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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  December 3, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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christmas eve so the secret he advice could spend -- so the secret service could spend the time with their family. david: there was a decency that couldn't be denied by anyone. thanks for joining us. reporter: th the bod -- the famy of george h.w. bush, a mourners from all across the country and the political aisle lining up to pay their final respects. a trade truce for the time being. larry kudlow telling me whether a 90-day window is a red line. art laffer weighs in. less money for the military?
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president trump says he would welcome a meaningful halt in the arms race with russia and china. i'm blake berman in for elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. [♪] only one place to begin tonight, up on capitol hill where vice president mike pence and other dignitaries arounded remarks for president george h.w. bush. edward lawrence is live up on capitol hill. >> it got very quiet when the motorcade carrying george h.w. bush. we are the 21-gun salute. inside a special ceremony happened honoring bush 41. members of the bush family including president george w.
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bush and members of the cabinet paying their respects to this president. the supreme court justices were here. a very somber moment when they paid their respects. >> a steady hand staying the course. that's what george bush gave us for decades. >> other speakers talked about the president's accomplishments on things he did. he led the world through tumultuous times. when the soviet union fell, he was taught i shall to the world. he felt for gorbachev. >> he was known as the quiet man. he was not for lack of nerve or daring. for in all of his 94 years president trump never lost his love of adventure and he never
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failed to answer the call to serve his country. >> the rotunda will be open for the members of the public to pay their respects. there is a very long line that has started to form for people who want to go in and pay their respects. let's bring in julie fink, the president of the barbara bush houston literary foundation. julie, thanks for joining us. >> thank you, blake. blake: your thoughts as the former president bush 41 until his casket will return to' texas. >> it's a great time of sadness and mourning in houston, his hometown. we find come foishtd knowing
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he's back in heaven with the love of his life and his daughter robin. he left an indelible legacy and we are committed to caringy forth hits indelible legacy going forward. blake: you mention being with his mother barbara bush. there are so many ways to describe president bushing with but one of the things people find most of remarkable is he was married to the love of his life for 7 decades. >> it was incredible to witness their thereof and affection for one another. the love that they share not just between president and mrs. bush was something very special to witness. i know they are holding hand in heaven right now telling stories and jokes to one another.
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blake: what has the last 7 months been like with the passing of barbara bush. >> it's been mixed emotions. but it's been remarkable to witness the uprising of the community and of the nation to pay their respects and tribute to two incredible people have done so much for our nation. blake: when anyone passes it's a time to sit back and mourn and smile and tell stories. but is specially for someone so well known as the president of the united states. i'm wondering what experience you have that will forever stick with you of the 41st president of the united states. >> president bush's son neil invited us to kennebunkport and
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we had the opportunity to have cocktails with president and mrs. bush. they were ordinary people and wanted to be treated like ordinary people. but we all know they were nothing but extraordinary. blake: what was that moment like to have happy hour with the president. >> i had the opportunity to sit to his right. as i was stroking his right hand he was drinking and martini on the left. he was commenting on how special it was to have a putting green on walker's point. blake: you are looking at the rotunda at the capitol. this is a scene that will play out the next two days when the
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casket will be returned back to texas. one final thought from you. the way that you hope bush 41 should be remembered? >> i hope that we all see him as a role model of service to others. i hope everyone will give service in his honor and memory. he knew government alone couldn't solve the nation's problems. he wanted to lift others and make this a kinder and gentler nation. blake: julie, from the bark a bush literary foundation. from morning to a bit -- from mourning to a bit of celebration. the current white house,
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optimistic they are over a truce while both side continue to negotiate. after the 3-hour dinner meeting between president trump and president xi jinping from china, the president has agreed not to ramp up tariffs on january 1. china will revamp its rules on intellectual property theft, the transfer of technology within cyber indrugs and cyber theft. the president instituting a 90-day window for those talks. earlier from the white house i spoke with the president's top economic advisor who was at saturday night's dinner. i asked if that 90-day window amounts to a red line. president trump is the lead
