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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  January 29, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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the high end. the chinese are investing less in the u.s., and they helped drive up the high-end market as well. david: let's hope things get better for housing. that does it for "bulls and bears." we'll see you back here tomorrow. >> i am seriously considering running for president as a centrist independent. >> i am in because i love the country and i'm profoundly concerned with the direction we are in. i'm not running against the democrats or the republican party. for the first time since george washington that an independent person could ignite a national movement to say it's time for to us come together. liz: that's the former ceo of starbucks, that's howard schultz. he's sounding more and more like bill clinton or al gore.
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he's sounding like a moderate democrat. the democrats are threatening to boycott starbucks, blasting howard schultz because they think he'll split the democrat vote and get trump re-elected. howard shuttle is showing where the real split is in the democrat party and how extreme the left has become. john bolton condemning the attacks against opposition leader juan guaido. the u.s. really potentially sending 5,000 troops to next door neighbor colombia? russia and cuba look set to get in there. venezuelans loudly pointing out the silence of the democrats. no word yet from main line
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democrats on venezuela, now being turned into a killing field as venezuela is shooting and killing its own. alexandria ocasio-cortez is ignoring all that. 60 countries including canada condemn maduro for stealing the election. looting the country. the death toll is at least 40 with nearly 1,000 imprisons. critics say here is a question sanders and cortez must answer. is this what you want for america. apple beating lowered expectations. revenue and earnings not as strong. on the same day that apple is now scrambling to save face after a software bug in its face
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time video. that allows callers to evils drop on others. the u.s. now tracks three migrants caravans on the move. one of them is 12,000 strong. migrants slipping through the border in new mexico's desert. and thousands crossed at the arizona border after buses just dropped them off in mexico. welcome to the show. i'm elizabeth macdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. liz: republicans including senator learned i graham floating the idea of including a daca deal, a debt ceiling deal in the discussion for border wall funding to avoid the shutdown that could be coming
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february 15 if they don't get a deal. >> daca being mentioned as a possible carrot to the democrats. senator lindsey graham floating the idea of raising the debt ceiling. white house sources say the president and vice president are open to that idea. democrats balk at it. negotiations with democrats over border funding will begin tomorrow in the select bipartisan committee. also tomorrow, a big day for trade. china's vice premiere sits down with robert light highser. the administration at the highest levels much intelligence say we need a deal with china to protects intellectual property. >> china's pursuit of intellectual property, sensitive research and development plans
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in the u.s. person data remains a significant threat to the united states government and the private sector. reporter: the elephants in the trade room will be the charges against huawei and its cfo. the formal request has now been made. a spokesperson for the foreign ministry denying huawei did anything wrong. >> we strongly urge the u.s. to stop the unreasonable crackdown on chinese end prize. china will be safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of chinese enterprises. reporter: the chain ease tried to get the u.s. to drop tariffs through the wto. if the tariffs imposed by president trump are illegal. there is a lot riding on these
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talks. two-day talks start tomorrow morning. liz: the billionaire former ceo much starbucks, showered schultz, he was heckled within seconds at his first public event when he announced he might run for president in 2020. >> you will help elect trump. up egotistical billionaire. liz: krirt is say democrats should worry about how the far left split the party because they are alienating the moderate middle. howard schultz did explain why he's choosing not to run as a democrat. >> if i ran as a democrat, i would have to say things i know in my heart i do not believe. and i what have to be
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disingenuous. for example, what the progressive left-leaning democratic partsy is suggesting is government-paid government healthcare for everyone, which is free, government jobs free for everyone, and government paid college for everyone. liz: this as a "wall street journal"-nbc news shows president trump approval rating bested and topped nancy pelosi's by 15 percentage points. let's bring in karl rove. former advisor to president bush. schultz is saying the far left is making false promises because nothing is free. the taxpayers pay for it. >> we have a long way to go before he proves whether that message is durable. but if he hangs in there he has
