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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  February 7, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EST

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salacious dossier was used to get the warrant. lou: thanks for being with immigration security is national security and that foreign fighters must not gain access into our nations. >> left to their own devices, i think they can have an agreement on time by friday, has to be signed, the conference report by friday. janice.lauren: countdown over e border. nancy pelosi says in could be a bipartisan agreement as early as tomorrow. will it be enough to avert another government shutdown or will proshutdown orwill presidea national emergency. cheryl: twitter is set to report earnings this morning.
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there have been big tech misses. we've got a look ahead. lauren: delta airlines hitting turbulence after trying its hand at match making. we'll tell you what's got the airline and coca-cola both apologizing to fliers. cheryl: take a look at futures this morning. we've got another negative start to the morning, dow down 29, nasdaq down 14 1/2. lauren: german industrial production contracts, the dax is down and the ftse is up. cheryl: take a look at asia real quick. shanghai hang seng still closed for the lunar new year and the nikkei slightly to the lower downside. "fbn: a.m." starts right now. lauren: 5:01 a.m. in new york. thank you for joining us. it's lauren simonetti. it's february 7th, i believe. cheryl: it's february something.
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it's not valentine's day yet. good morning, everybody. i'm cheryl casone. lauren: that's what happens when the date's not in the prompter. cheryl: the white house announcing that president trump is going to hold his first rally of the year. it's going to be in el paso texas. it's going to be next monday, as the border security standoff continues. a group of bipartisan lawmakers are working to reach a deal on border wall funding, trying to avoid another government shutdown. a negotiator said democrats are showing some flexibility in the dispute. lauren: without an agreement by the deadline, 25% of the government would should down. let's discuss this with collin willhelm and emily larson. emily is a reporter for the daily caller. thanks for joining us this morning. emily, i want to begin with you. is there an agreement at least
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in theory, is there something they're ready to put on paper, and can they do that, emily? this is the thing. we have eight days for the deadline, they need to do it by monday, in order for the house to be able to read it and cross all the t's and dot all the is. can they do it? >> in theory it's possible. it's congress so things happen often on short notice. they originathey originally wane an agreement by friday. they could have a deal as late as monday. if they don't happen, they might have to pass a continuing resolution to keep the government open if they don't make a deal or the government shut down. might shut down. this is a moral issue for both sides. it isn't only about the funding. president trump said in his state of the union that he thought the lawlessness state of the southern border was a moral issue. pelosi says she thinks the wall
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is immoral. it won't come down to the dollars and cents but the moral issue of both sides. lauren: let's talk about the dollars and cents, collin. it surprised me in the state of the union the president didn't put a dollar figure on the at of money. my question to you is is he willing to accept less than $5.7 billion? i want to draw your attention to something that congressman kwiar from a border town in texas, he said we're not going to do $5.7 billion for a wall, no way, but did say he supports enhanced barriers, something like a levy wall along the rio grande. do you think democrats will do more here, will support some sort of barrier and do you think republicans will take less than $5.7 billion? >> it's possible certainly that democrats might support some sort of enhanced border security
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is probably what they would call it, some sort of funding level below the $5.7 billion and not all directed towards some sort of physical barrier. but i'm not sure if the president is going to accept that. i mean, he's kind of drawn this line in the sand over $5.7 billion, over a wall. he really remains the x factor here and for anything to move forward it needs his signature. lauren: you're the economic policy reporter at the washington examiner, collin, so let's say he doesn't accept it and the government does shut down because that is certainly one of the possibilities. what does that cost the economy? because the previous 35 day shutdown cost us $11 billion according to the cbo. >> a lot of that was temporary. the cbo said a lot of that money is going to come back into the economy over the course of the year. the total figure that they actually put on it that's lasting, that's totally lost and isn't coming back is about $3 billion which is a drop in the bucket in terms of the
