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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 31, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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♪ lou: good evening everybody. our top stories president trump and first lady melania traveled to pittsburgh today, paying their respects to the families of the victims of the synagogue shooting this weekend that left 11 people dead. president trump offered the people of pittsburgh his respect, his compassion and the dems and national left-wing media were viciously attacking him, trying to blame him directly for the senseless tragedy. also, president trump promising bold action to end the practice of so-called birthright citizenship. the president saying he will
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sign an executive order that will remove the right of citizenship for anyone other than the children of american citizens and permanent residents. >> a person comes in, has a baby, the baby is essentially a citizen of the united states for 85 years. it is ridiculous. it is ridiculous. it has to end. lou: in mexico tonight, migrant caravans continue to make their way toward our southern border. the top u.s. military commander for north america calls these caravans more organized and more violent than anything we've seen before. we take up the threat of those approaching caravans of central american migrants, who are demanding entry into the united states. we'll be talking with former acting director of u.s. immigration and customs enforcement thomas homan. another volatile day of trading on wall street. the dow gaining more than 400 points on the day to assess the markets. what we can expect from this
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economy, we're joined by "wall street journal" editor james freeman, fox business correspondent, susan li. our top story, president trump is in pittsburgh tonight where he is paying hi respects to the victims of saturday's shooting at the tree of life synagogue. president trump and members of the first family meeting with rabbi jeffrey myers. they laid stones and flowers at each of the 11 stars set up in remembrance of the victims. fox news correspondent garrett tenney joining us live from pittsburgh with the latest. garrett? reporter: yeah, lou, today president trump took on the role of consoler-in-chief three days after the worst anti-semitic attack in u.s. history. first lady with his daughter ivanka and area kushner who are practicing jews, showed support for the jewish community on behalf of the entire nation. they laid stones and white roses at each of the stars of david
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for the 11 victims. his second stop was at ucmc hospital where he spent hour 1/2 visiting four police officers and their families injured while responding to the attack along the with medical team that has been treating them and two other victims. not everyone in the steel city is happy about the president's visit though. the president's arrival was met with protests and city's mayor did not meet with the president saying he wanted to focus on helping his city recover. a group of progressive rabbis said the president's divisive rhetoric about minorities is partly to blame for the attack but other jewish leaders say the president's visit is welcome. >> i think he is probably been the most pro-israel president we've had. however i do think that he has not done enough to distance himself from some factions that may be on the wrong side of love reporter: funerals for the 11 worshipers began today.
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thousands lined up outside of pittsburgh's oldest synagogue for the services for the rosenthal brothers, cecil and david. similar crowds attended service for jerry rabinowitz and daniel stein. funerals for several other victims take place over the next few days. the man charged with their deaths meanwhile is likely facing the death penalty. lou. lou: garrett, thank you very much. garrett tenney from pittsburgh. also today president trump said he plans to sign an executive order that ends birthright citizenship for babies born to illegal immigrants in the united states. fox news chief white house correspondent john roberts joining us tonight with more. reporter: lou, good evening. normally amending the constitution take as 2/3 majority vote in the house and senate, followed by ratification by 3/4 of the states but the president believes there may be a way to do it with a simple signature. >> it is in the process. it will happen. with an executive order.
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reporter: for 150 years the 14th amendment to the constitution has conferred citizenship to children born on u.s. soil. but with three migrant caravans setting their sights on the united states southern border, president trump would like to change that. >> it was always told to me needed constitutionalment. guess what? reporter: the 14th amendment states all persons born or naturalized in the united states and subject to the jurisdiction thereof are citizens of the united states. but the white house is zeroing in on the five words, subject to the jurisdiction thereof. to possibly make a case people who cross the border illegally may not be eligible for constitutional protections. >> the supreme court of the united states has never ruled on whether or not the language of the 14th amendment subject to the jurisdiction thereof applies specifically to people in the country illegally. i think the president is looking at executive action and i know congress looked at legislative action to reconsider that.