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a chance to make that message to the american people than might be an audience willing to listen to it. you have got to get on the balance lot in 50 states and that's tough to do. nobody should under estimate how did is to do. it was difficult for rolls per row in 1992 and since then the parties and the states have made it difficult for independent candidates to get on the ballot. rolls pe per -- ross perot got f the vote. liz: he's changing the tone of the conversation with statements like that. we have former new york city mayor michael bloomberg saying don't do it. paul krugman went on a tweet
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storm against schultz saying nobody wants him. how can he say that when there has been no polling on him. >> i think one of the things some on the left in the democratic party fear is even if he's unsuccessful as a candidate, he will highlight their weaknesses, their message. you heard it. can we afford free healthcare for everybody. do you want your private insurance policy canceled? free college? but candidate who lays out a message like that might make it difficult for the left wing of the democratic party. liz: howard schultz is talking common sense. that's the middle. all the left-wing candidates, they like tax and spending which
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is medicare for all which is really single payer. this is even to the left of what china does. but along comes howard schultz who says single payer is so bad, you can't aforward it. california didn't do it because it would bankrupt. vermont, colorado said no. but people like free stuff and somehow the narrative got out there that it's actually free when it isn't. >> thel kamala harris was asked a question about are you in favor of ending private insurance? she said sure, we ought to get rid of private insurance. really? do most of americans want to be dependent on the government for what they get in coverage or would they rather gore mediator that with their employer. people who can afford to send their children to college like i was able to, we should have it
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paid for by other people. liz: i think kamala harris is talking like this because she was perceived as a federal prosecutor, a cop by the hard left. schultz is sounding like bill clinton. the national debt is the greatest threat to the country. that's what he's saying. >> yes. and he needs a message that will break through and he needs to be able to stay on that message long enough so it has purchase with people. republicans and democrats have a base. if you are going to run as an independent you have to create your own base. there are not a lot of the self-described independents in the electorate.
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they are going to be drawn out of the democratic and democratic party. that goes back to two things. the quality of the message and its durability in offering it. liz: let's get to the u.k. parliament rejected a plan to delay brexit. the british pound dropped on that news, signaling the u.k. may be on pace to leave the e.u. just like voter wanted. reporter: i think this was a good night for theresa may. she did not have to suffer these amendments that radically changed her plan. parliament is prepared to vote for her plan if they can change
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the provisions of the irish backstop. overall i think the prime minister came out of it pretty strong. she'd told lawmakers it's time to send a clear signal to brussels. >> the house should be concerned that it does not want to leave the e.u. without the withdrawal agreement and future framework. i agree we should not leave without a deal, however, simply opposing no deal is not enough to stop it. reporter: it's interesting, liz. the no-deal option is still on the table, even know parliament in a non-binding amendment said we don't want it. but theresa may will go back to brussels and try to get them to
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reopen negotiations. we understand she'll be speaking with the european council president tomorrow and go to brussels before the end of the week. but so far the reaction we have seen from the european union has been no-dice. so the impasse is on. the one bargaining chip theresa may has, saying if you don't do this, we'll have to be forced to drop out of the e.u. with no deal in place. they don't want that to happen in the u.k. but it's something that theresa may be hold over brussels. liz: you will be reporting chapter 35 tomorrow. thank you so much. the dow closing up 61 points. the big story is am. share -- the bigstory is apple.
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reporter: they just finished their conference call. not much new out of it. tim cook said in terms of trade, january is more positive than december. they guided lower because of slowing iphone sales in china where they get 20% of their revenues. they beat on lowered expectations for profit and sales decline for the first time ever for a holiday quarter. the stock is down from 30% the past year. the first time they have given out margins for services. services is the future for apple paying itunes, et cetera, et cetera. 62%. they are giving us some new data and analysts like those numbers.
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i would say in terms of china itself, a decline from a year ago $4 billion. that's a drop of 25% from a year ago. but some more positive rhetoric you heard on the earnings published. and they have a lot of cash on the book. 150 million on the first quarter. they will give back more to shareholders. so you can count on apple to continue being the tech machine it is. and that's why the stock has been essentially positive this year. liz: we'll take on the silence of the democrats in venezuela. at least 40 protesters now dead.