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overall macroeconomic picture. but when you're talking about the impact on people's lives, government contractors who may have lost their jobs or government employees who might have missed a mortgage payment or something else that could have affected their credit score, that's something that doesn't necessarily go away. lauren: emily, there's also the option of declaring a national emergency. listen to this and i'll get your reaction on the other side. >> we need to com congress to cp with a deal. we want to see what they negotiate. obviously, we're giving congress a chance. >> most of us are resigned to the fact that he is going to call a national manage circumstance it will be thrown into the courts and will be l stalemated. lauren: what happens if the president declares a national emergency? >> the president declares a national emergency, of course there will be legal challenges to it, there will be people in his party who will criticize him for taking the drastic step which some might think is
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unconstitutional if he takes the national emergency to build the wall. what trump wants is a deal in congress that he can agree with, that he can sign, and if he doesn't get that, besides a national emergency route, what he can do is try having the government shut down again while he waits for congress to make a deal or you can sign whatever he comes up with. lauren: emily, yes or no, do we get a deal by monday. >> >> i'm going to say no because that will be more interesting. lauren: collin, yes or no? >> i'll go with no as well. lauren: then you two have a lot to write about. cheryl: president trump's choice to lead the world bank speaking exclusively to trish regan on trish regan prime time last night. david malpass discussed his goals if he's approved by the executive board. >> what we can do is focus the mission, have a core mission, which is to see countries doing
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better, growing, raising their median income. it's good for us, it steps in terms of stability and peace if countries do better. cheryl: malpass weighing in on the ongoing crisis in venezuela. he said most of the finances would come from the future if thgovernment democratic governmt proceeds. lauren: chipotle's comeback continues. it crushed earnings estimates yesterday. it mate news for another reason. cheryl: hillary vaughn has that story and other stories this morning. good morning, hillary. hillary: good morning, cheryl and lauren. have you heard of the chipotle -- they are getting a drive-through. they plan to order a few dozen pickup lanes, kind of like a
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drive-through. you have to order before you arrive on an app or online. when you get there, you arrive at your pick-up time and your food. cheryl: the battle between bud light and miller lite, it started on super bowl sunday and it's still going. hillary: they're calling it the corn-troversy, in the bat em bae between bud light and miller lite. miller lite defended its use of corn si syrup. they say they don't use high fructose corn syrup in their beer. lauren: now to creepy napkins on airplanes. what's going on with that? hillary: delta and coca-cola tried to get people in the mood for valentine's day on their flights with festive napkins but
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accidentally creeped out passengers. the two brands partnered up, making napkins that encourage travelers to write down their number and give it to a crush that they see on their plane. the napkins had a spot for people to write down their info and pass it on. the concept sparked viral outrage online. the companies have apologized and the napkins have been pulled off. cheryl: that is a little creepy, i have to admit. thank you so much. we'll see you later on in the show. lauren: let's take a look at your money this morning. yesterday the s&p 500 snapped a five-day winning streak. it closed down 6 points. it's down another 6 this morning. looking at the futures, dow's down 45. up next, can twitter tweet a beat? the social media giant set to report earnings this morning after rival snap beat estimates yesterday. we are going to take you behind the numbers. cheryl: is round two of the winter blast on its way? we've got janice dean in the weather center coming up.
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lauren: we're more than halfway through earnings season with another round of results out this morning. among those reporting, cardinal health, t-mobile, tyson foods, kellogg's as well as twitter. cheryl: speaking of twitter, the company expected to report sharp increases on the top and bottom lines from a year ago. it's all about the users. let res tak's take a closer loot we can expect. lou bastinese is here. let's talk about twitter. depending on the company you focus on, they're all pushing money for security. facebook got foregiven for putting so much money into security. alphabet got punished for doing the same thing. what do you expect from twitter?
