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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 13, 2019 6:00am-9:00am EST

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are higher closing in on a border dealing until now trump signaling support for the agreement even though he's not happy had about it. he said, forcing democrats to go on record over green new deal. senate majority leads or mitch mcconnell saying there will be a vote the fallout as a 2020 race gets on. taking on tesla a.m. son and general motors reportedly eyeing investment in an electric pickup truck maker mornings with with maria begins right now. ♪ top story this hour averting second shutdown lawmakers have reach aside tentative deal days before the big friday deadline that includes 1.37 billion for
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55 miles of barrier . a border wall president trump makes it clear that he's not satisfied with his and suggesting moving funds from other departments to get the job done. >> i can tell you that happen at first glance i have to see it. the answer is no, i'm not. i'm not happy. but am i happy with where we're going? i'm thrilled. because we're supplementing things and moving things around and we're doing things thab that are fantastic and taking from far less really from far less important areas. >> i think he ought to feel free to use tools he can legally use to enhance effort to secure the border so no i would not be troubled by that. as for moving around the money he needs congressional permission to do if. it was done in the past by president obama and president trump but they controlled the republicanses controlled the house in getting the okay he
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doesn't have the authority to do it without house permission. >> joining me right now is former senior advisor to clinton a group president and managing partner and offer of mike is with me right now. good to see you this morning. good morning. >> your thoughts on this border wall fight and what the president gets he wanted 5.7 billion he's getting 1.37 billion. but he's trying to figure out where other money and departments that have not been accounted for can be used towards this. what's your reaction? >> my reaction is when it comes to gorkses itself it look like republican leadership caved gave the democrats most of what they wanted even if they held somewhat on the number of beds. but on the other hand, trump didn't do badly during this thing his numbers have gone up. immigration went to the number one issue. for the first time in the part i've seen people trust republicans over democrats on the issue of immigration.
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so actually the president has gotten a lot of mileage out of the whole fight i don't think it would pay for him to continue another this point with republican leadership support and lives to fight another day. >> that's great analysis the poll shows approval rate thing up 052%. let me move on to clinton fallout mark a new report that hillary clinton lawyer sent e-mail to fbi general counsel for a call asap just hours before the if i director jim comey informed congress that he would reopen the investigation into her e-mails. s what what is your reaction ons now and worked on this and fbi 2016 election. how do you see it? >> well my reaction to this is pretty funny that the justice department is -- is reacting so quickly to that kind of sap from david clinton the lawyer. i don't think it is really a tremendous am of significance to that particular event, i mean, we've seen massive problems with
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the fbi and launch of this thing and more than anything else is interesting these reports that look mueller hasn't found anything. the senate committee say there's nothing there. there's a time to declare no collusion and move on. a lot of people don't want to do that but that looks like the fact. >> you and i have coffered this this extensionively over last year and a half because -- this whole idea thats there was some kind of collusion can just not be corroborated. and at some point they're going to have to admit it. but you know john from the hill also is saying that he has uncovered collusion between russia and the democrats. he wrote that last week. all the way back from the project all the way as recent as dossier do you think that's going to get investigated? >> i don't think that will be top of the investigation look i think what he's referring to is the democratic campaign and hillary campaign did hire crystal who then called up russians and had all sorts of
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russians look we've never gotten christopher steele to testify to explain what he did, who his sources were, and what the credibility of the document was when obvious look i recommend people read it. they can see it wasn't credible. i think what we'll get investigated is what people at the fbi justice department did to plit size things create a warrant and rely on documents that have no credibility or verification. >> that is exactly what i would cover and been pretty out there about about in the last year and a half. now we get the new report from the senate intel committee, it has found no direct evidence of conspiracy between russia and the trump campaign, after a two years something that we've been saying for two years. the president just tweeted on this moments ago he say this is, the senate intelligence committee there is no evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russia. so mark here we go again . we're getting, obviously, the leaders who have been doing
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investigations yet the the mainstream media is still out crazy over this story. trying to keep it out there. your reaction. >> well, as you know for a long time i felt that there was no foundation for this investigation. but the appointment of mueller didn't have proper constitutional foundation, and that this had kind of turning upside down of everybody in the campaign and the entire family and the the prosecutions fundamentally have been wrong i these reports are are confirming that view point now, and democrats i think should get off the investigation issue. this has been two years of a natural nightmare that really never had underpinning never valid. >> any accountable to somebody like adam shift who now is the chairman of the intel committee who said year and a half ago i have circumstantial evidence that there was collusion. >> i don't think there's much accountable at all for adam shift i think he'll keep going
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and start investigating trump businesses and i don't think it is right to just target presidents and start to investigate their background. using the apparatus of government that makes absolutely no sense. again, i think democrats will start to pay a price for this. my experience was when it's over, when i work with president clinton the public does not want it to go on once it is over and decided. >> i can the not agree or more. mark good to see you this morning. joining there and then this national debt hitting 22 trillion dollars for the first time. dagen mcdowell good morning to you what's your take? >> good morning maria part of the problem is so under president trump, the national debt has gone north of 22 trillion dollars. that's up a little more than two trillion dollars since president trump took office. and part of it the tax cuts which the administration says will pay for themselveses as the economy grows and revenue goes up. but also it is congress spending
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more money on things like the military, and dmes pick programs but to be clear, despite some of the headlines i saw this is not a about problem a debt problem that originated with this presidency. you look at president obama, the the national debt went up about 8 and a half trillion dollars nearly doubling. under his eight years in office. now we are staring at we're looking close to being at annual budget deficits of a trillion or more. in fact, a few years away from interest on debt swapping what we spend on defense and military every year. disturb ising yes. this is a time when democrats are calling and talking about being worried about the national debt. but then also calling for these major blowout spending programs. medicare as it exist today will go broke. hospital fund will run out of money in 2026 and only able to pay 99 on the dollar and
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medicare for all and new green deal. so what did howard shuttle have to say about the green deal? >> when i read the green new deal, and i try and understand what they're suggesting, i don't understand how you're going give a job for everybody. how you're going to give free college to everybody. how you're going to create clean energy throughout the country in every building of the land. we're sitting, ladies and gentlemen with 22 trillion dollars of debt on the the balance sheet of america. it is immoral to suggest that we can tally up 20, 30, 40, 50 trillion dollars of debt to solve a problem that could be solved in a different way. >> maria i'll point one thing out, though, there is no crisis. there's no urgency in washington, because if federal government can still borrow at less than 2.7% a year over ten years.
