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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  December 10, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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[laughter] >> yes. lou: doug wead, it's always good ♪ >> this president donald j. trump they respect him and they fear him if anybody can get a deal it is it going to be donald j. trump with with ambassador ronald lighthizer trump trying to reensure investors to get a trade agreement request china. >> adding to investor confusion dow down and now negative for the year. taking a look at futures right now. dow down 69 s&p down 8. nasdaq down 22 and a quarter. >> stocks open lower in europe all eyes there on the u.k. vote in parliament to exit the european union. the london is down about half of one percent the stock in asia all lower.
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japan reported they contracted most in four yeebs. nikkei is losing 4%. aim at one government agency. >> i want to be clear. i do not respect the fec. i do not respect them. >> short seller in richmond knock remember that, tesla ceo on "60 minutes" taking shots at the fec could this create more problems for the car maker? fbn:am starts right now. ♪ >> 5:01 a.m. here in new york it is monday december 10th good morning everybody i'm cheryl casone. >> cheryl good morning everybody. i'm lauren simonetti. well the united states taking a hardline on the trade dispute with china a lot of news over the weekend on this. u.s. trade representative robert lighthizer says that march first is a hard decline to reach a
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deal or president will raise tariffs on chinese imports markets caught in cross hairs and this agreement friday between white house peter navarro and economic advisory larry kudlow, of course, which was on your television screen is what happens after 90 days that really triggered a massive selloff. two men tried to narrow their differences on the issue over the weekend. china's next steps are now clear. >> we need structural changes and we need market opening so we need all churl sales and manufacturing sales on like and we need stroll changeses on this fundamental issue of noneconomic technology transfer. well trade talks have been complicate bid arrest of this cfo of the chinese tell come huawei. the bail hearing to meng is resuming today in a canadian court and now accused of violating u.s. sanction on iran among other things. main claims that she should be
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released on bail while she awaits extradition to the united states to severe hypertension and health concerns but she has so no clear story on whether or not extradited to u.s. this week arrested earlier this month in vancouver at the request of the trump administration. white house economic advisory larry kudlow on fox news sunday he says president trump was completely unaware of her arrest ahead of time. >> he did not know. he did not know and head-to-head no reaction afterward. well, the report have been that he was lived and frankly as on outsider if one of the top businessmen on other person's country was being arrestinged, well i'm making at dinner i would be lived. >> he didn't know okay i'll just state that unequivocally. >> also fighting extradition bit united states and see if we learn more today. >> well we have china foreign ministry they have summoned to china terry branstad to discuss
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the detention they're also demanding that she be released it vice foreign minister says they violate the rights and is vile in nature. >> yeah a lot of developing on this and again chicken the market as we've mentioned. well, japanese prosecutors today have officially indicted former nissan chairman carlos scone he's charged with underreporting compensation for five years and he's in company pungdz for personal expenses now a company also we should say was indicted over the same exact charges. meanwhile the wall street journal is reporting that just before his arrest, about planning to replace nissan chief executive. the report says that they wanted to shake up senior management but instead board fired him after hearing about his legal troubles he's still in jail in japan. >> breaking news in europe, european court of justice ruled that britain can cancel brexit
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without the permission of the other 27eu members. the judge's rules this could be done without altering terms of britain current membership. analysts are saying that this ruling makes staying in the the eu a viable option and it could sway some members of parol whment they vote on prime ministers brexit deal tomorrow. we go to ashley webster he's in london following the very latest for us. ashley. >> good morning to you well is the week the united kingdom finally gets that divorce deal settled with the european union or is this the week that the prime minister suffers a crushing and humiliating defeat in building behind me with a deal going down and possibly losing her job. the odds for mr. may do not look goods right now. the prime minister, though, says they're off three options you can back her deal you can back no deal and just crash out of the e ux or you can are forget brexit together and stay in european union. but there are other calls perhaps for a second referendum perhaps for a general election and new government all perhaps
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trying to renegotiate with the eu to get a better deal although frankly eu doesn't seem interesting no one knows how this will end but you can see be sure that financial markets are following it every step of the way who knows what outcome will be. but it will have an impact and probably add to volatility we've already seen on the financial markets in the united states. because we'll be here all week flong every development in what is a true political drama here in the u.k. guys back to you. >> all right we're going to have more on that a little bit later on in the show but to this big news breaking on friday white house chief of staff john kelly is going to be leaving. now president trump says he is still interviewing candidates to be his next chief of staff. but nick ayers frankly considered a lock for the job has declined the offer. to move into the west wing, now ayers is vice president pence's chief of staff but a announced leaving the the white house actually at the a end of the year following the departure john kelly reporting trump is now considering north carolina