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reporter: the issue of birthright citizenship came up early in the 2016 campaign. donald trump and jeb bush both highlighting the problem of what they called, anchor babies and taking sharp criticism for it. >> if there is another term i could come up with, i'm happy to hear it. >> now a week before the midterms, president trump has picked up that torch again. >> we're only country in the world where a person comes in, has a baby the baby is essentially a citizen of the united states for 85 years with all of those benefits. it is ridiculous. it is ridiculous. it has to end. reporter: the united states is not the only country to confer birthright citizenship. more than 30 others including canada also do you about some countries like the uk and australia have rescinded birthright citizenship laws. president trump would like to end it with an executive order, leaders to his own party say the only way to do it is through a constitutional amendment. >> well obviously cannot do that, you cannot end birthright
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citizenship with executive order. reporter: democrats accused the president manufacturing an issue in the final hours to deflect what voters really care about, health care. in a statement house minority leader nancy pelosi saying the president does not have the power to erase parts of the constitution. clearly republicans will do absolutely anything to divert attention away from their votes to take away americans health care. republican senator lindsey graham seemed to agree it would take a constitutional amendment. said he would introduce legislation to do it. but on principle he was in lockstep with the president. in a statement saying, finally a president willing to take on this absurd policy of birthright citizenship. this policy is a magnet for illegal immigration. out of the mainstream of the developed world, and needs to come to an end. the urgency to do something to stop this caravan is increasing. in impromptu press conference this afternoon, head of u.s. northern command o'shaughnessy said quote, this is different
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what we've seen in the past. this is clearly an organization at higher level. we've seen violence coming out of the vary can and as they pass other international borders them behave in a nature we've not seen in the past. a lot of concern about what to do about these folks as they head toward the southern border of the united states. lou? lou: john, thank you very much. obviously the president doing something about it. also tonight those caravans of central american migrants numbering as many as 14,000 in one caravan, the lead caravan continue to move north on their way to our border. the leading caravan moved more than 30 miles further into mexico today. they're now about 850 miles away from the u.s. border in mcallen, texas. a second and more violent caravans the one general shawn necessary sy referenced crossed into mexico from guatemala and is now 20-miles inland, near the
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a city tapochula authorities in this group injured police officers as though broke through a border barrier. mexican authorities say the agents were hit with rocks and glass bottles thrown by the caravan members. this is a third caravan arrived today at the guatemala move mexican border. two more caravans are making their way through guatemala and honduras. fox news correspondent william la. >> yes, sir -- la jeunesse, joins us tonight traveling with the caravan in mexico. >> i want to go to the united states because i want better opportunity to work. reporter: 47-year-old romero remains undeterred despite president's promise to close the border. >> i'm not asking for asylum. president trump, give me opportunity to stay there, you know. because i want to get a better life for me. reporter: mexico offered the migrants, work permits, housing medical care, schoolings, so far fewer than 150 accepted.
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>> no working in mexico. not much money. reporter: organizers want 150 buses to transport the caravan to mexico city along narrow winding roads and blind serves but for the safety of migrants and motorists alike. some may take the train. others joined but the group ranging from 4 to 5,000 gripeds north. >> guatemalan soldiers blocked it. they still went through. then it happened in mexico. soldiers, and now they're past. and they, they, they forced themselves through. somehow, they have passed. reporter: as for the president's effort to secure the border, organizer louis cruz believe u.s. law and public opinion on their side. >> they told us the last caravan they took, if you can see, most of the people we took up, most of the families are at the united states were refugees.
