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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  January 9, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EST

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thanks so much for watching "strange inheritance." and remember, you can't take it with you. ♪ >> i swore to protect our country and that is what i will always do. >> president trump must stop holding the american people hostage, manufacturing a crisis. lauren: president trump makes his case to the american people for a border wall but democrats remain unmoved. will they make a deal today? cheryl: hopes for at least a trade deal helping lift stocks three days in a row and futures are pointing to another day of gains. the dow up 104, s&p up 10.5, nasdaq up 32 in the premarket. lauren: oil prices moving higher on production cuts and global growth $50, 84 a barrel.
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cheryl: in europe, all green arrows, all solidly above 1%. lauren: a sea of green in asia, the hang seng up more than 2%. cheryl: mark zuckerberg offering his annual facebook challenge. it's a different challenge than last year's challenge. "fbn: a.m." starts right now. lauren: it is 5:01 a.m. in new york. it is wednesday, january 9th. thank you for starting your day with us. i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning. i'm cheryl casone. did you stay up late and watch the address? lauren: i did, i got he three hours of sleep. cheryl: lots to talk about. president trump did make his case last night for the border wall in his first prime time oval office address. he said the wall is the key to national security.
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>> why do wealthy politicians build walls, fences and gadgets around their homes? -- gates around their homes? they don't build walls because they hate the people on the outside, but because they love the people on the inside. lauren: the president and congressional leaders will meet today at the white house to try to find a compromise here. ray bogen is in washington with the details. >> reporter: after 18 days, there's still no solution in sight to end the partial government shutdown. tuesday, the fight over border security went to prime time, with both sides making their case to the american public. >> my fellow americans -- >> reporter: president trump making his first address to the american public from the oval office. it comes amid a fierce battle between the white house and democrats over border security. >> all americans are hurt by uncontrolled illegal migration. this is a humanitarian crisis, a crisis of the heart and a crisis
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of the soul. >> reporter: the president and democrats remain at an impasse over border security funding. republicans say the situation at the border is a crisis. >> the federal government remains shut down for one reason and one reason only. because democrats will not fund border security. >> reporter: democrats taking to the senate floor tuesday night, calling for an end to the shutdown. leaders suggested funding everything but the department of homeland security through the end of the year, giving congress time to debate the border issue. >> the president is rejecting these bipartisan bills which would reopen government over his obsession with forcing american taxpayers to waste billions of dollars on a wall. >> there's an obvious solution, separate the shutdown from arguments over border security. >> reporter: negotiations continuance. president trump and vice president pence head to capitol hill for a lunc lunch lunch m.
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ray hrowraybogen fox. lauren: by the end of the workweek it will be the longest shutdown in history if nothing goats done. senator bernie sanders offering his own response to the president's speech. >> sadly, what president trump is trying to do is to create fear and hatred in our country. instead of trying to bring us together as a people, he is trying to divide us up. cheryl: republican senator lindsey graham appeared onity lasonhannity last night and he slammed the democrats. >> all the president is saying is i would like to provide more security to the american people. i'my democratic colleagues have voted for billions of dollars in border security money, who say
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this was manufactured. was it manufactured when obama wanted the money. cheryl: a programming note for all of you. sarah sanders is going to be on "mornings with maria" at 8:00 a.m. eastern time. you do not want to miss that interview. lauren: china says trade talks with u.s. negotiators in beijing have wrapped up and results will be released soon. there's reason to be optimistic as the u.s. trade representative said the talks were so productive they extended into an unexpected third day. cheryl: let's get the latest. >> reporter: the two sides are far apart but still moving forward so they're taking this time to lay a framework for what's going to happen in future meetings. the u.s. trade representative will meet with the vice premier, a chinese official says they're working toward a meeting next week some time. the big challenge for the u.s. is to try and hold china to the agreement. in the past, the chinese have
