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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 19, 2018 6:00am-9:00am EST

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summit with out of communique without accord now focus shift to g20 where president trump is set to meet with president xi next week but president trump speaking out about the difficulty of coming to an agreement. >> china wants to make a deal. they said they have a list of thing they're willing to do which was a large list. and just not acceptable to me yet but at some point i think that -- we are doing extremely well with respect to china. i have a great respect for president xi i have a great respect for china. but china has taken advantage of the united states for many, many years. >> we look at what is at stake straight ahead. and breaking news on nissan, trouble for the automaker -- the company looking to remove chairman japan's nhk news service reporting that carlos scone has been arrested for alleged financial violation. we will dig into that story and
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a magical weekend at box office the fantastic duking it out with grinch in theaters we'll tell you who took top spot and editorial page editor james freeman and pollster in partners president lee carter great to see you. great to be here. it was james hawkins and before show started on florida's settle we've got griff griff coming up in about 6, 7 minutes from now with a hit from florida. close call election, editorial page wrote about it this morning but rick scott is the senator from florida. >> that's right so that's a republican pickup and i think good for the country that the losers in that race have now conceded you hate to have roadway play of that 2,000 drama where it becomes a battle of lawyers and -- this one fortunately was decided by voters. >> right and also but it does kind of set the stage for two years from now.
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can florida get its act together? >> yeah, this has been going on forever you look at this especially in palm beach. i think 2002, '0, '06 and 2016 and earlier this summer with primary continuing problems following the law, and i would say high time for state government to prioritize performance. >> get to this as with but broward election chief reports that brenda snipes has resigned amid recount effort down in florida so we will discuss that. i'll give you a to let you collect your thoughts. >> i think what you thought is maybe some legislation at the state level as well because -- you recall snipes president wasn't to hot either got fired for similar problems. so i think you need some kind of standard -- she was initially selected by jeb bush in early 2,000s so we'll get into that whole story
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and he said regulation -- but we're talking about a different type of regulation. coming to big tech, apple ceo tim cook issuing a warning on what he believes to be the inevitable arrival of regulation and silicon valley. >> generally speaking i am not a big fan of regulation i'm a big believer in free market but we have to admit when free market is not working and it hasn't worked here. and i think it is inevitable that there will be some level of regulation. >> your reaction to that? >> as easy for tim cook to say because he doesn't deal when it comes to data as other people like the facebook and social media players. so some would say he's probably able to lob stones at this upon the and with him looking at regulation over social media, doesn't the that help hissings as well doesn't it strengthen apple at this point in so i think it is easy for him to say. >> they've used that as marketing tool james but what do
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make of this because again, it is possible we've talked about this for -- literally been talking about it for yores that they need to come up with some regulatory system within technology but now that you've had these -- facebook, google, falling flat on their face not doing a great job if they even decided to show up in front of congress that this is a really tricky situation that the technology companies are facing. >> i think -- suzanne raises a great question is -- i think consumers should be very skeptical here is this a play where he thinks his business model will do better under regulation than say a facebook or a google that apple competes with in some arena yes apple has services business but they are hardware company, maybe he sees an advantage. i just it shall i just think that this statement that this is a market failure first of all --
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markets don't have to work perfectly they just have to work better than government, and second of all people want free services. so to say it is a failure that people have tolerated years and years of trading personal information for lots of services, i think is a mistake. that i think people for better or rs have enjoyed a lot of free stuff is they've gotten from silicon valley and you know, maybe they would like a different trade but i don't think that government, i would be very worried about about a government program that -- eppedz up advantaging incumbent like apple as it usually does and prevents new competitor. skts i had this conversation with -- someone over last five years days or so about forecast and individuals response was -- grab a drink. qk to the party. where have you been the last -- >> in the a surprise for anybody really? ten years of the facebook life,
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literally -- that facebook if you used facebook over the years they constantly ask you for more and more and more granular personal information then you sit become and go wow, it is free. great article in "the wall street journal" this weekend. >> basically reason instagram founder left is because facebook and wanted to extract more information from you from instagram they want to know your location and they are like wow, this is not what we signed up for. but i think inevidentibility that is the basically the signal from all of tech i was at the laguna beach the live event and everybody understands that this is a new reality. if you don't if you're not prepared you shouldn't be ceo. >> but i think if you look at what's happening in europe people are saying with privacy and kinds of concerns out there we're going that way we better be prepared for it and tim cook is in unique position because let's not forget apple had a hard line in what privacy means
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and not access anything that's on there so i think they think this is going to make them more popular because they're all about privacy and everybody else on social media maybe isn't. >> i don't know if they're allen about privacy but they see this as probably a position of strength that they're in right now. >> referring to apple and i was very critical of apple pushing become on fbi when -- when the fbi wanted a a physical to help. essentially right code so they could access one of the terrorists the murderers phones and apple pushed back that in courts and a i was critical of them but agains that the line and this is really -- really a -- stance that steve job took from the very beginning. but these are different -- they are different businesses. facebook and google are different google it a lesser extent because of the android operating system and they're in device business indirectly but again tim cook is -- throwing sol shade.
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>> yeah, and it could be just a business model question. i think you ought to be skeptical when you hear as presented as schismly a fundamental belief. these companies have different models and some of them are more vulnerable to certain regulation than others. so i would say consumer be aware. big tech big government deal i think is not in our interest. >> i want to get suzanne reaction to this quickly apple suppliers are reportedly facing trouble with lower than expected demand for the new iphone. apple decision it offer more models part of the problem. so wall street journal report aring that it is rippling into supply chain suppliers are suffering is this a bigger problem for the tech for the -- apple? rntion i think it is a reality that demand for iphone is not as robust as expected poor vote these are names downgraded now their revenue forecast for the the year because they're not expecting orders coming from apple this isn't first time they have had problems with launching
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a new handset remember iphone 5, a month later they also cut become on their orders as well because this wasn't selling as well. i think it is a reality that there's saturation are in market they have apple and handsets can you keep selling 200 million plus each and every year. >> separate chip maker and video it entered a bear market almost in one day down 19%. in the track record, up crash, over last ten years. >> they have. i want to move on to american and chinese trade tensions boiling over at the age of economic corruption summit china reportedly upset over wording they used as singling out their trade practices. this was the first time in the summit nearly three decade history in which the -- the parties did not issue a communique james your reaction to this. how much should we read into this issue again it front page of the wall street journal a summit breaks trade tensions.
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>> yeah. when you want to say that you're going to protectionism and unfair trade practices i don't know why anybody would october to that as a goal. so maybe this says a little something about the -- the good faith or lack therefore that they are bringing to these upcoming discussions we'll dig into that and potentially has immediate market reaction. because you saw last week what market did -- that there's a bright -- they call it chaos at apec i host in 2014, i would say it was very cordial a little bit different. >> different president. that's right. for sure. recount mean is florida over florida election results are in in griff jenkins live with the very latest. good morning. >> you know after losing 2,000 ballots missing deadlines and failing to report accurate
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numbers broward county election supervisor brenda smieps snipes is reportedly retired according to the newspaper she's ding that on january 2nd now governor elect desantis will get to res place her. we'll find out who that will be but this come on heels of really the big news and that is after 18 year in the senate bill nelson conceding in a video statement to rick scott after losing by 10,033 votes here was nelson vote take a listen. >> i was not victorious in this race but i still qish to strongly reaffirm the cause for which we fought. a public office is a public trust. that public trust now in hands of senator elect rick scott and pins now voters of florida have spoken and i'm honored to serve as state next senator with a heated campaign season behind us it is time for our leads to come
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together roll up sleeves to get something done for families across america, it is time to make washington work in a final note dagen democrats not coming up empty in recount they picked up the commissioner for agricultural seat which is a powerful statewide seat. dagen. >> thank you so much griff. griff griff down in florida hopefully hear from you later in the morning one thing to bring up quickly lee carter rick scott won 45% election vote in florida. >> he lost this fight by just 9 percentage points house republicans lost the latino vote by 40 points. that's a very big win for the republicans and in florida and it is a testament to what needs to happen in two years if republicans want to keep the leadership. >> it is a very big win in a state that has a lot of immigration too so i think that's something to look at what's had so different there. >> exactly. so by the way we should point out rick scott had a spanish
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language website adds up in spanish nelson hnts had either. that was according to some of the i think reporting from -- bloomberg just to give them credit bloomberg. [laughter] give everybody credit. coming up, breaking news -- nissan's chairman carlos has reportedly been arrested and questioned in japan over alleged financial violations. we'll tell you more about this developing story. plus not so fantastic -- why the harry potter magic didn't deliver expected results to the box office. a full roundup, next. ♪
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chairman of nissan under arrest shale has details. >> a japanese tv station right now is reporting that nissan
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chairman charles has been now arrested in tokyo for allegedly violating financial trading law in that country. he look like they're set to remove chairman after uncovering numerous acts of misconduct. we should add he's chairman and chief executive of francis and shares of nissan down nearly 10% so far this year this is a breaking story we'll get you nor details as question get them into our newsroom now what's happening back here at home and devastate wildfire in northern california. the search for remains of haven'ts is underway as about 1,000 names remain at a list people unaccounted for. so far at least 77 people have been confirmed dead in the camp fire. president trump visited area to survey damage over the weekend meeting with governor brown and governor elect newsom meanwhile we should add forecasters say rain could bring some relief for firefighters across northern california. but there is a risk of flooding in addition to the good news of
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the rain. well, there was a big winner at box office over the weekend a harry potter spinoff but the less than fantastic performance still number one. >> you're asked me to hunt him down -- ♪ it has to be you. >> sequel fantastic beast and brought in 16 million dollars that make it is the lowest total ever for opening weepgd in harry potter franchise and movies were spinoff of harry potter new fest film was 16% below their 2016 opening weekend the first version of the one. last week box office winner doctor seuss grinch brought in just over 38 million dollar, and rowngsding out top five bohemian "rhapsody" and widows rounding out numbers. back to you. >> thank you so much cheryl and i want to ask james and lee
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about this carlos news because you've interviewed him you understood -- probably japanese business practices and a lot better than most people in business news so -- smg thank you. i have interviewed carlos many time and in japan it is a very domestic market so if you're a foreign ceo and they have misconduct had is underreporting these are allegation as of underreporting salary therefore putting in security documents they do not take this lightly also accused of miswriewzing company funds as with. and he stepped down as ceo of last year and i would say that -- you know, they do find these allegations to actually be, there are some you know evidence to back it up and not easy for carlos. >> thank you so much suzanne discuss that as morning moves on. this a teenage formula three driver surviving a horrific crash. at this weekend's mccall grand
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free oil steady climb they are cautious but optimism on prospect of an opec supply cut will discuss, next.
