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tv   Trish Regan Primetime  FOX Business  December 29, 2018 2:00am-3:01am EST

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we hope you enjoy the break over the new year. a reminder, you can catch my show "bulls and bears" every weekend on tox business network. good night from new york. trish: breaking right now. "trish regan primetime" learned socialist venezuela is still holding captive five american hostages. nicolas maduro reportedly calling the five oil executives thieves and mocking requests from the embassy to release the men. my exclusive interview with the vice president delcy rodriguez insists her country is the most of fair and the most of just. with most of of the media worked up about our troop withdrawal
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from syria. i have a bigger problem to tell you about. the venezuelan vice president confirmed her country is actively working with russia and vladimir putin. lieutenant colonel mcinnis says not since 1962 have we had such a threat in our own backyard. the colonel is here exclusively with his warning. amid reports of a new caravan forming in honduras. the president is threatening to cut off all aid to hon dur last, guatemala and el salvador. breaking tonight, a prime type* exclusive. our sources confirming the five
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executives from the citg o'oil company are in custody. they were tricked into attending a conference. it was there the americans were arrested and jailed with the leader maduro himself insisting they should be put in the worst prison in all of venezuela. all of this as the vice president of venezuela tell me in an exclusive interview that her country is quote a model of justice. full disclosure. there were technical difficulties which you will hear. but watch this. we'll talk about it. >> it's a model of justice.
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i have been to venezuela rsh and i'm saddened because there is a reality on the ground think think is incredibly challenging economically for you. this is a country that was once per capita incomewise the best in south america now you have your people living in poverty. i don't know how you will hold it up on a pedestal and say this is a system anyone how'd admire. . trish: it am not fake news. you have seen the video of the looting of the food trucks, the violence the streets, the
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warehouses with nothing in them. inflation is so rampant. money has no value. that's the reality. that's not fake news. the man who socialist venezuela owes billions of dollars to, the man who is running the effort to recoup american losses to the socialist nation. they owe you a lot of money. and i know you want the best for them. you want their economy to stand back on their own two feet so you and the other debt holders get paid. but part of that i would have to think would be getting american businesses back. and i don't know how you do it when there is all of this going on in the face of the citgo executives that have been taken and this sense of a different reality. that's a lot for you, i know. >> i want to congratulate.
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you are focusing on a story most of media seems to have missed. we have a situation where the largest proven oil reserves are in our backyards and the russians, the chinese, and the iranians are there. trish: we confirmed that, by the way. they are doing business there. we are not. >> in terms of us getting repaid, creditors, venezuela default the end of 2017. clearly the best business model for them to recover their economy is to work with the united states and get a market economy function on the ground again. the fact that you were able to get the vice president on tv, if she was willing to talk to you, she clearly wanted to send a message. i'm not sure how well she sent it. or how good the production was. trish: it was still worth
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playing. >> if they are reaching out to talk to you you should invite them back. city would encourage them to be a little bit more constructive in their dialogue. there are clearly issues between the united states and venezuela. there is no question of in my mind the venezuelan economy will perform much better if they are work the american oil companies. trish: why would an american oil company want to be there when they went dlown from texas thinking they are going to a normal business meeting and they are thrown in jail. >> it's the venezuela yarn -- if maduro and his administration and his regime thinks they can operate their economy efficiently without the united states, i think they are mistaken. and i think this is a political issue. if they are looking to give a gesture to the u.s. that their
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doors are open to have a discussion, maybe something can be worked out around that. trish: they are talking to everyone. from the u.s. standpoint, we say we don't like it that russians, chinese or iranians are in we don't like that they have five americans possible table in a swrens *ian jail and a german journalist as i understand it. because of the resources and we don't want putin to get it? >> i don't think we want the chinese and russians in our backyard. for our economy having access to that oil. we have a number of refineries built specifically for venezuelan crude. if we want american jobs and access to keep in oil. trish: i did say to her when she said it was the model of a great state and great system. i pointed out that socialism
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hasn't worked. there was a denial of that. do you think the current regime understands how bad it really is? are they trying to project a sense of we got it all under control? the statistics are the statistics. 90% in poverty. the average venezuelan losing 20 pound because of lack of nutrition. you see the money on the ground it's worthless with inflation rampant. >> i think the fact they are willing to speak to you here, on some level there has to be an -o be an acknowledgment that things aren't working well. trish: what do you think they need, what do you think they want? they are talking to me. they are talking to our viewshes. they are saying we want a diplomatic channel.
