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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 26, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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you can follow me on twitter, instagram. tomorrow night, cory and lauren jones, and mike baker, i'll see you then good night. . >> good evening. i'm david. lou has the night off. our top stories tonight, wall street poses best day nearly a decade with the dow having a large is one point gain in history. this is fueled in part by a surge in retail and energy shares. it comes the day after president trump kept the heat up on fed share and told investors that now is the time to buy. >> is good for a lot of people. they have money in the bank and can get interests. for many years nobody got interest on their money. i have great confidence in them and our companies.
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we have some great companies. they have record kinds of numbers. it's a tremendous opportunity to buy. >> the chief economist joining us to take a strong day for the trump economy. the government remaining partially shut down as ineptitude drags on for fifth straight day. the dam seemed to be playing partisan politics. >> in one. >> none. >> what chuck schumer and nancy pelosi have both told the president is that we are not going to build a wall. >> incredible.
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>> david: the president taking time to show appreciation for men and women in uniform in harm's way. making an unannounced visit to iraq. he held firm on his position for stronger border security, saying he's willing to wait as long as it takes to get protection along the southern border. >> will do whatever it takes. we can have a wall. we need safety for our country. we have terrorists coming in through the southern border. we have drones and technology, technology is bells and whistles. you have to have a wall protection. when you say how long is it going to take? when are they going to say we need border security. don't forget, the democrats all agree that you need a wall until i wanted it. >> david: tom homan is joining us tonight with why the left's incessant push for open borders
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is detrimental to the security of our nation. we'll also talk to cory lewandowski about the president's visit the troops serving overseas. while the government shutdown has put a halt on funding, the mueller witchhunt continues on at the ever-growing cost of 25 million in taxpayer dollars. will have the latest tonight with sidney powell. we begin with the markets were all three major industries easily erase their losses today after suffering their worst christmas eve on record. the dow closing up 1,000 86 points. the nasdaq was up 361. today's rally was filled in part by strong retail numbers in the holiday season. a reminder that consumers are in good financial shape. reports that the u.s. government
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is sending the delegation to work out a fair trade in china give stocks the final push. this happens a day after the president reinforced his confidence in steve mnuchin and renewed his criticism of the f fed. >> raising interest rates too fast, that's my opinion. i think it will stay. the reason it too fast because they think the economy is so good. >> joining me now is chief economist at the milken institute, bill. thank you for coming in. let's start with the market. we've never had a point gain like this before in the history. what you make of it? >> we can call of the -- recovery. it's safe and we don't have to worry about a change in the fed
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share. suddenly the markets turned around. despite the fact that it completely floode floods the me. he communicated to the markets that we are ready to pause. the economy may slow and were going to be cautious. he said were on autopilot. >> what didn't scare the market was incredible retail figures. they were very good. i'm wondering to what extent has the market been underplaying the effect of the general economy. >> it's very sound. were expecting above trend growth in the u.s. economy. is fueled by the labor markets the job growth is spectacular. it's giving consumers confidence and they are decreasing their savings rate which is not sustainable. were looking for tax cuts to
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kick in and boost productivity. that has to come into play. what's uncertain is whether the spat with china's causing firms cut back on their investments. >> david: what bothers me is when we continue to hear that they all went to stock buybacks. when you hire a worker you have to spend an average of 10,000 dollars. that is an investment in human capital. an investment made millions of times since the tax cuts and that's why we have more jobs and job seekers. >> let's not forget, everyone says it stops buybacks but that doesn't mean the money disappears. the shareholders are saying if they cannot use my money i'm going to put it to work in other companies. it does trickle back. it takes longer.