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>> fasten your seat belts. twitter is historically one of the most volatile stocks on earnings reports days. it's not uncommon monda more thk to rally or fall by 20%. we've seen facebook and snapchat, they set the tone. less bad is good this quarter, so facebook had some small user growth in the u.s., which really got investors excited. snapchat just stemmed losses and people were excited about that. cheryl: because it wasn't as bad as everybody thought. snap has had a rough year since they went public. $321 million is the estimate from fact set for daily user growth. i'm curious about the ad spending. all the platforms depend on advertising from the end of the day. what do you expect from twitter? >> they had a strong increase in ad spending last quarter. absolutely, what does the advertising revenue look like? have they been able to monday
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tiemonetizetheir user base morey than in the past. that's the key. that will determine the long-term future and viability of the social media platform is can they keep advertisers happy and comings back to the platform. cheryl: what about engagement? i know that's a murky term, but user engagement. but if people go on twitter and read a few things and go off, they don't retweet, they don't like things, that's another barometer that wall street watches. >> yeah, i've got to believe this is the threat to facebook and twitter is how long will we stay in engaged. for us in the financial community, twitter is essential. is it for the everyday american? i think facebook has the edge in that regard. cheryl: and they also own instagram which has been showing phenomenal growth. that's one of the problems that snapchat had is people are going to instagram and blowing off snapchat. let's move on to -- i'm not a gamer. i haven't been of a video game
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since 1976, i had an atari tennis game. what is it with fortnite. ea, take two, got destroyed, 13% pushdown on the stocks and a lot of analysts seem to be saying it's because of fortnite. explain this to me. >> i'm not a huge gamer either. i'm at the end of the age demographic. here's what it''s at work here. fortnite and pokemon go are free games. they're so competitive and hit driven. we've seen it with electronic arts and activision. they have to produce the hits. it determines how successful the companies and franchises can be. there's increasing competition. there's rumors of apple and a amazon getting into the gaming space. this will be like the movie space or teen retail. you've got to have a hit. cheryl: we were watching video of fortnite. ea has a game called battlefield
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which was a disappointment for the holiday. is it the game or the way the kids are playing the game? >> it's a combination of both. so in recent years we've seen these multiplayer online platform games where you are in an environment with multiple players. you can communicate with them. that's really been what's propelling the growth in video gaming space. and so ea and aca activision hae tried to get into it. you could have the investment that doesn't resonate. cheryl: it's kind of like netflix. it's kind of out there, you're streaming bu out it, but it's a. >> correct. cheryl: thank you for the explanation. we'll see where the stocks go today. watch "mornings with maria," we'll have twitter's results and other earnings out before the bell, so you want to see those numbers and maria can make sense of it. lauren: ahead of that, this is what your money is doing this morning, dow futures are down 84 points, so we are seeing more
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selling as we push closer to 6:00 a.m. s&p down 10. nasdaq down 30 points. a gas line explosion sending flames shooting three stories high in a san francisco neighborhood. we'll have the latest. cheryl: after nearly 50 years, aerosmith feeling a new kind of sweet emotion. details on the legendary band's latest honor. keep it tuned. ♪ they say the heart of rock and roll is still beating. not♪ and from what i've seen i believe them. ♪ the old one may be barely beating ♪ ♪ 'cos i know what it means ♪ to walk along the lonely street of dreams ♪
