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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  December 12, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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president and his business transactions. does it look like political persecution to you? please be with us. thanks for joining us. good night from new york. david: president trump doubling down on his push to fund the border wall. why he might be right in saying the house has enough votes. migrants in tijuana are demanding the president let them into our country or give them $50,000 to go home. former national security advisor michael flynn says the fbi pushed him to answer their questions without an attorney
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present. your texts may soon be taxed in california. what it plans to do with that money. good evening. i'm david asman in for trish regan. the president tweeting out, another bad terror attack in france. we are going to strengthen our borders even more. chuck and nancy must give us the votes to get additional border security. this as there is a question whether they can get the votes in congress to fund border security. >> there are no majority votes in the house for a wall. >> if i needed the seats in the
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house for a wall, would i have them one session. if we don't get what we want one way or another, whether it's through you, through the military, through anything you want to call, i will shut down the government. and i am proud to shut down the government for border security, chuck. david: you notice chuck schumer was never look at the president. he just couldn't look at him. joining me now, louisiana congressman house judiciary committee member mike johnson. will there be a budget vote this year that includes the $5 billion for the wall? >> republicans in the house are committed to that. i think we do have the votes. the president is right, the problem this the senate. you have about 10 senate democrats holding this up. i hope the bluff is called
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there. i'm glad the president has taken a hard stand and we support him on the house side. >> it's now his word versus nancy pelosi. i understand there is some conservative votes on the republican side who don't want to vote for a lot of the pork in the spending package. but since it's become clear. it's a point between the president and nancy pelosi. will they go for it? >> this will sweeten the pot for fiscal conservatives like me. this is a top priority for us. we campaigned on it. we made a promise to the american people and we have an obligation. border security is about sovereignty and maintaining the strength of america. that's why the president keeps reminding everyone this is one of the things animating everything we do. everybody seems to want to overlook the border crisis.
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we had a 90% increase in illegal attempts at border crossing compared to the same time last year. that's a 307% spike in so-called family units. we have got to get on top of this and everybody needs to recognize that. david: relatively speaking, for most of us, $5 billion is a lot of money. but in a budget of a trillion dollars it's .05%. the reason the democrats are worried about doing this. it's not the money that worries them, it's president trump. they want to stick it in his eye. >> there are people on the democrat side who genuinely believe in open borders. but there are some reasonable democrats who understand and have said publicly they believe
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border security is the time to put their money where their mouth is. i think it is politics. i don't think it's going to work. i think the people recognize this is important. >> in a week when there is another terrorist attack in france, the perpetrator is still at large. he could be anywhere. i'm not saying he's at our border. but there are some bad people at our border, some of whom get through. we need more security on our border. i think most of americans are clear about that. >> it's a very dangerous world. the department of homeland security has the date @to support on average they stop 10 radical terrorists every day from getting through our border. we don't know how many get through. but this is a serious thing to every american. if it many not, they need to wake up. it's about national security.
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david: i mentioned the fact that chuck schumer looked terrible. when you don't look somebody in the eyes or even in the face, his whole head was turned in a different direction when the president was talking. but the optics of them saying they are against the wall, noise money or security reason why they should be against making border security strong i are. i'm wondering if that's why they wanted to keep turning off the cameras. the president kept saying this is transparency. but instead they wanted to turn off the cameras. i think it's because they don't have an argument. >> where there is a wall and fencing that is adequate and sufficient, obviously illegal immigration goes down. that's what again the american people expect. it what's we need, it's what the country needs. i can tell you how that plays back nome my district.
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people were applauding the president for his resolve. i don't think chuck and nancy get that. i don't think they understand where the people on this. i think once they understand that they will support the president's stance even more. david: you say even if the house passes it, let it go down in the senate. >> nobody wants to shut the country down. but we need to secure the border. david: congressman mike johnson, thank you for being here. groups of migrants camped out at the tijuana border are demanding the president let them into the u.s. or pay them $50,000 to go home. this as hundreds of migrants tried to rush the same border weeks ago.
