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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  December 22, 2018 2:00am-3:01am EST

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we hope you can join us on wed dave next week. "bulls and bears" every night at 5:00 p.m. on the fox business network. thanks for joining us. twrish * breaking right now. we are hours away from a government shutdown that's over $5 billion in funding that president trump wants to protect our borders and build that wall. a veteran not waiting on congress to get its act together. he's starting gofundme page to build that wall. you wouldn't believe how much he has raised to fund that wall. it's in the millions. my source are telling me
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vladimir putin's support of nicolas maduro's regime is raising red flags back at home. new reports about the probe. that it's nearing an end. why there is a hope the new year brings the indictment of president trump and that hope may go up in smoke. this is "trish regan primetime." breaking tonight, we are on the brink of a government shutdown at this very moment. the senate is scrambling to get the president the $5 billion he said is needed for that wall of ours. washington has until 11:59 tonight to find the money or else a shutdown will become reality. here with me right now, mr. chad pergram, fox news senior producers on capitol hill. it looks like it can happen and
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it may being a long one. reporter: the government is going to shut down at 11:59 tonight. the house representatives finished its business for the day and adjourned. the senate remains in negotiations. vice president mike pence is still at the capitol along with mick mulvaney. there is a little bit of a glimmer of hope that in the next 24-48 hours, they can get the agreement and get the votes to pass in the house and senate. the key though will probably be a deal that fund all the seven appropriations deals that are outstanding. this won't be the same bill the house of representatives passed last night. but they will fund all of the funding bills for the fiscal year through september 30, 2019. that's the aim according to
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kevin mccarthy. trish: you have the democrats digging in their heels. if we don't see $5 billion for that wall, does the president say forget it? >> he steels his resolve pretty hard here. the freedom caucus in the house of representatives held the president to his promise. they said wait a minute. they said you are going to go for a wall. this is our last best chance. mark meadows indicated this will do major damage. that's his quote. and that seems to have changed the nature of things in the house of representatives. so they got something through the house in was a key vote in the senate that went on all afternoon. the longest vote in senate history to get the house vote up on the floor. had they not been able to do that, they would have been dead in the water. they had incremental progress tonight but they are not there yet. the government will shut down
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partially after midnight. trish: we had shutdowns before, quite a few of them. what would you categorize as a long shutdown versus a short one. >> a complete government shutdown for 2 1/2 weeks over obamacare as republicans tried to repeal and replace and defund obamacare. in 1995 you had standoffs between newt gingrich the speaker of the house and president clinton. it lasted between october of 1995 and through christmas answer new years of 1996. each time they woand one of these shutdowns they opened up part of the government. but they had one that ran between christmas and new years.
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two distinct ones much shorter. this one might be in that category. they might solve it tomorrow night or by christmas. the key will be the votes in the house and senate. what can the president sign? he got over the tips of his skis saying he would take credit for a shutdown and wouldn't sign anything else. but that's why the vice president and mick mulvaney are here. they are trying to work out a come pro miets or face-saving gesture. this is how it always happens with these major issues. they go right up to the deadline. here they are going to bust the deadline technically by a little bit tonight. trish: chuck schumer is saying you are never going to get that wall. so you have got bloat sides in this standoff it's a bad game of chicken. the shutdown very well is going
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to happen as you point out in just a matter of hours. chad pergram thank you so much. here for analysis -- warren davidson just voted for over $5 billion in funding for the wall in congress yesterday. but the senate may not be able to get it done. so we may be looking at a shutdown. can we handle it? >> the senate is going to cause a shutdown. chuck schumer shut the government down once already this year. we know he's okay with a shutdown. just like nancy pelosi was wrong when she'd told the president in the oval office saying, mr. president, you don't have the votes. well, we had the votes. and senator schumer is wrong as well. the president will find a way to build the wall and secure our
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border. i am encouraged. mike pence is meeting with people. mick mulvaney is in the room. i have confidence in those two. we might get full year funding. we got full year funding on defense. but there are people we shouldn't be shutting the government down. we should have done the right thing in september and hit the deadline on october 1. but we are at least having the conversation about full-year funding instead of a stop gap measure to february. trish: who do you think the american people will put the blame at? the president said he's willing to take full responsibility should the shutdown come. >> at the end of the day, the president has been made famous by harry truman, the buck stops
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here. and he's owned it. but he also pointed out as he said in the oval office, chuck, i need 10 votes. chuck schumer could give the 10 votes. there is almost no level of spending the democrats aren't in favor of. but on the president's key priority they have restraint and spending. trish: all of a sudden they care about budget deficits and national debt loads. when did you all become fiscal conservatives? >> rest assured, if we do a stop gap measure to february, we'll see there are no fiscal conservatives on the left. trish: if you are successful here, the president does get miss wall. do you think his political future and the future of the republican party is reliant on that wall happening and getting built?