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but do they really -- i don't think they should have it with russia, china and iran. >> given the sanctions, they feel they need to reach out to somebody. maybe it's a way to get our attention. they may not have any other resources to export the oil. but a lot of the oil licenses are being groonltd those countries. the longer it goes, the less chance we have to get paid back. trish: i want to keep talking to them and talking to the vice president rodriguez. and i would like to talk to nicolas maduro himself. i think it's important that u.s. hear from him. and it's important that the american hostages get released. it's part of establishing trust and establishing a relationship.
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thank you so much. the taking of american hostages, this rampant poverty, this community where you have people left looting for food. food trucks they are looting. these are all problems for venezuela. but the real problem as hans articulated so well for us tonight is this. the venezuelan vice president confirming to she her country is indeed doing business with russia. this amid reports pointing to a potential russian military base three hours from the coast of miami. watch again, mindful of the technical difficulties. here is vice president rodriguez. you are working with the russians? vladimir putin is lending you money and allegedly purchased five oil fields in venezuela. why should any american want to be doing business with a country so close to russia?
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trish: excellent cooperation with russia. with venezuela working hands in hand with the russians. it's clear put rrms imperialistic ambitions are getting closer to our shore. and that is a problem. joining me, robert mcinnis. we have not had enemies so close to us with a presence so near our shores since the bay of pigs
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in 19672. have we even -- since 1962. have we entered a new cold war? >> president trump is not happy with us being in georgia and the ukraine. he's on the high seas. he ramped up his atlantic operations with submarines and the like. in fact on wednesday of this week, trish, he demonstrated to the world a hypersonic ballistic missile capability that's very high-tech. if he were to replicate what he did in 1962 in cuba and threaten the united states, if he did that in venezuela in the place you indicate, it's quite whose that he could threaten us -- it's quite possible he could threaten us even more than 1962.
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trish: there are reports in russian media that vladimir putin is purchasing an island 125 miles from caracas. it's from that island people worry he could stage some kind of aircraft carrier and other military means. colonel. as we look at the entire picture. we are out of syria. there might and lot of people who would say, we only had 2,000 troops over there. syria was never our game to begin with. i would say if anything is going to be our game, it should be a country in our own hemisphere. you are allowing those rich oilfield to go to the likes of russia or china is a mistake. but more importantly from a national security standpoint, i don't think we can allow him to have that kind of access to this country. can we? >> he certainly mortgaged --
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maduro -- his country to vladimir putin with billions in debt. they have now attrition is high. they have people flooding out of the country. trish: alock comes putin -- along comes putin with cash in his pocket. he's saying give me modern weapons and access. they opened up the country and said do what you want. putin wants to get out of the sanctions we imposed on him. as a direct result he's trying to pressure us from our under belly and it may work. we cannot ignore that strategic location not only because of the oil, but how those refugees could flood toe up our country. trish: later in the show we'll be talking about a new caravan that formed 15,000 strong starting to make its way toward
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mexico. these are the comeajs we are facing throughout these communities. venezuela is another one with a million people having left weren't last year. and 8 million refugees expected to leave that country in the coming year. and where they are going to go, they will go to columbia and up through mexico and to come right here. on several different levels, is this the country we should be paying attention to right now? >> we certainly should be paying attention to it more than we are other places in the world because it's right on our doorstep. it invited our existential enemies. if you read the president's national security strategy, it's clear the bad players working in that part of the world. china and russia, are our primary enemies.
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it's selling itself to those pig countries that want to get our attention. they should have our attention. if we don't do something soon, it could get out of hand down there. trish: i think you are absolutely right. we don't need another cold war on our back door. colonel mix innis, thank you very much. the new book alliance of evil is out. coming up, president trump putting the world on notice vowing to shut down the entire southern border if he doesn't get money for our border wall. a caravan 15,000 strong is forming in honduras this very evening. as the government shut down rolls on and the caravan gets bigger and bigger. guess where nancy pelosi is. in hawaii on vacation.