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from fox meteorologist janice dean. so it is still winter, janice. janice: it is still winter and we're getting a winter storm across the central u.s. 40 degrees here in new york city. the cold air is coming. it won't be as cold as it was last week for th whole country, won't be subzero with wind chills of minus 40. we'll be dealing with the potential of snow and ice, especially across the central u.s. you see the pinks here on the radar, that's not good stuff. that's the potential of accumulating ice. ice storm warning here for the central part of the country. we have blizzard warnings as well as winter storm warnings and flood warnings. so a lot going on with this storm sis l testimony, very dynamic. we see the potential for severe weather including maybe isolated tornadoes. you can see the heaviest snow, upper midwest, great lakes. the icy mixture across the great lakes as well and all-rain event as the line of showers and thunderstorms pushing across the ohio valley, eventually in the northeast where it will be too
5:24 am
warm for snow. forecast precipitation, a lot of heavy rain, maybe icing, accumulating ice across the central u.s., including west of st. louis and then the heavier snow over the western great lakes. there's the cold air across the northern plains, great lakes, going to dive southward and then eastward. we will get a taste of winter again this weekend but then temperatures will start to rebound and moderate again. so especially the central u.s. and the great lakes, upper midwest, that's where we could have travel troubles. we'll certainly keep you updated throughout the day. cheryl: janice, thank you. janice: you got it. lauren: let's get you caught up on what's happening now. int vesters are awaiting the latest round of earnings reports. the dow is down almost 100 points, nasdaq giving up about 34 this morning. a huge gas line explosion sparking a massive fire in san francisco, flames shooting 30 feet into the air, burning five buildings. it took crews more than two hours to cap the gas line feeding the fire and fortunately
5:25 am
here nobody was hurt. a third mil third milwaukee polr in eight months killed in the line of duty. he was killed while executing a search warrant. he was 35 years old, a 17 year veteran of the milwaukee police department. he served two tours in iraq with the marines and was awarded a medal of honor. jill abramson is accused of play plagerism in her new book. martha mcallum pressed her on the controversy last night. >> there are suggestions some parts of the book could be play plagerized. >> do you have any comments? >> i certainly didn't plageize in my book. there are 70 pages of footnotes
5:26 am
showing where i got the information. lauren: she also said vice reporters have been critical of her book because they don't like the way they're portrayed in it. a new report details how popular iphone apps are recording screens without letting users know. apps like expedia,, holster and abercrombie & fitch use the same analytics firm that uses the process. the data exposed passport numbers and credit card information weeks ago in a data breach. cheryl: i have two of those apps, by the way thank you. all right. well, u.s. trade representatives reportedly are heading to pay jink next week for another -- beijing for another round of trade talks. will the talks put zing into the market? haagen dazs is unveiling new flavors and they've got a boozey twist. good morning, everyone.
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lauren: let's see how the global markets are shaping up this thursday morning. the selling seems to be intensifying, dow down 110. twitter, tyson foods, cardinal health reporting today. german industrial production fell. the dax index is down 116 points, that is 1%. and if you take a look at the ftse in britain, it's down 7 points, a tenth of 1% on reports that theresa may may delay a vote on the brexit deal. cheryl: let's keep talking about markets. the dow fell 21 points yesterday after jumping 172 points on tuesday. but what is the next shoe to
5:31 am
drop? if any? we have a lot of choices. jonathan holin, there's so many things the market is watching. i would think that if we get a deal with china and that comes through, that that would be a market positive and we would get a true bounce. what do you say? >> it's a long year. there's so many elements affecting markets. we truly don't know, you now more than ever -- you mentioned trade. that's one element that's been weighing on investors for the better part of the last 11 months. now the widely telegraphed trade deal, a lot of people anticipating and hoping for a trade deal of course but fear is that, look, we've put in a whole year's worth of gains in just about six weeks. there's a theory that we could see by th buy the rumor, sell tt action. once we get the trade deal, we could see the market sell off once the news hits the tape. cheryl: other analysts have mentioned that, it's sell the fact.