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congressman mark meadows for the job. a major market selloffs last week that took the dow and s&p 500 into negative territory a recovery this morning isn't looking promises either let's bring in gary b. smyth and fox news contradict tore as well as michael houston chief market ?als to discuss good morning gentlemen. >> good morning. gary to you first what's the big headline affecting markets today in your opinion? >> well -- [laughter] loaded question. lauren because there's 6 headline it ises that i -- i just wrote down six things i'm worried about. how do we get our holiday shopping done with all of these headlines? >> brexit china, mueller investigation, what the fed is going to do the housing slowdown, and another government shutdown potentially on the horizon. beyond that, i think it is going to be a great holiday season. [laughter] >> if you have time to get the shopping done like i said. all right can you pick one michael? what you think is biggest
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headline affecting sentiment today in brexit, trade? >> i think trade numbers over the weekend are very disappointing they point to chinese economy i think got over the initial booth of front loading in ports and exforts in october in september and october. we saw significant e slowdown in export growth. we saw a slowdown in import growth i think or more importantly i think the fed that they were lower than expected to all of china major markets would appear to suggest that ultimately we're getting global economic slowdown. i think it's feeding in to the lack of confidence that investors have about the growth in our going into 2019. >> yeah, and imports in china slowed also so their domestic economy is slowing as well. gary let's bring, let's talk about what's going on with the huawei executive ms. menges
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there's an allegation that she lied to banks to british banks particularly hfcc and standard charter about company ties to sky come which -- which was operating in iran, how -- can our trade representatives negotiate a trade deal with china without being guided by the legal ramifications of this huawei situation andses pee imagine can they do both at the same time? >> no. i think at this case everyone has their backup with rightly so because we don't know truly what happened. but it does look like in this case as with, you know, almost since the start of the negotiation, whether it be with china whether it be with -- a north korea. the political ark dominates the economic ark and i see that, if it was just an economic negotiation, you know, both countries saylet have no tariffs.
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but we can't because trump keeps throwing politics into it that got him leblghted i don't blame him and in this case until the -- political ramifications get resolved, the legal ramifications as you implied i don't think there's going to be any trade deal and i was so hopeful you know even a few weeks ago. >> will there be a brexit deal, michael? >> i think it's unlikely in the short-term. i think the reason it doesn't have numbers to get this deal through now the european justice ruling i think muddies waters further because what it does it emboldens those who want another vote or no brexit at all and on the the flipside of that i think you also got believers who are to dig their heals in even harder there's no majority in the u.k. parliament for any of the alternatives that are countrily touted so i think we're going to have to take this one event at a time. now there is a risk that she could postpone, the vote
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tomorrow at the moment that doesn't look likely. but with u.k., politics, i've learned that anything is possible. [laughter] >> it sure is. mike fell gary thank you a tough morning this one. >> talking about more of that big story this week this week is brexit yeah all right well december -- off to a rough are start futures are under pressure once again we're down 8 had on dow jones industrial s&p down nine and three quarters nasdaq down by 26. all right, america's favorite pot smoking ceo, he is back in the spotlight. but is elon musk making the wrong people angry? >> erratic, unstable. wreckless operatic -- i like that one. i'm just being me. >> just being him well we're going more of his explosionive "60 minuteses" interview and may love über and love but what two
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uh uh - i deliverberty the news around here. ♪ sources say liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. over to you, logo. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ well wouldn't you know elon musk is making news once again. >> my goodness tracee carrasco you've got that big story and other news this morning good morning. >> what do you do now? >> in an interview with with cbs "60 minutes" tesla
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cross-examination oh elon musk criticized commission saying he doesn't respect agency that his tweets haven't been censored by the company which was part of his settlement with regulators. listen. >> i want to be clear. i do not respect the fec. i do not respect them. >> wow. however musk said he's following the terms of his settlement, quote, because i respect the justice system. tesla is up 15% year to date. >> i respect not going to jail. that shows that -- company they are taking the rivalry from the road to wall street. >> yeah so just one day after lyft, über reportedly filed a paperwork for its ipo on friday. according to "the wall street journal" über had is calling its ip organization plans project liberty is aiming for the second half of next year. but ceo tara kosher wanted to file with the fec to have option
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to go public in first half just incase markets worsen. got it. >> the box office champion over the weekend is -- ralph once again back on top. >> back -- >> wow. ♪ look at all of this stuff. >> it is just most beautiful miracle i've ever seen. pnches breaking the charts for a third weekend in a row ralph breaks the internet with 16.1 million dollars holding on to second place doctor seuss the grinch with just over 15 million. rounding out top five creed two fantastic beast and bohemian rams did i but that could be an indication of what could be a money making holiday season. aqua man brought in a massive 93.6 million dollars with globally from one market alone opening up here in north america december 21st that one is going to be big. >> a lot of money coming in to the studio on that one.
