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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  December 27, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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a reminder you can catch my show, "bulls and bears" every night at 5:00 p. on the fox business network. [♪] trish: a judge rejecting robert mueller's request to delay a hearing in a $350 million lawsuit brought against robert mueller and the fbi by conservative author jerome corsi. the department of justice requested the hearing delay citing the government shutdown that did not affect anything related to mueller. we have all the original documents from jerome corsi himself tonight. also new this evening. over 1,000 migrants have been released from detainment shelters in texas and parts of new mexico. we have the fallout and the
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strain it's causing on these communities. and my interview with the vice president of venezuela, delcy rodriguez. what she says about the 90% poverty rate in her country. a man heading there to meet with venezuela's president nicolas maduro. it is capitalism that will bring it back from the brink. "trish regan primetime" begins right now. break right now. the partial government shuptdown not delaying mueller's russia probe. even though the special counsel's office tried to push back a hearing over a lawsuit brought by roger stone and dr. jerome corsi.
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dr. corsi alleges that robert mueller's team illegally searched his phone records and robert mueller's team he says tried to coerce him to lie. he's demanding an investigation into what he says are mule are's overly aggressive tactics. the justice department i attempted to cancel the hearing all together saying they couldn't make it because there is a government shutdown, even though the mueller team is supposed to be work. in an email obtained by "trish regan primetime." an attorney for the justice department writes at the end of the day december 21, the appropriations act funding the department of justice expired. attorneys generally are prohibited from work, even on a voluntary basis.
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we are filing a motion to delay until the shutdown ends. but mueller's team is supposed to be in business. here is what dr. corsi told me about that failed attempt. >> the shutdown doesn't affect mueller. the various department justice lawyers will be working with mueller through the shutdown. they don't want to go to court on his $350 million lawsuit. they are going to lose. trish: a judge ruling it will go to court as planned one week from today. joining me right now with reaction. conservative author and attorney kurt schlichter. i want to start by asking you, why would the attorney representing the government not want to show up in court? why would she try to use the shutdown as an excuse. >> i love showing up in court. i love going and trying to make
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my case. i don't know, maybe they are afraid of something. who knows. trish: do you think they are afraid they are going to be exposed? as you heard him say on this show, they use really aggressive tactics. everything from the questioning of him in that room where he felt they were trying to employ intimidation tactics to now harassing his family, whether it be following his family members with fbi surveillancer. >> knock on his stepson's door. he feels they have gone too far above and beyond. >> if only a fraction of what jerome corsi says the feds have done in this investigation an outrage. we have seen what happened with general flynn. an honorable american to who served for over three decades in
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peace and war. we saw james comey broke protocol to send fbi guys over to trip him up. they did. way to go, guys. pick on jerome corsi. this elderly guy. this guy who is -- just kind of expressing his political points to of view and they are trying to trap him in a perjury trap. maybe i'm wrong. for the mat any we have a place where we can find out. exementd feds don't want to go into court. trish: now they will have to go forward with this, the judge ruled it will move forward as planned. so in just a short time dr. corsi will get his day in court as he makes the accusations against the feds. they are so interested in him. you are just joining the show and haven't been following this
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story day in and day out like we have. the reason why the feds are so interested in him is because the feds believe he holds the ticket. that he is the key, the link between roger stone, julian aawning, done -- julian assange, donald trump and the russians. he said, i was thinking, why on earth did all these emails get released but necessity were just missing podesta's? i am talking about the dnc. he said he kind of figured it out. he said the only emails that haven't been released are podesta's. so i will bet you anything those are going to come forward. he figured it out before anyone else. the feds said you expect to us believe that this just came to you? and he said yes. but they seem to want to have