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said they would make structural changes but have gone back on their word. a number of enforcement actions are being looked at by the u.s. trade representative's office, possibly removing tariffs on chinese goods after the chinese make the structural changes they need to make or suspending the 10% tariffs and replacing them if the chinese go back on their word. the republican senators say we need to make sure we trust them, but verify. >> what happens with our relationship will affect the world trade. we've got to be realizing that everything should be on a level playing field as much as we can get there. >> reporter: as u.s. trade representatives work in china, there was a meeting here yesterday with the european union trade commissioner. they're trying to work out a deal similar to the usmca. there would be lower tariffs and
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protection of intellectual property of companies, similar to the usmca. cheryl: the world bank is cutting its forecast for global growth for this year, probably not a big surprise. the bank trimming its estimate by one-tenth of 1%. now the estimate is 2.9%. they say this is due to rising trade tensions, instability in markets and emerging market challenges. most major economies are expecting a slowdown. the bank expecting u.s. economic growth to slow to 2.5% so far this year. estimates are estimates. lauren: estimates are estimates. we're talking about a slowdown and now we're getting more signs from apple that the latest iphones are a big disappointment. cheryl: the news continues, it's bad news. tracee carrasco has that story this morning. >> reporter: the report is that p apple reduced plant production for its three new iphone models for 10% for the january
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through march quarter, this after it slashed their quarterly sales forecast last week. they attributed the dismal sales outlook on weak iphone sales in china. this follows a filing that tim cook got a 22% raise to almost $16 million for the year ended in september. that includes a $12 million cash bonus. apple is trading higher in the premarket. cheryl: all these handset makers, apple, samsung, they're all having trouble. sears has one last hope of staying in business, it depends on the chairman. tracee: chairman eddie lampert gets one final chance to keep sears from closing down after the retailer agreed to let him compete in a bankruptcy auction that will decide the store's fate. they plan to hold the auction on monday to determine whether what is left of the chain will be liquidated or left in lampert's control. the retailer's board members and
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creditors want to wind down the business but lam lampert wants o keep 125 stores open. lauren: a you new year's resolution for facebook's ceo. tracee: every year mark zuckerberg puts out his list of goals for the year. last year his goal was to fix facebook and in 2019 he says i wants to host a series of pub discussions on the role of technology in society. he will talk with leaders, experts and people in the community from different fields. zuckerberg also saying he expects to continue focusing on all of these scandals, the issues that facebook faced like cambridge analytica and the 2016 election fallout. facebook trading higher in the premarket. cheryl: at least he didn't tell us he wants to see every state in the united states and visit every state. remember that one. that emotional building of himself he was doing, i don't know. i can't remember the specifics.
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that was the vein of his one year challenge. lauren: the do you i dow is upe premarket. still a ahead, president trump makes an emotional plea for the wall, his first ever oval office address. did he convince his critics? >> what we heard from president trump throughout the shutdown has been full of misinformation. >> this president just used the backdrop of the oval office to manufacture a crisis. lauren: no surprise there. but is president trump manufacturing a crisis? and what misinformation are the democrats pointing to? plus, the owner of this rare find won't have to pinch pennies any longer many why this penny could be worth a fortune. we'll be right back. ♪ we're in the money. ♪ we're in the money. ♪ we've got a lot of what it takes to get along. ♪ we're in the money. well, you should definitely see how geico could help you save on homeowners insurance.