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>> i think the president was wise to make sure he doesn't stumble into a no new taxes moment and he needs to deliver on the promises he said. the president for most of of the country we are excited to see the president following through and doing exactly what he said. there is a large part of the country committed to a resistance movement and obstruction at every turn. so they are not happy to see shim follow through on his promises. we have a flourishing economy. we -- trish: i agree the market is in a volatile state and will continue to be so for the future because people don't have a roadmap with trade with china. >> it was the democrat control of the house. you look at all the dynamics coming together. rest of the world's economy are
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faltering. but it also goes to historic reform on regulatory and tax reform. our economy has been booming. one of the biggest ones we got done missing in the news is the first step act was truly bipartisan. it gives more people a second chance. we can get people engaged in the workforce and keep the economy growing. trish: your critics say who's to say it won't cost $20 billion. they also say a wall won't do anything. i believe the wall will do something. it's only sending a signal to the rest of the world and sending a signal to anybody trying to cross illegally into this country from mexico that it's not going to be easy. >> that's right. and the president has done that without the wall. we have sections of wall. where we have sections of wall, it's been effective. that's why homeland security has
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asked for this. but whether the wall can be done with $5 billion or $20 billion, there are millions of americans interested in funding the wall. i have got a bill that i introduced as a measure that lets those people whether it's fully funded by the government or not participate. as will be highlighted, the gofundme is great, it collected millions of dollars. the treasury doesn't have a mechanism to accept those dollars and commit those fund for that purpose. thank you. congrats on work on that bill. let's see if it happens in the senate. as the congressman said, one florida veteran said he's not going to wait for the government to raise the money for the wall. he's calling on americans to
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take some responsibility. brian kolfage started a gofundme and he has raised more than $13 million already. uncredible response. joining me now iraq war veteran and founder of the gofundme page, brian kolfage. did you have any idea it would resonate at this level? you started this four days ago and you are up to $13 million. >> i knew it would be big. i was frustrated with what was going on. i knew it would be big, but it blew up a lot faster than i expected. americans want that wall and they will hold the government in check until they get that wall. trish: i feel like i am on qvc. now it's $13.5 million. so $13.5 mill. people are responding to this.
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because i think that you hit on something. americans -- most of americans want this sense of security, right? they want a sense of border. i don't care what political aisle you are on, there is a sense of this is our country, and we need to protect our country. is that what is resonating here? >> that's exactly what's resonating. we don't know who's coming across that border. if people are coming through the back door, there is a reason they are coming through the back door. if they don't want to use the front door, they are trying to hide something. we have a revolving door and anyone can claim asylum. but they are rushing across the border. trish: what would be magnificent and disturb the left is if this president got meaningful immigration reform done. the wall is one part of it. but immigration reform is
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another. why not roll out the red carpet for the people we want who can come here and help our society and make it harder for the bad guys. let me ask you about this. $13.5 million. your goal is a billion dollars. what happens if you don't get to a billion dollars. what happen to the money you raised? >> we'll try our best to get to that mark. if it doesn't get raised we'll let the donors pick what we do to it. i initially said we'll refund it. but i'm getting pushback and people want me to give it to a wall foundation or some sort of charity. but we are not worried about that. we are not count on the government to get this done. we are praying they get it done, but we are going to plan for the worst. trish: ways your eta? how much time are you gig yourself? >> we have a lot of constraints
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with gofundme and we pay it's very dynamic. they haven't rated this amount of fund so fast and had it basically. there is a lot of stuff going on with it. they are not sure how it's going to go. so we are working with their restraints. trish: just the sheer size of it. >> there is a lot of risk involved for them and a lot on the table. trish: how do people donate if they want to contribute to your fund. >> we have a website to control everybody. there is a lot of fake sites. if you go to that will have the links for our official site. go to and that will have the links.