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the answer, right? >> well, let's face it, trish. this is not a sherlock holmes level of deduction. this is not a brilliant insight worthy of hawking. trish: they didn't figure it out. but jerome was smart enough to figure it out. you use common sense, these are conclusions that feel pretty logical. >> when you open your server up to a bunch of hearing, the hackers are going to break in. if mueller's case hinges on jerome corsi, let just stop it now and put it out of all our misery. that's ridiculous. i was promised collusion, trish. where the hell is my collusion? all i get is hassled by guys
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like jerome corsi and procedural crimes by a bunch of fringe people. where is my collusion. trish: you don't lie to the feds, and you don't commit tax evasion, et cetera. those are legitimate crimes. but to your point, they have nothing to do with what was supposed to be investigated. here we are 19 months in, and there is a lot of excitement because it looks like michael cohen was in prague at a time when he said he was in the prague. one thing we know about michael cohen is the guy is a liar analyze over and over again. so i look at that and say how is this the witness you are pinning everything on. >> i'm supposed to believe the same mainstream media that told me trump was never going to iraq while trump was in iraq because they talked to some anonymous
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guy who talked to foreign intelligence people, because nobody is more honest than foreign intelligence people. come on, geez. trish: let's not forget the facts at hand. the dnc and people associated with hillary clinton's campaign hired fusion gps via a law firm in washington, d.c. fusion gps has a husband at the fbi. fusion gps hires an intelligence source who calls higgs buddies in russia and compiles the dossier and gets $120,000 from hillary clinton's people to do so. then it makes its way back to the fbi. i worry there is more to this. who knows what the russians knew and when they knew it.
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maybe vladimir putin knew that that document was being compiled. maybe there was a document compiled on a whole lot of people. we don't know. but i just think mueller would want to find out the answer. and that disappoints me. instead he's going after jerome corsi and his family. so that's where we are tonight. final thought from you? >> there is something going on with that dossier and it's a lot less exciting than a bunch of hookers frolicking in a hotel room in moscow. when are we going to see someone on hillary's campaign arrested for campaign finance violation for mischaracterizing campaign donations. the fifth of never. it's never going to happen. trish: president trump's personal attorney calling for an investigation into the special counsel.
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rudy giuliani saying robert mueller should be probed for allegedly destroying evidence by erasing text messages between those two you see on the screen. peter strzok and his paramour, lisa page. strzok was fired and page resigned after it was discovered the two sent the anti-trump text messages where page asked if trump really would become president and strzok respond, no, no he won't, we'll stop it. how is that for bias for you. joining me right now, a woman tracking the story from the very beginning, and she has been highlighting it. kimberly strassel. good to see you. what do you think? giuliani is saying time to investigate mueller. is there any merit to that? >> what do we know here?
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we know from the inspector general's report there were two phones belonging to page and strzok and text messages disappeared. the question as always in these things is what was the motive. were they he raced as a matter of technical course. were they erased by accident or were he purposely erased to make sure nobody ever found out what these two had to say once they went to work for the mueller team. there is a point what giuliani is saying, we should get to the bottom of that question. that being said i don't think a second special counsel is the way to do it. trish: the country should have learned its lesson by now. these special counsels. judge napolitano said this over and over again. alan dershowitz said the same thing. these are like a road to nowhere or road to somewhere. they just keep digging and digging in many directions.
