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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX Business  December 2, 2018 10:00am-11:00am EST

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and check out our website at i'm bob massi. i'll see you next week. [ woman vocalizing ] >> with our signatures today will formally declare the attention of our three countries to replace nafta with the us m mca, a truly groundbreaking achievement. it's a modern-day agreement. we worked hard, it's been long and hard. taking a lot of barbs and a little abuse and we got there and it's great for owl are countries. paul: welcome to the journal editorial report. i'm paul gigot. i was president trump at the g20 summit to gain a victory lap as
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united states, mexico and canada signed a new trade agreement known as the us mca president replace nafta a cornerstone of his first term touted the new pact is a big win for american workers but the fight is not over yet as the deal now makes its way through congress. editor pat toomey joined me now. welcome back to you for having me. paul: good to have you here. you looked at this new agreement and can you support it? >> not in its current form, paul. i think the problem is the net effect is it diminishes the opportunity for trade among the three countries and the whole idea is to maximize the freedom to trade. does that in a variety of ways that are problematic. one is expiration date. i don't know why in the world you put an extra state on a free trade agreement. paul: six years spent well, it is 16 that you review it after six with no assurance that it will be extended at that point.
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i really. >> i don't like what amounts to country specific rules of origin with respect to auto and auto parts. the idea behind this is continental wide free trade zone where you have continental rules of origin but not country specific. they use a minimum wage as a proxy for achieving that and it's a bad idea, i think. they also virtually destroyed the independent i can in some for adjudicating disputes between an investor and a government. the investor state dispute settlement mechanism, we had that in every single trade agreement but one and it's important because sometimes the host country does things to disadvantage an american investor and i can do it in a lot of ways we don't always get a fair hearing in the courts. paul: you suggested that in order to prevent this deal from going to the democratic house and getting even worse you would like to see the president get it passed in this lame-duck session, any chance now?
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>> is looking like the clock has run out on that because there is a 30 day delay between the time the ministration would submit the final text of the agreement which they could have done by now. and the time we can vote on it. i've been urging the ministration this is a free option. then the agreement to us, work with us, us meaning free-trade republicans, it may be that democrats would be offended by this expedited process and maybe lose democrats support but there are enough republicans to pass is under tpa, exclusively. it would move in appropriate direction for you to get a huge victory for the president by the end of the year. paul: one of the reasons robert light hauser said they could get this through democratic congress is they have union support. i looked at the auto worker statement on friday and said not adequate and i look at the environment groups and their post to it. chuck schumer showed the same insane we have climate change added to it and are we going to
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see this past the democratic house? i'm skeptical about this. under what scenario is this a high priority for nancy pelosi to pass donald trump's nafta 2.0. by the way, we seen this before. republican president and speaker pelosi a new free trade agreement and what does she do? she did nothing. paul: george w, panama, south korea, all kicked off until republicans reject the house. >> yeah and she was open about it. we might use this for leverage on other things but it was not important to her and she never moved the legislation at all. paul: how many members of the public and senate agree with you? >> i'm not sure what the number, paul, you never know that kind of thing. there are 12 that sign a letter urging the president to send the document to us so we can have a chance to move it in a direction of freer trade and get this done
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this year. i believe it safe to say there more senators sympathetic with that approach and might not have chosen to send letter for a variety of reasons. republicans in the senate are overwhelmingly pro- trade. everybody understands this is moved in an unfortunate direction. the question now is doesn't go anywhere with nancy pelosi holding the house? if so, how much worse? paul: let's turn to another subject. vote in the senate this week to essentially open the lee sanders bill that would cut off american funding for the saudi's were in yemen. that's will go to the senate next week for debate and you voted against the ministration wishes to send this vote for debate. why? >> i think we need to have a debate. the ministration has not handled the assassination of jamal khashoggi at all. i do not share the view the us has to withdraw the very limited
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advice and training that we are providing the saudi's. paul: targeting advice and part. >> and no doubt in my mind it has reduced civilian casualties, the war in yemen is horrific humanitarian crisis, no doubt. it could still be worse. what with the absence of you the moment both to better train the saudi's and how to be precise and avoid playing casualties but pressure the hoodies to get to the table and negotiations. paul: but the lee sanders bill would - >> yeah, i don't agree with the substance of that but i think we do have to have a debate on the senate floor and get this invitation to knowledge you have to both defend and promote interest and remind the world including our allies that there are certain values that we will hold an interest in other people recognize. >> you don't think the admonition has held that balance? >> i don't think they held that at all. when de facto head of state of saudi arabia, the conference, he
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has to accept ultimate response will be for that assassination, whether or not we have a smoking gun and can prove he issued an order and a text we can identify. look, that's not important. the assassin reported to him and part of an organization he controls. he has to accept responsibly in some kind ability and instead to suggest they buy weapons from us so were going to say nothing, that's wrong. that doesn't further our interest in the long run either. some of us felt like this is a tool that we have in the senate to address the issue and get a better balance. paul: senator, thank you. >> figure for having me. paul: when we come back to doing fallout from the response to the killing of washington post journalist jamal khashoggi. as the senate defies president trump and both to advance bill and the american support for the saudi backed war in yemen.
