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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  January 23, 2019 12:00am-1:00am EST

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we will have mike pence on this program exclusively talking about venezuela. hopefully with a little capitalism i will see you tomorrow. kennedy begins now. kennedy: sickening threats of violence against children calling high school administrators to come to the controversy even though it has been proven that kids did not start it but the video did not show the whole story by a long shot it started on friday with his viral video that has been seen around the world several times appearing to stare down a tribal elder. those on the left jumped all over it immediately claiming it was proof that trump supporters are intolerant racist. that was predictable.
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. >> many callout racists on the steps of the lincoln memorial some students harassing an older native american man. >> video showing a student on a visit to washington d.c. taunting a native american man. >> teenage trump supporters taunting a native american. kennedy: it did not show this was from the black hebrew israelites and we only got the half of story and sending extremely hateful threats online and students released a video about those threats to ask several media platforms lately lied about the controversy in dc affecting us as a community and individuals. there have been many threats against our lives in our parents that we should all be
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locked in the school and burned to the ground. school shooting threats and bombs. kennedy: the president says he stands with the students. the students at covington have been become symbols of fake news how evil it can be they have captivated the attention of the world and they will use it for the good maybe even to bring people together. it started off unpleasant. kennedy: but you can put toothpaste back in the tube. they still suffered even when their names are cleared. so i did so many jump all over the students without knowing the full story corrects right now town editor guy benson. >> good to be here. >> in the immediate aftermath you said they disgrace themselves and hurt their cause and should make amends. so let's talk about what has happened since you first saw
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the original snippet and your reaction and what has transpired. >> i watch the original snippet i saw some of the other tweets about the context in what the suppose it victims had happened and it looked bad. on its face it looked bad. i must say i was not terribly shocked at the possibility that any group of teenage boys might behave immaturely or poorly regardless of their skin color or political affiliations or predilections. i thought this had the appearance of a very unfortunate incident in which the boys were at fault. over the weekend more evident started to come across my timeline we were nowhere close to the full story and i started to share those tweets to amplify those. it became very clear to me that the original short clip was not even close to representative of what actually happened, who the instigators were, who was at fault.
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i tweeted and have written several times and talking about it, this is one where there was a rush to judgment based on early available evidence. i was part of that. part of my responsibility to get something wrong initially, even if it is understandable at the time to correct the record. and to make sure the facts do come to light and that is what i have spent several days doing and it's very frustrating and worrisome to see how many people are either slinking away to deleting tweets to pretend it never happened. kennedy: not just people like alyssa milano or entitle - - entire companies like national review. >> to their credit they issued an apology but others just double down to say i don't care what the video shows that
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smirk was racist. my impression of these kids is correct. that you cannot disabuse me of that. the march for life was bigotry there is a lot of life - - one - - the march of life was going on that was racist no matter how much evidence is presented otherwise. kennedy: it is interesting that automatic reflex is to call for violence. i know that there were several people were upset by the students in florida and their reaction. but there were many people who paid the consequences with their careers when they incited violence against those students. >> mockery order - - over needling. >> we cannot talk about teenagers that is outrageous except for these even though their names have been dragged through the mud, threatene
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mud, threatened, school had to be closed today because of the threats. we have to have some semblance of equal and fair rules. kennedy: you talk about tribal outrage. you see that story after story after story. now we see a big push back against that. >> which is the correct lesson to learn. when we saw those few seconds, it looked like this terrible confrontation for which there was no defense. then we look at the other videos it is like the black israelites group or whatever they are, very hateful fringe bazaar people. >> fees to hang out at times square in the nineties we listen to them during the lunch hour. >> so they are in town from kentucky with your friends and these people come up to you and start screaming these racial epithets and homophobic
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slurs, targeting specifically the black members of the students that was there, that has to be an out of body surreal experience. then mister phillips shows up with a guy who says go back to europe and banging his drama in the face of the kid. of all of the groups of the people involved, i think this didn't - - the students who did not bowl the - - behave perfectly there were some tomahawk chops but of those that really - - behave most offensively were in fact, were not the students from covington high school. kennedy: i appreciate that clarification it shows a great deal of maturity and it is a proper response and we initially get things wrong. a lot of people were outraged. it is just nice to see the story aired out and hopefully we will see more of that in
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the future and less of the activation of the law. >> trust has to be earned. kennedy: the ladies on the view summed up the very same issue why those on the left reacted so harshly to the deceptive video. >> is it that we instantly say that's what it is what we see in that moment that we have to step back when it turns out we are wrong? why do we keep making the same mistake quick. >> because we are desperate to get trump out of office. [laughter] i think the press jumps the gun because we have so much circumstantial evidence against this guy, we are hoping that michael cohen has the goods. it is wishful thinking. kennedy: the thresher to one -
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- the threshold is a little bit higher but because they want to remove the president at all costs they will destroy the lives of children now the lawyers for the children or threatening lawsuits unless they retract the false stories. america's pack senior advisor and attorney along with "" editor in republican strategist. welcome. let's talk about the reaction from your piece on reason. a lot of people retweeted it there are so many great points it's not surprising when something like this happens. but what was different about this for you quick. >> think you i'm so glad to see it has caused some people to reevaluate what they took away from this. want to see the extra context of this crazy group with the pep rally cheers to drown them