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that's your yield on the tenure treasury. but you know what they might wake up one day and it is a crisis they can't fix. >> that's true and they borrow keeps coming from china too. >> yep we need, you know -- enemy or friend. they loan us money. japan and china ring two largest foreign holders of our national debt. >> exactly dagen thank you. meanwhile a new york police detective was killed. cheryl casone with the details there. what a story there cheryl. >> here in new york status around this maria detective brian was shot by friendly fire as officers responded to an arm ad robbery in new york city yesterday. the had 2-year-old detective was a 19-year veteran of the department another cop was shot in the leg and is in stable condition this morning. meanwhile funeral services are going to take place in milwaukee today for officer matthew a 17-year member of the milwaukee force killed last week while executing search warrant. well form per nissan chairman
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carlos ghosn legal team resigned he faces financial charge hads in japan for allegedly underreporting a salary at nissan ghosn continues to maintain his innocence. he has now hired one who worked on a number of high profile cases to lead his new defense team. ghosn has been jailed in tokyo for nearly three months all of the requests for release on bail have been rejected by the court. powerful winter storms cause a major power outages in the midwest and the northeast. cold and gusty winds followed these storms across several regions. more than 2500 flights were canceled yesterday in the u.s. that's according to flight aware over 400 flights have been canceled so far this morning. what a storm it was maria it really what what walloped a lotf country. >> they just blame pull for the
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compensation when, in fact, it was the company that put this reserve fund aside. we'll keep talking about it. challenging green new deal mitch mcconnell will put congressman alexandria cortez plan up that forces a hand to let everybody know where they stand on this had. s tesla new rivals are in talks to backup a startup an electric truck maker. back with all of the details. live from the starlite lounge. ♪ one plus one equals too little too late ♪ ♪ a sock-a-bam-boom ♪ who's in the room? ♪ love is dangerous ♪ but driving safe means you pay less ♪ ♪ switch and save
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welcome back we have a big program this morning coming up new jersey congressman house agricultural member jeff is here. form offer senior advisor to president george w. bush and fox news contradict tore joining thus morning on fox news judge
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andrew napolitano ceo of 800 flowers chris mccann is with us this morning ahead of valentine's day and family medicine aka doctor, mike joining thus morning don't miss a moment we have a big show right here. taking a position on the green new deal. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell forcing democrats hands own this controversial legislation he says he'll bring a vote to the floor. >> i have noted with great interest the green new deal, and we're going to be voting on that in the senate and give everybody an opportunity to go on record. and see how they feel. >> and joining us right now to talk more about that our fantastic panel this morning includes emily she's from the federalist commentary writer thank you so much for joining us and from home depot c are oh long time executive at general electric great to see you. >> great to be with you always. so thanks for being here always so what's your reaction to moves
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bringing us to the floor emily. >> did you notice he's wearing a green tie? it is a brilliant move, you know democrat might vote present they've done that in the past to abstain from the political theater of it all but so many of them on the record in support of this before they have any idea how insanely radical it was. and it is interesting because when you you look at the resolution i.t. like aoc said you know faq it is not what's actually in the resolution. but if you look at the resolution it is the same laughably naive incredibly radical health care for even. job guarantees, that everyone was mocking in the end. >> talking about cost of this dagen did a special report on the 22 trillion in debt bob and here we have a green new deal costing upwards of 30 trillion dollars. >> amazing right i think reallialed it when you talk about who will pay for this thing as fed rate goes up, interest rate on the debt goes up. greater than the interest you know the dividends you'll get
6:18 am
from borrowing so you know, i think dagen you nailed it, i mean, what's going to happen this thing is in a somewhat of a downward spiral that we have to get control over tben. >> so throwing away that laughable idiotic faq that the actual deal that was filed is just as bad. i said privately yesterday that it reads like a letter to santa claus. it is candy and candy and licorice and or more candy and a big bright unicorn for krems. >> and a pony. here's what the actual deal reads it calls for generating 100% of power from renewables. to the extent that it technologically feasible well it's not. because if it made economic sense we would do it. we have done that with the use of national gas the renewable sources only make up 17% of u.s. power generation right now.