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tracee, thank you very much. well 11.50 points shaved off dow next week and 72 this morning. s&p is s&p down 8 nasdaq down 20. there's a storm outside too folks. hundreds of thousands of people are without power after a brutal snowstorm slammed south janice dean looks at what's next. ♪ hey! yeah!? i switched to geico and got more! more savings on car insurance!? they helped with homeowners, too! ok! plus motorcycle, boat and rv insurance! geico's got you covered! like a blanket!
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simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. >> welcome back let's get you caught up ons what's whatting right now it is a monday here are your futures and they are in the red dow down 70 s&p 500 town 8 nasdaq down 20. we're going to explain why in a few moments also there's this happening. french president emmanuel macron will address his country tonight following a weekend of violent
5:21 am
protest over his economic policies 135 people were injured more than 1,000 were arrested. this caps more than a week of violence macron is face a president of pressure to reverse court on economic agenda that made sweeching changes to labor market the taxes, public spend and to pension system there. well scientists reportedly nainl daniel as a new ceo. odeay will leave holding overseeing successful launch of several new drugs. and heavy snowstorm barreled across the u southeast over the weekend leaving 310,000 people without power. hundreds of spinouts and crashes are reported on icy roads. one driver in north carolina was killed when a tree landed on their car. the storm ises causing more than 1,000 flight cancelations in charlotte that's according to flight aware. >> and for more on this wild weather and what we can expect next, bring in fox meteorologist
5:22 am
janice dean. >> snow totals in some cases one day snow total event equals a whole years worth of snow across north carolina and virginia over 20 inches of snow with this snowstorm and it is going to take some time, obviously, for people to get , you know, back on roads again. they're just not used to this amount of snow so especially this early in the season so there's the path p past 24 hours you can see still a lot of snow moving across portions of virginia, the appalachians west virginia, winter storm advisories warnings still in place. but the things will improve throughout the day today. but again when you have over 20 inches of snow in some areas it is going to take some time for things to melt and things to get clear sod for schools are going to be closed with a lot of potential delays across south that could cause a ripple effect as you're traveling today. otherwise other than this storm barely quiet across the great lakes and northeast it will be breezy and cool, and then our next storm system moves into the
5:23 am
northwest over next day or so. we will keep you posted. unbelievable snow across the carolinas ladies back to you. j i know janice thank you. >> it really was another incredible day of stock traitding it talk about a monday under pressure once again rough start to december folks dow was down 79 s&p down nine nasdaq down 22 and three quarters stocks are getting hammered over confusion about where the united states actually stands with china did the administration actually clarify anything? >> when i talk to the president of the united states he not talking about about going beyond march but talking about getting a deal if there's a deal to be got in the next 09 days. can a deal get done we're going to talk about and facebook stock is down over 20% this year but mark zuckerberg has a plan is it going to work in you're watching fbn:am. this is a tomato you can track
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>> which we know that china is unfortunately never honored a single major commitment it made going back to world trade organization entry and in 2015 promising to stop cyberintrusions into our businesses. they just keep doing that stuff. well can the white house stop them and get real deal with china on the table top trade officials are trying to reassure investors they can get it done. stocks hammered last week anyway on confusion over what happened if deal is not reach bid ma. dow down 4.5% last week and negative for year. futures this morning down as well. and if europe stocks open lower eye on u.k. vote in parliament for the exit from the european union that is this week. lots of red in asia as well. jamb reported that its economy contracted the most in four years nikkei down 2.1%. and amazon's cashierless stores it shall where you might be
5:28 am