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trish: brian, good to see you. democrats are convinced that the resignation of defense secretary james mattis somehow spells the end for the president. why they couldn't be more wrong on this. why the resignation might and good thing for the administration. the scary details of vladimir putin's fresh inroads into the country so close to ours as it collapses amid hyper inflation, near starvation and pure raw socialism. i'm on it. hi.i just wanted to tell you that chevy won a j.d.power dependability award for its midsize car-the chevy malibu. i forgot.
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yippiekiyay. ♪ mom. ♪ trish: democrats are going
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crazy. they are saying our you country is somehow less safe because secretary of defense james mattis is resigning. he was a wonderful secretary of defense. but we'll be okay. but you wouldn't know it by rinsing to the left. >> the events of the past week should concern every american. the secretary of defense, one of the only pairs of steady hands in our government is resphrieng the administration in protest. >> appeasing adversaries and undercutting allies, this from secretary mattis, it should cause great concern. trish: they go on and on. let me just throw this out there. what do you think about this. isn't the president better served by having a defense secretary who agrees his foreign
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policy moves. if you have someone within your immediate circle who disagrees with what you are doing, how are they going to implement your policies? you want people who ultimately are going to do what you think is right. otherwise it just creates an environment where you are working against each other, right? joining me right now, stephanie hamil from the daily caller, and democratic strategist. don't you want key members to implement the policies you like? >> absolutely. i think it's important to have people around you who have different thoughts and bring different ideas to the table. i appreciate that. but if you are not willing to go along with what the president's agenda is. if you are going to actively fight against the president's
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agenda. that's when it becomes a problem. that's when we talk about the deep state. while we respect secretary mattis. we have to acknowledge it was the right thing for him to resign. he felt like he couldn't do the job. trish: he's being a man. he's stepping up and saying i don't agree with this policy. i don't have a chance of change that, so i can't be here. i think he was a wonderful secretary of state. but if he does not agree with the administration's policies what the president wants, then it all makes sense. and the president is better off not to have him there. >> i will say a couple things. one, i will thank him for his service and coming in and doing a job not many people will sign up to do. i think it's dangerous for any leader who forces him self to
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surround himself by yes people, particularly when they don't have an expertise. >> he listens to a lot of different opinions, he does, an twawn. but once you make that decision as the executive, as the ceo of america, if you would. you need people who can implement your strategy. you don't want people around you who will disagree. i think it's the mature thing to do. >> this president came into the office with zero foreign policy experience. here you have someone with an expertise in the area. trish: mattis, right? >> common sense would tell antoine if i don't have foreign policy experience maybe i should lean on the people with the expertise. trish: i have no problem with that. and he does lean on people tremendously. but in this case there was a
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fundamental disagreement. and you cannot have someone so close to you that can't actually follow through with the policies you like. again, stephanie, he listens to a lot of different ideas. i commend him for that. because not every president is as willing to listen to different ideas. ultimately you have to go with your gut. because americans elected him. >> he's fulfilling his campaign promises. today people are lighting their hair on fire over this decision on syria. we saw this coming. he's doing what he promised. so we know mattis and trump their ideas didn't align on many issues from the iran nuke deal to sending troops to the borderer to the simple military parade. my issue is i don't like how mattis resigned. there are a couple things that bothered me in the letter.
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he was saying the united states need to respect our allies more. we as a country 100% respect our allies. the notion that trump is being disrespectful by asking nato nations to pay their fair share is disrespectful or asking mexico to do something to stop all these people from storming our borders? trish: like you all are suddenly fiscal conservatives, you are suddenly more hawkish these days. i think if this was a different president who was a democrat you would favor the idea of pulling out of some of these places. but because it's donald trump, you don't like the. whether it's christmas decorations or the christmas card. or actual policy, you guys don't like it. >> very similar to how you all
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did not like barack obama's tan suit or michelle obama's nice arms. trish: i missed that. similar to how we all what? >> how you all did not like barack obama's tan suits or michelle obama's arms being out. trish: i have no problem with her arms. you are being silly, antoine. you really are. >> that letter should be very concerning to everyone the fact that we are pulling out of syria set off an alarm on the left and right. that speaks volumes about the seriousness of the nature of the decisions the president makes. trish: i think it's hypocritical. if it had been a democrat president you would cheer and say we are out of those places wee where we don't belong.