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>> i read every piece of intelligence that come in in the last few hours and there is no direct report connecting this conference to the murder of jamal khashoggi. paul: that was mike pompeo following an alternate briefing wednesday on saudi arabia. hours later those same senators delivered a rebuke to the trump administration voting 63-37 to advance a measure inking us support for the saudi backed war in yemen. something pompeo and event secretary james matus had urged lawmakers not to do. let's bring in wall street journal columnist and deputy editor and columnist mary o'grady. you heard mike pompeo say
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there's no smoking gun and then you heard pat toomey, senator, saith not matter in the conference has to take responsibility for that murder. >> yeah, and then we had this vote in the senate which cut off funding to saudi's for supporting the war in yemen and they only got 37 republican votes in favor of the ministration position this is after both secretary of defense and secretary of state both addressed the full senate urging them not to do this and i have not the slightest doubt they made a compelling case why we need to support the saudi's. only 37 rub against voted in favor of their position? very bad sign politically for the president. paul: what you think about toomey's case, mary, he said look, if handled and bungled it and they have not struck the right balance between american interests and values which is got to make clear with the poor
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political murder. >> exactly. the president is the one at fault here because he says things like maybe he did, maybe he didn't. that should be the leading statement. he should lead with that. we deplore this and the buck stops with the leader. that should be issued number one. and then you go with the arguments for the fact that it's a proxy war in yemen of the saudi's versus the iranians and this is why we need to support the saudi's et cetera another problem with the president is he keeps repeating over and over again there's money to be made in selling weapons to the saudi's. that is not a good argument. i thank you to lead with the ethics. paul: it's a difficult situati situation, dan. in the sense that if we want to maintain the saudi alliance and i think it's in our national interest to do so because we need friends in the middle east and doing something working more closely with israel they are
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against sunni radicalism even if some members of the royal family are not but they are an ally of ours in the battle to restrain the nuclear program in iran so interests are at stake but i remember ronald reagan is to balance the two interests and values in a way that somehow made some cynical support that you had to make for unsavory leaders palatable. >> yeah, and so what happened is exactly what mary said. the problem at the center of this was that statement, president trump issued in response finally to the gigot murder jamal khashoggi murder that he wrote himself and it just did not know far enough striking that balance, all right? that statement has caused this problem for pompeo and madison out they will have to deal with
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it in the shaping that policy towards the conference and the middle east. the senate is right and msp is made bad decisions here that he will have to pay a political price and president should have made it clear he will make it pay up little christ but now it will be an uphill battle and the president has suffered loss of political capital in congress which is not a good sign going into next year. paul: i think republicans in the senate will say they come out with an alternative to cutting off funds for the work that will but they want some recognition by the ministration and want to send a message about values. let's turn to nafta. the new nafta the us and ca is this going to pass congress? >> well, senator thume talks about the fact that maybe you had expedited version getting
