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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 10, 2018 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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hope to see you right here next week. ♪ >> lou: good evening, everybody. our top stories tonight, a shooting, a mass shooting in california. at a california bar in which 12 people were murdered. including a sheriff's sergeant who tried to stop the killing. the gunman an exmarine, whose neighbors said he struggled with ptsd. he chose a popular and last night a packed night spot to create carnage and chaos before turning the gun on himself. >> we've got to do something about the hate. and we've got to do something to just spread the love and reach out and help people and
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be patient with them. and understand them, because this will touch so many lives around our community. >> lou: indeed, around this nation. we'll have the latest on yet another senseless tragedy and what can be done to prevent such violence. also tonight, the key midterm races remain undecided. two days after election day in florida, that governor's race is now in dispute. the race between congressman ron desantis, the republican, and tallahassee mayor martha maccallum -- tallahassee mayor gullum going to recount. and we have the latest political developments and whether the highly polarized national politics means new rules are urgently required for increasingly aggressive hostile and white house press
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corps. and robert mueller reportedly preparing the final report as acting attorney general matthew whitaker takes office at the justice department and assuming oversight of the special counsel. former federal prosecutor anthony mccarthy joins us tonight and we'll discuss whether we could be -- could be in the final faces of the russia collusion investigation -- final phases of the russia collusion investigation. the top story, the deadly mass shooting in california. it happened in thousand oaks, a quiet community. 40 miles west of los angeles that has been ranked by the f.b.i. as the fourth safest city in all the land. fox correspondent jonathan hunt with the latest on this tragedy. >> reporter: what was supposed to be an evening of fun in college night at a country music bar turned into bloody chaos late wednesday night after a man armed with a glock handgun fitted with an illegal extended magazine
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entered the borderline bar & grill and begin shooting. >> all of a sudden, you hear the bang, bang of the gunshot. and it started going crazy. people were pushing. we thought it was joke. >> reporter: those inside the packed venue located 40 miles northwest of los angeles tried to escape any way they could. some hiding in bathrooms. others breaking windows or running out any open door. >> i ran as fast as i could to the front door. thank god, you made it out. >> reporter: police say a does didn't make it out alive. among them sergeant ron helus, 29-year veteran of the ventura county sheriff department. >> he died a hero. he went in save lives, save other people. >> hundreds paid respects as sergeant else' body was transferred to the coroner. also killed 22-year-old cody kauffman. his father said his son
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espyred to join the -- aspired to join the army. >> i want to pray for everybody else who will be going through the same situation. there is many more to come. but for me, this is, is the heart i will never get back. >> reporter: the gunman identified as ian david long, a marine veteran who killed himself and may have suffered from ptsd. they searched long's home for a motive and say he had some contact with the police over the years. the most recent was a disturbance call in april. the shooting leaving many wondering how this could happen again. >> we are in the safest city in the nation and this is something we need to act on. i hope and every time we have an event and another shooting we want to do something. time to act. >> we are learning the names of more of the victims. among them one that hits close
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to home for us. elena housley was a freshman at pepperdine university and niece of former fox news reporter adam housley. we send our condolences to her parents and to the 11 other families whose hearts are broken tonight. >> lou: thank you. jonathan hunt. in thousand oaks, california. as jonathan said, hundreds paying their respects today for fallen ventura county sergeant ron helus. his death is the 44th suffered by law enforcement this year alone. six more than last year's total. today's shooting comes less than two weeks after a gunman opened fire on a sin -- opened fire on synagogue in pittsburgh. the shooting in pittsburgh driven in large part by the
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rising problem of antisemitism in this country. it's an issue we will examine here tonight. we'll talk with a permanent representative of israel to the united nations. danny danum joins us here. as we deal with the tragedy in california we are grappling with a broken political system. the next guest is one of the more prominent republican leaders in the country and he plans to bridge the divide. joining us is congressman jim jordan. he was re-elected this week to a seventh term in congress and announce yesterday he is running to become the republican house leader. great to see you. >> good to be with you. >> lou: i want to begin with the obvious and the sad question. your thoughts about these tragic events and what we can do? >> your heart goes out to the families who are impacted. particularly, the housley family that jonathan talked about. it looks like this one may have been post traumatic
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stress. obviously we need to focus on that for the military who do such a great job and who get that disorder. there needs to be some help there. yeah, it's unfortunate. frankly, it would probably help with the language we hear from, i think particularly when you have some people on the left say certain things and others say certain things. it's not helpful. we saw what happened with tucker carlson. that is not good for the political debate. the hearts and the prayers go to the families impacted. >> lou: the tragedy is senseless. we know that whatever the cause, too often is mental illers. in it comes in many guises. i may be ptsd or antisemitism or other express of hate. >> we hope it's not that. >> lou: in the country. we have to come to terms with it. as you have said. let me turn to first the new
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congress that is about to convene. lame duck session. i don't know how it will play out. but i am curious about how soon you are going to make it a full on jim jordan effort, which usually leads to success to become the house minority leader. >> look, here is what is going on. when the american people sent president trump here, they sent him here to shake this town up. and i think he is doing that. i don't know that they have seen the same urgency, the same intensity from the house of representatives. we haven't replaced obamacare. we haven't reformed the welfare system. we haven't secured the border. three of the big things we were sent here to do. i think senate matched the president's intensity a few weeks ago when they stood strong and got kavanaugh confirmed. we need to step forward and show the same urgency, intensity. demonstrate to the american people we will fight for the things we said we were going to fight for. if we do that, we can learn back the trust and retake the majority in 2020.
