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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  December 17, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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giving us a lesson in ethics. michael flynn to be sentenced tomorrow in a d.c. court. have a great evening, good night from new york. trish: president obama's legacy under fire for obamacare. a federal judge ruling the affordable care act is unconstitutional. this ruling may be the best thing to happen in our healthcare system because we get the chance to fix tonight a real way. provided the likes of cortez rsh * don't get -- likes of alexandria ocasio-cortez don't get their fingerprints on it. >> the fbi's reputation has taken a big hit because the president of the united states with his acolytes has lie bit
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constantly. and a lot of good people who watch your network believe that nonsense. that's a tragedy. trish: comey is partly to blame for the mess we are in. socialist venezuela sinking further into disarray. the days are numbered for the country's socialist leader nicolas maduro. former u.s. ambassador to venezuela. auto wright. and a warning to alexandria ocasio-cortez, bernie sanders and any other leftist leaders who see socialism as our future. it better not be. "trish regan primetime" begins right now. a federal judge strikes down obamacare for being unconstitutional. this new move a massive blow to
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former president obama's claim to fame. wreed o'connell ruling obamacare's mandates no longer a tax. according to the judge, if it's not a tax, then all of obamacare is unconstitutional. how do you think president obama is taking this news? this was his claim to fame. >> i can't imagine he's thrilled by the. but i want you to know how much i love the sneering sound of your voice when you say leftist. trish: it sounds like they are numbered. it's a tragedy on the ground with people actually starving.
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obamacare if alexandria ocasio-cortez gets her way, it would be medicare for all. talk to me about the economics of that. whether that's a recipe for look at another scenario like the one venezuela is in. >> obamacare has been aal what cross on the economy. people don't realize how large a faction of the u.s. economy it is. when you heavily regulate that much of an economy with the stroke of a pen, it's a serious problem. i congratulate judge o'connor whether his ruling survivors a supreme court decision or not. i see it in the spirit of some of the courts that have overturned donald trump's
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decisions. this is the way stuff gets thrown back to the president and thrown back to congress to deal with the parts that didn't work. >> it will get political. i think we can be assured of that. there is a chance to hopefully get this one right. if you were to start from scratch. how do we make sure people have access to healthcare but we keep market forces in check. >> the way you give people access to healthcare at an affordable price is the same way you give them access to phones, personal computers and food and everything else at a fair price. you let the free market handle it. you take a sector, you regulate it, you make it too expensive, you make people wait in line for it. you have bureaucrats. it fails in venezuela and it fails here. this is just another chance to check and balance that. thank you, reid o'connor for
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giving me. speaking of alexandria ocasio-cortez -- this is a wonderful opportunity for the democrats to spend the next couple years defending obamacare rather than moving forward and blabbing about mode i care for all. this will be a win no matter what. trish: and a win economically because it lifts the burden off so many people in that sector. >> provided me have the courage to act on it. here is my scenario that will make liberal heads explode to the max. suppose this goes to the supreme court and it's a 5-4 vote and the tie-breaking vote is brett kavanaugh. how about that?
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trish: it could be. ways your sense of the economy. the market has been all over the place. there is talk of higher interest rates from the fed which is something the president doesn't appreciate or want. are we doing okay? >> it's a lot for the president to be so active in telling the fedwa to do. he says a lot of funny things. he says the press is the enemy of the people. the question isn't whether he says it. the question is whether he's right. all the damage has been done. so the surprise here is if they don't. i think it's only 50-50 that they will. this could be an interesting buying opportunities. trish: obamacare is now unconstitutional according to the federal judge in texas. reid orconnor.
