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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 27, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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business. >> good evening, i am david asman, lou dobbs as night off, top story, doin nothing congress rolls on. the border wall funding continuing to be ignored by radical dems. president calling out obstructionists who stand in the way of his commitment to ending the glow of drugs. -- glow of drugs to ending human traffics and his commitment from keeping violent gang members from entering the country. louisiana senator bill cassidy said that president's demands for border security need to be met. >> should not be hard to get to
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where the president wantings to be. democrat voted for div 25 billin for border security this year, and 2006, obama voted for border security, that is not a foreign concept. you look at caravans approaching it should not be a hard sell to their voters. you ask me will schumer move? i don't know, i don't know his mind. should he move? absolutely. david: house freedom caucus chairman mark meadows said he is losing hope that shut down will en any time soon. >> i am not optimistic as i was 48 hours ago, having discussions with president prior to the christmas break he was fully engaged. and yet, it has been met with really, just resistance and no acceptance. david: we take up president's
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ongoing fight for his wall with former george w. bush senior staffer brad blakeman. >> and russia successfully launching a hyper sonic missile that russian authorities claim is invincible. as they reportedly test an unmanned drone that could trigger a 300 foot nuclear tsunami if detonated underwater. >> from using product made by chinese companies like huawei, and zte, he discuss concerns over continued rise of russia and china with former adviser to president trump, christian widen and michael pills bury. >> a wild day on wall street,ao dow up 260, a swing over 870 from session lows.
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>> president trump returns to washington and day six of a partial government shut down. after spending time with american troops serving overseas. the president turning his attention toward the obstructtionist democrats for their unwilling there is to come up with a a deal to fund his border wall, our fox news capacity -- ellison barber. >> president trying to pressure democrats and convince them to change course and support funding for the border wall. have democrat realize we need border security, there is no official record of party arc , affiliation with furloughed workers, they estimate from
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345,000 to 800 thousand. impacting more than a dozen federal agents and departments. >> folks saying, can we have descroandrones and technologies, technology is bells and whistles, in addition to mass numbers of illegals who are coming in 1comemany of whom arew long is it going to take? when are they going to say we need border security? reporter: white house said they offers democrat number between 5 billion and 1.3 billion, sourcs say that past week it was 2.5 billion for border security. white house press secretary sanders says that administration gave democrats a solution 5 days ago and they have not received a a-- single response.
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protect american communities and reopen the government. the democrats decided to go home. >> will you accept 2 billion. >> i am not going to talk about it now. ♪ i love this land. reporter: president had a lot to say about democrats during his trip to iraq. >> democrats don't want to lets you have strong borders, only for one reasons, you know why, because i want it. reporter: he claims minority leader nancy pelosi is one prevents democrats from making a deal because she worried about potentially losing house speaker ship, she was nominated for it last month. >> chuck wants to have it done, i believe that. but, she is calling the shots. she is calls them because she's the votes. reporter: a spokesperson for nancy pelosi responding to statement that came out from white house. saying, quote, democrat have offered republicans 3 options to reopen the government, that all include funding for strong,
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senssensible border security but note fro president's immoral, ineffective and expensive wall. david: thank you. >> russia claims they have a weapon that can defy any defense system with president putin saying it guarantees his country seconsecurity for decades to co. we have a report from pentagon with what that means for u.s. safety. reporter: one di one day after christmas, russia launch the a hypersonic missile, flying 4,000 miles, hitting target on near kazakhstan. and president putin witnessed it first hand, called that lunch an excellent new year's gift to his nation. >> m new missile defense. this is a big success. and a big victory. reporter: putin said his new missile will be deployed next
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year and will put united states iin its cross hairs. hyper sonic missiles have travel more than 20 times speed of sound, a challenge for current u.s. missile defenses, a report from national defense strategy commission, a group of military expert and retired senior u.s. military officers warned, america has reached a point of a full flown national security crisis, any future battles with russia or china, due to years of pentagon budget cuts during obama administration. and said that u.s. military is falling behind in developing new weapons, with respect to hypersonics in particular, united states finds its trailing china and perhapses russia as well. all this raises a positiveo possibility that america may fine itself at a disadvantage in in future conflicts, one report said that trump must continue to spend more on defense. >> we have to do 5 things at
