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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  January 3, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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fox business will be covering that live for you. we just heard from the president himself responding to this fight over the border wall. thank you so much for joining us today. we'll see you back here tomorrow. [♪] president trump: we never had more people want to go come to the united states. and that has to do with the economy and a lot of other things. we are doing great as a country. but the better we do the more people want to come in. liz: president trump playing hardball offense. congratulating the new speaker of the house nancy pelosi vowing to protect the border with a wall standing side by side with border patrol. we have the breaking news on that. apple hitting a 6-year low.
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it lost $450 billion since april. should you buy, or sell a home. we have insight on what's going on on wall street it's a new day in d.c. as the new house gavels in. the democrats tried to declare war on president trump. but alexandria ocasio-cortez already in open revolt against nancy pelosi. leadership denying her command for a new select committee that would be able to shut down the nation's energy grids. she only got 16,000 votes, and why she'll fail. is this 18.
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>> ? is this flip, is this going to belly flop with vote horse want d.c. to get things done? we are on it. do the border fight. yesterday's meeting produced no deal. new details coming in on how facebook gets a lot of information from you from outside apps, even if you are not on facebook. and how they act like a trojan horse on your computer funneling out your data without you knowing about it. the chinese weather app that's collecting so much of your information. it's beyond email addresses and location. thank you for watching. money, politics. we have the debate and today's headlines, i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now.
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let's get right to edward lawrence at the white house. reporter: total surprise. the president walked in for a first time to the press briefing room. he was having a meeting in the prepares briefing room. and the president decided to take them out and talk to the media about a border wall and pitch the american people directly. president trump: you can call it a barrier or call it whatever want. but essentially we need pro next our country. reporter: the border agents say when you put up border wallet stops the border crossing exponentially. they say it's essential to stop the criminal element. the president extended the invitation to the new leaderedship in the house and senate to try and negotiate over stopping or ending the
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government shutdown. the president -- we heard from sources on capitol hill who say they accepted that and should be here late in the morning or sometime eastern time. liz: nancy pelosi is having a 7:00 p.m. presser? reporter: that's right. what we have heard from nancy pelosi is no, no, no. no extra money for border walls. they are droo drawing a line in the sand there. the president is drawing the line in the sand saying we need border protection. and today we saw why when he trots the border agents out. reporter: in the next couple hours, the house of representatives, the new democratic majority will pass two bills through the house. the first will open the government for the six appropriations bills.
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the section piece of legislation will fund the department of homeland security through the 8 rt of february, no new wall fund on that. we expect it to be the marker for the house of representatives. many *, the senate majority leader has throned cold water on that. he says the senate will not take up any proposal that does not have a chance of getting a presidential signature. the house democrats will produce political statements. the president said that was dead on arrival. they moved a different bill than the house of representatives. right on this not one hour the house speaker nancy pelosi will hold a press conference. the first start of the day was
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article 1 as they swore in a new congress. part 2 of the constitution, the executive branch. that's what we are having now. what can possible through the congress and what will the president sign. people on capitol hill are saying nothing is moving yet. liz: the democrats are still talking about $1.6 billion for the border. when you are outside the d.c. beltway, people are seeing this washington apparatus has doubled our debt, spent $150 billion under obama. it spent billions of dollars and failed energy companies. what's the big deal with $5 billion for border security? >> it's part of semantics here and what constitutes a wall. this argument about technology. the president talked about
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drones today. what this vote will represent tonight. they have the majority, and he localsy and the house democrats have to put down a marker and say this is what we can accept. >> the question, it has veto power. >> a lot of people said nancy pelosi will have struggling controlling this. she won the speakership today when people thought she would have trouble winning the speakership after the house democrats won the house in november. in 2011 when she came in. she had a lot of democrats who wanted to impeach george w. bush. she was able to manage that group. nancy pelosi is a deal maker. even they think now that pelosi is speaker they have a better opportunity to make a deal.