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the markets are in turmoil so allocating these funds becomes more difficult. it does not mean money disappears. >> the president when he said it, i guess it was two months ago when he pointed out the fed was moving too fast on hiking interest rates lot of people say come on, this is unseemly to have a president attacking the fed. but in fact didn't look like trump was right. >> every president gone back to lyndon johnson has had a problem with the feds. no president likes the fact that he's doing this in an independent way. trump is just going back to remind the feds that we have to look at the economy without being on autopilot. the markets were spooked they have been doing extraordinary
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things. money has been at zero interest rates for way too long. the fed is also told lists were doing it slowly. trump says we have to do it slowly because we don't want to jeopardize recovery. >> it's not just the stock market. there's a worldwide economic slowdown. in europe is partly because of their policies in china it's largely because of what we have been doing to get them in order. it wouldn't take that much for what's happening in the world to affect us to the point where we have a serious slowdown. >> the u.s. is the only bright light in the global economy in terms of growth. everyone else is strip staggering under what socialism and high government spending brings about. china is feeling the effects of
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the tariffs more than we thought. the private sector is in danger of slowing down. they're putting in place of fiscal policies. >> david: there is an article in the new york times last week suggesting there are people in the private sector in china as intrusive as the communist government is, there are private enterprises and they like what donald trump is doing because it gives them more leverage to work against the hard-core communists to encourage more opening in the economy. do you agree with that? do you think trump is on the right side of the issue? >> trump is helping the private sector of the chinese economy become more independent. they've been known to be huge
10:10 pm
behemoths. we need to preserve intellectual property rights. there's a lot of development of new patents in china. they want their rights protected. we want market access, we both want to protect intellectual property were starting on that track because the chinese had love legislation that says intellectual property theft is illegal. the chinese are famous of putting in laws that are not enforced. >> there also getting desperate and getting pressure from the inside. i think the president is still on the right track. thanks for coming. coming up next, president trump and first lady traveling to iraq to give thanks to military members. >> i'm here today to personally thank you and every service member throughout this region
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>> david: president trump making his first trip to a war zone as commander-in-chief, landing in iraq for an unannounced visit to the troops. while on the ground, he thank the men and women in uniform for their service. said he had no plan on removing them from iraq at this time. >> under the cover of darkness, the president first lady bordered air force one and made their way to iraq west of baghdad. they spent three hours on the ground. president trump gave a 20 minute speech to cheering troops. >> we came to share our eternal gratitude for everything you do
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to keep america safe, strong, and free. >> is the president's first visit to a combat zone since taking office. it comes on the heels of his decision to draw down troops in afghanistan and syria. he wants u.s. soldiers to come home from syria and other countries like turkey need to share the cost. if needed, iraq can still be used as a base to stage attacks on militants. despite calling george w. bush's decision to invade in 2003 the single worst decision ever made, president trump said he had no plans to withdraw troops from the country. >> i have concerns for the first lady. but if you would have seen what we had to go through, with the dark complained in all windows close, no lights on whatsoever anywhere. pitch black. i've never seen that. were coming in and i know all of
10:17 pm
the things that were surrounding us for safety. my bigger concern was maybe the people who were with me. >> back home the u.s. government remain shut down. the president promising the government will not open until he has funding for a physical barrier at the us-mexico border. >> whatever it takes will have a wall. will have safety. when you say how long will it take? when are they going to say when he border security? don't forget, the democrats all agree that you need a wall until i wanted it. once i wanted it, they did not agree. >> administration officials like to remind us the last pay period ended on december 22. workers will receive their paychecks on december 28. white house believes it's
10:18 pm
possible the shut down could go into the new year, perhaps even into the new congress. it will impact hundreds of thousands of federal workers. congress is expected to return tomorrow. >> thank you. joining me now is cory lewandowski, co-author of trump's enemies, how the deep state is undermining the president. it's good to see you. thank you for being here. let's talk about the trip to iraq. i wonder if there will be apologies from the media that said this is the first commander-in-chief afraid to go to a war zone. >> the media is never going to give him the credit he deserves. we've seen the twitter explode that donald trump wasn't visiting the troops on christmas. this was always planned. he left under the cover of darkness. they went to visit the troops to
10:19 pm
show their unwavering support. they will have all tools necessary to eradicate our enemies overseas. this president is committed to that. you won't see you talk about that or the 1,000 point increase in the stock market. >> david: he comes off this week after his defense secretary left the administration, announced he was leaving. we have a big controversy about syria. the idea, the way the media is portraying it is that the president made a secret deal with the leader of turkey to abandon our allies in syria. >> it's not true. i had the privilege of speaking to the president before he left. the bottom line is, we've been in syria for 2388 days.