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retired general jack keane joins us. what do you make of this list of demands. >> it's outrageous. it has been struck down by the department of homeland security. a $. > -- a $50,000 bribe.they shoulm legally or go home. they need to wait their turn. they are not getting entry into the united states. dave require makes wonder who is behind all this. i read the ransom demand, if you will. it had some of that same left wing jargon i used to cover latin america, central america. there was a suggestion that perhaps the hondurans themselves, a group of leftive hondurans -- leftist hondurans
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who were behind the caravan, the the language sounds similar. >> both ca -- both care vans tht originated in honduras were organized by the current regime. than were groups sustaining them to keep them moving forward. in addition to that, they advisors and lawyers who went on the caravan with them, to strengthen them as things got tougher so people didn't abandon the mission they had. some of this is about putting a spotlight on honduran conditions. and dramatizing that. and embarrassing the united states and the trump administration by having these people come to our doorstep. david: it hasn't worked on the latter front.
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let me ask about the wall. president trump says the military could get involved in building the wall if in fact the funding doesn't come through. do you see that happening? >> i think it's unlikely, but it could be done. the military has considerable number of engineer units. and some of them are engineers that facilitate combat formations crossing rinse and other chasms. but we have construction engineers as well. the capability there is to do it. but what would have to happen, the money appropriated to do x would have to be changed to do y to build the wall. there is a process to do that going before the congress and change the money request to do something different, based on the amount of money involved, you probably would have to get authorization from the congress to make that change. it's done on a routine basis.
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but given the wall and all the atmospherics around that there will be is nothing routine about it. there is 600 feet of wall there already, admittedly not all of it is in the fashion we would like it as strong and high as we would. the plan is for 800 miles more. what we are talking about, the 600 miles that are there, there was bipartisan support for that. that happened at times when democrats were in charge and border security was an issue they were concerned about. it's frustrating to recognize that the security of our southern border is not that important to some of our political leaders in the congress. and the fact that our sovereignty is being violated on a regular basis i think is a major issue. the president responsible for the protection of the american
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people i think is acting appropriately here. >> at a time when security is threatened again. we all get complacent. once we strengthen our military and security at home, we think everything is okay. yet we see in france yet another terrorist attack. they haven't captured the perpetrator in that attack. it shows the bad folks take rang of lax security when they find it. and we have lax security that needs to be tightened at the border. this is a matter of national security. >> those that would suggest it's not national security issue just flat don't know what they are talking about. all of our leaders have said it is whether they were serving a democratic administration or republican administration. i'm talking about the federal bureau of investigation, leaders in the department of justice and leaders in homeland security.
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our border and customs agents have been emphasizing it for years. regardless of whether the democrats tore republicans are in charge. it's always been a national security issue. david: some of the people against the wall now were in favor of it even if years ago. stocks ending in the green as trade tensions between the united states and changa ease a bit. the president says he'll intervene in the huawei . ' general flynn said the fbi urged him to speak to them without his attorney present. is this more proof that there is political bye bias at our justice department?
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click or visit a retail store today. david: the president says he could intervene in the extradition of meng wanzhou in
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the extradition to the u.s. so far as we know, she is still in vancouver, right? reporter: yes flips an area in which she is aloud move in vancouver. the president is getting a lot of pushback saying he would step in if it meant a great trade deal. senator blumenthal says it makes it look like law enforcement is a political end tore trade deals. the president said if i think it will be good for what will certainly be the largest trade deal ever made and good for national security, i would certainly intervene, if i thought it was necessary. >> we always have to balance american interests. any time there is a law
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enforcement engagement, we need to make sure we take foreign policy considerations into effect. the president's mission is clear. america first. reporter: the canadian court gave the huawei cfo bail. among the evidence released in court, prosecutors say she made a presentation lying to hsbc bank in london saying her dealing with iran met united nations guidelines. david: some great news for trade and investors. but is it right for the president to get involved in this situation to boost trade with china? former ohio state senate minority leader capri cafaro. the president is throwing the
11:20 pm
