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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 7, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EST

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♪ [music] lou: good evening everybody. our top stories, major development in what has been another day of strong challenges and demand for president trump. and it is clear the president is fully committed to carrying out his agenda. advancing today on every issue from the appointment of his next attorney general, the robert mueller witchhunt and persistent attacks by radical dimm leaders. president trump is poised to name the next attorney general.
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he is a highly regarded attorney with private sector experience. served as prosecutor and attorney general for former president george h. w. bush. his reputation as a no-nonsense and highly talented attorney, reportedly impressed the president. he also shares his philosophy on law enforcement and a strong executive branch. this is what he had to say just last year. after the president fired then fbi director, james comey. >> the president certainly, is entitled to his choice as fbi director. you can understand the administration would want someone at the fbi who acknowledges limits on the power of the director. lou: we take out the possibility nomination with an all-star lineup tonight. judicial president tom fenton,
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for me is to be assistant attorney general, tom dupree, russia hoax author and fox legal analyst, gregg jarrett, all joining us tonight.and on wall street, a huge selloff on fears that u.s. china trade tensions were worsening with the rest of chinese silicone giant, cfo but trade it turns out had nothing to do with the day. the markets explosive rebound, proving it was all about rates. reports that officials would hold interest rates at current levels postponing rate hikes indefinitely.president trump has been right on all of the major issues facing this country and on the economy, the president newly appointed chairman has been a frequent irritant and sometimes a disappointment. mr. trump 's concern that jerome powell was threatening to wreak economic growth with rate hikes has been proven. here is a present warning the fed to avoid raising interest rates two months ago. >> my biggest threat is the fed. because the fed is raising rates too fast.
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zero interest rates right now, take a look at the numbers. it would be the greatest economy in the history of the world. nobody would be able to compete with it. >> our economic policy analyst joins us here tonight. on what was a dramatic 1400 point in the dow industrial today. tonight, and update for mexico the migrant caravan has friend tourists and damaged businesses along the us-mexico border. our top story, fox news live and that president trump wants william barr to be the next attorney general. he served as attorney general for george h. w. bush, a graduate of columbia university and george washington university law school. william barr just 42 when he became attorney general. president trump does not know him personally but william barr stepped forward last year defending the presidents
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decision to fire then fbi director, james comey. >> he crossed the basic line back in july, fundamental line in the department. investigations are supervised and directed by the lawyers, the prosecutors at the department. not the agents. lou: william barr would replace the acting attorney general. stocks rallying into the end of trading today. extraordinary day on wall street. news while the further reserve could take a wait-and-see approach to future interest rate hikes the dow was down and talk about trade tensions. before rebounding to finish off at just a 79 point loss. the s&p 500 down four. nasdaq gained on the day, up 30 points. many blamed the early market
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plummet on the rest of the cfo of chinese telecom giant, her rest reportedly part of the u.s. investigation of an alleged scheme to use a global banking system helping wall way avoid u.s. sanctions against iran. joining a site, the president of judicial watch, one of the countries most effective government watchdog organizations and he is also worked with the international policy form, leadership interest group and also author of the book, clean house, exposing the government secrets and lies. which we recommend to you highly. tom, good to see you. >> good to be with you. lou: let's take up william barr and what you think of him and his credentials. >> well, he certainly has the credentials for the typical
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republican pick for attorney general. he used to be attorney general and he had a long-established record in the legal community. the big question, will be willing to take on the justice department, the swamp that is really out of control through them real or investigation. and the challenger president has, no matter who he picks for attorney general, and i don't necessarily know this will be the guy. it will not be about the picket will be about robert mueller when the senate gets down to confirming and the debate about confirmation. lou: what you mean by that? it is going to be about robert mueller? >> the establishment and the senate is going to force the justice department pick, the ag picked to come out and say, he is going to protect robert mueller. and that cannot be the case. we need an attorney general who actually assert control over mr. mueller who practically speaking, is not being supervised -- lou: are you saying the senate is filled with such examples of moronic disadvantage? that they would actually assert that robert mueller has a privilege that would exceed
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that of the attorney general and the president of the united states? >> well, we one senator that upended every vote on every judicial nominee the president, jeff flake on his way out the door this year. and i suspect some folks will do that in a more quiet way with the attorney general pick. you know, are you aware of any sitting u.s. senator strongly criticized the mueller investigation? i am not. i pressed the issue and i've yet to hear one senator say, robert mueller needs to wrap it up. robert mueller is out of control. he is abusing the process here. lou: on this broadcast i've said for year and and a half that the special counsel is a farce, it is completely out of control and has no accountability whatsoever to anyone than with jeff sessions as attorney general, rod rosenstein, as you know and as we discussed on this broadcast
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over time. this is the most flawed, conflicted, fraudulent special counsel investigation or independent counsel investigation in earlier times that we have ever witnessed. and we have seen some doozies. >> that's right, and mueller is the justice department and the justice department is mueller. it is one of the dirty little secrets are that they would have you believe that mueller is operating independently. these are all for the most part, justice department lawyers working for him. the compromise, a pro-clinton activist, he is out of the justice department. this is about the justice department harassing the president and the new attorney general, will bring back the justice department back into the constitutional system as opposed to allowing it to continue to act as if it is the fourth branch of government? i hope not. we had a federal court judge day, i didn't know if you so.