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negotiator for the american side. so all that will be up to him. we spent timely compliance and timely progress. as january 1 which is a specific date, we'll freeze the tariff rate. we expect specifics in return. i think there is a fair amount of good faith from the xi-trump dinner. i was there, a lot of chemistry between the two and i think president xi was legitimate and sincere. but we'll see, and we'll monitor it. blake: these are major structural issues. all of a shouldn't when these are put on the table, is this something that had been building by both side? what happened in that room? >> we had a couple private
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meetings. between secretary mnuchin and ambassador lighthizer. once friday, once saturday. and we went through some of the cables and communiques that we had been going back and forth in recent weeks. so the structural issues were part of those communications. so we knew that they were all under very clear discussion. no ambiguity about that. and this is not just about commodity purchases. although that's a key part of it. this is about structural change. we are talking about ending the force transfer of american technology. >> is that at the top, number one? >> i would say ending the theft of intellectual property is a tie. as far as ending the forced
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transfer of american technology is the issue of ownership of american companies operating in china. we must get majority ownership for the first time so no one can force us to reveal our family rules company by company. cyber hack and cyber-security, these were raided in our private meetings. but surprisingly at least to me, because i had never seen it before. president xi raises himself in great detail, he's the president of china, et, et cetera, et cet. i can do it. the presidents don't as get up to those details. he did it. blake: was it finally moment we
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are finally here? or is it 90 days will go by and it's all talk. >> it's hard to answer that. i prefer to be optimistic. i'll tell you how surprised i was how things turned out. so i think there is a good chance, a much higher probability that this will turn out very positively. does that mean everything will be solved in 90 days? but i will say president xi was a heck of a salesman. he really was. as others in our team will tell you, we have been down this road before with china and we have been disappointed with china. blake: the tweet the president sent out on auto tariffs, the
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chinese haven't reported there. >> they are tariffs and we expect to see big changes there. blake: within the 90 days? >> i would like to see it sooner. they can start immediately. that's immediately. there that's an important word here. i expect it to be done immediately in good faith, by the way. blake: that was larry kudlow when we spoke on the north lawn of the white house earlier this morning. how are you, art? so, what do you make of all that? >> i love the way larry cud low was so respectful of our president. it's true that trump does make the final decision. i spent a lot of time with larry in the white house and he was
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less optimistic than he was today. larry is not one to hyperventilate and exaggerate results. when larry says something, it's sterling and viable all the way through. his optimism i found good for the country. it showed in the market today. blake: i think it breaks down to this 90-day window. it almost feels like the china trade deal is the super bowl of trade deeld, they made it to the first round of the playoffs. is that not right? >> honestly, china is the super bowl of trade deals. without china there is no walmart. we need china desperately for trade and they need us desperately for markets and trade as well. it's a mutual relationship where both countries know they can
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benefit enormously. dropping tariffs and the ceiling for intellectual property. i can't think of a better set of negotiators then mnuchin and larry sitting down with the negotiators. blake: the president's tweets on the auto tariffs, what do you think let it go to? the treasury secretary called it a big opportunity. larry kudlow said the clock is ticking. by the doesn't sound like it's there just yet. >> they have made huge progress on the negotiation even to get it as far as it was today. i was one of the first teams to go to china in modern times. and the prekissenger trip.
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china is not easy to deal with. but when you have got xi and the president talking the way they did. you haired larry say xi was on top of the specific issues. you know trump is superly on top of them as well. when that happen, it's time for optimism and hopes for the future. i love it that our team is the team that's doing this. blake: the 90-day window starts january 1. so april 1. do you think there will be structural changes between now and then? >> i think we'll have a lot of changes by then. i think we'll be much more solid ground by april 1. i think it's the exaggerated window and not just the first day for things to begin. blake: coming up.
