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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  November 13, 2018 12:00am-1:00am EST

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dad, thank you for everything you have done to protect our great country, thank you to every veteran on this veterans day, we're here because of you, good night, i'll see you tomorrow. ♪ kennedy: the eyes of the nation once again on florida, sunshine state, now in midst was not one, not two but three recounts two with national political ramifications, and right on with it. lawsuit, conspiracy theories and claims of lying, cheating, and stealing. and rick scott razor thin lead about 12500 votes, out of more than 8.2 million. and that is where lawyers come in, each side filing lawsuit against the other in particular broward and palm beach counties, each is heavily democrat, so far no evidence of voter fraud.
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that is not stopping candidates from attacking each other, watch. >> bill nelson is a soar loser, he can't stand the fact he is not going to be elected for first time in decade, we is just here to steal the election. his lawyer said, i'm here to win the election, i'm not here to get a free and fair election, no, he wants to win the election, his only purpose. >> one fact that rick scott is not interested in making sure every lawful vote is counted, second he is using his power as governor to try to undermine the voting process. >> fire marshal bill nelson, then race for governor, ron desantis up by 34 thousand votes that is a comfortable lead over gillum, that is under the .5% needed to trigger a recount, there are no lawsuit in this kiss yetcase yet, but gillum has
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officially unconceded, phil keating in miami, welcome. phil. >> thank you. reporter: worries of spakoli, no dice, have they begun recounting votes in bro -- broward county t yet, looks inside of the broward county vote tabulation center, they have been humming these machines for 33 hours now, taking out pai page one from multipage ballots, separate those, all those page ones will be run through tabulators, guesstimate it 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. the senate race for governor has scott leading by 12 thousand
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votes. 6 lawsuit have been filed by the two. 4 by scott, two by nelson. broward judge denied scott's motion to add state cops inside of recount room and impound all machines and ballots not used. meanwhile the war of words continue. >> he would ask me to do if i lost election, is a, look, you know the election happens let's go forward, he is just a sore loser some reason he is doing these, is obvious, he is worried whether all votes are count, he will lose the election. reporter: florida deputy of law enforcement which controlled by republican governor said to date it found no evidence of any sort of wrong doing or voter fraud, and this afternoon, secretary of state was o office, headed by republican, scott appointee has seen no evidence of criminal activity. kennedy: let's talk about
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governor's race, that is being recounted. and implications for 2020. perhaps with both candidates, what is that latest? reporter: not as close as senate race, but still under the half point threshold to force an automatic recount both' their man in governor mansion in 2020, thinking it will provide an edge in toss up state two years from now, desantis leading gillum by 33,000 votes, desantis is acting at governor of election and gillum conceded tuesday day but took it back over the weekend, he said odds remain small. he said this recount is all about democracy. >> all those people who voted for me, for all those people who did not, let their votes count
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too. every last single one of them. reporter: recount deadline for whole state, 67 county, 3:00 p.m. thursday afternoon. and right now most counties believe they will make it some in florida have completed their recounts, but broward county has yet to begin tabulating, they remain confident. and palm beach county, with old tabulation machines, they can only count one race at a time, they are worried they could make that deadline. kennedy: can you see me? reporter: i cannot. kennedy: my hair lookings awesome. pretty good. reporter: you look great. kennedy: i'm in the going to lie, thank you for all you do right there. reporter: thank you. kennedy: to lawsuit, and legal challenges, there are many today, senator nelson attorney, mark allyiace.