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george lambert -- on protecting hillary clinton and excusing the misconduct that covered up her emails. lou: while we are on the subject of the judge appointed by ronald reagan, we should point out, is he excoriated when he called chicanery, the beneficiary it seems without question would be the american people because your organization brought the action and are at least moving ahead with it. as a result of the judge's ruling. >> over the objections of this justice department, we been granted discovery and to the hillary clintonemail scandal . for instance, we get to ask whether or not she was using her email system to avoid, a benghazi related lawsuit. that is coming up again. and again, why is judicial watch doing this and why did the justice department, why are they not on our side as opposed to us? that is really what much of the
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media will not want to talk about. lou: this part of the media, i want to say congratulations and thank you for your great work because without it, the american people would just be, it would go on relentlessly. and without pause. tom fitton, thank you. up next, the left-wing national media taking aim at president trump 's america first trade agenda with china. >> president trump in the last few days has written 13 tweets about china, he is trying to reassure them. i do not know it's been working. >> i think it is unprecedented and incredibly stupid. i am embarrassed about trade relations when we pull something like this. >> the volatility right now is so much about what this was like with china. >> their burdens on the economy that are just foolish.
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with our allies especially and disrupworld trade for foolish economic policies, that is just ridiculous. >> guess what? after all of the so-called self-anointed experts who obviously know absolutely nothing about economics or markets, we watched the market lose as the business decried trade disputes and trade tensions with china. but it was the federal reserve making it clear that they are prepared to pause and hold interstates where they are that led to a 700 point rebound on the day.we will be taking it china and the real trade tensions and causes and consequences, gordon chang joins me next. stay with me, we will be right liberty mutual accident forgiveness means they won't hike your rates over one mistake. see, liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ lou: communist china demanding
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the release of the chief financial officer of -- after her arrest in canada at the request of the united states. a spokesman for the ministry of foreign affairs is both united states and canada must quote - effectively protect legitimate rights and interest of the person concerned. joining us tonight, gordon chang, offer -- author of two
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books. we recommend both you highly as always. let's start with the arrest of the chief financial officer of huawei because of violations of iranian sanctions. this is a big step, isn't it? >> a very important step for a number of reasons. we've had a number administrations that have allowed the sanctions, this administers should however, saying look, no more. and the other thing come of course huawei is critically important to their efforts to dominate 5g. china has is made in china 2025 initiative. it's got a lot of play. it started out with 10 sectors in 2015 when it was announced. they increase the sectors to 11 in the beginning of the -- to include this so that they can dominate. lou: dominate and proceed into that, to dominate and technology in 5g and the
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advances. huawei however, is not had an interesting juncture because the united states is prohibited much telling china this is going to stop here.>> absolutely. this is also zte. the second largest chinese telecom equipment manufacturer behind huawei. lou: and the president's got concerns overall. he rescued because the president of china asked him to do so.and now, where do we stand with zte? >> we have two sinners marco rubio and byron that asked of -- and van holland. they had two violations. this is essentially for venezuelan in violation.
