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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  December 18, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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candidates, only 9 of them survived. orrow.ow we hope you will be good night from new york. [♪] trish: news tonight that the former head of the fbi didn't know and didn't care who paid for the now infamous so-called dirty dossier against donald trump. he didn't care and he didn't think the judge needed to care either. this is the real scandal. issuing a fisa warrant on an innocent american, total abuse of federal power. james comey never followed the money trail, but we are tonight. conservative author dr. jerome corsi is in the house exclusively.
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he's the man mueller suspects was working with assange. he says no. rising socialist star alexandria ocasio-cortez says she needs a vacation before she even starts work. details coming up. new tonight, former fbi director james comey admitting during a closed door hearing that he did not care who paid for the fake salacious steele dossier. i read through all of of these transcripts. and i'm disgusted with what i read today. but you know, i want you to
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judge for yourself. check out this exchange. congressman mark meadows says to james comey with regards to the private clients, the one paying footer dossier. you weren't inquils tough enough to figure out who the private client was? mr. comey responds. who cares? it was republicans opposed to trump. comey says it was republicans opposed to trump, then it was democrats opposed to trump. there was potential bias in this information. that's important whether it was sally smith or joe jones republican or democrat. to me he says, it didn't matter. >> didn't matter? i don't know, may not have mattered to you, james comey. but it should have. you didn't know that it would matter and it absolutely should
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matter to a judge who paid for this stuff? i'm disgusted by it. i really am. by him, by this whole process. you have the former head of the fbi james comey who proudly admitted how he leaked to the "new york times" via his columbia professor friend. now saying on the record he didn't care. it didn't mat more paid for the ina mouse dossier against then candidate trump. he didn't care so many that he never thought it relevant to mention to a judge. and that is the real scandal here tonight. our own fbi doesn't care who is against who. even when it means obtaining a fisa warrant against a u.s. citizen. how could he not care. here is what don't get. james comey admits this was junk. here i quote from the transcript it was salacious and unverified
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material. reporting it straight from the source reports wouldn't be corroborating it. pathetic. does he think that by admitting that, that it was salacious material that he's off the hook in any way, shape or form? that we think it's okay? it only makes it ever so clear that this guy, james comey didn't care whether information was correct or not. whether it was biased or not. he did not think it was necessary for a judge to have that information either. and again you see this is the real scandal. competitors to the president paid lots of money for a bunch of dirt. the fbi takes it to a judge at face value. james comey's utter failure to
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verify his sources shows you how badly he failed the american people. the perkins-coie law firm that represents the dnc and hillary clinton campaign, they paid for this dossier. they paid $160,000 that went to christopher teal, the guy who wrote -- christopher steele, the guy who wrote the thing. james comey didn't care that the democrats or hillary clinton campaign were effectively the ones who bought the dirt and paid for the dirt. wow! joining me right now, assistant editor of the "wall street journal"'s editorial page and historian doug wead. but first as we follow the money trail, james freeman, walk me through this. this is like you have got to understand your sources. you have got to understand where the information is coming from.
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you have got to was motivates someone. in this case the hillary clinton campaign and the dnc owned that material. james comey doesn't think it's necessary to tell the judge that. >> if we believe what he's saying, he's reckless in turning the surveillance of the party out of power. i think he's telling a wholly unbelievable story. if you go from the last interview to this one monday with congressional investigators, wee he just talked about things he says he didn't know or care about in terms of who you was paying. he had the same answers when he was asked how the investigation started. who authorized it. he was asked in the earlier round of questioning, how does the counter-intelligence investigation begin? i don't not happened somewhere below me.