10:20 pm
this president was very clear that when he ran for office he made the pledge to bring the men and women in uniform home. he gave that directive to general matters a year ago he said he needed six months and they reevaluated it. general medicine leaving. barack obama have for secretaries of defense including firing then senator, chuck hagel who became secretary of defense over policy disagreement. >> they didn't even say it ever existed. >> there is a concern on the part of people in the military that the current bush fought in such a brave manner throughout syria against isis, nobody would take up the arms against isis the way the kurds did.
10:21 pm
that somehow they will be abandoned or on their own against the turks who wants to wipe them out. are there contingency plans to push the turks back? >> i think the president understands were in a global environment that we have to stay with their friends and punish our enemies. but we have to understand what the priorities are. securing our border has to be the priority. it is the president solemn duty to make sure every american is protected against all enemies both foreign and domestic. we can have a permanent military presence everywhere. that's what he pledged and now he's bringing our troops home. >> let's talk about the border wall in the government shutdown. one thing that is clear, we know where the president stands on border security. his allies and enemies
10:22 pm
understand that. we also understand that neither mr. schumer ms. pelosi has plans for border security. if they have they have never shared it with us. >> it's clear the democrats want to politicize this issue. many democrats voted for border security in the last decade. then donald trump campaigns on this to close our borders and they think it's a terrible idea. can you imagine if a caravan of individuals tried to make their way what the media would be same. their sovereign nations, you can't do this. the mainstream media wants to protect. they have no plan for border security and they should look in the eyes of the families who lost loved ones and explain why
10:23 pm
we can't find $5 billion to build the wall when we found other money. >> the trump economy got a boost today. a huge game. the biggest point game ever in the markets. what you make of it? what do you think the future of the market again is going to be? >> if you look at the retailers they've had a phenomenal holiday season. spending is up. travel is up. that's because tax quotes. our growth rate is over 3%. that's unheard of under the obama administration. we have to be careful with interest rates but the market will respond when people respond. >> be sure to vote. do you believe president trump
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>> robert roller will reportedly raise his final report in mid february. already adam schiff said he will use his subpoena power to make sure the public sees the final report even if the white house threatens to block its release. >> i'm prepared to do everything to make sure the public has as much information.
10:29 pm
>> that is a yes from my point of view. we ought to make sure the report is public. there may be parts that need to be redacted. >> this has already cost taxpayers over $25 million since it began. even the new york times is coming up calling for more oversight of doj officials. they wrote an op-ed that said federal prosecutors need a watchdog two. they criticized the lack of oversight the doj is prosecutors received. joining me now is the author of license to lie, exposing corruption in the department of justice. it's great to see you. i was belittling the new york times for catching on to this little late in the game. better late than never. it is extraordinary that even
10:30 pm
the new york times would recognize the power of federal prosecutors is out of control. >> it is extraordinary. we need to mark this and read for that very location. federal prosecutors have far too much power. not only can they destroy an innocent life, they can destroy companies as mr. wiseman did on his indictment and 85000 jobs with it. >> and at the core of it, is exemplified by mr. molars idea or it appears to his idea that i will find a crime to fit the target. in this case is the president of the united states. her before he knows of any
10:31 pm
crime, he continues this is the president says, witchhunt to look for a crime. i don't mean this rigorously. as mr. stalin and the soviet union he said show me a man and i'll show you a crime with which i can convict him. >> with the over criminalization we have experienced in the last 20 years, there is and to prosecutor out there who cannot find a crime to pin on any individual in the country. show me the man, i will find crime. that's what mr. moeller has done with everyone he has encountered in his mission to destroy the president's where does it end? we assume the mueller investigation should be over before spring, to what end do you think it will be? what will they discover and present in a document?
10:32 pm
>> we have no idea. he can take it as long and as far as he wants to take it. he can turn it over to congress, or expand it to the southern district of new york and feed more information to them. he's expanded it to the eastern district of virginia. we don't know until he decides he's done. that's the problem overall. worse than that, they have immunity to do this. congress needs to take a look at it and bring them in. the inspector general was the weakest of all. mr. mueller has kept the inspector general from looking at the documents. >> david: do you think that was done on purpose? >> yes. >> creating a in inspector general he didn't have what it took to take on someone like mr. >> yes. that's way mr. mueller is the
10:33 pm
insurance policy that peter and lisa talked about in their text messages. it's no accident that mr. mueller deleted the text messages on their cell phones which is a crime for which mr. moeller should be fired immediately. >> will have this document which will have some salacious charges and it, many of which i'm sure will not be proven by the document itself. then it will be released according to adam schiff. even if there are attempts by the trump administration to keep it under wraps we have to be honest there are going to be leaks. whoever gets their hands on it will find a way to leak it. >> i have no doubt it will be leaks. i'm in favor of disclosing all of it and then disclose the remodel on the transcripts of
10:34 pm
witness interviews. disclose at all. particularly all of the documents. >> david: i think you're right. it's great to see you. >> thank you. up next, nancy pelosi accusing president trump of using scare tactics on immigration.