6:19 am
solar is 20% more expensive than natural gas offshore wind is two-thirds more expensive look at germany the electricity cost two to three times higher than those here in the united states because of this screwball attempt to go green. >> well you've worked on this during your time in autosector bob is it feasible or realistic to get rid of fossil fuelses in ten year? >> she talked about bringing back cafe standard do you remember that back in obama administration and it was unattainable so in other words you have to produce a small car tooff set demand for trucks o.c. no one is going to buy it so government was trying to say you have to buy a small car because we're not going to produce any big ones. >> on the record but this was the sneaky way that politicians try to get away with this. they don't have the -- the guts to step up in front of
6:20 am
american people say we raise gasoline prices by five a gallon and tell you what kind of car to drive they try to hide it because they don't gumption if you want to green dream. >> talk about china markets reporting to higher this morning. optimism over a china deal. details on tomorrow's meeting coming up then we have a winner which prize pooch to have the ribbon in the year's westminster dog show. back here in a moment.
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>> welcome back markets are higher this morning look at futures opt mism over a border deal as well as the china trade talks. of course treasury are secretary steven mnuchin and trade representative robert lighthizer are in beijing today set to talk with top economic advisors and president xi jinping tomorrow. president trump is signaled that he could push the deadline for negotiations if the two sides are close to a deal. watch. >> if we're close it a deal, well we think we can make a real deal to get done i can see myself let that slide for a little while. but generally speaking i'm not inclined to do that. weal see what happens but they want to make a deal their economy has been -- hurt by the tariffs, and our economy is thriving like really never before. >> joining me right now is the president of the wells fargo investment institute darrell and good to see you this morning thank you so much for being here so what do you think in terms of
6:25 am
markets would you be poised with this rally we've been seeing? j i think we bump against our targets even for year end on the 16% rally since the christmas eve lows. if you are putting money to work in stocks, though, we think there's a couple of placeses to move up in quality so stay in large cash generators not cash burning company and we think there's compelling value in emerging markets if china deal gets done you have a big rally in emerging markets i think. >> weave seen statistics that there's a flight to cash that people have coming out of the equity market and when that happens and would you reconfirm happening within your client base. where are you telling them to go with cash? >> so there's a lot of cash cools to sidelines there was off the fourth quarter big swoon down unfortunately a lot of people missed the january rally back. if you want to be more conservative right now, we think you can stay on the short side of the fixed income yield right now. you're still getting 2.6, 2.7%
6:26 am
for short duration fixed income and up in quality which is a nice rate of return as you park cash it wouldn't hold too much cash here but we think there's cool peeling alternatives for cash. >> okay. to maria's question when -- what's the roads sign that tells your clients jump back in he said to be conservative on this thing what's the indicator? >> well we're starting to tick off these big mac koa risks, i mean, the government shutdown was a concern certainly there's positive movement on the trade discussions out of china which would be bigst catalyst we believe. and then we think you need to see earnings growth into q one so fundamentals returning. market today have used s&p is only trading at 15.7 times. next year earnings which is relatively cheap. so we think if you can clear the deck on some of these macro risk overhang hads and building into the market we think the market can move higher. >> what are earnings, though, we're expecting pretty good
6:27 am
slowdown in earnings for 2019 all a the ways down to 6% or something even lower than that. so does that concern you? >> it does concern me the strength of the dollar right, the hundred basis points the fed last year and reduction in blays sheet are tightening and in a highly lerchged economy today so that's going to have an effect into 2019 and come in at 18% growth but q1 looks like it might have one maybe 2% earnings growth. >> a goose egg. some have is slightly negative and q2, 2 to 3% earning growth so you're starting to hear echo of this discussion about earnings recession again two consecutive et quarter of earnings growth contraction we don't think that's the base case in livelihood right now but it is a risk and building rick. >> we leave it there great to get your inside. joining us this morning coming up the electric car competition
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welcome back good we understand morning everybody thank you for joining us i'm maria bartiromo and it is wednesday february 13*9 your top storieses right now, 6:32 a.m. on east coast. rallying on trade this morning, investors are optimistic ahead of tomorrow high level meeting between china president xi jinping, and u.s. trade representative robert lighthizer along with treasury secretary steven mnuchin higher this morning ahead that have important meeting there's optimism about a china trade deal getting done. the optimism brought a market rally yesterday and dow snapped a four day losing streak yesterday with a solid gain of 372 points. that was one and a half percent higher. the the s&p 500 was up one and quarter percent. 35 points higher an nasdaq with one and a half percent gain 107 points higher at the close yesterday. take look at european end cease in stocks there as well. up 48 point two-thirds of one percent. the paris is up 13 points the
6:33 am
quarter of a percent, as is dax index up 26 points right now in europe. asian markets higher overnight as you sew most upset in 1%. shanghai composite in china up 2% on the session. closing in on a deal president trump signals support for the tentative bipartisan agreement over border funding. even though he say he's nots happy it be. taking on tesla and amazon and general motors eyeing investment in electronic pickup truck maker plus this top dog 134 westminster kennel club dog show crowning champ why the decision did not go over with with some fans we'll bring you that coming up. but first our top story this half an hour howard talking taxes former starbucks ceo and inen dependent presidential candidate spoke at cnn last night had said he's ready to pay up. >> i should be paying more tax and people who are in the bracket of making millions of dollars or whatever had the number might be, should be
6:34 am