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zte promise not to do this and it was the second time they violated the agreement. lou: and there were a range of management changes and governorship to the board of directors.none of which apparently had much effect. >> it certainly didn't. lou: les turned out to the relationship on trade. the president has worked hard. he has made it clear that two things will is that trade will be balanced with china. or nothing will happen. he has made it clear that $600 billion of chinese theft in u.s. intellectual property and technology will happen no longer. those are the two metrics by which any deal will be judged. your thoughts about where we are headed? >> that is critical. this is the technology of the future, the economy of the future. andy talk about huawei. it was built on theft of cisco and others. so they built huawei and zte on
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the backs of stone technology. lou: and you cannot say that too strongly. huawei and other chinese enterprises that are highly successful and large, concentrated government owned assets. they are built on u.s. technology. commercial technology as well as scientific technology and intellectual property. and that -- just think about this. president trump focusing on this issue, this relationship and -- we would be run over. >> clinton and george w. bush that sort of could not be bothered by this. we had another president, obama, that confronted the chinese but decided to do nothing effective. now we have a president confronting the chinese and doing something effective. people may not like it but clearly, we've got to do with the critical issues of trade
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and ip theft. lou: those people have to understand something about themselves. if you do not like with the president is doing, china and the relationship, the trade relationship, geopolitical relationship between the united states and china, you just don't understand what is happening. it is horrible. and the establishment of course in this country, they are railing against the president insistence on the national interest of being recognized and pursued, period. gordon, great to have you here. we have so much we can talk about. come back as soon as you can and we will continue the conversation because it is about the countries future as gordon chang says. thank you. >> thank you. lou: be sure to vote in today's bowl. do you believe more executives of chinese firms should be arrested for their violation of u.s. sanctions against iran? we would like to hear from you on the issue. cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs follow me on twitter @loudobbs, lechner facebook, follow me on instagram at lou
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dobbs tonight. and is the president's rating crumbling as predicts more violence. the leader of france is predicting more violence on the streets of france, in particular paris. we take that up after the we take that up after the break.
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♪i need never get old lou: the french president, emmanuel macron, the socialist, his approval rating has hit another new low. violent protests raging through the streets of paris, still. just 23 percent citizens approving of the president. down six points over the past month. and businesses in mexico and tijuana catering to american tourists have seen a drop in business as a result of the migrant caravan presence in their city. with the migrant unrest south of the border, a growing number
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of americans are worried they run the risk of being stuck south of the border if authorities shut down the border as the president has threatened. join me now, top strategist for great america pac, and fox political analyst, ed, good to see you. >> good to see you. lou: let's talk about barr, he worked for george w. bush. >> first he worked at the regal admin station, he was attorney general, competent person. he knows the agency well i think the president know someone that can go in there and clean house and doesn't have to have a learning curve. can walk in on day one and everyone reports him and he reports the present. lou: a big issue, he is establishment, this president is antiestablishment. this president is his own man. what do you think?
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>> i think the conversation the president has to have with him. he has to give them clear direction, this is what i want to do. i think the president has had not good lawyers since the start of my senses the next two years he will be in a lot of legal issues because of all of the outside entities. the key thing here is to have the department running smoothly and not interfering with the things the president needs to have -- lou: rudy giuliani has straightened everything out, right? >> not quite. [laughter] he is distracted by his own divorce thing. i think there's too much popping off. i think the bottom line is you need someone in their that basically shut it down. and that the line of authority -- lou: i do not know william barr either. but the positions he's taken, he is straightforward, his style, i really like. and if the president is impressed by him, that should be it. >> the other thing is he's made a lot of money he does not need to be the attorney general, he has been the attorney general.
