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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  November 30, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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we will see how long they can last. thank you, jeff, good stuff as always. keep an eye on buenos aires as well. that does it here. melissa: we were watching it going into dinner. david: this is bulls and bears. thanks for joining us. i'm david asman. on the panel today, we have heather, jonas, susan and foster with us. let's take a look at live pictures of the leaders of the world's biggest economies that are coming together in argentina. this is the g-20. there you have the saudi arabian crown prince who is you should the spotlight for a -- who is under the spotlight for a number of reasons. we have a picture eventually where he did a high five with mr. putin from russia, that was strange. on the left side of the screen, you see the saudi arabian crown prince visiting other dignitaries.
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this is a grand presence for argentina and argentina's president who is quite friendly with president trump. we haven't seen president trump arrive yet. as soon as we do, we will bring you that live. it has been a very busy day for president trump, including several high-profile meetings and the signing of a very historic trade deal. let's go straight to liz claman in buenos aires. let's talk about china because sometimes a pause when you ask a question can be very meaningful. you asked a question of our trade rep earlier in the day, and there was a pause, explain why that was meaningful. liz: right. well, we had this opportunity after the signing of the u.s. mexico canada deal, which everybody has been waiting for, sort of the big moment of the kick-off here. that was this morning right after the trade representative ambassador spoke to the press. close to the end, after everybody had asked about different issues, i did have an opportunity to ask him about
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exactly what we can all expect that will come out of the china president trump meeting because it's a dinner party tomorrow. it's an early dinner, and then the president books out of here. he's got to get back to the united states. and there was a pause because he started to say i absolutely -- here's the exact quote. i would be very surprised if the dinner wasn't a success. i believe it will end with a very positive -- and we're waiting -- and he said feeling. listen, as we parse every single word and every single moment and every single car that's coming into right now, live, in buenos aires, people looked at that and i immediately thought well does that mean that we're just going to get sort of a freeze or an agreement for a framework of discussion in the future between the two nations? either way, all you have to do is look at the markets. they did take off. certainly in europe and then later when president trump was more positive, but if you talk about the morning session of what happened between canada, mexico and of course america, i wouldn't say it was a massive
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gala ceremony. in fact we did hear from justin trudeau, the prime minister of canada, and he seemed the most reserved about the deal. here's why he articulated it this way. listen. >> as i discussed with president trump a few days ago, the recent plant closures by general motors, which affects thousands of canadian and american workers and their families, are a heavy blow. donald, it is all the more reason why we need to keep working to remove the tariffs on steel and aluminium between our countries. liz: yep. and you saw president trump looking forward and not at justin trudeau when he said that. we did talk to the ambassador right after about when we might see the lifting of the steel and aluminium tariffs on both canada and mexico. and he said he's about to have talks with both leaders as early as next week. now the focus, you are talking
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about a big moment tomorrow evening, but ahead of that, president trump has a very jam-packed day. he's fit in a meeting with merkel of germany who as you may know had major air flight issues coming here. she ended up having to fly commercial because there were some technical difficulties that the german government is still looking into. they will be discussing auto tariffs. that's something very near and dear to her heart. president trump has said you know what i may slap tariffs on all foreign cars coming into the u.s. so americans buy more american cars. i would also say that as we watch every single moment here the saudi crown prince, you might see a little hesitancy of people wanting to get too close to him. there's already been some word that french president macron had a side conversation with him, david, and it was a little tense. not going to reveal the details
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because it hasn't really been confirmed, and unless we see it on the pool video, which is really solid and fair that we can make sure, but you will be hearing about that, if any news comes out, but the palace, which is like the white house in france, has come out and said yes, they had a discussion and the president macron is very unhappy with what happened to the saudi dissident, murdered and dismembered and he said an investigation is very important here. vladimir putin, david, you have watched all this going on, very interesting moments here, but as for the moment, we don't foresee a meeting between president trump and vladimir putin. president trump says until the russians return the ukrainian sailors, he is not meeting with them. that of course a big moment on sunday, when there was a face-off between the russian navy and three ukrainian vessels which were seized by the russians. i will say that we're watching every minute closely. and where they are having dinner right now, you can see the
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arrivals, david, this is known by the national geographic as one of the top ten opera houses and top five for acoustics, so whatever side conversations are happening, they may be possibly heard. back to you, david. >> so beautiful, liz. the premiere event for the markets is the president trump and xi jinping dinner. a new round of reforms have been pledged in terms of opening up in china increased protection imports as well as some of the demands that the u.s. side has wanted in order to make some sort of trade deal. liz: you know what? yes, they can say that, and what's important, though, is to see that we just got an update from the trade representative that was 54 pages long last week. i read every single page where they detail all of the aggressive moves by the chinese, and some of them are so recent
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that they have reactivated government -- according to our government, they've reactivated chinese government hackers who are looking to hack into american systems. so i'm not sure that that rings quite true with president trump, and he's going to want serious assurances before he strikes any deal that there are remedies in place for what china is accused of. remember, we have seen about a dozen chinese nationals indicted and brought here to america for trying to steal aerospace technology, that was being developed here, and that's what we're watching, susan. it is important to really see how hard and fast changes. david: by the way, i wanted to mention we are seeing angela merkel, you mentioned liz the problems she had getting there. i was unaware that she had to take a commercial flight, like the rest of us, but there she is meeting with the argentinean president and the first lady. jonas, go ahead. >> i think the mercedes s class was working. she should be okay. david: probably. >> liz, i have a question, maybe a little early for this.
