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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 8, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EST

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i'll be back next week with another in-depth interview on "wsj at large." hope to see you then. thank you for joining us, and [♪] lou: good evening. our top stories, president trump making it official, nominating former u.s. attorney william barr to lead the justice department. president trump: i want to confirm that bill barr, one of the most of respected jurists in the country, highly respected lawyer. he'll be nominated for the united states attorney general. hopefully that process will go quickly. he was my first choice from day one. respected by republicans and respected by democrats. lou: some radical dems already casting aspersions on the
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president's highly qualified choice. we'll be talking about former reagan white house political director, ed rollins. disgraced former fbi director james comey back on capitol hill with his patented smirk where he testified in a closed door hearing. the house judiciary committee heard about his refusal to speak about a number of cases. house republicans frustrated with comey's lack of cooperation. he refused to answer questions at the center of their so-called investigation. comey wasted no time in taking a shot at president trump and his criticism of the fbi and the justice department. >> the president's attacks on the justice department broadly and the fbi, it's something no matter what political party you
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are in you should find deeply troubling and speak out about. lou: of course the former fbi director who refuses to answer questions of the congressional committee that has constitutional oversee it responsibilities. quite a fellow. comey's whining sounds like little more than frustration over the president's justified decision to fire him. the president said in june that removing comey was more than warranted. president trump: i think james comey was unfair to the people of this country. i think he goes down as the worst fbi director in the country, there is nobody even close. and i did the country a favor by firing him. former trump campaign chair paul manafort. congressman matt gaetz joins to us assess all that and more. turmoil in france.
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middle class, teachers, students taking to the streets to protest the policies of emmanuel macron. he himself has gone into hiding. he has not been seen in french media, and wall street sees its worst week since march. the s & p and nasdaq all down more than 4%. we begin with president trump nominating william barr to replace jeff sessions as attorney general. president trump: bill previously led the justice department under george h.w. bush following his unanimous confirmation by the united states senate. he demonstrated an unwavering adherence to the rule of law.
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there is no one more qualified or capable for this role. lou: as attorney general under george h.w. bush. he was confirmed unanimously. imagine that. but today in a statement senator chuck schumer said barr has a big hill to climb in his investigation saying that barr db -- are you ready for this? -- must commit first that the special counsel's investigation there proceed unimpede and the final report will be made available to the congress and the public immediately upon completion. this is a sense of arrogance on the part of the democrat leader of the senate. radical dem nancy pelosi taking a wrecking ball to
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bipartisanship early. in her statement today she said quote within this nomination is the latest in the president's pattern of installing partisan hacks in the highest reaches of our government who will happily do his bidding. imagine, unanimously confirmed under president george h.w. bush, now being called a hack by the speaker-to-be. president trump announcing his long expected replacement for u.n. ambassador nikki haley. state department spokeswoman and former fox news host, heather nauert. president trump: she is very smart and very quick and i think she'll be respected by all. she'll be nominated as the ambassador to the united nations. lou: tomorrow he'll'' mom name
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it general mark milling to replace general dunford. it won't be effective until october of next year. trade tensions and interest rates being blamed for another sell-off on wall street. the dow jones industrials down almost 560 pints, wiping out the -- 560 points, wiping out the gains for the year. the s & p negative for the year as well. the nasdaq lost 219 points. netflix hit hardest, down 6%. how much money was really lost? the index ended down 1,300
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points. a 4.6% decline. congressman fall gosar is joining me. he has bent chair of the western caucus. great to have you with me, congressman. your reaction to first of all the former fbi director fired by this president. >> you have got a guy that grandstands. he definitely overreached. the attorney general loretta lynch in his jurisdiction over the email scandal for hillary clinton, and he still continues to spoof at lawmakers who have oversight. from my understanding today he had the liberty of a department of justice attorney who interrupted numerous times and told him not to answer
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questions. indianapolis an interesting take. -- that's an interesting take. here is a guy who mugged the whole jurisdiction, particularly with the team scandal. rod rosenstein presented the documentation to fire him. he should have been fired. lou: that would be the general view. it's certainly the republican view. my responsibility runs to the republican conference itself the past two years. time is about to expire. you watched your leadership stall this president, subvert this president, and particularly the judiciary committee helped the democrats run out the clock on any kind of meaningful result from investigation, only the house intelligence committee can claim that under devin nunes. your thoughts on what they mean now for a president encumbered by a democratic house.