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once, continue fighting of terrorism, we deter iran and north korea. we have too continue to counter russian, gre aggression and deag with threat of a resurgence in china. >> over a thousand nuclear warheads. if anything took a shot at united states, the response would be overwhelming. david. david: lucas thank you so much. >> joining me now to discuss russia growing nuclear provocation, and president trump's visit to iraq, christian whiten. former senior adviser. this hypersonic weapon, is this everything that russian say it is. >> i don't think it is, hyper sonics have been coming along, they are developing theirs, we're developing ours, i am more worried about china, china has
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resources to pour into these new types of technologies. what putin said as far as this it is susceptible to missile defenses we need more missile defenses, we're foulked on a limited attack not a broad attack from russia and china. david: what gets me is press reaction. they suggest that this is russia's answer to the u.s. pulling out of the treaty when, this hyper sonic has been in the works for years there is no way it could have been reacting to something that happened a couple months -- >> that is ignorance and fake news, a hypersonic cruise missile is different from a ballistic missile. so, two different things, and they take a long time to develop and we have just pulled out of the inf, we pulling out because
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russia violated it, and arms control does not work with russia. >> let's talk about china. because, a lot of people are formore concerned about it. a huge country by comparison in population, and in terms of size of the economy. it focusing so much of its attention, its money itself but technology. which is controls, even if kawltd a private company. what do you think hour biggest concern should be at the moment with regards to china? >> i think it will -- multifaceted with hard power. and naval and air force expansion, no country including our own had a naval expansion like there and had ad venture with it. then there is more cyber and savvy components of this. you know president has won a increase in defense budget, or 717 billion in this fiscal year,
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but it has not translated to more ships, aircraft and missiles. partly because we've been spending so much on middle easte eastern wars, if you add syria and afghanistan that is 6 60 billion a year. that could go a long way. david: i am suspending that you support his decision, vis-a-vis syria and possibly afghanistan pulling troops out? >> i think it very difficult to understand, now one seems to wh- bothering to try to explain what we will accomplish in afghanistan that we have not already accomplished. you know thankfully you know, number of people who are killed in action decreases. for everyone one we lose dollar 10 more who are maimed, we're losing 20 veterans a day to suicide, the cost of this is imeimmense whether in human ters
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or monetaryin monetary terms. david: they are at odds general mattis, had full support of the president going in and taking on isis, and correct me in if i am wrong, he really destroyed the basis of what isis was, what is grew scwowr into under the obama administration. >> that is right amazing what you can accomplish when you get the lawyers out of the way of our military. we can switch to other uses of those funds. david: i have to go back to russia. to two things. there is talk of them building a military base, in the caribbean, an island owned by ven -- cereseptembe--
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>> as for reality of it putting sort of obsolete bombers and russia kind of limited on resources, because they are at the end of their resource chain in syria, i think unlikely it comes to pass. if it does we need to react firmly again the government in venezuela. >> and this probably does not deserve more than a few seconds, discussion of a doomsday weapon. i don't know if anyone out there remembers doctor strange love there is talk out of russia it may be bluster. but underwater device they could have to set off a nuclear wave if you will, a tsunami that is radioactive, do you know anything about that? should we passing it by? >> to quote dr. strange love the
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movie, you would not be human if you were not concerned,al -- if luke at our third nik nuclear tt it was a small bomb underwater, it does create a wave, but water absorbs a fair ai amount of for. david: thank you christian. david: a late wild swing on wall street saw stocks close higher, adding to yesterday's massive gains, the lows today. s&p 500 in green with 21 point gain, and nasdaq up by 25. >> coming up, latest on a manhunt for an illegal immigrant suspected of shooting and killing a police officer. and left wing national media
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bending over backward to put a negative spin on president trump's surprise trip to iraq. >> it is important that president goes to visit the troops, but he is doing it backwards. >> the president is no longer alone in the white house. >> it is unbecoming and bush-league. >> it puts soldiers, all of military personnel in a very bad position. >> we kept saying he is like the grinch. i am being honest. >> he stole christmas. >> he confused the troop visit with a campaign rally. >> everything with this president is stage events, seems so contrive, he should have made it earlier. >> he turns these gathers to campaign events, he puts them in a difficult spot. david: unbelievable. stay with us.