chum out there, the bait. are the chinese taking the bait? >> i would say china blinked. there is a "wall street journal" report they will alter their plans for plead in china 2025. they wanted to up industrial goods and only use chinese products for 70% of everything that goes into computers and televisions, et cetera, et cetera. i think talking tough and bringing us to this point i would say it has pretty much worked so far. david: what about intellectual property? they can make all the goals they want. but when they start stealing our stuff, that's when we have got to intervene. >> they talk about intellectual property protection and stopping the forced transfer of property. but i would say at this point since we have went in wto for 17
11:21 pm
years, they have stolen all the technology they need and want after 17 years. so i think it might be easier for them to toe the line and -- toe the line and say we'll stop it. david: the cost in this sense might mean sort of trumping full, no pun intended, our judicial system for the sake of a deal. is it worth it? >> i think it sets a bad precedent for the united states. i don't think sullying our criminal justice system and utilizing the department of justice to negotiate with a foreign government is the right way to go. the fact that this woman has been charged with allegedly trying to circumvent iranian
11:22 pm
trade sanctions and lying to hsbc, this trump administration $has said they want to be strong against iran. i think this sends bad signals to the international community as well as the domestic audience saying we can use the department of justice as a tool which i don't think is appropriate. david: mattie, what do you think? >> i disagree. i think it send a message the trump administration is trying to articulate. that's this. we are serious about iran sanctions. the reason the official from huawei is in custody is because of those iran sanctions. the united states is trying to send a signal to the member states in the e.u. who have contemplated trying to flaunt the sanctions. david: you are saying just
11:23 pm
arrest itself got the message through and perhaps now we can be lenient if we need to be to get a trade deal. >> i think that's up to the doj. but when it comes to a trade deal, this is an opportunity for the administration to continue to emphasize problems they said they had with china. i.t. thefts, huawei is a massive company in china that has demonstrated some of these alleged behaviors before. the united states has their moment to court to explain this in open court. david: even after miss meng's arrest, we got positive signals from china about the trade deal. now we find out what the president tweeted on the car tariffs is true. they are willing to bring the 40% down to 15%. >> it's an easy ask for china.
11:24 pm
it was 25. it went up to 40%. david: it was in reaction to our tar rivers, but it was scaring the hell out of car companies. >> it was killing sales in china. tesla sold only 200 cars. david: my question is, since the chinese after miss meng's arrest, do they care about that -- care that much about her arrest? >> of course they do. it's face as well. it's also about their national security. david: there was the arrest of a canadian. >> so there is a canadian officials now that have been detained in china which
11:25 pm
presumably as a result of this potential extradition and the detainment of this chinese citizen in canada. david: because this stuff is ongoing, isn't it time to site a little by what the president is saying? maybe you have objections to putting trade relations over judicial -- the judicial system. but at the same time we don't want a tit for tat thing where our business people are being arrested there and our business people are being arrested. >> china does not have a stellar record on human rights. we have to do what we have to do. if we are serious about enforcing and sending a message in regard to iran sanctions, then we did the right thing by asking the canadian officials to
11:26 pm
detain this woman going through vancouver. this is unfortunately high stakes poker when it comes to international diplomacy and international law. maybe there will be some impact on the trade negotiations. but even if they weren't happening at all. i think we would still be in the situation with the tit for tat with the chinese detaining people from the left. >> it seems like we have pushed through a barrier this week that we were unable to get over before. and the market is responding. >> because we are on that 90-daytime line, any news is good news. i still have questions. the idea of the car tariffs coming down. they are coming back down to a level they started at before we put our last chinese tariffs into effect. i would like to see china come
11:27 pm
forward with more than that if we are going to get a deal. david: mattie, capri and susan, good to see you all. a federal judge sentencing president trump's former lawyer, michael cohen, to to three years behind bash for tax violations and lying. but trump's current lawyer, rudy giuliani says there is nothing that ties it to the president. one state is considering taxing residents for sending text messages. do you live in the state that is considering this outrageous proposal? proposal? susan hopes at fidelity, our online u.s. equity trades are just $4.95. so no matter what you trade, or where you trade,
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david: new reaction over how the
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fbi handled its interviews with former national security advisor, michael flynn. the fbi outright failed to tell flint consequences for false statements. all this when president trump's former personal lawyer was sentenced to three years in jail. chris, first of all, what do you make of general flynn's charges about what the fbi did. >> highly unusual from a courtesy, professional standard and stand you point. generally you don't have to read miranda rights to anybody who is not in custody. you don't have to tell anybody it's a crime to lie to the fbi.