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guess who gets to fight it out tblit cally. alexandria ocasio-cortez using this to push her socialist agenda. here with the impact on politics. ned ryun and evelyn figaro. good to see you all the. i like to look at the glass half full. you have got a real leftist movement in the democratic party, and it's taking hold and it captured the imagination of so many americans. and i would say in a dangerous way. we'll get to venezuela later in the program. what's the concern here tonight as we get the chance to redo obamacare? >> the republicans do nothing. i don't think they will. i think they will lack the political courage to do something for fear this will go before the supreme court and
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obamacare will be upheld. the five justices that upheld obamacare are still on the court. i don't think the republicans will show the courage to deal with it. you asked your previous guest, a what would you do if you rebuilt the healthcare from the bottom up. pricing and transparency. any non-profit offering services has to offer pricing transparency. most of our hospitals are non-profit. it allows employers who don't get to see pricing and data to be able to compete. it opens up the industry to free market forces and competition. trish: the guest comingn up in a short time, he said venezuela was the wealthiest place in south america.
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and then you gotcha venezuela and maduro and this cuban economic policies working their way through venezuela. and has it done? it caused that country to be in such a bad, bad state. do we run that risk here? >> it's really interesting we are having this debate once again. my 11-year-old has a christmas list with everything from facing to an x phone. i push for some type of reform. as a business owner i understand the direct impact. but i lost my mother to cancer while i was on the bernie sanders campaign in 2016 who was a state employee for the state of oklahoma and did not have adequate healthcare. we talk about the people who will be affected by this. trish: she didn't have the right healthcare and she is a state
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employee. this is an example of people not having the right kind of say. if you have that kind of cloud, you are choosing which plan, we to the have a competitive process so americans are getting the best. >> part of that is being able to buy insurance across state lines. but the whole point of our healthcare industry needs to be making it patient centric. until we get the pricing transparency it will center on insurance companies and insurance providers. trish: we are hours from former national security advisor michael flynn, today two of his former associates were charged with conspiracy. federal prosecutors charge that they were work for turkey's best
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interests, not ours. there are lots of problems surrounding alling this. the issues with not registering properly and not declaring things and not paying the right amount of taxes. but i'm not sure any of this has to do with what we originally were set out to figure out. what did russia do? what kind of collusion if any existed between the trump campaign and russia. we have no evidence of any of that. yet everybody who is an associate somehow tied to donald trump gets picked up in this massive tbliewk. >> i'm glad you brought it up so i can give breaking news that there are some african-americans who read. when i raid the candidates in front of me, i decided to go against hillary clinton because of what she did with massive
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incarceration. i am glad you brought that up. at the same time i did make my own decisions and decided how i moved away from hillary clinton. trish: hillary clinton made her own decisions. she didn't go to pennsylvania and wisconsin and campaign. >> she didn't go to the rust belt it was her fault. she was a terrible candidate. the thing we are seeing right now with the flynn situation and a lot of other people, we had a buy cur -- we had a bifurcated l system. if you are associated with the wrong people you are guilty. there are thousands of people in washington right now who would be guilty because they have not filed. trish: they are part of the club. if you are not part of the club, you get the feds coming for you.
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leave no room behind with xfi pods. simple. easy. awesome. click or visit a retail store today. trish: venezuela even closer to a regime change as the socialist nation teeters on the brink of total collapse. the naipts refugee'' says 2
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million more people have expected to leave their homeland as social i' d socialism contino decimate. people are suffering to death in venezuela. average venezuelan has lost 25 pounds due to food shortages. this was a country that presocialism posted the highest per capita income in all peninsula continue america. you have people sifting through garbage in homes of finding food. that's what socialism does. joining me now, auto rice. ambassador. welcome to this program. welcome. how disappointed are you in venezuela, the venezuela you see
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today given the venezuela of yesterday. and what is it americans need to know as this country teeters on the brink of destruction, given that so many politicians are favoring these socialist policies, sir? >> as you mentioned, i was ambassador to venezuela under president reagan. i spent 3 1/2 years there. i got to know the country extremely well. it was a marvelous country with enormous natural resources. at one point it had the highest per capita income in latin america. and a thriving society. it was a developing country. but it had a growing middle class. the economy was doing well. it was not just relying only energy, on oil and gas. and the people were earning an
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honest living in many industries. and chavez comes along and promises what he calls 21st century socialism which in effect -- it's it's a freudian. 2 million people are expected to leave. 2 million people have already left. the brookings institute in washington free predicts unless conditions change, 8 million venezuelans will leave that country. trish: you blame socialism. i blame socialism. what happens now? nicolas maduro, his regime, his term expires and it's supposed to begin again on january 10.