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oil prices recovering today up about 18 cents barrel and historic losing streak. jill lower, however, after falling to one year low last week and maria bartiromo spoke with dallas federal reserve president and robert kaplan on friday and he weighed in on the
6:24 am
decline. is oil an indicator that it is indicating that the global economy is slowing down? you know, or is it just telling us that we've got oversupply situation? >> there is worry that maybe global demand especially from emerging marketses will slow a bit. so this is why you're seeing volatility. i would tell you from here i still believe if you go out three to five years or over next few years we're probably in a frag yule supply demand to see a lot of volatility like we've seen, but the fact of the matter is shale -- is going to -- going to need to grow prolifically to keep up with global command and limits to how tion pa shale can grow so you may see some price pressure of theup side. but this is why you've seen short-term downdraft. >> joining us shale president jeff, mr. hogmeister great to
6:25 am
see you where do you think oil goes here in the short run? >> i think on the short run it is going to hov around where it is now. dagen -- i think the waivers on the iranian sanctions have had a big impact on traders mentality as to whether oil is, you know, short or long. and i think it is plenty of oil out there. i think the saudis are hard pressed to really cut production in the aftermath of the turkey situation. and i think the perm i can basin has thousands not hundreds but thousands of drill but uncompleted wells to come japan line early next year. so i think that there's just plenty of supply at the moment. >> john james freeman with wall street journal you want to ask you we heard last week that bottleneck are largely easings can can west texas producers basically respond and make up
6:26 am
for whatever cut the saudis do manage to persuade on opec? >> not in 19 i don't think. in principle, i agree. the issues lodges i it can issues are being solved new pipeline but they're not built yet so they're not in place so in addition there are labor shortages that have to be reckoned with and people are deferring opportunity for a variety of reasons namely understand insecurity and there will be a point at which had what you said will occur but that's not first half of 2019. >> have steel tariff cause problem for pipeline makers there was issues of a steel used in one particular pipeline. the not just the pipeline but trilling company or operating companies because you have all of that steel pipe. and a lot of that pipe has historically come out of china.
6:27 am
and so it has it shall played a role. it has increased cost. and -- people are waiting to see what happens in u.s. china relationship if ever that get fixed. >> gas prices have been sliding millions of americans hitting roads already for thanksgiving holiday that is according to aaa, 10 cents higher than price drivers paid last thanks give but it is notably lower than gas prices were even a month ago where the average was 287. does this help consumers do people attention to falling gas price but does it hit them in a positive way? >> well absolutely. president trump has had a direct hand in all of this, you know with his pressure on saudi with his waiver, it has really led to the availability of gasoline. and if you thought of the week to week statistics, which i tend
6:28 am
to do, we've had a lot of stored oil in the last four to six weeks in the u.s. where storage number have gone up and refineries haven't really gotten into their shutdown poardz yet. so they've been producing a lot of gasoline, so i would say for next month or two we probably have -- plenty of gasoline on the market. i saw 220 a gallon yesterday in houston. >> love it. john thank you so much for being here. take care john we'll see you soon. coming up, corruption concerns at general electric. more dilemmas piling up as company sinks power sales and iraq. we'll tell you more, and swept away, a skydiver gets snagged in a fence. this weekend's nascar the final race of the year a full sports roundup. who won the championship? he was driving a ford -- more ahead. [laughter]
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welcome back i'm dagen mcdowell and november 19th your top stories at 6:30 a.m. eastern. escalating trade tensions futures pointing to lower open this morning as informs tores watch swron going negotiations between washington and beijing. the s&p 500 edging higher on friday, but it was sleep losses from earlier in the week that pushed all 3 major market gauges into negative territory on the week. in europe, to start a new week is shortened session this week. the markets closed on thursday here at home but we have gains acrossed board in england, france, in germany. this monday -- in asia, markets closing higher
6:33 am
overnight gains across the board there. retail and l brand and tart reporting this week ahead of black friday and holiday shopping season. we break down the expectations ahead. plus concerns over general electric, the shocking report detailing corruption allegations, against key business partners overseas. and youtube hollywood debut shift and strategy for sharing company ahead. from white house to football field why condoleezza rice says she will not be coaching cleveland browns any time soon an she was reportedly considered for an interview. and i want to start this rumor. how about running nascar -- condoleezza rice we move on to formula three, there was a horrible wreck heroing video from the grand prix moving so
6:34 am
fast we need to e slow that video down to show you -- she survived that accident and bring you an update on her condition. financial services, res looming. a report from action owe says congresswoman maxine waters is looking to bring oversight of international financial institutions under the umbrella of the house financial services committee. she is set to take over as chair of that committee under new congress when democrats take control of the house. joining me now is media d.c. political analyst ron myer ron always good to see you. what do you make of this report? and what max seen watersing that committee will do to regulation what the motive would be there? j well, elections have consequences and here you go this is something maxine water have been talking about totally going to rearrange sub committee structure for this heat, and what she's going to do is put the regulation in oversight of
6:35 am
basically foreign banks urd the same sub committee as elicit and illegal activity. and so she's already sort of saying hey, a lot of these foreign banks especially she's a really targeting deutsche bank because of its relationship 20 plus years ago with president trump. and so she wants to bring in all of this into this sub committee and really try to stir things up. no one should be surprised everyone knew maxine waters with chair here. but i don't think anybody in business thought it would be good but laying this down and trying to get committee members swron backward and is it good for markets of course only issue is she's not able to get passed to get the president signature but she can did a lot of invests and subpoenas so while you wouldn't think financial services committee would be a home for investigations. i think that's what we're going it see under chairman waters. >> james they lurtly every democrat sitting on a committee is going to figure out some way
6:36 am
to investigate president trump. >> that's right. i think for her the play is beginning to be looking at his banking relationships looking at banks that -- russia and china use and trying to tie that somehow to -- the axon the president's part. but ron i do wonder you mentioned none of this legislation that's going to come out of her committee is beginning to become law you mention the investigative piece she also has the ability to try to embarrass administration officials and hearings. do you think it she can move the needle and change regulation based on that pressure on bringing a spotlight to issues she doesn't -- or differences she has with administration regulations? smtion well you know i doubt that she's able to get the president and the -- republican senate to agree to thing by doing anything overly dramatic but there's room to work kroo the aisle and surprisingly she a history doing
6:37 am
that so i think there could be productivity there. but i mean listen her campaign season with talking about going in harassing members of republicans whether a strunt or public place i don't think she's the one who is reaching across aisle trying to be productive. whaing she's trying to do is trying to stay in headlines to try to stay relevant and frankly something that president trump is welcomingening he wants spea. i think he wants the people to be his opponents and to help rev up base for 2020 do i think it is good for our political system anded good for our markets? absolutely not. but it is god for president trump to reelection campaign so i don't think he's particularly sad it be. because it is gong to gem up base because they have perfect antagonist ting after. >> the president did get into become and forth adam shift over weekend which we will not go into -- can't sell it. to start that fire but one of my questions right now is what do
6:38 am
you think qee sacrifice by having this focus shift more on international rather than things that we have been -- and on top of that i'm curious you said that you think they are compromise or work together and what things can they come together on and what would that do for us? >> worked with republicans this last year, on a bipartisan bill that actually less than regulations on some community banks and i think there's more work to be done there and there are things that republican and democrats grow on when it comes to fixing regulation and financial services and putting in good -- good consumer protections. but i think like i said i'm not sure that's really going to be her focus with comments that we've seen come out and structure that she's putting in place at the sub committees and so i do think that a large part of her media attention focus will be on these international banks tieing them to russia and china and president trump. and what we're going to have unfortunately i think is another two years of cay yachting politics i think i'm not sure that's why democrats won the house to be honest with you i
6:39 am
think democrats won house to be a check on the crazy politics right, and instead they're answering crazy politics with crazy politics. right -- and so i don't think that's dinner i don't think that's going to win them white house in 2020 i don't think that it is going to increase the majorities in either house. >> could be bad for business as well ron because yeah think of a wells far gee and john, i mean, i imagine that a lot more bank ceos in future will be hauled in front of congress embarrassed asked multiple questions -- about some of their questionable business practices so what does that say for -- what does a message being signaled to bank executives? >> she called for wells fargo to be broken up so -- what does that tell ya? i think a lot of us have wells fargo account doesn't that make you feel unkivel? my mortgage is through wells fargo i'm a little uncomfortable so i think many of us who have retirement accounts that do have savings accounts for our kids college accounts aren't particularly excited about chairman waters regulating
6:40 am
