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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 28, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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[♪] david: good evening, i'm david asman. lou dobbs has the night off. president trump standing tall for the american people, threatening to close the southern border and terminate any trade deals unless his border wall is funded. incoming white house chief of staff mick mulvaney says the radical dimm leaders are not even talking to the president. >> we need folks to talk to us. it strikes me as very unusual
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the democrats did not provide a counter offer to our last offer. they left town. where is chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. they are not even talking and we don't think they will until the next congress is sworn in. david: apparently nancy pelosi this hawaii. the man hurnt for an illegal immigrant who killed a california police officer has ended. he was caught as he was preparing to make his way back to mexico. his brother thanked law enforcement for their efforts in finding the cop killer. >> i would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. i wish i could thank all law enforcement and homeland security in san francisco.
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everyone. i was waiting for this to happen. david: just another example of why securing our border is imperative. we take this up with steve rogers and niger innis and rachel campos-duffy. china continues its move towards global dominance. the communist chinese regime poised to seize control over a major port in kenya. walid phares joining us to discuss china's increasing aggression. president trump threatening to close the southern border completely if he doesn't get funding for a wall, and canceling his holiday weekend trip to mar-a-lago. it looks like the lame duck
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congress will leave him. paul ryan isn't expected to be seen at the capitol anymore. nancy pelosi is currently enjoying her vacation in hawaii. for mere we turn to ellison barber at the white house. reporter: president trump says without money for a border are wall he might shut down the southern border entirely. the united states loses so much money under nafta, the president tweets, i might consider closing down the southern border. >> is the president seriously will to do that? >> yes, he is. reporter: if he did, there would be legal challenges like we saw after the travel ban. mick mulvaney says it's not a
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threat. according to the white house they offered democrats a deal that is less than president trump's previous ask of $5 billion for border security and a wall. but he says democrats just walked away. >> the steel barrier the president tweeted out, he doesn't call that a wall. we countered and they didn't encounter us. >> chuck schumer and the senate democrats probably would cut a deal, but they are protecting mrs. pelosi. >> she is unwilling to do anything until she gets her speakership. reporter: president trump once said this. >> if i don't get what we want i will shut down the government.
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a 9th circuit court set up a supreme court case. yesterday a spokesperson for pelosi said democrats offered republicans three options to reopen the government and all three included funding for border security, but not the president's wall. which they describe as immoral, innextive, and expensive. they believe they could be in this fight for the long-haul. david: we now turn to syria where president trump's decision to withdraw u.s. troops continues to gain support from unlikely people. reporter: syrian forces moved to the outskirts of a kurdish held city captured from isis, putting hundreds of u.s. troops in
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danger. bashar al-assad's closed in days after the announcement. but the curd. the turkish president says he wants the kurdish fighters out of the city immediately. >> our entire aim is to make terror organizations leave the area. if terror organizations leave noise work left for us. in communications with the united states and russia, it continues help any. reporter: president trump made the decision to leave syria after a call from the turkish president earlier this month. holding syria would not have allowed washington to leverage concessions from damascus and moscow. we would do well to be humbler
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about our abilities in the face of our' -- regional hostility. u.s. officials tell me there are no immediate plans to withdraw troops from syria. the complete withdrawal could take months. david: after two days on the run, the illegal immigrant suspected of killing a california police officer is in custody. police confirming hours ago the arrest of an illegal immigrant, confirmed gang member and two-time dwi conviction.
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he was intercepted near bakersfield where he surrendered without firing a shot. he entered the u.s. illegally in arizona. he was wanted forward killing 33-year-old ron singh, a veteran who immigrated to the u.s. legally from fiji. he and his drug dog sam stopped a drunk driver just moments earlier. his brother thanked police for finding his alleged killer. >> ron singh was my older brother and he's not coming back. a lot of law enforcement people i don't know worked day and night to find his killer. i wish i could thank all the law
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enforcement agencies, homeland security in san francisco, everyone. david: that photograph we showed of him with the christmas tree, his wife and son, that was taken just moments before he left to the location where he was shot. just imagine, just a few moments after this photo was taken, that police officer was dead. today at a news conference, the sheriff of stanislaus county called singh's death preventible. blaming the state's sanctuary law for prohibiting police from communicating with i.c.e. about known and wanted felons. >> this could have been preventible. under sb54 in california. based on two arrests and other active warrants this criminal has. law enforcement would have been prevented.