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"activecore, how's my network?" "all sites are green." all of which helps you do more than your customers thought possible. comcast business. beyond fast. david: trump slams left wing national media outrageous coverage of his surprise coverage to iraq, accusing u.s. soldiers of violating military law by having president sign their maga hats, president
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tweeting out in part, if these brave young people ask me to sign their hat, i will sign, can you imagine me saying no? we brought or gave no hats as fake news first reported. >> perhaps media need tubes neee reminded this this photo in 2 newin2008. barack obama signing hit open hat in kuwait. and in iraq. >> a manhunt underway in california for a illegal immigrant suspected of fatally shoot a police officer, he is considered armed and dangerous, killing officer singh, who was a police officer this week during a traffic stop in new man. -- newman. president trump say that it is reason enough to quote get tough on border security, and to build the wall. joining me now, former member of george h.wgeorge w. bush senior,
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brad blakeman, this coverage of president trump's visit to iraq. i contrast it with a couple of visits that president obama took. he took in 2009 to iraq, and headline from post, troops interrable cheered, feeling love on surprise base visit. that was typical of coverage, i don't think that was a typical this this "washington post" in first two paragraphs of lead article, just had every negative connotation you could imagine on this trip. >> this is part of the pandemic amongst meadia of trump derange aderangement send syndrome. he can do nothing right according to these people, he should not care. he did it is what matters, boost
10:22 pm
moral. and show them we care, and i aglad you thapplaud the presides first together over a period of time, it was kept secret, president was not forced into anything, he planned to do long in advance, timing is everything, and president about the right thing. david: even on the very day that he went to iraq, it was held in such secrecy. you were hearing comments on the media about how this guy never will visit iraq and never visit the troops, it must have been tough for president to keep turn wraps. >> by the way, those attacking the president the most, are people like schumer and pelosi, who have not been there as far as i researched until 2007, where have they been, they were in power long before president trump came into power. david: i want to talk about this manhunt for the illegal
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immigrant who killed police officer, who was a legal immigrant by the way. terrific guy. from all accounts, died in the hospital. because of his gunshot wound. it is coming right as the funding of wall of the wall is in headlines, really the reasonry have a government shut down, is it fair game for president to point this out as an example of why we need that wall? >> you bet it is. we have pou porous borders, peoe coming across. invading. you we have not have sanctuary cities or encouraging people to break our laws, president is right. we first must start with a secure border, a wall and technical security and personnel. the president is reason able in his request. it should have been done decades
10:24 pm
ago. we have never had a secure border, and we've paid a heavy price. david: president had a tweet about the wall,ing i suggestingt works where it has been tried, he said, and hinted that it will be one of key issues in his reelection campaign, mentioning 2020 if that tweet. do you agree. did you think if we don't get the cooperation from the democrats on a wall, that it will be a key issue in 2020? >> it will. it should. the president needs too have tranches of money like we're getting battling over right now 5 billion to continue the process, this will be an expensive process, you pointed out earlier in show we spent 50 billion a year in afghanistan, we don't have enough money to seconto --second ourto --securen
10:25 pm
finfund troops to secure other borders but not ours? david: where is the passion of the democrats, we know that path opagourtzis of the -- passion of the president, wall and economy. in terms of democrat, obscure ideas like medical for all. governor jerry brown. known to some as governor moon beam, came out with what he thinks will be a key part in state of california, may become a national issue. >> we want to know what the hell is going on all over the world, all of the time. so we're going to launch our own satellite. our own damn satellite to figure out where the pollution is and how we'll end it. david: how do you think that will go over with voters. >> i don't think well. i think governor moon beam
10:26 pm