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how does a political investigation of a campaign begin, i don't know. didn't know christopher steele, didn't know how long he had a relationship with the fbi. these are all the things he says he didn't know or care about and i find that unbelievable that a person in his position would be told the major party candidate perhaps on his way to becoming president has been compromise by the government of russia. trish: you weren't care to do a little more digging. you don't believe he's telling the truth? >> i think he's telling a story that's unbelievable. trish: do you think he wanted to believe what he read in that dossier? >> this is the investigation of his career, maybe it biggest
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anyone's career. we got used to reporting on it a couple of years. but you are running the fbi and your subordinates tell you the major party candidate has been compromised by russia and we are going to start surveilling his associates. this happens below you and you don't ask for information where the data is coming from? trish: where it's coming from, who paid for it. that's just the tip of the iceberg. what does this tell us about the state we are currently in from a historical perspective, how historians look back at this moment in time. >> it's very dangerous, trish, and it's kind of scary. it sounds like you know more about this than by his own admission james comey knows about this. and the bias that -- wow! he says he didn't care where the information came from. if he didn't care, why did he
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hide it for so many months from the house oversight committee. why did they hide those fbi agents and not allow them to testify if they didn't care? they obviously cared. that's why they obstructed justice to keep them away. why did those very fbi agents latered get fired? what was that about? it's heartbreaking. this is the federal bureau of investigation. the only thing they are supposed to do is investigate. here is the man and he doesn't know anything and can't remember anything. something is terribly wrong. trish: i'd told you, i had a visceral reaction when i read through this testimony. to me saying i didn't care. maybe this gets at the heart of as journalists we are always questioning where the information is coming from because you have to know whether you can authenticate. you have to know whether you can
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trust it. to me the idea our government doesn't care where information comes from. in this day and age you can three anything out there. home run. no wonder nobody wants to be in politics, james freeman. >> i think you raise another reason to doubt this story which is even if he was a complete partisan, even if james comey decided it was his job to save the country and the world from donald trump. i think any reasonable human being would wants to know how exposed he was, how thin this sourcing was. who christopher steele was. who was getting the information from. very basic. because especially -- he's a lawyer. at some point you might have to tell the judge where you got this. trish: he's a lawyer and he's pretty well educated. i would think these are common
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sense questions you would have. doug, one of the things i worry about -- a zillion things go through your head with all of this. but who is to say this christopher steele, who's to say word didn't get out to putin that there is an expert spy compiling a document for the dnc and the hillary clinton campaign, and by the way like it's connected to the fbi. don't forget the guy at fusion gps, his wife was at fusion gps. bruce ohr i'm talking about. there is a chance it could muck things up over there in the united states. i want to know the answer to that, doug, if i were james comey. >> some good points. and one basic point missed here by comey, that's a moral
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principle as well as justice principle. that you have the right to confront your accuser in court. you can't have -- it's medieval to have anonymous sources of information and anonymous evidence. if you do an investigation of the political opponent, it's incredible. comey should have been very curious about what the source is. who is making this accusation against a candidate for president of the united states that we are now going to investigate and we are going to assign investigators to openly hate that man. trish: he should have warned us and started with who is paying for this dirt. right, steve? fundamentally, who is paying for it, and does this person have a vested interest in seeing the other one go down? >> it's the most of basic question. it's unbelievable that he didn't
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ask. yet he asserts among the i don't knows and i didn't care and that's below my level. he asserts there was no bias in the investigation. if you believe everything else what he said about not knowing, how would he know whether there was biaser. >> not. trish: it many good to see you. up next, conservative author jerome corsi has exclusive information on the mueller probe. why he says these documents he's carrying with him tonight prove major government outreach. he's sharing them with us. newly elected socialist congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez announcing she is taking a few days off for self-care and wait means and why it's important. she hasn't started work yet. dr. corsi in the
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trish: conservative journalist dr. jerome corsi is fighting back harder than ever, accusing the federal government of massive overreach. new this evening only on this show right here. a letter to his lawyers from the senate intelligence committee demanding jerome corsi hand over potentially thousands of emails, texts, letters, any and all communications he has shared with dozens of people. will he turn this over to the senate or tell them to take a hike? we probably know the answer. jerome coursey is the author of the new e-book silent no more.
