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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  November 7, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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just really extraordinary what transpired there. it is appalling. it's appropriately resulting in a suspension for that reporter in question. that's it for us tonight. we are joined tomorrow night by congressman jim jordan. trish: jeff sessions out as attorney general. the new fallout for what there is means for the mueller probe. the white house demanding an apology from cnn white house correspondent. kellyanne conway says acosta the reporter from cnn had no right to touch the female white house staffer as he did. president trump: honestly i think you should let me run the country. you run cnn. if you did it well -- >> if i may ask one more question. president trump: that's enough.
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that's enough. that's enough. trish: my intel on all that went wrong there today and the blame lies squarely on cnn. the techs yas man who believes the president's tough immigration talk is really working. "trish regan primetime" begins right now. breaking right now. attorney general jeff sessions submitting his letter of resignation at president trump's request. this comes after the president repeatedly criticized sessions for recusing himself from the russian investigation. president trump: jeff sessions
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should have never let it happen. if he told me he would have recused himself i wouldn't have put him in that position. i think it was a disgrace. my enemies, people that are on the other side say for him to have taken the job and for him to immediately have recused himself is a disgrace. trish: guess we won't have to worry about that anymore. david bossie, the 2016 campaign manager. sessions is out. the president couldn't tell me at that time. but we heard a lot of rumblings that he was going to be out which is why i asked him the question. does this mean, david, that we are any closer tonight to seeing a resolution to this whole mueller probe? >> i don't think so. i don't think they are connected
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whatsoever now. the president was disappointed that the attorney general recused himself really over issues that didn't rise to the level of a recusal being necessary. i think that's really the nub of it. that's why the president was so frustrated the last two years. without that recusal based on -- and seeing the russian ambassador at an event where hundreds of people were, not a meeting, not anything about any substance whatsoever. trish: i have been yorking, don't let anybody see you have a white russian at a bar, you might be in trouble, too. it's gotten crazy. >> it has. that's what the president feels he day. he looks at it and says if jeff sessions has not recused himself, there is a counsel's
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office run by 17 angry democrats led by robert mueller who also the president says has a conflict of interest. this whole issue is because jeff sessions recused himself. trish: clearly he was mad about the recusal. why wait until now? because mid terms are over? >> yes. there is a normal course of business. transitions always happen after the mid-term elect. that's just the normal course of business, whether it's white house staff or people inside the cabinet. you serve at the pleasure of the president. i think you will see other changes as well in the coming days and weeks. we are all going to find out together. trish: let me ask you about the press situation. jim acosta from cnn, the chief white house correspondent from cnn is seeing his ability to go
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to the white house and be on the premises is revoked. he's not allowed in anymore. this is result of his despicable repave year today. i defended him in the past. what i saw today, we'll get into it with kellyanne conway. way saw was not right, and not appropriate. so now he's not going to be able to go back. what he's saying i'm sure, somehow this is squashing the freedom of the press. what do you say to that? >> he's an embarrassment to his so-called profession. chris wallace, one of the deans of washington's press corps says it was an embarrassment, his performance today at the white house. i think we need to just look to further than his actions of yelling at the president, giving a speech to the president without a question. then when the president says
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enough, he physically blocks the young female staffer, she is a professional. trish: if that had been a fox reporter and it was president -s president obama, and president obama's intern it would be a didn't story in the media. i looked at it and saw a young woman who is clearly not as big and strong as jim acosta. but she was more diminutive than him. she tried to get that microphone away from him. just because he's bigger and stronger he gets to hang on to it and that's completely inappropriate and completely wrong. i was nervous for her. i was worried, was the president going to come down from the
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podium and break that thing up? >> if you look at what the president did, one reporter after the other, they are grandstanding. they are trying to make it about them. it's not about getting information from the president to transmit to the american people which is the job of real journalists. jim acosta has crossed this line before. i am so happy jim acosta's press credential has been revoked. that doesn't mean cnn can't send someone else. sarah huckabee sanders talks about how the president believes in the freedom of the press, however, they are not going to tolerate a reporter placing his hands on a young woman trying to do her job. she goes on to say, as a result of today's incident the white house is suspending the hard pass of the reporter involved in further notice.