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you know, usually these g 20 and world bank things, create a lot of anti-globalization protesters. are there a lot of protesters there now? have they changed the strategy to inequality or antisaudi arabia, or what's going on there with the noise outside, not just on inside? liz: remember on get smart where they had the cone of silence, there's a five square mile area here in buenos aires with a cone over it. there's zero traffic. that's the most traffic that i have seen right there the whole entire time. the streets are completely empty, because they have shut everything down. you know, in new york, when you have the united nations event, it's just a nightmare of gridlock, but what you have here is nobody on the streets. so they are keeping the protesters away. although we did see one protest yesterday outside the palace where most of the work gets done with the president, and it was one of these silent protests,
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where they all walked and some were wearing black hoods and it was very somber and serious, but i didn't hear them yelling or screaming. they really were quite quiet. >> you know what's so amazing about the agreement is remember a year ago where everybody said well, president trump will never end nafta and now we have the agreement with the canadians and the mexicans and president trump signing this deal. that's pretty amazing. and also the fact that he's going to take it to congress for passage, unlike president obama who did the paris accord with just kind of a stroke of the pen. and it's really amazing to see how president trump has delivered on things that people didn't think were possible. how many presidents, for example, talked about moving the capital from tel aviv jerusalem. here's one more victory for our courageous president who seems to get things done, and i think we should applaud him and point out the skeptics of the past. david: i wonder how much
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applause he's getting in buenos aires right now. liz? liz: yeah, and again, people are looking at this nafta deal and they say it is actually very good for mexican autoworkers. their wages will go up. and the canadians are happy with certain aspects of this. for us, we get access to the dairy market, which president trump had been very clear he wanted to reach. so there are victories within this. although the modernization is just that. it is slight tweaks, and it makes sense to do it especially considering this is a 24-year-old deal. you are right, foster. one of the things we heard from tj rogers who cofounded a semiconductor company earlier, he's had some real problems with the chinese and so have many semiconductor companies. he said what president trump is doing by being capricious and one minute saying i think we'll get a good deal and the other saying you know what, i was really disappointed with what the chinese offered, literally
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every hour on the hour, it puts the chinese on their heels and they then feel vulnerable, but we will have to see. can the chinese who are famed for waiting things out for decades, wait out until president trump is up for reelection? that's been the chatter here too. >> yeah, liz, i don't think so. you brought up a great point. it is a great deal that i think will help put pressure on china. now that we have one cohesive economic unit again here in north america, maybe we can work with our allies, canada, mexico, potentially the eu to put pressure on china instead of a unilateral or bilateral approach and have some of our allies work with us to combat some chinese unfair trading practices. do you think some other countries will join us in this negotiation with china? liz: well, president trump met with the australian prime minister today, and remember, we backed out of the transpacific
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partnership which was many different asian countries, ex china and the theory was that all those countries would ban together and hammer china to stop playing games and to stop forcing joint ventures on the ground, if you wanted to do business there. so by exiting that, and saying it was a terrible deal, he did not make a lot of friends there. and of course you had vice president pence just a week or two ago at the asian-pacific group being very tough on china, and you have got to wonder if asian nations are ready to jump in and side with president trump, and so we're watching that. you make an excellent point, though. david: liz, forgive me for a second, we're seeing theresa may, the british prime minister in there. she's been through quite a week as she deals with the whole brexit issue. i want to ask you about peter navarro. at first he was in the china dinner. then he was out.