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you have been through quite a bit. what are you telling them? >> take a hike. take a long road to somewhere other than russia. trish: they want a lot of information. they want to know any communications that you had with d.c. leaks, juice for, wikileaks, roger stones, the government ecuador, ted malik. steve bannon. they want a lot of information. any communication you had from donald j. trump's campaign. why are they so obsessed with you. >> i guess i'm the central anything the russia collusion investigation. i hold the key. you want to talk about russia,
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come to me, i'm the guy. trish: the reason they think that, to back up second for viewers, it's because you figured out that assange had podesta's emails. >> that's right. my 25th wedding an verse rid my wife and i went to italy. i figured out on the flight, everybody was thinking after july 22, 2016, assange dumped emails from debbie wasserman-schultz and i figured out he had more. i had great intelligence sources how the democrats put their computer system together. when i did a forensic analysis of the 40,000 assange dropped on debbie wasserman-schultz. they came out of the dnc server than were no podesta emails on there. anybody who got on that server
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would have seen podesta's emails. that would be the mother lode. anybody worth their salt would take that first. i thought assange had podesta's emails and we drop them october to dominate the news cycle and that's what he did. but what i did was connect the dots. trish: you weren't orchestrating it the way mueller's team thinks you have. >> they are convinced i have a source. jenny reid ridiculed my belief in god. she said dr. corsi you are asking to us believe on this international flight with your family you had divine intervention, and god told you assange had podesta's emails.
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i said i'm not thrilled you want to ridicule god. but i figured it out. i don't know julian assange, i never met him, i never even communicated with him or anyone who could have tide me to him. that's what i do. trish: i bet they got his, too. you were taking a gamble on that. >> i made it sounds like i had inside sources when i'd told roger. since i was a kid my dad says when you figure these things out, tell them to me. i learned over the years, i have been uncanny in my ability to do this, deduce it and put it together. it's what i do as an investigative journalist. trish: what did you tell the feds as they came to you and requested all this information? >> basically the same thing weed told the special prosecutor. i said i don't think russia
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stole the emails. and they said, dr. corsi, we are not interested in your theories. now they want to indict me and said i lied. no i have a bad memory. they blew it up because i couldn't connect roger stone to julian assange. all these people hate donald trump. the senate intelligence committee with the january tie hate trump. trish: didn't you already turn over this information? >> sure, the special prosecutor's office has it. maybe they should just get from it special prosecutor. or my attorney told the senate intelligence committee go investigate the massive surveillance we are under from the nsa. i'm sure i have been under massive surveillance. this is the basis of my $350 million lawsuit that will be
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heard by judge leon on january 3. maybe northeast they should ask the nsa to get my wiretaps, would i like to see them, too. trish: so you are not going to comply with this? >> no. they can take a hike. they want it three days after christmas. trish: you did provide it to the fbi. >> ask mueller. ask mueller. trish: apparently nobody is getting along there. >> my crime is i supported donald trump. my second crime is i believe in jesus christ and i believe in the first amendment. now suddenly i'm a major criminal and central figure in the entire russia collusion. it's russia-corsi. it's hysteria. and i'm going to spent rest of my life now trish -- trish: defending yourself and your reputation.
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you don't bleach that you had anybody in your orbit who was working with the russians deliberately to give this material to assange. >> no. and they want the derogatory information i have on hillary clinton. maybe they didn't like my back to on why the clinton foundation is a scam. they don't want that. they want me to go down for throwing the elections. russia must think we lost our mind in this country. trish: russia is getting what they wanted. we are in a divided state. we are double r scwowbling -- we are squabbling amongst ourselves. >> the justice department this control of the politically motivated criminals. the below deal i was offered was a criminal plea deal where i had to swear i knowingly and
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willingly gave misleading information to the prosecutors. that's why i refused to do that. i think my next two years will be spent before democratic committees. they don't pay for me to produce these documents. three days after christmas i have got to produce all this stuff. they can take a hike. trish: thank you again. this just breaking right here. new tonight, former national security advisor michael flynn has no idea if he'll need to serve jail time for lying to authorities. a judge postponing the sentencing by a few months. more of your taxpayer dollars and our hard-earned money is being spent on this mueller probe. democratic socialist alexandria
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trish: house republicans releasing the transcript of yesterday's interview with former fbi director james comey. it included the fiery exchanges between james comby and trey gowdy. is intlition when trey gowdy pressed comey on why he skirted fbi protocol by sending agents to the white house and interviewing general michael anyone without counsel. this is his response. and i quote. i never worked in the transition time before. but my understanding that a more established administrative environment you wouldn't get away with calling a witness and saying, hey, can we come and talk to you. i guess eric holder wouldn't allow that, right? one of those agents sent to the white house was peter strzok who was fired from his job for huge bias. remember that?