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and they feel compelled to come up with something. i want to ask you about this michael cohen thing. we are getting reports that a cell signal was intercepted. this allegedly with this cell signal, the former lawyer to donald trump, with michael cohen. it was interest crepted near prague during the 2016 election. cone said he had never been to prague in his life. >> this is a mcclachy story. they made this claim a long time ago despite cohen vehemently denying he has ever been to prague. he can say where he was on that day. showing a passport showing there is no stamp tonight to the czech republic. maybe there is something there. but as a lot of smart people have pointed out, you go back to the cohen court filings, the southern district lawyers made a
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point of laying out all the instances they had of cone interacting with russians during the campaign. there was no mention of prague in there anywhere. you would think if this was evidence they had, it would have been included in that or they would have held off sentencing cohen until he could provide -- until mueller actually came out with his report which supposedly would contain this bombshell. trish: let me ask you about the dossier and the origins of that. i was saying with curt that if i were mueller i would want to figure out who had a hand in that. i have read it, and it reads like something you would see at the supermarket tabloid. and it read like opposition research. it doesn't read like a piece of intelligence at all. so i look at that and say okay, i am suspicion the way this thing is written and the way
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they couch things. and number two, isn't it bizarre that this guy, christopher steele is being paid all this money, he calls up all his old buddies in moscow and is dig up all this dirt. you would have to assume one of his old buddies had some sort of connection to the kremlin. >> you would also have to believe this guy from a decks in london, somewhere in england, managed to unravel something every other intelligence agency managed to miss. and do it all in the space of a couple weeks by calling a few people he knew back in russia. it defies credulity. there were a lot of us that hoped when mueller was appointed special counsel that he would look at these allegations of collusion and if nothing was there, he would turn his attention of how such scurrilous allegations made their way to
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the highest echelons of the u.s. government and law enforcement. it's been a big disappointment that he hasn't. trish: he used to run the fbi and comey there. they are all in the cya mode. you know what that means. >> we don't necessarily want a second special counsel. i'm optimistic. we get new leadership within the department of justice. there is no reason why a new attorney general could not conduct a thorough internal investigation. the fbi and doj's actions in 2016 and release the findings to the public. trish: wouldn't that be nice. kimberly. thank you for all your amazing reporting on this. people should check it out in the "wall street journal." one american is making it his mission to help relations
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between the united states and venezuela. he's joining me exclusively on set. i'll share some highlights from my interview with the venezuelan vice president delcy rodriguez. homelessness is on the rise in america with california and new york the top of the list. why is one economics professor claiming capitalism is to blame for the rise in homelessness in america. i'm setting the record straight on why he is wrong.
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trish: breaking tonight. i just spoke with the vice
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president of venezuela. delcy rodriguez. we'll show you more of my interview with her tomorrow night. i'll give you a preview. >> it was a little bizarre because i know how bad it is there. i know the statistics. i know that 90% of the population in socialist venezuela is living in poverty and you have people looting food trucks. look at that. for something to eat. inflation in that country is so astronomical, upward of a million percent that money is being thrown on to the streets because the money has no worth. the average venezuelan has lost 0 pound in the last year because -- lost 20 pound in the last year because they don't have access to food.
11:22 pm
and in 20 days the maduro administration will no longer be recognized by anyone in the free world. but in talking to her, it was almost as though the vice president doesn't quite see the same venezuela i have been showing you here night after night. the 90% living in poverty. here with me now, a man working hard to help the venezuelans because he sees the challenge. he want to bring capitalism to venezuela. he wants to bring religion to venezuela. you were just going down in a matter of days. you will be meeting with nicolas maduro. what's your message to him. >> a lot of things you said are true. we have seen the failure in
11:23 pm
venezuela and the diaspora, people leaving in the millions. we have a totally different outlook in the venezuelan government and ours. the sanctions are working to some degree obviously. they are putting a clamp on their financial ability to make financial gains from their country. but the sanctions alone will not be enough. they dealt with turkey, russia, iran, china, all of our adversaries are finding a foothold in venezuela. trish: this is part of the interview i will show you tomorrow night. but i asked vice president rodriguez about this. i said are you doing business with the venezuelans. are you taking money from vladimir putin and the answer was question. they are taking money from
11:24 pm
vladimir putin, from the chinese, from the iranians, anyone willing to extend them that cash has basically got an entry in. a lot of americans may be watching this program. why should we care? >> it's in our hemisphere. we are dealing with people with the same culture we have. the same religion we have. the same faith perspective we have. evangelical christianity has grown in venezuela during this time. and the people we are work with in country, the reverend patushi came out of nowhere and he got over a million votes. what we want to do is capitalize on that and get food and relieve the suffering so that's not one of the problems we have.
11:25 pm
trish: one of the concerns is the migration. you have an estimate 8 million venezuelas want to go leave the country. more than one million percent and estimated to be as high as 10 million percent. so clearly there is no reason for a lot of people to be there. and it's tragic. this was once the highist per capita income of all of latin america. now people are leaving in droves. and they are going through columbia. and we have a lot of people coming up through latin america right to our southern border. >> if we don't deal with it now. the same vedges *sians -- the same convenienc -- the same conn will be at our borders.