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now he's back in. what's the latest on that? what effect do you think he could have on any potential deal, liz? liz: remember, this is the man who wrote the book "death by china". so if he's sitting there, that was an interesting tactical move, and do we look deeply into it? i would. the fact that he is going to be at the dinner, is he going to be glaring at xi? i mean is he going to be sitting there putting the laser eyes on xi jinping? who knows. they know who peter navarro is. it was interesting move considering he had not been on in any other events similar to this. that's something to point out. all of these members of the trump administration have been playing interesting roles. this morning john bolton, the national security chief, came in and remember, probably because
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of john bolton's insistence, president trump may have cancelled that meeting with vladimir putin. he's listening to his advisors. in the end, he makes the final decision. the ambassador was clear about that. >> the players when it comes to china trade, you mentioned navarro and bolton, i would put them in the hard-line category along with -- let me think of the third name at this point. they are basically going up against the moderates and those being mnuchin, kushner making a reemergence here as well. from the chinese perspective, i can tell you with peter navarro, the chinese don't like him. they know his hard stance. they know of what he's said before. i understand it is a tactical strategy, but they could see this as an insult because they expect from the u.s. presidential side. if they feel like they are not being respected, how much of an olive branch do they extend?
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liz: well, let's mix it and balance this here. larry kudlow, who is the chief economic advisor to the president, has been the one working minute by minute with the chinese according to president trump. he's been dealing very much with them, and larry is one of these pragmatists. he understands, and he was the one who originally said mr. president, tariffs are a tax. and so he feels probably that there may be a way to massage this and at least look forward, january 1, we have the clock ticking, that's when some of these tariffs on 200 billion worth of chinese goods reset from 10% to now 25%. that's really turning the screws on the chinese, and the president has been very clear that he's ready to add on another 260 billion in chinese goods that would be taxed or tariffed. so i think that they are holding this sort of thing over the heads of the chinese. will that work?
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you understand their thinking as we all do. it's very important for the chinese to save face. president trump doesn't appear to really care that much. he wants to fix the situation that's been decades long of a problem. david: liz, great reporting. we're going to depend on you throughout the hour. in fact, we will be showing you pictures from the hour as the dignitaries and leaders arrive at this beautiful opera hall. by the way, it is springtime in argentina right now. that's why you see it light outside, despite the late hour. they are emerging into spring as we go into winter here in the states. liz, thank you very much. appreciate it. coming up, democratic socialist and congresswoman elect al alexandria ocasio cortez is vying for a seat on the congressional committee. should investors be worried? you're headed down the highway
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comcast business. beyond fast. david: incoming freshman congresswoman elect alexandria ocasio cortez, a democratic socialist says she wants a seat on the house financial services committee, a key committee that has significant influence over the regulation of banks and money markets and the heart of
5:21 pm
american capitalism. should wall street be worried? take a listen. >> if we reverse the tax bill, but raised our corporate tax rate to 28% which is not even as high as it was before, if we do those two things, and also close some of those loopholes, that's 2 trillion dollars right there. that's 2 trillion dollars in ten years. oh unemployment is low. everything is fine; right? well, unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs. i do think that right now while we have this no-holds barred wild west hypercapitalism, what that means is profit at any cost. capitalism has not always existed in the world and will not always exist in the world. david: by the way, unemployment is not low because people have two jobs. but what's at stake for investors here, folks? >> oh my gosh, david, i mean, why don't we just increase corporate taxes and individual tax rates to 90% and nobody works but then where do you get taxes from because capital is going to move elsewhere to
5:22 pm
different countries with lower tax rates. i mean, i can't believe look, she says some outrageous things, this is the most important committee to wall street and the markets, the house financial services committee. so it's not surprising, though, that she would have grand ambitions to join this committee. maxine waters will be the head of financial services next year. look, she has said outrageous stuff -- david: breaking in here, president trump and melania trump arriving tat opera house in -- arriving at the opera house in buenos aires argentina for a wonderful evening of meeting and greeting. sometimes what's get done in the hallways gets more done than at the roundtables where they are supposed to be discussing. they are arriving amid of a lot of things that are going on involving trade, in the united states not only with china which is the focus of the dinner tomorrow night with president