seeing these and it might surprise you fbn:am continues right now. >> we are coming up on 5:30 a.m. here in the morning and we are in new york again and it is december 10th good morning everybody. i'm cheryl casone. >> good morning thank you for starting your day with us i'm lauren simonetti. >> well another volatile week on wall street, the industrials crunch more than 1100 points. but there's a lot that's coming up that could really change market direction let's bring in brian vice president and portfolio management at brandy wine global and president of nicholas wealth management guy, good morning. good morning nicholas we could look backwards or forwards now there's a really great piece that december is good month for stocks but this month it off to a rough one a lot of that, of course, is the issue with china and the issue with the united
5:29 am
states and the trade deal confusion. do you feel any better this morning than you did on friday about the trade deal with china? >> you know unfortunately i don't. i was hoping for a year end resolution on this trade deal but i think we do not see it, obviously, given events of the arrest that we saw here recently. i don't think we're going to see anything dating until first quarter of next year so i think this heightened volatility that we've seen i think we're in 7th inning for markets we know we're getting close to the end we don't know what outcome will be. so sadly cheryl i don't think we're going to see an outcome by the end of the year. he's bringing up issue of volatility and we've had a lot of volatility going back to october and it is not just you know worries about china but also worries about a global recession. but if you look at the economic data out of the united states especially does it point to that maybe germany has some weak pns and concerned about brexit but overall do you think that we've
5:30 am
got this global recession coming like the bears are saying we do? >> so -- i think global recession is too strong of a term but it is clear that u.s. economic activity is set to slow going into next year. look in autos look at weak withness in housing, you've seen dollars strength adversely affecting negatively affecting multinational earnings so it is clear that there are headwinds out there. fed has talked about dated going forward i think that's a very good thing. but the fed maybe a little bit more tight than they think and not a lot of people are talking about quantitative tightening reduction of the balance sheet behind scenes here of i think that's causing more volatility so when you've got the potential for u.s. growth to slow into next year, you've got question marks surrounding fed policy, pane to the point we were just talking about a minute ago you have all of these concern around trade, and with trade is it about trade deficits? is it about -- chinese companies stealing u.s.
5:31 am
technology and u.s. intellectual technology or a broader washington policy around containment of chinese growth so -- suggesting a lot. >> david there's something else here as we were just showing tenure we're still below 3% on the tenure, and that was a big worry for the majority last week was the spread between short and long bond, and how tight things got. is that still a worry for you was that ever a worry for you because again word recession comes up when you look at the spread on treasuries. >> yeah you know inversion and yield kuive is kind of thing that i think a lot of people are looking at at right now. i think this time will be different. i don't think qee going to have to put as much weight in inverted yield curve because if you look at real rates we're about zero percent right now for real rates even if curve does invert i would be hard pressed to think that a environment is too much for the economy to handle. so i think even if it inverts the markets should still rally you know nine to 12 months
5:32 am
before any impending recession. >> brian also you know if we look at the arch investor right now. they're probably a little bit nervous about about the the year end picture for them is there anything is there any catalyst for you that you think could change the picture from markets as we approach the end of 2018? >> yeah. well i think some of the things we talked about a minute or two ago to get a little bit more clarity on fed policy on trade relations i think that could go a long way. but going into 2019 i think some of the best opportunities in markets might be in international equities or even into merging markets equity space or even in debt space because if you think about what's going on this year, you've had u.s. growth accelerate the rest of the world has slowed. i think you see a trade of places next year why overseas growth starts to stabilize and u.s. flows a little bit. >> i'm glad you brought up fed adding to wall of worry it is a bigger wall than what we're talking about at the border brian and david thank you guys thank you for being here. appreciate are the it.