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>> we squandered two years, lou. i have been one of those people that happily joined the fray in trying to hold our leadership accountable trying to get stuff done. but we'll find ourselves looking back saying i wish i woulda coulda shoulda. they have taken the fight out of the legislative process. now we'll have to depend upon the president standing by his word of vetoing a bad bill coming. that's what's coming. everybody is lined up right before christmas want to go know home, and they will pass anything so they don't have to make footprints in the sand. i think it's sad where we find ourselves today. what will be the difference between our leadership and their leadership? i fought our leadership just as
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i will fight this leadership. we'll hold them accountable. lou: i appreciate your candor. i know it's difficult as you reflect on this congress winding down. this is a president frankly, the congressional leadership was not worthy of this president, wasn't worthy of the american people. and to have let paul ryan in that speaker's office after he resigned 8 months ago, that's a choice the conference made. i don't know if i will ever understand it. do you? >> i was one of those people that lost confidence and wanted him out. i wanted to look at vacating the chair earlier on this year. lou: one congressman makes a motion to vacate. >> it only takes one person. but you have to have an organized backing.
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even some of the freedom caucus people say that. if we had called this before we went on october recess. we had a democratic party ripe for turmoil. it was like throwing a piece of dynamite into their caucus. maybe it could have been different in the election process. the same thing with ours. maybe it would have given us to show the american people new ideas and a new direction. trying to do the same thing over and over again expecting different results is insanity. lou: congressman great to have you with us. congressman paul goesar. we'll examine what's going on in the special counsel's office. why are all these black lines in everything the special counsel releases. the radical left has no interest
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in seeking truth, calling the testimony from former fbi director james comey a waste of time. they may be right. >> there was nothing of substance to former secretary of state hillary clinton's emails. >> obstruction and justice are the news of the day right now. >> this is a last-ditch attempt to try to frame the investigations that are going on and undermine the investigations. >> this is a witch hunt, kangaroo court and three-ring circus all wrapped up in one. it's been a waste of taxpayer dollars. lou: we take that up as well as new filings from the special counsel. congressman matt gaetz joins us next. the united states standing firm
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larry kudlow saying president trump may extend that 90-day period which he established to have some sort of agreement on the china tariff hikes and level of trade. cud lope says it will only happen if there is good solid movement and good solid action. what does that mean? soon after kudlow made his comments. the kudlow trade advisor contradicted kudlow saying the president will raise tariffs if the united states and china fail to reach an agreement. joining me now, former reagan political director, ed rollins. great to have you here. what is going on with kudlow? ed: the stock market crashed again today. every time they make these idiotic statements, people don't know what's going on.
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and i think we keep -- lou: does larry kurd low hear what the president says? he said we are not going to gift enemy the benefit of knowing what our timetables are and what we'll do with those timetables. he was talking about our military, particularly in afghanistan. but then to sit there and say to the chinese, you have got all the time you want, forget the 90 days, undercutting the president. ed: i think today these are false statements and as you say, the chiens chinese are going to sit there saying we are keep doing what we are doing and win this battle because these guys are totally confused. lou: the president making two important announcements for u.n.
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ambassador and for as well the department of justice, the attorney general. your thought of both. ed: both are great choices. she is very articulate. she has learned a lot about foreign policy. she is fabulous. she'll be a great spokesperson. and that's a lot of what the u.n. ambassador does. the decisions are made by the president. lou: you wouldn't know that when people talk about the current u.n. ambassador. ed: the policy is set before that but you then go out and articulate it and she is first rate. william barr was the attorney general. he doesn't have a big ego. my sense is to go over there and straighten that place out and set a direction and get that place doing way it's supposed to be doing.
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lou: you just heard paul gosar, the congressman from arizona talking about the failed opportunities the last two years of this congress. it's a shame. it seems to be purely on both the conference who tolerated paul ryan who kept him there for 8 months after he resigned. ed: to let them control the campaign strategy. the money was the speaker's money and the strategy was the speaker's strategy. and they lost 40 seats. that's like a watergate year. lou: what more could the president of the united states have done than what he already delivered to the american people. then to go out with those rinos in leadership who undercut him at every turn, then just threw away the congress. ed: they getter get in the
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mindset -- they better get in the mindset now. they are not going to be majority party unless they fight hard. in there are, and these democrats are going to come after this president with everything they have. their job is to protect them and don't be playing stupid games anymore. lou: to me there aren't words to express how frustrating it has been to watch that so-called leadership destroy careers, destroy the republican party's opportunities, immense opportunities with the president who has shown them how to win and sit there and listen to paul ryan who didn't spend the money he raised. absolute ignorance and incompetence. it's always a couple of things to talk about. by the way, it's as much my fault as it is yours.