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some 850 people in prison. we'll have more on the collapse of the country. 4 million people are fleeing venezuela. juan guaido speaks to trish regan in an interview at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. we have more after the break. ♪ feeling unsure? what if you had some help? introducing the new 2019 ford edge with the confidence of ford co-pilot360™ technology. the most available driver assist techonology in its class. the new 2019 ford edge
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about it, unfortunately she is a bit misinformed. she identified issues that have to be fixed. but not to do it in a way that's punitive to the people who succeeded because of the gift and potential of opportunity in the country. liz: howard schultz take on representative alexandria ocasio-cortez saying he won't run as a democrat because of her extremist policies that have taken over the democrat party. high taxation and single payer.
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let's bring in ned ryun. that message is coming out loud and clear. >> he's kind of a vestige of a bygone era of the democratic party. i think it will be fully consumed by a socialist through the 2020 nomination. the reason he's not going to run as a democrat is because he would have to swear allegiance to free healthcare, free college, all the crazy leftist ideas. liz: he's talking common sense. here's the story. the interest on the debt is about to outstrip and outpace the entire military budget. and that interest cost has to be
6:23 pm
footed bid taxpayers so we don't default. middle class taxes will likely have to go up if they keep spending at the rate they are going. schultz is calling out kamala harris for pushing single payer. >> senator harris is saying she wants to abolish the insurance industry. that's not correct. that's not american. what industry are we going to abolish next? >> the national debt treasury for the second year has had to borrow a trillion dollars just to finance the debt. wire going down the path where we'll have trillion dollar annual deficits. the $1.2 trillion ayear deficit. we would have to double taxes to even break even. but the thing he's making, when
6:24 pm
you talk about this free education and medicare for all, our saying is they want to make all of us wards of the state. that turns everything on its head. this is a government of the people, by the people and for the people. if it succeeds, we would be working for the government and that would be deeply un-american. >> they are supposed to be working for us. >> that's right. they are not. i think what donald trump was really able to clarify is we have a ruling class and system of government that's not serving the american people. we have some deep issues not only at the federal government but at the state and local level. we have serious issues. i think we have been whistling past the graveyard. we have a train coming down the track called reality that's going to hit us in the face. liz: next up, we know it's
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winter, but this is a deadly arctic freeze. it's basically coldest temperatures we have seen in a generation blasting through a large part of the nation. 110 million people bracing for record-breaking cold. frostbite, hypothermia that can occur in seconds. wind chills of 60 below in some places. >> feels like the winter center. this is the big storm sweeping across the country. there is some snow involved with this, but it's a true cold front. the temperatures plummet on the back side. negative 21 is what it feels like in chicago. we are actually going to see the numbers continue to fall. we have watches and warnings stretched across the upper planes and midwest getting down as far as the ohio river valley.
6:26 pm
this is a forecast model so it's on the move. by early tomorrow morning negative 50 in chicago. negative 30 in indianapolis. always staying around negative 40. it's back down to that early thursday morning. it gets cold on the east coast, too, maybe negative 10. this is a dangerous system. liz: a federal judge rejected yahoo's proposed $50 million settlement for 200 million people in the biggest data breach in history. a judge sending yahoo back to the drawing board because its settlement was not quote fair, adequate or reasonable.
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a 30foot taxi craft in virginia. car buyers delayed auto purchases during the shutdown. it would be the third straight years auto sales started off on the downside. pg & e filed for bankruptcy after state regulators blamed it for devastating wildfires. the company is facing liability over its faulty equipment including power lines that allegedly sparked fires. in brazil authorities arrests two engineers and three others after a dam burst last week. the death toll has climbed to at least 65.
6:28 pm
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liz: a new u.s. intelligence report out on top threats to the united states it says china and russia are more aligned than ever before. this while a u.s. intelligence chief contradicts president trump on north korea.