financial services. even though she doesn't have any legislative authority on her own. the fact that she can change markets just by calling people in project of congress and her with them and fact to start these investigations on her own is rather troubling. >> they also are always looking two yearses ahead ron and does that help them get reelected maybe, maybe not if you're from a deep blue dringt perhaps you're maxine waters perhaps but in those purple districts you got to call that into question. >> i think you're looking for mature leadership and calm leadership that's why democrats won house and i'm not sure that's what they're going to get with maxine water and that long-term will be good for republicans to have the leadership. >> i can point you to dozens of preschools across this country that show more maturity than people that work in washington. [laughter] ron thank you so much. ron myer coming up, a horror crash in the teenager formula three driver survived this
6:41 am
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saudi arabia king salomon delivering speech on foreign policy this morning. cheryl casone has the details, cheryl. >> dagen king salomon is gwinn first public address since killing of washington post columnist jamal khashoggi after u.s. lawmakers are renewing calls to condemn after they concluded king son saudi prince ordered his killing on fox news sunday yesterday president trump explained why he won't listen to the tape recording of khashoggi's murder. >> it is just suffering tape. it is a terrible tape. i've been fully briefed on it i said should i they said you really shouldn't. there's no reason. i know exactly everything that went on where that happened -- >> crowned prince continuouslien didded involvement in khashoggi murder. general electric face dilemma a
6:46 am
in iraq as they seek power sales wall street journal says they learned about corruption allegations against key business partners in iraq. the report advises ge to distance himself from one of its contract there is. ge is competing for multibillion dollar new power contracts throughout that country shares are lower in quarter of a percent right now. well youtube is now streaming full length movies for free. but, of course, there's a catch because nothing is free right to enjoy you have to endure advertisements but pay it be a youtube subscriber and movies include rocky zookeeper and legally blond among other. google company alphabet owns 1% so far this year. dagen there you go another way to stream content. like number 50. >> yeah i hooked my dad with streaming his games or
6:47 am
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a lot of drama in nfl and here with all of your sports highlights. hey, jared. three walk you have wins on but broncos to cow oi boys to raiders and next comeback win
6:51 am
for the steelers how about vikings last night. first place bears up 14 0 leading 14-6 and chicago eddy jackson intercepted kurt cousin brought it in for a touchdown and chicago led 20-6 now bear were leaving 25-20 two minutes to go. minnesota after a touchdown tries onside conclude. but the bears recover and chicago win, now 7-3 way to of the nfc north. 33 years to the the day since legendary washington redskins quarterback suffered career head jury at the skins game yesterday and alex smith had injuries and just as it happened to joe. alex smith taken down near the 40 yard line fractured right fibula and tib la he's down for season. from game he tweeted alex sleg city like mine i feel so bad for hill while sacked by taylor smith sacked by jay jay watts
6:52 am
never want to see that for anybody ever wish you all of the best brother. final score yesterday 23-21 same thing but this time redskins lost. it you catch that espn report that said cleveland browns were tbipg to interview formaller secretary of state condoleezza rice for their head coaching job. it is not actually happening. the browns said she's not on radar and "madam secretary" confirmed it, though, she said she would like to get to call a couple of plates for browns, and hope endures for women and coaching wham this formula three crash at 171 miles for hour. 17-year-old german sofia fractured her spine fractured a facial bone suffered concussion and lacerations 170 miles per hour at the grand free in china she says i'm fine but go into surgery tomorrow. nascar monster energy cup championship homestead miami, 12
6:53 am
laps to go oh well this was before the race. parachuter caught in the catch fence late in the race 12 laps to go. joey who made it final two of the previous three year, finally win it is he passes martin jr. and gets the big win for roger penske racing. >> roger penske is icon, obviously, that was a ford win. the -- that's a ford car. by the way, i watched it. not the biggest fan it was kevin -- kyle busch and then lagano for the win. martin race for furniture row this ends race and no longer be crew chief and driver tell and lohse has gone off the car and aj leaves the series incase you were interested in any of that. >> i know -- they repeat that all back to you in alphabetical order. >> i have to repeat this a few times. did you watch -- dagen i was watching football
6:54 am
all day i switched over before they took the lead at 12 laps to go this was great. saw everything i neededded to see. >> what did you watch sports wise yesterday? j well i was watching a lot of kids sports this weekend. [laughter] and -- sadly our fifth graders lost in the super bowl. >> awe -- but -- that was roar horrific injury. alex smith hope he get to come back from this this was a career ender for joe -- 33 years ago to the day, that it was the same score that happened near the 40-yard line same thing that legendary defensive player caused the injury in part on the sack. >> he look good team wise in nfl. tonight game 2-9-1 a super bowl preview the saints, though. yesterday they destroyed, crushed they crushed eagles. but that they've scored 40 point or more and six game this is season that ties an nfl record.
6:55 am
they look like team to beat at the moment. >> why can't he be head coach of the browns that would be a great choice. saying on facebook that's not what she wanted. i want to know where that rumor started start from the nfl that's long been -- shoot, rice could run nascar. i nominate rice to run nascar. there you go. >> trying to -- trying to sell it. again, icon i don't know -- if she likes motor sports but a idea. >> for female leadership i encourage everyone i listen to the ray podcast done by charlotte observe per and it is one of the most moving things you'll ever listen to for sandra adam i'll just believe it at that but ray is out of prison now. listen to this. it is incredible reporting and if you are -- if you followed that story at all -- it's fascinating like a 7 part series. so -- >> didn't want to come see him in prison and now --
6:56 am
ferlg he has cerebral pal city a story of triumph and forgiveness and love. >> i can't believe it has been how many years now over 20 years it shall >> 99 is when she was hearded thank you very much jared max fox sports or for headlines siriusxm 15 1-15 still ahead christmas is coming to the white house. the tree will arrive in washington later today. next hour, mornings with maria.
6:57 am
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get up to a $1,000 credit on select models now during the season of audi sales event. dagen: good morning. i dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. it's monday, november 19th. your top story at 7:00 a.m. eastern. rising trade tensions with china. mike pence back from the summit without an accord. the focus shifts to the g-20
7:00 am
summit next week where president trump is set to meet with china's president xi. the futures are under pressure this morning, coming off a week of losses, an 85 point loss of the dow futures, the selling picking up a little bit of steam as we move closer to the opening bell. a little more than two and-a-half hours from now. this after a week of red for all your major market indicators. dow and nasdaq falling more than 2% last week. the s&p down 1.6%. in europe we had a little bit of buying earlier in the session. now the cac in france and the dax dipped into negative territory. asian markets finishing higher overnight. all four major markets there to the plus side. trouble for nissan, japan's n hk reporting that the chairman has been arrested for alleged financial violations. the automaker looking to remove him as chairman. and a rough road for apple, ceo tim cook speaking out against regulation but he says it is
7:01 am
coming anyway. the tech giant already struggling with orders for the new iphones. suppliers are paying the price. we break down all of that for you. and leaving the crew, why the ceo j of j. crew is leaving the company ahead of the holiday season after being in the position for a little more than a year. with me this morning is susan lee, along with james freeman and lee carter. welcome and all. what's on your mind? >> this trade issue where the chinese will not -- the chinese government, i should say, will not even agree to the idea that we shouldn't have unfair trade practices. we've seen in the past they refused to acknowledge int intellectual property theft. now they're not willing to endorse as a general principle we ought to have open, fair
7:02 am
trading practices. maybe it's the art of the deal and they'll be more reasonable later. >> you're using the term cold war. this is a new cold war opened n 2018. they're causing chaos in apack. it's usually friendly display of relationrelations. this is something the administration is shaking up. dagen: let me raise this ish shy. what is better, acting like everyone gets along and essentially lying, like oh, we like each other. >> isn't that what diplomacy is? dagen: or crack the egg and show the world what's going on. >> i think it's pass nateing that people are willing -- fascinating that people are willing to be patient with the process. i've been talking to farmers and ranchers say they're willing to stickic out. this is a -- sticking it out. dagen: we have anthony
7:03 am
scaramucci on deck. american and chinese trade tensions are spilling out. economic giants were sparring at the economic summit. china upset over the wording of a phrase they viewed as unfairly singling out their trade practices. this is the first time in the summit's history in which a communique was not issued. here now, author of the blue collar president, anthony -- if you're going to do the wave, it's the light bulb, it's screwing in the light bulb. there you go. >> i need shoulder surgery. go ahead. dagen: your reaction, china, the united states, where do we go from here in terms of the trade relationship. >> i'm going to say something outrageous. i think they're going to get a deal done pretty quickly. and if it's not next week, it will be before the end of the yeabecauseyear because that's te
7:04 am
president's personality. if you go to the canadian, mexican deal, if you look at the concessions that were made, these are minor concessions. this is the president's style. he's rough in the beginning. he comes out guns ablazing. he's boxing away. that's what he does. he tries to meet in the middle towards the end of the negotiation. so here's another thing for the president. i know his personality well enough to know that he wants this thing done by latest the end of january because he's got to set up the narrative going into the back half of his administration that he's tied up these trade deals and then he'll want to work on an immigration or infrastructure deal with the democrats. >> my sources are telling me -- it's a great risk. basically from my sources in asia, they said they were insulted that president trump didn't even make the trip to papa new guinea. that's laying the ground work by not showing respect. that may be a good negotiating tactic as well.