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he accused scott campaign of playing dirty, that is fun. tweeting, there was no evidence of any fraud in florida recount, there is undispute the fact that thousands of lawful ballots have not yet been counted, but rick scott's team fire the back, saying, today's lawsuit filed by bill nelson's dc lawyer and a group of liberal washington groups can be described nothing less than a legal white flag of surrender. at-this-point mark ally as taking his client for a ride, anything to pile up billable hours, to allow votes that came in after the election, is a joke in legal circles. >> so when side has stronger case? joining me, attorney spokeswoman for judicial crisis network gayle trotter. >> thank you. kennedy: let's talk about this florida, of course,. number two, why were they not better prepared for a very close
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elected or series of elections that florida always has. >> this is giving us flash backs of president rally elect in 20 2000. not like they did not have advance notice that the election was coming up, making sure every floodiaflorida's vote counts anr process. kennedy: sometimes, say with military ballots, they are not counted until november 16. >> usually it does not come down to, that we're at point, where you know, a lot of these earlier votes to be tabulated and submitted the day before election day, then within 30 minutes of polls closing they were supposed to be submitted, then given every 45 minutes both
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side information about the total number of vote, problem is, when you torture number to get result you want, and you keep counting -- >> both sides are trying to do that with the recounts and lawsuit. >> right. kennedy: in broward county the election supervisor is not doing anyone about favors, she has been questioned in the past, and been reprimanded for voting irregularities. >> she has by state court, and you know interesting you talk about the two campaigns going after each other with nogation of voter fraud, a state court friday found brend i brenda snid not done what she was is up outed to understate law and constitution, there have been court rulings showing there are irregularities. kennedy: if somehow, the vote tally flips to point where
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either nelson or gillum is is a washewarded race, then what? >> that calls in the integrity of entire election process, all americans should be concerned about that, that is why there is so much attention drawn to this local rac. kennedy: the question is, there are a lot of outstanding questions about 2016 presidential race and whether or not russia was able to change votes, is our system, either so outdated or vulnerable that it is easy to manipulate, create a fraudulent system? >> you need to have people who are trustworthy, brenda snipes had already many problem, not just in contest between republicans and democrats. democrats. >> if you that that many troubles would have you a job. >> no. kennedy: right. thank you.
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>> we have big news, to arizona, associated press declaring sinema is the winner. she is first democrat to win in arizona senate seat since 1988, her opponent martha mcsally conceded, she was also a very bad candidate, wished her good luck, tweet. in georgia, democratic gu gubernatorial candidate stacey abrams filed a lawsuit, in her effort to force a run off, she has not conceded by brian kemp has declared victory, what do these two races mean? joining me now, alex wilkes is here. and chris hynes and host of fox business network, women and money. it is deirdre bolton welcome. >> thank you. kennedy: so let's talk about the
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arizona race. on elected night, martha mcsally of the up. but she seems to have lost so many votes in essential republican county that her democratic opponent, is now the victor, going weird going on in arizona? >> i think less so than in florida, florida is -- >> they are giving them a run for their money now. >> i think what was weird about arizona senate race, i have never seen now u.s. senator, have so many disparaging things to say about her state. she called arizona meth lab of democracy. >> a great quote. >> called them crazy. that race of tight all along. the good news that we might get martha mcsally as replacement in for jon kyl, when he vacates that seat. kennedy: it is interesting. maybe a different candidate, i don't know that martha mcsaly.
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>> very positive, but i think -- >> i don't think it means arizona has flipped blue. but i think it boils down to is candidates do matter. and you should never concede or give up before the race is done, politics is general. >> a state like arizona everyone mails their ballot in it takes time to count votes, i think they did it right. kennedy: were they using abacuses too. >> probably and rocks and stacks of meth as she said in arizona. kennedy: probably passing it out. >> look, they got it right, they will get count right, she will be senator, and against two years another senate race, and president will be on ballot, he was not on ballot this year, people voted against the president, that is why martha mcsally, i thought she was pretty good, she made a few mistakes as most do, but probably best possible candidate to run, she lost. kennedy: one thing that republicans can learn from democrats, is they have
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internalize to run better candidates and run local races, not always case. but you know we go to georgia a big race. >> where both parties say, every vote. kennedy: oprah was on ballot. >> she showed up, no matter your political afillrationin affilian amazing story teller. there is this going down. but, it no, it seems as if republicans will hold georgia. kennedy: there was a libertarian candidate, who was forcing race to a run off. stacey be abrams kind of under performed. >> she needs something like 25,000 votes to get where she wants. >> she is trying to get him
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under 50% threshold so there is a run off. kennedy: in a run off, it is older republicans. >> she needs -- 25 thousand votes right to force that. >> look, making up 25,000 votes in a recoin icoin count is hard. kennedy: ask george w. bush, he was the up 300 then supreme court shut down 537. >> this is what happens in a run off. kennedy: last word. >> this is why you see democrat hustle in places like florida and georgia, they are undermining narrative they hope to set cycle, it was to be a big blue wave. that is why they are fighting so hard, it under cuts when they were trying to sell. kennedy: i hope there is no voter fraud, i think florida is weir enough. >> write it in pen no more hanging chatteds.