11:33 pm
but it's unusual to coax somebody to not have an attorney present, and then getting incriminating statement out of them, especially from somebody who is a cabinet-level official at the time. they certainly did that with hillary clinton. david: in the case of hillary clinton, there were at least three people that allegedly lied and none of them were prosecuted. >> we are talking about the exact same circumstances. hillary clinton had lawyers at her fbi interview. there is a difference in the way they are treating this
11:34 pm
investigation. that's very clear. david: we know that some fbi personnel did not think he was lying. it seems as though the prosecution was preordained in his case. >> especially with him in was a huge question mark about whether there was a lie. initial reports indicated the fbi didn't believe he was lying. it was clear from the way this interview made to seem informal. no need for a lawyer. that will just muddy things up. it will go' faster if you come into a room and have this conversation. meanwhile in the backdrop there is a recording that they intend to get that gotcha moment. it is unusual as chris pointed out. david: i want to switch to what happened to michael cohen and the question of how it plays into the mueller investigation. do you think cohen gave mule
11:35 pm
more argued in his favor, the sentencing by the court argued for a lower sentencing. do you think cohen gave mueller what he wanted, what he thought he could get from him? >> i think cohen has been auditioning to the special counsel for a long time to get his attention because he needed someone going to bat for him in his sentencing. he knew he was in big trouble up in the southern district. consistent with his past practice of monetizing his relationship with the president, he can plon ties this in a couple years. but to get back to your original question. i don't think he gave the special counsel anything they didn't already know. i think they have a mild interest in him. i don't think they were advocating much today nor in their sentencing memo. it was a tepid recommendation, if you will. he did give them some informationr information that was perhaps useful.
11:36 pm
but i don't think it's smoking gun stuff. an has no value as a witness. david: when we first heard about mueller's recommendations with regard to sentencing people were saying he must have given them something big. but former prosecutor andy mccarthy who knows a thing or two about prosecuting people and deals that are made and sentencing agreements, kind of knew the gig was or when he came in for sentencing. let me play what he said earlier ask today on fox news. >> if a prosecutor had plans for a big case that was upcoming. the last thing cow would do is let a cooperator to get sentenced. you want the cooperator to testify first at the big trial because the testimony will be the biggest part of cooperation. that obviously didn't happen here. it didn't happen with any of
11:37 pm
mueller's cooperators which leads you to believe he doesn't have anything big coming down the pike. you wouldn't let them get sentenced first. you would have them testify first. david: his sentencing today was proof they squeezed egg out of him. >> i agree. why would you let your super tar witness, if he has something, just as mccarthy said, it's the testimony at trial that will be the key. you don't want that person behind bars with their deal tied up with a bow. you want that person to be on the and giving that testimony that's critical to your case. david: thank you very much. coming up, brand-new fox news poll showing nearly half of all registered voters feel our economy is in excellent or good condition. this as 80% of trump supporters say they will probably go are
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[laughter] whoo. [crash] and your cut-rate insurance might not pay for this. so get allstate, you could save money and be better protected from mayhem like me. mayhem is everywhere. so get an allstate agent. are you in good hands? dave * a new fox poll shows 47% of americans believe the economy is good for excellent. and if the election was held today, 38% of the people would vote to re-elect president trump. that's up from 35 were * earlier this year. 84% of people who voted for limb in 2016 with -- voted for him in
11:43 pm
2016 would either definitely or probably vote for him again. joining me, gianno caldwell and leslie marshall. his base is strong than ever. >> i think he'll continue to improve on those numbers. i have been in politics for almost 20 years. i recall when someone told me, you don't panic about polls. polls don't vote, people do. in january 2019, you see adam schiff and southers talking about impeachment and adam schiff talking about prison time. there are going to be a coalition of democrats forcefully about this president and force some type of coups.