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the president is at the white house ready to sign a border wall deal. wall deal. it would be nice if
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tub * reports of a new caravan forming in honduras. this one 15,000 people strong. president trump threatening to shut down our entire southern border if he doesn't get funding for a wall. and threatening to cut off aid from honduras, el salvador and guatemala. the president and i quote we'll be forced to close the southern border entirely if the obstructionist democrats don't
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give us the money to finish the wall. meanwhile the partial government shutdown prepares to head into the 8th day. joining me, madison, another caravan? this one 15,000 people strong? >> you know, enough is enough. nancy pelosi and the democrats want to call the border wall inefficient, immoral, expensive. only thing inefficient or immoral i see here are the democrats. we have seen necessity would rather shut -- we have seen they would rather shut down the government than secure our border. trish: juan, the president is saying enough, guatemala,
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honduras, el salvador, all the hundreds of millions of dollars you are getting in aid is going to go away if you don't get a handle on this. do the governments have to be more proactive so nobody wants to leave? >> let's look at this another way. trish: you can't disagree with that, can you? antoine, i want to hear that. >> i agree with you. what i want to say to you is if we cut off aid to those countries, that's going to intensify the pressure for those people to seek a different quality of lived so think want even more to come to the united states. trish: i want to see those governments be held accountable. maybe if there is the threat of less money going to them from the united states of america, they may try to do something.
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>> if we cut off the aid that means they will have less resources to improve their quality of life. we are here because the president campaigned on this notion that mexico was going to pay for this wall. now he's playing politics. the u.s. government -- trish: he's playing politics? >> isn't this a wall that should have been built long before president trump was in office. this should have been involved by republicans and democrats for decades. this is not an issue that popped up when president trump was elected in 2016. trish: years ago when hillary clinton was running against barack obama in the primary that she lost first time around, remember she wanted enhanced border security. she was all for it. chuck schumer was all for it. now because it's the platform of donald trump, nobody wants a
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wall. antoine? >> what we know is -- let me say, that's not true. democrats want border security. and we also want border security in the form of a comprehensive immigration reform. the president has rejected a by part and proposal to fix a broken immigration system our country and he took credit for a government shutdown. now he's trying to back peddle. trish: madison first of all i commend you, antoine, you got a lot in there. but the reality is the democrats have an opportunity to get meaningful immigration reform done. i think we can all agree both sides want that. but that means also putting in an enhanced border and putting forward a wall.
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you are talking about $5 billion. when you think about things we spend money on. does it not send a symbol to the rest of the world that we are not going to allow for illegal immigration anymore? >> this brings attention to the fact that the democrats flip flopped on this issue. every single democrat in the senate voted to double the length of border fencing on the mexican border. they wanted border security. this is democrats. for multiple decades. this is a bipartisan issue the democrats and republicans have not made progress on and meanwhile the american people have suffered. the $5 billion is not as big a number as we think. since 2015 we have given $2.5 billion to el salvador, honduras and guatemala in goarn aid.
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trish: good to see you. coming up. where is nancy pelosi as the government shuttledown rolls on? in hawaii vacationing. of course. miss pelosi, she is all the way across the country in hawaii. why in the world is she blaming president trump for prolonging the shutdown? i'm setting the record straight on miss pelosi's hypocrisy. the "new york times" publishing an op-ed saying president trump's impeachment is inevitable. we have new details on the mueller investigation you need to hear. to hear.