7:05 am
you're sending a message to the rest of asia, particularly, china aren't you? >> that could be. i think it's a combination of different things, just the unbelievable schedule that he had leading up into the midterms, i think that they probably held him back from going to asia. i don't think should be something that should be insulting anybody. i think the americans are upset about the i.p. situation with china and so it appears that there's going to be concessions made there on behalf of the u.s. and so that's where i think the trade deal gets done. i don't think anybody should be upset that he didn't make it to apac. >> we talked about the president's time line. this is good news that this is not going to be a permanent fight with the chinese in your view, that he's looking to wrap it up. how about on the chinese side? there's this sense that china thinks in decades or centuries but i think there's some pressure on xi jinping pink to deato dealas well. >> when you look at where the
7:06 am
market and the currency is right now, both of those things are true. one of the thing that's overstated by the western media is the overall strength of the chinese economy. if you look at their level three assets, when you're a banking analyst, you're examining their level three assets, the chinese commercial banking system, they never wrote down the assets after 2018. the assets are wildly overstated which has a big impact on the chinese government, puts pressure on their reserves as they try to prop up those banks and what you don't want is a material slowdown where you see the gdp of china dipping below 6.5%. that puts them in a danger zone as relates to the mass urbanization that's taking place throughout china. i absolutely think this is pressure on both sides and i think that the president likes -- i think both presidents like each other. my guess is this thing will get done, if not next week, shortly thereafter. dagen: here is incoming house republican chair liz cummings
7:07 am
commenting with maria on sunday morning futures. >> the democrats are focused on the so-called russia collusion, the russia threat. i think the real russia threat, maria, is when you look at the soviet style economic policy that the democrats in particular, some of the freshmen coming in are advocating. so i think the democrats are going through a very challenging time and nancy pelosi is working hard to try to become the next speaker which means she's got to cow tow in many ways to that wing of her party. that's not good for the party. dagen: president trump offered to help nancy pelosi get the speakership. >> as many votes as she needs. dagen: every time i read that, i laugh out loud. seems like he's really throwing shade which makes me chuck he'll. >le.>> he's throwing shade in oe way but in another way she may need the votes. she will be the speaker.
7:08 am
they can posture any way they want. she's an absolutely ruthless killer. i say that in the most complementary, most admiral way. dagen: not literally. >> met fo met me metaphorically. i'm telling you right now, the knives are being r sharpened and she will be the house speaker. do you want me to comment on what representative cheney was saying or not? dagen: money talks and mmm-mmm walks whether in washington or anywhere else in the country. she is one of the greatest fundraisers in modern democratic history. >> you have to give her credit for the midterm elections. she raised a ton of money. she mobileized people in the right areas. you can call it a blue wave, a minor blue wave. it wasn't a blue ripple. if you look at the whole landscape, you look at the state
7:09 am
legislatures and governorships switching, certainly wasn't a blue ripple. having said that, i think without the president's help it could have been way worse. dagen: i want to get to this, the president was sounding off on the future of homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen and chief of staff, john kelly, on fox news with chris wallace yesterday. so listen to this, anthony, and then react. >> i like her a lot. i respect her a lot. she's very smart. i want her to get tougher and we'll see what happens there. we get a along well. there is certain things i love what he does and there are certain things that i don't like that he does. john at some point is going to want to move on. john will move on. dagen: when will john kelly move on? >> it couldn't happen soon enough for me. i'm saying as it relates to the president, okay, he's a lot like george steinbrenner. all of those that are fans of sports going back to the '70s
7:10 am
and '80s, when he says we'll see what happens, that's like incoming take cover. get under the desk and see if you can wait the thing out with him. he said that with the attorney general and he has said that on many different occasions and by the way, i was there long enough for him to say let's see what happens. i was gone before he could say let's see what happens. dagen: who's going to be the next attorney general? >> i don't know. i hope it's chris christie. i think chris would have the president's back but also be impartial. i see there's -- dagen: i just made a face. >> i see some faces here. dagen: there's a history with chris christie and jared kushner's father. >> i think they moved past that. i would like to see chris because i think he would have the president's back. he would also run the department properly. >> there's this idea that the white house is in disarray with the staffing changes. do you think all of this was underfoot before the midterms and this is just now happening
7:11 am
or are there things that recently happened that have seemed to shake things up? >> he's an entrepreneur. if you study entrepreneurship. if you take a study on entrepreneurship, there's tremendous turnover for entrepreneurs, particularly when getting started in a situation, whether it's michael del, bill gates, you can pick the entrepreneur, they're whipping through things in the beginning until they get it right. if you were a condo guy, you hire condo builders. if you're a golf guy, you hire golf course builders. he thought i go into the government, i hire government builders. what happened there, a lot of those people were not loyal to him or his agenda. now he's got to shift the deck and reshuffle the deck. dagen: who will be the chief of staff? a budget guy, do you think it will be mick mulvaney. >> i like him a lot. i think he would be great. someone mentioned nick ahers.
7:12 am
he's the vice president, chief of staff. i like him as well. maybe the fact that i said i like both those guys is the kiss of death for both of them. they'll probably call me later and say stop talking about me on tv. i like both those guys. >> your experience, i understand -- >> p.h.d. >> p.h.d., you wanted it to go longer than 11 days. >> i wanted to make it longer than a carton of milk. >> kelly has done a lot of good things there. >> name one. >> i don't think this is a glifn namgiven. >> name one good thing he's done. >> this is a white house that has remained faithful to the president's 2016 agenda and has gotten a lot done, when we think about judges and the tax cut. >> you're attributing that to john kelly or to the president? >> i would say both of them. i would say kelly deserves some credit here as the chief of staff. >> we'll see the aftermath of
7:13 am
this whole thing, what really comes out. you read bob woodward's book, so did i. dagen: i did. >> we'll see the aftermath of this whole thing. dagen: that's the narrative. >> he hasn't been fair to the president. read what he says about the president. dagen: that's the narrative that the president somehow needs a minder, somebody who teaches him how to close doors to the oval office. i think people who know the president push back on that. >> i pushed back on that very hard. i don't p even care that john fired me. that's ridiculous. that won't be the last time i've been fired. it wasn't the first time i've been fired. i'm a bit of a renegade. i expect to be fired again in the future. here's the bottom line. he hurt the morale inside the white house and he's got a material militant nature to his personality and he's pushed a lot of people out that were very valuable to the president. forget about me. let's say i wasn't. let's talk about other people inside the white house. >> in large part isn't this the job of the chief of staff,. >> they're playing the music,
7:14 am
brother. >> i'm going to get out of here. i'm going to get to a commercial break. dagen: i had so much more to ask you about. >> susan, how am i doing with the wave? >> more wrist action. >> i want to make sure. dagen: scaramucci, we don't use first names. >> holding back. dagen: carlos goehn, an overnight arrest, more when we come back. ♪
7:15 am
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7:18 am
in nissan. he is chairman and chief executive of france's renault. thousands of brokers reportedly have been allowed to scrub their records clean of complaints by customers and employers. it found the practice makes it hard for regulators and consumers to watch the behavior o broke of brokers. finra is considering change that's would make it harder for brokers to purge the records. former new york city mayor, michael blockburg, given a -- bloomburg giving $1.8 billion to john hopkins university. it will allow students to be considered for admission regardless of their ability to pay. he says he hopes the donation will allow hopkins to offer more generous scholarships and ease
7:19 am
debt burden for graduates. those are your headlines. a lot of cash, dagen. dagen: enough that -- put is this way, i said this to somebody, that like millionaires are beneath him. cheryl: pretty much. dagen: he has to socialize with billionaires. this is money well spent. running for president, maybe not so much. >> i think he'll look at that and find that there's not a natural home for his mix of moderation on economics and social liberalism. dagen: he'.>> he's one of the t donors for the midterms on the democratic side for bloomberg. maria.dagen: he was in favor oe tax on sugary sodas. he's very much tried to fight cost of health care through things like that. very, very much in favor of gun control giving a lot of money on gun control issues. he's kind of fiscally
7:20 am
conservative in some ways. he knows how to balance a budget. that means taking things away from people. >> you do wonder, because he do have the funds to launch an independent candidacy, whether that might be the way to go. i don't see it. >> i don't see him being able to carry the vote but i could see him as a mastermind behind somebody's strategy and political ideology. i think that maybe he should be the man behind the curtain, not necessarily the man in front of the curtain, or woman. dagen: or a running mate potentially? >> that's an interesting idea, for sure. dagen: don't ask for sh for aih your corn dog at the iowa state fair. >> always good advice. dagen: not great retail politicians sometimes. coming up, mark zuckerberg wants to go to war over the media's reporting of the company's disarray. plus retail in focus this week
7:21 am
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dagen: let's take a look at futures, they're pointing to a lower open on wall street with technology on the decline. the wall stree wall street jourl reporting that more investors are looking towards stocks with slower but steadier growth. cheaper growth. joining me now, s&p global market intelligence portfolio manager aaron gibbs. do you think this trend continues or do people ultimately come back to technology stocks? >> no, we've been talking for a while about investors coming
7:25 am
back to value stocks. there's been a change in leadership, even last week we saw value pick up over these like higher priced growth stocks. part of that is because technology with be massively slowing growth next year. they're going to have below average earnings growth versus the broader market. people need to start looking in other areas if you're really going to look for where profits, revenues and earnings are going to come from as well as better valuations. dagen: i notice that last week that the dow stocks hit all-time highs at the end of the week were coca-cola, mcdonald's, and procter & gamble. that's where the money was. >> investors are going into starbucks and bill akman bought a stake recently. i was shocked by reading the goldman sachs report this weekend. they're predicting gdp to be 3-point a 5% this year -- 3.5% this year. in 2019, close to 1.5% for expansion. >> part of that is because we're
7:26 am
having a fell on nail year -- fell on nail year this year -- phenomanal year this year. it's tough to keep that pace. it's harder and harder to grow that fast. >> the slowdown in the economy, does that impact the markets? >> that's what we've been seeing for the past month and-a-half, particularly going through q3 earnings, people are looking at 2017, it's on their radar and they're saying oh, wow, it's going to be really tough to grow faster next year. there's going to be slower growth. it's still super healthy. we're not talking about a recession or anything. it's just going to be slower and you probably want to be a little more cautious about where you put your money and maybe foes cuss on value a -- focus on value a little. >> that does raise a question, whether people are too cautious. the markets right now, given this 20 plus percent earnings growth, the multiples are not that huge. maybe on some of the tech names, but in general is there a lot of
7:27 am
room for upside surprise here next year? >> look, right now we're trading -- we look at it as forward valuations and p.e.s. we're trading at 16 times forward earnings. that's not super cheap. that's lin in line with your three-year average. there's room to gun. we could certainly go up 10% from here and still be on a healthy valuation. we could also go down to 15 times forward earnings and go down another 5 or 6% a and still again be in a very healthy, normal range. so there's a lot of possibilities around sentiment and we still say definitely evaluate the value stocks, they're definitely some of the safer bets. dagen: i want to mention retail. a big list of companies reporting this week including lowe's, target, i'm looking at l. brands, that is the -- i think they report today. >> victoria's secret. >> thack abou talk about tryingp
7:28 am
and relevancy there. what will we see from the retail sector? >> this is the big report, what we're going to see, look for guidance for the holiday season. right now forecast for retail for the holiday season is one of the best ever. we're looking at about a 5% growth, just on the earnings, obviously more goes to online. what we've been seeing with retailers is those that make and manufacture clothing, shoes, they're getting harder hit. the people that sell it, companies like ulta that are able to engage the shopper, they tend to do better, as well as anybody with a strong online presence. we're seeing different ways to deliver the product to consumers, not always shipping it from home, being able to pick it up and that type of thing. it's going do be an interesting year. this is a very important week for those holiday sales. dagen: the reason i took a shot as l. brands, it's like super
7:29 am
skinny women strutting around in badly made lingerie, i think that's a little outdated. the modern definition of beauty is just not whatever victoria's -- vickie's secret is trying to sell. that was my two cents. >> agreed. dagen: i put you on the spot. let's hope for a nice holiday. nordstrom had a bad week last week. >> they did. they've been struggling. again, it's being able to deliver what the consumer wants and engage them, these big box retailers have really been struggling, so it's going to be a tough year. dagen: good to see you. thank you so much. coming up, tim cook issuing a major warning for big technology. stay tuned hear what the apple chief had to say about the change coming to silicon valley. real life santa claus, spreading holiday cheer at a vermont walmart, that story later this hour.