5:23 pm
xi, but also today with the formerly nafta trade deal now called the usmca between mexico and canada and the united states. the problem with that is it has to go through congress, where it could get stuck because of a lot of bipartisan wrangling over what should be in it. there's the official photograph of the president, along with president of argentina. he is there -- i believe he will be leaving on sunday after his saturday night dinner. go ahead, foster, as we're watching the president, you want to talk about ocasio cortez. go ahead. >> well, the lord has blessed me with a lot of success because i looked at people not so much on their past or where they are today, but what they can become. i'm absolutely very impressed with this woman. she's bright. she's articulate. she has energy. she has passion. i think she has a good heart. and i think if she could be put on this committee very quickly,
5:24 pm
she would learn the power of capitalism, how we have taken so many people out of poverty, how we have so much freedom, the ability to decide if we want to buy a mcdonald's or buy a wendy's, all these things are so important in capitalism. i think maybe one of the first things the whole financial services committee ought to get on a plane and go down to see venezuela, to see how socialism really works >> that will help. >> and watch the people -- >> i'm going to go back to the pictures we are seeing from buenos aires, argentina, and president trump and melania, at that beautiful opera house. i believe that the u.s. is probably the premiere place to put your money. i think a lot of investors agree with that at this point. that does have to do with recovery in the banking sector as well. if you want to put ocasio cortez on this committee, along with maxine waters i'm not sure going to make the banks as competitive.
5:25 pm
>> foster i like your optimism. i'm not sure this is where she could learn on the job, how banking works. this is a very complicated job. on the upside, she hasn't been corrupted yet by all the donations that come to new york area politicians on the banking industry. even like barney frank who was very left, dodd frank, at least he understood i think the whole banking system and financial services. you may not agree with his politics, but i think there's a lack of experience and education coming with some of these people coming into government, even though they are young and everything, they don't have mba's they haven't worked in banking, i don't know if they understand the industry -- david: it's about politics. not only will this give her exposure, but they may want some of that to bring exposure to a committee. this is also by the way a committee that's going to be looking into donald trump's finances, so they will want as much attention, the democrats are to this committee as possible. because she is a rising star, like her policies or not, she is a rising star, i think that's
5:26 pm
one reason they may want to put her on the committee. even though she's only 29. >> i think you are right. the first thing they will demand is president trump's tax returns or try and demand it. we will see how far that goes. the second thing both ocasio cortez and maxine waters want more affordable housing, so i think that will also be a key initiative. but at least initially, if this plays out, where she has a seat on the committee, i don't think it will be bad for banks initially if they focus on president trump's tax return and affordable housing, thank god. >> let's get back to the pictures then at the g 20, buenos aires, we were just looking at chinese xi jinping just pulling up in his vehicle, and it's going to be a very interesting dinner of course tomorrow. the markets are watching it closely. i guess the markets are saying right now, anything that's not negative should be positive for the markets. and i would imagine that they are going to i guess say something about the cease-fire, 10% tariffs, 250 billion dollars
5:27 pm
of chinese exports that come into the u.s. every year, that's not going up to 25% in my view, and i'm sure the chinese will have to extend something in return, probably buy more in agricultural goods as they have told and committed to earlier this year. david: by the way, timing is everything. i don't think it's coincidental that we see president xi arriving just after president trump. it's interesting that the two heavy hitters, the two strongest economies in the world come in back-to-back. go ahead, susan. >> that's just my belief, at this point, there is going to be some positives out of the dinner and a good feeling, maybe not a full agreement, but there will be a framework for discussions in the future. that's how the chinese do it. >> i would say that it looks like what's going on in the markets, you saw chinese stocks kind of picking up. they are the stocks that have taken the most hit from this. they are looking for definitely to your point higher tariffs across the board. i don't think that would have been very good. we could all be wrong, but that's the bet, is it is going to get better. david: more from argentina coming up.
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google cited again for political bias in its search engine. republican lawmakers are demanding answers. more on that, coming next.