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>> david: secretary of homelands of every child in custody of border protection. this, after two children died in detention. they're asking the centers for disease control to check up on sick migrants. nancy pelosi said the wall proposal has become a beaded curtain. closing must not have seen the latest report from ice. in 2018 they arrested over 138,000 illegal aliens with criminal histories. 138. they processed over 2000 total homicide offenses and almost 12,000 total weapon offenses. joining me now is the former acting director he's also
10:39 pm
foxbusiness contributor. that's a damning report. >> will be able to find them if interested. she'd rather do a false narrative. let's talk about the kids who died. hoyer and other democrats getting very close to blaming ice and border patrol agents for their death, or at least for negligence with regard to their death. the kids were sick, they were sent to the hospital on the hospital release them. then, the border agents who were with the child and the child's father asked if the kid wanted to go back to the hospital. it wasn't until the kid got delusional that they sent the kid back. >> it's always sad when a child dies.
10:40 pm
i started and border patrol in 1984. i stood in back with a 5-year-old boy who suffocated in his father's arms. i was in there where they were tortured and killed. people die entering this country. the find men and women are doing everything they can. no voice talking about the aliens they saved that would have died. what has -- done? as long as they keep talking about abolishing ice, sanctuary cities, they don't want e-veri e-verify, until they close the loopholes people will continue to be enticed to come here. why don't we close the loopholes, pushback on
10:41 pm
immigration. >> build a wall, save lives. >> before we leave ice, the l.a. county sheriff is saying we are going to remove ice agents from county jails. what will that do? >> when the sheriff said that he stopped being a cop and started being a politician. >> he you started your first job as a cop. >> shame on him. he's going to physically remove a federal law enforcement officer. they put themselves on the line. >> he out to be thinking ice. he ice has arrested thousands of criminals in that jail and remove them from the community. ice has also arrested thousands of illegal aliens who are criminals from the streets of l.a. county. you think he would give them a thank you rather than saying he's going to physically remove them. shame on them.
10:42 pm
>> el paso is going to be receiving 600 migrants that ice is releasing there. how concerned should folks in el paso be? >> maybe they should ask denny hoyer. the ninth circuit has decided you can only detain a family up to 20 days which is not time enough to see an immigration judge. most don't show up in court. when they do less than 2% of the 91% have left the country. that's a further enticement. people think there is no deterrence. >> the judges have essentially mandated by their own authority, catch and release. >> yes. another loophole that i have gone to the hill many times to close the loophole. if you want to process were all for it. there's one way to guarantee it.