7:30 am
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dagen: welcome back. i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. it's monday, november 19th. your top stories at 7:30 a.m. eastern. futures pointing to a lower open this morning. 78 point loss on the dow futures right now, this after a week of red for the major market gauges. the dow and nasdaq last week both falling more than 2%. the s&p 500 down more than 1.5%. in europe we had a little bit of green in england and now the french markets have turned to the plus side as well. the dax index in germany still slightly lower to start this week. asia markets finishing higher overnight, gains across the board there, the biggest winner, the shanghai up almost 1%. facebook at war, why ceo mark zuckerberg reportedly has the company on red alert. what it could mean for the
7:34 am
company's future and its stocks price. leaving the crew, the ceo of j. crew leaving the company, being in that position for a little more than a year. we have the details. that was susan lee going hmm. plus, 'tis the season, the white house preparing to celebrate for the holidays and one mystery santa makes shoppers very happy at a walmart in vermont. the heart-warming story ahead. and a phizzing success, we introducing you to two sisters who are making a splash with their own line of bath bombs. you got to stay tuned for that. big technology regulation, apple's ceo tim cook warning that more regulation in silicon valley is on the horizon. >> i am not a big fan of regulation. i'm a big believer in the free market. but we have to admit when the free market's not working. and it hasn't worked here. and i think it's inevitable
7:35 am
there will be some level of regulation. dagen: this comes as apple shares are in near bear market territory. joining me now is disruptive tech research founder and chief analyst, lou basniy. what do you make of tim cook's comments? >> he's being honest. big tech blew it. they had an opportunity to self-regulate. they didn't do it. it's unfair for apple. if there's one technology company that's really looked after users' data and protected it, it's apple. you flip over to facebook and twitter and snapchat, their entire business models are predicated on exploiting user data. so guilt bie by association. >> it's a different business model. we have to understand that first of all. don't you think it's strategic for tim cook to be able to go on the offensive at this point. he's more of a hardware maker. others sell free services, they take your data.
7:36 am
it's easy for him to say we're holier than thou and better than silicon valley at this point. >> i think it's definitely strategic. there's no reason to get out in front of the public and figure out how to do this. when we were talking about trade wars and tariffs tim cook was talking about that to try to influence the president, perhaps. i think that will go on with all the big tech executives. they're such a big part of everyday lives. at the same time, i do believe apple can claim they are a little bit holier than the rest of the big tech sector and complex. they do look after our user data. whereas facebook, they just had a patent application filed that looks to predict your family demographic data based on data images and key words you use. is there no information that's not safe from facebook? that's the kind of thrust of their business versus apple's where they're trying to keep people from getting to your data. >> to be fair, to say that the social media companies are using data and all of that, a little bit of fear mongering, right. if they're putting this together, maybe there's some
7:37 am
benefit, people are getting the free access, maybe it will help them get better advertising, there is a value exchange that's happening. we're acting a little like nobody has any idea what's going on. >> you get something for free, there's a cost associated with that i think you are willing and giving up sacrificing some privacy. but who draws the boundary where that privacy ends, where your protections kick in. yeah, it can get misconstrued as fear mongering. at the end of the day, people are the product for these advertising based businesses. facebook derives 98.3% of revenue from advertising, apple is at 0.4%. it's just built into that model. we have to figure out. tim cook said it. it didn't work. the free market didn't work here. regulators will have to step in a and figure out where the balance is. >> lou, james free man here at the wall street jur nail. we could -- wall street journal. tell us about apple's market. we've seen reports.
7:38 am
they want to share a little less information lately, suppliers getting nervous, they're not seeing the orders they would like to see. what kind of condition is apple in right now? >> listen, i think apple's trying to find a new equilibrium. less transparency is never a good thing. there's another report out saying production is cut on the three new iphone models. we've had multiple supplier data points stacking up to suggest that iphone -- we might be at peak iphone unit vol volumes. that doesn't mean peak profit. they're a services business, their services business now is the size of facebook's entire business. it comes down to the last couple weeks of december. that will be make or break for apple. we're not going to get the data on whether they sold enough iphones. i don't think that's as important as how much money they've made per customer and from those services businesses. dagen: let's move back to facebook. the wall street journal has a
7:39 am
piece that details the tensions between top executives in the days following that new york times story last week. it's titled with facebook at, quote, war, zuckerberg adopts a more aggressive style. here's part of this. mr. zuckerberg's new approach is causing unprecedented turmoil atop facebook driving several key executives from the company. at times, it is created tensions with long-time chief operating officer, cheryl standburg. your take -- cheryl sandburg. your take on this. if you're running the company, he was busy crowing about learning mandarin and reading 2 a 5 books every year -- 25 books every year. i was talking to someone i'm very close to who works in silicon valley and reaction to that new york times story, he said have a cocktail, join the party, where have you been, that all of these problems that have been reported at facebook are built into their business model
7:40 am
and have been going on in one way, shape or form since day one. >> yeah, focus, i don't think there's been a focus there. remember the cambridge analytical scandal, zuckerberg was nowhere to be found for days. there's been a lack of leadership here. look, i'm glad. if he's really genuine about going to war, it's about time. facebook has made continuous excuses for why they've fallen short on a lot of areas, why they haven't disclosed data breaches early. it's time for some leaders to step up. dagen: the thing that makes my head hurt, you can get in on this, facebook gave app developers access to not only individuals who use these apps, but to the friends of the users of these apps, for years. that was the business model. that's how they grew to the size that they are today and then they act like it's some big accident. but i know that you'll say this, if you ever use facebook, you know why do you need to know my
7:41 am
high school that i went to and my hometown and what my home address is and why you need my phone number. at every moment in every breath they're asking for more and more information and people are saying oh, okay let me give it to you and the service is for free. it's not free. they're using your data and they're selling it essentially or making money off of your back. >> yeah, i think consumers have responsibility for the fact they enjoyed in many ways making the trade. i think what's happening here in part and why all this focus on facebook is that washington and much of the media on the left side of the political spectrum has not foregiven them for their refusal to agree with the premise that russian meddling was the decisive factor in the 2016 election. >> look, they've yet to issue a mia culpa for that. >> should they. >> i think they should. the new york times had 50
7:42 am
different sources saying it was known well in advance and what did facebook -- >> the extent that it actually mattered in 2016, maybe the reason they were not responding as aggressively is because they decided it's actually not that big a deal in this ocean of media that our customers are consuming. >> listen, on wall street, there's clear definitions of materiality. every shareholder would argue that any interference with a foreign government on a platform that has access to 1.8 billion people would be material. that's not something for facebook to decide on their own in the absence of the public. dagen: i'm going to walk out on the plank and say this. i don't think the media would have paid attention to everything that's been going on at a facebook over all the years and made as big of a deal about it if there hadn't been the russia issue that they were looking at -- that we would never know about any of this. >> it's on facebook's business
7:43 am
model. dagen: exactly. it's a little bit rich. [ laughter ] >> i love the battle that's taking blaze in silicon valley between tim cook and mark zuckerberg. there's no love lost between those two. mark zuckerberg said no one can use iphones, everyone is switching to android after tim cook said that privacy is a human right and some people aren't doing it right including facebook. dagen: i'll point out in terms of regulation, these social media companies have a liability waiver in washington for user created content because they aren't or weren't media companies but now if they are, do they get that liability waiver? that's something that congress could easily do, just pointing that out. thank you, lou. good to see you. come back soon. great conversation. coming up, leaving the crew, why j. crew's ceo is out right before the holiday season's biggest shopping day. christmas is coming to the white house, the holiday tree making its journey to washington today. more coming up.