11:26 pm
trish: i was look for common dialogue with delcy rodriguez. but she insisted venezuela is the kind of government everyone should aspire to. i said wait a second. not the venezuela i know. is it because the sense of socialism is so prevalent. people in the government there do not see it the way an american would? >> they don't see it the way we do. but they understand the effect the sanctions are having. this is one of the richest countries in the world. it has over 1/4 the reservoirs in the world. trish: why are we letting russia get it. >> we have to deal with the country and build dialogue.
11:27 pm
diplomacy is what we are going to have to start with. we have to have one-on-one. our leadership and their leadership to find a path forward. trish: do what you can do. enjoy your time in venezuela. and hopefully you will have an impact. good to see you. wait until you hear what one economics professor is blaming for the rise of homelessness in america. his bizarre claim straight ahead. maybe he should be living in venezuela. new tonight, president trump blasting democrats for putting politics ahead of national security. he says the democrats are obstructing his border wall plan. that's next.
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and if you have any medical conditions. so-what do you think? well i'm definitely thinking differently than i was yesterday. ask your doctor about jardiance- and get to the heart of what matters. trish: one college economics professor blaming capital i am for homelessness. he's responding to the department of housing and urban developments that says american homelessness is on the rise. capitalism is the problem. free market, competition. what tallism drives down prices
11:31 pm
across the globe? it can't be the liberal leadership in the areas with the most of progressive cities that dominate the top of this list? imjust asking. joining me, mr. ben stein. what do you make of this? >> i'm not a psychiatrist, and i'm not a person in the educational field. but i would say this man is crazy and side. capitalism leads to prosperity and better standard of living for everyone. what he's probably saying is we need a welfare safety net for people who are mentally ill and drug addicts and alcoholics who are the dominant homeless.
11:32 pm
saying capitalism causes homelessness is like saying it causes overweight or cancer. capitalism is the best solution ever developed tore poverty and shortages. to say it's causing homelessness is crazy. trish: in my interview with delcy rodriguez, i kind of pushed her on it. i thought if she is going to take the time to talk with me. maybe there is a glimmer of hope that she realizes her country in the state it's in, could use a little capitalism. why would any american business want to be there if that is the business of their state.
11:33 pm
if all their and stuff is being taken away from them. >> venezuela long ago was one of the most of prosperous countries in the hemisphere. it's got an incredible amount of oil. this country should go one of the richest in the world. it's not because of socialism, because of scaring business away. because of torturing and overregulating business it's an example of how badly socialism works out in real life. if you want to see how the world works, look at singapore which has no assets except hard working people and a free market economy, and this poor venezuela has incredible assets and poor working people but the government tortures people to death. trish: is there a lesson for us?
11:34 pm
>> yes. yes. the lesson is don't listen to people who tell you socialism is a good thing. don't listen to people who say capitalism is a bad thing. listen to your ears and watch with your eyes and see what's going on. our capitalist countries are not countries where people are tortured to death in the name of social justice. social justice is just another word for oppression and torment for the people who are not politically powerful. trish: one of the concerns i have aside from the fact this is a prime example of the dangers of socialism is that you have the likes of vladimir putin down there. you get the chinese on the iranians, and everybody is looking to cash in and buy up
11:35 pm
what they can. you know as well, you can go back to the monroe doctrine. do we want the russians with a launch pad less than 3 thundershowers from miami? >> we don't want that. we don't want anybody hostile to us down there. unfortunately we already have cuba which could hardly be more hostile to us. and we have americans who think cuba is a cool place to go. we don't need any more cue tbhans this hemisphere. we don't want a war in south america but we have got to get them to understand capitalism is their salvation. trish: i hear you, ben. as ben said, you don't hear about that in cuba so much. you don't hear about the venezuela story from the mainstream media. the mainstream media has a
11:36 pm
fascination, a love affair with cuba, the roman row -- the romanticism. but you know what it does. coming up, president trump blasted democrats for putting policies ahead of national policies ahead of national security.