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that is what i want to do if my colleagues give me the opportunity to lead. >> lou: how soon do we find out if they make that -- >> the race is next week. election is wednesday. so it's coming quick. we just lost 30 seat, we lost the majority. but we lost it at a time with 4% economic growth, the lowest unemployment in 50 years. 250,000 jobs added last month. maybe the american people expect us to have a little more intensity about getting done the things we said we would do. the things they elected us to come here and accomplish. >> lou: i want to be clear. congressman jordan is saying fundamentally the republicans should have been doing exactly what they promised the con -- con touch -- constituents. he has been saying it for a year and a half as others were sucking on their thumb and twiddle away responsibilities that no one would notice. congressman jordan has been straight up as always on the issue. turn to the multiple
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investigations we hear the democrats are so exuberant to begin. your thoughts? >> well, no, i mean we have to understand this as well. the world we are walking into in january, nancy pelosi as speaker and the waters shift, cummings with key committees. that is the world we are walking into. they will try to investigate everything. the one key investigation we took on, where the f.b.i. took the warrant to spy on another campaign, they will try to drop that. this is the world we are walking into. they are coming after the administration. they have been clear about that. that is not me saying it. that is what they said. we heard it so much yesterday after jeff sessions stepped down, the comments from mr. nadler and elizabeth warren and others, they are coming after the white house and this administration in so many ways i think frankly aren't the right thing to do. >> lou: well, i have to say that the right person is in
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the oval office and we hope that the right person will be leading the minority in the house along with majority leader mcconnell. it is still not a fair fight for the dimms but there it is. congressman good to have you with us. we wish you all the luck. jim jordan. >> take care. >> lou: you too. up next, the national left wing media attacking the president of the united states. for revoking jim acosta's white house access. >> i was just trying to ask a question of the president at the press conference and it was obviously a question they didn't like. >> what i saw was a battery, not by jim acosta but by the young white house aide. >> he is screaming at jim acosta. >> this is about donald trump trying to distract from just how weak he is now. >> the freedom of the press is under assault. >> this is a convenient distraction after the republicans lost the house and the president fired his attorney general. >> you don't like rude reporters don't be president of the united states.
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>> lou: wow, there's a choice, huh? they don't seem a bit entitled, do they? do they? we'll take that up and much more. the break will be short. ed rollins will be with us when we return. we'll be right back. stay with us. [ phone rings ] what?!