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through in a lame-duck but that is a reach. i doubt it will happen and if you have to go with the new congress i think it will be tough. you have the unions saying it doesn't go far enough to keep us automakers from building cars in mexico and basically what they want is zero cars built in mexico and you have environmental groups and all these people are important constituents for the democrats. i think it would not surprise me to have the democrats come back and say we'll talk to you but first you have to fix these things and then you go back into a negotiation phase and it's not clear what you get out of it. paul: and the more you go to satisfy those complaints the bigger risk you have of losing rub against who provided most of the books. >> yeah, and i think president trump is personally sympathetic to the democrats and unions complaints about the deal. he wants all manufacturing done in the united states to prevent
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companies from moving overseas and that's what they want to do. that will not get through the senate. paul: when we come back, and c+ he is one step closer to reclaiming speaker battle as democrats fall into line behind the democratic leader. plus, another guilty plea for former top attorney michael cohen and what it could mean for the mueller probe. president trump: very simply, michael cohen is lying and trying to get a reduced sentence for things that are nothing to (roger) being a good father is important to me so being diagnosed with advanced non-small cell lung cancer made me think of all the things that i wanted to teach my kids. (avo) another tru story with keytruda. (roger) my doctor said i could start on keytruda so i did. with each scan things just got better. (avo) in a clinical study, keytruda offered patients
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"activecore, how's my network?" "all sites are green." all of which helps you do more than your customers thought possible. comcast business. beyond fast. paul: another week politics as president trumps personal former attorney michael: pled guilty to lying to us about negotiations in 201640 trump tower in moscow. this is if the policy moves one
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step closer to regaining the speaker's gavel with house democrats tapping her wednesday is party's nominee in the hundred 16 contract coming in january. back with dan and was returning editorial kate owed out in wall street journal columnist jason riley. dan, how does the: guilty plea change the narrative, if at all of the russian trump collusion story. >> it will change the narrative very much, paul. while we known as the beginning of this investigation is that robert mueller would like to nail donald trump and at this point michael cohen would like to stay out of jail. it's a marriage made in hell, quite frankly. both sides are plain their appointed roles. we knew about trump steel proposed deal with the tower in moscow back in late 2015, 2016 but all cohen his added is there may have been - he says, more
10:22 am
involvement by trump in that deal. paul: and that extended for a long period into june 2016 where is trump let's be candid have given the impression that there was no real extensive discussions. colin says there were more extensive discussions. >> but it's difficult to identify the crime in his pleading. the optics are pretty terrible. front person running for the presidency of the night it should not be doing simultaneous deals with people in moscow that we know about but i don't think they've moved the ball. i'm struck by how many please that is now all coming together with roger stone, michael flynn, it's all about lying to federal prosecutors or the fbi. we know that's crime any serious crime. it's a long way from identifying a discrete event that establishes collusion. >> doesn't show collusion? know it doesn't show russian
10:23 am
interference to be election to donald trump? know. but he's looking at obstruction of justice. the question is not whether cohen was fine but if you was lying with the direction of donald trump and that could be the path mueller is investigating. paul: what if he denies - have you seen any evidence? >> we have not. paul: if it's nearly firing james call me it's not obstructed of justice because, at least i would argue, he could fire anyone he wants to send officer so the only way you'd be able to suggest is if you somehow had a corrupt motive and even then i think people would argue that that's better or not a crime but and fight over that. i'm looking for how cohen has changed any of this. >> we don't know.