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reporter: clearly lou, in the last 48 hours president trump changed the ruse of game. to stop surge of central american families and unaccompanied children coming to the united states. while these people may not know it yet, their american dream is not likely to end the way they hoped. lou. lou: thank you very much, william. the president is not changed the rules. he is enforcing the rules. william la jeunesse from mexico. up next, a violent caravan has made its way into mexico and is now poised to make it to the border. we take that up next with former i.c.e. director tom homan. president trump tonight is in pittsburgh, honoring the lives lost in saturday's mass shooting. he is still however, the target of scorn from some at cnn. >> the reason this is difficult is because he, the president has shown no interest in being the comforter in chief. >> it does reflect just his total inability so far to manage moments like this in a way to
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unite the country. >> president trump heads to pittsburgh to pay respects to victims of the synagogue massacre he won't have much company there. >> too soon. president trump in pittsburgh right now, uninvited guest for many local leaders as funerals begin. >> that sadness, that absolute shock at what has happened turned into anger with news of the president's visit. >> this that he is doing, just checking off a box and has no real significance and people can see through it. >> it is appalling judgment. it is just awful judgment. very unpresidential. as a political strategy, it is bad strategy too. more importantly, it is bad morality. lou: more on the national left-wing's vicious attacks on the president of the united states as he tries to comfort a community. when we continue. when we continue. stay with ussurance that won't replace the full value of your new car? you'd be better off throwing your money right into the harbor. i'm gonna regret that. with liberty mutual new car replacement
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lou: there are now five caravans of central american migrants trying to travel from honduras to guatemala, to the mexican border and then making the 1300-mile journey through mexico to our southern border. so what will happen? when they get there, if they get there. joining us tonight is thomas homan, former acting director of
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immigration and customs enforcement. thomas is also a fox business contributor. great to have you with us. good to see you. >> good to see you, lou. lou: this is remarkable now, five caravans, each of them growing in number, as they move north. the mexican government, the president thought that his administration had at least the basics of a deal, apparently not. pena nieto, the president of mexico not delivering. what do you expect, if anything from the mexican government? >> well the mexican government has delivered on a few things. they have offered asylum to many of the migrants. and over 1000 taken that offer. lou: and jobs. i mean that i understand that but i'm talking about, nothing has been done to stop the migrant caravans. >> no. and you know, they attempted to on the southern border. i don't know if it's a lack of will but, certainly that is not going to happen in this country.
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not going to be pushed away by the border patrol. we still need to have discussion in mexico, a third country agreement. if they get to our border, wait in mexico until hearings take place. they don't need to be in the united states waiting for a hearing that will happen years down the road. i think we can still talk about a safe third country in mexico. if they really want to help. they certainly can do that. a signing of memorandum of understanding like we did with canada. lou: why hasn't there been a memorandum of understanding generated by previous administrations? >> well i can tell you when i was i.c.e. director i was in a couple meetings with officials from mexico and we were talking about mou, trying to get mexico to agree to it, working on substance of mou. i retired. i don't know what happened to that would i certainly think secretary nielsen, her leadership at cpp and i.c.e. are working on mou.
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i hope they are. it is another option we need on the table. lou, at the time, mexico was pushing back on it. they didn't seem to offer their assistance in that. lou: they have been, they have been, as you know, mexico, has been exporting their poor, their unskilled, and relatively uneducated citizens north to the united states. and of course there has been a vast interest in accommodating that with open border because, and in point of in point of fact the business lobby, princely the chamber of commerce, business roundtable, the koch brothers all wanted cheap labor. that was convenient. now we have somewhere between 22 and 30 million illegal immigrants according to the yale mit study and more on the way and acting for all the world like they are entitled to cross our border with impunity. >> i think, one thing we need to remember, lou, also remittances. billions of dollars yearly go to
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mexico and central america from those in our country illegally sending money back. that is a big part of their gdp. that is a big issue of these countries, they don't want to talk about it. it is reason for them to have illegal population here working. lou: they don't want us talking either about the deadly drugs being smuggled across that border. from those countries, but most especially obviously from mexico. whether its methaphetamines, marijuana, cocaine, heroin. this is, this is also what the business lobby and the left in this country joining up on issue of open borders has delivered to america. the democratic party has demanded the voters. the republican party demanded cheap labor, until now, with this president. >> two things. first i'm glad you brought the drugs up. what is not talking about. people say poor migrants escaping fear and persecution,
4:21 am