11:20 pm
what kind of -- what is he perhaps opening himself up to given that the u.s. is so frustrated and disgusted with the policies they put in place there and what it has done to the people. >> it's not just the u.s. you are right. the united states has been frustrated and disgusted. but so is the rest of the world. 70 countries said they do not recognize the result of this last election that maduro allegedly won. it was a sham. it was a fraudulent election. he's supposed to take office on january 10. but his -- legitimacy rests not on the election of this year, but the election of 2014. that runs out on the 10th of january. so he does not have legit pla i. trish: there is a chance we
11:21 pm
might say we are not going to recognize you as president anymore? we like this guy over here or this gal over there. >> i think what the united states needs to do. we are the country in the hemisphere to which the democracies of this area look to for leadership. i believe what we should do is practice the reagan policies. ronald reagan was not afraid to negotiate. but he negotiated from a position of strength. he did not negotiate with three consec stiffed soviet leaders until gorbachev came along and was willing to negotiate in earnest. and reagan thought we could win and end the cold war. in the case of venezuela consider. trish: they are not in good
11:22 pm
shape there. >> i will leave the typing of the -- the timing of the negotiations to the people we put in power, the president, the secretary of state, the national security advisor, as to when that moment comes. we should keep in mind the people of venezuela are suffering enormously. they are as you pointed out, they are living out of trash cans and eating garbage. they are leaving the country in droves. the humanitarian policy as far as the united states is concerned is to try to bring an end to the maduro dictatorship as quickly and as peacefully as possible. and i think the way to do it is to not only pressure venezuela, but pressure the cubans. cuba is in effect controlling venezuela. er time ma dur over gets in trouble he flies to havana to get orders. the cubans are running the
11:23 pm
military and the strategic communications and the airports. trish: maybe we get a shot at actually getting something changed there, and it's about time we did. just to remind the viewer. you have the iranians, chinese and russians all active in venezuela. a total violation of the monroe doctrine. time to do something about it. special counsel robert mueller's probe entering month 19 and still no people with direct ties to the president charged with things related to russia. no wonder americans are frustrated with this investigation. coming up, i'm setting the record straight on why former fbi director james comey is to blame for the mess we are in. take some responsibility.
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fbi, james comey, sounding off on the president moments after his hearing on capitol hill. his comments so how angry he actually is with the president. hearing his comments, i will tell you it's quite clear if comey ever had any semblance of neutrality, that lack of bias, he certainly didn't trust the guy, right? any pretend lack of bias is completely, totally, utterly gone. >> another day of hillary clinton's emails and the steele dossier. this as the president of the united states is lying about the fbi, attacking the fbi and attacking the rule of law in this country. how does that make any sense. the fbi's reputation has taken a
11:28 pm
big hit because the president of the united states and his acolytes believe it. trish: it has quite a bit to do with you. i'm not going to blame everything on you. but let's be clear, those texts between lisa page and peter strzok. they show how much the people within the so-called deep state dislike donald trump. your willingness to have your associates question dr. flynn without explaining the severity of the decision, something that would have been done in previous administrations. that leaves a bad impression on
11:29 pm
the american people. had the fbi really done its job all along you never would have allowed russia to have so much as one fake facebook account or one fake tweet. that's on you and the fbi. so let's discuss the holier than thou explanation. you are hardly blameless. doug wead joins us. >> you can't come up with a more accurate phrase. the whole presentation is disingenuous. this has been going on for months and months. as somebody who argues profession alley i sight. the immediate narrative is you are attacking the integrity of the fbi or the whole institution. wrong, completely wrong. we are attacking a few bad