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chads. >> we'll talk about dangling chad later in the show, coming up. cory will join me next. [ phone rings ] what?!
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kennedy: president trump went to france, he took his under pants, the trip has been turned to a war of words between the president and other world leaders, tweet today, president slamming allies for not holding up their end of bargain saying, massive amounts of money spent on protecting other country, we get nothing but trade deficit and losses, time that very rich country there are pay united states for great military protection or protect themselves themselves, trade must be preand fair. macron pushing back that he is an american nationalist. >> is the opposite of national. ism, it a detail of patriotism, by saying our interest first, who cares about the others, we
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erice whaerase what is essentia. it is moral values. kennedy: all right, well you can pay for our military, and show us you on great your moral values are. will president's hardball tactic payoff, we will ask cory lewandowski. cory welcome back. >> thank you. kennedy: so let's parc parse thi don't think that macron is is making since, i think there is san argument to be made against for vefor every -- for. >> what does it mean. >> he is out of his mind. this president ran on a platform of something crade t crazy to te world, called if first, he did
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not run to be prime minister of canada or the you know leader of great britain or any other country, he ran to make america great again, he foy fought back against globalism, and internationalism, for a change, we're putting our country first, just like every other world leader does, for too long we have been world's police force and word piggy bank, that president said we're 21 trillion in debt, we're rich but we deserve better, we need fair trade deals. we need fair trade, we have access to their markets, but we're not going to be police force of the world. kennedy: free trade, is reciprocal. today's veteran's day observed. children have day off. and they need to internalized lesson of world war i, when balance of the globe shifted.
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>> it is a day we have to remember men and women who serve every day, they are here, they put their lives on line voluntarily to protect our country, and our allies, but that does not give them a pass, we've seen because of this president, and what he said on world stage other country are finally paying their fair share of u.n. dues, their share of nato dues, but for too long they took advantage, we were only ones paying. kennedy: i don't agree with you all of the time, but i will say, there are a lot of country in western europe who do enjoy the military protection from united states. and they can afford thing like socialite medicine, macron is in deep yogurt in his country for his economic policies, he is trueing to get a leg up in polls and see like a strong man in his own right, by being passive agresswhiff president, but he -- aggressive with the president,
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but he can't have it both ways. the president of france, our president were saying same thing, macron saying maybe we should have a european army, i don't have a problem with that. >> you are right. if you look at our allies in world, i look at poland, they pay their fair share, they are encouragerring u.s. troops to come they are willing to pay, we've been police force for country and world for 50 years or more if france has money, they should pay, we have our forcing spread out all over the world, we have troops in japan, all over that are not being paid for by the host countries. kennedy: i agree. there is a phenomenal argument to be made, let's cut
12:24 am
entitlement spending, but we can't safe the world, what does this do to president's relationship with macron, do you think it possible to mend this rift. >> i still think they world leaders have a great relationship, he is a leader that president speaks to regularly, but because of have a good relationship does not mean you give up what you believe in trump has a great relationship with premier of japan, abe, he said you are killingous traded, i can't have it any more. kennedy: people are scared, american products are quite good, and you are right, we should have access to those markets they should have access to ours, and canadians should enjoy our dairy, there is nothing as sweet as an american teat. >> thank you. >> absolutely any time. >> coming up, democrat will control house, now they are gung highway, about -- he, so what is their plan to under the elect, my monologue is knocks.