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we are just dealing with the reality. ed: you think what happened in california. you are down to minimum seats in california. new york city, no congressman' representing staten island. we have been clobbered. lou: the margin between democrats and republicans. ed: 8 or 9 points. the highest ever. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight. president macron of france predicting his country will be swept by violent protests this weekend. macron. where is he? he's nowhere to be found and he's not in french media after giving that warning. do you believe the massive demonstrations in france and president macron's warnings should being a warning to all
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globalist leaders? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. follow me on instagram, "lou dobbs tonight." up next. paris burning. bracing for another weekend of trouble. tammy bruce joins me. we'll take that and more. stay with us.
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for more information on how you can make a difference right now, go to lou: the outraged middle class in france are doing something about their frustration. they are rocking the streets much france. but the french government warning of violence over the weekend, and their president noise where to be found. he has stayed out of public view for nearly the entire week as the slogan of the protesters is
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"macron resign." you can't even see him on french media. he's unavailable. joining me is tammy bruce. this is as remarkable events that's taking place not only in france and also in greece and italy and much of the european union. the divide between the elitists, the middle class, between the socialists and those look to their government for reelection has never been wider. tammy: to some debright's due to the general chaos boiling under the surface because of the e.u. you have countries who have the same currency, but not the same rules regarding the currency. the mass immigration merkel started which does not allow for any wiggle room or any kind of a
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problem. if you are sitting on an edge, what donald trump has aloud us to do, there is a space he created with a strong economy whether it many china or europe, we have a little bit of wiggle room that can handle chaosen volatility. you have got isis was crushed. 6,000 europeans who's, and 1,800 french isis supporters it's one thing to demonstrate against the gas tax. but they are also defacing monuments. the french don't do that. lou: the french are expressing a level of frustration we haven't
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seen since the 60s and 70s have we seen this sort of demonstration. but we are also seeing an increasing, if you will, energy on the part of the elite. they are taking power with both hands and where we thought the e.u. would stand for democracy, it now is bureaucracy and authoritarian i'm because their rules are their rules and the middle class has nowhere to turn. >> that's correct. the president warned macron and merge and theresa may. he said fuel prices would go up and your people would not like the. they laughed at him and the european press mocked him. now look what's going on. you have merkel leaving, and it's chaos in france and brexit.
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now, you see what happens when you don't listen to the president of the united states. lou: there are 40-some odd former republican consciousmen who can attest to the wisdom of paying attention to what the president has to say. i'm befuddled. a president who showed the republicans how to win, and led them, produced more than any president in history, and somehow they tolerated a paul ryan as their speaker and a better way bunch of nonsense and destroyed their chances and destroyed their majority in the house. >> it proves their agenda was for themselves and not for this country. president trump's crime is he's interrupting their party. he's also interrupting the elitists running this country
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and they are having fits. that's why he's under assault. president vows to always fight for our brave law enforcement officers and protect our communities and our border. president trump: we'll not tolerate attacks on the heroes who protect our streets and defend our communities. we'll not allow to it happen. my administration has also made officer safety a top priority. we'll protect this to who protect us. every american citizen is entitled to a safe community and a secure border. on behalf of a grateful nation i want to say that we thank you, we salute you, and we stand with you 100%. all of us. lou: the president today in kansas city. we take up our america first president and much more with general jack keane.
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i thought he was with you? no jack! (sfx: piano plays "twinkle twinkle little star" tommy? (sfx: audience laughing) don't stop. keep playing. (sfx: pianist playing masterful duet) here we go here's the fun part lou: huawei chief financial officer appeared in court today where authorities charged her with fraud and violating sanctions against iran. prosecuteddors say huawei used a hong kong company to do business with iran between 2009 and 2014.