6:33 pm
he says north korea is unlikely to give up its nuclear stockpiles. catherine: i was up on the hill for the annual worldwide threat hearing. this is one of the most of important congressional testimonies we have from the intel chiefs throughout the year. it lays out publicly what the threats are to the united states. and it helps congress set the budgetary requirements. one of the big headlines was about china and russia and what appears to be the foundation for a new alliance allowing them to o together to circumvent the united states. from your own reporting, china trying to replace the i am s. as a global economic super power on the back of stealing american secrets and technology and merging that with china's super computing capabilities. we heard a lot about that today from the fbi director
6:34 pm
christopher wray. >> i think china at large is the most of significant counter-intelligence threat we face. we have the number doubled in the past three or four years. almost all of them, but almost all of them lead back to china. catherine: intelligence officials testified about election meddling and i interference. they anticipate the russians will tear up their playbooks with it comes to 2020 and launch new innovative strategies to undermine the democratic process. we heard testimony about something called deep space. these are videos that use technology and they are altered
6:35 pm
to create events that never happened and put words into the mouths of politicians. >> are we organized in a way we can possibly respond fast enough to a deep state attack? >> we recognize the threat of emerging technologies and the speed at which that threat increases because it's just very quickly evolving flood much technological change that poses a major threat to the united states and something that the intelligence community needs to be restructured to address. catherine: on north korea the testimony indicated what appears to be a break with the white house on a very important national security issue which is north korea. we heard from the director of national intelligence who leads 17 intelligence agencies that their assessment is the
6:36 pm
leadership in pyongyang is unwilling to dismantle its nuclear weapons program. >> we currently assess north korea will seek to retain its wmd capabilities and unlikely to you give up its nuclear weapons production capabilities because its leaders view nuclear weapons critical to regime survival. catherine: intelligence officials testified they believe the migration from central america will continue because of high crime rates and the lack of jobs in those countries. but they did not talk about this in the context of a national emergency in regard to building the border wall. liz: disney and the fox regional sports network.
6:37 pm
charlie gasparino joins me on the phone. reporter: the sale to disney, disney has to get rid of the sports networks because it owns espn. the second round of the bidding is concluding tomorrow. the bankers at allen and company and disney, which is conduct the bidding contest. they hoped it would have been over by now. but they had lackluster interest in the 22 fox regional sports networks and that's cited in the delay. we have second-round bids which should have been done last week or the week before will be tomorrow. in the coming weeks we'll see who will own those networks. i should point out it's unlikely that amazon will bid on this. that was initially cited as one of the bidders in the first round.
6:38 pm
we understand they never officially bid in the first round. they appear to be unlikely to bid in the second round. they are signaling that they are unlikely to bid in the second round. they may bid latered. but they are continuing to work with the new york yankees to buy a piece of one of those networks. we should point out disney must unload these rsns to meet regulatory requirements. they initially out $20 billion for them. that's how much think were valued. but because of the low level of bidding, they aren't going to get that. they bid about half of that. liz: coming up next, we are awaiting a key announcement. we are monitoring the fast and fluid situation.
6:39 pm
venezuelan supreme court is about to say something. it could have to do with juan guaido and keeping him inside the country and possibly seizing juan guaido's own personal assets. also on the border, the u.s. tracking three migrant caravans. we got more show coming up. they customized my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. and as a man... uh... or a woman... with very specific needs that i can't tell you about- say cheese. mr. landry? oh no. hi mr. landry! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ i saw my leg did not look right. i landed.
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liz: breaking news from venezuela. reuters reporting the supreme court there is blocking opposition leader juan guaido from leaving venezuela. the supreme court is saying it's going to put a travel ban on him, financial restrictions and freeze his bank accounts. this is a fast-moving situation. james carafano of the heritage
6:44 pm
foundation. your reaction to this news? >> i am not surprised. it's further evidence that maduro still controls major parts of the illegitimate government. i would say the supreme court demonstrated they are part of that. liz: what did you think of john bolton having the word "5,000 troops to colombia" on his notepad in light of what's going on in venezuela? >> i don't know why it was on his notepad. i don't understand what the supreme court is doing here. this seems to me to be nuts. keeping the guy in the country makes it harder. god forbid they actually arrested him. there are millions of people in the streets that would rise up. they would be better off if he left the country.
6:45 pm
liz: we don't know if maduro is going to leave peacefully on an exit ramp. it looks like he's not, like ferdinand march coals did. marcos did. venezuela, saying they have a $100 million payment and you have got to pay up. >> the russians have major financial and economic interests there. and i think it's an opportunity for them to become entrenched in the western hemisphere which they have been trying to do through the military exercise. a leader like guaido that would not support russia would be an impediment to what they are
6:46 pm
trying to achieve there. liz: russia's economy is about the size of texas. in terms of size. russia has been pushing to stitch together under its sphere of influence venezuela to dominate the oil market. >> i don't think -- caracas are a long way from moscow. but for them to go half a world away and try to take over or manage a country in chaos with several million people? that's ridiculous. the soviet union couldn't handle afghanistan. i doubt they could lead venezuela. liz: venezuela seeking to block juan guaido from leaving the country, freezing his assets and bank accounts.
