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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 15, 2018 1:00am-2:00am EST

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ride. well, that's et for this week. thank you for joining us. we'll be back next week with another deep dive behind the news here ott on "wall street journal" at large. i hope you'll join us. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. the question with of the evening, who is actually running the department of justice? the doj and the fbi continue to act as though they are above and beyond our laws, trampling citizen rights that they're sworn to protect and defend. conducting raids against whistleblowers, questioning a former trump administration official without legal counsel present. and there is as well the not minor matter of the never-ending witch hunt against president trump. and what about the corrupt system and the outrageous treatment of former national security adviser general mike flynn? this is what the president had
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to say about all that. >> it's a terrible system we have it's going on right now with general general flynn. the fbi said he didn't lie, but mueller said he did lie. so they took a man who's a general and a respected person and a nice man, and they convinced him he did lie, and he made some kind of a deal. and now they're recommending no time. you know why? because they're embarrassed that they got caught. lou: we take up what can be done about the crisis at the department of justice and the fbi. attorneys gregg jarrett and cleta mitchell join us here tonight. and the red storm rising in this hemisphere as both china and russia are committed to encroachment in what has been historically and geographically america's region of influence, north, central and south america, the caribbean. president trump's national security team looking to enunciate policy and strategy to blunt chinese influence in africa while ignoring the
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adventurism and expansionary ambitions of both china and russia in this hemisphere. china telecom company zte now employing former senator joe lieberman to lead a pr campaign in washington to temper fears within d.c. that zte poses a national security threat. concerned? zte is controlled by the communist regime that is pursuing its public goals of global domination. and there's another giant chinese technology company, huawei, the chinese retaliating for the arrest of huawei's cfo by detaining two canadian nationals, secretary of state pompeo today demanding china release them. >> the unlawful detention of two canadian citizens is unacceptable. they ought to be returned. the united states has stood for that whether they're our citizens or citizens of other countries. we is ask all nations of the world to treat other citizens properly, and the detention of
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these two canadian citizens in china ought to end. you have lots of complicated issues going on with china today all around the world, and we work on each of those to get good outcomes for the people of the united states of america and respecting the rule of law each step along the way. lou: and joining us tonight to take up china's expansionary foreign policy and what it means for the west and the united states in particular, daily caller editor-in-chief christopher bedford and radio host mark simone join us. also congress heading home for the weekend as a government shutdown looms all because house rinos and radical dems refuse to fund the border wall president trump promised to build. political savant, the dean of political strategists, ed rollins, with us. we take the up the prospect of a government shutdown, the likelihood that president trump's director of the omb might just become his permanent white house chief of staff. our top story tonight, the department of justice and the fbi acting as though they're not
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only above the law, but have no intention of being held accountable. the special come's office today declared to -- special counsel's office today declared to a judge that the fbi's behavior in questioning michael flynn without giving him legal representation or the opportunity for such representation in january of last year did not cause him to make false statements. former fbi director james comey over the weekend suggesting he took advantage of a young administration by placing general flynn in a perjury trap. >> you look at this white house now, and it's hard to imagine two fbi agents ending up in the state room. how did that happen? >> i sent them. [laughter] something we -- e probably wouldn't have done or maybe gotten away with in a more organized investigation, a more organize administration. in the george w. bush administration, for example, or the obama administration --
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[laughter] and in both those administrations there was process. so if the fbi wanted to send agents into the white house itself to interview a senior official, you would work through the white house counsel, and there'd be discussions and approvals and who would be there. and i thought it's early enough, let's just send a couple guys over. lou: there is a man who thinks he's quite cute. that much is certainly obvious. for what is not obvious, we have with us gregg jarrett and cleta mitchell to sort it all out. the outrageous actions of the doj searchly not limited to the ever-expanding mueller witch hunt. just last month 16 fbi agents raided the home of a protected department of justice whistleblower who had delivered documents pertaining to the clinton foundation and uranium one to a government watchdog. it was deputy attorney general rod rosenstein who boldly suggested he wear a wire to