should be more concentrating on his citizen population that he was elected to serve, and stop worrying about others in other places, california is one of the highest taxed states. they have sanctuary cities, their priorities are screwed up. i think that people of california deserve say governor who is thinking more about them. david: i don't think launching a satellite is high on their list. thank you brad blakeman. >> thank you. david: coming up next, trump administration takes steps to curb chinese company like huawei from controlling future of wireless internet here. >> we take that up with michael pillsbury, stay with us,
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♪ ♪ ♪ this holiday season, families near you need your help. visit now to donate. but super poligrip gives him a tight seal. snacking can mean that pieces get stuck under mike's denture. to help block out food particles. so he can enjoy the game. super poligrip. david: welcome back. i am david asman in for lou
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dobbs. president considering a order to stop using product from huawei and zte products, they could be heutioneused to spy on american. economists are expecting the downward trend to continue to the new year, joining me, dr. michael pills bury. he is our author new york time bestseller, hundred year marathon. it will have trouble if current economic trends continue. >> right. but, china has massive foreign exchange reserves, second largest on economy closing in on
10:32 pm
us, growth rate is twice our growth rate. i would not count chinese out so quickly. david: believe me, i am not counting them out at all. you can squeeze people quite a bit with a communist government having control. let's talk about possible executive order from president against huawei and zte, do you -- we should mention, telephone exchanges all over u.s. right now that have this equipment, huawei equipment in it whether routers, or phones or lines that made. this would be a ver arduous task in ripping it out. >> it goes as high as a billion, products were sole for half price or less than half price of the competition, at the time of the sales, china was persevered
10:33 pm
our friend -- her perceived as her friend, and security partner, not now. they hope this possible executive order is not retro active. but it is dangerous if they have backdoor chips in it, it spikes a cyberattack. >> and there is a rural organization of people that serve 100 thousand or less, and they are complaining that they will need help in replacing this equipment. if you have a router in your home for the internet for example, made by huawei, it could have one of these backdoor clips, they could be listening to what you are saying. >> right. unfortunately, now, the
10:34 pm
president has said u.s. government can no longer buy equipment from these two companies. >> yeah. >> it does not affect private market. that is where mistake may have been made, i tend to be forgiving, china was not perceived as a threat except by a small group of people now it more widespread, but money spent probably wrongly. david: there will be a meeting between u.s. officials and chinese officials coming up in month oor next month in january. with all of they have done. and with all they have continue to do in terms of spying on us. with trade in mind, but what is hatching they have a twofer, they make money and spy, is there a promise they could make about snooping or not steal our technology that could be believed? >> well, with president has been writing about in his books, and
10:35 pm
saying this campaign speeches, looking for a verifiable agreement that we can make sure chinese do. david: can you verify from people like this? >> you can have verification majors, yes, this done in case of previous trade agreements, the trick will be seeing performance actually take place. so if they bye a hundred airliners, we can see that, if they actually shut down, intellectual theft companies and put people in jail, have show trials, there a chinese proverb, killed chicken to stai scare the monkeys, if they have a lot of these trials and put people in prison for 20 years for property theft again west everyone country or technology transfer forcedde that would have a huge impact we could see. david: trust but verify thank you michael. >> thank you. david: coming up next founder of
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25. volume on big board, 4 billion shares. >> crude oil up almost 2%. to over 45 dollars a barrel, still cheap, gold, silver closing flat, but high for the year, copper gaining just over a half percent and listen to lou's reports 3 times a day coast-to-coast on salem radio network. david: cofounder of linked in reed hoffman apologizing after funding russian style deceptive tactics in alabama senate race. to doug jones, uses facebook and twitter to nice disinformation to defeat roy moore. joining me now, morgan wright, former senior adviser in state department antiterrorism ashes assistance program.