they have to understand the cartels run the mexican side of the border. and when they're pushing large groups of family units and children in one sector, the cartels are moving drugs and bad people through another area because they know the border patrol is tied up over here. why this isn't immigration issue. this is truly a national security issue. the cartels are playing this issue. they know exactly what they're doing. i am glad you brought that up. more drugs come through the border when the border patrol is tied up with family units and children. lou: we have a problem obviously with the number of border patrol agents. the fact of the matter is, our border patrol will be overwhelm ed without military support. the president making clear he is not only sending that's 5200 troops to the border, but that there will be others to follow. your judgment about what, how successful, the border patrol,
4:22 am
the u.s. military, in support of the border patrol will be in stopping those caravans? >> i have full faith in the 20,000 american patriots wearing that uniform. in the military they will handle it. moving agents around. they will be doing medical responses. airlifting agents to certain sectors they're needed at. this is a great move. we have a great president, right. he will secure this border within any legal means he can. that is what a great president does. this president is doing that. lou: we haven't had a great president until this one for decades. >> well this president, has done more for border security and law enforcement and rule of law than any president, i worked with six of them. starting with ronald reagan. i respect them all. no one has done more for border security and rule of law is president trump. he a great president. i'm glad he is in the white house at times like this. lou: i certainly am as well. i truly believe the vast majority of americans, off then the silent majority, but the
4:23 am
vast majority of americans support this president, grateful for his, his leadership. i am, you know, more granular notion if you will. how do you expect the border patrol to deal, if those caravans rush the border as it appears the mexican government is entirely content to allow them to do? >> first of all, they're not going to do it what they did in mexico. border patrol will not step aside, step back. border patrol will arrest them. i hope they get detained, detained until they see a judge. if they get released catch-and-release, they won't show up in court, if they get a final order they won't leave. back in 2014 when the first surge happened, we detained them until they saw a judge. 80% lost their cases we filled planes of central americans. sent them south. because of that the numbers went down dramatically. wasn't until the ninth circuit said you can only hold them 20
4:24 am
days. they see a judge, see frivolous claims. they send home. send a strong message to central america. you will not be able to commit fraud and stay. lou: we're a country that depend on leaders ant its government, secretary nielsen, is she strong enough to deal with this crisis? >> i think secretary nielsen, look, she has been up on the hill with me many times, telling democrats what the loopholes r we got to remember these caravans are coming here -- lou: i'm asking you a very simple question, tom, is she strong enough do it? will she succeed? >> i think she is strong enough to do it. lou: no question about the president. my question is about his secretary of homeland security. >> yes. i do think she is strong enough to do this but we need congress. lou: you're not going to have congress. but you got what you to the, right? tom homan thank you very much. >> thank you, sir. appreciate you. lou: look forward to talking to
4:25 am
you soon. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. do you believe the united states must secure its borders and end illegal immigration and so-called birthright citizenship in order to be a truly sovereign nation? we would like to hear from you. cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. follow me on twitter @loudobbs. like me on facebook. follow me on instagram at "lou dobbs tonight." president trump making a last-minute campaign push. 11 presidential rallies scheduled in the final seven days before the midterm election. we take up the republicans chances. our panel joins us here next. stay with us. we're coming right
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lou: breaking news. special counsel robert mueller asking the fbi to investigate a alleged scheme to bring false sexual assault allegations against him. a woman who worked for mueller
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as a paralegal, and well, back in 1974, telling a number of reporters that republican activist jack bergman, was offering $20,000 in exchange for a sworn affidavit alleging sexual misconduct and work place harrassment. he is going to have a press conference about all of this tomorrow. joining us to take up the upcoming midterms, the shenanigans, plain venomous, dirty nasty, political tricks, dr. sebastian gorka, former strategist to president trump, author of a new work, this is a let of work, seb, why we fight, america's will to win. available everywhere, we urge you to buy it. lawrence jones, editor-in-chief in campus reform. what? in the world is wrong with you, lawrence. you don't have a book for me to hock. >> not yet. nice to see you brother. lou: talk about the president's birthright citizenship thing
4:31 am
should go away. how do you feel about that. >> you know i'm strong on immigration, lou. that is why you bring me on the program. look, i believe in the border wall system. i believe the president has right to secure america. lou: this doesn't sound like it will end well. >> that being said, i don't think the president is doing him seven a favor presenting this. this will go to the supreme court, lou. you've been doing this a long time, lou. it will go to the supreme court, judges like roberts and kavanaugh will not vote on the president's side on this they will side with the liberals. lou: really? >> i think it is a losing strategy. lou: you just dismissed the reason we brought you on. >> congress should do their job. lou: come on. >> keep people from coming into the country. lou: are you dreaming? congress should do its job? >> it will not get passed in the supreme court. lou: it doesn't have to. i didn't say right away. what do you think, seb? >> i think the president won every single battle so far.