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liz: jeff flock is monitoring the impact of the partial government mustdown. >> some people say it's a big dale, others say not so much. hundreds of thousands of federal workers not being paid across the country. 450,000 are working unpaid. at least for now. that includes 41,000 atf and border and derks a agents, border patrol agents and 35,000 irs staff. they will be paid because they are being forced to work and they will eventually get the money. those on furlough, no guarantee they will be paid. the senate will pass a bill saying they should be paid. but the congress would have to pass the bill and the president who have to sign it.
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and 80% of the national park service. because of the shutdowns at the agricultural department, no usda loans for farmers. no small business administration loans. fha and va loans stopped. federal national parks closed, the smithsonian shut down. the zoo. the marriage bureau is federally funded so no marriage licenses are being issued in d.c. i was attempting to get married. i would be and rich man. liz: people care about their irs refund. reporter: some workers are working, others have been
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furloughed. so that's not happening right now. liz: former republican congressman darrell sighsa will join with us his take on thousands of government workers work without pay. the dow down 660 points. worries over weak global growth. and apple dropping to a 6-year low. it slashed its quarterly sales forecast. leverage loans, $1.6 trillion of them. they are in lock-up. when they freeze, the private equity groups that own them. they drop. susan li is at the new york stock exchange with the latest. reporter: the dow closing close
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to the session low levels. apple will tell the markets they are going to make less money than they did. this will go back to slower iphone heals in china. factory orders and inventory numbers. the biggest drop since 2008, the lowest level in two years. apple having the biggest effect. obviously a down day as well. we had a $74 billion bio tack deal. -- bio tech deal. liz: strong adp reports. let's get an important senator's take on the shutdown. newie confirmed senator -- newly
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confirmed senator marcia blackburn. democrats are saying the wall the president want is inefficient and immoral. does it mean the wall they voted for in 2013 is also immoral and ineffective? >> they keep moving the goal post on this. they voted for border funding previously, and everybody knows that. but they don't want to give donald trump a win. people want to have their nation's some of earn i protected. -- their nation's sovereignty protected. protecting your borders is providing for you that defense. people are saying look, when you look at budget, what president trump is asking for is 1/10 of
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1%. that's 1/10 of a penny. it's what is being asked for to pay for this wall in order to protect our country. protect our sovereignty. if you are going to have an open border. every state is a border state. every town is a border town. and those traffickers are coming to a neighborhood near you. liz: i would like your take on nancy pelosi not compromising on the border wall. let's listen. >> are you willing to couple and give him some of his money for the wall? >> no, nothing for the wall. we tried that border security. liz: to your point, it's $5 billion to open up the government.
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they doubled the debt to $20 billion under obama. this is amazing what's going on. they can't couple with $5 billion on the wall? it's inconceivable. >>it is inconceivable. i was talking with a democrat today and i think buyer's remorse is setting in. they are look at in rsh and saying donald trump has given you an offer dealing with the dreamers. if i were a family and i had dreamers in my family and you see this object city in the -- e refusing to work with republicans or pooms work with the presidentd republicans or work with the president. i think buyers' remorse is going set in very soon.