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what if we could turn trash into money? plastic bank is doing just that, by exchanging plastic for digital credits redeemable for everything from food to education... powered by ibm blockchain. when you understand the potential of new technology, you can put smart to work. trish: president trump blasting democrats for obstructing his wall plan. he says this isn't about the wall. in israel the wall works 99.9%. this only about the dems not letting donald trump and the republicans have a win. he's right on that. he made this his signature issue. so now instead of saying we want immigration reform and better security and we'll take a wall or structure. they are not going to allow a
11:40 pm
dime to go into it because that would mean a win for the president they seem to hate the most of. joining me now, republican scrat just. amy, starting with you. i hate to say it. but it's what it is it's politics. basically you have a bunch of dems digging in their heels because they don't want to see one dollar going toward anything the president wants. and by the way, ran on. am i right? >> you are absolutely correct. it's sad when you hear the possible speaker of the house call it immoral. nancy pelosi called the wall and stronger border security immoral. what is immoral is as we speak we have a manhunt going on in northern california because of an illegal immigrant that killed a police officer. that's immoral.
11:41 pm
what's immoral is when you have little children being drug thousands of miles and then left for dead or sick. that's immoral. there is so much wrong with this picture it's backward, upside down and the democrats are on the wrong side. trish: there is an opportunity for the dems to do something quite meaningful. yes, putting that security and also change our system so that the good people, the ones we want, that we need near this country can come without all the red tape. and the bad ones. >> the reverend said trump was
11:42 pm
being pumped by the left-wing media. but now this flintstone cave man showed us, if you want to shut down, let's shut it down. now they are pinning this on trump saying he caused the shutdown. at the end of the day trump catered to his base. he ran on the campaign promise. democrats are doing the same. instead of saying we are not going to give him what he wants, they are staging this political theater which hurts the federal workers. it hurts immigrants who are become held up in the system and not allowed to go over or be deported. it's a political game. we have a lot more of that coming up within the next year. trish: it's just so wrong. it's immoral to hold all of this up because of sheer politics because you don't want somebody else getting a check next to
11:43 pm
their name, amy. >> that's correct. we went somewhere from $25 billion crown to $5 billion. now we are hearing let it go down to $1.8 billion. it seems president trump is doing his side of the compromise while the other side continues to obstruct. trish: all the kids being trafficked across the border. to me the humane thing to do in this particular case is to be insightful here and say what are the dangers we are creating for these kids by enticing them here to begin with. why doesn't anybody talk about the law intended consequences. you make it easier for someone to seek asylum if they have a child with them. maybe you are going to see more children getting trafficked across the border.
11:44 pm
it's as though there is no common sense in washington. how did that change? >> it's completely thrown out the window. i don't see why anybody could be against stronger border security. i don't care if it's in the form of a wall. if you want to put more drones in the sky. if you want to put more bodies down there. but we need more efficient ports of entry. we need to be able to process these people in a timely manner, and this is something i think all people should be in favor of. but the democrats don't sounds like they are. trish: we are going to continue on with the shutdown indefinitely? it doesn't looks like there is any retrieve in sight. we'll have a new team in charge of the house in a week's time. >> i'm coming to you from texas right now. the wild wild west shutdown. let the texas showdown continue
11:45 pm
for the shutdown. trump will continued to hold the line and democrats will continue to do political theater until someone has their way. it's unfortunate. we are not talking about fixing the problem. i get upset that we are not talk about issues americans born in this country want to talk about like healthcare and education. everything is around this immigration issue. somebody needs to figure it out. unfortunately we'll have more of it. trish: coming up, we just learned hundreds of illegal immigrants have been released into the streets of new mexico and texas. why our broken immigration introducing add on advantage, a new way to save on travel. now when you book a flight you unlock discounts on select hotels that you can add on to your trip
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trish: we are learning immigration and customs enforcement has released more than 500 illegal immigrants into the streets of texas and new mexico after freeing 500 days earlier. that's more than a thousand over the course of four days. i.c.e. has reached detention the limits on how long it can hold on to these migrants. so they just release them. joining me, national security expert james carafano. i don't get. you can't hold them any more because we have a limit on the number of days they can in the detention center. >> this is a combination of court ruling and political pressure with the administration. there is a limitation to how
11:50 pm
long you can hold a family. mexico agreed people who came in the caravan if they want to make a refugee claim they can stay in mexico and have their claim processed. if they have a legitimate claim they will get to come in. what these guys are doing, to put together a claim after family, and you illegally enter the united states. then you get detained, then you have to be let go. we are making a deal with mexico to prevent these things. our courts and the pressure we are getting from the left are forcing the united states to create incentives for people who illegally cross the border to put people together as families and break the system. trish: why is it the democrats are so desperate to get so many illegals here. i'm not anti-immigration. i'm all for immigration for the right kind of people to come here.