11:30 pm
apples in a highly charged political case who ran amok. it has nothing do with the thousands of day to day cases that are not political. they seamlessly and effortlessly drive that narrative. cardinal comey. trish: i am so disappointed in all this. i feel like we do deserve answers. by the way, there never should have bent allowance of any fake tweets or fake facebook where accounts. that's on him and that's on mueller who ran the fbi before him. in some ways i wonder if the two of them want to couch for their own shortcomings. do not forget. president obama had intelligence provided to him that they were
11:31 pm
trying to manipulate it. >> all of what you are intaight fisa court, the warrant, the dossier. that's merely a distraction. you get disingenuous spin after disingenuous spin. i said it before, and i will say it again until i'm blue in the face. if the veal truth comes out about the genesis of the so-called russia probe. why it came out in the first place. what the government under president trump knew about possible rugs activity, that's not a series of fact that those driving this russia investigation want to hear. fit come out, it will be interesting. trish: they are kind of investigating themselves in a weird way, right? it's very circular. >> potential blundered leading
11:32 pm
into the, never mind situation. which is look and look and look. wait a minute, maybe you shouldn't anymore. i sounds like political sound bites, it's not it's legal analysis. that dossier is clearly linked to the dnc, case quloasd. trish: what on it is the fbi doing using a piece of opposition research and not telling the judge, this is funded by hillary clinton's team? i say alled the time, i have to triple check things. when i hear things i say what is this person's bias versus that person's bias. the fbi didn't even bother to check things out. >> look at the shoe on the other foot test which we call it. the trump tower meeting. they breathlessly say it's
11:33 pm
opposition research. so as a lawyer, now with political sound bites, i find it amazing to watch all of these frivolous arguments. and not only in just one direction. but on this issue it's have much in one direction. >> the point is in washington, d.c. and the toxic swamp, if you are on one side it's one result, if you are on the other, it's another legally. politic and criminal law do not mix at all. trish: straight ahead, conservative author jerome corsi telling fox exclusively friday that mueller and company will stop at nothing too defame him.
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trish: a response from our friday interview with jerome corsi. the man robert mueller set his sights on because dr. corsi predicted john podesta's emails would be leaked, and mueller wants to know how dr. corsi may have known that. dr. corsi says mueller's team doesn't believe he figured it out and they are trying to intimidate him into making false statements. and he says the feds are trying to defame him and they are leaking misinformation about his charity work.
11:38 pm
in my interview with dr. corsi friday he insists the feds are telling reporters false information. >> there is no other place this information could have come from. the mueller grand jury. chuck ross the reporter told me he got the information from robert mueller's special counsel. trish: the reporter himself? >> yes, he said i have this information from sources close to and directly from robert mueller's special counsel it, direct proof an illegal leak from the grand jury. trish: you are saying the doctor is real. >> the doctor is real. >> now with us, chuck ross. welcome, chuck. you heard with jerome coursey said. did you tell him that you had
11:39 pm
this info from sources close to mueller? >> absolutely not. no. i never received a leak of any sort from robert mueller's team. they generally give me a no comment every time i reach out. no one from mueller's team or any of the prosecutors said anything to me about a cancer fundraiser or jerome corsi. it's absolutely untrue. i definitely did not tell him that. i wouldn't lie to a source. trish: you said you told him that. did you ever talk to him or exchange emails? >> with corsi, yes. i called him before we published the story. and i asked him about the men dt the m endel son group. i found out about a possible interesting thing on his website about this mendelson group.