10:43 pm
in 2014 we did that. they saw the judge. over 92% lost their cases. the numbers went down. they realize there's a consequence in the united states is a country of laws. so they want to blame border patrol and ice he could've help close that loophole. >> david: on ask about pelosi mocking the idea of a law saying he should call it a beaded curtain. >> shame on her. she doesn't want to support a wall to keep them out. she mentioned the president is making up information on criminals, terrorism, and the disease. border patrol arrested more than 6000 individuals. ms13 members have more than
10:44 pm
doubled. the seizure of fat all by border patrol is up 184%. all that tells you, you need a wall. i remember two years ago we did have a tb he was a rare form that we couldn't treat. we worked with the cdc. after a few months, what if that person would have been released in the united states. many people come across tb, measles, chickenpox, lice. there are sickness coming through that border. the facts are easy to find. look at the facts before you start going against the administration and the policies. >> thank you. good to see you. >> david: coming up next, left-wing radical refuses to believe it's the democrats instead, they choose to blame
10:45 pm
president trump. >> it is getting crazier and crazier. >> donald trump is on track to be the worst president in modern times, perhaps ever. one way to get out is to offer a larger deal. if he's not willing to do that, were going to make some changes. we have to get something or he'll end up with nothing. >> it seems he doesn't know what he will say from one minute to the next. if you don't have a strategy how can you manage it? >> there is grave damage being done to the economy and to national security. >> will take that up tomorrow after the break with our panel. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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10:50 pm
the house and senate are scheduled to meet tomorrow afternoon. no legislative business is scheduled. where do we go from here? try to me now is gina, a member of the media advisory for we also have mark with us. happy new year to both of you. >> happy christmas and new year. >> david: we just mention the president on his trip to iraq. he just destroyed another media myth. that he's afraid to go into a war zone. you think they will acknowledge that at all? >> no. not only is he not afraid to go into a war zone, he even took our beautiful and courageous first lady. when you hear him describe going in at night and all darkness, you realize it was a courageous
10:51 pm
move. while the news media is silent except for folks like you. >> he has been on the view, he's been on 60 minutes, he's not afraid to go into a war zone. i feel terrible for the democrats. they work hard to come up with this. the two big ones, the market is crashing and first president not to visit troops. both are wiped out in one day. the president told people this morning, maybe you should get into the market. if you followed his advice he would be richer. >> ivan tweeted that yesterday. you know that his economy, his player that the democrats are going to run out of leverage. he understands his leverage. he knows on the infrastructure bill and other things they will have to stop obstructing. >> on the other hand there
10:52 pm
certain things you can't control. one is the federal reserve. he can use his bully pulpit to talk about the mistakes, but is there any chains? the line is they raised rates last week because if they hadn't done it they would be seen as submissive to the president. i have a feeling they will be wary about raising rates. >> they should raise rates because it would signal something bad. i think we are ready to accept the quarter-point but the fed cheers language was too aggressive. >> david: during his speech, the market was plummeting. everybody the same be quiet. >> have we ever seen her for a chairman that hawkish? >> david: what you think the president will do with the fed? his chief economic advisor said
10:53 pm
he's not going to be firing the fed chairman, what do you think you will do? >> i think will stay doing what he's doing. what he's doing is working. even if we see a dip but since the news media into a tailspin. the next day we see things come back and get stronger. if you look at the spending, it's all record-setting. you have to take everything from a birds eye view. he's in for the long game. >> were talking about shutting down the government how long that will last. or turn who blinks first. >> i think the democrats blink first. does this mean they can't take office on january 3 if there's a shutdown? that would ended right there.
10:54 pm
>> if anything it will be more difficult to come to a deal and democrats take over the house. that's next thursday. >> how many times will they screen the sky is falling. when the sky doesn't fall the american people has caught on. but if a tree falls in the woods and nobody hears it is that awful? >> gina, mark, great to see you both. happy new year. >> stocks rebounded following their worst ever christmasy performance. the dow gaining over 1,000 points. slow larger single game in history. there was conviction behind the game. oil gained almost 1% to 47% per barrel. gold, silver, and copper close relatively flat.
10:55 pm
spending over 850 billion this year is the biggest increase in shopping in six years. listen to lose reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. up next will have more on the opposition to the border wall. reading at fifteen fpm. why would you need to learn every detail about a company? firmness... nine. it's how ibm services helps retailers around the world drive growth and save millions. he's very into this. yeah. is that the standard amount? yes. feels good. when your partners are obsessed with business and technology, you can put smart to work. and all thro' the house. 'twas the night before christmas, not a creature was stirring, but everywhere else... there are performers, dancers, designers
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david: last week we asked whether you believe rinos and radical dems will oppose president trump's protecting american sovereignty. 96% said yes. we need safety for our country. we need a wall. when you say how long is it going to take? when are they going to say when need border security? the democrats all agree that you need a wall. david: this marked his first visit to iraq. that's it for us tonight. brad blakeman and christian
11:00 pm
whiton are among our guests come. you can catch my show on the fox business network, "bulls and bears." trish: president trump and first lady melania making a surprise appearance in iraq to thank our troops tore their service. what the president is saying about the fight against terror and the need for our border wall? >> how long to you think the shutdown will last? >> whatever it takes. we'll have a wall, we need safety for our country. trish: whatever it takes. however long it takes. conservative author jerome corsi is here exclusively with what he says is brand-new information on how the fbi is surveilling his entire family.


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