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david: some republican lawmakers are demanding answers now that google has been called out yet again for political bias related to its search engine. according to internal e-mails obtained by the daily caller, google personnel discussed ways to bury conservative news sites in answers to searches. one post election e-mail dated november t, 2016, a google engineer said quote let's concentrate on teaching critical thinking a little bit of that would go a long way. let's make sure that we reverse things in four years. demographics will be on our side. other e-mails showed there was pushback and google says that the internal conversation did not lead to manipulating searches, but researchers have noticed google's new algorithms do seem to feature mainstream
5:33 pm
liberal outlets rather than conservatives ones. is regulation or the free market going to solve this problem, gang? >> this problem is so much deeper than just stuck in negotiation between a couple engineers about what should be -- look, i think google is finally realizing a little they are one of the main problems in all things that happen because the whole system was based on popularity, that's why if you have links to your thing, then you get up rated. a popularity based system is going to lead -- president trump is a popular person that's why he got elected. they are now realizing okay, this isn't good, we can't be the censor, so we're moving to what you like. now when we go to google news, it is what you like. you are seeing your sources only with what you like. >> i would say as a whole, as a regulatory risk right now, look what happened with facebook and the new york times article last
5:34 pm
night accusing of them actually telling their communications and policy department to do research on george soros. on her part -- [inaudible] -- for a corporate company to do opposition research. it happens, let's be honest, but because facebook is so zeroed in on these, it probably got a lot more magnitude and coverage than it usually would. >> yeah, i definitely think they did. they were in the hot seat in front of parliament yesterday. facebook's vp had a policy in front of seven different countries that were representing consumer groups because of the spread of disinformation and potential user privacy issues. so there's a continuation of old tech versus new tech. you look at ibm ceo's comments echoing that of apple's. tim cook as of late saying that we need to crack down. the government needs to step in. that's what she's saying. and amazon, google, facebook, and the like. i know, i know you don't want to hear -- you never want to hear government regulation, but in this case, how do you -- what do
5:35 pm
we do to solve the problem? david i know you use bing. i forgot. david: not only do i use it. i did an experiment. i picked a highly charged subject, a mueller investigation. i got answers from bing, and i got answers from google. they were very different. you had much more diversity with bing than you did with google. >> i have to tell you all -- >> -- then i guess you don't step in. you don't want government stepping in with the private tech sector unless they are truly a monopoly and there's antitrust concerns. >> i have to tell you personally how i was running for governor of wyoming and i didn't know where this conference center was in a town i hadn't been before. so i hop on google, turn left, turn right, wind up in residential district. i convinced because i'm conservative, google -- [laughter] david: oh my gosh, wow. >> i think there's something more serious going on here, though. and it's the contrast between the secular world view and the
5:36 pm
judeo christian value systems on which our country is founded. there's a major war taking place. if you look at the people running the democratic party, they are now the wealthy, the google, the facebook, the soros, and who are now transferred from the democratic party into what trump has led, without a name to it, we have in that category, now all the plumbers, electricians, construction workers so the whole transformation has taken place. i think we have to pay more attention to the contrast between the secular world view and the judeo christian value world view. david: forgive me for looking away. i'm looking at what's going on in argentina as they just gathered in a group. there will be group pictures we will take you back to throughout the hour. we will continue to cover the situation in argentina as we have the historic meeting of all of the leaders from the g-20. >> is that okay? >> that was fine, foster. the post nafta trade deal was signed by president trump and
5:37 pm
the leaders of canada and mexico. it could still get stuck in the limbo of a new divided congress. a live update from capitol hill, on its chances of getting through. ♪ all money managers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. and all thro' the house. 'twas the night before christmas, not a creature was stirring, but everywhere else... there are chefs, bakers and food order takers. doctors and surgeons and all the life savers. the world is alive as you can see, this time of the year is so much more than a bow and a tree.
