >> that i want to help the saudis launder their representation. >> president trump can continue to be the mouth piece, which is what he has become for saudi regime, and its denials. lou: left really has become the radical dimms, party that democrats, of the mob, and presidenpresumption of guilt,y i notice, how much they seem to know about international
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beyond network complexity. to a zero-touch, one-box world. optimizing performance and budget. beyond having questions. to getting answers. "activecore, how's my network?" "all sites are green." all of which helps you do more than your customers thought possible. comcast business. beyond fast. lou: breaking news tonight, united states and the government of mexico have reached an
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agreement on how to handle that caravan of illegal immigrants coming from central america. president trump has just tweeted -- thank you mexico and we look forward to working with you. a senior trump administration official telling us that plan developed over months of negotiations with mexico. mexico has asked united nations high commissioner for refugee to set up shelters on southern border between mexico and central america. united nations according to this plan, will then vet those in shelters in the caravan to determine which of them have a legitimate claim to so call refugee status, if they have a claim there will be a process to find a host country, if not, they will be since home, this is a major, major breakthrough.
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the idea that president has now found a partner in the government of mexico in the incoming president ow obrador agrees not to criticize this plan, that has been negotiated with current president of mexico, it is an extraordinary moment, president has again, pulled off a last minute agreement, in a negotiation with mexico, this is just a tremendous tremendous development. with 19 days remaining until midterms, polls getting tighter, campaigning heavier, and nastier. president trump on his way to montana, in support of republican matt rosen dale, trying to oust john tester.
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politic polls have tester up by a few points, making it a key race for president and his america first agenda. >> we will be talking some tough things about senator tester. >> who has been a disaster. lou: and bob hugo an up 2 points behind bob menendez. joining me to talk about latest polling. ahead of the midterms. fox news political analyst, my good friend ed rollins, i want to start with agreement with government of mexico. president has negotiated here.
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this is a landmark moment, i believe in relationship between two. >> fabulous agreement, we have 22 million illegals. lou: minimum. >> we can't have open borders. you see these people coming up through on trucks and walking and what have you. like mexico is an open highway. and saying they will have a passport to get to mexico, will provide them security at end of the border that is a major step forward. president deserves great credit, and the president of mexico for cooperating. lou: president outgoing in two months with approval of as we understand manuel lopez obrador, incoming president, taking office in december. this could be such a fundamental change in direction in what is the war against drugs, end of
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illegal immigration and open borders, it will disappoint many from far left to far right, too dag gum bad, right. turn to president who will be in montana. your thoughts about race and likelihood of unseating tester. >> this is one i thought we could win, i don't think that tester fits the bill of that state any more, we have a good candidate who made huge inroads. only thing keeping tester alive he has millions and millions and millions of dollar. lou: how much? >> 48 million in the race, mostly outside money. lou: 48 million? >> most money spend in montana. at end of day's small enough day
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you can make an impact. momentum is so our side. >> bo hugin, republican candidae in new jersey, he has closed it, new jersey is a blue, blue, blue, state, i don't have to tell you. this is your thought about his prospects. >> his prospect is good, very findings leader, in pharmaceutical industry in new jersey, a candidate that this have gone to jail. obama administration indicted him, they could not be successful on a trial. lou: they gave him a break, they backed off. >> they could have retried him. i think that voters are disgusted with having that kind of caliber in leadership. i think these are two races we could win. then we're on the way to adding the margin. lou: jamal khashoggi, saudi
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quote, unquote, journalist. said early he was a residence of united states, he was you you. had status. president has been careful to to insist on presumption of innocence with regard to saudi government, particularly crown prince mohammed bin salman, your thoughts about where we are? how difficult is this. >> this issue grows by the day, my sense is that turks have a lot at stake. we should let them continue their investigation. they have a lot at stake. i think it an issue that will grow and grow, if it turns out president said over and over, if it turns out they did murder him, as it looks like they did, then there has to be consequences. >> it depends on who the they
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turns out to be, and do you believe the turks of whatever did or did not happen. do you believe that. >> i don't believe the saudis. >> do you believe the turks? >> in this case, i believe the turks. lou: do you really? >> i do. lou: i do know believe either one. through are. >> good. lou: we always. >> a slight dif win o differencf opinion. lou: we can live with that, it is america. >> it is lou dobb's show. lou: a great big chunk of america right here. >> always giving me my option of saying what i think. lou: i have never been able to figure out how to stop you, ed roll ibs. >> thanroll ins. lou: warren giving another gift, this time, walking back her ridiculous dna results that showed almost zero, evidence of
4:26 am
any native american heritage she claimed, senator warren telling "boston globe," get ready for this, quote, there is a distinction between citizenship and ancestry. i wish i had been more mindful of that. if you were, senator, you would not be worried about ancestry, because your i is citizenship ie great american nation, it means it possible for you to forget about group and identity politics, we're just americans, there, how does that feel? do you feel better? as i said, the newest yale, m.i.t. study puts total number of illegal immigrants in this country at least double when our two previous presidential administrations acknowledge. actual population is at least 22 million. could be as much as 30 million,
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that leaves to the poll question, do you support president trump's declaration that he would order southern border of mexico and central americans sealed if they fail to stop overwhelming onslaught of illegal citizens crossing over. post your on lou dobbs. >> coming up trump administration reaching an historic deal with mexico. on how to handle the growing caravan of well central americans. who were headed to the united states, from val america. -- central america, guess what? president trump thrown the left a major, major curveball. he has flipped the left and the radical dimms on their heads, we take with up with angel mom,