10:24 am
[laughter] it's too early to tell, i think. paul: let's turn now, kate, let's talk about nancy pelosi. making a leap forward in her plan to become speaker of the house. what happened to the opposition that seem to have melted away - she did get 32 votes against her but nothing to put her speakership in jeopardy. >> that's right, paul. pelosi has this quality about her that's almost like lyndon johnson. very good at consolidating power and has relentless will to it. one lesson for the democrats is if you will try to dethrone nancy pelosi you better succeed here, they did not. she will not even discuss the possible use of a successor because she does not want to be a lame-duck speaker. this was a real mistake on democrats part if they did not have the ability to follow through. paul: jason, i think one of the big stories here is political left is behind nancy pelosi. you got moveon .org and left-wing activist groups that it said don't you dare vote
10:25 am
against her or we will, in fact, challenging with a primaries. >> that is true, paul, but there is division still here on the left. the democrats will take over more couple dozen committees with oversight response abilities. will nancy pelosi be able to rain in jerry nadler or adam schiff or maxine waters? people that have been itching to investigate into submission this presidency since day one and who promised their constituents that is what they would do. paul: does she want to rein them in? >> she claims she wants to legislate, not investigate. >> they always say that. what are they going to say. [speaking in native tongue] we will legislate. >> next year will be total chaos. between all these investigations and you failed to mention - [inaudible] [laughter] paul: president of the united states as if they do this, he
10:26 am
will release a lot of classified documents leading to buy the warrants and so forth which he says explicitly will embarrass the democrats. now, personally i think this chaos plays into the democrats hands has voters, independent voters, are getting tired of the chaos. it dries democratic turnout and democratic fundraising. pelosi's job will be to manage it because too much of it could be fallback and backfire on them the way it did on the republicans during the clinton impeachment 20 years ago. paul: kate, briefly, all the opponents that said they would not vote for her will they melt away was that a phony war? >> yes, they will find a way to massage that is a basically we discussed it with her and had come to a solution and unite the party and find a way out of that one be one still had, president trump threatening to close the border after hundreds of migrants rush north. what the caravan clashes mean for the debate over us asylum loss and for the battle over
10:27 am
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paul: president trump threatening to close the southern border this week after hundreds of migrants overwhelmed mexican law enforcement and rush north of funny with border patrol agents using teargas to disperse the mob as a storm
10:31 am
crossing near san diego. caravan clashes coming as lawmakers in washington able to avoid a partial government shutdown with president trump demand for $5 billion in border wall funding. negotiations are continuing at the finger-pointing has already begun. >> if there is any shutdown is on president trump's back. republicans are in control of the presidency, house and senate. a shutdown is on their backs. stick to the 1.6 billion. >> are bill contains the president's photographs for the border but ultimately the president and the senate democrats will have to come to agreement as well. paul: were back with dan, mary and jason. mary, was the response appropriate to the storming of the border of the teargas and attempts to stop them? >> yeah, it was. it wasn't teargas but a pepper spray that is non- lethal and so forth but i think they had to
10:32 am
send a clear signal that you cannot bum rush the border. paul: why? pgh. >> because every country in the world has some immigration procedures and we had immigration procedures and we have procedures for people claiming asylum. when there is a volume it is not manageable and because of that they had to basically enforce the law. paul: >> and there's a precedent for what happens when these border calls are ignored. we had situations in germany and other western nations dealing with people by rushing the border and rule of law cast aside. paul: 1 million migrants for the middle east in 2015 came into germany and angela merkel said out of compassion still be allowed in but the political backlash of that has hurt the cause of immigration. >> yes, it has. the people who support
10:33 am
immigration and sitting us at the table support legal immigration are her most when the protocols are ignored. there are legitimate refugees seeking asylum and what we don't want our fake refugees mixing in among them, people who have no real right to claim asylum and getting in the mix and not providing spots for those who have legitimate claims. >> letter member this is unprecedented. we not dealt with this before and the system we have in place cannot handle the volume of people. the trump administration is trying to make a deal with mexico where they will keep them there and process them in batches as they can. there are certain legal challenges and we'll see what the courts decide. paul: and whether the trumpet magician is doing it in good faith to process these people through or simply want to suppress the number of asylum processes that you come through. they never get in, they go away. question is do they want immigration policy recently want
10:34 am
to keep all the immigrants out of the southern border or anywhere they can. paul: but look, they have to send mary, i thank you would agree to let me know an incentive - you can't say, and, everyone has a right to come in but you don't want to send a message to people to go to the border and think they can get asylum if the chances are low. >> as i said, i agree. the asylum procedures right now cannot handle the volume of people. as he talked over the years the problem is we don't have immigration system whereby people can apply and get green cards in a reasonable period of time. we need labor and children and we don't make them anymore. we need to import them. [laughter] we need the immigration but there's no procedures in place to do it in an ordinary process either by asylum process or by normal green card process where people wait for a decade to find