7:44 am
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7:47 am
dagen: j. crew parting ways with its ceo and he hasn't been there long. cheryl casone has the details. cheryl: quick relationship the toll you about. james brett stepped down after 117 months on the job. brett says he a and the board
7:48 am
couldn't agree on how the company should evolve. j. crew heads into the key holiday shopping season without their ceo. four senior execs will share ceo responsibilities until the company sets up a permanent management structure to appoint somebody new. kicking off the holiday season in the nation's capitol right now, president trump and the first lady will receive the national christmas tree at the white house today. the nearly 20-foot tall, 800 found pla fraser fray fir -- frs scheduled to arrive at the white house around 1:00 eastern time. it won't be lit up until next wednesday. lucky walmart shoppers discovered they're on santa's nice list. an a anonymous man paid off evey item on lay away at the store in vermont. >> he came up to the guy in front of me, saying i'm either going to pay for it now i'm
7:49 am
going to pay for it later. i get goose bumps, thinking that's the true magic of christmas, the christmas spirit walking among us. >.cheryl: when asked who could afford to pay for all those items, the mystery man said santa claus can. store officials won't say how much the secret santa spent but good for him. no bah humbug at that walmart, dagen. dagen: i was looking to see where newland, north carolina was. i didn't know. it's up in the mountains of north carolina. coming up, two sisters partnering up and creating a successful business, all before they're old enough for college. we'll speak to these entrepreneurs about their booming bath bomb business, next. ♪ shock me like an electric eel. ♪ i am a family man.
7:50 am
7:51 am
i am a techie dad. i believe the best technology should feel effortless. like magic. at comcast, it's my job to develop, apps and tools that simplify your experience. my name is mike, i'm in product development at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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7:53 am
dagen: two sisters making bank with bath bombs and all before they even enter college. caroline and is bel belle startd the business in their mom's kitchen. revenue is expected to hit $20 million this year. joining us now are the co-founders, caroline and isabelle. how old were you when you started this business? >> we were about 10 and 11. it was pretty crazy. dagen: how did it start? >> we wanted when we were younger we used bath bombs all the time. we wanted to make our own. a lot of times it would stain the tub. we decided to add something extra inside the bath bombs which was the surprise. dagen: what is the surprise inside the bath bomb? >> it could be a toy or message
7:54 am
on waterproof paper or jewelry. it coordinates with the name and the fragrance of the bomb. we made them for boys, girls, kids a alike. >> how did you think we could turn this into a business? >> we started at a local art fair. then a local salon owner came by and wanted to sell our stuff in his salon. >> a big part of it we were kind of fearless in a sense. we were 10 and 11. we daunt understan didn't undere consequences of what could go wrong in a business. dagen: you had a mom that didn't say no, no, no, who didn't discourage you, who said okay let's do this. now, your bath bombs are sold in stores nationwide, costco, target, just to name a couple. it's gone beyond the local salon owner. >> yes. we're currently in 15,000 stores across the u.s. right now. >> no question that we haven't had a lot of help.
7:55 am
our parents help us and our business partners help us and everything. dagen: lee can help you. she is a marketing and branding wizard, if you need any free advice. lee? >> offer some. >> i would love to do that separately. i'm curious, you said you've had-there's been a lot of generosity as you've been exploring the idea of how you can grow your business. tell us how you've been inspired and tips you've gotten along the way. >> what's inspiring is getting to talk to people and knowing they've been there as well. when you're starting a business it's hard work. there's a lot of fun as well. but there's also a lot that you may say oh, is this really worth it. when you talk to somebody, understand they've been down that road as well and that it's going to be okay, it's really nice to hear that. >> from a parenting perspective, how do parents develop kids a that want to be entrepreneurs like you at 10 and 11. >> >> our mom and dad have been so supportive an let us go with th. thanks, mom and dad.
7:56 am
dagen: are they entrepreneurs or do they work in more regular jobs? >> yeah, our mom has an advertising and writing background. our dad was a consultant, business consultant before this. so they kind of work very well together. >> and they inspire us every day to work hard and to follow in their foot steps. dagen: are you going to go to college 1234. >?>> yes. if anything for the experience. which like to look at other subjects as well, as well as business. dagen: these two big retail partnerships, is that tar he get antarget andcostco? >> we recently launched with costco. we're in ulta as well and cvs. >> we got a target end cap where the new products will be available. they're brand-new addition toss our line. >> really exciting. dagen: bless you both. happy holidays. a happy thanksgiving to both of you. caroline and isabelle, take care and come back. >> thank you for having us. dagen: head quarter headache,
7:57 am
amazon facing pushback over the planned new york offices, even a parody on snl. we'll tell you more, next hour, "mornings with maria." ♪ how about using that pen to sign up for new insurance instead? for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ unlike santa's presents, ours don't just magically appear. they're designed, meticulously. every bolt, stitch, line of code tested and tested again. until, finally this. elves got nothing on us. ford. built for the holidays. time to get our best offers of the season.
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>> good morning i am dagen mcdowell for maria bartiromo. it is monday, november 19. happy thanksgiving, a little early. your top stories 8:00 a.m. eastern, markets under pressure this morning futures down across the board, and 83-point loss on dow industrials, this after a down week for all three market gauges, the dow, nasdaq falling more than 2% last week, the s&p 500, hurt a little less but was off more than 1 1/2%, in europe we do have gains to report in england and in france, the moment the dax index down ever so slightly.
8:01 am
it was a winning start to the week, in asia, all four major markets there, to the plus side. this despite rising today tensions with china vice president mike pence from asia-pacific summit without accord now focus shifts to next week's g20 summit president trump to meet with china's president xi jinping. for nissan reports say skarlos ghosn has been arrested for alleged financial you violations in japans holding a news conference shortly expected to announce carlos ghosn's removal as chairman, devastation in california, crews searching for victims of the deadly camp fire left at least 77 dead, nearly 1,000 people uncandidacy faccounted f report in california. >> theresa may firm british prime minister says ousting her will not make uk exit from
8:02 am
european union easier. a cool idea one company going to extra mile to make sure its coats are good fits to break it down fox business network susan li with assistant editorial page editor james freeman pollster president of maslansky and partners lee carter i am trying to get lee to give the bath bomb young women -- free advice. >> happy to do it. >> happy to do it. >> short segment. >> on air know just kidding much to discuss, can't wake to talk trade apple facebook we will -- much to explore next hour we have trade tensions between world's biggest economies talk between president and zirinsky at g20 summit more edward. reporter: the world is watching this trade dispute at meeting over the weekend asian pacific cooperation summit
8:03 am
leaders could not come up with a statement in part because of the chinese and u.s. positions respectfully xi jinping attended with vice president mike pence, vice president will be at the white house later to brief the president on exactly what happened, there, chinese media now reporting that their vice premier will not come to washington, d.c., this week he was supposed to lay groundwork treasury officials for that bilateral meeting with president xi and president donald trump in beniuenos aires this month after the presidential meeting now on december 1 chinese sent a list to the u.s. what they would like to see changed in order to have a trade agreement between the two countries, the president on friday saying this was a long list, some things not good list but, again, he says, it is a start, talking with chris wallace over weekend he says his tone is what is given him presidential wins and good economy, including on trade. >> because you have people
8:04 am
coming at you so hard, that if you don't fight back, somewhat vigorous way you are not going to win. reporter: and the president has 267 billion dollars more chinese goods than he could possibly put under tariffs. friday the president saying going to hold off on that, we will see what happens out of this meeting between he and president xi, dagen. >> thank you edward lawrence at the white house, joining us house judiciary committee member louie gohmert your take on this, state of trade in our relationship with china. >> well i know a lot of people are upset, that ohit appears breaking down. but i recall the best negotiating that reagan every did was when gorbachev said get rid of missile defense you can have everything else you want he got up left table best thing he ever did led to great deal for us, and eventually to the demise of the soviet union we are looking for the demise
8:05 am
not looking for demise of china but there are some senators say we need to pass a bill get rid of tariffs, threatened tariffs. he is a deal maker, you know when it is about business, it is good to have a businessman i was told years ago you got to understand that we know we have the biggest economy in the world so when we make a trade deal that is better for other countries, than us it really inures to our benefit garbage if better for them brett for them we got guy knows how to negotiate, uses leverage in this case tariffs. >> i can tell you that over in the pacific after this apec summit, saying it has been shaken up because i thus tradition goes with process procedure, what they know best right with president shake things up it is -- some people calling this a flu front a cold war that is take population between u.s. and china.
8:06 am
your thoughts? >> well, it has been pretty cool for a long time, because china has been stealing our goods stealing our technology. so the war was going on, it was just a one-sided -- >> call it a cold war that is how you would characterize the relationship? um, not -- freezing it is tepid always been because china is not out to see the united states end up doing welcome, so only to the extent at a they get paid back money we owe them, so, yeah, it is -- maybe not a cold war but a cool war, but it is still doesn't mean you can't negotiate. but you got to use leverage and i am thankful we got a president knows how to make deals. >> james freeman may be "frosty" would be a good work. >> i have wournd how long it stays frosty you seem about
8:07 am
optimistic but there is going to be a deal here? do you foresee it in the immediate term or do you think this goes on for a while. >> it is completely up to the chinese. i see that we will eventually get a deal chinese they are not stupid knowh they know o tariff war usually neither side wins the president should not the leverage removed every think he briez up tariffs usually has backdoor if you work out a trade deal with us we will be able to forget about tariffs, so i think we will get that worked out, and it will be to it united states' benefit instead of continuing to make another deal that hurts us. dagen: how quickly -- >> yeah -- just how quickly can you get the u.s. mexico canada deal approved? >> oh i think approved very quickly, yeah.