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liz: possibly dreamers themselves if they are being caused work permits. if they see that being rejected by the democrats. they are in a danger zone there. nancy pelosied told the "new york times" the constitution considers her trump's equal. ways your take on that? >> i think that nancy pelosi probably should spend some time reading the constitution. and becoming familiar with the responsibilities of our office. the president of the united states is the commander-in-chief. we do have the three coequal branches of government. and she is the speaker of the house. that is her role. that puts her in number three. if you will, when i comes top
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ascendancy in power in the government. so i would encourage miss pelosi to just kind of settle in, begin to negotiate. i would encourage the dreamers to encourage her to look at a way for them to have legalization. and to have a recognition that there is an offer on the table that would give work permits. and we'll see what pelosi end up doing with this. liz: senator marcia backburn, great to see you. the state department. u.s. state department out with a travel warning for americans heading to china saying exercise increased caution. there are concerns that china is enforcing laws arbitrarily there and suddenly stopping people
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from leaving. slapping surprise exit bans and u.s. citizens. americans possibly could be kept up to several years under the surprise ban. and most of of the time they don't even know they are band from leaving china until they try to. president trump and the democrats are at a stand still on the shutdown, thousands of border patrol agents on the borders are protecting our countryout without pay. to that story we brought you first here last night. new details coming in on the chinese made weather app that's collecting lots of your personal data it's a popular one on google android. great news, liberty mutual customizes-
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comcast business. beyond fast. liz: new details on a scary story weed told you about. remember that's chinese weather app that's collecting too much data from users? it's called weather forecast
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world accurate weather radar. it clects your location, email addresses, personal information including the identity code for your phone. it secretly tries to put 100,000 users into separate virtual paid reality services. and they had no idea they are being charged for that. many of the most of popular android apps are sharing your data with facebook, even if you don't use facebook. haharmeet dhillon has been all over this issue. this is scary stuff. your take on it. >> i'm not surprised to see the story. your viewers may recall the chinese government requires companies who operate there to
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share information. your email and identification of your phone, there is a good chance that data will be shared with the chinese government. that's probably information you don't want out there. that's more troubling that in third world countries, users of the low-cost phones were being signed up for a virtual reality game that could have cost $1.5 billion to those users if people hadn't caught that. users need to be careful. people click and sign, sure, track me. liz: we don't know what china is doing with surveillance. getting i.d. for our phones.
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>> the good part is apparently this is only happening to people who use these particular phones. it was happening in third world countries. people are less he 50s kateed about giving their data. a lot of american consumers are pretty sophisticated. liz: 20 out of 34 android apps looked at. trip advisor, kayak. these apps were transmitting their users' data to facebook even if they didn't have a facebook account. giving user data unknowingly to facebook. >> the iphone generally doesn't do this. it's a device you are paying a lot of money for. bust android devices are data
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harvesting devices. the purpose is to collect your data. somebody wants to make money off of it. the is being shared with facebook with google they operate digital tissing. tis -- digital advertising. it's disturbing that it's happening in this way. in europe con -- consumers are typically notified. but because of concern about privacy by our legislators in washington, nothing is done to protect consumers. he all thanked phone calls and ads targeted towards us and we wonder, how did that happen? in other headlines.
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this is eye opening. roman catholic diocese across the country releasing names of over 1,000 priests and others who sexually assaulted youngs children. 50 diocese identifying the molesters. and they have plans to release even more names of perpetrators. china is becoming the first country to land a spacecraft on the dark side of the moon. this is really pretty cool stuff. the space race is back on. the city of los angeles releasing the first early earthquake warning app that could give local residents
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precious time to take cover in the event of a quake or larger. it's called shakealertla. mexico and japan, they already use them. thousands of men and women on the front lines of border security still showing up to do their jobs. even though they are not getting paid. be in *, speaker of the house. she faces open revolt from liberals like alexandria ocasio-cortez. stay there. ♪ at northwestern mutual, this is what our version of financial planning looks like. tomorrow is important, but so is making the
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liz: tens of thousands of u.s. borderer officials still showing up to guard the border even though they are not getting paid.
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this as tens of thousands of migrants are taken into ski daily trying to cross the border. >> this is my first appearance as former as of noon today. so you get an exclusive. liz: you are working with the trump white house, right? >> i am. one of the reasons for leaving office is i believe this is a white house that needs support inside and outside. as a san diego congressman i have seen a fence that works but a fence that ends and people walk around it. liz: will this backfire when we have 179,000 homeland security workers work but not getting paid? >> shutdowns always backifier. they are -- backfire. they are always problematic. the president articulated a
6:32 pm
straightforward principle. all those people who work in harm's way for our national security say they are less safe until there are roads and fences running along the border that allow them to orderly control people trying to come over. liz: on this show we try to get into the details of what's happening at the border. 22,000 minors illegally crossed the border in november. and 10,000 were unaccompanied. this country is a generous country, but it's sheer mayhem at the border according to our border patrol guys. >> with 1.2 million people lawfully coming in legally and tens of millions coming in as
6:33 pm
vacationers. we have a good system to handle that through the front door. but when people send their minor children over mixed in with coyotes also trafficking in drugs. people coming in illegally and the system works. it will be -- if somebody is lawfully allowed to come here, we want to be open to them. but we want a system that works. this is the first president in my 15 years in washington who said it and meant it. liz: why aren't the democrats seemingly good with the border patrol saying this helps us do our job. he see central america talking about border security. we see canada talking about it. what does it say about the
6:34 pm
situation in washington, d.c. it seems like there is a disconnect. >> sometimes the problem in washington is get together common truth. if you talk to the border patrol or anyone who worked in our national security at the border. they will tell you the ability to channel people and give the border people some time. roads along the border that allow them to move so people can't sneak through the brush, all of that is needed. when you listen to my democratic friends. either they say it's a waste of money. it's convenient but not true. or they will be honest and say they consider the open border, giving these people sanctuary is our obligation and it's wrong humanitarianly. we have have that discussion. but even they have no answer.