11:30 pm
the peter strzok lisa page texts? joining me right now, andrew stoltman. maybe general flynn should have realized the severity of it. but clearly he didn't under the circumstances and james comey had no problem with that. is that some kind of violation of something? >> there are so many violations here, it's amazing. nobody said what michael anyone did wasn't wrong. clearly it was. but this has nothing to do with russian collusion. this has to do with him lying with respect to russian collusion wirt had to do with fbi agents coming to him, not telling him he had to have a lawyer so he got confused. yes he lied and his life has been ruined. but it's not the kidnapping of the lindbergh baby.
11:31 pm
trish: they are getting him on technicalities. you can't lie to the feds. but that said, that's not the action that keeps on getting us further away from what happened. you look at this transcript. you saw how i led the show. i'm disgusted with the fact that james comey didn't care so much some care who was paying for the dossier, and didn't think the judge needed to know that. you are a lawyer. wouldn't the judge need to know where this information was coming from before issuing a fisa warrant? >> that's a crucial material piece of information. with respect to the public, the scales are coming off the eyes of the public. what he can't do. remember sergeant schultz web said i see nothing, i hear nothing, i know nothing. that's what mr. comey is like.
11:32 pm
that's the problem because he's the head of the fbi. ignorance isn't bliss. he can't not know this stuff. trish: and i don't care that i didn't know. >> you are the head of the fbi, you have to know. that doesn't pass the red face test. trish: agreed. but if you are in the club, if you are friends with hillary clinton and company, somehow you get away with a whole lot more than if you are friends with donald trump and company. is there a different standard in washington, d.c. for those that are republican and those that are democrat, andrew? >> yes. there is a major different standard it's an incredible double standard. special counsel is like a stumbling, bumbling drunk. once he sets his eyes on a target he goes after them with extraordinary heavy handed
11:33 pm
tactics. the number on the cost of the investigation is skyrocketing. nobody is overseeing him right now. he's going down every rabbit hole he can find. innocent people are being sucked tighten orbit and spit out. trish: andrew, it's good to see you. democratic socialist bernie sanders the top choice for the 2020 ticket. check him out. 36% right at the very top. i guess his supporters aren't paying attention to what is happening south of our border in socialist venezuela. the country is on the brink of collapse. their socialist days are numbered. nicolas maduro is running scared. accusing the u.s. of trying to assassinate him. bringing support from russian fighter jets, and announcing,
11:34 pm
this is the new one, that he tripled the size of his country's militia in a desperate and soon to be futile attempt to hold on to power. joining me is maria salazar. good to have you here. if this isn't a warning for us. i don't know what is. >> absolutely. every time people complain, i always tell them, whenever people complain about what's happening in america, they should be there for a week in venezuela or cuba and then be grateful to what the american system offers and the conditions we live in in this country. trish: you think of prechavez and presocialism had a good standard of living. the highest per capita income in all of latin and south america. you have people losing on average 25 pound annually
11:35 pm
because they cannot afford or get access to food. that's the severity of socialism. maduro figured it out. we don't like him, and his people do not like him because their conditions are so miserable. where does this go? >> they don't have much to do. maduro is behaving the same way the castros have behaved. they are scaring the population saying the yankees are going to invade at any time and they need to protect the national sovereignty. they are deflating where they are. they are trying to move away the venezuelan people's attention from the horrible economic mistakes they made for 20 years. mistakes that come from a socialist system. socialism doesn't work. social i am brings misery, poverty and exile.