paying more taxes. >> joining us right now is e-wine national tax department leader michael great to see you michael thank you a for having us. we know that the top ten percent of earners pay 71% of income tax. do you think that the tax code right now is fair should it be different? >> well you have a story about the debt there is an a issue right now, and deficits to see the tax so a lot of discussions around accident tays who should pay what the fair share, there's a big difference between how republicans and democratses are approaching this. we see the presidential candidates laying out plans for taxing income at higher rates for taxing wealth and increasing taxes on corporations. this is a big issue over next year. >> what about corporations do they change their behavior as a result of lower taxes to corporate rate came down from 35% to 21% have you seen as a result of that -- buzz is putting more money to
6:35 am
work hiring more workers? >> yes absolutely they have more money on hand. they have more money to invest and tax change as not what the rate but international rules changed as well that changes dynamic for where to invest. also there are changes temporary about investing in capital assets 100% expenses that drove investment as well. >> michael again e.y. is probably in majority of the fortunate 500 where you provide service here to build off maria's question we were talking earlier how are are ceos of these large corporations what's their confidence level in the current tax structure number one and number two the uncertainty that's created with the small business person because rules and regulations haven't been brought forth yet? >> so that was a great question i say with certainty extent to small and large business tax rules that came in over a year ago now very complex waiting for final regulations from the internal revenue service. you can do a lot with the
6:36 am
current rules but you need to know in other words to make big decisions what the final rules are going to be. and bob your point on small business there's a 20% deduction for flow through entities we're getting rules around that now but those are complex as well. still need to be worked out in full and that's creating uncertainty that's holding back a bit i would say. >> for example, lawyers do not qualify for that pass through so there really is some indecision out there as far as what tax you should file in potential penalty for taking the wrong path. >> that's absolutely right. >> so we're talking just mentioned brady talking about him he was previewing what would be basically a simplification that we never saw materialize how much interest is in that and affect that would have going forward. >> it was some simplification what was done to increase standards deduction did take a lot of people from having to itemize to getting a result by using this standard deduction now but you're right the no a
6:37 am
thorough going sitlyification certainly not on corporate side. again people want simplicity but they also do want benefits that the new rules give them so it is always a balance between the two. >> kevin brady talked about how some states want to repeal the cap on federal deduction for state and a local taxes salt. watch this. >> new york state is a fantastic state so are are other high tax states like california but they brutally tacked their families and their local businesses even though their economy is booming, because of those tax cuts about the facts of the matter is they tax their families so high people are leaving, an so repealing salt in deduction does two things it rewards mainly wealthy homeowners in earners in those states and secondly it encouraging governor cuomo to raise tax everyone higher exactly the opposite of what most family and businesses in new york want to see. >> and, of course, new york state governor andrew cuomo
6:38 am
talked to trump yesterday about this at the white house, the governor argued that higher taxes drive away people and businesses. and hurt what he calls economic engine of california and new york so you must be dealing with this a lot right now michael is this cap on salt causing companies to leave the high tax states? >> i say people are thinking about what the impact of this is going to be they want to see how this plays out and interactionses with the other rules. but as we've discussed taxes or front and center right now are on a lot of people's minds both individuals and companies and it is affecting a lot of discussions. >> i feel like after april 18th we see that because they get shock even though your salt deduction has gone away you know you're going to pay higher taxes once you actually get the numbers, you could, in fact, the economy -- what do you think? >> that's right a lot of people use the withholding as a sorts of for saving and expect to get a refund we've seen stories about how refunds have gone down at least so far from what irs
6:39 am
has released as information. i think that may continue and it certainly will be an issue with respect to higher tax states. >> i don't know how democrats can run on a wealth tax which we've elizabeth warren's idea -- which is unconstitutional. but i don't know how you can run on that when you're seeing the devastation of these high spendings in these high spending states that that are blue we lod at connecticut it was already in a downward spiral. because of the increase in taxes, on businesses, that housing market and parts of connecticut have never really recovered from the 2008 financial crisis. >> no wonder big companies have left connecticut. >> yeah all of these issue ors -- talked about deft, new tacks proposals to increase taxes. they're going play out over the next year are or so especially in a runup to the presidential election everyone has got their tax take on this everyone has their spending priorities all of this has to be squared. >> literally saying wait, we
6:40 am
need the rich to help fund our budgets is anybody in his party listening to him? >> michael great thanks to get your insight former astronaut mark kelly running for u.s. senate cheryl. >> retired nassau restaurant kelly will challenge arizona republican senator martha mcsally for late senator john mccain's seat. >> partisanship and polarization and jerry manneddering corporate money have ruined our politics. and it is divided us. i care about about people. i care about about the state of arizona. i care about this nation. so because of that, i've decided that i'm launching campaign. to the united states senate. >> of course kelly is husband of former democratic congresswoman gabrielle giffords survived horrific shooting in arizona back in 2011. well, amazon and general motors reportedly in talks to invest in
6:41 am
a rival to tesla. reuters are are reporting deal with automotive would value electric pickup truck maker between one and two billion. special word could come as early as this month. which was based in michigan hopes to be the first u.s. company to launch an electric pickup for the consumer market. there's no comment at this point from amazon or from rivian there's shares over the last year. okay, check this out. from jamaica -- this is how one lot reis winner found a way to protect his or her identify when photographed with a big check wearing mask from the movie scream. [laughter] as you can see -- so good. the winner posed with the 1.1 million check in disguise kind of fun, and then there's this guys finally got this with maria. we have a winner, 143rd westminster kennel dog show crowned a wire fox carrier as best in show and seven-year-old dpring brazil taking home top
6:42 am