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my understanding that he still has not apologized to her. seems like the young woman deserves one. >> he needs to apologize. last week it was done lemon. this week it's jim acosta. they are sub-par journalists at a failing network and they crave attention. let's not put anything else to it other than it's a grandstanding effort by jim acosta. trish: attorney general jeff sessions submitting his letter of as is nation at president trump's request. misty, i know you have a background in sexual assault case, et cetera. what's your reaction to that video that we saw there where
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jim acosta is sort of wrestling this young white house up turn to keep the microphone. and we just learned moments ago he's no longer going to be able to have his reporting pass to be there at the white house. what do you say about that? >> i was hoping we would have the opportunity to talk about it. i was floored by acosta's conduct. revoking his pass was a necessity. forget unprofessional. that was unbelievable. an outright completely, completely unprecedented. really. that was so inappropriate. he should absolutely be extending an apology to that young lady who was trying to do her job. trish: mindy, good to have you here on a night when jeff sessions is now out of the
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picture. so many people had been expecting this day to come. they wondered why he hadn't left sooner. but now finally he's gone. so now there is an opportunity to get someone else in the slot who can oversee bob mueller and that whole investigation. where does it lead, the mueller probe? >> we saw this coming. we have seen this path play out in the media. we had information. we knew this day would likely come. from a legal perspective it could have happened any time. sessions serves at the pleasure of the president. for political reasons there may have been a need to wait until after the mid-term elections. or just strategic-wise. now you have whitaker who was sessions chief of staff in charge of the investigation. as of now he has not recused himself. he'll be taking the place to oversee mueller.
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he could shut down the investigation. he could limit the scope of the investigation, or he could allow the investigation to continue as it has been. trish: even if it were to continue, hopefully we get some resolution. mueller, show us what you have got. or get rid of it all together. any of the above would be better than this holding pattern we have been in. i'm encouraged, should americans be even kiewrnlgd that this should have some kind of resolution sooner now that someone can be looking over what's happening with mueller? >> with whitaker in place who has been critical of the investigation previously. a lot of what happens next will depend on where the investigation is. we are taking an action to make the investigation go on longer than just allowing it to conclude. a lot of that is information we
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don't have in the public. certainly there is a chance for change and a chance to expedite this to a final conclusion. trish: misty, good to see you. thank you very much. coming up next. kellyanne conway right here on trish regan "trish regan primetime." president trump's historic pick-up of additional senate seats. new tonight,. president trump: honestly i think you should let me run the country and you run cnn. if you did it well -- >> if i may one question. are you worried. president trump: that's enough, that's enough. >> pardon me, ma'am.
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conference. also attorney general jeff sessions submitted his lever --s letter of resignation. my first question to kellyanne conway is does jeff sessions resignation mean the mueller investigation is nearing an end? >> one has nothing to do with the other. the president made clear that we have been very compliant with the mueller investigation. one million pieces of paper have been produced. over 30 trump-associated individuals have complied with requests to testify and produce documents as i understand it. and at a cost to the taxpayers. trish: the problem was with jeff sessions, he had to recuse
8:18 pm
himself. he needs to be overseeing it. now you will have the opportunity to get someone in, we have an under rim gentleman there, mr. whitaker. but you will have someone a at some point who should be able to say to mueller at some point what have you got? >> under mr. whitaker's leadership, we'll see. this all new and early. trish: why did it take until today for that resignation letter to be submitted and accepted. >> it's typical to have personal changes after the mid-term. trish: who is on the short list? >> for attorney general? i won't get ahead of the president on that. i have seen some rumors and speculation. but what the president said in his press conference is very true. many people want to work in this administration whether it's his
8:19 pm
staff or a cabinet official. we have a ton of resumes. a lot of great talent out there. it will be somebody who can continue the great work of this president's department of justice and not have recused from the russia investigation. trish: your thoughts on what went down there last night? you are looking at the democrats with the house majority. you guys were very successful on the senate front. what's your reaction? >> the president made history with the senate because only 8 times in the last 80 years has the party in power picked up a senate seat, and this president and his party picked up three senate seats. he sets trends instead of following trend. this country responded to the kavanaugh hearings and the disgraceful, disgusting treatment of an honorable man.
8:20 pm
you saw four swing state democrats voted out by their constituents. they voted against kavanaugh. joe manchin, the single democrat who voted for brett kavanaugh probably saved his senate seat. trish: what about the caravan of migrants. how much did immigration play into this? >> immigration is a huge issue. border security and economic security is national security. the booming trump economy, the fact he's tough about immigration. he says immigrate legally. you can go through one of the 2 ports of entry and immigrate legally to this country. trish: he has a difference of opinion with jim acosta on that. i want to get to that infamous
8:21 pm
moment in today's press conference. first of all, i want to show the viewer this. we don't have to play the sound. i want them to see and hear the actions of jim acosta with that female aide. >> you don't put your hand on a young woman, and he did. trish: as i watched it, i worried for her. i worried, is the president going to have to come down and intervene and break this up. aside from being extraordinarily unprofessional, my concern was for her and her safety. and we can show you that video. it's very clear he has his on her. >> look at her face, she is shocked. this is a lovely young woman who is just there to do her job.