11:36 pm
that's why we have 5 million venezuelans who fled the last 10 years. trish: we are done with the place. they kicked us out. every american company that could have given them salvation in that we had the technology to develop their oil. they have a very thick tar-like oil that they can't get out of the ground. we have the ability to help them. they didn't want the help because we are the yankees. we are the bad guy. guess who is there now. you have got russia. you have got vladimir putin flying in his fighter jets there perhaps trying to show solidarity for the socialist maduro. you have got cuba still active there, as people would say running things. >> the cubans are running the show. that's why the cubans sent the
11:37 pm
script first too chavez -- to chavez then to maduro on how to maintain power. trish: why do we have the likes of vladimir putin hang out in venezuela with his fighter jets. >> the russians announced they would like to establish a military base in venezuela because putin is very upset with the americans because we pulled out of the nuclear weapons treaty. trish: not okay. >> what maduro is doing is the same thing fidel did for 60 years until he dired. to scare everybody off that the yankees are coming. then dividing our enemies russia and the chinese to bail them out. the chinese have a trade war with us and their economy is not doing so good, and the russians
11:38 pm
the same thing. so this is not the 60s or the 70s when fidel was able to be bailed out and live off the russians for 30 years. maduro has a problem. in order for him the receive that script to maintain power. he has 30,000 cuban military personnel in venezuela controlling the repressive apparatus. trish: i think his days are numbered. the freed world noise longer going to recognize him when his term is up. so this is a matter of days, and maria i agree with every single thing you said. he has stolen two elections already. so he could steal the third. he still has oil to sell and we the united states are still buying the oil. we are his number one client which i believe we should use
11:39 pm
the nuclear weapon which is not to sell or buy any more oil from venezuela. trish: thank you so much. the administration showing there may be wiggle room when it comes to the border wall funding. president trump weighing in on this issue. meanwhile, alexandria ocasio-cortez taking a breather. and not for a little me time before she begins her stint in washington. because she is so tired already. that's socialism for you. that story coming up. great news, liberty mutual customizes- uh uh - i deliver the news around here. ♪ sources say liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. over to you, logo. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ when it might be time to buy or sell? with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time.
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11:43 pm
wall. but we are building artistically designed steel slats so that you can see through it. it will give our country the security they deserve. it will save billions of dollars a month once completed. mattie, is this what we need? will it be saving taxpayer dollars because we won't be spending as much on security and you won't be spending as much ultimately i would think on, you know the welfare program for lack of a better word that you need when you have populations coming in that are disenfranchised and joining various communities. >> i am just hearing that tweet, and my first reaction is it sounds expensive.
11:44 pm
it doesn't matter what policy you are demanding. it's whoever is demanding the ex train yuls items that have the advantage. he only has a few hours left for that to happen. i think this will be a missed the opportunity if we barrel forward and make it ultimatum. i am happy to see the administration increase their leverage by easing the demand for the $5 billion. we don't know what the actual cost of the what else. it's silly to get stuck on a number with no credibility behind. trish: it sounds like you are telling me you don't need the full $5 billion, would you be happy with something else, we just need to get it done? >> the president needs to articulate the goals and means of accomplishing that. if $5 billion is going to secure
11:45 pm
the border, that would be great objective. there have been a number of republicans proposals that are much larger than $5 billion. so that would suggest this is a number that doesn't have a lot of basis in reality. >> trish, none of these numbers have any credibility. more importantly there will be is no data to support that building a wall whether it's $5 billion or $10 billion will stop illegal immigration. homeland security's own numbers say,they coming in through the ports and airports and other means. this is a political promise, not reality. trish: what would you do. there was a time when chuck schumer and hillary clinton and barack obama loved the idea of a stronger border. and there was actually support
11:46 pm
for a quote unnote wall. maybe they had called it something else during hillary clinton's first go at it for president. but there was a time when she was far more positive ton on this than she is now. what's happened? >> the democrats despite what the republicans say have always been for border security. schumer and he localsy offered $1.6 billion for border security, not a wall. they know it doesn't work. the republicans continue to be over civil war on this issue. trish: let's not forget, this was a promise. >> it's not reality. >> i think what you are saying trish is right. security is the important objective here. we don't know that a wall actually accomplishes that. we need to talk about the objective of securing the united states. trish: isn't it symbolically
11:47 pm
safe. >> it accomplishes nothing. why are we talking about it? he has got to capitulate. >> i agree with scott, would i like to see the president call attention to what the democrats' plan is to secure the united states. thick since many of them called for aboicialing the agency that secures the border. trish: mattie, scott, thank you so much. alexandria ocasio-cortez hasn't started her first term yet. but she can't stop talking about a self-care break. anyone really surprised? i'll tell what you she is saying. that story is next.