prize at msg yesterday. but the crowd there seemed to be rooting for underdog bean, a spaniel because wire fox terriers have won 15 times at westminster more than any other breed if you like that dog show that's great but hall mark channel will have american rescue dog it show and if you want to watch that. that could be fun to watch. how come that dog keeps winning that's interesting that you have 16 times. >>s that not actual -- results. but yeah. a bunch of snobs number two was this name bono who was totally rad. there was a schipperke that was disqualified because head judge had a relationship -- yeah. that he couldn't had no opportunity to win because the head judge like some ofort sort of ownership with the owner of
6:43 am
that schipperke. >> nothing -- they're snobs go res cue a dog. >> all right we'll take a break. slamming brakes on high speed rail gavin new in is coming back on state plan to conduct l.a. and san francisco by train. then love is in the air we'll talk the big business and valentine's day. how ai is being used for flower deliveries. back in a moment. i wanna keep doing what i love, that's the retirement plan. with my annuity, i know there is a guarantee. it's for my family, its for my self, its for my future. annuities can provide protected income for life. learn more at retire your risk dot org. every curve, every innovation, levery feeling, a product of mastery. lease the 2019 es 350
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qk back headlines across america l.a. times writes ab new report sharing record 7 million americans three month behind on car pams a red flag for economy. bank of new york releasing numbers going on to suggest that not everyone has benefited from the strong labor market. san francisco chronicle recaps "state of the state" address with detailing on how governor gavin newsom is calling plan san francisco to los angeles high speed rail unrealistic. pushing for a root from bakersfield to merced instead and governor looks to put the project on back burner now to cost too much and take too long orlando looking into the question on all florida i can minds weirdest name for a town in florida is the looking at some of the stranger names to find in orange state including this, and oh cheesy.
6:48 am
i don't think i've ever heard of those names. >> no -- one -- >> it is true. [laughter] gosh. good stories what do you think about gavin newsom putting this trade on hold? >> i think that's both a reality right it was going to be what 70 some billion dollars and where -- california is one of the the exit states already. along with illinois, new york, new jersey. people are moving to tennessee, lower tax rates we're just talking it be. so he's going what i understand he's going to complete 20 some billion to replace the currents head of that project to call it a day. >> i hope he sets it up for states to get them into messes with high speed rails to call it off, back up and say it is too much. >> yeah kind of like bridge in atlanta for the super bowl. i was 22, a million dollar and you konts use it. it was condemned. >> high in the sky deals dagen.
6:49 am
until the bill comes through. >> meantime taxing people in the tristate area in new york, new jersey, connecticut through the nose and commuter rail which people actually use is dismal literally if it snows it ain't running. >> quick break in the business of valentine's day, the ceo of twuld flasers is here and how company uses a.i.. back in a minute with that. now i'm thinking...i'd like to retire early. let's talk about this when we meet next week. edward jones came to manage a trillion dollars in assets under care by focusing our mind on whatever's on yours.
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well valentine's day is tomorrow we're looking at the big business of valentine's day spending you have one day left to the get you gift for your loved ones. according to national retail federation americans are expected to shell out 20.7
6:53 am
billion dollars from v day joining us right now is 1-800-flowers ceo chris are mccann good to see you. >> good see you what a great day this valentine's day. >> a great day for your business how's it going so far you have orders already fors last couple of day. it is going well a big buildup and amazing how many wait until last minute so place your orders today and thank you previously we've got them covered. >> great. great. you're in. >> yeah so it is interesting we were talking earlier this is a big day. but it's interesting that it is not the biggest day of the year for you right with flowers. >> that was mother's day. mother's day is biggest floral holiday but business has grown more than half of our business to give harry and david and cheryl cookie and schismly chocolate and this is the christmas season. >> how much is spent on flowers versus on chocolate? >> mostly flowers but chocolate is a big category too but mostly
6:54 am
flowers but we sell from simply chocolates we'll deliver about 17 million stems of flowers 60% orb 10 million of those will be roses. so come down to tradition people nothing says love like roses. >> l again from a business -- how do you get that much inventory position keep it fresh, to be able to make that kind of deliveries? >> just a supply chain it is pretty amazing how we work with growers planning well in advance get it deployed into our distribution centers and we work with a great network of about about 6,000 florist around country. these are independent small business people. and we have to give them projections down to zip code to sku that they expect to get so they can be prepared for massive deliveries on 13 and 14th. and we've been doing this a really good time. dges whole foods is claiming to have a sweet heart of the deal grocery chain selling two dozen roses for 1999 for prime members
6:55 am
2499 a nonmember. so how do you compete with that? >> competing against whole foods and grocery business for a long time. cut flowerses are sold in grocery and club channels as well so we've been doing it that for a long time it is a little bit different more of a pick up shopping items opposed to beautiful gift beautifully arrange ad like some of the products we have here your set you don't get that in a supermarket. >> one of the big competitors is krogers. in a supermarket. that's different category we don't really compete directly there. that was much more of a gifting segment and what we have built is a separation platform for 1-800-flowers harry and david simply chocolate we get mirrors to couple into ecosystem now we can sell you different gifts for occasions throughout the year not only valentine's day we better take care of valentine's baa but we work all year long as well. >> harry daifd great for
6:56 am
christmas gifts along with cookies delicious. >> how are you using a.i. artificial intelligence? >> in our marketings capability in our bid markets capabilities but really in emerging world of conversational commerce, which is confluence of a. i. big data an a littic and voice new interface so launched on google assistant a a pl chat, facebook, messager this week we just launched on samsung big speed digital ?angt we're only company i know that's on all of the plat forms right now just trying to make it easier and easier for our customers to express, connect, and celebrate. >> good stuff. chris thank you. check out 1-800-flowers. [laughter] back in a minute.