10:35 am
out. paul: dan, let's talk about the wall. the wall funding. trump wants by billion and schumer says 1.6 and they will find a deal or shut down? >> well, i don't think the shutdown is a serious threat anymore, by and large, most americans don't care. it's a partial shutdown and go forward. paul: 75% of the government is funded already. >> yeah, you have to make a deal between the 5 billion in the house and the 1.6 billion in the senate bill paid my guess is that probably they will come out in the center somewhere but the question is whether donald trump will accept anything under $5 billion. president did say if he did not get the money he has alternatives. did not say what the alternatives were but has a plan b in mind to not getting funding. paul: jason, donald trump may
10:36 am
say with nancy pelosi taking over the house it's my last shot to get the money. >> yeah, he may be thinking that but again, the president likes the stupid i think he thinks it works for him politically and helps him with his core base of supporters and so i don't think he mind the site. the fight on this . paul: but he just fought over the caravan for a month before the election and that was when he campaigned on. they lost 40 houses. how is it working for him? >> especially orange county which should have gone his way with his immigration policies were popular. i thank you might think he has an ace in the hole in the daca decision that will . paul: dreamers. >> yes, dreamers being decided in the court because they decide against president obama's decision to allow them to stay in the country then he will think he has an negotiating tactic there and i'll give you the dreamers, you give me the
10:37 am
wall. paul: even in the democratic house. still had, president trump threatening to end subsidies to general motors after the car company announced plans to cut jobs. for american plants but can those that change the reality of the cart market? this is loma linda, a place with one of the highest life expectancies in the country. you see so many people walking around here in their hundreds. so how do you stay financially well for all those extra years? well, you have to start planning as early as possible. we all need to plan, for 18 years or more, of retirement. i don't have a whole lot saved up, but i'm working on it now. i will do whatever i need to do. plan your financial life with prudential. bring your challenges.
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oh, and medicare advantage plans from private insurers. use the tools at or call 1-800-medicare. open to something better? start today. open enrollment ends december 7th. president trump: i am not happy with what he did. the united states save general motors and for her to take that company out of ohio is not good. paul: president trump this week criticizing general motors ceo and threatening to cut government subsidies to the company after the nation's largest automaker announced plans to shut her five north begin plant and cut roughly 14,000 jobs. she cited changing market conditions and customer preferences says the move will position the company for long-term success at home diggins writes the business world column for the wall street
10:41 am
tournament welcome. >> hello, paul. paul: what you make of the decision to shut the plant and - >> ever since the bankruptcy she's made a good job of running gm like a business. get out of the business of making cards for markets like europe where they can make money and get out of business making small cars with the can't make money and it's more along those lines. plus, she signaled that she's worried about downturn coming want to preserve gm's capital so we can survive and invest in new products. paul: to meet up procession or a downturn in the auto market. >> there already turning down but making good money. she's worried about the chaos in the trump administration and trade policy and there's a lot of financial crises hanging out there in europe and china so i think she's worried about the future of the economy. paul: she wants to cut offenses
10:42 am
that they think are going to be profitable to refocus things on things that are. >> keep investing and the technology coming out. paul: investing in what. >> and fuel economy mandates. >> what you make of donald trump's response to not surprising? economic sense there. >> it depends on what he does. he emphasized the world ohio with a little cancellation. paul: he won ohio in 2020. >> tv signaling i'm still on the case of jobs, jobs and keep them on board for the things that are working for the us economy like tax reform, the relation, reforming the legal system that's okay. if he means what he says about putting tariffs on cars then that could be the source of the financial crisis in world meltdown. paul: trump with a look, we did tech support and cut corporate rate and build you out at 2008
10:43 am
or 2009 and deregulate it making it easier and reduced fuel economy standards with the obama ministration upset so why can't this be enough to get you to build plans here? >> gm is expanding production in the bigger vehicles but closing plants that make small cars that consumers are not buying. even though gm quality is now on par japanese will be on a petition and have don't have united auto workers in their southern plains. that's a business where jim can't make enough money to make sense in any business to focus on the product lines where you can be successful. paul: let's take electrics of the points and we know they subsidize the purchase the government does of every elected car and it's what 7500. paul: 7500 until you run $200,000 gigot. paul: well below that. what if we cut that up?