6:35 pm
is it a billion people were going to take in or a million? if you can't agree to common facts of what you want to achieve. you usually endup the president is where he's having to say i'm listening to the men and women in harm's way. people like the late brian terry who paid the ultimate price because he went tasers and they came with heavy weapons. those people have said give us a fence like we have in san diego and we can do our job more safely. liz: house liberals led by ocasio-cortez in open revolt against house leaders including nancy pelosi. we'll show you what the hard left are demanding will push the spending off a cliff. the "wall street journal"'s
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kimberly strassel on nancy pelosi flip-flopping big time. that debate coming up. to buy or sell? with fidelity's real-time analytics, you'll get clear, actionable alerts about potential investment opportunities in real time. fidelity. open an account today. - with tripadvisor finding the right hotel at the lowest price is as easy as dates, deals, done. going on a work trip? dates, deals, done. destination wedding? dates, deals, done. because with tripadvisor all you have to do is enter the dates of your stay and we'll take care of the rest: searching over 200 booking sites to find you the best deal it's as easy dates, deals, you know the rest.
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liz: at first nancy pelosi was categorically opposed to any talk of impeachment. she dismissed it. >> for those who want impeachment. that's not what our caucus is about. liz: now she is reversing that. telling nbc she is open to it. >> we shouldn't be impeaching for a political reason and we shouldn't avoid impeachment for a political reason. we'll have to see how it comes. liz: joining me, kimberly strassel. good to see you. why the 180? why the flip?
6:40 pm
>> that's an easy answer. nancy pelosi is now speaker. she is no longer running to win elections. she knew she had to be careful on the campaign trail never to suggest this is why they were seeking power. but of course it is. on the if first day you already had a democratic congressman file articles of impeachment against donald trump. liz: will this backfire? nancy pelosi said whether a sitting president can be indicted is open to discussion. >> egg indicates that a president can be indicted after he's no long are president of the united states. >> what about a sitting president. >> a president who is in office. can robert mueller come back -- >> that is an open discussion. liz: your reaction? >> not so much. we should be happy nancy pelosi is not wandering the halls of
6:41 pm
justice department. there is a longstanding policy that holds that sitting president cannot be indicted is the belief the mere threat of that could interfere with an executive's ability to maintain the government. this has been settled for a long time and she may wish it were otherwise. the reason we don't go down the roads of indictment there is is a different mek number for dealing with this which is in fact impeachment. but there are also political perils to impeachment. there is a reason nancy pelosi was careful about it when she was on the campaign trail. and she'll have to think long and hard about the reasons under which she would bring an impeachment case. liz: i think the republicans gained five seats in the '98 election.