8:08 am
that is going to be good better for us than nafta. nap -- nafta, "napa" on the brain sorry i for those folks been through it i think we will get through it quickly i don't think it will be that big of a problem. >> hundreds of tijuana residents protesting the rival of thousands of migrants attempting to enter yustay border construction will begin do you get more border wall funding in the budget? what do you saw. >> i said that each of the last two weeks, we were in session in september, that you know the trump voters will come out 2020 they have seen the president do all he could they haven;t seen us try to help the president really at all, and we ought to put money in, if we don't put money in for the president to build a wall before the election,
8:09 am
there is a good chance we will lose the majority, nobody listened we lose majority the least we can do get more than in there no, i know we are working on that, i talked to people that we have elected in leadership positions, that are trying to make sure we get something done, to help the president with the border wall the best thing for people of mexico central america get a wall built where we need it secure the border cut off the hundreds of billions of dollars, that have flowed for drugs human trafficking, sex trafksdz once we cut that off corruption in mexico comes to a crawl, and -- it becomes one of the top 10 economies in the world it should have already been if we had nipped the drug cartels we haven't done that this president is going to do it you -- >> we know immigration one is of the number one issues to voters out there, there has been a lot of criticism since the election, saying that
8:10 am
republicans used the caravan in have scare tactic make immigration more important hope they would get into office and o dropped it ever since how do you respond to that now as caravan is closer we have got this right in front of us. >> i am just grateful that you know the -- at left media cnn msnbc realize there really are people not just election ruse these people continue to come a threat to sovereignty if we cannot enforce border rz like woodrow wilson did when he put 75,000 national guard on the bordered after panuccio via came in killed americans -- this is something we've got to do over 70,000 americans were killed last year by poison sold to us by drug cartels we got to stop it quit --
8:11 am
enriching drug cartels if we let folks in there is going to be wave after wave until we kiss america we knew good-bye you have to of people that understand how to keep a self-government and these folks don't know how to do that. >> woodrow wilson fellow virginian behind basically restrictively of the income tax in united states something to dislike about him. >> least favorite, yeah. >> thank you. >> thank you so much dagen. >> i got one move on to another topic, justice department -- president trump addressing acting attorney general whitaker's role potentially limiting robert mueller's probe during a fox news interview yesterday listen to this. >> it is gonna be up to him, i think he is very well aware politically i think he is astute politically he is a very smart person. a very respected person going do what is right i really believe he is going to do what is right.
8:12 am
>> house intelligence committee chairman nuñez weighed in on what will happen to allegations fisa abuse allegations. >> we have three buckets of information that we want declassified a fourth bucket we want declassified president called for three of four to be declassified begging investigation by department of justice either under new leadership can go in investigate these dirty cops really what they were their connections to the russians connections to the clinton campaign. dagen: your reaction to this i also want to point out, that john rob are thes is reporting the president will not be submitting answers to robert mueller's team today those written answers talked about so your reaction to what you just heard? >> well, i've -- worked with intel committee, and they are doing all they can, the president got some bad advice
8:13 am
pulling back from declassifying all material being sought that stuff needs to come out. and he was told that it takes it is a long slow process. people that know told me we can get it done in an hour. if we are allowed to do that. and so we've got to get this stuff out. but as far as matt whitaker i mean matt is a great guy a great american, he should have protected his boss better from those that work for rosenstein undermining him i told jeff who is undermining him what they are doing talked to matt. he did not protect his boss now in his boss's job let me say quick, dagen you know, you picked a jury you are not entitled to jurors that have never had an opinion. what you are entitled to is somebody that will be fair going forward. and making appropriate
8:14 am
determinations, they are not entitled to a brain-dead acting attorney general. and matt is doing fine. >> congressman good to see you we will see you soon. >> thank you. >> coming up florida recount chaos the details as republican governor rick scott wins the senate seat in the sunshine state. more ahead. so no matter what you trade, or where you trade, you'll only pay $4.95. fidelity. open an account today. (tonand all thro' the house. 'twas the night before christma, not a creature was stirring, but everywhere else... there are performers, dancers, designers the dads and the drivers. there are doers of good and bringers of glee. this time of the year is so much more than a bow and a tree. (morgan vo) those who give their best, deserve the best. get up to a $1,000 credit on select models now
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during the season of audi sales event.
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8:17 am
dagen: republican rick scott officially defeating democrat bill nelson in florida senate race hey cheryl. cheryl: took a while that is true incumbent bill nelson con cede to go governor rick scott after a hand recounted. >> i was not victorious in this race but i still wish to strongly reaffirm the cause for which we fought we may have been heavily outspent this this campaign but we were never out worked. to all floridians, whether you voted for me or for my
8:18 am
opponent, or that he didn't vote at all i ask you to never give up this fight. >> well scott, issuing a statement saying i just spoke with senator bill nelson graciously conceded i thanked him for years of service. >> two republican senators more than a century. >> as to broward county election official brenned are a snipes reported resigned following heavy criticism over handling of vote as in midterm election. >> auto maker making a an announcement, moments ago, company going to oust ghosn at board meeting thursday after significant acts of misconduct media say ghosn was arrested in tokyo meeting with treasurer on suspicion he falsified financial reports including under reporting income by millions, nissan
8:19 am
confirming board member greg kelly is yr arrest this morning he is chairman chee executive of nissan partner renault, french president macron says france wants to ensure stability will protect workers, shares of nissan down nearly 10% this year. >> a they want customers to put thousands to test against harshest of conditions frigid rooms to stores test in temperatures as low as negative 13 a windchill button, this interesting new approach part of the companion to increaseingly sell to consumers instead of relying on whole sell aers a great idea you know what you are dealing with before you catch
8:20 am
pneumonia because your coat is not warm enough. dagen: debilitate idea buying -- never mind one thousand dollar coat, the fur thing a lot of other things to keep you warm without if you're, thank you so much a path of destruction live to california, officials say the deadly wildfire isn't halfway finished burning yet tell a of two cities new york city mayor is backing amazon's decision to set up shop but not walmart, guess what? i think you can. more on the story straight ahead. ♪ ♪ i never knew guy who carried ♪ .
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
. lower open this morning also lows of the morning so far 44-point loss on dow futures as investors watch negotiations with china we do have retail earnings coming out this week, this can investors looking for any sign thehold shopping season is going to be a strong one as we get close to a thanksgiving and kind of unofficial start of the shopping season james thoughts where markets are right now? >> yeah so we're not seeing a huge dip maybe a lot of trade concern priced in a lot of -- negative expectations, about this negotiations priced in if -- a friend mr. scaramucci is right, you actually get a quick resolution of this that would suggest there is -- a lot of room to run for markets. >> one of the main drags premarket is apple again, dipped into correction territory "the wall street journal" reporting that even more suppliers, reducing their outlook for the year they don't expect as many orders,
8:25 am
to come from apple in the future i guess markets lacking leadership there are concerns about economic growth going into next year goldman sachs says will only grow, in the one percent area dagen: i worry about infrastructure spending bill that the democrats and republicans try to get done together given where our debt and deficits are right now, what that could do to interest rates if you are worried about interest rates here, you are -- you are going to be biting fingernails when 10 year-year-old 3 1/2 or 4%. >> in terms of if you are hoping for some pro-growth legacy to come out next year maybe there is immigration deal where you can allow more legal immigration i think, that would be the only hope. dagen: i want to get to devastation in california. payer of wildfires leaving at least 80 people dead nearly 1,000 people unaccounted for jonathan hunt has the latest, in malibu california. jonathan. reporter: dagen, good morning to you, the flames no longer
8:26 am
the issue, either in and around the camp fire no northern california. nor in the woolsey fire down here in southern california. the fires are under control but the big concern now particularly around the camp fire up in the north is that ongoing search for bodies, as you mentioned, there are still close to 1000 people listed unaccounted for teams have been going through what remains of the town of paradise desperately trying to search for any human remains that may help identify some of the missing it is a race against time rain is coming next 24 to 36 hours. when you are talking about properties that have been burned to tiny pieces of ash finding human remains is difficult enough if rains come in wash a lot of those ashes away more difficult a vigil
8:27 am
held near paradise california for those who survived the deadly fires, that was held last night a lot of people showing up, simply because they want to be in the presence of other survivors. >> just know that god is comforting, imagine we are living in really -- i look around at all the kind innees. >> my wife needs -- to be around other people that have gone through same thing we have it helps with grieving process. reporter: here in southern california, in malibu in particular, many residents are being allowed back about in although a lot of them are finding this you can see behind me that they have pretty much nothing left approximately also concerns about rain coming here this week. dagen you can't see to my right in this -- beneath santa monica mountains when you get these fires burns away brush
8:28 am
all the trees, that essentially means there is no anchors for the topsoil on there, you get the rain, we get mudslides we saw it last year after the big fires in this santa barbara, followed by deadly mudslides, that is now the fear here in malibu dagen. dagen: jonathan thank you for all your reporting jonathan hunt in malibu for us. reporter: sure. dagen: battle over brexit prime minister theresa may issuing a starks warning to opponents spraeng to unseat her foreign policy adviser former under margaret tlacher weighing in on those negotiations. that is next. ♪ if you're waiting patiently for a liver transplant, it could cost you your life. it's time to get out of line with upmc.
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and a complimentary first month's payment. each day our planet awakens but with opportunity comes risk. and to manage this risk, the world turns to cme group. we help farmers lock in future prices, banks manage interest rate changes and airlines hedge fuel costs. all so they can manage their risks and move forward. it's simply a matter of following the signs. they all lead here. cme group - how the world advances. thatcherism. dagen mcdowell for maria bartiromo monday, november 19 your top stories 8:30 a.m.