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blake: experts say the marriott data breach could have potentially been prevented years ago. reporter: this is a huge hack. 327 million people have had their passport, credit card information and address and phone number information stolen by hackers. experts have said it's negligent of the company to keep keys with the lock in the same spot. they should have detected this
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years ago back in 2015. in had they done a thorough investigation then, they would have seen the fact that hackers had been lurking in their data breach. it can go from 2014 to 2018. that's millions of people all around the gold that could potentially have their data hacked. talk about a class action lawsuit. this putting the same belief on there that marriott could have done more. the marriott failed to insure the integrity of their servers. this is the largest chain in the country and the second worst cyber attack in the past 10 years just after yahoo. they could face heavy fines.
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>> joining me now is the fox news senior judicial analyst, judge andrew napolitano. >> our good friend christina made an and the plaintiff's counsel is dying make in front of a jury. she laid out nicely the phenomenon that the enormous attacks are almost always preceded by smaller attacks. the hackers are seeing if they will be discovered. there is a profound case here. the issue is, what are the damages. blake: i can't tell you how many starwood hotels i stayed at during the 2016 campaign. this is not only americans, but people from all over the world. >> the way you are assess
6:24 pm
damages in a case like this is you find a half a dozen bellwethers, a half a dozen typical people. you would be a bellwether because of all the hotels you stayed in. they would assess the damages of these half dozen people and multiply it by the number of people in the class. so the question is, what are your damages. bad supreme your passport. did they use it. did they try to pretend to be you. bad people have your credit card. or is it just out there and you are wondering and worrying about it. these are the things americans and jurors would examine, and the "jurors will do the math. it's almost a number so large you can't get your arms around it. blake: you are talking about $3
6:25 pm
billion for yahoo. 500 million in at mayor yopt. ebay alone, 145 million. is there any solution to the problem or speaking of maybe what congress can do or is it simply at this point. these are private companies with security issues. >> they have what's called the common law doubt idea reporting. so if you are a fiduciary of my red card information and you have been hacked and you don't tell me, you have a fiduciary duty of reporting when these hacks occurred. but hacks christina just told us about were unreported. so they dye violated that dudey.
6:26 pm
did they do anything internally to prevent this from happening? we don't know the answer to that. by the appears they did not or this enormous hack would not have followed the small hack. bottom line, this will be very, very expensive. they will ben into insurance what re-insurance before they deplete the amount much money they owe. blake: a judge ruling james comey can give testimony to republicans behind closed doors and then that transcript can be released within 24 hours. comey said i want this to be out in the puck so anyone and everyone can see it. he threatened to not speak to them unless a judge told him it could be private. are house republicans in the
6:27 pm
right by saying witnesses, subjects, don't get to dictate the terms of when they come up to capitol hill and when they talk. >> he withdrew his application to modify the subpoena during oral argument after which time the judge ruled he was going to rule against them. take it away from them and cut a deal. he'll talk in private. he can talk in public about what he said in private. the transcript comes out within 24 hours. arguments on both side. the argument against a public hearing, the members of congress will showboat. they only have five minutes in which to do their showboating. there is no time limit, there is no show boating, it will be real questions that will bore into what he knows. i'm happy the transcript will be
6:28 pm
released because i have been criticizing republicans and democrats when they have been doing this. when you have these secret meetings each side leaks their version. when the transcript is out people can decide whether he's telling the truth. blake: everybody gets to see it and there wouldn't be anything to leak about. president trump wants to halt crazy defense spending with russia and china. retired general jack keane takes that up. iowa democrats calling for a generational change. what does that mean for 2020? we'll debate it next.
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blake: iowa democrats say they
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want generational change. that could trip up some of the most of traditional candidates, bernie sanders, joe biden and elizabeth warren. the caucus is in 2020, so we are a ways away. matt schlapp and scott bolton, thank you for joining us tonight. scott, here is what the "wall street journal" survey said. 76 democratic party leaders. 43 said they prefer a young candidate. they want someone who can appeal to ethnic and diverse voters. >> if you look at the mid terms who was elected. they were younger and more diverse. and if they weren't diverse, they were tolerant.