8:22 pm
i don't want her to become a household name. trish: i defended jim acould a when he's there to do his job and he gets tackled in the crowd. but what he did today truck me as crossing a line. >> he also takes selfies with some of the people in the crowd. it crosses a line. you don't put your hands on a woman. we had to hear that recently in. >> other context. i'm not sure he apologized to that young woman, but she is certainly owed one. trish: i want to point out that we reached out to cnn to see whether or not any apology from jim acosta might be forth coming to this young woman and we have received no response. but again tonight, news breaking, the white house is not going to put up with this and
8:23 pm
they are revoking his hard pass press credentials. we just heard from kellyanne conway. she is demanding an apology. but my next guest says the white house staffer, she is the one at fault. it's somehow her fault this whole thing happened. time for me to set the record straight on this one, and i have got video. alexa, play weekend mix.
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>> i will challenge you on one of the statements you made at the end of the campaign in the mid terms. that this caravan was an invasion. they are hundreds of miles away. that's not an invasion. president trump: i think you should let me run the country, and you run cnn. if you did it will, your raritying -- >> are you worried. president trump: that's enough.
8:28 pm
>> i want to ask -- pardon me, ma'am. mr. president, if i may ask on the russia investigation, are you concerned that you may -- president trump: i am not concerned about anything with the russia investigation because it's a hoax. >> are you worried about indictments coming down in this investigation. president trump: cnn should be ashamed of itself having you work for them. you are a rude, terrible person. you shouldn't be work for cnn. you are a very rude person. the way you treat sarah huckabee sanders is horrible. and the way you treat other people is horrible. you shouldn't treat people that way. trish: unbelievable. i am not talking about the president's response. i'm talking about the cnn chief white house course yenlt.
8:29 pm
flipcourse -- correspondent. there is such a thing as time and place. but apparently this reporter doesn't understand or perhaps he understands, he just doesn't care about any of that. if you consider how that reporter started the interview, it was clear, his biases were on full display. but let's put that aside. we all know where cnn is coming from. my problem is what transpired when the president tried to wrap them up so another journalist could get in a question or two. this reporter wouldn't give up his microphone. he wouldn't stop. when a young woman, a white house intern tried to remove it to his hand so they could move on to the next question, he sort of seemed to be wrestling with her. wrestling her for the microphone. i get it, jim acosta that you
8:30 pm
are bigger than stronger than her. not that much, a little bit. it doesn't mean you get to keep the microphone when your time is up. that's not how it works. just because you are bigger and stronger doesn't mean you hang on to the mic. but not everyone sees it that way, especially some democrats surprise, surprise. or cnn. we reached out to them for comment. we are trying to figure out if they have any interest in seeing their white house correspondent apologize to this young woman and so far we heard nothing from them. they issued a comment talking about the freedom of the press. we do have a free press, but again, time and place. and just because you are bigger and stronger doesn't mean you get to keep the microphone more than anyone else. joining me right now, one of those dems who doesn't see
8:31 pm
what's wrong with this. former hillary clinton advisor phillipe rains. philippe reines *. philippe, you tweeted out, this white house employee got physical with jim acosta, but not a single protester touched sarah huckabee sanders, kirstjen nielsen, stephen miller, ted cruz or mitch mcconnell. i can play the tape for you again. he's a man bigger, stronger than this young woman. his time was up, yet's refusing to surrender that microphone. i found the whole thing. >> it's not a hostage situation. >> i was watching live. i have managed press conferences
8:32 pm
and i have been a staffer for press conferences. i was upset for that young lady, not because jim acosta was doing something to her. i was upset someone put her in that situation, she is an intern. the manager -- trish: you know what i'm upset about? this guy does have enough manners to know he already got his question. someone is coming and taking the microphone so they can pass it along to the next person. >> i think you are focusing on the wrong thing. for a guy who had such and resounding victory in the mid terms, he was looking cranky and despondent. trish: now you are changing the subject. did you hear the opening of that question. the question was caravan.