6:42 pm
let's talk ocasio-cortez. the leadership denying ocasio-cortez's demand. she only won 16,000 votes in her district in queens. she wants to upend the economy. she wants to subpoena big oil and shut count use of fossil fuels to shut down the energy grid. she won with 16,000 votes and wants to up end the u.s. economy. >> what we have had ever since the election, she and her cohorts have been demanding this select committee to write their green new deal legislation. demanding it bar anybody who accepts money from the fossil fuel industry to prevent them from sitting on the committee. they are going back to restoring
6:43 pm
the climate committee they had last time they were in control. he said you can't bar anyone who accepted fossil uconn tribiewtions. this will infuriate this whole crowd. but this is not a political winner either. the last time democrats attempted to do this, 2010, it was one of the reasons they lost the house back then. >> the heartland is not going to go for this. this means a lot of natural gas jobs. oil industry jobs, coal industry jobs will be out the door. >> if you look out there and look at polls. the issue of climate change is dead last on the list of american priorities. they understand it's extremely expensive. this program o.c. and her
6:44 pm
friends are advocating is not realistic. if you could look at it, the engine of the economy is oil and gas drilling. it's been a mainstay during difficult times. you want to take all that away, they have a plan for doing it. >> it stops the u.s. from going into recession. we know china and yeah is not doing with ocasio-cortez is doing. let's look at the impeachment proceedings filed by brad sheman. he filed in 2017 with al green of texas. we are going to see much more of this. the ball is rolling. >> if democrats want a hope of pulling this off, and i think there is great political perils to doing that. they will have to wait until their investigations get rolling and they see what bob mueller files in terms of report and see
6:45 pm
if they can gin up something that looks legitimate enough to justify throwing washington into an impeachment proceeding. even if they were to do it within it would go up to the senate and go nowhere there. it's a tough call for them. do they cater to their base which is demanding cities in or do they look ahead. maybe mainstream americans don't want to go there and they would like to see practical things get done in washington, d.c. >> look, wait to see what mueller comes up with. they might well go down the obstruction aisle. liz: we have nancy pelosi holding a press conference. let's dip in. we are here with our distinguished house democratic
6:46 pm
leader mr. higher. our distinguished chair of the appropriations committee and chair of the homeland security subcommittee, congresswoman lucille allard. as you are aware, we have -- we are diligent, diligent and persistent in trying to open up government. as i said today on the floor. we'll take good ideas from wherever they come, including the idea of the appropriations bills passed by the republicans in the united states senate. they passed six bills, four of them were on the floor with over 90 votes. two of them in committee unanimously, and those six bills
6:47 pm
cover 8 agencies and departments of government that could be on the just by the stroke of the pen of the president of the united states. separate from that, we are sending what the senate sent also passed which is a bill to extend -- to have a continuing resolution until february 8, taking their exact date from the senate. that would cover homeland security. it would give us the weeks to negotiate an agreement to open up government in that department. again we have taken word for word. i'll yield in a moment to mr. hoyer to demonstrate how purely republicans these measures were. we separated out the two votes. one on the 8 departments of
6:48 pm
government that could be open now to meet the needs of the american people. to protect our borders and to protect our workers. and again the other bill is mostly about protecting our borderers. in that spirit i want to yield to the leader of the house, mr. hoyer on the need to open up government. >> thank you very much. congratulations, madame speaker, on your reelection. we are here late tonight. later than would you usually expect the congress to be here on opening day. people obviously have things to do, they have family in town. but we are here because we sense the urgency of opening up the people's government so they can be served by the agencies of government on which they rely. and so that 800,000 people who
6:49 pm
have been put at risk, worried about whether they are going to get a paycheck and worried whether they will be able to pay a mortgage or their child's school payment. that's why we are here. and what have we done? as the speaker just indicated, we have taken six bills the senate has passed almost unanimously out of their committee. republicans and democrats joined together so we have agreement on these fixed bills. nobody is arguing about the six bills. they are not arguing at the white house, they are not arguing here. we have agreement. if we pass that as i expect we are going to do, the senate would pass it, send to it the president and he would seen it. but there is a disagreement on the homeland security bill. so we said okay, we haven't reached agreement.
6:50 pm
but we'll provide more time to sit down as adocuments -- liz: that's steny hoyer detailing the need to open up government. kimberly, your take on what nancy pelosi and steny hoyer are saying. >> the shutdowns are always about pointing fingers, trying to get the other side to take the blame. you are seeing nancy pelosi and steny hoyer saying look how reasonable we are. the last holdout one that deals with the wall and border security. let's fund it at its current level for a while and give us more time to negotiate. i imagine the white house response to that is we already know what you wanted and you won't gift. >> the government wastes hundreds of millions of dollars on things. the american people see this as phoney. i think we are goinged to hold
6:51 pm
you until after the break. we are going to take a commercial break to try to make some money. stay right there, viewers.