6:57 am
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maria: welcome back. good wednesday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, february 13t february 13th. final round of china trade talks on tap. chinese president xi jinping will plan to meet with u.s. trade representatives, robert lighthizer and steven mnuchin during the last negotiations this week before the march 1 deadline. investors are optimistic that a possible deal could get done. there is another gain, up 75 points on the dow industrials, the s&p 500 up 7 and a quarter points, a quarter of a and the nasdaq up 32 points. on top of a big day yesterday, dow industrials were up 372
7:01 am
points, the s&p 500 was up 35, one and a quarter percent, the nasdaq up 106 points, one and-a-half percent higher there as well. global markets are higher this morning. fq100 in london up 26 points, cac in paris is up 12 points, the dax index? up almost 20 points. all of the major averages in asia up better than 1%. shanghai in china up 1.84% on the shanghai composite. we are closing in on a border funding deal. president trump signaling support for the tentative bipartisan agreement yesterday. >> i can't say i'm happy. i can't say i'm thrilled. but the wall's getting built regardless. doesn't matter. maria: and senator ted cruz has an idea to pay for the wall, using money from he'll p chap poel chapo.we'll tell you aboutn coming up. another black face controversy.
7:02 am
first gucci, now kate a katy pe. we'll have details. the most expensive island up for sale, we'll tell you where it is and how much it's listed for coming up. joining me to break it down, dagen mcdowell, former chrysler ceo, former home depot ceo, bob nardelli and emily jishinski is here today. dagen: can't wait to see if a border deal gets done. maria: it's a lot less than what the president wanted, right? $1.37 billion versus $5.7 billion. >> 55 miles of border wall or fence versus 200 miles. it's a quarter. it's not even half. they couldn't meet them half time. they got democrats to come to the middle on detention beds. maria: the republicans pushed back on that, of course yesterday. but we'll see. i mean, he says he's already started to build the wall and apparently that he says there are monies elsewhere in other
7:03 am
departments that he could actually use to continue. but it is a blow. it is a blow. they beat him again, don't you think? dagen: i think that at this point it's -- you keep the government open. he said the irs watchdog talked about the shutdown inflicted, quote, real harm on taxpayers. americans are waiting longer to get help from the irs. maria: what's he going to do? >> he's going to sign it and he'll find the money. maria: the wall will be built. >> it will be built. >> watch the emergency declaration, that's what i would look for. maria: say it again. >> the emergency declaration, i think he's going to go for that. maria: you think he's going to do a national emergency? >> he's going to do something to claim victory beyond what he gets in the funding deal. maria: former senior advisor to president george w. bush, carl cove is with us this morning -- karl rove is with us this
7:04 am
morning. along with fox news senior judicial analyst, judge andrew napolitano as well as dr. mik. we kick it off with this top story, possibly averting a second government shutdown. the deal includes $1.375 billion for 55 miles of barrier, a border wall, 55 miles. president trump made it clear he's not satisfied with these numbers and he's doubling down on building that border wall. >> i can't say i'm happy. i can't say i'm thrilled. but the wall's getting built regardless, doesn't matter, because we're doing other things beyond what we're talking about here. so we'll see what happens. it's really obstruction. the democrats want everybody to be able to come into our country. maria: joining me right now is new jersey congressman, jeff van drew. it's good to see you this morning. thanks so much for joining us. >> it's great to be with you. thanks for having me.
7:05 am
maria: it's nice to see there won't be another government shutdown. are you expecting the president to sign this bill? >> we are. i believe that he will. it makes sense. i don't think he wants to take the chance to have another shut down. it was bad for the government, bad for the economy and most of all bad for the people that were affected by it. maria: you've been one of the more moderate people out there to look at what can be done for border security. you agree that not just more drones and more technology, but a barrier, a border wall makes sense. >> it's a come b combination off it, absolutely. i think some areas you need an actual barrier and in some areas you need drones, you need electronics. you''ll need more man. dagenmower insome agreements. we need to deal with the daca kids and to be honest with you, deal with the 11, 12 or
7:06 am
13 million people that are here. nobody yet to date has really shown recently the leadership to deal with this entire immigration problem. i believe we can do it all and then move into the future with secure borders and also deal with the people that were here illegally. maria: is this enough? we've spoken in the past about what's going on at the border. we know there are crisis situations in some areas. this is 55 miles. do you wish it would have been more money and a longer border? >> what i would like is to be able to say i am perfectly confident that the border is secure and at the same time imperfectly confident that we're really moving forward and dealing with the illegal immigration situation that we have and quite frankly making these people go through the process as our grandparents did and our parents did, to become legal and that means learning about america, taking the test, pledging to the flag. i think the whole process really needs to be dealt with.