11:51 pm
we need them. the social security bills alone. but we need people who can contribute. not people hole stay on welfare and drain the system. we want people who want to be upstanding american citizens. so i'm not against that. but why is it the democrats want to unleash thousands of people into the country. why do they want to abolish things like i.c.e.? >> i think they are committed to the course president barack obama set them on during the course of his tenure. to make immigration and border enforcement so unsolvable that the only thing you can do is give everybody amnesty no matter how long they have been here or if they are criminals. reagan tried that. it just incentivized more illegal border crossing.
11:52 pm
trish: if you are going to wipe the slate clean you have to create an environment where is a a penalty for coming here illegally. but there is no willingness to do that. it's all politically motivated. i spoke to a gentleman who was out in san francisco, the san francisco school board and they allow illegals to vote out there on the west coast in the school board elections because they file many the right thing to do. is that ultimately where this is going? they want to get as many votes as they can illegally or not? >> the debate over border security and this political debate. here is the clue that it's a political debate. look at the numbers on the approval do you want a wall. basically it says when you ask
11:53 pm
somebody do you want a wall. all you are doing is a referendum on do you like trump or not. do you want to fight human trafficking. trish: i don't know if that's entirely true. i think there are a lot of people who don't like his style, but they like his policies. part of that policy is stronger security. and i think when you drill down, i think americans want that. we want borders. >> that's not the question they are asking. they are not asking people do you want the border secure. they are asking people, do you want the wall. they identify the concept of the wall with president trump. they are not giving democrats saying they don't want bordered security. they are just saying they don't like trump. trish: well, i guess they made that clear over and over again. that clear over and over again. james, thank you.
11:54 pm
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>> tonight i had a interview with vice president of socialist venezuela, despite horrible images of the citizens, despite violence, you see there. vice president is calling this s this very real scene, fake news, a little bit of a typical issue, stay with me. i want you to hear what she has to say and what i have to say. >> for venezuela. it a model of justice. >> a las lot of poverty, i don't know how you can dispute that, i have sign video, i have been to
11:58 pm
venezuela, i appreciate the people there, they are wonderful. but i am saddened because there is a reality on ground that i think is challenging. economically for you. this is a country that was once per cappa the best in latin america, now have you 90% of the people living in poverty. i can't see how you will hold it up on a pe pedestal saying thisa system that everyone should admire. >> not to repeat the news. >> reality is not quite sinking in there with the current regime. the current regime will no longer be recognized as of january 10, they had what
11:59 pm
americans and anyone in free world said, was a ill legit ille election, you need to hear what she says about the present of the russians in america, you can catch my exclusive interview tomorrow night, 8 p.m. eastern, we'll share you all those excerpts, i think that take walker for americans is to -- take away for americans to remember how bad it is in streets, that administration and previous one hugo chavez took a country show rich in natural resources with an ed va educated population. they turned into that we also are getting word on fix american
12:00 am
-- six american executive held hostage right new in jail there, wild update you on that story and more from vice president of. >> thank you. >> government may be shut down but president he is not. he is fired up, ready to go. today he went on offense blasting democrats for standing in way of his big plan for a beautiful ball, this morning, president trump tweeted -- do the dems realize that most of the people not getting paid are democrats? a few hours later, he followed up with, this is not about the wall, everyone knows a wall will work perfectly. in israel is


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