11:40 pm
trish: he's saying how did chuck roth start talking about this in the first place. his concern is mueller's associates are feeding you information and deliberately trying to harm him and his reputation, and you are saying no, you stumbled across it. walk us through how you got interested in the story. >> i'll be honest. someone unaffiliated with the government mentioned, hey, have you ever heard of the mendelsson group on corsi's website? and i said no. i have done some stories on sources corsi cite in his new book. but i was told about this and i started doing my own digging.
11:41 pm
i looked at public records, social media posts, and i found some interesting things such as i could not find a record of this dr. mendelson. trish: according to dr. corsi, it's an alias he goes by. and i think was trying to protect this gentleman's identity. he said the doctor is real. he goes by a different name. he didn't want his identity shared oh publicly and that's the reason for all that. if he had told you that that might have helped. >> that's his story. one more point on that. the interesting thing in all this. i asked dr. corsi about this. the patient tommy stickler is
11:42 pm
the registered owner of the mendelson group. trish: this is interesting but we are going down a rabbit hole. this is a side note. i don't know. i donated to gofundme accounts before. i figure i don't know if it's going the treatment for groceries. i don't necessarily care if i'm turning over money to a gofundme account. i hope for the best. do you worry that we are losing sight as a nation, of journalists of the big picture which is the russia collusion thing that still we have no proof of? >> there are two parts to that. i agree as far as i'm concerned, what i investigated and way found on this cancer fundraiser
11:43 pm
appears to have no connection to russia. and if mueller is looking into it, that raises questions about did the scope of the investigation with why mueller would be doing that. is it to charge will corsi with something else or put pressure on mr. trump or roger stone. trish: you know, i appreciate you saying that and saying that here on the show tonight. but there is a bigger picture at play. whether it's michael cohen and the taxi king. none of this stuff is good. you dig in and you find these things. not declaring income. not registering appropriately as a foreign lobbyist. all of these things matter. none of them are good. but none of them have gotten us
11:44 pm
one single step closer to what we want to know the answer to. >> right. i agree. this appears to have nothing to do with that. but as an investigative reporter. if i find something interesting and worth reporting i will go down that road. trish: you and mueller, i will go for it -- i'm teasing you a little bit, chuck. look, he's upset, you are trying to report things out. i'm in the middle here. but i appreciate you being here. thank you. chuck ross. jerome corsi will be here tomorrow. he says he has new information surrounding the pressure he's being put under and this is information you will want to hear. we are days away from a possible government shutdown as president trump slams the democrats for holding up funding.
11:45 pm
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trish: president trump blasting democrats who refuse to fund his border wall. meanwhile a brand-new hole shows a majority of americans believe the president and the gop will have more responsibility than the democrats if there is a shutdown. andrew, i imagine that you agree with a lot of americans. i think it's tough. whoever is the party in charge, whether they like it or not. in this case they have had the
11:49 pm
house -- or they did have the house for some time. and they have the oval office. they have the senate. the republicans run the risk -- they are the ones people point their fingers at if something happens. >> the public is just listening to the president. trish: you are supposed to say yes. >> you did cue me up well there. but this doesn't surprise me. last week in the oval office the president took responsibility saying if there was going to be a shutdown, he would welcome it. he would be proud to shut down the government. when you look at the polling and you show 54% say they don't want it and they would bring republicans, it's not a surprise to me. but the interesting thing is democrats put forth bipartisan proposals the president won't
11:50 pm
move off of. and stephen miller doubled down yesterday on the sunday shows. trish: sometimes you have to take these chances. >> i think it many pretty risky. >>it is. as we talked about. the polling shows americans might blame him and the gop. but. he's going to get anywhere on this, don't have you to be willing to negotiate hard? we heard auto rice talk about the importance of negotiating. if the president has any hope of getting border funding, doesn't he need to be willing to pay the consequences. >> when he threw the $5 billion number out last week. pen mark meadows said that's a compromise number.