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prohibited from sharing any information with i.c.e. about this criminal gang member. ladies and gentlemen, this is not how you protect a community. >> i ask the county to declare kern a nothing sanctuary county for that region. you tie our hands and don't allow us to work with our federal partners and communicate with our federal partners. david: tonight there is blood on the hands of those responsible for preventing those local police from contacting federal agents. police say they began starting their days case wane arraignment next wednesday. >> we should be talking about border security in the context of pathway to citizenship for dreamers and daca. and we need to address the
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humanitarian crisis this administration created at the border. >> we need to work at it until we get agreement. and i think we had that until the president, you know, went off his meds. hot hell know iowa happened. >> if you close the border you will reinvite huge swings on the stock market and jeopardize the economic progress that was made and you will do a lot of damage for your own prospects in 2020. david: thousands of migrants in honduras are expected to make their way north in the new year. but a new deal trump made could stop them before they get to the u.s. (toni vo) 'twas the night before christmas, and all thro' the house. not a creature was stirring,
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david: a recent deal between the trump administration and mexico will stop a new migrant caravan from reaching the u.s. they are scheduled to leave january 15. they will make their way up central america before shopping southern mexico. where president obrador pledged visas for them. meanwhile the mayor of tijuana,
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mexico revealing how much money the caravan is costing his city. the mare says the city spend $28,000 u.s. dollars per day on the caravan. there are still 6,000 migrants hanging out in tijuana. joining me, steve rogers, and your son is a police officer. >> i don't know if you saw the tape of those police officers in california putting the blame specifically at the doorstep of those who force their hands to avoid contacting federal agents who could arrest these illegal before they cause problems. those politicians making decisions for people who go in harm's way. police officer in this country want to protect us. they are called to protect the innocent law abiding citizen,
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not illegal criminals. i saw that mayor from oakland, california. she should be charged with malfeasance and misfeasance and obstruction of justice. it's terrible what the democrat socialists are doing to this country. david: he had a tattoo that was part of a gang tattoo that helped lead them to track him down. when the president mentioned a lot of the illegals coming across are gang members, the democrats poo-pooed him. here is an example of a gang member who killed a police officer, what more proof do you need. >> the president of the united states was ahead of the ball on this one. he said he would make america safe again. ways coming across that border is what is happening right now
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with gangs. god forbid that some terror cell thinks about crossing that border and they bring in something more tragic. david: the president said there are people in his intel units that spotted terrorists. the democrats say it's all hype. they are making fun of him. what do we have to do before we wake up to what's going on. >> the president talks about national security. the democrats are not talking about national security. they are using this wall situation as yet another means to try to bring him down. it's not going to work, because the american people are standing behind their president. david: there is a bad record that was made in 2018. we have 144 police officers killed in the line of duty. that's a 12% increase from 2017. do you think there is any
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relation between border security and that? >> i believe there is. look at some of these illegal immigrants who were arrested before and released. that's the result of catch and release. the way to solve a problem is get tough like the president wants to get tough. put the wall up, and put politicians in jail for object trucking justice. >> the caravan coming from honduras. there does seem to be a deal struck between the president and the president of mexico. we give them money and they keep the caravan members in southern mexico. it's an under developed area, so if the money is applied well, it could work out. but i know mexican officials and it's difficult to insure the honesty to make this work. >> the president said he's not
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the president of the world. he's president of the united states. give them the money, hopefully they will use it the way they should. but this goal is to protect the american people. >> even if it's not on the up and up it's worth it to keep that caravan down. david: what do you think about the fight over the border wallet self? have you ever seen any indication from democrats there is any solution that they have that they put forward concerning obviously not a wall which they agreed was not a good idea. but anything involving border security? >> years ago they were in support of it. you could roll the tapes where schumer and pelosi were saying we need stronger border security. what happened? donald trump got elected president. it's not about national security for them. it's about taking down this president. the president of the united
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states is looking to protect the american people. it's a national security decision. >> it's so transparent. not on do we have their statement from a few years ago. but now when you see absolutely no proposal whatsoever made by them in order to increase border security, and idea about drones. that's about the only thing they put forward. don't you think american voters will see through that? >> you wait until 2020. there are democrats who are conservatives who are in favor of what the president is doing. remember he he did when he ran for office. donald trump will never win. who's sitting in the white house. we'll go through the same scenario in 2020 and he'll win big. >> he mentioned in a tweet in 2020 one of the biggest election issues he'll have is border security.