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lauren: president trump giving no indication that he's softening his stance on a border wall on his first national address from the oval office. >> over the years, thousands of americans have been brutally killed by those who illegally entered our country and thousands more lives will be lost if we don't act right now. lauren: david insera is a policy analyst for homeland security and he joins us now. good morning, david. >> good morning. lauren: democrats say this is a
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manufactured crisis and fear politics. what do you say? >> i think the president made a fairly deliberate case for immigration fixes in all their forms. the president clearly laid out that the human cost of illegal immigration and this is something we should all oppose, the fact that women and children are coming to the border and they're being assaulted and attacked because they're innocent and because they're more vulnerable than other folks. we know we want to stop illegal immigration from impacting our own citizens. i think the president made a deliberate case for a all hands on deck a approach for stopping illegal immigration. lauren: he sounded presidential while doing so. my question is if this is a manufactured crisis as the democrats say, at what point does what is happening at the southern border become a crisis? how bad does it have to get? >> exactly, this is a case where we're seeing increasing numbers
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of women and children coming to the border, we're seeing increases in the number of family units and caravans coming to the border. these are yo unique problems, nw problems we have to stop. the left doesn't want to seem to have to deal with illegal immigration. they don't have any solution other than say let them in. lauren: every week, 300 citizens are killed by heroin alone and 90% of that heroin comes across the southern border so it's an issue in that sense as well. senator sanders said the president -- well, that he likes to lie. listen. >> donal.>> trump has told the n people several hundred times and he mentioned it tonight, that mexico would pay for the wall. that's a lie. if this wall were to be built, mexico would not pay for it. american taxpayers would. trump said that thousands and
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thousands of terrorists are entering the united states from the southern border. that is also a lie. lauren: your response, david? >> i've taken issue with some of the statements by the administration in the past because i do think that they haven't always been the most accurate. but today or last night, the president's address i think it was really making a compelling and pretty accurate case for why we do need fixes to border security and immigration enforcement. i didn't think that simply saying that there are costs to illegal immigration would evoke such a sad response from the left. lauren: we have a meeting today with the democrat and the congressional leaders -- with the president and congressional leaders at the white house. the president said we can get a deal in 45 minutes. we saw where they dug in their heels last night making speeches, both sides. can we get a deal today? are you optimistic about that?
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>> i think the american people want to see illegal immigration as an issue solved. i don't think this is something we can just allow to continue and we do need members of congress from both parties to be able to come and wrap their hands around what is the best way to stop illegal immigration. let's have that discussion. what does that look like at least. if the democrats don't agree with the president's strategy, let's at least hear what they would do at the southern border. lauren: doesn't so man seem l- doesn't seem like they're going to talk about negotiating until the government is open again. cheryl: we're watching the shutdown, day 19. that's one of the things investors are looking at. they're also optimistic about the u.s. and china trade negotiation. they have wrapped up the much anticipated trade tawfnlg it's been three days now. do we have a deal? and if so, what does that mean for your markets? again, dow up 104 in the premarket, s&p and nasdaq up as well.
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cheryl: once again, we are looking at a futures market -- we've had three days of gains for your markets, folks. if this is day four, we'll take it. optimism about the u.s./chinese trade talks, l they'll hea theye next level, looks like. senate democrats voted to block a bipartisan foreign policy bill that sanctions the syrian government and bolsters u.s. support for israel and jordan. democrats argued the senate should be focused on a resolution to end the government shutdown. secretary of state mike pompeo
5:22 am
expected to slam president obama's middle east policies in a speech in cairo, egypt tomorrow. he plans to criticize president obama's iranian nuclear deal. the stop is part of his week dabbing long eight nation tour across the middle east. well, a full criminal investigation has been launched after another drone disruption at a london airport. departing flights from heathrow suspended for about an hour yesterday. last month, more than 100,000 passengers were affected when drones were repeatedly spotted at gatwick airport in london. a rare penny found by a teenager in a school cafeteria back in 1947 could fetch $1.7 million at auction. the 1,943-penny accidentally made out of copper instead of steel, only 2 wer 20 were made t year because copper was a valuable metal needed for shell casings for world war ii.
5:23 am
it is on the auction block later this week. that's what's happening now. lauren: could story. three days of gains on wall street. futures are up once again today, dow up 90, nasdaq gaining 26.5. still ahead, president trump makes another attempt to reach a deal and end the government shutdown. >> you i have invited congressional leadership to the white house tomorrow to get this done. hopefully, we can rise above partisan politics in order to support national security. lauren: if they can't rise above, what's next? can the president secure the border without congress? we'll talk about that and talk about this, horrible bosses, why one ceo's search for a personal assistant is now going vie l vi. you're watching "fbn: a.m." ♪ they're ain't no rest for the
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wicked. money don't grow on trees.
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i do think there could be a bit for upside. there's a lot of resistance at 2600. even if we get positive news out of the president that the chinese delegates are going to come to the us, u.s., i think t sell the rally. cheryl: hopes for a u.s./china trade deal helping lift stocks for three days in a row. lauren: we were up more than 100, now up 68, exactly at the moment. nasdaq is up 20. cheryl: oil prices moving higher on opec production cuts and global growth optimism. oil is slightly above $50 a barrel. lauren: european equities are up at the moment. cheryl: the hang seng and hong kong up over 2%. and then there's this. >> i'm going to need you to go ahead and come in tomorrow. oh, oh, i almost forgot.