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>> lou: at a news conference yesterday, one correspondent's belligerent, abusive, rude behavior resulted in the most insulting treatment of the president of the united states i have ever witnessed. here it is. >> if i may ask another question, if i may ask another question. are you worried -- >> president trump: that's enough. that's enough. that's enough. >> i was going to ask -- >> president trump: that's enough. >> excuse me. >> president trump: that's enough. put down the mic. >> are you worried about indictments coming down in this investigation? mr. president -- >> president trump: tell you what, cnn should be ashamed of itself having you working for them. you a rude, terrible person. you shouldn't be working for cnn. go ahead. >> i think that is -- >> president trump: you're a rude person. the way you treat sarah huckabee sanders is horrible. the way you treat other people is horrible. you shouldn't treat people that way. you aren't the best. >> mr. president you
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repeatedly over the course -- >> president trump: just sit down, please. when you report fake news -- no. when you report fake news, which cnn does a lot, you are the enemy of the people. >> lou: you heard in the earlier clips some saying that the president had yelled at acosta. he never once yelled. he didn't raise his voice. i have to say that i wouldn't have had such constraint. i'll be very honest with you. this is one of the most provocative indoesn'ts i have seen on the part of any member of the white house press corps. the majority of the members of the white house press corps are among the best of the craft. but the few exceptions are extraordinary. extraordinarily disrespectful, insulting and an embarrassment to everyone who has ever been or will be a journalist. unbelievably that correspondent didn't apologize to either the president or the white house intern who he physically touched as she
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sought to take the microphone from him. jim acosta's wrangling with the intern and his unprofessional and rude outburst toward the president led to the us who suspension of his pass -- led to the white house suspension of his pass. his boss at cnn jeff zucker did not apologize either and defended acosta's insults and actions and released this statement in part of which reads --" --" "the president and especially the white house press secretary should understand their words matter." so, do yours, mr. zucker and so do the words and actions of your correspondents. they matter greatly and for you -- it's rank hypocrisy, an absurdity to have released a ridiculous statement which i have to imagine embarrassed the entire, almost the entire
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staff of cnn. i would hope so, at least. the "new york times" defended acosta in an editorial. that is in my judgment a testament to ideological solidarity. headlined "let jim acosta do his job." what kind of job is he doing? acosta, in my opinion, has been carrying on his usual hit job day after day against the president. and he was hired to do something quite different. the white house should suffer such fools in my opinion no more. the hostility of the white house press corps is now overwhelming, briefings and press conferences. the national media often a source of constant insult to civility. the very same civility they urge be returned to the political debates. here is more to the press corps at work. cnn it will call analyst april ryan, pbs sydor.
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run-in with the president of the united states. apparently they think they have license to insult, debate and dismiss the president. not simply report on him in the interest of the public. >> you just have -- sit down, please. i didn't call you. i didn't call you. i'm not responding. i'm responding -- excuse me. i'm not responding to you. i'm talking to this gentleman. will you please sit down. excuse me. excuse me, sit down. please go ahead. no, you rudely interrupted him. you rudely interrupted him. go ahead. >> on the campaign trail, you called yourself a nationalist. some saw it as while -- white national lists. >> such a racist question. >> what do you make of this? >> why do i have the highest poll numbers ever with african-americans? that is a racist question. honestly, i mean, i know you
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have it written down and you will tell me. that is a racist question. to say that, what you said is so insulting to me. it's a terrible thing that you said. >> lou: do you believe any president, any president of the united states should have to put up with such insult, such hostility of any kind? do americans deserve better from the press corps that covers the president of the united states? if the press corps can't do their jobs with respect, professionalism, find their manners, in my opinion they should be excused from what is a patient white house and president. and i would implore all of those correspondents to turn to none other to john roberts. yes, the fox white house press corps correspondent. a model of civility and probing questions and objectiontivity as well. joining -- objectivity as well. joining me now to discuss the
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national left wing media to the president, the former reagan white house political director and the fox news political analyst ed rollins. ed, it's just -- i still, when i watch this, i cannot believe it's being permitted by the white house or that the news organizations and their parent companies would tolerate such behavior. >> it's outrageous. you can't treat a president with disrespect in his own house. he did the courtesy of opening the east room up and letting them all come in there. >> lou: he talked for 90 minutes. he has given more access -- >> 87 reporters. to be insulted in your own house. it's not like he hasn't given access in plenty of places. i said a long time ago, a lot of discusses -- i have been in a few white houses. moved them out of the press room and put them in the old executive office building. press secretary would go once a day and give press releases. bottom line, they want to set a national agenda and insult this president.