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david: in light of what happened to that poor police officer in california, don't you think it will be one of the key issues. >> the killing of that police officer and seeing his wife and child. that could be me or you or anyone. that hit the heart of everyone. it hit the heart of good solid american people who are saying this has to come to an end. the on person who really wants to put an end to this sincerely is president trump. david: be sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you believe president trump is standing tall for all americans by threatening to close the u.s.-mexico border? follow lou on twitter and instagraham @loudobbstonight. the u.s. military looks to fight growing threats in the arctic circle with china and
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david: welcome back. i'm david asman. lou dobbs has the night off. china will soon take over kenya's biggest port in mumbasa. china will take back the port after ken yap failed to repay loans. freedom of navigation missions in the arctic a year after china announced its intentions in the one belt, one road infrastructure project. making the ridiculous claim that it is a near-arctic state. joining me is dr. walid phares.
7:28 pm
i used to governor latin america. i have seen it happen in little countries in latin america. where china came to into nicaragua, made deals with all these corrupt official, paid out the cash in bribes. then took all kinds of precious resources, brought it home and left without any canal being built. they are kind of like locusts, moving into countries, taking what they need and moving on. >> the big picture is important to understand what happened in kenya and the other countries you mentioned. while the united states is super busy with four active wars in the middle east, with iran, north korea and russia and our southern borderers. china is moving to the southern
7:29 pm
belt of the globe. that would be all of latin america, strike, kenya, and south asia. in addition with russia they are interested in the arctic. first of all, they have a lot of cash, a lot of money. spend on countries that need that money to pay off their debts. second also technology. they can offer a cheap technology to those countries. and it's a super power that high school legal power. china is use all of this to be able to move in those areas. david: the technology they are offering is stuff made by huawei and zte. we know those technologies have stuff built into them. the back door channels that allow them to spy on what's going on in those countries. that's the reason our intel agencies convinced the government not to use any of
7:30 pm
these projects. they are also gaining intel they can use for various purposes. >> they are use our negotiations with them over the global economy. they are use anything intelligence in economic and technological intelligence they can gather. david: wherever there is a corrupt official there is money to bribe that official to get what they want. what do we do in response to this. >> we have top recalibrate, reorganize our policy, two large chunks. latin america. we'll have a new president in brazil who will change the course. and that will impact argentina and venezuela. that's one thing we can do. in africa we need an africa policy. we used to have a more focus on countries like kenya and others that have some needs we can meet.
7:31 pm
david: let me lead to the middle east where your expertise is founded. how do wee pull out of these countries in the middle east we got embroiled in, for some good reasons to begin with. in syria we went in to straighten out a mess left from the previous administration. how do we help allies fight their fight. >> the only answer i can think of on a strategic level is this. we need to make sure that those who are going to replace us are with us. as simple as that. if we withdraw from iraq in 2011, who was behind us in iraq, the iranians.
7:32 pm
in syria, if the president wants to withdraw from eastern syria we need to have other foreign forces involved, and i don't think it's happening soon or empower this alliance of kurds, sunnis and christians to be trained and be able to defend themselves. david: we are getting word today in a strange twist of fate, the kurds who worked so valiantly in clearing out some of these isis nests, they are welcoming the syrian army in because they see them as a buffer against the turks coming in who would just wipe them out. have you heard about that? >> yes. the kurds really wanted to be with us. have worked very hard with the united states and our allies. now we are leaving. what is the choice? either the militias from the north, and they want to dislodge them from their area, or talk with syria and the assad regime. they have in other choice.
7:33 pm
david: if it's a choice between them and the turks they will take the folks who are closer by. afghanistan. what do we do there? >> there is a question about withdrawal. the same principle applies. the government is okay. it needs some organization. exaggeration of trust including should be our target with ngos. dave require's a tough world out there. walid phares, thank you for being here. the radical left is staffing up ahead of their planned investigation and nonstop harassment of president trump. we are coming right back. i didn't like something having control over me. i wanted to stop. the thing is i didn't know how.