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liz: reuters reporting the supreme court in venezuela just blocked the opposition leader, juan guaido, from leaving venezuela. they are seizing his bank accounts and freezing them and
6:51 pm
trying to seize his assets. and they are launching an investigation into juan guaido. how will the white house respond to this breaking news? >> it's hard to say. i think it administration has handled this well up to this point. i don't know what they will do. but i think john bolton with his experience as a diplomat will probably couple with some good recommendations for the president. liz: what do you think the president should do and the white house should do? >> the administration has been putting the right kind of pressures, regional cooperation. international cooperation. doing the right thing. and this isn't about regime change. the guy is the legitimate president of the country. the constitution says if there is no president, the head of the national assembly is president. he's not the opposition leader web's the constitutional president of the country.
6:52 pm
liz: that's the fact that seems to be going awol in this debate. the venezuelan people are saying this is not a coups, this is a regime change. the government is shooting its own people. 40 dead and more than a thousand people in prison. what's your response to what those comments are, sir? what your reaction? >> i think it's absolute nonsense. it's clear as jim just said, guaido is the legitimate president based on their constitution. what you have here is you have a situation where people are desperate. their economy has collapsed. it's like post world war i germany when a barrel of reich marks wouldn't buy you a loaf of
6:53 pm
bread. there are reports that people have killed other venezuelans for a kilo of rice. that's a desperate situation. unlike what we have seen in syria where the leader bashar al-assad is still hanging on after all this time. this is different. liz: it says yes juan guaido is our leader under our constitution. we'll be right back. and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life.
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the crisis at the border, "the wall street journal" reporting a surge of illegal aliens crossing in mexico, hundreds more trying to cross into arizona after several bus loads were dropped off in mexico. president trump urging congress get a deal before february 15th to avoid another shutdown. let's bring in lay higgins. sir, do we have a deal in the works or not? >> one would hope. this is what the american people that we serve expect and that's exactly what we expect to deliver. the separations between myself and my colleagues across the aisle is something that we can overcome. let me say that the kur securitf
6:58 pm
our nation comes first. humanitarian crisis at the southern border is real and there's a genuine bipartisan concern and a desire to fix what's wrong so we can move forward. we certainly don't want to have another government shutdown. liz: understood. the intel chiefs are testifying saying this is not a crisis. but the colleagues where you work saying this is a manufacture eds crisis. what do you say? >> knock manufactured about 60,000 crossings a month or 2,000% increase in request for asylum over the last five years. it's certainly a crisis and if anyone doubts that, they should speak to the boots on the ground on the border, the law enforcement officials tasked with securing our border. it's been a crisis for decades but it's increasing drastically. and those guys down there, the
6:59 pm
men and women are true patriots but they're overwhelmed. they need help. they need congress to act and that's what we intend to do. liz: should president trump declare a national emergency if congress does not act? >> she ha he has that legal rig. in fact he has a constitutional obligation as a commander in chief primarily to secure the homeland. so his authority to declare a national emergency and begin rebuilding the existing 700 miles of physical barrier and begun new construction of the additional 200 miles or so that's been identified by border security as needed in order to help those guys control the southern border, he has that authority. but the president is a patient reasonable man. liz: he is. >> he wants do it through congress. liz: representative higgins of louisiana, thank you for coming on.
7:00 pm
>> god bless you. liz: same to you. thank you for having us i in yor homes. thank you for watching. lou dobbs is next here on the fox business network. have a good night. ♪ ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. the trump administration today addressing the national security crisis at our southern border. announcing several thousand of our troops will be sent to the border in support of the department of homeland security mission. with the first members of the newest caravan from central america arriving in tijuana in recent days and thousands more behind them, as many as 12,000 in this next caravan. the need for border security, the border wall, is absolutely manifest, more evident than other. the radical


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