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kennedy: well there are two key unanswered questions since last week midterm, no, not about an adult film star, dangling chad. it is who is the leader of the democrat party? and what is their message? leader right now by default is nancy pelosi. who is winning a war of attrition went her own caucus, presumed future speaker to many on both sides revolts and slightly less popular then her peddic bedbugs. but she would rather -- than step aside gracefully. and let a young winner snapper run the party, how will democrat transform themselve to party of ideas instead of the donner
12:30 am
party that will cannibalize themselves on road to impeachment. they won't, depending on who they ask, they will spin the wheels of the inves investigatey mud it is easier than coming up with an agenda. >> yes, james comey firing. >> yes. >> travel ban. >> yes, family separation. >> absolutely. hurry country leave in puerto rico, oh, it was inadequate. >> white house staff of personal e-mail. >> absolutely. >> i want to see his tax returns. >> that quite a list, because you control the money, you can investigate anything. >> correct. kennedy: gross. i need a drink.
12:31 am
this is best you can come up with? endless sou subpoena circle jerk that does not end in impeachment? this is the best that democrat have, a hope this is a april fool's joke, they are playing wrong game in wrong pitch, they will score on their own goal, no one wants 85 investigations they want money and happiness, and a vacation from dc dim wits who are too tone deaf to hear above sound of their own white priv privilege noise, that is the memo. >> nancy pelosi says they will take a more measures approach. >> we're responsible, we're not doing go investigation for political purpose, but seek the truth. i think you could describe how democrat will go forward in this
12:32 am
regard, we'll be strategic. kennedy: what the hell are we doing here? well democratic calm and collected or a free-for-all. our panel is back. chris, do not use phrase walk and chew gum. >> okay. kennedy: that is a bad talking point. there has to be something else, tell me you don't agree next two years should be a series of endless investigation, tell me your party has more, as an independent woman from suburbs hahallelujah. >> i think they will do a better job than republican did when they investigated obama. scott pruitt tenure at epa, storm recovery in puerto rico, the president needs to have meaningful oversight, that is job of congress, is up opennas are necessary -- subpoenas are
12:33 am
necessary. kennedy: under watch the democrat given up a lot of congressional power, bolster the executive branch, they did it for president obama, it was a dumb, bad, stupid idea. >> it has to be taken back it did not start with obama it started in 1980. kennedy: you can say that. a series of -- >> and series of. yes, concentration. i don't disagree with that. very interesting article chad, said if republicans are smart they will look at 1994 playbook, a contract for america. with america i don't know. it was -- my pep sig, newt gingrich was president's foil, they impeached president clinton they did not bring him down, he was reelected in 1996,
12:34 am
republicans are excited about democrat having control because nancy pelosi makes great foil forever president trump. >> i hope we won't see the subpoena t-shirt cannon, i don't want to see it as a citizen, regardless of money, i don't want to see my money wasted that way. kennedy: we want our money to make money, we want -- >> do something, toward something. kennedy: that is you know, accountability yes, tran person see yes, limiting side, scope and power of federal government, absolutely, i am for those. i don't think that there are good intentions here. >> this is great fun for people like us. we track democrat the entire sack elcycle, was mad maddeninge democrat would not mention president trump, they swore they would on the is up north nants t
12:35 am
support nancy pelosi, then they will vote her speaker. >> not getting impeached. >> and you know what it is, i realize not when you hear adam schiff and some other congressmen, talk about the leftist ideas, the that -- they are not preaching to the choir, the choir is trees breaching to, talk about. -- thigh lost touch with working men and women. >> i don't think they have, that is why they won house, they will pick up 40 seats, i think american people want a check on the president. and if president is allowing congress to check them, and you know support investigation and give over documents they should have given over a long time ago, there will be no subpoenas there will be less conflicts. kennedy: i know they feel like everyone wants a check on president because they want to, that is my point. i really appreciate that.