10:44 am
why are they getting subsidies anyway? >> it's to compensate for the fuel economy mandates that require them to make letter cars like electric cars get credit under the obama fuel credit mandates with offset the expense, big vehicles, where jim makes money like pickup trucks and large suvs. the deal that the car company scott with washington as we will meet your wish that we bill a letter cars and give us credit for those on the fuel economy rules. it's skated bureaucratic and gm is trying to protect investment. paul: i assume you support get rid of subsidies? [inaudible conversations] >> it could also be in favor of getting ready the 25% tariff on pickup trucks which is how the big three run their business now. they are already running based on a protected thoracic market. paul: here is what trump would say that. that's work. we are making trucks and suvs here and why can we do the same on cars? >> that's what he has proposed. if you look at the top 20 cars sold in the essex sedans in that ranking in all six are made by
10:45 am
that japanese makers. they make them in the us and they would be the beneficiaries of a tariff that would let them raise prices like they did in 1981 when reagan put tariffs or import resection on japanese cars. the price of the japanese car went up and the foreigners made all the money from that we want it would not do any good for american workers in the end. >> no, chrysler and gm and ford is built around this pickup truck so they are sitting pretty right now i don't need more protectionism. paul: thank you, for coming in. then trump urges lawmakers to pass criminal justice reform the hard work you put into lowering your very high triglycerides with diet and exercise deserves the hard work that went into the science behind vascepa. prescription vascepa. vascepa, along with diet and exercise, has proven results in multiple clinical trials.
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president trump: i think we should do it now rather than later. this is something that can pass later but we have such a good group of people right now such great support i think you're better off taking the victory for everybody, for democrats and will begin. paul: that was president trump at a roundtable this week in gulfport, mississippi urging lawmakers to discuss on the criminal justice reform champion by his daughter ivanka trump and son-in-law jared custer. supporters hope to push the bipartisan bill through before the new congress takes office in january but the legislation is at risk of stalling a summer publicans voice their opposition. her back with jason riley and kate odell. kate, make the case for passing this bill. >> paul, it's not a perfect bill but it is an improvement over the status quo. focuses on two things. first on for small sentencing changes to how we the people and creates a system to encourage people to engage in productive
10:50 am
behavior while they are in prison and potentially reenter society and be able to contribute. paul: jason, you wrote a column expressing your displeasure with certain elements. what don't you like? >> i like the things that kate talked about, present reentry, most people in prison will get out and we should do a better job of making sure they transition back into civil society properly. the problem is with sentencing so-called reforms. this is not in the house version but new to the senate and it's why you are seen more pushback from senators there is a reason why some states have three strike laws but those are there because judges in the past for themselves to be much too lenient, more lenient than legislators. making sure people get locked up and we know most of the crime committed is committed by people who have already committed crimes, pulpit even if they went
10:51 am
in as a nine violent offender they always take nonviolent and justice department report released earlier this year found that within a decade, one third of people who are nonviolent criminals before have committed a violent offense. able are concerned about dangerous people being released from prison sooner rather than later. paul: we should make their it's about federal law, not state criminal statutes. but kate, i want you to take on that argument jason made about mandatory minimums is the price people use. >> sure, one reason what jason describes is the right that people return to prison as we immerse them in the culture and don't encourage abuse of it and he agrees with that. on the mandatory minimum side these are very modest changes in the discussion site the jason talks about for judges who have traditionally in the past is use them there is something in the bill or existing law that they
10:52 am