7:23 pm
>> lou: among the press, the white house press corps, the folks i know. there are many. but starting with john roberts. jonathan carl. major garrett. there are many others. they would never behave in that fashion. do you believe acosta should have his credentials restored? >> in a heartbeat -- not restored. i'd say you can send anybody but him. i'm not going to be insulted or have my staff insulted in my own white house. >> lou: talk about quickly. florida and arizona. just to name two states where it looks like that is going to be a battle royale. >> there is an old saying. never spike the ball on the 2-yard line. you let it finish. the people mistakenly understand early voting doesn't necessarily get counted until election day and post everything else. we have a lot of votes still in arizona and votes in florida. those two states, are very
7:24 pm
much in play. >> lou: this looks like it will get ugly. the democrats are flooding apparently florida with attorneys. i don't know whether the republicans are. i hope the justice department is there because this is starting to look really ugly. >> there is a lot at stake. these are federal elections so the justice department should have monitors there early on. i'm glad the r.n.c. has done an effective job to get the vote out will have the monitor to do judicial stuff. >> lou: do you expect the -- what is the old fashioned word to use here -- a donnybrook? >> it will be a donnybrook. a lot at stake in the next four or five days. >> lou: ed rod lins. thank you so much. appreciate it. up next, jeff sessions is out. matthew whitaker is in as the acting attorney general. take up what it means. we'll talk to the former u.s. attorney, federal prosecutor andy mccarthy. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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>> lou: joining me now to take up what has been a mandate apparently in the mind of many democrats on the part of the base insisting on impeachment of the president. the state of the mueller witch hunt is also, of course, very much front and center in the wake of jeff sessions' ouster. we are joined by andrew mccarthy, for the southern district of new york. a renown federal prosecutor and great american. fox business contributor. it's great to have you here. let's start first with the final report. is it truly at hand? it is time, do you believe, to wrap this thing up? >> first, thanks, lou. pleasure to be with you. i sure think it's time to wrap it up. i have long thought it was time to wrap it up. it seemed to me that when mueller filed his two indictments against the two groups of russians, the troll
7:30 pm
farm case and the hacking case, the substance of those indictments seemed to preclude the possibility of there having been a conspiracy between the kremlin and any american. much less, the president's campaign. that being the case i don't know what we're doing here. >> lou: we will have a lot of questions about what we're doing here now, squared, cubed, ordinaries of magnitude. gerald nadler, overheard by molly hemingway talking about impeaching justice kavanaugh. this is truly the lunatics have taken over the asylum it appears in the form of new democratic leadership in the house. >> you hit the nail on the head. a lot of sensible people would tell you quietly and off the record this is a really bad
7:31 pm
idea. not just sub stanttively but -- substantively but politically. the vigor of what they will go after him will only help the president as far as the 2020 re-election bid is concerned. so the problem is the, i think the base, particularly, the money that represents the bloodstream of the party at this point has moved way to the left. they want the investigations. whether they are a good idea or not. the base will be served. >> lou: quickly, the president says he and the senate will return in kind if the house insists on these vacuous evacuations. i say "vacuous" i'm being bipartisan. we have seen the fruit of house investigations and it has been pure bitterness and no substance whatsoever. i shouldn't say that.
7:32 pm
little substance whatsoever. your thoughts about the president's capacity to return fire and that of the senate to do so? >> well, look, you know, lou, i for a couple of years wondered aloud why haven't the president released some of the documents that the house, republican control house committees have been asking for? maybe he is playing the game ahead of where we are. using that as something he can respond with. i don't know. but certainly they won't be without cards to play. >> lou: right. i would suggest probably your expectation on the president is exact. andy, good to see you. thank you so much. enjoy his columns on national review. i assure you they are always an education. thank you so much. up next, majority of the president's midterm picks come
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>> lou: let's take a look at the former president's campaigning for the democrats and see how well he did. he did lousy when he was president so barack obama's midterm push to, well, to campaign for dimms failed
7:37 pm
miserably. obama's decision to hit the campaign trail did what it did in eight years of his administration. led to losses in a number of high profile races and less profile races. let's start in indiana. the former president holding a rally for senator joe donnelly sunday, of course. he met up with mike braun who beat donnelly last night, flipping the key senate seat to republicans. obama traveled to ohio stumping for gubernatorial candidate and mike dewine won the race, extending control of the midwestern battleground state. obama then went to miami. that didn't work out too well for andrew gillum in florida. republican ron desantis now governor-elect. and then the former president parachuted to georgia. backing stacey abrams. the race hasn't been called
7:38 pm
but the republican brian kemp has a strong lead and appears to head for victory, all part of obama's troubling track record when it comes to the mid-terms and the campaigning for dimms. back in 201, then president obama lost 63 democratic house seats. 63. more than double of the republican party, 27 seats last night. democrats lost staggering 1,000 state legislative seats, gubernatorial seats and congressional seats during obama's presidency. joining me now to take up president trump and the republican party's election day victories. charlie hurt, the "washington times" opinion editor and fox news contributor. what do you think? >> you laid it out perfectly there. comparing it to obama first term.