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david: on wall street stocks closed mixed to end the week. volume on the big board 3.7 million shares. the nasdaq up 4%. crude oil up just over a percent. silver gained nearly a percent. wells fargo ordered to pay nearly $6 million in a settlement. the bank opened numerous
7:38 pm
accounts without their customers' permission. radical dimms gearing up to challenge president trump in 2019 in any which way they can. the house judiciary committee posting a job listing for lawyers with experience in constitutional and immigration law. and the house and oversight and government reform posting an opening for an executive branch council. an investigation whether a disinformation campaign inial bamw. they tried to link roy moore to russians with fake russian bots. joining me now to talk about this and other things, daily
7:39 pm
caller news foundation editor-in-chief, christopher bedford. let's talk about all the lawyering up going on. is it just going to be investigations from wall to wall? is that all we are going to see in 2019? i expect that because that's the best use of the house of representatives' power. they will see what they can do to slow down his government. this is something democrats have always been smart about. staff is your brain power. your ability to govern. we hear about conservative congressmen returning money from the treasury instead of hiring good people to help them enact their agenda.
7:40 pm
democrats hire people to help them be more effective. david: they swim in that water. i remember even ted kennedy, there was a conservative republican from new hampshire a senator whod a mired senator kennedy's staff. he said how do you do it? that's the air that necessity breathe. >> they do very well with it. conservatives think returning money to the treasury would help. but would help them is to have much better staff people. david: they could create new committees. nancy pelosi announced the head of one of those new committees which will be the subcommittee to study climate crisis. it's not just climate change. when you use the word crisis inside the beltway, that gives you a license to take even more of our money, right? >> it does, and it will.
7:41 pm
but also with pelosi is trying to do is head off a challenge from the new left. they want sweeping government reforms and they want to do what the end goal of any serious environmentalist is is massive government takeover. nancy pelosi is trying to head that off and still be speaker of the democratic caucus. she is going to study it and look at it. ocasio-cortez's spokesman saying this is like putting a screen door on a submarine. it won't work at all. david: what concerns me is there is still enough rinos left in congress who can be coaxed into working with democrats because it's for the good of mankind. if there is a deal to be made they might succeed in making it. >> every term you will see
7:42 pm
liberal republicans putting forward some massive tax scheme or massive regulatory scheme because they have been convinced by paranoia. a bunch of conservative republicans have pushed back on that. they almost got george w. bush's administration to pass a carbon tax. vice president cheney's office was able to derail that. but it's always on the horizon. >> let me talk about this dirty tricks campaign used against roy moore in the senate race. reid hoffman, a billionaire. the co-founder of linkedin. heed a mid-he paid an organization to do the dirty work to associate roy moore with russians knowing that would scare a lot of voters and apparently it worked up to a certain extent. i'm worrying whether there are
7:43 pm
other campaigns we don't know about in which the same tactic was used. >> i'm always sceptical how much impact a facebook page has on the average voter. i think sometimes it's being played up and it shows you how much the democrats were to play it up if they were to invent russian bots to follow an alabama candidate. misinformation campaigns are in every single election whether presidential, senate, house of representatives. anyone who is an american businessman financing this should be held accountable for their hypocrisy and investigated to see if they broke the law. david: he said i made a mistake and would i never have done this if i knew where the money was going. it was another organization sub contracted by the original one he gave money to. the attorney general of alabama is investigating. do you think he'll have any case at all?
7:44 pm
>> it's hard to say at this point. if you are creating intentionally tricking voters, you are getting into serious territory. but it's unlikely it would be traced back to donors and they can prove they actually knew. david: a california sheriff blaming his state's sanctuary laws for the killing of a police officer. >> this is a criminal illegal alien with prior criminal activity that should have been reported to i.c.e. we were prohibited. law enforcement was prohibited because of sanctuary laws. david: we'll have more on that after the break our panel. stay with us. we are coming right back. ♪
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david: the oakland mayor has no regrets about warning illegal immigrants about an i.c.e. raid. she claims she did the right thing. i.c.e. arrested over 200 illegal immigrants in the raid but i.c.e. claimed 800 got away. joining me, niger innis and
7:49 pm
rachel campos-duffy. the poor family of that police officer who was gunned down. he was an immigrant, but he was a legal immigrant. there was a certain irony in all this. this guy really worked hard to be as decent an officer and american as he could possibly be. but this oakland mayor, she could have been warning the perpetrator, murderer of this officer. it's conceivable. they are in the same general area of california. one of the people she could have been warning about an i.c.e. ladies the guy who killed this cop in northern california. >> in the press conference we saw today that was gut wrenching, the sheriff said that is true, they are prohibited from interfacing with the federal ice agents. and indeed this was a preventable crime.