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out before phillips was even on the scene that has an important context. and with those school cheers there was no build the wall. and was trying to quarrel with the students and asks actually said don't engage with them. but all the people that i see on social media they are now looking for any reason to paint these kids as evil. they are looking for any mistake they have ever made even a picture that may have been blackface from seven years ago. how does that change the story
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even if that were true? any evidence will confirm because guess what they will find? they are all teenagers who have screwed up at some point in their lives. kennedy: now the world and even the president knows about it. this is obviously one of the main narratives all along. if there is fake news they treat him unfairly in the supporters but if you peer back the layers there is a slightly different truth. >> and a help to build his case and joy behar actually had one good point before she started the rest of her narrative but they are so desperate to get him out that just because they wear their m aga hat because then you have the snippet with the native american if that was a teenage boy just standing there causing havoc for a protest it
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would have not been like that. that had is where the controversy was focused and basically going back to trump using the boy and the high school to get back at trump to paint him once again as anyone. kennedy: but the backlash is interesting because those who push back are not trump supporters. what is really interesting is people fall so easily on both sides. all you have to do is take a small clip to put it out there in the right context in the right way at the right time and get people to retweet and it snowballs it shows how easy and manipulative they are. >> think of that confirmation bias that was part of the institution behind that one is
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the march for life that the organization and a movement that is less coverage than it deserves on national media we also know from the kavanaugh experience the left singles catholic education they go after students and teachers at that school that toxic masculinity gave rise to this behavior that were disqualifying for justice kavanaugh to do the same thing when it comes to these boys from an all-male catholic school and at the heart of it is an institution they feel is not acceptable in society anymore. kennedy: so what do we take away? to relearn anything. >> i hope we learn to take a deep breath and don't tweet before we know the all the facts. i don't thinks will be the last time that this will be justifiably in media
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institutions like the rolling stones story. . >> the mainstream trusted institution to get something so wrong. kennedy: and to desire and outcome. >> they saw what they wanted to see. kennedy: exactly. everybody has dreams of being a billionaire but now who says a billionaire but now who says that success is immo when you retire will you or will you just be you, without the constraints of a full time job? you can grow your retirement savings with pacific life
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kennedy: alexandria ocasio-cortez seems to be everywhere this days except in history or economics classes. she told an interviewer yesterday capitalism the very system that has lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty around the world is immoral. take a look. >> a system that allows billionaires when there are parts of alabama where people are still getting ringworm
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they don't have access to public health is wrong. kennedy: she clarified she doesn't think bill gates or warren buffett are immoral but the system is. actually it is hookworm. not ringworm. attendees say that her proposal 70 percent taxes on earnings could have $10 million that would have some dodging that productivity as they would shelter their income and less time innovating so taking the fight to the billionaire class or is it time to take an econ class? joining me is john stossel will. welcome back i like the system that produces billionaires to say the jamaican system is immoral because it produces sprinters. [laughter] . >> you can go to all kinds of politically incorrect
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analogies. she is winning the war of the hearts and minds she is ignorant. but this is what resonates and inequalities on having billions and some having less , to study what makes societies work, you do say yes tax the rich people and let government and its wisdom create programs for the poor and we will all be better off. it is logical. kennedy: even though you and i show over and over again that government bureaucracy do not do a good job of redistributing goods and services in the bureaucracies themselves often times keeping on - - keep you from getting the help that they need. >> if i said immoral but the other half of that is the wealth part. people think if steve jobs had
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$2 billion we have 2 million less. because how could they get that rich? maybe in our lives we see it that way if we won somebody else lost i think trump sees it that way. >> it is easy to see those trade deficits and a surplus is a zero-sum game. >> look at welfare from when the country was fine - - founded wealth is created when people are free to do things like what steve jobs did the only way to get filthy rich in a free market society is to give consumers something we want to do a better job. rockefeller, vanderbilt were vilified but they were neither bothers or barons or robbers. rockefeller or the price of kerosene so much people could read at night for the first time he may have saved the
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whales because it was no longer economical to get whale oil he found cheaper ways for people to travel. they did good things but they must have taken something from us? . >> they also see a need that people have and instead of government filling the need which he does very clumsily importantly case after cas case, they fill that up with innovation and services over time are more affordable. that is why when there are more billionaires in the situation they have access to medicine and technology to improve and link in their life. >> much more. there are only two ways to do things. for sore voluntary. government is force. but since the billionaires make it voluntarily they had to offer us something that we thought was better than what everybody else offered. kennedy: steve jobs and bill gates and mark zuckerberg they
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are billionaires but they also made millionaires and a lot of people for the first time to own their homes and send their kids to the schools they wanted. that seems like a nice and successful system. >> it's hard for people to get so i must be a loser. kennedy: you are the ultimate winner. thank you so much. coming up president trump says a wall will help stop the flow of drugs across the border but they don't seem very worried. ask l chabot. ask l chabot. ne
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to dramatically reduce the amount of drugs and crime that come in over the southern border. that sounds great but it isn't true there are plenty of arguments for border security but magically eradicating the mexican drug trade is not one of them we have learned the creative and endless ways the cartels find their way into the us planes or drones or ocean tankers, is compartments and tunnels and of course, the postal service in fact, looking at the dark web 92 percent of illegal drugs go through your friendly neighborhood post office so never more for that murderous system taking endless american demand with surveillance power to federal agencies.