5:32 am
that's counterintuitive to what i would think would happen. the fed, jerome powell started to speak again. we know it seems -- they seem to be keeping their powder dry, possibly for 2019. but is any language from the fed on your radar? what are we going to see from the fed this year? could that help or hurt stocks. >> every word has to be on your radar. look, back in december there was essentially three things weighing on markets. the federal reserve, earnings, trade war were the three. in the last thre three or four , the federal reserve interest rate issue hasn't been taken off the table but the perception is changed that the automatic cycle towards higher and higher interest rates wouldn't be the case and we've seen the markets react dram a dramatically. there's a lot of data to come. the fed insisted they're data dependent. my suggestion is to keep some powder dry. whether it's the earnings, trade
5:33 am
war, shutdown, geopolitical shock, there will be a lot of volatility. cheryl: if markets go down if we get a trade deal, i want to get you back on the show. goldman sachs came out with a bearish note. they basically said if you didn't participate in the january rally, you may have missed your opportunities for the year. i found that very surprising and pretty negative from a bank that gets a lot of their revenue from investment banking and from people buying and trading stocks. what did you make of the goldman statement? we ask show it to the viewers if you want. >> there is historical precedent to that. the market has come up almost 16% in just six weeks. that's an entire year's worth of gains and historically during bear markets when wee see these kind of bounces, four out of five times they've been what they call dead cat bounces, that is to say the market continues lower. doesn't mean it happens this time but it's been a tremendous five weeks and a lot of people say the best month is already over for the year, only the tape
5:34 am
will tell. cheryl: speaking of the month, jonathan, february 15th is the deadline for them to come to an agreement on funding for the government. if they don't, potentially another shutdown, potentially -- nancy pelosi seems to be setting a positive tone that a deal can get done. how are markets digesting the shutdown threats again. >> but that again on -- the threat has been moved back and postponed a little bit. have you to give it to the president. he remains unpredictable, even at this more mature stage in his presidency. put it all together. these are all factors that investors, despite the fact we've seen earnings come in, beating those lowered expectations, these are all political and economic factors that investors simply have to keep on radar screens. it's early in the year. tremendous volatility to come for some of the reasons we outlined. cheryl: we're going to leave it here. nasdaq is potentially about the exit the bear market.
5:35 am
that's since christmas. merry christmas. thank you for being here. it's good to see you here in new york. >> thanks, cheryl. lauren: hollywood boulevard's walk of fame announced the newest edition. hillary vaughn joins us with more on that. hillary: good morning. aerosmith will be headed to hollywood's walk of fame, following singer pink who got her star on tuesday. aerosmith's ceremony will be february 14th, valentine's day. there are 2,657 stars on hollywood boulevard. cheryl: you've got to love aerosmith. they played at the super bowl, not at the super bowl, but at the parties. looks like there's car trouble in the toy department. you've got to explain this one. this is good. hillary: yes. barbie's power wheels dream camper needs go into the shop. fisher-price is recalling all 44,000 of the cam the campers on
5:36 am
acceleration issue. the foot pedal can get stuck and cause the toy car to rapidly accelerate. the product sold at l walmart from july 2018 to january 2019 for $400, including a kitchen grill and camp fire. luckily, no injuries have been reported. lauren: i've ridden around in that car, by the way. it's a sweet ride. let me tell you. i'll share a picture later. my favorite story of the morning, there is a scoop, a special school at haagen dazs. maybe good for after work, friday night? hillary: exactly. friday night these are your new plans. haagen dazs is getting tipsy. you don't need an i.d. to buy their boozey line of flavors. seven new alcohol infused ice creams are joining the freezer aisle, including irish cream brownie, and vanilla bean bourbon truffle. they'll be available in grocery stores across the u.s. in april. put it on your calendar. lauren: it's there.
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hillary vaughn, thank you so much. cheryl: take a look at markets this morning, looks like we'll be opening to the downside. we've got a lot of earnings coming out this morning including twitter. that could change the story. dow down 105 right now, nasdaq down 37 and a quarter. still ahead, forbes is out with the list of the most valuable nba teams. the l.a. lakers made it to second. who took the top spot? we've got a lot more in sports, coming up. ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ and i have no privacy. ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪
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cheryl: welcome back. one of the nfl's biggest names reportedly involved in a domestic violence incident. lauren: jared max is here with the story. >> a developing story that we're following. wide receiver antonio brown was never charged with a crime, though police say january 17th brown's daughter had been dropped off at his residence by his mother who according to a police report sought reimbursement for the child's haircut and put herself in a place brown could not close the door. he told her to leave, eventually alleged to have pushed her to the ground. she refused to complete a victim's affidavit. brown's attorney says it's a closed police report and it proves his client did nothing wrong and brown will seek for
5:41 am
full custody of his daughter. a golfer revealed during his pga career he was drinking. he said he used do be a habitual alcoholic. >> did you play drinking? >> absolutely. it was normal for me. was it every time? no. >> he has been sober since october 2017. best known for a duel with tiger woods that he lost. not to the playoffs since 2013, the new york knicks are valued by forbes as the nba's most valuable franchise, $4 billion. the l.a. lakers come in second at $3.7 billion. warriors are next, followed by the chicago bulls and boston celtics. lebron james weighing in on this last night. the mavericks traded harrison
5:42 am
barnes in the middle of last night's game, he learned of the trade while he was on the bench. lebron says let me guess, this is cool because they had to do what was best for the franchise, right? traded him while he had no idea? cheryl: that is a little harsh. >> it can happens sometimes in sports. joeyoungblood got traded and went to play for the other team on the same day. lauren lauren: let's take a look at futures. we have a down market, the dow is off 105 points, nasdaq down 37. coming up, federal reserve chair jay powell saying the fed is trying to earn and deserve the trust of the american people. this ahead of an upcoming appearance before congress and after a birthday sit-down dinner with the president.