6:34 pm
this generation lived through trump. and they don't want the same old democratic leadership to be running for president. you will have some of that. i'll tell you with what candidate i want. i want someone who can win. who can reach across the aisles. they can be progressive and be moderate in their ideas and votes and move this country forward. but the dems have a lot of work ahead to select somebody like that in two years. blake: how do you define young? people say i'm young, i have been coming to this white house for three years. so i guess it gets down to the point, is it dangerous to identify people by check off a box and not look at their politics and what they stand for? >> young gets older to me all
6:35 pm
the time. i know i might get some disagreements here. but barack obama was a young man when he was the president. john f. kennedy was a young man when he became president. there is a down side to not having have much experience. you look at this new cross of democrats. there is a lot of people that seem a tad bit green. i don't mean environmentally green. they haven't even had real jobs yet. that's a little concerning. the problem facing america are large. america is the most of important and dominant power on the face of the globe. young versus older, fresh versus someone you have been dealing with for years. but there is a so bright that comes in when americans saw 8
6:36 pm
years of obama. even though they graded him on a curve in polls, they didn't like his policies too much. >> he got elected twice over 8 years. and he's one of the most of popular presidents we had in a long time. he had older and younger diverse base that elected him to the white house. blake: you mentioned x had a long time -- we had a long time to talk about it. stay right there, we appreciate it. we'll talk to you in a bit. paris in shambles after a weekend of violent protests. but first, president trump hopeful china and russia will work together to curtail what he says is an uncontrollable arms race.
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blake: president trump optimistic that he and the president of russia will scale back defense spending. he said he's certain that some time in the future president xi and i, together with president putin of russia, will start talking about a meaningful halt to what has become a major arms race. i'm guessing you don't consider it crazy, that $716 billion. >> i spent a year on the commission look at the national defense strategy. we concluded the united states security had never been at such a high level of risk in decades.
6:42 pm
if we were involved in a conflict with russia or china, we would take losses unseen since world war ii and we would struggle to win and we could even possibly lose. now is not the time in the face our adversaries. we played war games, we got the same results. if you don't want to hear from me, the four service chiefs last year before the senate arms services committee said that the united states is at high risk to win a war against a near-term competitor. a few weeks ago pad mirl davidson who took over as the commander of the indopacific. says there is no guarantee we could win a war today against china. we have got to get the american
6:43 pm
people to wake up and understand what's happening here. to talk about cutting back makes no sense whatsoever to me. blake: take the issue of money after the table. in any sort of issue, do you think we should be working with cooperating with the chinese and/or the russians? >> absolutely not. we should be working with them in terms of common interest in terms of radical islam with the russians. president xi, the same person the president is talking too is dominating and controlling the region we used to have the most of influence in. he said publicly he fully intend to replace the united states as the global leader of the world. this is the path china is on. and you can't color that anyway and wrap it up in a bow and pretend that this is nice.
6:44 pm
this is a serious security threat to the united states. putin wants to dominate and control his region. he wants to break the transatlantic alliance the united states has with europe. and he wants to replace the united states as the most of influential region in the middle east. these are the paths they are on. and they are moving. they are moving successfully towards those ends. blake: defense spending the last 7 or 8 years oh so. it was near $700 billion a year. dropped down to the high fives, then president trump said we need more spending and went in that direction. why do you think's suddenly floating the idea of maybe that's crazy? >> the director of o & b has come in and blown in his ear
6:45 pm
about deficits. this is director mulvaney. he wants defense to come down as are the other departments. defense only represents 15% of our budget it's one of the lowest percentages we have had in some lifetime. even though we are spending $733 billion next year. so the reality is, the defense, if you cut it back significantly, it's not going to make any dent and any consequence in the budget process and the deficit. but it will encourage our adversaries as the obama cuts and sequestration cuts have done. that's why they are on the march. they believe the united states has pulled back. >> there is paris. we'll make that up next.