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>> usmca, the largest most significant modern and balanced trade agreement in history. all of our countries will benefit greatly. it is probably the largest trade deal ever made also. david: the president touting the post nafta deal, and his trade rep saying he has no doubt that democrats will get on board when it heads to congress next, but take a listen to what some democrats are already saying about it. >> i oppose nafta 2.0. i will vote against it in the senate, unless president trump reopens the agreement and produces a better deal for america's working families. >> the president has taken our relationships with canada and
5:42 pm
mexico to the brink, unnecessarily. and while we don't know the final details of the usmca, we do know they largely resemble in many ways what was there before. a lot of this is for show >> this particular agreement will have to come before congress for a review because the trade authority starts here, not with the president. david: so will his deal get stuck in congress causing another trade jolt to markets? joining us now fox news senior capitol hill producer. chad, avoid getting into too much procedural stuff here, getting into the weeds too much, is this going to get stuck in congress, this bill? >> it is very likely, frankly, because there's a lot of members, especially on the democratic side of the aisle who say wait a minute, we don't know that we have the votes here. i'm going to read you a couple quotes here. one is from an incoming democrat from new hampshire, who says, you know, he will represent new hampshire in january. he says obviously his state benefits from trade, particularly with canada, but he
5:43 pm
says but trump took a haphazard approach with tariffs. the democrat from ohio who you heard a tape clip from a moment ago there, she thinks that the administration -- [inaudible] -- this. she did not like nafta at all. what's interesting here david is that democrats could be the best allies to president trump on trying to rework nafta, but they are concerned about environmental issues. they are also concerned about worker rights issues, and they don't think that there's anything there right now. nancy pelosi, the minority leader, she didn't even know the name of this new trade deal. she called it jokingly the trade deal formerly known as prince, and then she sort of laughed. at the end of the day, democrats don't like nafta. they are willing to rework nafta, but they don't have any details right now. that's basically what pelosi suggested today, david. >> well, you know, looking at this new nafta 2.0, there's a lot to like on the democratic side, don't you think? i mean it helps the labor
5:44 pm
unions. it raises the minimum wage, even better environmental control. is this just about politics? >> don't forget that a lot of people on capitol hill on the democratic side of the aisle, they will fight president trump tooth and nail on anything he puts forward. but the devil will always be in the details. someone who has worked with the administration on trade and kind of in a behind the scenes way is sherrod brown the democratic senator from ohio, i think there could be some inroads they could make on those issues, but until they see the details, nobody really knows. again, when they historically try to move these trade deals through congress, remember several years ago where they had to approve the structure to deal with the transpacific partnership first and then they didn't even get that through, that was really a major legislative lift, and it never moved through at all. every time they get with these big trade deals, it's always a huge challenge. go back to nafta, go back to the central american free trade
5:45 pm
agreement,cafta. i don't know how it will turn out but it won't be fast, that's one thing for sure on capitol hill. >> the democrats refused to ratify under president bush the columbia south free trade agreement because they controlled the house in 07, 08, 09. do you think if the democrats don't regain majority in the house that this would be a different outcome and it would definitely pass? >> it is hard to say because you had republicans who were for free trade and they started to dial it back. i mean, you had paul ryan, the outgoing speaker of the house, who had a lot of reservations about the transpacific partnership, you know, and again, as i say, that deal never moved through whatsoever, and he was someone who had always been probably the most ardent advocate on capitol hill for free trade. keep in mind, that president obama came to capitol hill and even went to the congressional baseball game the night before the house was to vote on the structure for the transpacific partnership, and he couldn't get the votes. i mean, there's a lot of, you
5:46 pm
know, muscle that the president has, but this is going to be tough. david: there's a lot of muscle you have, but i am afraid we will have to cut it short because we have all the breaking news from argentina. thank you very much. >> thank you. david: new york's progressive lawmakers called out by their liberal base for cutting tacks and regulations -- cutting taxes and regulations for amazon. will they now be forced to reverse the amazon deal to keep their political standing? details coming next. ♪ ♪ the greatest wish of all... is one that brings us together. the lincoln wish list event is here. sign and drive off in a new lincoln with $0 down, $0 due at signing, and a complimentary first month's payment. only at your lincoln dealer.
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oh, and happy birthday... or retirement... in advance. david: a lot of new yorkers are furious that the tax deals and other benefits that the city gave to amazon to build its second quarters in the city, accusations that the deal was done behind closed doors, with nondisclosure agreements is driving the new york city council to host hearings on the deal. so how will new york's liberal governor and even more liberal mayor defend their actions in front of the activists, and could they be shamed into reversing the amazon deal? gang, what do you think? >> they are going to say we're running for president some day and we have to prove that we're pro jobs and pro business because we're too liberal otherwise. relatively new yorkers should be mad. jeff bezos has a helipad and all these new yorkers have to ride the subway which is running worse than it ever has since they first dug the tunnels 100 years ago. i think new york sells itself. that's why companies want to be here.