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he's at an age where he knows the task ahead of them. i think there is no learning curve, he can walk in on day one and make things happen. lou: the vote is in, the records are available. the judiciary committee has done everything that it possibly could to slow role the president of the united states, delay agenda, delay everything that they could. and in the investigations, i mean they have acted as an adjunct of the justice department and the fbi. some of the most rancid political traders we've ever seen and we have seen a few. >> i could not agree with you more. i think bottom line is, on a daily basis you know we need to clean up the mueller thing, we need to get this thing moving forward. we were to your agenda that needs to move very quickly. democrats with the fight in the house and i think the reality is the president, his own team and his own agenda. lou: reality is if i can put it this way, that the president is
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facing accidental threat. whether they be russia, whether they be the people's republic of china, whether it be a body politic in this country part of which is committed to the destruction of donald trump and his agenda. >> even more so, the new democrat leadership in the house. i think as the world is changing rapidly around the president, he has to be out there to deal with that and not be distracted by petty stuff back at home.lou: okay so, on december 21, we got the spending bill that funds the government through 21 december. the issue really is there. does the president get the sum he has asked for from the time he came in, $5 billion is the first installment on a $25 billion wall. signature, basic fundamental promise that he made. >> he has to get it. and the speaker elect, nancy pelosi has a ready said today he will not get it, he will not
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do anything. i think he has to prove he will go wall to wall with her or toe to toe. and he has to win this one. if he does not -- lou: in order to do that he has to be willing to shut down. >> the bottom line is you're not shutting the whole government down. only shutting a part of it down. you need to show that you mean serious business. otherwise the democrats will see you as weak. lou: we both know that the national left-wing media, -- >> who cares? lou: the reason you cares because they will lie through their teeth until the cows come home.>> i promise you, they will still christmas and but i think the president needs to hold his base. lou: i couldn't agree more. good to see you. >> thank you.lou: ed rollins. up next, president trump said that the funeral of george w. bush was inspiring. we thought it would be something of the truth by the left-wing national media. instead, more hate. >> all he could do was sit
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there and the rest of the program went on. and i thought, -- >> she's not here much humility or humor from the white house certainly, these days. >> he see president trump sitting with the former presidents paying tribute to a former present with humidity and decency, so different from today's politics. >> i don't think you want to give out too many medals. lou: arrogance is one thing but that kind of arrogance is quite another. and it is that wasn't enough, the president is being attacked for something he did not do. pastor robert will join the after this break to take up the latest media nonsense as they try -- it is extraordinary! and former corporation deputy director, james comey. the former fbi director,
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heading to capitol hill tomorrow. that ought to be exciting. we take that up next with vaasa
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lou: president trump taking him at robert mueller, the president blame the special counsel for dragging his approval ratings down. the president tweeted this saying quote - without the phony russia witchhunt and with
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all of that we have accomplished in almost 2 years, tax and regulation cuts, judges, military, veterans etc. my approval rating would be 75 percent rather than 50 percent just reported by rasmussen. it is called presidential harassment. you gotta love you! presidential harassment. it is that and much more. join me now former deputy assistant attorney general, tom dupree, a partner now the washington d.c. office of gibson, dunn and crutcher. a leading attorney in the country. good to see you, tom. fox legal analyst, author of the new york times bestseller the russia hoax and he always makes me go to the subtitle, the illicit -- >> i should have made it shorter! lou: you should have. i am one that put out a few books with tireless subtitles. i understand. great to have you with this, gentlemen. tom, let's start with you.
4:37 am
william barr, is he right for this president at this time? >> i think is a potentially good choice. the fact is that william barr is going to have the job before. i think he is widely regarded, credible guy, one that knows how the justice department operates on a daily basis. i will say this though. i was a bit surprising that trump rbc holton as someone who is a disruptor and makes the unconventional, non-establishment choice. and william barr isn't quite that! don't get me wrong, i think is a good choice but i don't think is the direction that the president would be going in. lou: what direction did you think he would go? >> at that he might go its own that he had a longer personal history. frankly, i think it is good to get someone that is independent, precisely because they will have the courage to stand up to him. lou: i hate when you prosecutors use the word independent. because that to me is just pure nonsense. >> you want independent! lou: the president is the boss, that department just like any
4:38 am
other. an independent should not be synonymous with the word rogue. as that was what we witnessed. >> i agree that but i think it is the presence of law enforcement agenda. but at the same time you some of that is an honest person not afraid to call as he sees it and tell the president in some cases the law does not allow you to do this. lou: well, he has lawyers around him -- >> no shortage there. lou: what you think? >> i slightly disagree. the president tells the attorney general what to do and what not to do.the notion of independence is something that's been peddled for 40 years. as for william barr, and sort of of two minds, unquestionable integrity, a fine reputation, great experience. he brings gravitas to the job
4:39 am
but he is an establishment figure at a time that i think we need a disruptor as attorney general. so in that will vigorously go after corrupt officials at the fbi and department of justice who were abusing their positions of power in attempting to undermined democracy. i am afraid that barr is not that guy. lou: let's talk about that. i think there are a lot of issues we can discuss but it's helpful tonight if we spent some time on this issue with both of you. this is an establishment figure. but at the same time, he has been very supportive of the president's right, fired robert mueller. the establishment thing really does you know, where he everybody. but i don't know, and i would like to ask both of you the same question. can the president get a non-establishment figure
4:40 am
through the senate? >> well, i think that is a great question because as we know, all the republican have the majority and can push it through they cannot tolerate many defections. i do not know in this political climate, all of the republicans would adhere to support whomever the president wants as attorney general. i think that barr recognize the president has the power to fire robert mueller. i think where the rubber hits the road is what advice would he give him? even if the president had the power constitutionally to do it, is it a smart thing to do? is it justified and doesn't make sense?i think that's where barr will be able to provide the president with sound advice. lou: dianne feinstein said today, i know anything about him i don't have an opinion on him. i guarantee you in a couple of days if nominated she will have a firm opinion against him. so it doesn't matter. democrats will vote against whomever the president nominates. frankly -- soon i am frankly worried more about the rinos. in the senate. >> jeff flake is gone!