12:29 am
do you know, what has worked cutting into the marijuana trade 70 percent? legal cannabis border confiscations are down almost 80 percent since 2013 when marijuana dispensary started to pop up when we have a conversation about the mechanisms to remove the substance from the black marke market, then you will see the stranglehold the listener money can be diverted not to empty promises but to drug treatment to address the demand by bringing the supply into the night - - into the light. according to customs and border protection 80 percent of cocaine 80 percent of math sees fiscal year 2018 was confiscated at legal crossing points. not in the middle of nowhere where there was no wall so is building a giant wall along the border really going to stem the flow of drugs? joining me now it is buck.
12:30 am
>>. >> you are pulling me into directions because i agree with you in general philosophically about broad legalization however on the point of the border in the barrier i was just down in san diego last week with border patrol that is pushed up between tijuana and san diego and when you talk about trying to create a fence in particular as a cartel but keep in mind the human smuggling networks are entirely cartel network so start with that. kennedy: that is a different issue altogether. the president is specifically talking about drugs to eradicate the drug trade to cut that in half he is not
12:31 am
using no statistics or data or fax to bolster that argument that is the centerpiece of the wall. >> but i just want to say that is a big portion of how those dollars are made by drugs specifically, there is a lot of drugs that come into the country that they don't find in fact, part of the problem is the procedures that are occurring are much more likely to occur at ports of entry and through inspections of the mail than through the wide open areas where there is very little checkpoint or procedure to go through. kennedy: i went to the teefive trial last week i will go again tomorrow or thursday but they are not talking about people with backpacks going through the city in the middle of the night but the types of
12:32 am
the demand we have in this country cannot be met with smuggling drugs through the desert and the poor sections without enough border fencing. >> this is true. i heard the same statistics about seizures but they would also tell you it raises the cost of doing business for the cartel and makes it harder to get drugs into the country. so if you look at the extension of a barrier or a border fence it is of all aspects of security want to have a lock on the front door of your house even if you have a lot they can come in through the windows. kennedy: but if i have a lock on my front door not as much light will get in. >> you hope the burglar has to extend more energy and resources than they otherwise would. but there is also the possibility.
12:33 am
kennedy: i will stop you there. that is drug warrior mentality. that that is what we have to spend more money we need more resources that so we'll stop drugs coming into the country. if you have a giant wall and border agents and drones and drug sniffing dogs and technology. >> i was going with that but you still have people from the united states who have a demand for drug all that money and resources and those people that have been killed alone in mexico none of that will bring them back that doesn't stop the demand. and that is the critical area we are not having an honest conversation. >> the dea has gone after legitimate doctors very aggressively for prescribing
12:34 am
or overprescribing in some cases it is borderline dea has guidelines that people think is good medicine that is a whole other conversation overprescribing opiates has nothing to do with the border. >> i'm trying to agree with you. but they have had a 30 percent of reduction from doctors and they estimate that 30 percent drop is entirely filled in by the illegal drugs. kennedy: do you know, what els else? the legal cannabis now can legitimately buy. the more sophisticated that market gets, people can treat various ailments with greater specificity and more efficiency. >> i have been for legalization for decades. we are having to conversations while they are illegal and enriching the cartel there are ways to limit their spread into this country.