7:50 pm
i have to wonder, the politicians can do all these things. but the regular everyday californian sitting and watching that press conference, and seeing those heart-wrenching photos of him just hours before this happened or minutes before it happened with his wife and baby by a christmas tree. these are real life. you have to wonder -- this law seems so silly that maybe a lot of californians will change their mind. i think nationally people are changing their minds. david: i hope so. but the commitment on the part of these politicians in california are so strong. we saw the sheriff of the county in which the crime took place finger point together proponents of sanctuary cities who tell criminals an i.c.e. ladies coming, it will be hard for them
7:51 pm
to avoid this. >> until the federal government and the president of the united states uses his executive authority and instructs the justice department to start arrest something of these politicians, these sanctuary mayors like the one in oakland who is a disgrace. the sanctuary governors that allow these types of criminals to just continue to recklessly commit these violent crimes against their own citizens and own population. they should arrest these folks and throw them in jail tore obstructing the actions much a federal officer that is trying to execute the law. they should do so even if they take the risk of some crazy 9th circuit judge overturning it or obstructing it or stopping it or reversing it. they should go through the motion to send a powerful signal. until they do, the sanctuary
7:52 pm
mayors and sanctuary governors are going to continue to pander to the worst elements of the far left extremists. david: rachel, you look at all the policies of democrats and they do have immigration policies. but they are all for catch and release. or that's the ultimate result of their policies. you have amnesty and sanctuary city programs. some people suspect there is a broader plan or deeper plan from the democrats, and that is to bring all these people in who will be the new wave of supporters for the democratic party. a new base for the democratic party. >> it could have well be. there are economic incentives. people like to have cheap labor in their homes. people like to have cheap labor in their businesses. david: democratic politicians
7:53 pm
like nothing more than getting re-elected. >> i look and i go how, where, ways your plan? to me it looks like the only people trying to do something about securing the border are republicans and they have a great leader in donald trump who has been relentless in bringing attention to this. and so sad this crime that happened, this murder, this senseless murder, is bringing the kind of attention -- great point that mick mulvaney brought up. this is a stark contrast. this is not an anti-immigrant crime. david: will this be the year we see the end to the mueller investigation? >> no. i think unfortunately mueller who has a rich history having served in our armed forces
7:54 pm
honorably has been swipt into the political witch hunt that his investigation is. i think the game plan is to keep this going to impact the 200 election of our president trump. >> i think the american people are tired of it. outside of the beltway and the media, if you are in real america, where i live, i never hear anyone talk about russia. david: there are more important things to think about and talk about. happy new year to both of you. a reminder to vote in tonight's poll. do you believe president trump is standing tall for all americans by threatening to close the u.s.-mexico border if rinos and radical dimms won't fund the wall? the media meltdown continues or president trump's surprise visit
7:55 pm
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david: last night we asked you whether the left-wing national media will admit they were wrong in assuming president trump wouldn't travel to see the troops. 85% of you said no. authorities arresting
7:59 pm
33-year-old gustavo perez arriaga, the illegal immigrant accused of killing california police officer manil singh. >> we can't ignore the fact that this could have been preventible. law enforcement would have been prohibited from sharing any information with i.c.e. about this criminal gang member. ladies an and gentlemen, this is not how you protect a community. david: the partial government shutdown will carry over into 019. the president will remain in washington, d.c. while nancy pelosi is vacationing in hawaii. the meeting in beijing will mark the first since president trump and xi met at the g20 summit in december. we hope you enjoy the break over
8:00 pm
the new year. a reminder, you can catch my show "bulls and bears" every weekend on the fox business network. good night from new york. trish: breaking right now. "trish regan primetime" learned socialist venezuela is still holding captive five american hostages. nicolas maduro reportedly calling the five oil executives thieves and mocking requests from the embassy to release the men. my exclusive interview with the vice president delcy rodriguez insists her country is the most of fair and the most of just. with most of of the media worked up about our troop


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