4:37 am
the chinese media is accusing the u.s. of a rogue approach to this. today marks the 77th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor, marking the beginning of the u.s. involvemeninvolvement in world . japanese forces launched airstrikes against our naval base in hawaii. more than 2,300 americans were killed in that attack. most of of them on the u.s.s. arizona. joining me tonight, retired four-star general jack keane it's great to have you with us. this is the first time there will be no survivors of the arizona attack participating in the ceremonies in hawaii. it's an extraordinary part of our history and one that too often is simply forgotten.
4:38 am
your thoughts? >> first of all. they will never be forgotten. that's one of the great things about this nation. we truly honor those who sacrificed everything to protect us and keep our values intact and what america stands for. so yes it was an incredible day, a day that changed the world. that's the reality of it. lou: it did change the world. the united states today facing certainly the prospect of every bit as many forces that are hostile to our interests, to our way of life, whether it be china or russia, iran, or other countries around the world. but certainly right now in focus is china. and their intentions as the president is now engaged in a
4:39 am
90-day period to reach an agreement on balanced trade, in the end chinese theft of u.s. intellectual property and technology. how important is the outcome of these negotiations to frankly a world peace? >> it's critical. the national security strategy and defense strategy have both identified china as a strategic long-term threat to the security of the united states. that's not mincing words like the previous administration did when they tried to hud tell around china as opposed to identify them as a security threat. what this administration is trying to do is push back on china's economic warfare with the imbalance in trade and intellectual property being stolen, and intellectual property being transferred as a result of business deals in
4:40 am
china. and the militarism that's a serious threat to our allies. this has got to be con front, and the administration is doing just that. lou: at this juncture, the role of russia, president putin threatening to produce new missiles should the united states withdraw from the treaty. vladimir putin seems to be provocative on every level whether it be working in concert with opec driving against u.s. interests. crude oil prices higher around the world by cutting production. whether it be threatening the ukraine after having seized crimea. there doesn't seem to be much end to the expansionist visions and ambitions of china and russia. >> putin is very aggressive.
4:41 am
he's a thug and killer as we all know. but he's also a geopolitical strategist. he's constantly testing the threshold to determine whether there will be consequence ask combination opposition to what he's doing. blocking the ukrainian warships. he's trying to tie up ukraine from their ports. and he's continuously intimidating and coercing our eastern european allies, most of of whom are part of nato. and what he has done in syria propping up the assad regime is significant. again, though. this administration has chosen not to give them a pass as the previous one has done. it's chosen to take putin on. we are moving in the right direction. i am going see some u.s.
4:42 am
warships in the black sea. we blue over ukraine to demonstrate we have an top skies treaty and we'll fly where we want to fly. if that intimidates russia, that's something putin understands. lou: the countervailing chinese influence, material influence, military influence in this hemisphere, whether it be venezuela or panama or central america. and at the same time iran to be a featured port-of-call will be a caracas for the first iranian warship to visit this hemisphere. we are under assault through the monroe doctrine is under assault. what will be our likely response? >> the good news is, this
4:43 am
administration has identified all of these global security challenges that the united states is facing. they are on a scale we haven't seen since the heart of the cold war. and the fact they are as varied as they are makes it considerably more challenging. lou: we are not hearing the national left-wing media report on these provocations by the russians, chinese and iranians con tell prayer wasly in our sphere of influence. >> that's absolutely true. this is the price paid for 8 years of passivity and disengaging. our adversaries are so emboldened, they come to our hemisphere just south us. they have hes bow whra in there, radical islamists are in there.