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lou: breaking news, shocking sunk isurge of illegal immigrant parents entering u.s. with children, more than 16500 family members were arrested last month, an 18% increase from july, a new one month record, as illegal immigration continues to rise, and pose a national security threat, president trump is ready to move without congress if necessary to protect our southern border present set by president obama. >> we're not just going to be waiting for legislation in order to make sure that we're providing americans kind of help they need. i have a pen, and i have a
4:33 am
phone. and i can use that pen to sign executive orders, and take executive actions and administrate iraqadministrativee the ball forward. lou: president obama you will remember frequently used though powers. joining us, talk about president trump's fight again pro amnesty, open border policies of radical dimms and his plans to secure southern border and new development with government of mexico which providing a solution, negotiated by president trump's administration, and that of pena nieto, president of mexico, extraordinary agreement and means that caravan. is not going to be moving much farther north.
4:34 am
i am pleased to say we're joined by angel mom, mary ann mendoza, cofounder of group ain' angel families. and charlie hurt, washington times opinion editor. >> thank you. lou: marianne, i have to ask, we're hearing a landmark agreement between president trump and pena nieto, president of mexico to resolve my gran my- migrant caravans so that estimated 4,000 people, they are not likely to advance much further according to this deal with mexico, what is your reaction? >> bravo, this is why the american people elected donald trump into was o offers -- offi.
4:35 am
we've waited for decade for our gutless senators, and congress, democrats to step up in doing something about the illegal aliens invading our country, i am sure that majority of americans are sick and tired this issue having so much coverage when it can be taken care of that is what trump is doing protestin protecting us. lou: what has he didn't. with this, elect, i have to be clear, they were planning on this caravan getting to our border, and creating headaches and great video of for left and all of radical dim candidates, many of whom have contributed to our open borders and immigration system that as president says, the laughingstock of the world. >> it is truly amazing.
4:36 am
you know not only do have you democrat who don't claim to you know so many don't believe in trying to enforce the borders, you have republicans who give lip service to it, and not done whathey should have done to fix this problem before now, i can't help but i think that we're in in problem right now because of president trump is so unpredictible. no body knows what he going to do, they are not sure how far he will go, they think there is a good chance he might go back and tear up his newly signed -- >> i don't think there was a doubt. did you doubt it. >> no. but, i you know, that would be a pretty huge thing to do. after having just finally gotten everyone toking in to the table and sign -- gotten together to the table and signed that kind
4:37 am
of concern, about that guy that arrives at an interesting solution. lou: as charlie says, this is a big deal, it would have been a big deal to tear that grime. this iagreement -- agreement, ts say huge deal. business round table have been peddling nonsense there were only 11 million illegal immigrants for last 15 years, we know better, because a million come in nearly every year, yale-m.i.t. study puts 22 million as many as 30 that changes all of the algorithm and extrapolation about cost and impact on our society, and other minority groups in this country as well. >> absolutely, you know, it brings to light percentage of crime committed against americans by the aim of illegals in had country, i know that the
4:38 am
liberal's goal and whoever was funding this caravan, i know their goal was to have a splash at midterms and so family separated again, i that will media to invite angel families to border and have us lined up with pictures of our loved one's headstones and see how that tugs on fellow american hearts, these families are not separated forever, they have come willingly, knowing what is happening, we have been ripped apart. lou: i hope president and members of chamber of commerce, all of the -- the koch brothers, and all of the koch brother network, and folks on wall street, charlie who have been underwriting the open borders, and the destruction of our immigration policies, i hop they have watching -- hope they are watching as president trump
4:39 am
turned them upside down said to radical dems and -- radical dimms and chuck schumer and paul ryan, basically go to hell, his administration has pulled it off. >> which is why as we said earlier, even republicans, who pay lip service have never done anything to fix it. but you know. one thing that i think people this a divisive issue for a lot of people, but one thing that everyone is united about, out in the country, idea that if you prevent a situation, where you have to separate children from parents that is a good thing. lou: okay charlie hurt, marianne mendoza, thank you for being here, i feel badly for marianne, a real leader in was on the. would have made all difference like president trump making for
4:40 am
this nation. and tens of millions of americans right now, up next, rod rosenstein to appear before house for a interview next week, calls for him to resign. we take it upping and everything self involving deep state, investigative journalist
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lou: fbi former top lawyer, james baker on capitol hill
4:44 am
today, for a closed-door hearing. republican lawmaker tells us that baker did not back away from his october 3 testimony, he believes deputy attorney general rod rosenstein of serious about recording the president in the white house. at a meeting of my 2017. as we learn rod rosenstein will appear next wednesday for a tran scribed interview, we heard that before. we'll see what happens. joining us to discuss key congressional hearings and their potential impact leading to the midterms, sarah carter, investigative repor reporter fox business contributor. sarah thank you for joining us. >> great to be with. >> baker. -- and meadows calling for his
4:45 am
resignation, whatever they heard meadows had a belly full. >> not only congressman meadows but a number of other congressional representatives to hear baker's testimony feel the same way, it was explosive testimony today, i know a little bit of what happened behind the closed-doors. baker when asked over and over majority of questions were actually directed about rod rosenstein. the meeting with andrew mccabe and lisa page. who was also an fbi attorney, who has since resigned along with mccabe who was fired. thigh asked him directly about rod rosenstein, whether they asked him specifically, how did you know, how did you know for certain that you know mccabe believed rod rosenstein was serious? he said, to them, by his words and by his actions.