5:28 am
i'm also going to need you to go ahead and come in on sunday too. okay? lauren: a young ceo posts his outrageous demands for an assistant. social media has a field day with it. so will we. "fbn: a.m." continues right now. coming up on 5:30 in the morning. it is wednesday, january 9th. i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning. i'm cheryl casone. lauren: stocks looking to four days of gains on hopes of a u.s./china trade deal. thdispute may affect many companies' bottom lines. gentlemen, good morning. >> good morning. lauren: are you really optimistic here? >> i think that we're getting back to, say, a normalcy here.
5:29 am
we ended up selling off quite a bit because of the risk of interest rates as well as the china issues. the china issues haven't gone away. we're expecting interest rates are going to hold where they are. you're looking at probably margins that are going to come in a little bit from record levels and sales are going to come in a little bit from also areas we haven't seen in over a decade. it's still strong but not as strong as it was. lauren: the volatility still remains. what do you make of the volatility? and also, have we found a bottom? when do you think the stock market will find a bottom, if we haven't already? >> volatility is still here. it's going to remain. while we have so many headlines on the table, as we just talked about with the china headlines, they still make me a little bit nervous and the deal isn't done yet. of course, you have brexit, you have drage retiring at the end of the summer and the debt ceiling and more macro risks throughout the year.
5:30 am
i don't think we're going to find the bottom yet. it's too early. laurenearly.normally these taket months. lauren: this continues and it probably goes until the march 1st deadline when the 90 day trade truce with washington and beijing expires. jason was talking about this, gus. do we get a deal? what does that l deal look like? and how do we enforce that whatever china agrees to, that they actually adhere to what they promised? does the exact nature of a deal that we get with china affect investing? >> yes, i believe it does. the thing that you have to keep in mind is it's one thing to say you're going to buy more cars or you're going to buy more farm products. but in terms of talking about the rules of the road, what you're not going to infringe on, the ceiling or basically passing along of trade secrets or things of technology that are going to enhance your growth over a long period of time, those things take a lot of time to work out. it's not as simple as just saying i'm trading more.
5:31 am
it's more or less what are the rules, what are you going to adhere to, how can i test them? if we're looking at a ronald reagan, it's trust but verify, those are the things we're trying to do is come up with verifications. lauren: what if the administration said this, okay, thank you, we have a deal, you agreed to what you wanted you to, but we're going to keep the tariffs on until you prove you're following through? >> yeah, i think that you should always have the right to be able to put tariffs back on, whether we completely lower the tariffs and then we wait to see if they prove and do what they say they'ring going to do, we should always have the right to be able to put tariffs back on. i think it will be interesting about i.p. protection and ultimately opening up the economy. so i think that brokerages and financials will be interesting to see how that plays out in china as they potentially launch the nasdaq equivalent of you beijing, what type of access are our financial firms and insurance companies going to get
5:32 am
within china. is it going to be closed or open. lauren: the russell 2000 is looking good for a lot of folks right now. q1 earnings growth is expected to be in the double digits for russell 2000 companies, up 16%. do you think that's priced into the market? how are you feeling about the russell? >> i think you've seen over the last couple days companies coming clean and saying we're going to end up having some issues in terms of where margins are at. sales teasales seem to be robusn from high levels. so we're still strong. we're seeing a little bit of a pullback in margins and i know from talking to various companies, they're starting to see the flow-through of costs, input costs going up. so right there, i don't think analysts, just like last year, analysts didn't anticipate the tax cuts and how robust it would be for margins. on the flip side, i think we're at a point where analysts have to compensate for the higher costs, the input costs going into a lot of the production. lauren: thank you guys so much for coming on this morning and
5:33 am
unfortunately as we were doing this segment, futures have halved their gains. cheryl: president trump did not declare a national emergency in his prime time address last night about the southern border, despite the fact he's publicly threatened to do so several times. the declaration would bring swift legal challenges. let's bring in jenna ella, an attorney. jenna, good morning. >> good morning. cheryl: he's got 123 statutory provisions that he could choose from. the one that seems to be most likely cited has been u.s. code 20808, permits military construction projects, not otherwise authorized by law. it's a 1982 provision. he would take previously authorized military funding and he could use it for the wall. how legally strong of an argument could the president have there? >> very strong. there's in fact just the next
5:34 am