5:33 am
>> thank you. thank you. >> about technology -- so let's do that right now. the big tech stocks led the market lower on friday. so can they rescue the market today? let's ask lew of disruptive tech research what he thinks what do you make of this big tech selloff, lew? >> look i think anyone pronouncing tech dead is premature but we have to distinguish there's tech selloff that's deserved and others that are overdone i think we've talked at length if facebook they can't keep from stepping in controversy this year. that stock is down you know 30% from highs totally deserved if. but then take a look at stock like apple or xpi they're trading at 10 to or below 10 times forward earnings, selloffs in those stocks are overdone because those are resistant no one will stop using smart phone in case of xpi leverage to automotive internet of things machine learning and artificial intelligence those are tech
5:34 am
trends that are going to persist no matter where global economy on u.s. economy goes. >> lew but if we get into all out trade war with china, and if as peter navarro said in robert lighthizer or said that hard deadline is 909 days or tariff go up that does affect tech names you mentioned and others. >> does absolutely. we know apple we thought they were going to be immune from iphone tariffs it sounds like that entered the picture but i think this is opportunity is knocking here. i do not believe that we're going to play a game of chicken with china in definitely there's a trade agreement. i do believe and i said this previously when i came on it that president trump will strike is a deal with china to avoid a trade war all out trade war i think that's presenting opportunities in some of these names that are unfairly sold off on concerns over what will happen in china. . let's switch gears to talk about two car companies über and lyft both filing paperwork for
5:35 am
ipo's, how will will this -- ipo going public actually transform not only the companies but the the ride sharing market as we know it. >> i think it's going to take the froth out of the market. i'm very pessimistic about about these ipo like i was about snap ipo. traditionally, companies that are unprofitable and highly valued do not perform well in the aftermarket facebook flopped before it really popped so i expect this to be a positive for the ride sharing sector because now we start figuring out look we're going get transparency. we're going to get quarterly reporting on what initiatives are. are they really investing heavily in self-driving carses are they brarnlging out into scooters so i think those are important. >> discounting über and lyft. okay thanks for joining us. many topicses to discuss we appreciate you. >> thank you. get him back with ipo's next year let's say actually in tech space right now there could be
5:36 am
good news for one social media -- >> some good news tracee carrasco you have that story and other headlines making hopefully good news this morning. >> good morning according to an fec filing facebook board approved another nine billion dollars for shares repurchases adding to 15 billion dollars it had previously authorized to buy back its own stock. goldman sachs is predict share buybacks will hit 1 trillion this year facebook is down 22% year to date. >> so that's a good time to do discount buying i guess if you will. all right amazon wants on the go for travel what does that mean? >> this is a great idea rioters says amazon is looking to expand cashierless free store to airports for travelers amazon is reportedly evaluatingtop u.s. airports for new locations according to public records request to several airport operators since january amazon is opened 7 of its amazon go
5:37 am
stores in chicago san francisco, and seattle where customers scan their smartphones at the turnstile to get in. camera ares, identify what they take, and when they're done, when they leave, they're just built to their credit cards they're pretty easy process there, with amazon up 39% year to date i think people on the go moving to catch a flight this is great. airports in new york city -- [laughter] definitely on the go. big change is coming to yelp. wall street journal reports that in a pleater to yelp's board investors believe years of bad moves are weighing on the company's stock price and that it plans to make a push to add new board members letter also says it wants company to consider all options to get the business become on track including a fail. down nearly 18% year to date. >> tracee carrasco, thank you. >> news pieces in there. positive -- i would try. yeah this is not positive. i hate spue spoil party but down
5:38 am
triple digits as i see building on the more than 1100 point losses last week. nasdaq futures are down 26 s&p 500 down 10 this monday morning well in sunday night football it was l.a. rams versus the chicago bears. a game with playoff implications and they are calling this one the miracle in miami. we're going to show you that miracle as the dolphins took on tom brady and new england patriot who is kale out on top? we'll be right back.