4:32 am
if you look at moratorium on travel, he went all the way to the supreme court and he won that one as well. so this is his prerogative. his victory in 2016, lou, is revenge for common sense this is common sense measure. there is industry, in baby factory, people coming here to have babies, they get citizenship. if the founding fathers had known about this they would have another amendment to make sure that there is -- this is just wrong, lou. it is wrong that you are stamping u.s. citizens out like a factory -- >> but you know what is reality as well, sebastian. the republicans asked us forethe house, the senate and presidency. they said they would secure the border and fix this problem. this should not be executive orders to get this done. why the hell did they send them there to do a job if they can't do it? lou: name the last congress that we saw do the job. >> it is ridiculous. lou: name the last president? this president haas done more --
4:33 am
now lawrence -- >> it is not the president. congress i'm talking about. lou: let's kind of just look at the facts. the facts are 275,000 people, have we got that, put up this full screen if you would, on birthright citizenship. there it is. political establishment -- well that is a quote. the political establishment trying to stop us is the same group responsible for disasterous trade deals marks i have immigration that bled america dry. >> i totally agree. lou: he is trying to speak. a lame duck speaker in the house of representatives who said, there is the 275,000, that is 2014. >> it is a mess. it is insane. lou: born to illegal immigrants in this country. that is 7% of the birth rate here in this country, seb. this can't stand and by the way, let's talk about what the president is doing. in addition, sending 5000 troops, more on the way to the
4:34 am
border. what is going to happen when those caravans get to the border? will the mexican government finally grow up and be responsible partners on that border? >> well, if behavior to date, lou, is any indicator, the chances are slim but i think they're starting to realize if they don't actually patrol and police their territory before they reach the border, there will be very serious consequences for the bilateral relations between america and mexico. but whatever happens our military, as they have done so for decades and decades, will provide manpower support to the civilian authorities. that is the federal agents and bp. lou: i have to be honest with you, lawrence, i hate the idea of the military being support forces. you know, i would rather our military, i understand the optics of it, but reality is, why not put them straight on the
4:35 am
line, secure the border, end the nonsense and tell the cartels to go to hell? >> talk to generals, and rules of engagement. that is not part of their authority right now. quite frankly, lou, the military is stressed out. they are fighting wars they shouldn't be fighting. now we have to depend them to secure the border? i'm not going to let the republican congress off the hook. why can't they -- lou: you haven't got -- >> get border patrol, the tools that they need, the president won on a wall. why can't they get the wall system done? lou: you have to do more lawrence, throw your hands up there say why, why. >> you can't sign executive order because the next administration will take it out, 30 seconds, seb, you get it. >> look you can talk about congress all you like. there is about half a dozen guys that have got the president's back. the rest are swamp creatures, even in the gop. the military's first priority is national sovereignty. there is no more natural mission than for them to protect our
4:36 am
borders, period. lou: i think used the 30 seconds with remarkable a plum, if i may say. -- aplomb. thank you for being here. national left-wing media viciously attacking president still, while they blame the president for political violence. we take that up, there is stunning hypocrisy, mendacity and venom. "diamond & silk" will
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lou: yesterday a fellow every at cnn, jake tapper had a panel to talk about political rhetoric which quickly descended into a vicious assault on the president of the united states. >> this president has radicalized so many more people than isis ever did. >> what donald trump and his movement, not just him, but his movement, people before him have done usher in era where it is okay for the nasty evident parts of society to come out front. >> he winks and nods to these groups, i know i'm not spoused to say it but i'm nationalist. >> the president aligned himself with white nationalist. >> it feels unsettling and nervous making for people to see a president who is reluctant somehow to condemn evil. >> i would like him not to just call for civility but say i have contributed to this. lou: wow.