4:41 am
finally. lou: all of that. but as we look at what the president faces here. it really gets to this issue. he is i think you have to presume, at least assume without being presumptuous that he will seek a second term. to do so, he will have to bring in the line of special counsel in my opinion. and this entire charade, this fraud that's been perpetrated on him. he is exactly right, it is harassment by any other -- and that is the latest you know, word we could apply. tom, what does have to do to get this under control? >> well, look, lou, my hope is always been that bob mueller will be winding up the investigation. [laughter] >> how long? >> exit from day one this would be one heck of a lot longer
4:42 am
than anyone anticipated. the fact that mueller now has got responses from the president, the fact that he's apparently struck deals with common, apparently struck deals with michael flynn and other people, it signals to me that this is closer to the end in the beginning. and i would be absolutely astounded if this thing is still going as donald trump approaches the second term. i don't think it will. >> robert mueller will issue a one sided conjuncture about this narrative collusion with not a whiff of real evidence. but robert mueller will try to portray as much for democrats in congress to take political action anything that they call impeachment. lou: i think at some point the president will have to take very strong action to bring the justice department and the fbi to justice. because right now, all of the people have been named and as perpetrators and one of the greatest series of political corruption in our history are going scot-free. tom dupree, gregg jarrett,
4:43 am
thank you both. the national left-wing media will find anything to criticize the president of you -- as you have noticed. and respectfully honoring the life of george h. w. bush while others read the apostles creed. nothing in the scriptures say you must state the grievous of reporters took to twitter calling it carious. interesting as little starks said even striking that the president and his wife chose not to recite the creed. here to take this up with us, a pastor of the first baptist church of dallas, fox business contributor, author of the book choosing the extraordinary life and another book that we recommend to you, highlight. pastor, great to see you. i'd never heard of the apostles creed, frankly. what is the big deal?
4:44 am
>> look, this is nothing that has been cooked up by trump haters are trying to separate the president from the evangelical base. i have sat next to him heard him reset -- recite the lords prayer. and i've heard him sing the hymns. and people said why didn't he do that here? i am a pastor in their times i do not recite the scriptures and i don't sing the hymns because i am thinking by something else. imagine the leader of the free world has some things in his mind too even at a funeral service. this is ridiculous.lou: it is -- is it popular to recite that? i don't understand. >> it is in some churches. hillary clinton recited every sunday at her church. but we know that it is not -- lou: pastor, if you don't mind
4:45 am
-- thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. >> you bet! lou: up next ignoring the long list of economic achievements, they straighten every success i've his administration and the boom, the boomerangs in the rebounds and we are joined next to take all of that up. to take all of that up. ♪
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♪ lou: breaking news now, and
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number of forces telling fox news tonight that president trump is set to tweet out tomorrow morning that he is nominating state department spokeswoman, heather -- to be the next un ambassador. to her, congratulations and this is terrific new . . stocks closing miss. dow jones industrial down 79 points. s&p 500 lost four. nasdaq gaining 30. volume on the big board. a little trading today.
4:50 am
5.1 billion shares and oil losing more than two percent down again $52 per barrel. crude oil prices falling over fears that opec will cut reduction by a million barrels a day. gold and silver closing flat. a reminder to listen to reports twice a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. joining me now, for insight on this big market selloff, the relationship between the market and the economy. heather zumarraga, she is with vision and senior vice president. heather, good to have you with us. >> hi lou. lou: it take something to consider when last we saw a 700 point move down or 700 point move up. this was a powerful explosive day on high volume. >> yes, it was! it is very unnerving for the average retail investor we have over three percent swings in the s&p or the dow jones.