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you cheered when under barack obama we got out of iraq and we had so many more troops there. but different standard for different presidents. what disappoints me in all this is how darn political it all is. >> everything that president trump does, they have to criticize. it's interesting the people criticizing him today had different opinions a year ago. the "new york times," they were against the war in syria now they are for it. you can go back at look at these articles. it's amazing how people change their opinions. trish: antoine is shaking his head. i will give him an opportunity to say something nice. what is it you like about the president. >> i appreciate the fact that in a bipartisan way we passed landmark legislation to reform a broken criminal justice system. i appreciate that. as a person of color, people of
2:28 am
color are impacted more by a broken criminal justice system. >> i'm sure you were tweet being that on twitter thanking the president for that. >> i am doing it right now. trish: fresh concerns russian president vladimir putin may be reaching out right now to cash-strapped socialist venezuela. the major dangers and the big red flags this raises for you next. my exclusive reporting. we keep talking about russia's influence on the 2016 race. but what if those accounts weren't actually even russia's? new details on the left's attempt to create fake twitter and fake facebook accounts and attribute them to russia. also new reports, robert mueller is wrapping up the russia probe.
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♪ i need to eat, eat, eat apples and bananas ♪ ♪ why can't i eat, eat, eat ♪ ♪ apples and bananas support the feeding america nationwide network of food banks to help provide meals to those in need. join us at trish: tonight venezuela's socialist-backed regime hovers on the edge of destruction. they have just days left before the international community refuses to recognize them
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because the international community says they stole the most of recent election and time is up. as of january 10, socialist nicolas maduro is no longer leader of venezuela as far as we and the rest of the freed world are actually concerned here. so tonight we are learning the socialists are turning to our enemies, primarily, russia, in a desperate attempt to stay in power. there are reports russia has offered convenience * a financial life -- offered venezuela a financial lifeline for a maul area close to caracas. russia wants this area to stage aircraft. labor this buys socialist nicolas maduro a couple days or a couple months. but these tactics will backfire
2:33 am
because we as the united states of america will not be okay with vladimir putin hanging out in the caribbean. the last time that happened you are talking 1962 and cuba at the height of the cold war crisis. so venezuela will have to start find something other ways. maybe it means injecting a little more capitalism into their economy. we with our u.s. companies and technology have the ability to harvest all that oil. they kicked us out. and maybe that should change. a quick programming note for you. i have an exclusive interview with venezuelan vice president rose are you guess. i will be asking the vice president all about this. joining me right now. the author of "lion of evil."
2:34 am
robert mcinnis. i don't like the idea of vladimir putin being able hang out there effectively with a launch pad. >> in 1962 when the castro brothers brought in the soviets and put missiles there, we came the closest ever to a nuclear exchange with russia. what is happening here, on the 10th of december two 2, u160s flew into caracas. they have been there twice before in '08 and '13. they are talking about use an island that even chavez promised a few years ago before he died that perhaps the russians could use.
2:35 am
if this happens we have something reminiscent of what happened in '62. you have deliverable nuclear weapons perhaps. but also because we are pulling out of the 1987imf treaty with the russians. there is a good chance because of what putin has been saying, i'm going to put missiles closer to you, the united states. we never expected they would be to our southern flank. and that will create real scenario issues for us as we go forward. trish: i would think. those fighter bombers he sent there, he sent that in part because nicolas maduro believes that john bolton is trying to assassinate him. so he feels that he's under threat and he's looking out -- frankly, the bad guys wct iranians, the russians.