11:44 pm
we should give this guy a second chance. david: yesterday was a perfect example where we saw the confrontation between the president, pelosi and schumer. the mainstream media said it was a disaster for the president. his base those was the hands-down winner. no question by the. schumer wasn't looking at him. nancy pelosi kept saying turn the cameras off. a very different perception of what most of people in the media think is a disaster for trump his base thinks is a big winner for trump. >> if we just look at how many seats the democrats picked up in the house in the mid-term election. i don't agree with just media seeing the president as having been juvenile or having a tantrum or being childish. but his base is shrinking. david: the polls show it's not
11:45 pm
shrinking. >> the polls show the people who supported donald trump in the past will continue to support him. but we are seeing states like we saw in the mid-terms like wisconsin and pennsylvania and michigan that went for the president in 2016 coming back to the democrats. david: you are forgetting the senate. you are talking about the house. >> give us two more years. i will be the first to admit. donald trump could easily be re-elected because the country is very split. i agree with gianno, not about a coups. but what the president does in tweets will largely affect what happens in 2020. david: whether it's democrats or republicans, americans are for a secure border. they have different ways of
11:46 pm
going about it. but they are for a secure border. if there was a government shutdown over the question of a secure border. the president comes out and says i will take credit or blame for a government shutdown if it's to keep our borders secure. who do you think wins in that case? >> if president trump who has been talking about funding for the wall since 2016 and has been consistent on that point. at some point voters in his base were disappointed he hadn't got be funding for the wall. if you can't show clear examples of how not having a what else detrimental. illegal immigrants that come into the country, some of them do illegal things, kate steinle is an example. we have to think about democrats in the past before it was unpopular to do so. they advocated for funding, for
11:47 pm
fencing to protect our borders. we can't forget about that. david: joe biden jumps out in this list of contenders as the leader. the odds-on leader. 70% of democrats say he has an excellent or good chance of being the nominee. what do you think? >> i agree. not only does he have the experience. but i think joe biden talks to the working class like no other politician, and that's what democrats need to get back three of those states i mentioned that the president wong in 201. i feel this no malarkey shoot from the hip type of stance he can talk to trump and play the game verbally that trump does, now that we have seen how trump campaigns and debates. you i think biden-beto is the
11:48 pm
ticket that could make donald trump a one-term president. david: i can't wait to see bind and trump going after each other on a debate stage. >> i don't think biden in terms of debating has the same chance. david: coming up, one state is considering charge residents an extra fee for text messaging. a tax to accepted and receive text messages. are you at risk of seeing your phone bill go up because of this? wait until you hear what the state plans to do with the extra money they get from the tax. the answer is coming up next. i can't believe it. that grandpa's nose is performing
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david: a new report tonight. california doing what the golden state does best, dreaming up new taxes for its already overtaxed residents. this time it's a tax for text messages. cell providers would add a flat fee to the phone bill of anybody
11:53 pm
who texts and it would go towards funding phone service for low-income residents. critics say the public program doesn't even need the money. joining me, kurt schlichter. are you ready for the text tax? >> i have a radical new departure. an insane and innovative idea that can turn this discussion around. this is my cell phone. i pay for it myself. if i don't have the money for things i want, i don't buy them. i don't expect other people to subsidize the things i want like my cell phone and like my car and like my dog. but california, being the state that is the drunk that never quite hits bottom sees it differently. david: when is the tipping point going to arrive, the movie "network" where the guy says i'm
11:54 pm
madder than hell and i'm not going to take it anymore. isn't there a point where that will happen in california? >> i'm not sure anymore. in "network" it was peter finch. now all the peter finches have moved to arizona and texas. you have really poor people and really rich annoying people. plus a few conservatives like me. i don't know who is left. david: in new york we have a similar problem. there is something about being on the coast. i would put a lot of the blame with republicans who put up candidates who very often aren't very inspiring. i wonder if it's similar in california? >> it's very similar. i think the salt air credits minds. our last republican d, the salt
11:55 pm
erikair air corrodes minds. our republican ex-governor bought into every liberal thing. it's like john kasich with a and. tan. i came here in 1972. ronald reagan was the governor. i came back after the war, went to law school here. and i came to los angeles because i my could do whatever i want. i could dream any dream i want and make it come true and i did. david: i think of howard jarvis who was against the overtaxing going on. he created proposition 13. it put a lid on the taxing. is there another howard jarvis? maybe you are the next howard jarvis. >> howard jarvis probably now lives in idaho.
11:56 pm
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business. not quite as tight as this show, it is free-formed, kennedy begins right now, talk about free-form, here she is. kennedy: there it is, thank you very much david a -- michael con is headed to the big house. sentenced to three years behind barrings, used today court hearing as a soapbox to go after his former boss, so far. president has yet to swing back. affairs with stormy daniels and thaother one, prosecutor claim t was to help swing 2016 election, accord tokin


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