7:39 pm
there is no way of looking at this without concluding that trump did a whole lot better. i think there is a reason for that. it's not because donald trump is some super charismatic unifying figure or obama isn't. what it came down to in both of the first midterms are the issues. the issues that obama was running on was campaigning on, trying to govern on were a total dud, a complete failure with the voters. in particular, independent voters. the issues that trump is pushing in the first two years in office are popular issues. it's the issues that won in all of those races last night. >> lou: you know, it's interesting. ed rollins, the savant of political strategists saying from the outset, those republicans in the house, who attached themselves to
7:40 pm
president trump's america first agenda will prevail. it's that simple. then you had the whispering paul ryan telling the rhino members just talk about the tax cuts. don't mention immigration, border security, foreign policy. and they listened to him. and the next thing they heard was the whisper of the axe. >> isn't it amazing, lou, how hard it is for people around here to actually learn very basic simple lessons from elections? those people did not learn a single thing from the 2016 election. i think there are probably even more democrats who learned something from trump's victory in 2016 than there are establishment republicans in the house. and i guess some in the senate as well who just refuse to learn the important lessons out of the election. and those lessons are it's about the issues. you look in texas, you look in
7:41 pm
florida, you look in georgia, all the media told us, the democrats in all the races were the super -- they were the second coming of barack obama. they were the heartthrobs. they raised a massive amount of money. but at the end of the day, all that free press coverage, they still lost. why? because they were wrong on the issues. their republican opponents supported by donald trump running on as you said the america first trump agenda. that is what brought them each that victory. >> lou: those candidates, not all of them but many of the candidates who were republicans that lost in the house they were still following the chamber of commerce, the koch brothers and the wall street. those days are over except for the outgoing speaker who will be, i'm sure, you know, well, getting something of a payoff for his extraordinary support
7:42 pm
of "k" street. >> wouldn't the first person here to make money off of it. >> lou: i've even heard some speakers go out and start pushing marijuana. [laughter] that can't be true. that can't be true. >> that's right. but think about when you look at all the republicans who retired. turning the field unfavorable for republicans. think of the number of the republicans retired. they retired because they thought it would be impossible to win re-election with the trump at the top of the ticket. and last night we learned they were totally wrong. and maybe if they had adjusted their own agenda and fought hard and run hard, maybe handful of them or half of them would be, would have won re-election last night. >> lou: that is a great point. the largest number of the
7:43 pm
retirement, resignations, whatever you want to call them. i think in the history of the congress. charlie hurt, great to hav
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7:46 pm
>> lou: if you thought election night was exciting, fascinating, well get ready.
7:47 pm
strap up. because the next few days, the next few weeks could be very, very exciting. we have now disputed contests. let's start with florida. both of the high profile races for the senate and the governorship are headed for recount because the margin of victory is under half a per percent. in the governor's race between ron desantis and the radical dimm andrew gillum. desantis now leads 49.6/49.2. and in the race for the senate, republican governor rick scott leading incumbent democratic senator bill nelson 50.1 to 49.9. the senate race in arizona, that race is still too close to call. republican, trailing by .1%.
7:48 pm
right now. 2100 votes. 2100 votes separate the two. the only way a recount would be guaranteed there is if the deciding number of votes is 200 or fewer. if you can believe that. that is where we are. in the house, the balance of power stands at 225 for the dimms and 197 for the republicans. 13 seats are uncalled. in the seats left to be called, eight of them are favored to be won by the republicans who are in the lead, no matt earn how narrow. five favored by the democrats in the lead in those races. no matter how narrow their lead. up next, rudely badgering president trump. favorite pastime for cnn correspondent. who still has a job. >> if you don't mind, after i'm finished, if we, vivian or
7:49 pm
one of the female colleagues could go after me that would be great. it would be great if a female reporter could ask you a question about the issue. >> president trump: i look at the character, no, what i have to -- >> they are reluctant to come forward. you have raised doubts. >> i don't think people are reluctant to come forward. no, not you. your organization is terrible. >> can you give us a chance to ask a question -- >> go ahead. quiet. quiet. >> lou: the president is a man of incredible patience. we'll take up the incredible outbursts from -- they tell me he is a member of the white house press corps. i'm sure the press corps must be very proud. we'll find out more when we continue. stay with us.
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for drier protection that's a lot less bulky. always discreet. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ comfort. what we deliver by delivering. >> lou: at the president's news conference today where it was an mazing press conference, then he was badgered by some members of the national left wing media. nothing new in that. the president swatted them aside. but one amazingly disgusting display by cnn's jim acosta.