7:07 am
what we're doing is we're piecemealing it, some states are giving some sort of half-baked driver's licenses, other states are trying different initiatives. there are sanctuary cities and sanctuary states. we need a cohesive plan that deals with the issue with the rule of law in the country that also deals with these people in a decent way. both the people that are undocumented and the people that have the issues on the border. maria: you make a good point. wow, what a fight getting here, right congressman? i mean, talk to us a bit about the division going on really in your party. there's also divisions on the right. but certainly on the left they've been the loudest in the room, the green new deal, medicare for all, 70% tax rates. how are you dealing with these radical ideas from some of your colleagues on the left? >> well, i think in every -- it's part of the process. i mean, you know, i just heard the quote where the president says something to the effect that he wasn't happy and he
7:08 am
certainly wasn't -- this is government. i don't know if anybody's totally happy ever. so there is going to be some differences of opinion. certainly if we just look at the numbers, they can't add up. you can't have medicare for all. you can't have the green new deal. you can't put both of those together and have a budget that's going to work and have the same form of economy and same form of literally entrepreneurial capitalism that we have now. i think we're going to have to get to a point where of course we want to deal with climate change. we have to deal with it in a way that's affordable, that makes sense and is incremental. maria: you're talking about $22 trillion in debt and a 30 plus trillion dollar idea for the green new deal. what is your take on this? mitch mcconnell is forcing democrats' hands on the controversial legislation. he said he will bring a vote to the floor last night during a cnn town hall, former starbucks
7:09 am
ceo howard schultz also slammed the plan. here's what he said, congressman. >> when i see politicians start throwing things out that i know is not realistic, that is not being honest with the american people. i think it's not -- it's immoral to suggest that we can tally up 20, 30, 40, $50 trillion of debt to solve a problem that could be solved in a different way. it's not that they're disingenuous. i think they're well intentioned. this is not personal. i don't agree this is the right way to approach things. maria: if there's a vote on the floor, everybody will know exactly where everybody stands on this. already you've got a ton of contenders on the dems saying i'm in, i agree with this. >> i think it will be difficult for some people. i think he's right on the money. i think it's closer to the 50 trillion mark which is something we can't tolerate.
7:10 am
real quickly, i mean, people mucmust understand how serious e debt is. you know this, maria. if interest rates rise a little bit, the difference it will cause in our economy, you know, i just heard a startling statistic the other day but it makes sense. literally with the interest we pay, we fund all of china's military. i mean, this is a serious issue. i know we're not talking about it right now but it's something we're going to have to deal with as well. maria: you're absolutely right china obviously one of the top holders of our debt at a time when we're trying to be tough on china. we've got the u.s./china trade negotiations, there's a march 1st deadline for a deal. the president signaled he could push the deadline for the negotiations if the two sides are close a deal. what's your take on this negotiation happening right now? do you want china to just buy more stuff from the united states or do you think we'll actually see some real changes in terms of their behavior as it relates to intellectual property
7:11 am
theft, the forced transfer of technology and then there's the whole espionage conversation that's also an issue. president even discussed possibly doing an executive order banning huawei products and chinese telecom here in the country. >> first of all, even buying more stuff is good. one of the problems that we've had not only with china but around the world is at times we are -- we have tariffs and other types of taxes imposed upon us where it doesn't go the other way around. so i think that we need some more fairness. that's why we have a rust belt to some degree. that's why we have a rust belt not i only in the air we traditionally think of but other areas that we don't usually think of. it's good if they buy more stuff. secondly, we need to deal with the intellectual property issue, a problem we've had with them for a long time. we need to deal with the fact
7:12 am
that they obviously manipulate their currency. that's an issue we've dealt with for a long time. we need to deal with the espionage. i hope all of it is dealt with. that is a really -- that's asking for a lot. maria: it's incredible to me this is just being talked about now. where has congress been on all of this? these issues have been going on for decades in terms of china stealing i.p. >> i haven't been in congress for decades. maria: not you. obviously you're new to the -- that's why i want to hear your practical ideas. >> i think you're going to hear from some moderate -- even moderate democrats and moderate republicans that are going to say these are real issues. we can't let them go. we have to continue to pursue this. eventually it hurts our economy and it's just not fair to the country and will lead to our demisdemise. maria: congressman, good to see you this morning. thanks so much. coming up, el chapo convicted on all counts. now senator ted cruz wants to
7:13 am
use his billions of assets to pay for the border call. a treasured aisle, the most expensive private island is up for sale, we'll tell you where it is, how much it's going for coming up. stay with us. ♪ i'm going to bury the night. ♪ -we're doing karaoke later, and you're gonna sing. -jamie, this is your house? -i know, it's not much, but it's home. right, kids? -kids? -papa, papa! -[ laughs ] -you didn't tell me your friends were coming. -oh, yeah. -this one is tiny like a child. -yeah, she is. oh, but seriously, it's good to be surrounded by what matters most -- a home and auto bundle from progressive. -oh, sweetie, please, play for us. -oh, no, i couldn't. -please. -okay. [ singing in spanish ] [indistinct conversation]
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maria: welcome back. notorious drug lord el chapo has been found guilty. cheryl has details now. cheryl: el chapo is going away for good this time. the mexican drug lord convicted on all 10 drug and murder conspiracy charges that carry a mandatory life sentence. he is expected to join the boston bomber and the uni bomber at the country's only supermax prison, known as the alcatraz of the rockies. ted cruz suggested using el chapo's $14 billion in assets to
7:17 am
build a southern border wall. well, katy perry under fire for shoes in her fashion line that people are calling black face. she apoll vic aguysing apologiz. the shoes have been pulled from stores and the website. gucci doing damage control after one of the sweaters was called racist. the company's owner admits to having a blind spot on black face, indicating they will increase cultural sensitivity for employees. the sweater is no longer for sale. all right. check this out. the world's most expensive island is now on the market for more than $460 million. it's a bargain. the 660-acre property in the united arab emirates is a collection of four man made islands near the arabian gulf. it has many clubs, luxury hotels and beachside resorts. so lots of things to do if you care to partake in your own
7:18 am
island. maria: sounds good. thank you, cheryl. coming up, powering down, game company activision blizzard laying off workers. details coming up. the facts on vaccinations, how teenagers are taking their health into their own hands. back in a moment. ♪
7:19 am
♪ ♪ our new, hot, fresh breakfast will get you the readiest. (buzzer sound) holiday inn express. be the readiest.