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record and suggested invoking the 25th amendment to remove the president from office. the text messages exhibiting flagrant anti-trump bias exchanged between peter strzok and lisa page, thousands of texts between the two, wiped clean by the mueller witch hunt before turning their phones over to the doj inspector general. and, of course, the disgraced former fbi director, comey, who orchestrated the leak of the memos he took of his meetings with president trump to the media and, of course, who sent over those two investigators from the fbi to the white house. joining me now, attorney, former member of the oklahoma house of representatives, cleta mitchell. gregg jarrett, author of of "the new york times" bestseller, "the russia hoax." cleta, let's start first with, what seems to me, an admission by the fbi director that he was not following either law or
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procedure or observing the rights of general flynn when he sent over, as he cutely put it, a couple of fbi agents to the white house. >> well, that's exactly right. but let's talk about why were they over there in the first place? why were they going to interview him? well, they were interviewing him because the obama administration had unmasked his conversations. now, this is the incoming national security directer whose job is going to be to communicate with foreign leaders -- lou: right. >> -- and during the transition that's what he was doing. the obama administration recorded those and gave the transcripts of those conversations to the fbi. the fbi reads those conversations, and they -- the conversation with ambassador, russian ambassador sidly yak -- kislyak, and then they see an article, an interview with general flynn in "the washington
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post" in which he said in the article that he did not discuss the russia sanctions issue with the russian ambassador. they say, oh, we've seen the transcript. that's not telling the truth. and that's when they came up with this idea to go and see if they -- he would tell them the same thing. now, my question is, number one, why is the fbi reading the transcripts of his conversations? why did the obama administration unmask those conversations? and why did jim comey and -- remember, it was peter strzok who went over and just look was going to shoot the breeze with general flynn and then try to get him to say to them what he'd said to the washington post, which he did. lou: well, they were already said in those texts between themselves that they're still, they were looking for an insurance policy, and strock in particular had forsworn his dying opposition. he was one of the early members of the resistance to the trump
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administration working under the colors of the fbi. gregg, your thoughts. >> well, this is, these are the court documents today. and they are rich with evidence of corruption on the part of the fbi. and to some extent, the department of justice. they admit in the 302 document that the fbi agents -- lou: and the 302 -- >> sorry. 302 is the summary by the fbi of an interview. they admit that flynn told the truth. so the question that judge emmett sullivan should have on tuesday is, mr. mueller, why are you prosecuting, why did you charge a guy who your own agents interviewed and determined told the truth? and then i think if i were the judge, i would turn to general flynn and say, general flynn, why did you plead guilty to something you didn't do? were you coerced?
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was your son threatened by these special counsel operators over here at the other table? lou: how about why did the fbi director acknowledge, as he acknowledges, send over two agents thwarting what is policy, procedure -- >> right. lou: -- and the legal demand for representation for a formal interview? it wasn't just a little trek across town to the white house. >> well, you called comey cute. i'd call him cunning and corrupt. and also a liar. you know, this is -- lou: well, cute is texas for -- >> yeah. i mean, this document here shows that he deceived the acting attorney general and didn't tell her about what he was doing with the interview with flynn until it was too late. and then when she found out about it, she was angry. this is in the documents today. there's no -- comey deserved to
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be fired a hundred times over for a hundred acts of misfeasance and malfeasance. but the important point that cleta is making here, there was no legal basis for the fbi to even interview michael flynn. it's not a crime to talk to the russian ambassador during a transition. lou: i want to follow up with cleta where you took us back to the beginning, and that is the surveillance of the white house staff, the incoming administration. and in particular -- excuse me -- general flynn. this is, there's been no accountability, no one has been held to account in the obama administration for what was clearly an unprecedented surveillance of political opposition and the succeeding candidate in a presidential election. this is outrageous, and you don't see it anywhere in "the washington post," "the new york