10:41 pm
this organization, that reed hoffman. gave money to, said he contributed total 7 50,000 in total, called american engagement technologies. and they claim that they use social media data analytics to increase civic engagement. they were doing is giving some money to another group, new knowledge that spread misinformation that judge roy moore was getting helped by russians, a fake news but they put it out inflation news, and thigh created the bots to make it look like that. >> right, david, to put it in perspective, during hearing they said russia and internety is research agency. a spend a hundred thousand on alabama election a year and a few months after presidential elected, why didn't twitter and facebook pick this up, such a
10:42 pm
big race, the epicenter of everything, this thing, if you think use of these tactics they model it right after russia, same playbook, a bunch of russia bots and create division, get people to vote for someone else. david: it could have woning thee election. >> no doubt. david: everyone was focused on they talked about prejudice in alabama race and roy moore, and et cetera, it was really, i think rusch russia our thing hurt him at a critical part of the campaign, other thing, i am wondering, how many other campaigns are there that these organizations new knowledge, and american engagement technologies, how many other campaigns, maybe this is the tip of an iceberg. >> when something is successful,
10:43 pm
you repeat it, my concern, if we don't get a handle on how we use social media it will be used over again. the bigger question, we had quote, lessons learned. but where was facebook and twitter on identification of a thousand bots created overnight and then facebook, why was it not picked up when they said they learned their lessons. and yet this still allowed to happen, it almost makes you wonder if there was compliesty - comcompliesty and a blinded a t. david: it makes me wonder, we know it happened this -- at least this guy reed hoffman was honest enough to make an apole apology. but it did happen, it happened in this election, probably in others, and i am wondering if there any possibility it could
10:44 pm
have happened with trump, they sent out signal that russian bots were at work when it was the this u.s. company. >> you know, this is one thing that so tough to unwind, like a bowl of spaghetti. this is transparency, you know, the bi big in. we have to put more sunshine on this. bigger thing is not how money is spent, but who are firms that are doing this now modeling chinese and russia tactics on influence and malign influence operation and using them against to us ruin democracy. david: we have 30 seconds, speaking of china, a possible executive orderer to cause a lot of carriers in united states to rip out their huawei and zte equipment, do you think that necessary to prevent them from using backdoor chips? >> no -- look i came out of law
10:45 pm
enforcement background we build national safety broadband effort no onements chinese infrastructure protecting the military. turnabout is fair play. david: gores are going to an thank you. >> thank you -- vote in the pom, do yopoll. >> do you think best wing national media willa mitt they were wrong? >> and reminder to follow lou on twitter. like him on facebook, and follow him on instagram. coming up next, one man's effort to bring border security for american people, one donation at a time, we talk with brine, who brien, he has raised over 17 million for border wall on-line. stay with us, we're coming right back. introducing add on advantage,
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david: immigration and custom enforce. coming under fire for releasing a thousand illegal immigrant into u.s., they were released in new mexico and texas. instead of holding them in detention centers, given diets to report to court -- dates to report to court for an asylum hearing. most don't show up, our next guest started a gofundme campaign for president trump's border wall, it only 10 days it
10:50 pm
raised close to 18 million dollars. joining me now, brien kofooothak you so much brien, for all have you done for this country, what you are doing now. what gave you idea for this fund 1234. fund? >> i was upset with the way politicians have been playing games with this wall, it has been promised for a long time, i had enough, congress was note doing anything -- not doing anything, i decided to make a gofundme, see where it goes, it took off shows resolve of american people. david: have you 18 million, that is a fabulous aim of money, nobody expected you to get near that but have you a big goal of a billion. realistically speaking how close to that gee goal.