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>> of spring and the panel to talk about nancy pelosi's first press conference as house speaker.
6:55 pm
madison is trump 2020 campaign advisory and kristin, this is feeling more like a phony fake shutdown. we all have talked about how since the mid- 70s u.s. congress has only passed budget on time four times since 1977. we talked about $400 billion in wasteful government spending and were talking about by billion for border security that the democrats were four in 2015. people in the heartland not getting it. >> it seems like time and time again we go through the same issue with republicans and democrats quite prickly and congress. they don't do their jobs or pass many bells and don't get anything done. when it comes to the border specifically democrats with rather not protect our border and open the government. keeping the government shutdown interfacing to protect the border and the specs each and every american across the country.
6:56 pm
we not prevent death like the officer's death and our border is often secure for decades and is not an issue that popped up yesterday. president trump is the first president in a long time that is stopping it and nothing to do this and get this done for the american people. liz: we hear what the democrats are saying for the wall and venting is quote immoral, ineffective and not sure how that plays when the democrats supported border fencing and hundreds of miles of it and that's - that's not immoral so there's a disconnect. what deal with the democrats except? >> i can't speak for the members but what they are asking for is time to negotiate. i think using language that is so bombastic like my counterpart is used is easy to do but anyone who has worked in the house or senate or government knows negotiations are difficult. it's completely reasonable for
6:57 pm
hoyer and nancy pelosi to say of pass the bill by a public and senate and take the time to sit down and figure out the support of all funding. it's difficult and you can tell it's difficult because the republicans have controlled everything and were able to pass something in two years. i don't think it's unreasonable and it's reasonable path forward and honest path forward. liz: what do they need to figure out? madison, go ahead. >> it's unreasonable. it's not about negotiating but kicking the can down the road and hope that no negotiations will take place. that's what this is about. liz: kristin just that you are being bombastic and using heated rhetoric. >> there is no rhetoric being used. i'm talking fax and the fact is officer sings death would have been prevented. he's an illegal country who came
6:58 pm
to live as american dream and cut short by an illegal immigrant that you never have been in the country. if we had secure borders that would not happen. we need reform and end of sanctuary cities. things can happen pretty easily and quickly but democrats refuse to come to the table. [inaudible conversations] liz: if it so easy and can happen so quickly democrats have been in control for a few hours so why has not happened in two years since republicans? [inaudible conversations] liz: why have the democrats been silent on the murder of the police officer? he was killed by an illegal immigrant and he's in immigrant to the country and we don't hear democrats from the state of california talking about it. why? >> people have not been silent on the issue. people have run to their
6:59 pm
corners. >> nancy pelosi has been silent. liz: he's a suspected illegal accused of the murder. >> right. at the end of the day it comes back to conference of immigration reform and their members on both sides of the aisle that understand things need to be done and they disagree on what that is. immigrants and republicans have to come to the table and figure out a compromise and it will not happen otherwise. liz: what is the compromise? >> i don't know what it will be but something needs to get done. american people are suffering. congress lies are not at risk but all of us living across the country are at risk. we don't have security or people protecting us every day. they need to get to work and get something done. were sick of people like officer thing dying and people need to be protected across country and president trump knows that. he's pushing each and every day for us. liz: will stay on the story because it's a heck of a fight
7:00 pm
that is still going on in dc as nancy pelosi continues with her press conference saying - was with her as well. we appreciate madison and kristin. jampacked show and we thank you so much for having us in your home and thinking you for watching. lou dobbs will take it up next right here on the fox business network. have a good night. ♪. lou: good evening. radical dems officially in control of congress nancy pelosi is now the duly elected speaker of the house. addressing the 116th congress, pelosi declared her policy priorities seem deeply to be mired in a bygone era offering her aggressively left listing conference, meaningless spending bill that already dba, that is dead before arrival in the senate as you would expect from the former speaker she fancies and old tiresome prescription for illegal immigration


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