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taxes to help cut pollution. protesters turning the city upside down over macron's gas taxes. the protests have been gloing tensity for the last three weeks. matt, you get the first crack this time around. macron has a problem over there, does he not? >> he does. i didn't know the french had it in them. i'm glad they are pushing back on these honerrous taxes. -- these onerous taxes. come on, california. i want to see riots out there in california. blake: are gas taxes the way to go? >> the hardest thing for people
6:51 pm
to do is to accept change. who did the polling of raising the gas tax as a means of having less pollution. you have got to give incentives and tax breaks in order to make this happen. then you have got to move in to convince them where a great rollout of why this makes sense for them and get them on board for reducing the the limits of pollution. you can see it's in the streets now. blake: i don't think anybody wants to see riots in california. >> i don't think matt meant it like that. >> i want californians to stand up and say high gas prices only hurt poor people and the country. the number one thing to help our environmental situation is when we give tax cuts so american
6:52 pm
companies can get the next generation of technology into their plants and manufacturing facilities. leave it to the american man and woman entrepreneur. they will take the next step and be more efficient. >> look at the sun energy where you put the plates on the roof. electric companies and utility companies give incentives for people to do that. but they were educated with a nice rollout and tax incentives and breaks for doing that. paris ought to do that versus penalizing them to reduce the pollution and raising gas taxes. got to leave it there. coming up next. president trump declares america would save billions of dollars if the democrats would agree to fund the wall.
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>> president trump once again taken on the battle over funding a border wall. he tweeted, we would say billions of dollars if the democrats would give us votes to build the wall. either way people will not be allowed into the country illegally. we will close the entire southern border if necessary. also, stop the drugs. brandon is president of the
6:57 pm
council. lots to go through that tweet. the president brought up these issues often in the past. the issue of whether or not this would save money, how is that the case in your estimation? >> if you look at the different organizations that look at how much immigration cost the taxpayers, if we are able to keep illegal immigrants out of the country, and if we can keep illegal drugs out of the country, there is a cost benefit. if you look at that, the wall pays for itself. the president trump chooses to seshut down the government over wall funding, i would support him 100%. >> if the wall pays for himself why did the president take the stance that mexico should pay for it? >> i think you look at that and it's down the road. i don't put it past him to have
6:58 pm
mexico pay for the wall. you have to get the initial funding to put up the wall and give us the border security we need. >> $1.6 billion. there will be a potential showdown in washington, d.c. among congress for how much to give to wall funding. the president wants 5 billion. the offers about one third. is 1.6 sufficient in your estimation? >> no, it is not. if you look at what the president asked for, 5 billion is a lot less. but they have found a way in which they can build the wall that is needed for $5 billion. if he is able to get the 5 billion, it will pay for itself down the road. hopefully, one day we will end this debate once and for all. >> the political reality, democrats will be taken over the house in a month. they are not going to give the
6:59 pm
president that money. are you satisfied so far with what the president wants and what he gets are two different things. are you satisfied with how he's been handling that? >> i am come if you look at the obstacles he's facing. i look at the democrats and you talk to democratic strategists all the time. it blows my mind that of all parties, the democratic party should want to secure the border. it's always a rallying cry for the republicans and it will be until the border is secure. the democrats should want the border secure and what that wall. >> the new administration in mexico, do you think that will be a plus for the relationship for the border? or tough to work through? >> initially it will be. time will tell. there have been presidents in
7:00 pm
the past that were hopeful on and they did not pull through in mexico. hopefully this one will see the light and do the right thing for his people. >> we have to leave it there. lou dobbs is up next. thank you for watching the evening at it. here's lou. >> lou: good evening everyone. our top stories tonight. president trump, the chinese president agreeing to a pause in the tariff increases for three months. the two nations to try to negotiate a comprehensive trade agreement. president trump meeting with the chinese government over the weekend and his trademark is optimism and his commitment to america first. >> the relationship is very special. i think it is going to be a primary reason why we will probably end up getting somethingoo


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