4:41 am
joining us now to talk about the national left-wing media nasty, seesless attacks against the president, social media superstars, president trump's most loyal supporters "diamond & silk." great to have you guys here. >> thank you for having us. lou: you watched that. this is a president who condemn ed this, this violence, this, tragic, mass murder in pittsburgh. i mean he couldn't have been more emphatic, more direct, clearer. and empathizing with those families today in pittsburgh and the attacks go on. >> yeah. you know this is what the left-wing media do. this is what they do. it is precipitous, vaccuo-s, comparing the president to a terrorist as if he is exhibiting tariffsic behavior, it is just, i'm like beside myself. >> yeah. >> what they don't understand
4:42 am
the president is making america great again for all america. >> yeah. >> they don't want to get behind this president because their candidate lost. go back to where the rhetoric started. it started when the left-wing did not want to accept the outcome of an election. >> that's right. >> after that, they marched in the streets. they said the most nasty, damnable derogatory things about the first family and the president. that is where it started. >> you have also to remember the left message is about resist. you know, and they always continue to say, love trump hates. but they resist the love that they're going to need to trump the hate that they continue to spew. and they don't understand that. lou: it's, it is is lamentable, tragic point in fact the left-wing media become something, it may have been the same but it disguised that contempt for conservatives, for the republican philosophy, for the party.
4:43 am
now, they are, they're, there is just no constraint whatsoever. there is nothing that stops the venom that they spew, the bile that they stew in every day on the air. >> but you have to realize the democratic party, the left, they do not like the fact that americans are thriving. as long as they can keep us suppressed and oppressed, they're happy. >> can be controlled. >> that is the control. when you cannot control the masses that is why you have them spinning the narrative. when we're winning, you have them spinning the nasty narrative. that is why they're doing it. >> to never give the man credit. it is one thing, the viciousness of the their attack and they know it is baseless to suggest that his language somehow contributes to the madness of a murder in pittsburgh but to not credit the man for all he has done, for the economy, for every
4:44 am
american, and has done in 21 days, whether it is stopping all of the missiles flying out of north korea. whether it is the lowest unemployment rate for women in 65 years. >> yeah. lou: the growth of our economy. it is just, it is stunning and they want to go into this election and say, we need, we don't want to have this prosperity. we don't need the strength in our foreign policy. that is terrible for america. it is crazy! >> so why would we want to vote for them? >> why? >> they didn't come to the table for tax cuts. so what you are going to do -- lou: they resisted. >> they resisted. that is what is going to happen. you will take our tax cuts away. >> that's right. >> during the midterms you need to vote right, vote red, vote republican. >> the president pointed it out, if you want to watch the market fall apart vote dem. to look at everything he has done, whether it is tax cuts, whether it's a market that is
4:45 am
up, what 36%, since election day. why, why would you want to throw all of that away? >> this is part of the democrat tactics. look at it, you know you had the democrat party run for country for eight years. what did they do for this country? absolutely nothing. run it into the ground. our president had nowhere to go but climb up. we're climbing to the top. make america great again. go to the polls, don't right because you don't want to get left. lou: vote right -- >> vote right because you don't get left. what happens we want to keep america great. that is how you do it by voting. lou: absolutely. hallelujah. hallelujah. >> hallelujah. lou: you know what? i like "diamond & silk"'s church. we appreciate night thank you for having us. lou: as us, good to see you. up next, consumer confidence hitting a near two-decade high. listen to that. consumer confidence at a near
4:46 am
two-decade high. the trump economy continues to roar. we take that up. the latest market moves with "wall street journal's" james freeman. we organized a higher market just for his appearance here tonight. fox business network's susan li. they join me here next. stay with us. we'll be right back
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lou: wow a rally on wall street. dow jones gaining 432 points. nasdaq 111 points higher, one my very favorite numbers and my wife's too. consumer confidence surging in october to the highest level since september. remind, listening to reports coast to coast. president trump on latest stock market moves. tweeting today, the stock market is up massively since the election. but it is now taking a little pause. people want to see what happens with the midterms. if you want your stocks to go down, i strongly suggest, voting democrat. they like the venezuela financial model. , high taxes, open borders.