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that the economy to follow the stock market there is
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something wrong especially during the holiday season. >> i will tie you what's wrong with this picture especially during the holiday season that nancy pelosi is in hawaii on vacation only-- left to accomplish something that needs to be accomplished and instead she leaves for satmar and are in the sun but they actually don't want to accomplish anything they don't. they say they do but i will tell you they don't and this is how you know, because as long as the president's signature issue she will not therefore they don't even if they wanted enhanced border security tonight they are in full on resistance mode they are determined not to see this
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president. i get it they are political i am saddened by it but i get it. they are politicians everything comes down to these political trips for our country. having a wall would enable us to better protect our country and a symbol to protect our country these are things that we need to aggressively accomplish meaningful immigration reform and with betsy mccoy they say they want to do something but i don't think they do. she has no interest in compromise because she wants
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her democratic colleagues to regard her as totally uncompromising. remember she is running to be speaker of the house and we can call it the house to resistance. >> so she is pandering to the far extreme left of her party so president trump has signaled on the dollar value of this appropriation. >> and he is asking for a little piece of the wall that nancy pelosi will not compromise in here is the thing that is so troubling to the american people. she says a wall is moral. what is immoral is not
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building the wall. what is immoral is allowing poverty ridden migrants to flight across the border and make our american taxpayers with the cost of their housing, health care, food, care, food, america already has poor people to take care of we are doing our best to take care of our own. >> you will be in trouble for saying that. . >> we have homeless people on our streets right here in new york to care of we do not need more. >> i agree with you there is that hard reality we cannot take on a lot in america tyranny begins at home. >> by the way the president is threatening to cut off aid. >> i hope he does. absolutely. listen to the democrats target those who support the wall and
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then smear them as the senator from connecticut said the other day it is racist because they are not calling for a border wall with canada country of mostly of white people that hears the news half a million cross illegally into the united states on the southern border were apprehended how many crossed from canada? 350 we need a wall on the southern border because that is where the lawbreakers are. >> you are demagogy an entire group of people which is not all the truth but just the reality. and i think you would agree with this we would like to create a better system so the best people that want to come here want to contribute to our american economy by the way . >> marching to the border in a caravan than that is something
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we can get behind. >> so demanding no wall is like demanding no tsa agents at the airport that is ridiculous. judge: . >> we would never go for that. >> talk about shutting down the border i would still argue from mexico. >> because mexico was the exporting nation if you shut down the borders you shut down the country 83 percent from that southern border from california into texas you say you are closed for business as a countr country. trish: will he? . >> he has before. i have to applaud the president for what he has done to negotiate with the
2:36 am
president but he is keeping the asylum-seekers while the cases are heard. trish: thank you so much. the illegal immigrant that killed a california police officer, broke into our country through the arizona border the former governor is here tonight. why the ball must be built and why she says it won't.
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trish: tonight a "new york times" op-ed writer crating the impeachment of president trump is inevitable writing the piece titled the inevitability of impeachment the former watergate reporter claiming they have enough evidence already to warrant and impeachment just a bunch
2:40 am
of hyperbole about the chaos and that must mean he must be resigning so jointly right now former federal prosecutor. good to see you. we want to share with you and the if you are from the op-ed that the writer writes the current crisis only has two possible outcomes the criminal charges this would lead him the choice of resigning or trying to fight congressional removal. so she seems to think she's on a path to impeachment. . >> it is completely apolitical not even legal but a political process so is it likely the
2:41 am
house will issue articles of impeachment? yes. it is democratic majority democrats. it definitely is not inevitable. trump will not be impeached and the jurors are the senators of the information we have right now. >> arguing basically they are not welcome among many republicans but i disagree that's those that our effective. but if for some reason she was right. >> way out in front of him - - herself i read it really carefully. >> there is no evidence. >> she said that it was
2:42 am
comical so go through it and said the frivolous impeachment of bill clinton. that's fine matt shows it can be a political tool but not in this case she says when it has to do with strong. so what is it projecting her own wishful thinking? but you are both attorneys and from a legal perspective what you know, about the case just to think there are criminal charges filed? . >> there is no evidence in any way or shape or form. first of all, the department of justice says you cannot die day sitting president but even with what we know now it is speculative anyway.
2:43 am
and that political aspect at the house level they ran on the platform. >> and vladimir putin with one goal was to destabilize not only can be cared if it was hillary clinton or donald trump and in fact, she may have been a little nicer. but that said my speculation is he wanted that debate - - divided nature. . >> to break it down logically but that is exactly on the money.
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but that's not true. trish: by the way we could have been in the same situation with hillary clinton. of course, look at the uranium one deal. and then to say this was an unfair election and have us right where he wants us going back to venezuela in the western hemisphere trying to get his military equipment from our own backyard to the coast of miami. so he has us right where he wants us. now going to the other issue former white house press secretary is warning the white house after democrats take control of the house in january. >> i'm not sure they know what's about to hit them it is an extremely dysfunctional white house.