develop which in certain cases allows judges to reduce minimums for those who are cooperating with on and have nonviolent path. modest extension of the existing $50 and the goal is to allow for prosecutors to go after higher-level fentanyl kingpins and reward those who are working with one was meant to catch drug conspiracies and give them a more modestly reduced time. again, these mandatory minimum reductions are small. three strikes provision is in the bill moves the third strike from life-25 years and these are enhancements but not for the underlying crimes. we are talking about comedy being locked up for a very long time. paul: >> when these guys get out they had back to committees that are already wracked with violence in all kinds of mayhem. passivity should be with the law
10:53 am
abiding members . paul: i think it is, jason. >> no, how are you helping law-abiding members of people in ghettos by sending these guys back home sooner rather than later? they do not need that in these committees. paul: are there any cases of adjustments regarding mandatory minimums just because of the fact that some judge you like to have him sometimes be able to have discretion to say there are extenuating circumstances or reasons for saying in this case we're not going to go your way. >> we have seen that movie. when they had discussions how did they use them? they abuse them and i'm against giving it back for them to go forward. today but responsibly the people they let out early go back home because mayhem? who pays the cost of that? people in the communities and lob abiding members of the communities who are the primary victims. paul: one of the arguments for this bill is that it based on reforms in texas that were implement it at the state level for state to criminal laws.
10:54 am
what's the record there? >> record there is pretty good. state politicians basically decided to move offenses and invest in more how they use that time productively and over the past several years have had a reduction in parole violations that result in a return to prison and violent crime rate is on the way down there as well as incarceration rates. they use this risk assessment model in this bill that basically allows more individuals tailoring to the circumstances involving an inmate and whether they are at risk of reinventing in society. paul: last word, jason, quickly. >> people who are opposing this come from rural states with this opioid epidemic has hit hard and historical parallel, back in the 80s when initial sentences were past it was at the urging of the black caucus members who were pushing them. leave me for schwab, but before you do that, you should meet our newest team member, tecky. i'm tecky. i can do it all. go ahead, ask it a question.
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and an ice with 70-megawatts, 35 mules, but we brought power to the people- redefining what that meant from one era to the next. over 90 years later we continue to build as one of the nation's largest investors in infrastructure. we don't just help power the american dream. we're part of it. this is our era. this is america's energy era. nextera energy ♪ paul: time now for hits and
10:58 am
misses of the week. kate, start us off. >> paul this is hit for the supreme court for a great decision for the dusky. this is endangered species. the government decided critical habitat included 1500 acres in louisiana where thing from does not live and cannot survive. the supremes told lower court whether this is critical habitat. bonus 8-0 decision. cheers for that. paul: jason. >> this is miss for black democratic candidates seemed incapable of losing an election without playing race car. saw it in governors races in florida and georgia. senate runoff race in mississippi. losing democratic candidate played the race card. black voters have no problem getting to the ballot box when they are sufficiently motivated to do so, sometimes higher rates than white voters in states with
10:59 am
toughest voter i.d. laws. the candidates didn't motivate their voters. stop blaming racism. paul: mary. >> this is miss for the trump administration tax increases on middle-class americans, aka tariff increases. 94% of imported buys come from china. more than 80% of christmas lights come from china. we already paid something like 1.4 billion in new taxes. imports from china. if you go downstairs this year the tree looks a little dark, that bicycle is not there, you know who to thank. paul: dan? >> a few weeks ago i gave a hit to nasa for probe of the sun. in my continuing effort to bring happy news from outer space, nasa should be congratulated for landing the insight spacecraft on mars. get this, this thing was traveling seven times the speed of a bullet.
11:00 am
had only one degree of entry to land safely. had to slow down to five miles an hour in seven minutes. only one word for it. awesome. paul: that is it for this week's show. thanks to my panel. i'm pau ♪ >> happy weekend. welcome to the program that analyzes you for the week and your head. legendary hedge fund manager best-selling author is my special guest this weekend. first, these are both in standing by in the foxbusiness news room. wall street and main street. >> federal reserve chairman sending the market sewing this weekend after suggesting the bank should slow it space of


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