11:51 pm
but what we know is $5 billion is a non-starter with democrats and essential for republicans. it's starting to look like we are heading towards a shutdown. it's the time of christmas. but the republicans made this pledge to their base. they had the house, the senate, and the white house and haven't been able to get the full funding of the wall. but the political consequences would not be good. so they are between a rock and a hard place. trish: what are the odds? you had me convinced for a minute that it is going to happen. sounds like the chances are pretty good. andrew? >> i think we'll have a shutdown it doesn't look like they are moving. but the question, the cost benefit and analysis. he needs end tones win reelection 2020. and they are not with him on this.
11:52 pm
democrats are off $1 billion. he needs to decide where he's going to give. trish: i think there will be a shut glown the works. we are turning to a new story breaking tonight. cbs, the board denying less moo- denying lerks s moonves his severance package. sorry i can't see that far away. my contacts don't work that well tonight. are you surprised by any of this? >> i think that the fact cbs is saying we are not paying
11:53 pm
thissous. we are not going to make this go away. they are taking a strong position. i bet they have an astronomical amount of evidence. not only do they have substantiated allegations of sexual assault and retaliation. they also had evidence of a cover-up. you note old saying it's not all the crime, it's the cover-up itments destroying evidence and misleading investigators. there so is incentive to make somebody -- trish: if somebody does something as bad as what's beenn aalleged here. why should shareholders have to pay that burden. >> that's why the contracts say you can have a separation for cause without paying that severance. but from a business perspective, cbs is going the weigh this.
11:54 pm
this is not a $5,000 severance. this is $120 million. he's going to try and fight it. so you are talk about a protracted legal battle. >> if they said we'll give you the $120 million, you run the risk of total wrath in hollywood and women saying not cool. why why is this guy getting paid this astr astronomical amount of money for his own wrongdoing. trish: he's saying no. and he's going to try to work to redeem his name. so now they will get in that -- >> it's a legal battle that will go on for quite some time. general flynn, his associates getting wrapped up in indicted.
11:55 pm
mike huckabee saying earlier today, if you know anybody associated with anybody work on this campaign, you are at risk. >> it crossed so many boundaries. we have been saying this. i have been saying this from the get-go. the scope of this investigation has simply gone off the rails. it seems to be if you have had any contact with the campaign. any sort of contact with donald trump, that you are suddenly in the controls hairs here. it's grabbing at straws. we are talking about issues that fall well outside russia, and what russia did in this election. whether russia was interfering and why and how. you brought up a point earlier in the show. we saw comey and capitol hill. he's so outrage bid having to answer questions about the dossier.
11:56 pm
unbelievable. trish: he was running the fbi, mueller was running the fbi before him and they somehow aloud all these fake facebook and twitter accounts to exist. (toni vo) 'twas the night before christmas, and all thro' the house. not a creature was stirring, but everywhere else... there are chefs, bakers and food order takers. doctors and surgeons and all the life savers. the world is alive as you can see, this time of the year is so much more than a bow and a tree. (morgan vo) those who give their best, deserve the best. get up to a $1,250 credit on select models now during the season of audi sales event. ♪
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>> tomorrow night we have nexus of interview with conservative author, doctor jerome corsi. he recall of course he is the one who figured out the john podesta emails would be released and because of that, robert mueller and team are interested in him. they fit everything together. the feds are not buying it and they are putting a lot of pressure on him and including some very new pressure. then he will tell us about only right here on "trish regan
12:00 am
primetime". tune in, you can hear the newest develop here with doctor corsi tomorrow night have a wonderful evening everyone, happy monday. kennedy begins right now. i will see you tomorrow. kennedy: thank you, trish! the president and democrats on a collision course over the border wall. the deadline is this friday. if they don't make a deal the government will shut down! who will blink first? as you know the president has been pushing for that wall. since long before the election. demanding $5 billion to make it happen. but congress will give him the money to build it! this morning he vented on twitter if you can believe that. writing quote - anytime you hear a democrat saying that you can have good border security without a wall, write them off as just another politician following the party line. time for us to save billions of


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