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times" -- >> no, no. lou: -- cbs news, nbc news. >> no. lou: this is outrageous. >> it's completely outrageous. but here's what you did see in "the new york times," in "the washington post" and all of those places. remember when president trump said back during the spring of 2017 when he told the american people in part based on what devin nuñes had learned -- lou: the chairman of the house intelligence committee. >> that's right. and he -- and, remember, the left went crazy. and he had to step aside for a few months while there was an ethic investigation because devin nuñes told the truth. he was ultimately exonerated. lou: i think there's another issue in that as well. the house leadership -- >> well, remember when the president -- lou: -- was absolutely aligned with those democrats. >> but remember when the president said to the american people that his campaign had been under surveillance by the obama administration -- lou: been wiretapped, was his words. >> all of those newspapers, the
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headlines, go back and look at it. lou: oh, i can remember now the mockery, the snark -- >> they mocked him. they said with no evidence, you know, the president says without evidence that his campaign was under surveillance. every -- honestly, you ought to google sometime how many times there are headlines that quote the president and then in the headline or the first paragraph it says, without evidence. without any facts. lou: yeah. >> they dispute what he says the moment it comes out of his mouth. lou: and this president has been fighting this battle alone, and i think every american needs to understand that. not with the assistance, the support, the help, the strategic assistance and thoughts of either the leaders of either the house or the senate -- >> right. lou: this president fighting alone. and it's time that that change. >> well, and he's fighting individuals in his own department now as well who want to hide the evidence and
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obstruct congress. i wish the president would declassify -- lou: wait a minute, what do you mean, and obstruct congress? >> well, for example, in here the fbi agent with peter strzok, they are redacting his name. we know who he is, joe we tech ca. [laughter] and rosenstein refuses to allow that individual to testify before congress. lou: but we've known this throughout. this president knows it. he is the one who wanted to fire rosenstein. he is the one who chose not to. >> right. lou: for his own reasons. he is the one who has chosen, cleta, not, not to release those documents, those fisa documents that are at the foundation of much that is going on. we'll have to figure -- >> yes, but -- lou: we'll have to figure out the rest of that, i'm sorry, we're out of time. >> okay. lou: thank you both, appreciate it. >> all right. lou: we're coming right back. stay with us. ♪
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well. president trump saying mulvaney has done a quote outstanding job in his administration and indeed he has done so. the united states facing a potential government shutdown if the ryan owes and radical dimms refuse to fund the president's border wall. the senate is in recess until monday, the house in recess until wednesday. so there is no potential deal on the table. chad pergram reporting chances are pretty high the government will be shut down. joining us, fox political analyst ed rollins. chad pergram thinks because of the timing, congress out until wednesday, the odd are high that on the 21st the government will shut down. ed: my sense is the democrats and the republicans will go
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along with a continuing resolution. if the president hangs tough it may be shut down. but it's my sense is there not much stomach among the gutless wonders on the hill to do anything like that. lou: the gutless wonders have done it before. ed: they don't like shutting the government down. lou: they don't mind not working. ed: but you don't see that, it's not obvious. lou: i want to turn to mick mulvaney. how many jobs can one man hold? ed: bottom line, he'll tell his wife and kids he'll see them in two years or four years. the great part about him. he knows the government, he knows the congress. he's the perfect choice. he walks in there and he knows what the president need.
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it will be a smooth operation. clearly he can make it happen for the president. the problem bringing someone else in, they try to change things and alter things. the dynamics are effective at this point in time. the government still has to run through all this crisis stuff and he can make it happen. lou: as the fake news was swirling around the chief of staff choice surrounding the president my heart sank several times in the midst of that, not the midst of -- not the least of which was mulvaney saying he was going to treasury. i think he's a man who i think if he wants the job, i hope he takes it because he would serve the president well. ed: my sense is they are making it acting because he's a cabinet, senate approved.