2:45 am
they have had no i verse one - - oversight last two years they have given them a complete pass. they are about to be even with normal oversight they are not prepared for it will be aggressive. [laughter] . >> i can wait. >> i said before that is a little counterintuitive wait until you see right away know know know they will do a million investigations and the reason i is. >> and you both talked about the particular case in the feds think that he holds the key to julian a staunch one - - as signage who hacked into the server and was actively pursued and now suing to say
2:46 am
you have violated my privacy as an american and many have said very strongly he is right. . >> to tell you that happens. >> it is like a small example of the fed overreach. going after a 72 -year-old ma man, anyone who hung out with him. but it could be a little much. but this entire investigation is completely overreach way beyond the scope of what we are looking for. it is 100 percent right that they would be more detrimental to their cause ultimately but even if they go forward what have we seen so far?
2:47 am
red herring after red herring something salacious. >> they say that is payback for ken stars. >> while. because he went overboard. . >> i would just want to know. who came up with the dossier and why. . >> that is what we are supposed to be looking at. >> and on notice to shut down the entire borderless he gets the money he needs for the wall. former arizona governor brewer knows firsthand why we must build that wall on the build that wall on the southern border and her
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trish: new tonight build the wall or close the southern border? that is the message with a stern warning from the president to democrats that the government shutdown looks like it will had well into 2019. my next guest is confident he will get the border wall jointly right now the former governor of arizona. good to have you here. the illegal migrant that came here to kill the california police officer actually came into our country from no other than the arizona mexico border we have a problem in our country as a result of these
2:52 am
migrants. what can be done and what would you tell the president? . >> it is a huge issue here in arizona and other parts of the border. we know where they have enhanced the s one - - the fencing and then to be reduced by 90 percent and the democrats have completely resist any type of proposal. . >> but in the interim and at the margin it would be helpful something better than nothing? . >> absolutely we have to have a secure border to protect
2:53 am
those people of america. and with a greyhound bus depot. and up above 1000 at this point. . >> and that is a real concern. . >> now she did not return and that is a burden on the states. because they are criminals they are deported and the president made a promise that he would build up wall the president that i know will not blink. and the democrats have totally
2:54 am
disregarded everything the american people want and to put the american citizens at risk in the manner that they have. we are fed up and tired. build the wall and get it done. he will not blink. trish: are you sure? he took a little criticism because he negotiated more than some would have wanted i know you just met with them but are you confident at this moment in time he will make it very clear that he wants the wall to make sure we actively get it he will shut down the border and i think he would i think they will shut it down. . >> let's not forget you have a lot of businesses in arizona i am sure that of those
2:55 am
transactions across the board. >> isn't one we are willing to take? . >> it is our largest trading partner in arizona. we want law enforcement safe to know who is coming in our door and it is the federal government's responsibility to protect us and they have not done it. and the democrats need to get off of their butts and the president is working his staff is working and let's decide what we can get done and then to shut down the border i guarantee. trish: it looks like he's
2:56 am
willing to pay the price economically speaking. >> year after year after year the last 30 years the border would be secure and we get the blunt of it. local and state and federal we are tired and fed up and the rest of the united states is feeling the same kind of thing. we will not put up with it. trish: you have had it up to hear. >> clearly. >> clearly. and to share your honesty. i joined the army after 911,
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cuz, um, i thought that was what i needed to do. we got our orders to go overseas and i went to baghdad, iraq. we were transporting a bomb sniffing dog to the polling stations. we rolled over two anti-tank mines, it blew my humvee up, killed my sergeant. after the explosion, i suffered a closed head injury, um, traumatic brain injury, loss of a limb, burns to 60% of my body. when the doctors told me i reached my plateau, i did not want to hear that because i do not believe i have a plateau. so, i had to prove 'em wrong,
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which i am doing to this day and i will still do until the end of my days. i've gotten to where i am at because of my family. and, the wounded warrior project has helped me more than i can ever imagine. they have really been there to support me in my endeavors. my number one goal, basically, is to get close to where i was. i am more than ready to work hard to get to that goal. i am living proof to never give up and i will never give up. trish: can you believe are bringing an end to 2018 what a year it has been but i'm
3:00 am
really looking forward to 2019. we just started the show i'm so happy you are watching we have a lot of things to talk about 2019 for sure. a whole lot. and i will be here every step of the way for a new journey. have a wonderful new year. maria bartiromo wall street is right now #metoo t two. >> happy new year everybody the week that was in for the week ahead i am maria bartiromo we are so happy you are with us. and more suspected leaders bancroft and had to cough is with me this weekend and then i sit down with what we can expect from the investment front the year is gearing up to be a huge one for the ipl


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