4:46 am
so the fbi actually conducted and did some kind of accountable thing with regard to when rod rosenstein of saying, i think this is what you know congress is so upset about. we know based on baker's testimony that they withheld, fbi withheldiic -- exculpatory evidence, we know based to baker testimony that rod rosenstein was serious well recording the president of the united states secretly, which is reason why so many congressional members of saying, look, and meadows who came out public he said, resign right now, that has gone too far, your move in may 2017 to secretly record the president crossed line, but they will give him a chance to speak next week. if he shows sneup tha up. lou: there seems to be an issue
4:47 am
not revolved, baker is not in this with clean hands himself. and certainly andrew mc cabe is not, this is going to be a very difficult issue to be sorted out, it seems each one has culpability one way or another. your thoughts? >> great point, i mean, they look at a number of things we know for search jame certain james baker according to sources close, and james baker himself did not care much are in rod rosenstein. -- for rod rosenstein, he was close to james comey, baker was and was angry when rod rosenstein wrote that memo that allowed president to basically act on his wishes to fire comey, he was the not doing his job. and as well as you know we know andrew mccabe was close to
4:48 am
baker, but according to people who heard this testimony, one had nothing to do with the other, only thing is that baker was not afraid of throwing him under the bus. lou: i think that eager is another way of looking at it. nelly ohr to testify. her husband will be in jeopardy if she happens to can tr contrat his testimony, ohr family is having a tough time, they seem to be at nexus of all this skull duggary carried out by certain elements of justice department and fbi leadership. >> right, we know that bruce ohr was used as a back-channel by fbi to get information from christopher steele after spying former british spy, and nelly ohr who was working for fusion
4:49 am
gps a long time, she speaks russian fluidly, and she worked in soviet union at the time it was soviet union. lou: we have collusion. and if you will, a little con-- conflewence. people doing investigation for justice department, and leading it, they are the ones with connects to russia. it is most preposterous moment that anyone would contemplate in letting this so-called special counsel, bob mueller continue. the president is right, it is a witch-hunt, and -- anyway it is just rating. >> you . .
4:50 am
including vice chair, that is senator mark warner. >> absolutely. lou: that is for next week. how about it. >> thank you, lou. i would love to be back. lou: you got it, see you then. >> thank you. lou: sarah carter. >> up next. latest on disappearance of saudi -- what was he? operative? activist. jamal khashoggi. >> and president trump refused to rush to judgment, we take to rush to judgment, we take that up and more here
4:51 am
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lou: new reports tonight are saudi arabia is considering pin can the blame for the death of jamal could showingy to a high advisor to prince mohammad bin salman. the secretary of state telling the president to continue to hold off on any rush to judgment as he has urged the president has all americans.
4:55 am
>> i told president trump this morning that we ought to give them a few more days to complete that so we have more facts surrounding that so we can make the decision how the united states should respond to the incident surrounding mr. khashoggi. lou: the president's calm patience on this issue has left the mainstream media, the radical dimms and the rinos saying the president is not acting tough enough. >> i don't know why this administration seems to feel the need to coddle autocrats and dictators. i don't understand it. lou: he doesn't understand many things. and biden as usual has everything upside down.
4:56 am
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lou: the president reaching an historic deal with the mexican
5:00 am
president. the caravan of migrants won't be permitted to move through mexico. congressman matt gaetz is among our guests tomorrow. >> certainly looks that way to me. very sad. we will be making statement, severe. cheryl: severe indicate deed, rising tensions over death of washington post columnist has weighed on financial markets. lauren: global war fears hitting stocks worldwide, the dow sinking yesterday however up slightly on the week. cheryl: we will see what happens today and if we can hold on numbers. we will be getting earnings


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