4:44 am
the iranians have significant economic influence in central and south america. good talking to you, lou. lou: attorneys for former corrupt fbi director james comey. we'll talk with congressman matt gaetz with what he thinks they were hiding and why. we'll be right back with
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>> our next guest in the comey hearings, matt gaetz. were you impressed by the candor of the former fired fbi director? >> not at all, lou. i was deeply concerned glass you were a number of circumstances are james comey wouldn't give us honest answers and wouldn't tell us the truth. he was trying to hide behind attorneys that even though his service concluded a year and a half ago, he couldn't tell us what happened. lou: how are you to conduct your constitutional oversight responsibilities if you can't have in a closed door hearing
4:49 am
candid responses by a witness? >> that is the problem. what was most of troubling is comey would not share with us information about communication he had with the department of justice in october of 2017 about how insufficient the evidence was to be spying on people close to president trump. i think that's one of the reasons why there is a lack of confidence in that fisa process. i have got to share with you. during the breaks in this committee, the behavior of the democrats was disgusting. the same democrats who wanted comey fired were begging comey to sign their copies of his book. we'll we are suppose to be conducting oversight. they are begging for james comey's autograph. >> devin nunes gave the
4:50 am
judiciary and oversight committees 42 names. he said let's get the evidence together and compile it for a report. and we didn't even make it a third of the way through the list. i don't think that's an accident. i think it republican leadership did not want us to get to the bottom of it. they didn't want to us unearth the extent of the deep state. lou: remember the broadcast where you heard that first about paul ryan and the rino cabal he put together and called your leadership for two years it's appalling and disgusting. let's turn to not a happier note but a different subject. this is mark meadows, congressman meadows saying comey is coming back for a second round. and we hear that there will be a
4:51 am
hearing on the hillary email scandal because there are have whistleblowers. are you kidding me? in the fiewnl weeks suddenly there is action here? >> this is like a student being a d-minus student for the entire semester then at the end begging the teacher for extra credit to get an "a." we should have been doing our job all along. we should have had loretta lynch giving truthful testimony about the tarmac meeting. instead we slow rolled. and now here we are without the majority. while i am bleeds we were able to expose mccabe and peter strzok and lisa page. mccabe has been referred for criminal prosecution. lou: i forgot, there have been lettered written. he has been referred.
4:52 am
not one of them have suffered the consequences of their actions? >> look who the attorney general was. he was unable to exercise any jurisdiction over the deep state actors who had him under their spell. lou: the spell is broken, i believe. and you will hear the gavel come down and in holding that gavel none other than nancy pelosi. what do the republicans do now about the deep state and the radical dems who have run the justice department and the fbi for all these years and have gone the away with what looks like the greatest political corruption in this country's political history. >> i do disagree with the democrats. but i don't impair their talent. there are democrats on the judiciary committee who will be more aggressive and wield the
4:53 am
power of the committee better than we did. and we'll run back to our constituents and say they can't stop them. and they will ask why we couldn't hold them to account when we had control. if we bring that same low energy game into the 116th congress, donald trump will be impeached and it will be viewed as more politically legitimate than it is because we won't be there to put up our best fight. i think we were not tough enough on the people at the fbi and the department of justice, and i think it came from the top. lou: i think it came from the top, too. the shame is with a president who is so entitled to the support of this party, that the leadership of the house was not worthy of this president, his efforts. imagine losing 40 seats with the
4:54 am
record of this president and his achievements, his successes, his philosophy, and his commitment to the people who put him in office. and i believe the house got the fate that it earned. and by the way, i think this president is such a fighter that even without the snowflakes of the republican party behind him, he'll show the democrats how to fight. and i think you can take that to the bank. and i know you will have the support of congressman matt gaetz and a lot of others to help him out. congressman, ethel great to have you with us. a reminder to vote in tonight's poll. do you believe the massive demonstrations in france and president ma kronls plummeting approval ratings should be a warning to all western leaders to abandon their globalist elite agendas? it's no secret that chinese
4:55 am
companies are blatantly violating u.s. sanctions against iran and stealing u.s. telling and intellectual property. what should be done about them? we'll be right back. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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former secretary of state rex tillerson saying he's dumb as a rock and lazy as hell. we'll see the next time tillerson comes out in public. it will probably be a while. we asked? you think other members of chinese firms should be arrested for violating sanctions. 94% said yes. the volume on the big board. 4.1 billion shares. s & p and nasdaq down nearly 5%. facebook down 2%. apple lost nearly 4%. netflix down 6%. google down 3%. crude oil up a%. crude oil prices rising after
5:00 am
opec's decision to cut oil prices by 2 billion barrels a day. copper relatively flat. and that's it for us tonight' thanks for being us. everyone. jerry baker's interview with john bolton right here. from the fox studios in washington d.c. this is "maria bartiromo's wall street." bre happy weekend from washington. welcome to the program that analyzes the week that was and helps position you for the week ahead. i'm maria bartiromo. joining this week from washington d.c.. we have another star-studded program this week. coming up in a few moments capital market ceo doug mcgregor will give us his take on what was another wild week on wall street. then later one on one secretary stephen mnuchin is just ahead. hurst davis standing by with the big headlines from everything from wall street to main street, deirdre.


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