2:36 am
none of our friends. he's look to them for help. ways our opportunity here. we cannot allow that. we cannot allow the russians to have a presence in venezuela. but we recognize the venezuelans kicked us out and they don't want american business interest there. what are we left with? what do we need to do strategically. >> the chinese and russians are playing havoc and posturing all over the globe. their relationships are being honed, and it's something that should give us pause as to how do we deal with not only their it in might, but their economic might as they try to leverage all these countries. now, venezuela is one of those. as you indicate, maduro is very
2:37 am
vulnerable. he signed a pac a couple weeks back with putin on mining and energy. he'll take advantage of that. will maduro survive? i don't know. however, i see a really new cold war with china and russia. russia being in that part of the world will create a lot of havoc for us. will we perhaps use funding from insurgents in the area? we do that sort of thing all over the world fit serves our best interests. trish: given this is a place less than 3 hours from miami. >> absolutely. the other thing, trish, i'm concerned about the 8 to 10 refugees who may pour out the next couple years. where are they going to go? they are not going to go further
2:38 am
south. they are likely to go up the throat of central america through mexico to our border. what happens when they get to our border? we don't have a wall. trish: i have a lot of questions. i hope you come back. we are going to keep covering this story every single night on prim "time." make sure to tune in next thursday just after christmas for my exclusive interview with venezuelan vice president delcy rodriguez. we have a whole lot of questions for her. 19 months in and counting. that's how long it's been going on. new reports reveal the russia probe might be nearing an end. are the democrats prepared if it end without an indictment of the president? more "trish regan primetime" next.
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trish: a disturbing new twist at the russian hack attempt. and all the fingers point at the dems. a fake russian boss designed to create a link between russia and cad roy moore during the senate special election. robert, they are calling it a false flag operation. walk us through what the dems actually did here. >> so what it seems like is that a number of twitter pro filed were created looking like they
2:43 am
were russian defense. and they were following roy moore. and some of the media picked it up, i believe someone in "usa today" or thal bamiyan, it made news and designed make roy moore look bad. creating a twitter bot is not hard to do. anyone with a computer can make it happen. trish: why did they want to make it appear they were russian. >> it seems any relationship with russia is a bad one in the political climate we are in. and if you are supported by the russians, you must be bad as well. trish: now it's being used as political ammunition. the "new york times" is pointing out it didn't have a big effect on the actual election results. i would agree with that. you think about any fake twitter accounts. there shouldn't have been one.
2:44 am
i blame the obama administration and the robert mueller fbi, and the james comey fbi. but i don't think it was the fake accounts that prevented hillary clinton from winning in 2016. she did that all on her own. >> right now you can do a quick google search for how to create a twitter bot. anybody can even gang in that process. thinkr this methodology of twawrkt potential election can and will be used again in the future as a disinformation campaign. trish: we have no idea from the bots are from. if do you a forensic analysis they could be traced back to the country of origin. >> not too difficult to do. the disinformation that social media allows makes it easy for this type of misinformation to
2:45 am
soil someone's reputation. trish: unfortunately this is the brave new world we live in. what do we need to do to be prepared for 2020? it may not be just the democrats. it may be the russians or the chinese. or any host of actors that want us to be further divided that we have to watch out for robert, right? >> there is an all-out assault online. anybody connected to the web and with a presence needs to monitor their online reputation and how it's being manipulated in a number of different ways. trish: new reports that robert mueller is getting ready to submit his findings to the acting attorney general. why democrats may be disappointed after place, the xfinity xfi gateway.
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trish: the mueller investigation will continue regardless of whether the government shuts down and it looks like it will shut down. this has mr. mueller reportedly prepares to submit his report to acting attorney general matt whitaker. presidential historian doug wead. do you think some democrats will be disappointed? do you think the president is not going to get indicted and it will ruin their year for 2019? >> well, it could. but i'll tell you this. if they are not disappointed they are not going to tell you and me. they are going to try to play it straight and announce it as if it's earth shattering news. they do anyway.