8:32 am
eastern, markets under pressure to start this shortened holiday week futures lower across the board. 52-point loss on dow futures right now, after a losing week for all three major market gauges last week, in europe, mixed market action we have right now, all of the markets there are up, ftse, cac cac in france have been back-and-forth between negative, and positive but green across the board right now. this as british prime minister theresa may assures britain that ousting her will not make britain's exit from european union any easier, then we move to protests in france problems facing president emmanuel macron has french taking to streets asian markets higher overnight begins a across-the-board all four major markets there facebook, under more fire, details on why ceo mark zuckerberg reportedly has company on red
8:33 am
alert a report why cutting back on social media site is good for your mental health amazon from super secrecy during headquartered two selection to shot shot turned sa "saturday night live" over weekend. >> moving plan forward theresa may selling agreement for great britain's exit from european union the british leader citing her deal tough measures on immigration one of its strengths may in reinnovating revolve to see this through to the end earlier today. >> my job is to get the best deal. parliament must examine it do what is in national interest we have in you a deal that will work for the uk. let no one be in any doubt, i am determined to deliver it. dagen: here director of the
8:34 am
thatcher center for freedom your reaction to theresa may comments handling of the brexit. >> good morning i have to say theresa may is handling brexit goshths have been absolutely disast disasterous the proposal completely unacceptable basically, makes subservient to european union does not take britain outside of eu customs union not able to serve free trade agreements including with united states does not restore british sovereignty self-determination freedom to british people theresa may has not lived up to projects she made to british people earlier in many ways this is an appalling weak kneed detail by british prime minister heavily opposed by a
8:35 am
large number of mps win her party she phased a behalf of resignations more to come could face a vote of "no" confidence later this week, if enough conservative mps come forward to wall call for such a vote. >> james freeman here with "the wall street journal". it sounds liquor more in camp of won'ting what we call hard brexit do you the people like there would be an opportunity for the uk, out of the eu to do trade deal perhaps join our new nafta usmca perhaps other moves in can you give us your forecast for if britain leaves eu completely? >> well brexit definitely taking place march 29, 2019 matter what kind of breksited it is the brexit it is the british people 2016 infusion 17.4 million brinz voted to leave eu, they understood they were leaving the single market and customs when they voted,
8:36 am
that was the key message from the voted leave campaign official campaign to vote to leave the european union so british people want to see sovereignty restored, theresa may's may's deal does not deliver that it is far better i think for britain to -- either renegotiate this new may proposal or seek a new deal brexit where britain trades with the rest of the world under wto terms also trades with eu under wto terms it would be far preferable i think to what theresa may is offering a deal shackles britain indefinitively to the european union that is not what british people voted for. >> is there anyone it was so divided when brexit was voted on so many people wanted to say is there anyone right now looks at this deal and says i am happy we're not doing a hard -- is there constituents who said this is what we should be doing?
8:37 am
>> well, certainly there are in some supporters of theresa may within the conservative party. there are also i think, big business interests who have backed the theresa may proposal. there are also many business leaders who oppose the deal as well, so certainly there has been a mixed reaction to this, but if you look at the public opinion polls, there is less than 20% support for t the theresa may deal look of trust she is no margaret thatcher for sure she would have negotiated a tough deal in british about national interests theresa may to hand over 39 billion pounds to e.du for nothing in return i think the british have been treated with utter you know disdain contempt by universal citywalk sheer blackmail from eu here
8:38 am
not to these demands -- >> is that fair to indicative kraifr that she needs to go. >> she has been hugely disappointing i think if she faces a o vote of "no" confidence, there is a very, very good chance i think, that we could see a new prime minister by the end of this year. >> want to move across to channel to france o protesters over increased taxes on fuel now what do protests say about the popularity of macron's presidency? >> uh well i think macron's presidency has been nothing short of disastrous an opinion poll rating around 21 per krentage points not exactly a vote of confidence from the french people i think emmanuel macron is seen deeply out of touch arrogant someone doesn't understand concerns of ordinary french voices, he is a politician i think full of
8:39 am
-- grabbed visionary, ideas. grand visionary ideas can to the understand why voters don't support him any more, and this latest fuel tax hits tens of millions of french drivers is deeply unpopular fueling the protests. emmanuel macron i think lives in a sort of never political dimension dreams of grand european union armyy people in streets protesting against his leadership i think a lot of delusional thinking in champs-élysee under macron. >> sociallyists preach if we
8:40 am
may more campaign for things needed that does not go across europe the people of nations i look at france, are taxed to their teeth. in the form of gas taxes, you name -- value-added taxes, not just the one percent that is paying for if everything, and in fact in this country, if you confiscated every single dollar the top 1% earn in adjusted growth income it wouldn't be enough money to pay for about mishgd for medicare for all 3.2 trillion you have to pay for every dollar from top 5% only pay for about medicare for all protesters kind of speak to that? >> yeah i think you know french people have had enough of you know, huge state tax, you know france basically sort of a big government sort of economic you know, basket case
8:41 am
for success as you sayive decades big government high tax policies hundreds of thousands french citizens fled to london past decade seeking jobs and opportunities in lower taxes, actually so you've got knick refugees leaving france heading to uk lower tax regime more free market policies. and basically, i think, increasing europeans are rejecting absosocialist governmt macron talks free markets in reality france remains whetted to very high levels of taxation high levels unemployment manny macron at heart a protectionist calls brexit a crime, this is a leader i think is just deeply out of touch with you know his own his own people. and i think the reflection of the huge economic problems you
8:42 am
see across big government high tax european union today. >> macron came into offices promising the opposite more dynamic economy. >> yeah. >> more he openly economy in france i guess hasn't happened. >> exactly. >> that is not that is not materialized at all i think macron's big priority right now contradiction of grand european yuan super state so he is leader of the euro federalist in europe building a european union army he calls -- calls for to challenge the united states. and so this is the mind-set of the -- of the he french president right now completely delusional, and out of touch with reality altogether, and so it is hard to see how emmanuel macron is reelected in 2020 this way. >> are they using baguettes as speara power of taxation to frooin everyone sorry i
8:43 am
couldn't resist great to see you. >> thank you very much. >> facebook fallout mr. varney stuart varney that is will weigh in on how the web site can make people depressed "saturday night live" poking funny at amazon ceo jeff bezos. >> hi everyone, as usual, amazon announced location of two new headquarters in new york, and virginia. and everyone except for the people who live there and people who live in all the places we didn't choose, is thrilled. >> more on this thank you to susan li catch her at new york stock exchange all day, she is working hoard, stay with us, varney straight ahead. ♪
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use the tools at or call 1-800-medicare. open to something better? start today. open enrollment ends december 7th. zuckerberg under fire over aeksz to damaging reports about the company now a new study also shows it can make you depressed joining me host of "varney & company" stuart varney. >> okay. there is a new study it is
8:48 am
objective from university of pennsylvania nothing to do with censorship of conservative opinion this is completely separate this is getting used to this new thing social networks university of pennsylvania studied i think 140, 150 under graduates at the college, for some of them half of them took away social network usage limited to 10 minutes a day that half of the study mood all improved. no more depression, no -- less depression less anxiety the the other group stayed with social networks hours and hours a day no improvement in mood intlaefrnlt this is first cause and effect study that has been recognized as facebook can give you depression. now, this occurs to me that you know younger person on
8:49 am
facebook you are scrolling through people's lives all people's lives are al wonderful great boyfriend fabulous family new job new house wonderful vacation on beach you got it all what about you you look bad in comparison to friends relatives looking so good on facebook so you get depressed because you are not enjoying life like they are. i it is a way we have to get used to this thing. if i am going away, we have to get used to how to use it i don't think we are there. >> i stopped using facebook before that i lied bureau virtually every bit of information i gave them i am 25 years of age. thereabouts. >> i am 39. you know that is life, but i don't use facebook. i don't do it. >> your cutting brush doing things outdoors, i can't imagine you ever having time to like scroll through recipes
8:50 am
for butter cake on facebook. >> you are absolutely right dagen. >> not me. >> not at all. >> doing tv is stuart coming up in about 10 men's' time every monday, tuesday, wednesday thursday, friday 9:00 a.m. eastern thank you, stuart great to see you mu friend tale two of cities new york city mayor is backing amazon' decision to set up shop in big apple handouts perks amazon got but not walmart, guess why? next. ♪ this is not a bed. it's a revolution in sleep. the new sleep number 360 smart beds are on sale now during ultimate sleep number week. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts
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>> headquartered headache contaminate horizon facing tallout from people all over the spectrum lauren simonetti has the latest. >> didn't you know that some big businesses are good others are bad at least that is the rationale merging from new york city winning bid for amazon second headquarters or part of it mayor de blasio efforts to keep walmart out in response a local radio program this is what he said i was actively involved to keep walmart out of new york city entirely different universe in terms of efforts to undermine labor small business environ american workers the politics of the walton family walmart does not belong in new york city, rolling out red carpet for amazon also doesn't support unions kills off mom and pops, and hasn't put money
8:55 am
where ceo jeff bezos' politics are or politics of paper "washington post" i did research walmart's walton family has given money to democratic politicians including governor of new york andrew cuomo, must see tv "saturday night live" watch. >> some folks speculated that i was somehow patrolling president trump building one headquarters in hometown queens other in current residence washington, d.c. . thereby, overshadowing other humiliating him that is simply not true, sure, he attacked me repeatedly on twitter i chose new locations because they were ideal for growing business not just to make donald trump think about how uni'm literally a hundred times richesh than he is. >> twitter attack -- the "snl"
8:56 am
-- name for 20 finelits crystal city, new york with clancy amazon dog friendly gave each city a dog name for code name. >> can we go back to de blasio you don't actually like the perks, the tax perks that new york city got, but in terms of of the politics no company helped lower income americans more than walmart access to very expensive goods and groceries on par with amazon. >> thank goodness mr. de blasio is not running the country this idea that i am going to truth -- definitely i don't like politics of their owners, this is this is the new york model keep taxes very high, and no businesses want to come here so decide particular businesses you like
8:57 am
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>> carter, thank you. >> thank you. it is all about mr. varney and stuart varney take it away. stuart. >> thank you so much. good morning dagen and good morning everyone. thanksgiving week begins. for drivers and shoppers oh it started strong. gas is cheap and retailers they kind of jump the the gun on big discounts. first of all look at the price of gas keeps on falling this monday morning national average has come all the way town to 2.62 a gallon over the weekend falling 2 cents day still is. missouri the cheapest fillup in the nation average price there 2.26 that is missouri. a buck and a half more expensive at 3.64 in the


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