12:36 am
yes, there should be three branches and they should check each other, but you also have people who want the economy to grow. -- our economy is growing it is great, bigger risk, i know we'll talk about president trump saying i'm being targeted that is why market is going down, no u.s. is great. kennedy: why is market going down. >> there are worries about global growth. kennedy: growing so much. >> we've been in a 9 1/2 year bull market, at some point, we're close to record unemployment wage growth that helps. there is so many strong underpinnings, china is weakening, its economy is weakening, italy has problem, europe about by default as problem, i people say we all are interconnected, there is a lot of american,s that do business overseas. kennedy: china weakening, has
12:37 am
president been cassandra, speaking truth about tariffs will he bring china to table to have free trade? >> i think that remains to be seen, that president trump shook up political sphere in 2016, talked about things that people were not talking about that much. but i know for a fact his talk about tariffs resonates with people who don't live in new york city or washington. >> it scares a lot of investors. >> in terms of voters, i think that going to what voters', voter do not want to see is just unending obstruction of this president over and over from democrats. kennedy: no, especially if it gets in way of economic growth. >> he can't be cassandra, kennedy he is the president of united states, he hang on every word. kennedy: cassandra told the truth, and everyone demonized her. >> not everyone is demonizing
12:38 am
him. kennedy: moran alan greenspan. >> he needs to be restrained in his own actions. kennedy: why don't you support him if he moves the market. >> i don't support the way he behaves as. kennedy: sound sounds a little jelly, i don't think you are ready for this. kennedy: >> n no one is ready. >> thank you. >> back in action, thank you. kennedy: all right coming up is north korea keeping its promise of -- denuclearization, some reports suggest maybe not. is kim jong-un going back to his word, if so, how should we respond? who i can't believe it. that grandpa's nose is performing "flight of the bumblebee?" ♪
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♪ every time you close your eyes ♪ kennedy: sing it if you know it. startling new report suggests north korea is building small secret missile sites despite promising to do the opposite, new satellite photos show 15 to 20 popping up all over like a bad acne outbreak. report finding have not been inspectly confirm -- independently confirmed, last week president trump said that progress with north korea continues despite a stall in denuclearization talks, of north koreas trying to pull a fast one on president trump? mike baker is back to answer that. happy veteran's day observed to you. >> thank you. to you took all those people out there who sacrificed over years. kennedy: amen. by beautiful uncle george had a
12:44 am
navy burial friday it was moving, one of most beautiful things i have seen and appropriate for this weekend, it shows how high states are with an unstable actor like north korea, what are we to believe from the reports? >> reason why this is surfacing now, they are commercially available satellite images, i think tank, organization you know reviewed these, and came out with a publicly available report that is auction talking about these bases of 16 of them, that you know, i don't want to confirm or deny that intel community, military and national security team went white house may have already known about for some time. it is not a surprise to that community, but it is a surprise to perhaps a lot of people that you know just had assumed based to what president talked about, meaning no longer a nuclear
12:45 am
threat, assume the all of moving in right direction. kennedy: they took everything apart and drove it to goodwill. >> right, i think important part that i would like to mention, this administration, i know hard to believe for a lot of folks who find president's remarks to be off the cuff or confounding. that happens, it does not mean that president in meetings with national security team and others is not saying something element in best example is that this administration, under like all others in past, are not playing this tit-for-tat game, where north korea throw teddy out of the cot or give up something, they usually don't, but they appear to -- >> are you half british? >> i am, a due ill -- citizen. >> no american says throw teddy
12:46 am