year in 1983 the supreme court in a 7-2 decision held that when congress through legislative action delegates specific authority in immigration and otherwise to the president and the executive branch, they can't block that action through veto or otherwise simply because they disagree with how that power is being used. so i think that that's a very strong argument for the president in addition to national emergency statutes, even the same provision that was discussed with the so-called muslim travel ban and of course he won that case ultimately at the supreme court to declare a national emergency and preclude any person or class of person coming into the border when national security was on the line. he's on very solid footing here. lauren:.cheryl: you mentioned e national emergencies act of 1976. congress has the opportunity to disapprove of his action. if you look at other presidential emergency
5:35 am
declarations they were brett specific. one was during the great depression. president wilson did it to stop the selling of u.s. ships overseas because we were going to war. when you say national emergency, can that be disputed in a court of law. obviously this will end up in the court system. i think the president already knows that. >> of course these wai will be challenged in court. some groups will be chomping at the bit, trying to sell lawsuits. the question isn't can they sue, it's will they he prevail. this prevision doesn't require the president to justify or allphqualify what he deems in hn view qualifies as a national emergency. cheryl: i want you to listen to what judge napolitano said when he was fox and friends yesterday about the issue of imminent domain along the border. >> he can declare a state of emergency but the declaration
5:36 am
itself does not give him the power to take private property and according to congressman will herd, through whose district most of the wall would go, most of the property the federal government doesn't own, so he has to condemn it and pay for it. he can't do that without congressional authorization. cheryl: does judge napolitano have a point about imminent domain. >> he has a partial point. this can't be unilaterally done and done without compensation and without complying with imminent domain provisions. in that sense, yes, the president does have to comply with that, he can't unilaterally comandeer land provisions. any court will side with president trump on the border provision unless they're activists and don't like trump or disagree with his policy which is not under their purview.
5:37 am
cheryl: the land owners are going to -- there's several lawsuits that have been in the courts for years, land owners in texas who have -- they were hit by imminent domain and have taken it to the courts and have stopped the border security on the texas border, correct, jenna? >> it's halted it. people can challenge these things in courts and justice doesn't necessarily come swiftly but the outcome of these cases should be more swift and activist courts should not prevent the exec ti executive bh from doing it its del delegated. cheryl: thank you for helping us to look ahead for the potential roadblocks. >> great to see you. lauren: executives step down after a company disagreed with comments that were made. cheryl: tracee carrasco has that story and other headlines. tracee: these comments from former ceo richard gudis were allegedly made before he officially became the head of herbalife in 2017.
5:38 am
prior to that he was the operating chief for seven years. the company said comments he made were contrary to their expense related policies and business practices and inconsistent with the culture. herblife shares are up from a year ago. cheryl: tesla in legal trouble over a fatal accident. tracee: a chicago law firm filed a lawsuit alleging the 2014 model s sedan had a faulty battery pack. according to the lawsuit the car crashed into a concrete wall at a high speed and burst into flames, killing both the teens. the suit alleges that tesla, quote, failed to warm purchasers of the vehicle's dangerous battery condition. tesla is lower in the premarket. lauren: a job posting has gone
5:39 am
viral. it's about a boss who's pretty darn bossy. tracee: a 28-year-old ceo posted the ad on job search site, seek, detailing a part-time personal assistant position at his company. the listing details the many personal and professional criteria of the job, some high demands like never being able to clock out. the listing reads if you want to clock in and out of your job, this isn't for you. the ey ideal candidate should nt take things personally. it states the applicant must be willing to put up with profanity. the salary for this part-time job, $50,000. it has since been removed. no word on what ceo this company is the head of. cheryl: obviously social media went after this guy, the kid, guy, whatever, he's 28. there's a lot of anger on social
5:40 am
media about this. lauren: tracee, i know you won't be going for that job. all righty. cheryl: stay with us. we'll let you clock out. tracee: thank you. cheryl: let's take a look at futures. investors, they're there and they're buying but not as much as they were earlier in the overnight session. dow is up 62. we were up triple digits earlier. nasdaq is up 19. it was a shocking championship game and now we've got the viewership numbers when clemson rolled over number one alabama on monday night. and one local distillery in columbus, ohio is pulling out all the stops to keep a russian hockey star playing for the blue jackets. you're watching "fbn: a.m." ♪ i remember running through the wet grass. ♪ customize everything - bike, wheels, saddle. that's why i switched to liberty mutual. they customized my insurance, so i only pay for what i need.