8:33 pm
it's how we heard about the caravan every day for months. trish: the question is how he believes and his network believes somehow they are demonizing all immigrants by referring to these migrants coming. >> a lot of republicans wish he had not done that. trish: you are diverting from the issue at hand, inappropriate behavior with this young white house staffer. i watched it. i was stunned, i was shocked, i was nervous, i was worried for her. i wondered if the president was going to have to come down from the podium and wrestle the microphone away from jim acosta. >> clearly jim acosta crossed the line. this girl was only doing her job. i don't blame her one bit. this is all jim acosta's fault. first all, it's all about him.
8:34 pm
any time he is in this press room. i served in the press room for three months when trump first took office it was an absolute circus and it's gotten worse now. it's all about the agenda-driven left-wing so-called reporters. they are supposed to be reporting news and facts, but they are not. it's all about them getting the headlines and getting in the news. trish: maybe they are look at it as any news is good news. >> if reporters don't act like a rally and cheer and clap at everything donald trump said. >> are you condoning what jim acosta did today? >> we should be talking about what president trump did today. it's convenient for you to focus on this young woman when donald trump put her in that position.
8:35 pm
trish: we are talking about his behavior. but you say not a single protester touched sarah huckabee sanders, kirstjen nielsen, stephen miller,. >> i think it's hysterical someone says to sarah sanders and says please don't take my cheese plate away. >> hillary clinton called for democrats to not be civil to republicans. do you agree with that? >> i agree people should protest when they are in a position to protest people. not a single person touched sarah sanders, kirstjen nielsen, stephen miller, ted cruz or mitch mcconnell. mitch mcconnell. there is a difference between unpleasant and inappropriate.
8:36 pm
trish, you get nasty mails and i do, too. trish: my viewers are pretty nice. i don't think anybody deserves to get those kind of threats. >> no one deserves to be thrown out of the white house. it's petulant. >> it's a long time coming. trish: you saw the tape. >> if a democrat threw you guys out of the white house all hell would break out. trish: did you not see it? do you want me to play it again? >> i saw it. trish: how inappropriate and wrong this was. >> someone tweeted not that long ago, what the president did was inappropriate. that was jeb bush. jeb bush tweeted that what the president did today was wrong. trish: he got there and answered a heck of a lot of questions.
8:37 pm
>> he was cranky. trish: what was he cranky about? >> he lost the house. trish: everybody thought they would lose it. they lost his man you guys thought. we got suckered into take the house off your hands. trish: not my hands. for the country. i would like to see the country aligned so they can get some policy done. >> the guy can't handle oversight by press and media. you saw that today. >> their agenda is to continue obstructing the president with anything he does to investigate, look into his finances, his taxes, impeach, subpoenas. so that's their agenda. >> the american people disagree with you. trish: there is a videos of
8:38 pm
attempting to intimidate and filibuster with the microphone. straight ahead, migrants march toward our southern border. militia organizer shannon mcgully is still recruiting. with the dems in charge of the house, he's taking no chances. he'll join us exclusively with his new plan to prevent illegal crossing. ♪
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8:43 pm
but mitch mcconnell couldn't get it done when he had congress. so tonight the texas minuteman private militia leader is taking matters into his own hands. he says if mcconnell can't get the money, he says he might as well try. president of the texas minutemen, shannon mcgalley. i hear you are starting founding campaign for the border wall. what are you doing? >> i set it just? in case we kept the house. we are going to try to raise $100 million and hopefully trump will match us with $100 million and it will get us started with building the wall. trish: is this showing your lack of faith on coming together to get it done?
8:44 pm
mitch mcconnell couldn't get it done when he had the house and senate. >> we have been working on this for 13 years. we want a wall. a wall would make us a secure nation. on 9/11. we have the patriot act. i can't imagine what congress will throw at us when the next terrorist threat happens in the u.s. trish: i was asking for your motivation for actively taking this into your own hands and police the border. you said you don't want to see american freedom curtailed in any way. you said if you get bad people, terrorist types than come into this country through the terrorist borderers, that we would be living in a different country very soon. >> the people in charge are the ones dropping the ball. it's up to citizens to provide security or eyes to the border
8:45 pm
patrol so the border patrol can add in areas where there are less agents. >> i know you have been recruiting people. how big is your group? what is the reception you are getting in your community and across the country as you try and assemble this team? >> i'm getting calls from land owners in the brownsville area and along mcallen asking for people to come stay in their houses because they are afraid of this caravan. trish: people are fearful, right? >> i'm kind of surprised that the -- i'm getting so many calls from land owners. we are going to do what we can to provide eyes and ears for their property so they don't sustain much damage. trish: people shouldn't have to
8:46 pm
worry about this and shannon you shouldn't have to be worry being this. >> we have been doing it since 2005. people enjoy coming down and bond and using their eyes to help the border patrol and let the border patrol know they are not alone. america supports them. trish: i know you have a gofundme account and you are raising money as we speak to gets the border wall together. the president's news conference getting a lot of attention. some of the media's dee behavior was outright despicable. but i guess we shouldn't be surprised. but here is what's interesting. president trump is firing back. he's turning the tables on those reporters trying to call him and republicans racist. one of the most of despicable terms you can use.