5:43 am
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cheryl: welcome back. let's get you caught up on what's happening now. we continue to monitor the earnings coming in. a little bit of pressure this morning. that could change. right now the dow is down 107, s&p down 12 3/4. 4. former costa rica president has been accused of sexual misconduct by two more women. one woman who worked on his presidential campaign says he assaulted her. another female journalist claimed that he groped her. these new accusations follow the first criminal complaint against him of sexual assault. that was filed on monday.
5:47 am
lee alian neeson canceled his appearance on the late show with stephen colbert. he admitted to walked the streets looking for a random black man to kill after a family member was sexually assaulted. he apologized for the comments. walmart accused kmart of not - not ---eddie lampert dragged kmart into bankruptcy with sears. kmart has been saint jude's top fundraiser. musicians including david johansen have sued sony music entertainment and umg recordings over old songs. the group of musicians argued they should be able to reclaim rights to songs they signed away decades ago. they're accusing sony and umg of
5:48 am
ignoring hundreds of notices. lauren: this is happening, the federal reserve turning doveish. jerome powell signaled policy makers will pause on raising interest rates, taking a more wait and see approach, following months of pretty sharp criticism from president trump, prompting speculation that powell was caving to political pressure. danielle demartino boo booth ise ceo of will intelligence. i'm thinking of the birthday dinner that chairman powell and the president had monday night. should they have broken bread together? is that bad op techs when your message is you don't want to be influenced by politics, should you have dinner with the president? >> unfortunately, there's been so much focus on this particular aspect of the fed chairman's
5:49 am
tenure, remember, he's only be in the office for a year now. it's very normal for the president, for the head of treasury, for the vice chair of the fed u. all of whom were at that dinner, to get together and break bread and speak about each other's views. if you look back in the history of the fed, these types of meetings are not unusual at all. but it's the sense of heightened scrutiny right now and the fact that powell is under a microscope, i think, that optically definitely raised some eyebrows. i think that's the state we're in right now. lauren: what do you think besides tweets from the president keeps jerome powell up at night? i want you to listen to something he said last night and respond on the other side. >> the median and lower levels of income have grown but much more slowly and growth at the top has been very strong. so we want prosperity to be
5:50 am
widely shared. it comes down to we need policies where that will -- to make that happen. lauren: what do you make of that, danielle? >> i find this to be highly ironic. if you look at my twitter feed, there's so much outrage. jonathan honig was on your show, talking about the 16% increase in stocks. if you look at the past decade, when the fed was a highly politicized institution, people perceived the fact that fed policy trickled down to the top 1% as meaning that the fed has facilitated the inequality divide and fed it. i found it ironic to read the chairman's remarks last night because the fed has been instrumental in widening this inequality divide by looking like they're trying to prop up wall street and the top 1% of americans who own 80% of stocks. lauren: it's a valid point. thother issue we have now is not just the u.s. economy, slowing less than global economies but
5:51 am
the global economy is certainly slowing down. would you put odds on a fed cut this year, interest rate cut? >> i'm there with the market. the market has been increasing the probabilities of a fed cut. we've seen german and italian factory orders come in overnight very weak, looks like europe is going into recession. if you could get clean statistics, looks like china is also in recession. i think the forces outside of our shores are going to be sufficient that we could see the fed indeed cut rates before the end of 2019. lauren: but what powell did say on that last night r, and this is a quote, we've had some big events, some surprises like brexit, and the system has been strong. so the question is, does that also put the u.s. economy -- the u.s. market in the sweet spot where we can continue to see gains because rates stay low? >> well, there's no doubt goldilocks has prevailed so far