5:51 pm
from the infrastructure was there, more companies would be here. if it took less time to get to the airport. they didn't need to sell it like wisconsin has to sell wisconsin to like the chinese. i think they made a huge mistake, these politicians here. >> i'm delighted that the transparency will be revealed because basically new york's sort of a liberal state with liberal leaders, and amazon as you know has a lot of left-leaning tendency, so a way of taxpayers of new york state trying to help a left organization. so let's bring it on. >> is new york city and the state of new york picking sides? because look how they approach wellmark compared how they approach amazon, rolled out the red carpet for jeff bezos and amazon. meanwhile, wal-mart, they are treating their employees badly. i think it is obvious which way they lean. >> it is a legitimate thing to want, but not at the expense of the taxpayer. amazon, 25,000 jobs, second
5:52 pm
headquarter down here in arlington as well but not at the expense of the taxpayer. they are taking advantage of that. david: i don't mean to disagree with you so often because we usually agree 100%. i'm in favor of any tax cut there is, even if it is a targeted -- the fact is what they are going to have to do these liberal politicians is explain why tax cuts work to bring businesses in and then the argument will be well give the tax cuts to everybody else. i think it may spread in a very positive manner. >> well then i hope congresswoman ocasio cortez is listening to you loud and clear, david. david: i hope she is. >> if everybody doesn't get a tax cut, then it's like you've got a tax increase. shouldn't everybody get a little tax cut, all businesses? david: yes, which is why i hope it spreads. >> look at the leeway they are giving in terms of opening the property that they put their plants on; right? this is ridiculous. if they it for one, do it for everybody. david: there is also a lot of antiregulation stuff including stuff that they are supposed to have land reviews, these very regulatory intense land reviews.
5:53 pm
they are getting a free pass on that one. foster, i'm going to give you a shot at the next one because we have to jump because of all the breaking news. coming up, another job at risk of being taken over by robots. federal regulators may soon allow computers to replace home appraise appraisers. what that could mean for the housing market, coming next. i wanted more from my copd medicine... ...that's why i've got the power of 1-2-3 medicines with trelegy. the only fda-approved 3-in-1 copd treatment. ♪ trelegy. the power of 1-2-3 ♪ trelegy 1-2-3 trelegy with trelegy and the power of 1-2-3, i'm breathing better. trelegy works 3 ways to... airways,... ...keep them open... ...and reduce inflammation... ...for 24 hours of better breathing. trelegy won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. trelegy is not for asthma. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. do not take trelegy more than prescribed. trelegy may increase your risk of thrush, pneumonia,
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david: soon you may not need to call or pay for an appraiser to value your home. a computer algorithm rather than an expensive appraiser. what could it mean for the housing market. >> let the two parties, the buyer and seller decide whether they will go with the computerized route. but if think want an appraiser, go for it. >> when there is no bank loan involved, but for everybody else there is a third party involved. the bank has to make sure the price is right. whether it's a computer system or a person, if you are instructing the appraiser to get the comps high. you need to have a good system
5:58 pm
of logic behind the whole thing. >> there has been approval of the process, no? >> you know, right now, fannie and fredd -- and freddie want appraisals. david: if this new rule would have been in place, $68 million could have moved without an assessor. >> house canary, a service online, you can pay less than $100. somebody iting in an office in india is going to appraise your house. but it's an unregulated industry. and dwen dodd-frank is supposed
5:59 pm
to be more regulated. >> i don't think it's that it's not regulated enough. it's poorly regulated. >> are you going to go after a guy mind yeah if he doesn't appraise your home fairly? david: do you think the market will move faster without an assessor? >> sure. as far as the bank is concerned, if they want a human appraiser. anyone has a right to request a human appraiser. but if people want to go with and could co-a computerized system, go for it. a combination of modern dance and tango.
6:00 pm
how would you describe it? >> westside story and breakdance. david: they are trying. i'm sure the leaders are having a great time. we'll see you next time. president trump: i was going to meet with president trump, but with respect to the ships with the sailors,. liz: we bring you the latest as the media continues to speculate without proof that president trump canceled his meeting with russian president vladimir putin not because of russia's escalating aggression with the ukraine, but because of michael cohen's plea. the ukraine is


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