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lou: omb is not the simplest of departments. ed: with a new budget coming forward. i hope he gets by on four hours sleep a night. but he knows what the president needs. there is no disruptive force. the president can focus on the chaos going on around him. lou: mulvaney has served this president quietly and effectively. he's a bright, hard work conservative. ed: and knows the congress which is going to be in the house particularly it will be the democrats. he can give the president good guidance. lou: we are going to -- i want to get in one more question. and that is on what gregg and cleta and i were talking about, this persecution of the president. the obvious. listen to if we may, the former
1:23 am
fired fbi director still fired, former fbi director talk about his remarks about how he sent agents over to the white house to interview general flynn. get your thoughts on it. >> i sent them. something i am probably wouldn't have done or maybe gone the away with in a more organized investigation -- organized administration. in the george w. bush administration or the obama administration, for example. ed: that's j edgar hoover. lou: i think the man ought to be in jail. ed: any good white house would have had a counsel in that room. we had fred fielding when i was in the white house. one of the great lawyers who would have basically said thank you very much, you deal with me. i make the decision how see and how don't see and that's the way it goes.
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lou: for him to pursue this to surveil this president, this presidential candidate under the obama administration and not to be held -- there seems to be no thought of holding him accountable. ed: i think this was a continuation of been man and all the bad guise who were there before. i think he thought he could get something on them and get a favor to guarantee his future. it's outrageous and it's criminal. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight. should congress remain in session throughout the holidays until they reach an agreement to fund the president's border wall? the president could do that. he could say get over here. cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. up next. creatures of the swamp come to the aid of communist chinese
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lou: china agreed to a retaliatory suspension on autos effective january 1. a victory for president trump and his balanced trade policies. the president tweeted. china just announced their economy is growing slower than anticipated because of our trade war. china wants to make a big and comprehensive deal. it could happen and rather soon. zte hired former u.s. senator, former democratic nominee for vice president on the
1:30 am
gore-lieberman ticket to conduct a national security assessment of its products. lieberman putting zte's financial interests over the national security of the united states said he'll register as a lobbyist for the company. he met are lawmakers on capitol hill who oppose any deal with zte. this is an extraordinary development and sad one for secretary lieberman. mike pompeo bheegd the kn foreign minister -- meeting with the canadian foreign minister. pompeii owed called china's actions in detaining cat madans unlawful. they were detained in retaliation for the arrest of huawei's chief financial officer. let me start christopher.
1:31 am
the idea of lieberman representing zte. what's next, huawei? where does he go from here? >>ed the entire saga of how the u.s. has dealt with zte is pretty disappointing. zte was in a death grip in the u.s. they weren't able to import what they needed to build their products. as part of a trade deal president trump said he would work with xi jinping to undo that ban and allow breathing room. now they enlisted an independent hawk, lieberman, formerly democratic vice presidential nominee to lobby for them in washington. the entire thing stinks. a couple senators like senators graham and rubio.
1:32 am
i expect to hear some noise from them monday on this. lou: one would hope. the administration in putting that ban together, they made it clear they were a problem and the president at the request of president xi thinking this would help in a deal both for north korea and the trade deal, he acceded to saving 90,000 chinese jobs. >> joe lieberman a nice guy. his lifelong passion was chinese telecom. i don't know why they waited to month. they could have hired paul ryan. lou: paul ryan and joe lieberman would have been somewhat low energy as the president would say. >> they are like hertz cars. you can rent them whenever you need them. the swamp at its worse.
1:33 am
lou: ed rollins said to me, talking about lieberman, this will be his legacy, and that's a shame. because lieberman has much more that he should be repairing to than taking up the interest of zte and the people's liberation army. people are no longer under any illusion about who the communist chinese are, what beijing represents and its intent on world nomination because it steals the hundreds of billions of dollars from us each year. >> the chinese companies, their executives may wear business suits, but they are approximaties for their government. especially the when they are involved in spying and breaking snaingss iran and north korea. the game is global nom domination. for leeberman who has a long and
1:34 am
proud career in the senate. for him to do this now, i'm a surprised. he's someone i thought more as a statesman than a money maker. maybe he'll change his mind when he sees the reaction to this. >> comey should be in jail. j edgarp hoover -- j edgar hoover would be ashamed of him. lou: up next, the delusional radical dimms refuse to budge and funding the president's border wall. they blame president trump for their inaction. >> the only thrown would be a shutdown is the president
1:35 am
throwing a temper tantrum saying he wants more security. he's not going to get it. >> i want to be crystal clear. there will be no additional appropriations to pay for the border wall. it's done. >> we should not be wasting $5 billion -- a lot more than that which is what trump wants on a wall. >> i don't envision any circumstance that we allocate $5 billion or anything close to that because it will be a waste of taxpayer dollars. >> the president should accept reality and bend to the will of the american people and hash out a deal that allows for the government to continue to be funded. lou: they should bend to the will of the american people who elected this president who promised to build that wall. those are global elites posing as trad cal dimms.