2:50 am
when paul manafort was indicted the headline on one of the network's opening was mueller's russian probe snares another one. and he'll be indicted, even though it was paul manafort and the crimes he was accused of were committed 12 years before he met donald trump. trish: there is one msnbc host saying he doesn't know if the president is going to return from christmas break. he thick that it's all going to be over. he'll mysteriously retire. they don't like him. and we have seen it manifest itself in a level that is so vocal and so out there. i know you talked about it from a historical perspective. you said there have been a lot of members of the media that haven't liked presidents before. but now it's different. the way we all communicate with
2:51 am
each other is different. whether it be cable news or twitter or facebook or anything like that. >> it's dangerous, trish. in the green room before we came out of here, one of your other guests who is in the military, we were talking about the position trump is in because he's being vilified night after night. what if he had to take action with this putin involvement with venezuela or north korea. his hand are almost tied if he took strong action, the media would go crazy. he need to be free. the neary is the mueller investigation was purposely stretched out so it could help the democrats in the off-year election and now they are speeding it up to wrap it up quickly so the democrats in the house can tart their investigations and maybe their impeachment. but it's political obviously. it's very political. trish: you know what just
2:52 am
devastates and sickens and disgusts me. when you read through that transcript from james comey when he was being questioned earlier this week. you know what it says when they asked him, did you care who actually paid for the initial dossier that set off this entire chain of events web said no, i didn't care. that was the dnc and it was hillary clinton's campaign that hired the law firm that went out and hired christopher steele to put together all this stuff, and he doesn't care hot source is that's actually paying for it? if that's not political, sir. what is? >> it's sad and it's disheartening to know the trump folks perhaps quite a bit naive turned over everything to cooperate with mueller because they had nothing to hide. they gave him one million document from the trump
2:53 am
campaign. compare that to the 30,000 emails hillary clinton destroyed. if a prosecutor can't find something in that, he's got to quit his business and do something else. trish: when you think about how many hours his lawyers sat down. >> 70 hours would be an exhausting few weeks of your life. trish: it' been an exhausting 19 months of our life. this administration has been successful on the policy front. and look. i'm impressed only in if they were coming after me like that, and my entire orbit, i would think it would be hard to focus on anything else. these special prosecutors when they get a blank check to go out there to dig and dig and dig, and suddenly they are over here not even close to the crime they
2:54 am
are investigating, it can make things distracting and uncomfortable i would think for a president. >> i think he has done a great job. he has a temperament i don't have. i notice even now they criticize bringing the 2,000 troops home from syria. these are the same people who when donald trump came into power they were allied with bowo shais haram. but they don't have any land. trish: suddenly all these lefties are security hawks. now they want all the troops in syria, and they are also budget hawks.
2:55 am
>> and they were experts. they were tilling us you can't use the word islamic terrorist. they were talking about appeasing. they brought christiansn into the east room to lecture them on the crimes they committed in the 6th century. that was their approach to isis. donald trump's approach was different man this case i trust trump. trish: doug wead, thank you so much.
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trish: if i'm robert mueller, i'd actually want to get to the bottom of what the russians did, and instead we're going off on this tangent and that tangent, and we've lost all focus. and that is not healthy, it's not the right thing for the country, it's not the right thing for the president to have that kind of distraction right now. i'm amazed that he's getting anything productive done, and you've got to hand it to him and
2:59 am
his administration for the successes that they've had. [laughter] that was me appearing on a show called "the wise guys." bill bennett hosts this, former secretary of egg, and it's airing -- secretary of education, and it's airing christmas eve on the fox news channel. also next thursday i have an exclusive interview with the venezuelan vice president rodriguez, so make sure you tune in for that one. and on that note, i just want to tell you all merry christmas. i hope you have a really wonderful, wonderful holiday. i have a couple seconds, so i'll tell you my santa story. in the fourth grade, 10 years old, the whole class, they were like, there's no santa. i said, yes, there is. yes, there is, and i did a big research project, and i learned all about st. nick, and i got up in front of the class, and i told them everything. everything i'd learned. and let's just say there were a lot of believers after that.
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i talk about this in -- on bill bennett's show. he just came out with a wonderful book on st. nick and the legacy of st. nicholas. have a merry, merry christmas. i hope santa treats you well. >> from the fox studios in new york city, this is maria bartiromo's "wall street." maria: happy weekend. happy holidays, everybody. welcome to the program that analyzes the week that was and helps position you for the week ahead. i'm maria bartiromo. coming up, jon hilsenrath is here, also the ceo of eli lilly, dave ricks joining us. later in the program, my all-star panel gazes into their crystal balls to tell us what they think will be the big market stories of 2019. but first, the federal reserve hiking interest rates by another quarter of a percentage point on wednesday while signaling it could raise rates two more times in 2019


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