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5:41 am
>> okay welcome back we're going to get to big more kl miami in just a moment. but a lot happening last night a big upset in sports. >> all right jared max fill us in. >> battle of division leaders on sunday night football bears show that they are team to beat of the nfc north and they are beatable sunday night game in chicago, bears back in the 80s introduced big guy touchdown with the fridge they do it once again this time to bradley sowell and bears defense dominated the interceptedbears and chicago now 9-4 and rams miss that chance to lock up first round buy. like new orleans 11-2. now i imagine well over 90% of nfl fans rejoiced yesterday. when the patriots lost, as they
5:42 am
did to the dolphins on this miraculous final play. >> throw it down. they try to fitch it and they do -- pitches it -- and strike, strike, 30, 20, they have a tackle. touchdown. unbelievable. are you kidding? >> wow, and dolphins execute to perfection and dolphins win game 34-33 a miracle in miami. kansas city chiefs beat ravens in overtime the 36-yard field goal patrick mahomes passing yards the chiefs are 11-2 new orleans saints clinch a division tights first time ever saints go marching in to playoffs division champs two years in a row they beat becomes 8-14 new orleans 11-2 check out this improbable catch look at him go cowboys
5:43 am
third touchdown of the day. dallas beats philly and takes a strong hold of first place in nfc east over the eagles. sea hawkses and vikings tonight not only did cause fans in celebrate but this is wild major league baseball on a new era committee lee smith retired as saves leader for cubs, yeah but harold baines 289 hitter raises questions with fans and teams. >> back to miami that run are was amazing. 69 issue -- to win. >> that was incredible you have the miracle of minneapolis last year now miami and i was driving in the car listening to this and announcer just said well you know barring a miracle and i started to tune out and then all of a sudden -- [laughter] >> dolphins beat the patriots. how about that? >> that too -- by the way, with real last night
5:44 am
a got a text message how can cowboys be so good and so bad in the same game? >> welcome to being a dolphin fan. >> but a big win and they're looking stropping. >> two td in the fourth and then that. >> catch the sports reports on fox news headlines 24/7 on siriusxm channel 115. well back to the markets, not as fun right now we left 4.5% last week right now futures on red s&p down 8. dak down two and three quarters. a new transcript from inside saudi embassy in turkey reveals jamal khashoggi's last chilling words. and what do special counsel robert mueller latest revelations mean for president trump. you're watching fbn:am. that's why we built the nation's largest gig-speed network
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good monday morning and get you caught up on what's happening right now futures are down this morning off 70 s&p down 7 nasdaq down 19. well murdered saudi journalist jamal khashoggi last words were i can't breathe reportedly that according to someone who has seen the transcript that's killing caught on tape now the transcript seems to contradict the claim that he was killed by accident. the cia believes his death was ordered by saudi arabia's crown prince muhammad. meanwhile senate will vote this week on whether to withdraw u.s. support for war in yemen called war worst humanitarian crisis the war in yemen left ten of thousands dead and pushed millions to the brink of star is starvation and sponsoring
5:49 am
resolution that will likely face more oppositions in the house. and president trump is reportedly supporting a new 750 billion dollar spending bill for defense. this as budget deficit sits at six year high and trump told his cabinet to come up with proposals to cut spending in other areas. cheryl. >> well president trump slamming james comey after fired fbi director closed door transcripts were released trurp trump tweeted set ad record who lied most to congress on friday and so tun truthful the whole deal is is rigged fraud headed up by dishonest people to do anything but i cannot become president they are now exposed combny is firing back he's suggesting trump with a coconspirator of a indictment with michael cohen. >> not in formal sense been named in indictment but if he's not there he's certainly close given language in indictment in the filing that the crime were
5:50 am
committed at his direction. all right let's bring in attorney david to talk about legality of this i heard the question on friday i think it begs repeating today david if the president knew about the payment the stormy daniels the hush money if it came out of his own pocket that's not campaign but a civil suit at the end of the day because president didn't disclose the payments. is that enough of a crime to go against president trump? is that enough to keep this investigation going by mueller? >> not on its face. that particular statute does require the knowledge and a willful violation so that would mean that donald trump would have had to know that it was legal transaction here he's dealing with an attorney. let's not forget about that relying on his afghanistan, so no that doesn't just because itt the discretion doesn't get you to the knowingly or willful violation that's require by the federal law. >> right and also the fire of
5:51 am
james comey we were looking at pictures of the president and james was his ire tooing of obstruction of justice by trump yes or no? >> no i do not believe so he has the constitutional right to make those decisions so a lot has been made of this. there's a lot or more that's going to come out there's no doubt about about that. but at this point we do not have enough to implicate the president in any crime. >> let's talk about the -- all of this as at the center of robert mueller's investigation was there collusion between president trump and the russians michael cohen did lie to the fbi michael came back and said yes, in fact, trump associates, and russian operatives trying to put two together meeting never happened. do you think that mueller has enough there to continue investigation as well? >> well, here's what surprises to me on cohen front. when cohen came in and pled guilty two week ago to lying to congress we all believed that he was going to get out of jail as a result of this.