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cheryl: welcome back. a lot of comings and goings around the nfl on tuesday. lauren: jared max is here with the comings and goings. >> we talk about a coaching carousel. check this out. in the nfl, a lot of comings and goings yesterday. bruce airinges retired after last season. he is back. he's the head coach of the tampa bay buccaneers. since the cardinals fired steve will, they needed a new coach. they went with a first timer in
5:44 am
the nfl. cliff kingsberry getting the cardinals' job. the buccaneers, the man to the right of the new coach is todd bowles who was fired at the jets' head coach. he reunites as the defensive coordinator, same job he had back in arizona. the guy who the bucs fired at head coach, dirk cutter, hired again as the falcons' defensive coordinator, round and round it goes, and where the coaching carousel stops. how long did you watch monday's college football title game? clemson was up 15 points by half time. it only got worst. the tv ratings the lowest ratings since 2012. clemson will have their parade saturday in clemson. ithe president tweeted grat layingses yesterday, -- congratulations yesterday, looking forward to a visit with his great team. if you were on the fence about
5:45 am
maybe staying with your current job, could you be lured by free vodka for life? this is a potential dilemma for hockey star artemi panarin. he plays for the columbus blue jackets. a local distillery named high bank get this billboard up there, saying hey, stick with columbus and enjoy high bank for life. cheryl: how well would you play if you drink that much vodka? >> a russian star tearing it up, that's going to do it? it's cute. cheryl: jared, thank you. >> #, shots on goal. shots for everyone. cheryl: catch jared's sports reports on fox news headlines,
5:46 am
24/7. cheryl: we'll talk tomorrow. >> the family that plays together -- >> lauren: dow's up about 70 points, s&p is up 6. we have optimism for trade talks with china, we'll see. we also have the government partially shut down. day 19. the mayor of new york city doesn't want to pay for a border wall but he's willing to cover medicare for all. >> for those who can afford something, they'll pay on a sliding scale. for those who can't afford anything, care will be for free. no one will be turned away. lauren: the latest to push a health plan catering to illegal immigrants. and finally, something really useful at the consumer electronics show. we're talking about vodka. this one is about beer. you won't believe what this beer fridge can do. ♪ i'm drinking again.
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lauren: welcome back. let's show you the futures market. in the past three days the nasdaq has gained about 7%. it's up another third of 1% today. the dow is up a third of 1% as well. defense lawyers for paul manafort accidentally revealed that he shared presidential polling data with an ex-russian agent. the lawyers didn't properly redact documents they had released. manafort is accused of lying to the special counsel's office. meanwhile, the supreme court rejected an appeal from an unknown foreign corporation. the appeal was over a federal subpoena believed to be linked to mueller's russia investigation. democratic mega donor tom stire is in iowa to announce plans about his future in politics
5:51 am
with speculation that he could enter the 2020 presidential race. he will unveil his, quote, five rights list which analysts see as a potential campaign platform. iowa is among the most crucial stops for would-be presidential contenders and the democratic list is very long. can't even fit it on a screen. deaths caused by cancer have declined by 27%. improvements in cancer detection and treatment and a dropoff in cigarette smoking are the main reason for the decline. researchers warn that a rise in obesity related cancers could drive death rates back up. and finally there's this. a smart fridge that can order beer for you when you're running low. it uses sensors to track how many beers are in the fridge. it's called drink shift and it was unveiled at the consumer electronics show in vegas. cheryl, you want one of those? cheryl: i'm not a beer drinker but i bet it will be a hot
5:52 am
seller. democrats in new york are pushing a new plan on healthcare at the expense of taxpayers. mayor bill di blo's plan would e -- lauren: there's a look at the new fight coming from the left. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. calling it the largest, most comprehensive plan in the nation, new york city's mayor promising to guarantee healthcare for everyone in the big apple, including those here illegally. it aims to serve 600,000 people, devoting $100 million to illegals and others who cannot qualify for health insurance and any information provided by illegal immigrants won't be shared with the federal government. >> obviously there are people undocumented who cannot access traditional health insurance. we think there's a big audience there that we can pull into this type of approach, particularly when you hear from the beginning