out of the cot. >> thank you. kennedy: do you put your chips in a bonnet? >> yeah, you know or the boot. but you know, i think that here is -- point is that administration taking a different course of act, people say why is kim jong-un lashing out at president, when they are supposed to go well, we're not playing li rules he is expecting us to play by his father plays by. kennedy: the unpredict bill tie has worked to president's advantage so far, but what some media outlet read the reports they don't go after kim jong-un for being unstable, they go right after the president. so, what do we do from here. >> my shock face right now, political element to this you are right, some of the news media seem to be delighting in this report, because it an opportunity to you know criticized this administration. i am not saying it not saying they don't deserve criticism for, but when it situation, they
12:47 am
are holding strong to sanction is what we to be doing, and they are also, administration again, i know people contemplate president -- conflate president's tweets, but this administrationa pragmatic -- >> no is not a word you hear applied to this administration. >> i know. kennedy: very interesting. foreign policy different from domestic plan, to be continued, i love your company, but we're up against a hard break, and you -- >> not a hard break? no, a heartbreak. kennedy: thank you mike bake glir thank you. kennedybaker.>> thank you. kennedy: i'm ken jacobus and i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. and last year, i earned $36,000 in cash back.
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kennedy: former starbuck ceo, assembled a pr people t team to help him with possible presidential campaign, the nice thing is, if he is elected everyone will be able to use white house bathroom. and his name will be misspelled on white house mug. >> we begin in houston, texas, good news, teenage boy just gained a lot of new followers, bad news, they were all cops, 15-year-old boy lead police on a
12:52 am
chase. streaming it on snapchat, you have to show your work under common core, the cops did not click like but they clicked on handcuffs, then brought him to juvei. over two million have watched, crazy and nice to see a driver fleeing scene in texas beside oho'rourke. topic two. >> speaking of police activity walmart giving away free cougho black friday, after getting up early to buy a cheap tv you need extra energy to drive to emergency room after someone breaks your ribs in the store, spain has running of bulls, we have running of flat screens this year's beginning 6 p.m., in
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store give away includes free cookies, if you are still eating bake goods by 6 p.m. on thanksgiving you don't need a new tv you need a new gym membership and a new pan cre cree as and bigger pants. >> 6 million americans are expected to shop black friday, topic three. >> taco bell taking reservation for people who would like to hold their special occasions there for instance, if you are throwing a party to announce you have given up on life, this is the perfect way to do it service called, party by taco bell. i am sure i'm not sure why, people go to taco bell when they are done partying. packages start $25 a person,
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that does not include food, a lot of people point out you have to be high to make such a deal taco bell said, exactly. each party is capped one hour. after eating taco bell, you want to get home as soon as possible. topic 4, facebook baiting app launched -- dating app launched in canada there is no profile to fill out, people have their private data purchased as same company as yours, aimed at singles 18 and up, most likely used by married people 40 and up, 18-year-olds don't go on facebook. you should see profile picks, ladies, if a guy till -- tells you he was born in 80s, it was 1880s, enough about bernie
12:55 am
sanders, rumor that facebook dating could hit u.s. in late 2019, if you can't wait that long to be mislead and underwhelmed there don lemon show. >> topic 5. finally it is here, baby. mug shot monday. yeah. this week's winner, stole a truck, hit 10 cars and his from cops on top of a 5 guys burger shop, i had 5 guys a few times in college, afterward woe within out for burgers, hey. he was handsome. he was the allegedly driving a stolen pickup truck he slammed into 10 different vehicles in virginia, but nobody was hurt. but his uber passengers were furious. i'm kidding, he does not drive for uber, his record is too clean. he has lost his license but his
12:56 am
son picked him up from jail, i'll be right there dad ! they have to hurry, they have a taco bell party to get to. they can only be there for an hour. we'll be right back.
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kennedy: thank you for watching. the best hour of your day, we had so much fun putting everything it for you on this veteran's day observed.
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