5:52 am
if it was -- if it was a valuable information to mueller that would probably have been the case but that's not the case. while mueller has said he did, in fact, cooperate with his investigation, it is the southern district of new jersey that came out swinging last week in essentially saying that he should get substantial prison. he is -- he is exposed to 51 monthses to 63 months in the new york case. if it was substantial corporation from mueller i would have thought he would have gotten no jail on new york -- >> but looking for a lot more jail too many you're right. i want you to listen and go back to implication for the president at the center of the probe, obviously, angry about it as we read his tweet what he said to say about implication for president trump. >> because there's a very real prospect on the day donald trump leaves office the justice department may indict him. that he may be the first president in quite some time to face the real prospect of jail
5:53 am
time. >> what do you make of that? >> well what they're talking about -- is because i think everyone is agreeing right now that it is sitting president cannot be indicted by the department of justice. so that would mean in the event that he's not reelected there's a very, very small window of statute of limitations to campaign violation and anything that whatted during the 16 campaign. that is what they're talking about here. if it is nt true they cannot be indicted a smalg window to charge courtrooms if they, in fact, have been committed. >> we have to have you back as always to talk about legality of this because this investigation is still going. it is still after all of this time. david bruno thank you to you. >> and millions of dollars and trader in london to see if key ruling from brexit means great britain can stay in the european union. >> you said that right. [laughter] market
5:54 am
when it might be time to buy or sell? with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today.
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>> okay a potential blow to brexit a european union court ruling this morning that the u.k. can unilaterally halt the entire decision chief market analyst joins us now chris we're sitting here across the pond saying what? serious it shall -- >> good morning it does throw you another element into the
5:57 am
mix, and at this point we just what will happen after a vote in parliament would like to go ahead but unlikely to pass and may come it a different dole and renegotiation but certainly some remain i think in what is against the deal in the decision this morning that says yes you can forget the whole thing ever happened essentially the dallas approach to pretend that last year had is the dream. >> chris i want to switch gears to something that is also happening in europe. in paris, fourth weekend of riots over this past weekend and now macron is going to address the nation tonight. what do you expect him to do to speak to the masses where very angry about the direction are of the economy? climb down to discontent and that look shaky but latest pollings what he's the least unpopular if i can put it that way or other seem to be worse alternative so don't expect any
5:58 am
major changes but certainly it does emphasize how much it on the rise across europe and a lot of people feel left out by a strong recovery are over past eight years. >> also chris we're seeing shrinking of japanese economy, t was troubling for asian markets, what do you make what have we got out of japan this morning that news there? >> yes. a key global director hit by this weak economic greet a theme over last six monthses gone from at the beginning of the year to sustain global slowdown and that is a major one for markets as we head into the of the year. >> chris thank you for covering all of those topic for us this morning. >> a lot going on and global market maria bartiromo, good morning maria. >> just a few things in headline this is morning ladies. happy monday to you guy thank you so much. see you in a little bit good morning everyone thanks for joining us i'm maria bartiromo happy monday it is monday december 10*9 your top stories right now before 6 a.m. on east coast. stocks are extended losses this
5:59 am
morning take a look at futures indicating another decline and dow industrials down 58 points one quarter of one with percent s&p 500 down 6 points lower and nasdaq down 15 that too a quarter of a percent lower on the markets this morning. this after a sharp decline on average sliding better than 2% across the board as you can see dow and temperature s&p, back in the red, for 2018, with that 558 point selloff in the dow on friday nasdaq down 3% at the close on friday. global market it is this morning similar story down across the board in europe down a quarter of one percent in paris down a third of a percent and dax index down almost one-half of one percent in asia check inked inked cease on nikkei average overnight. u.s. china trade truce hanging in balance. trump administration takes hardline stance on 90 days
6:00 am
deadline meanwhile bay yin is putting pressure on the cfo of huawei head back to court today we have all of that china wants her -- extradited back to china. test ceo elon musk is taking aim. watch this. >> i want to be clear i do not respect the fec i do not respect them. >> but you're abiding by the settlement, aren't you? >> because i respect are the justice system. >> more about use of his twitter account the fallout for investors and -- how he bluntly feels about security exchange commission who investigated him tesla shares this morning up down it 143 a share. british prime minister theresa may this week a european court rule aring that u.k. can reverse its decision to leave the european union and future of may as prime minister. plus white house shakeup to report president trump says he will make his


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