5:53 am
you're given a primary care doctor. >> reporter: an you assemblywoman tweeting, our citizens have hard enough times covering their own healthcare costs, now the mayor wants them to pay for healthcare of 300,000 citizens of other countries. he must stop abusing the middle class and treating us like his personal atm. this comes on the heels of gavin newsom's sweeping healthcare plan that would bring back the individual mandate in the golden state while expanding healthcare for illegal immigrants, all thio the tune of about $3 billion. the new york and california plans in line with liberal pushes for medicare for all. they are asking to analyze the effects of shifting all healthcare costs onto the federal government, in advance of expected congressional hearings on you guessed it, single payer plans.
5:54 am
cheryl: the two biggest costs of illegal immigration is healthcare and public education. so it's ad goo a good point. lauren: todd, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. cheryl: we've got a lot more coming up. we're going to be taking a look at oil prices of. that contract, it's on a tear this year, we're up 2% right now and we're above $50. we're going to talk about what is behind the big move in crude. we'll be right back. ♪ i've been waiting so long. ♪ to be where i'm going. ♪
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cheryl: big story so far this year, oil, prices are up nearly 7% so far for 2019. let's bring in market analyst at cmc markets, hey, maybe this is good news if you're a trader and bad news if you're watching the economy, what's driving all of this, michael? >> there's a number of of facts, we have seen big falls over the past of 3 months and i think you have to look at it through that sort of prism. ultimately we have seen a rebounded off the lows that we saw end of last year and that's driven by 3 factors, first and foremost saudi arabian production cuts which they announced in december, secondly chinese stimulus which i think is probably going to promote a little bit of rebounded in the chinese economy and thirdly, the backtracking by jarome powell last week when he was sitting
5:58 am
with ben bernanke and janet yellen about future of fed policy, less weaker dollar and given a nice rebounded to oil prices, we are still below the high that is we saw in december, though, around $54 a barrel. lauren: got it, the opec cut come in at the end of the month so oil will be taken off the market which would move prices higher. quick question on brexit, parliament resumes debate on theresa may's plan? >> they are worried that they don't have no deal, they don't agree on anything else and uk will leave the european union on the 29th of march. unless mp's agree on something then it's a short discussion. cheryl: michael, thank you very much, we are sending it right now to mornings with maria and
5:59 am
maria bartiromo, hey, maria, good morning. maria: thank you so much, we are here coming to you from san francisco once again, i'm maria bartiromo, when january 9th, top stories before 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. it is now day 19 of the government shutdown over border wall funding, president trump and house speaker nancy pelosi playing the blame game in addresses to the american people last night, watch. >> the federal government remains shut down for one reason and one reason only, for border security. >> president trump must reopen the government. maria: meanwhile the shutdown could cost the united states credit rating, we are breaking it all down this morning, back to the table the united states trade talks with china extending to a third day, we have the the details, markets this morning looking to extend the gains, we
6:00 am
are looking at much better tone this year than the way we ended last year, take a look at futures after all the major indices finished higher yesterday, futures are showing gain of better than 90 points on the dow industrials, third of a pert cent, nasdaq up 29 and a half points this morning, take a look at yesterday's actions extending the rally at the close yesterday with the dow jones industrial average finished about 1% higher, actually 1% higher on all major averages, 266 points higher at the close of the dow, nasdaq up 73. in europe this morning let's check follow-flu -- follow- through. asian markets overnight, higher as well, taking cue from wall street, the hang seng index in hong kong up 2 and a quarter percent.


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