4:51 am
joining me to take up the soaring still trump economy and effect on midterm elections, james freeman, assistant editor, "wall street journal." fox business contributor, coauthor of a newly-released book, borrowed time. two centuries of bops, busts, bailout. we recommend it to you highly. susan li, correspond for fox business network. today a reprieve and a rally. much-needed, long-awaited. >> absolutely. reset of expectations. rally is not done. this administration is mark-to-market. that is what steve mnuchin treasury secretary when they entered office. they want to be judged how well the stock market hats done. it has done well since election day. up 36%. those gains were hard to make. when they entered office stocks were expensive compared to the historical average.
4:52 am
18 price to earnings. compare that to obama when it was just 14 times. these gains have been harder to earn. lou: james, this market is, has been wild, by any, any definition. the volatility is it over now, we'll settle into 400 point gains for the dow every day? >> well you could see some volatility. there has been a lot of concern. people keep worrying about interest rates. worrying when the trade fights will get resolve. then they look and they see, wow, these earnings are pretty great. i think this consumer report you mentioned, this is maybe a reality check for people who are concerned about markets, suggesting real economy at least from view of consumers is very strong. that is based on really good job market. lou: it is. we also know that this, this little correction, we might call sitting more than a little. but, this correction started with october third and a fed chairman jerome powell talking
4:53 am
up interest rates, how bizarre a fed chairman is reminded by the president of the united states there are limits to what policies are for the fed. no inflation and you raise rates irrespective of the environment? >> i think it made sense to start on the path back to normal interest rates. they tend to be higher. think savers ought to get some return on their money but i think the president is right to be paranoid. the fed's fingerprints are on a let lot of financial disasters. lou: did you say paranoid or concerned? >> it is not paranoid if the fed is a problem through history which it is. >> it is? >> in this case they have overdone it. >> what is past neutral? there is no inflation. we hit full employment yes, but you're reacting to wage gains. wages are not going up fast enough. what are they raising rates this
4:54 am
quickly. >> short-term rates. lou: it is good to have susan here. >> just saying. >> i would say again, that, that, savers ought to get some return, when they -- >> go to neutral. why go past neutral? lou: that is great, unless you have a fed that drives us into recession. >> we don't want that. lou: something of a discomfort we probably shouldn't have to bear needlessly. >> when they by the 1930s, think about monetary policy -- lou: we think about the '30s all the time. >> there is history here. lou: there is history. we've got a future right now that is based on record low unemployment for all americans. this is a fully participatory surge, in economic growth. and prosperity. as he promised, for all americans. we have an extraordinary growth rate, and, more good times ahead i think. do you disagree? >> no. i think -- lou: we have got to go. real quick. >> economic growth is very good.
4:55 am
got some complaints but 3 1/2% is excellent. lou: susan you get the last word. >> i think we are on a great path. 3 1/2% is pretty strong for the third quarter. unless we have disasterous fourth quarter, it will be best year of gdp. lou: you're hanging around economists and wall street editorial board. unless we have disaster. susan li, james freeman. great to see you. up next a more violent caravan pushing its way northward towards the united states. as we continue we'll be right back. st hey guys. today we're here to talk about trucks. i love trucks. what the heck is that?! whoa! what truck brand comes from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road? i think it's the chevy. ford. is it ford? nope, it's not ford. i think it's ram. is it ram? not ram. that's a chevy! it's chevy! that's right. from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting
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full-size pickups on the road. gorgeous. chevy hit it out of the ballpark with these.
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lou: last night we asked you do you believe local, state and federal authorities must do more to identify and treat emotionally disturbed and mentally ill people and 91% of you responded yes. president trump will have paid his respects to the victims and their families at saturday's shooting at the treat of life synagogue. the president expressing his support for the jewish community for the entire nation. there he is campaigning for gubernatorial candidate ron
5:00 am
desantis. is this man high energy or is he high energy. joining us tomorrow. louie gohmert and joe


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