7:54 pm
it was so bad the president had to stop him straight away. >> you know what? >> that is not an invasion. >> i think you should let me run the country. you run cnn. if you did it well, your ratings would be much better. that's enough. >> if i may ask one other question. are you worried -- >> that's enough. that's enough. >> i want to ask another question -- >> president trump: that's enough there. pardon me, ma'am. >> president trump: that is enough. >> i have a question to ask on the russia investigation. are you concerned that you may have -- >> president trump: i'm not concerned about anything with the russia investigation because it's a hoax. that is enough. put down the mic. >> are you worried about the indictments coming down in this investigation? mr. president -- >> president trump: cnn should be ashamed of itself having you working for them. you are a rude, terrible person. you shouldn't be working for cnn. go ahead. >> i think that is -- >> president trump: you're a rude person. the way you treat sarah
7:55 pm
huckabee sanders is horrible. the way you treat other people are horrible. you shouldn't treat people that way. go ahead. go ahead, peter. >> in jim's defense, i travel with him and i watch with him. he's diligent and -- trump i'm not a big fan of yours either. >> mr. president, you repeatedly over the course of -- >> president trump: just sit down, please. when you report fake news, no, when you report fake news, which cnn does, a lot, you are the enemy of the people. >> lou: cnn then released a statement afterwards. let me if i may share it with you. because it's quite a study in sanctimonious nonsense itself. "while president trump has made it clear he does not respect a free press, he has a sworn obligation to protect it. a free press is vital to democracy and we stand behind jim acosta and his fellow journalists everywhere." did you hear the hallelujah
7:56 pm
chorus behind that? i have to say. if that is a free press, it's neostomy. what he looked like was a complete and an utter -- well, you finish the sentence. amazing what is going on in the white house press corps. and what is going on at the white house. whoever is running -- you know, the press room, get it under control. because it's disgraceful. it's embarrassing to the nation. it really needs to stop. joining me now to take all this up and the national left media senseless and ridiculous attacks against the president. president trump most loyal supporters and diamond and silk. great to have you with us. i have to tell you both. you guys know i love you. i got to tell you. i'm so ticked off, i can't -- it is just amazing to me that
7:57 pm
the white house permits that kind of conduct on the part of that sort of person. what do you think? >> well, yeah, it's time for acosta for his press credentials to be removed. >> yeah. >> it's very sad he don't understand as a journalist he is supposed to report news, not make the news. not be the news. yeah, he is the enemy of the people. not only that but the enemy of the truth. he is very disrespectable, disparaging. you know what? why is he even in there. he don't even need to go to the white house anymore and report anything. we don't want to hear it anymore. >> lou: you know, the president swats them like flies. they still behave like spoil and ignorant children. i don't know what they are. a brat. i don't know. what do you think? >> just look at the integrity of the question that they are
7:58 pm
asking. look who they are representing. they are not even asking questions with substance to it. look, this president has done so much for this country and there are so many questions to ask. but to ask ignorant questions, it reflects on their character. they are really ignorant to the fact that people are tired of their mess. >> lou: yeah. well said. let's turn to the election. i have to say the president doing something that has only been done three times in a hundred years. actually adding senate seats in the midst of this. even as losing basically the historical average. about 30 seats. less than that right now. your reaction? >> you have to understand while the democrat is playing checkers, the president was playing chess. even though we had some of the representatives retaried you have a lot of these here in the congressional races. the democrats pumping millions
7:59 pm
and donors pumping millions of dollars into the races. that was a thing toward the republican party were okay. so this is what happened. what happened, democrats took the house. but we added to the senate what was perfect. because this is going to force democrats to come to the table and work with this president. not only work with this president, but push his agenda. and if they don't, we the american people will be able to see them. what will happen, we will be able to flip the seats red. this will set the president up for his 2020 run when he will be the president of the united states again. >> also with a lot of the people resigning and retiring, you know, it was the republicans that did that. what it showed to us, a lot of the swamp dwellers showed their hands. now that they are out, hopefully the democrats are in and with 2020 comes we now know who you are. we know which rats clog the
8:00 pm
pipe. so when 2020 comes it will be a new ballgame baby. we're ready for it. >> lou: diamond and silk, we are always ready for you. thank you for being with us. great to see you. >> thank you for having us. >> lou: thank you for joining us t york. [♪] trish: a win for republicans tonight as they get one step closer to cementing a u.s. senate seat in florida. a judge just sided with governor rick scott and ordered the immediate release of information surrounding the mysterious and sudden newly found votes in democrat bill nelson's favor. we have the latest on this developing story. also new this evening. i want you to take a look at this. this is video from the u.s. borderer patrol just in. the border patrol telling us it apprehended over 400 migrants in just 48 hours. they are all


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