10:51 pm
>> i think after news next week, we have a great chance of hitting a billion, everyone says you can't do it, but, no, it -- if you put your find to it you can make it happen, that is why i came to dc to meet with lawyers and lawmakers, we're making a big thing happen next week. you know just stay tuned. david: wow, you are a good teaser, a heck of a tease, you make he' to mull more out of you -- pull more out of you,. are you doing something in conjunction with president. >> no, we'll be funding watt the wall. >> we'll make sure. david: we will be watching, now, twitter, as i know was blocked your gofundme site for a while? >> yes, they put out an announcement, when people tried to post our link to web site, we
10:52 pm
fund the wall, say he were stealing passwords. we of dangerous to the web site, to consumers. david: what? >> yes, they had to retract that, our web site of the down for 3 days, we were trying to gain signatures to take it to congress, they interfered with, that shows the conservative suppression they are doing. david: you think of gofundme sites they have put up, andy mccabe, and peter strzok. involved in going after trump supporters, they you know, i don't remember any blockage there, if you or right side of political struc stuck -- spectru will not get blocked. >> no. >> highwa how do you guarantee t everyone penny goes to the wall. >> next week we have big plans, i'm putting my name behind this
10:53 pm
i am standing up for american people, they have guf giffen mes money, i guarantee it will go to wall. we'll explain more next week. david: now, we mentioned twitter attacks. jimmy kimmel, i don't know what bug he has in any part of his body but it causes problem. he attacked you and in a nasty way. just, this -- frankly, it makes me upset to see a war hero such as yourself attacked by someone like him, did you have any idea you would get that react? >> i had no idea, that is sad thing people look up to hollywood, and they are attacking those attacks by jimmy kimmel lead to attacks my family and my children, my family received death threats, i have received threats that my children should be killed this happened after jimmy kimmel this
10:54 pm
is disgusting. david: have you talked to him saying you realize your nasty comes caused threats. >> i sense him tweets, he has not responded. >> what a coward, just a coward, a cowardly person, he should go hide under a rock after what he did to you. >> it is ridiculous, all because i have a different political view point, i gave my limb for this nation, and i think i earned my right for a political view point. >> have sir, we appreciate you coming on. does the president know what you are doing? >> i cannot give you any information on that at the moment. david: well, again, we wait with baited breath, buy hope you deleft, yodeliver, have you teat well, brien, you are a terrific person. >> thank you. >> go to we fund the wall. com, i would appreciate it. david: thank you very much. >> >> thank you. david: president trump's approval ratings remain high
10:55 pm
among republican voters, a new poll shows 80% of republicans approve of president's job performance even after the government shut down, up next, do nothing congress in washington for less than 4 minutes. yes, i said minutes, they had little to say about trump's border wall. we'll have more on that when we return. brad's about to find out if his denture can cope with... a steak. luckily for him, he uses super poligrip. it helps give him 65% more chewing power. leaving brad to dig in and enjoy. super poligrip.
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[♪] david: last night we asked you whether president trump is the only one able to stop radical dems and rye knows from securing open borders and you said yes. christian whiton praising the president's decision to withdraw from syria. >> if you add syria and afghanistan, we spend $60 billion a year. that could go a long way to deter china. david: a manhunt is under way for an illegal immigrant suspected of killing a police officer in california. a lame duck congress accomplishing nothing today as we prepare for the 7th day of the partial government shutdown.
11:00 pm
a reminder you can catch my show, "bulls and bears" every night at 5:00 p. on the fox business network. [♪] trish: a judge rejecting robert mueller's request to delay a hearing in a $350 million lawsuit brought against robert mueller and the fbi by conservative author jerome corsi. the department of justice requested the hearing delay citing the government shutdown that did not affect anything related to mueller. we have all the original documents from jerome corsi himself tonight. also new this evening. over 1,000 migrants have been released from detainment shelters in texas and parts of new mexico. we have the


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