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-- as radical dimms. we'll be right back.
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goodnight lou: tooks closing higher. for the first time since march of 2016, a big sell-off on the street. the dow down almost 500 points.
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the s & p lost 51 points. volume on the big board 4 billion shares. the dow and s & p down more than a% on the week. crude oil down 2 1/2%. gold losing a half percent. a reminder to the federal reserve. these arrows are not flashing inflation and the necessity for interest rate hikes like the president has mentioned from time to time. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day on the salem radio network. the u.s. deported more than a quarter million illegal immigrants. of those total deportations, 145,000 of them convicted
1:41 am
criminals. 25,000 criminal charges pending. joining me now, the president's most of loyal supporters. diamond and silk. where did you get that name for the fox nation? >> that's who we are, diamond and silk. lou: congratulations. much success. let's start with the likelihood in the mind of some the president will shut down the government because this paul ryan and the folks in the house don't want to fund the border wall. he should. because we sent congress to do a job. they work for us. we don't work for them. lou: that's funny. i heard all those democrats say that we should bend to their will. they said it's the people's will they wanted to bow to. we elected a president who said he is going to build a wall.
1:42 am
>> that's what he is intend to go do so we need to fund the wall. americans what protect and security. lou: did chuck schumer seem arrogant and elitist when he said it isn't going to happen? >> and he was playing politics. we don't have time for that. i'm glad the americans get to see this play out in the open. now, you see who is working for you. you put these people in office and they haven't done not one thing, haven't pushed one piece of legislation for the american people. these are the people you need to vote out. why do you keep voting for a chuck schumer or nancy pelosi if they are not going to work for the will and the american people. >> our tax dollars pay their salaries. they are the government and they are supposed to work for we the american people. if they can't go and do the job, we need to shut it down period. lou: paul ryan organized it so
1:43 am
the house has to stay away until wednesday evening. it will be the first time they will be able to take a vote. it will be a close thing. you don't suppose paul ryan would intentionally do that to try to stop the president's wall? >> it's called the deep state. that's what it's called. lou: let's turn quickly to the witch hunt. your thoughts. >> i see prosecutorial misconduct, overreach, and it's so sad that you are trying to take down the sitting president, trying to smear him for what? then i look at us, we the american people. we the american people, private citizens. how do you fight that and combat that. this is like village land tee justice. we are goin going to go after ts here. lou: 16 fbi agents raiding the
1:44 am
home of a protected department of justice whistleblower. >> that's what the mafia do. that's what i seat fbi. i see our government being that by the way they are acting and treating people. how are you going in search of a crime. you are going in search of a crime because there was no crime. the russia and the trump and the election collusion. one that excluded this election right here is the hillary clinton camp, the dnc, the fbi, and i could keep going on and on and on. they interfered in this election right here. lou: i couldn't agree with you more, and it's always great to see you. the american way will prevail, truth, justice for all. >> for all. lou: diamond and silk. >> thank you for having us. lou: more signs of trouble in
1:45 am
the european union. france preparing for another weekend of protests, demonstrations, and very likely much worse. we'll have that and a lot more after the break. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ this holiday season, families near you need your help. visit now to donate.
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lou: french police are repairing for what will be a fifth straight weekend of probably violent demonstrations on the streets of paris. they are deploying armored vehicles and security personnel to quell any violence that arises. president emmanuel macron says our country needs order and function normally again. joining me now, robert jeffress. pass for of the first baptist church of dallas. author of "choosing the extraordinary life." good to have you with us, my friend. let's start with the president. i mentioned it onc once or twice tonight. this president is fighting the mueller witch hunt.