12:35 am
kennedy: the most efficient way to do that is to end prohibition of drugs even if you find to me them in moral and we focus our energy on addiction and treatment not incarceration to spend billions of dollars on a drug war that is failing us. you are awesome and smart and we have areas we agree completely but it is so much fun. >> i can see you but i kind of canned. [laughter] kennedy: 32 days into the shutdown the president is not to meet one - - budging but he will not cave the senate is scheduled to vote this thursday onto plans to reopen the government first on the president's plan than the democratic plan they both need 60 votes to pass so they both will fail this all goddess at
12:36 am
the "state of the union" that is supposed to take place when week from tonight the president suggest he delay his speech but the white house wants to proceed in order for the president to deliver the address they have to authorize the house if that doesn't happen he could deliver from another location so are they any closer to resolving this mess? our panel is back. alexandra, this is one that is really fascinating the president has a lot of areas he wants to talk about like how to end the shutdown. will he get that opportunity in the house chamber crack. >> i think this is an interesting opportunity nancy pelosi has opened for the president. because when it comes to the "state of the union" there has been this gridlock or total non- movement on the "state of the union" and when nancy
12:37 am
pelosi went out there and said we're going to un- invite you that made it a little bit more tangible and americans with the pettiness of that so i think this is a game that donald trump wants to play i think he wants to talk how nancy pelosi doesn't want him in the building. kennedy: i don't think it forces the president's hand to end the shutdown to say find that you cannot have a "state of the union" all that is so hurtful. i don't need a wall i need your love. >> i hope it doesn't there was a 100 year period from jefferson through wilson. kennedy: of course, wilson. [laughter] with his imperial presidency i will have the decree i do hope
12:38 am
they reach a deal separately from that but it does seem like there is a way to go. >> i think it very well could happen if trump is going to move locations he can go to your lago. [laughter] mira lago. >> but there is a lot to say he just can't barge into the house there are three distinct branches of government. [laughter] stick around it's a party. secretary of state john kerry talking about the iran nuclear deal he drives me crazy. the panel returns with reaction after the as a fitness junkie, i customize everything -
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holding back with the iranian government last year and earlier today he upped the ante and davo switzerland. . >> if you have president trump what would your message be i can. [laughter] but he doesn't take any of this seriously he doesn't have that ability for that conversation. >> but what would your message be quick. >> resigned. [laughter]
12:44 am
kennedy: even if no one else ran for president you would still screwed up and find a way not to be president. not your concern about damaging the country on the world stage so is he really upset about the state of america or is he jealous they were not enough to make him president? if you look at this and see john kerry what do you see? what is your message quick. >> sorry about your luck first of all. how petty? regardless of what you thin think, said a better example he was once secretary of state so act like it and don't say just resign so have some sort of, roddy --dash camaraderie.
12:45 am
we need more unity to go across to impress the billionaires is the wrong way to go. kennedy: also not in the present display of ideas how the world has shifted in his world for yo you. someone that is entitled to be president with the epitome of the establishment it's hard to listen to anything spirit part of that exchange he did not answer the question he wasn't prepared. that was in the face of someone who said resign. that i think is a little beneath the dignity of the office that he once held. >> he was almost president. >> i'm sure it doesn't sit well that the voters chose trump and not him. >> but in 2020 nobody wants
12:46 am
that. there is a rumor that john kerry is trying to windsurf his way back into the hearts of american people and running for president in 2020 to tell the president to resign tell him where the democrats are as far as the impeachment? but all of this really praise in the one - - plays in his favor to have a laugh at his expense i don't think that something americans like to see regardless of politics. kennedy: maybe ocasio-cortez is right these billionaires are a holes. >> it is a murphy brown reboot. [laughter]
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kennedy: a new report says the river has so much cocaine the eels are hyperactive. there is so much to eat on energy the meeting activity has doubled you can see it on the new disney movie grinding nemo. [laughter] topical storm. where the prices can be beat but the customers can was that the pilot the flight headed from australia to singapore but one man had too much baggage singing at passengers
12:52 am
another decided to give him a hand and a foot this a must have been very traumatic for the australians let's hope everybody had their therapy and to return to the gate one passenger spent seven hours in handcuffs just like prom night the golden state warriors last night the team was truly floored to pull out a slideshow instead where they were shocked by the sequence asked - - except that the word was not all bad he set a new record in the crowd gave a
12:53 am
prolonged standing ovation program somebody stayed on their feet. . >> and that silly person on the golden state warriors. >> the makers of oreo cookies that contain three times as much filling as a regular oreo. first there was double stuff now there is double chin. it is a limited edition sold in target and walmart going at $2.98 that is exactly what you away if you finish the whole thing. also selling on amazon. they like to eat that muffin top and show them. so enough with the fat jokes. but not everybody agrees.
12:54 am
>> it still better than any experience i have had but they are hogging at the end so a jockey with a huge long shot holds on for the win and then to win by a nose but then he slides right back into the saddle. it's called an irish redhead that is supposed to with those human resources.
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so the only nba player. there we go. number five. to salute a florida woman who pulls out a gun because her appointment did not start on time. but every other part of the country they say no way how late was the appointment? we all have a bad hair day but she takes the cake was arguing with the salon owner when the customer told her to calm down. allegedly she responded by pulling a gun out and pointed it at the other lady needless to say this wasn't the dye job she wanted to she called police she has since been released on bail and once as
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