4:51 am
on a daily basis expert remember the markets were closed yesterday so we opened lower and then we just fell out of bed down 800 points again like we were on tuesday. i think because of two things. the federal reserve is raising rates, you have to mention the rest of the huawei cfo and also algorithmic trading. computers that the hedge funds run these -- and they just exacerbate the selling on a downside. lou: is the clearest example though, i've seen how -- just absurdly wrong the business has been about what it is emphasizing as the monolithic reason for the movement of these markets. today on the way down, it was again the canard about trade tensions and unsettling uncertainty amongst investors. then as the market exploded, rebounding to all but, 79 or 80
4:52 am
points. on the basis of holding interest rates steady on the part of the fed. just the suggestion that they would! i think people will start paying a lot more attention to the interest rate, to the fed, economic growth and earnings than they are with nonsense about trade. don't you? >> it does. it doesn't really matter. the federal reserve raising interest rates has been in the forefront of most investors so it does not just put the average investor watching this at night it means that your borrowing costs will go up. corporations have to pay more on the debt that they've taken out. we have nine years of easy monetary supply, supplied by the fetid near zero rates. now because economy is booming, we have to raise interest rates because there is growth in the economy and unemployment is very low right now.lou: and folks my age would appreciate some higher return on the money
4:53 am
to set aside. this is a president that has been pressing on the economy. and so many frankly, i think in the business press, they've had it so wrong. document the independence of the fed as he talks straightforwardly about the input of the way the very people criticizing and talking about damage done to a prosperous economy by high rates, without economic conditions that would rationalize them, they were the very ones that should have been talking about stabilizing rates and not raising them. instead they are criticizing the president because there is some sort of mass psychosis at work in this country that prompts them to do so. what do you make of it? >> i think that president trump does andorra headwind despite the great economic agenda
4:54 am
coming out of washington here. because of interest rates rising. but it has to happen with the growth in the economy. it is actually positive for interest rates to go up. and that will help older people or millennials, not necessarily you, lou, but it will help you in your savings account in retirement your cd that you do not have to rely on a volatile stock market for returns.lou: yes, but that we fell in the market. what we saw in october with the fed chairman remarks on october 3. >> october 3. lou: he was saying there will be more interest rate hikes and implicit with what he said then, irrespective of economic conditions. and we saw what happened when janet yellen to the same thing at the onset of her term as fed chairman. talking tough, without a market that was either following or leading her. and point of fact, she turned out to be wrong, just as jerome
4:55 am
powell did. i always thought she would have been a good fed chairman for this president.because she'd already learned his lesson. it appears, i think we can applaud jerome powell, he appears to have learned his lesson as well. do you agree? >> he softened his tone and since the october 3 statement that he made as you alluded to, at first, initially, he was saying that we are far from normalized rates. meaning interest rates should be closer to three or four percent. at least the historical average given the growth in the economy and now he's walked it back a little bit. i don't think was necessarily becauseof the presidents tweets. lou: i don't either! >> i think he's saying , let's >> i think he's saying , let's do this at a gradual pace. i joined the army after 911,
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cuz, um, i thought that was what i needed to do. we got our orders to go overseas and i went to baghdad, iraq. we were transporting a bomb sniffing dog
4:58 am
to the polling stations. we rolled over two anti-tank mines, it blew my humvee up, killed my sergeant. after the explosion, i suffered a closed head injury, um, traumatic brain injury, loss of a limb, burns to 60% of my body. when the doctors told me i reached my plateau, i did not want to hear that because i do not believe i have a plateau. so, i had to prove 'em wrong, which i am doing to this day and i will still do until the end of my days. i've gotten to where i am at because of my family. and, the wounded warrior project has helped me more than i can ever imagine. they have really been there to support me in my endeavors. my number one goal, basically, is to get close to where i was. i am more than ready to work hard to get to that goal.
4:59 am
i am living proof to never give up and i will never give up. lou: last night we asked you if the radical dimms have succeeded in subverting trump on border security and trade? 67% of you said yes. special counsel robert mueller is expected to release two new sentencing memos tomorrow concerning paul manafort and michael cohen. former fbi director james comey will testify behind closed doors
5:00 am
before the judiciary committees. they are going to ask questions to which i'm sure he'll provide the most of responsible >> we know that huawei is a bad actor and we will proceed. a lot that happens in 80 or so days it's up to the chinese side. lauren: worries over china trade talks sent stocks plunging. at one point dow trails were down 70 opinion and climbed down on news that the fed might consider one rate hike. cheryl: how about one and not three? futures volatile overnight. right now futures are down but not by a


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