1:50 am
and all of the armies of angry democrats that are raising their heads in the southern district of new york, whether it's manhattan or albany when the attorney general elect arrives promising to persecute the president. he has exhibited in the first two years in the times i have talked with him, not one ounce of anything but absolute energy and strength to repel these -- i'm going to call them what they are, dishonest fools going after him. >> that's right, lou. i had the opportunity to be with him yesterday. he told me specifically to give his best to the great lou dobbs. he loves this program as we all do. but i heard -- and we have heard those reports. i heard them that the president
1:51 am
was isolated and depressed and fearful of impeachment. when i was with him yesterday he was nothing of those things. he was upbeat and positive. but he was adamant that he had done nothing that rises to the level of an impeachable offense. he understands what's going on here. the democrats are trying to undo the 2016 election. they couldn't win at the ballot box so they are engage in a program of impeachment while in office or harassment while in office. lou: i believe what will be revealed here is the depth of corruption that exists within our government that would permit such a prosecution, to see one democrat after another. these radical dimms are rising up, u.s. attorneys' office and doj offices.
1:52 am
that is to harass this president. it's ignorance and dangerous. what's astonishing to me is the lack of just a massive public outrage whether it be just on the right, just conservatives or not. this has got to be stopped and it's got to be stopped now. these people, these radical dimms are acting against the interest of the country, they are un-american and it's very dangerous when you are contending with the threats posed by china, with russia, iran, isis, you name it. it's all happening at once. >> he authorized me to say this. he does not regret at all firing james comey. he said if he had not fired james comey it would not have revealed the corruption at the fbi with peter strzok and lisa page and the whole group. the american people are getting
1:53 am
wise to this. the good news is, this week a fox poll showed he was exactly at the same approval rating obama lad at this time in his presidency and obama didn't have the relentless attack of the media. rasmussen has him at. > -- at 50%,and evangelicals arg him at 70%. lou: among republicans, president trump's job approval is 88%. for his approval numbers to be at the same level as obama, think about this as you said it, he's under constant attack by the left wing national media. president trump was being glorified, lionized and put to bed with a pillow under his head every night by the national left-wing media. it was an inverse relationship between the two on the part of
1:54 am
the national media. this is a time for this country to understand better who we put in government. and they should be very, very uncomfortable to think about what has happened here. we have -- the obama administration is responsible for surveilling a presidential candidate. and his staff, his officials, and a sitting president. that's astonishing. >> this president is doing great. he's fulfilling his promises every day. i think we all want to say thank you to you for getting the truth out every night of what's going on. lou: that's kind of you. we owe two quick thank yous that rank feasht beyond that, the president of the united states and the good lord. has so much.
1:55 am
appreciate it. up next, the united states government ignores russian and chinese encroachment in this hemisphere. we'll have more on that. we are coming right back.
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♪r-e-s-p-e-c-t ♪find out what it means to me♪ ♪r-e-s-p-e-c-t ♪take care. tcb, oh ♪(sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me)♪ ♪a little respect lou: last night we asked whether the trump national security team should be paying more attention
1:59 am
to the russian and chinese encroachment in the western hemisphere and asserting the man row doctrine. 91% of you said yes. robert mueller defending the interview with michael flynn. listen to this. outrageous. >> i sent them. something i probably wouldn't have done or maybe gone the away with in a more organized investigation -- more organized administration, the george w. bush administration or obama administration. lou: unbelievable. as ed rollins noted tonight. the man is a criminal. president trump naming mick mulvaney as his acting chief
2:00 am
much staff. john kelly exiting the posted at the end of this year. the house won't return until next tuesday. they will have two >> from dusty boxes forgotten in the attic... emerge military artifacts handed down across five generations... >> the writing is unbelievable. i can't believe it's in such good shape. >> heirloom that may be a long-lost piece of history. >> i think this is a once-in-a-lifetime find. i'd never seen one before, and i don't expect to see one again. >> value is just rising with literally every fold. >> a war, a map, a mystery. >> i had a little momentary roller coast there. >> will it lead to one family's hidden treasure? [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ]


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