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trish: self-proclaimed socialist turned congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez. she says i am taking a few days to take care of myself before what is sure to be an eventful term for work people, immigrants and the poor. self are care is political, not because we want it to be, but because of the inevitable shaming of someone doing a facemask. >> can you explain? what does she mean, facemask. i don't even follow her tweet. i don't understand. >> the part i had a hard time
11:52 pm
with following her is when she said self-care is political. i don't don't see that facemasks are political. you can enjoy a nice cucumber mask and you don't have to be political or progressive or liberal. at the end of the day i think we need to keep our eyes on the ball when it comes to alexandria ocasio-cortez and point out the things that are dangerous like abolishing i.c.e. i think we need to keep our attention on the proposals she is pushing that are dangerous and detrimental to the country. trish: she is a socialist and we have been talking throughout the evening and the last several days about venezuela on the brink. you see the devastation, the destruction. an economy that was once thriving is in shambles with 80%
11:53 pm
of the population living in poverty. this is what the people are faced with. and this woman who doesn't strike me as extraordinarily bright. talking about self-care other constitution or whether she is talking about world economies. not especially bright, i think if she had her way we would be following right in the footsteps of the likes of nicolas maduro, hugo chavez and fidel castro. >> yes. that's her platform. she is a socialist. what this conversation is not about is facemasks. what it is about is personal responsibility. she was in the headlines for saying she couldn't afford to find a place twhroif in washington, d.c. now she is saying i need a break and take some time off. that's out of touch with a the lotlot -- with a lot of people.
11:54 pm
that's an important thing to pay attention to. this comes from an overall attitude of entitlement it's something millennials are accused of all the time. at campus reform we have reported on the spiking in socialism's popularity. students love the idea of free tuition, free healthcare, student loan forgiveness. this stems from the attitude of entitlement. trish: i look at it, and you are not like them. but i scratch my head. they say, look, i don't know. i had a job from the time i was 12. you earn $25 a week teaching swimming in my summer job. when i was 14. the minute i got out for my summer break. my mother would say do not come out until you have a job.
11:55 pm
but that was sort of the rule. has it changed that much? do moms no longer say to their kid, get out there and don't come home until you have a job? i think it has changed a lot. the way teens are raised now is significantly different than the way they were raised even a decade ago even when i was a teenager. i have a 16-year-old sister and things are different for her than they are for me in a number of ways. i think one of the things that have contributed to this are the rise of helicopter parenting and the rise of parents hovering over their children and being overly protective of them. we see the fallout of that behavior on college campuses. trish: my husband tells me he used to walk to school when he was 5 years old in kindergarten. even i wouldn't let my 5-year-old walk to school. but emma, that's -- he's not
11:56 pm
that old. but that was okay in small town america. and it's not okay anymore. so i do think parents, we have a responsibility in all this. but also you guys. your generation has a responsibility. if you don't get with the program and you continue thinking you can take breaks instead of earning money for your rent like ocasio-cortez does, that's not a good prescription for the future. >> definitely not. for me i got a job when i was 1 years old. i was a barista, i say it was the most of valuable job i had because it taught me to work hard to get where i want to be. hard to get where i want to be. trish: thank you both. jardiance asked: when it comes to managing your type 2 diabetes, what matters to you? step up to the stage here. feeling good about that? let's see- most of you say lower a1c. but only a few of you
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trish: breaking for you, senate overwhelmingly passing criminal justice reform bill, with a bipartisan win for president trump. bill now heads to house. where it also has some
12:00 am
bipartisan support. looks like this one will be a win for the white house. i'll see you tomorrow night, 8 p.m., kennedy begins now. kennedy: thank you, james comey is a quote self admit liar and leaker and no business lecturing us about his values. today sarah sanders put former fbi direc or director on blast. it clear comey road in on his lame high horse, spent much of the day patting himself on the back. he refused to answer a northbounnumber ofquestions andd robert


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