5:52 am
in 2019. i think most people are looking for that to continue. but again, we have seen weakening even here in the united states. we've seen weakening in jobless claims, layoff numbers pick up. we've seen tremendous record levels of ceo turnover. so under the surface of the water, i would say that things are not all that they appear to be right now. if you're just looking through the lens of the stock market. lauren: as we wrap this up, we've been talking about this all week and i'd love to get your thoughts on it, danielle. goldman sachs essentially saying yeah, we'll see gains in 2019 but we might have already saw them in january. what now? >> the average -- i've done studies on this. i've analyzed the data, up, down, all around. once you see the unemployment rate come off of the floor which we have seen, we've seen a three-tenths rise in the unemployment rate, bear market rallies can last up to five months. this could be a head fake. goldman sachs could be spot on
5:53 am
with their analysis. lauren: thank you for your analysis. cheryl: the knives are out in the u.k. looks like theresa may's going to delay a second vote on her brexit deal. are global markets bracing for a u.k. crash out of the e.u.? we'll be right back. ♪ i will never say never. ♪ i will fight till forever.
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. . cheryl: stocks in europe under pressure ahead of this morning. investors following news prime minister theresa may may delay another vote for deal to leave the eu. i don't know, what would be the fallout if the vote is, indeed, delayed? >> it would depend on what the cause of the delay is. if the cause of the delay is that she's making deal in eu,
5:57 am
may not be too bad. if it's more delayed tactics, plan b and plan a that she had previously, that could cause frustration in parliament, more attempts to try and take control off of the government and delay, again, uncertainty which businesses will hate. lauren: i also want to talk to you, craig, about oil in venezuela. wall street journal is reporting that venezuela opposition plans to name new board for oil company, does that show that the maduro regime is on its way out because maduro has put loyalists in key positions? >> it certainly suggests that the u.s. is helping the new regime to get power and trying
5:58 am
to starve funds which they are using to hold onto power and do whatever it makes really to turn the military which is open i will keeping in power right now. of course, this is a very complex situation and longer yet but the efforts are clear signal from the trump administration. they are very much working. cheryl: we mentioned at the top of the segment about bank of england, what are your expectations? >> i expect lasting on. the bank of england base case is uk leaves with smooth transition therefore rate hikes have high possibility this year. >> craig, how concerned are you about slowing growth in europe, you know, germamn contracting,
5:59 am
it's a power house. >> a significant power house. of course, one the diesel omission standards, causing bottlenecks which is weighing on activity and production and we are seeing similar things and contribute today recession that we are seeing there. it's link today china. i think it is a concern here and the fact that this is getting worse than better is a concern. i think it's a global issue as well. global issue is expected to be lower. cheryl: craig, thank you for all the perspective, we appreciate it. lauren: mornings with maria starts right now. maria: thank you so much, ladies, happy thursday, yes, it is throwback thursday, good
6:00 am
morning, i'm maria bartiromo, thursday february 7th, top stories 6:00 a.m. on the east coast, we are all over it, what you need to know ahead of the numbers. economic impact of trade tensions, a new study this morning details how growth will slow down as the economy should shed millions of jobs as a result. plus reckoning of rural america this morning, protection at levels not seen in a decade, what's behind the trend coming up. changes at citgo, venezuela refining giant will reportedly get a new board chosen by opposition leader guaido. sparking fire storm on social media. more on that, which team is the dominant in the league right now, mornings with maria begins right now.


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