8:47 pm
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>> on the campaign trail you
8:51 pm
called yourself a nationalist. president trump: that's such a racist question. that's a racist question. you know what the woirsd? i love our country. trish: good for him. it was a racist question. i can't stand this whole idea somehow if you support any of the policies associated with this president that somehow you must be a racist. that's probably worst thing you can call anyone. it's not the kind of anything anybody can easily recover from. good for him to turning it on its head. that was a question asked by a pbs correspondent. here with reaction is richard fowler and rob smith. wow! he's turning the whole thing on its head because previously i think people the minute somebody turns out the term racist.
8:52 pm
you say i can't talk about global i'm and fashion nationalism. i think back to mitt romney and how fearful he was of the press. >> for me i completely support the president pushing back on somebody basically calling him a racist. and what i think i despicable that comes a lot from the media, african-american journalists who i think do good work. they are go ahead into asking racially loaded questions so their outletting push out something with president trump and racist in the same tweet. >> i know this journalist, and i don't think that was her point at all. when she was at the "new york
8:53 pm
times" she was a great reporter. she is one of the best in the business. i think the question was based on a phrase the president said. the president could have answered it a number of ways. when i said nationalist it meant i wanted an america first agenda. trish: i don't understand why america first is seen as racist. >> we have taken this idea. democrats say anything that expresses love for america is bad. >> that's not true. i don't hate america. >> they turned loving america into something that's racist. i push back on that. i was in the white house with hundreds of young black conservative people, a lot of them were supporters of the president. they proudly said they were nationalists because they love this country. i am a nationalist because i love this country and i push back on the idea that that is a
8:54 pm
term that's specifically for white supremacy. >> in the press conference today the republicans have talked about expanding the republican party, having african-americans as part of it. there is one african-american woman in the republican caucus in the house. the president attacked her when sheer race was too close to call. trish: he's not attacking. is it coming from an -- i don't think he's attack based on race. but let me go to joe scarborough who thinks otherwise upon msnbc. >> a lot of americans decide to go out and vote. we saw it there, to support a man who spent the last month of the campaign not making subtle appeals to racism, but making
8:55 pm
overtly bigoted, racist statements. trish: are you going to defend that, richard? >> i have never called the president a racist. here is the real story here. what we saw happen in this election is we saw minorities and people of color across the country, in michigan we have an african-american lieutenant governor. in i will know an african-american -- in illinois an african-american lieutenant governor. this all happened after president trump was elected. >> i'm sick and tired of white journalists virtue signaling by telling me ways and is not racist. trish: good for you. you are your own person. >> i don't need joe scarborough
8:56 pm
or msnbc to speak for me. >> neither does the american people. los night they overwhelmingly elected a democratic congress and 8 governor's mansions. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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and all through the house 'twas the night before christmas not a creature was stirring, but everywhere else... there are stores open late for shopping and fun as people seek gifts or even give some. not necessarily wrapped with paper and bows,
8:59 pm
but gifts of kind deeds, hard work and cold toes. there's magic in the air, on this day, at this time. the world's very much alive at 11:59. - [narrator] at athene, we think it's time for the financial world to stop acting the same old way. in today's complex world, you need a partner that is driven to provide you with better solutions for these challenging times, one that is willing to disrupt the industry, and break free from conventional thinking. (thudding) we are a different kind of financial company. we are athene, and we are driven to do more. . trish: okay, jim acosta out tonight saying the white house is trying to shut him and cnn down, that's what the incident was about today. what do you think? send me a tweet. i love hearing from you.
9:00 pm
you can also reach out on the facebook page -- lot going on, and i've got it all for you, all week long, 8:00 p.m., trish regan "primetime." good night from new york, "kennedy" begins right now. . kennedy: damn skippy, thanks, trish, the trump administration banning cnn's handsy reporter jim acosta from the white house after a questionable incident in today's press briefing. more in just a moment. another huge shake-up in our nation's capitol. attorney general jeff sessions, gone. officially he resigned but the truth is the president pretty much fired him and a whole new battle front has emerged between democrats and the president. sessions was one of the president's early supporters, way back during the campaign, the president rewarded him with the prime a.g. title but fell
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