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7:21 am
maria: welcome back. a story that we brought you before, some unvaccinated teenagers are now going against their parents and attempting to get shots on their own. 17 states allow parents to opt out of vaccines for philosophical reasons and many
7:22 am
more allow for religious ex >>exemptions. joining us now is dr. mik. >> i'm excited this is happening. the young man who is making the headlines this week with the story, ethan lindenberger. he says he watches my youtube content where i talk about vaccines, where i get young people excited about their health and that's where he got a lot of his information to make the smart decision to get vaccinated despite the fact his parents weren't doing that for him. >> can't that swing in the other direction? all the conspiracy videos about vaccination, all the kids that are finding the good information are also stumbling across the bad information. >> i think the reason why the bad information has so much power is because of the absence of quality evidence-based physicians on social media. that's why i put myself out there. i make youtube content. i make funny, relateable ways to talk about vaccines so kids
7:23 am
watch evidence-based quality info. dagen: these are adults on social media, people with blue check marks next to their name, saying things about vaccinations and what they cause that are just patently not true. and there's actually an uproar on social media on twitter. they want twitter to take away blue check marks from people who purposely spread false information about diseases that they allege are caused by vaccinations in children. maria: are they uninformed or -- >> i would say misinformed is the proper term. a lot of people are quick to get mad in this situation or raise their voices and shout down these anti--vax folks. i think we need to take a slightly more compassionate stance. if you want to influence anyone's decision you need to do it in an understanding way, find out why they're so scared about vaccines and give them stories
7:24 am
and true experiences that we have of losing young people, kids losing their limbs because they got a disease that could have been preventable by a vaccine. dagen: the central focus is autism. people allege, are spreading conspiracy series -- maria: autism is a result of vac hvaccines. >> there is no link between autism and vaccines. it doesn't exist. maria: where has it come from, then? >> that has come from a horrible study done in the '90s by a person named wakefield who was bribed to create false information on 12 patients, found this link to be existing which was not true. he was then stripped of his medical license and now he's a superstar in the anti-vax community for no reason because of this conspiracy theory that is driving this. dagen: this is such a problem in the united states. the wall street journal has an editorial about it today about measles, about this outbreak of
7:25 am
53 me seals cases -- measles cases in clark county, washington. 78% of the children in clark county received the recommended three doses for measles, mu mums and rubella. they're warning people that the infected people visited trail blazers game, a walmart super center, the portland airport. this is critical. >> it's critical. it's a two-fold problem here. not only are they susceptible to getting these illnesses, then there's people in the population who can't get vaccines for whatever reason, their immune system is not strong enough to react to the vaccines, they're put at risk as a result of people who are turning down vaccines. >> in your practice, we were talking earlier, when i was going to school you couldn't go to school if you didn't bring in a certificate. what are you seeing in your practice where these young children are picking up these diseases through transfer from students that don't have
7:26 am
vaccinations in the school? it's a big problem. >> it's a big problem. luckily in my practice we haven't had that issue. i will say this. i've been practicing medicine for five years. not once have i ever had an adverse vaccine reaction and i give vaccines every single day to adults, to children and i know anecdotes don't necessarily prove good scientific clauses but none of the doctors that i work with have any kind of issues with this. and i want people to stop fear mongering and spreading stories that don't represent the majority and the evidence is so clear now, vaccines do more benefit than harm and we need to vaccinate our children. maria: great. good for you. by the way, dr. mik, also good for you on supplements. you were with us a couple weeks ago talking about supplements and how they're not overseen by the fd a a. feels like the fda was watching. >> i know. myself and the american osteopathic association we did a survey, we found four out of five people are using supplements, 20% of them only have a reason to be using them. we wanted to put a message out
7:27 am
there that we need to regulate this, make sure that people are getting smart or don't take them. >> they might be totally unnecessary. the fda is sending out letters to companies making wild claims, specifically tied to alzheimer's. i'm proud of the fda for taking a step in the right direction. maria: we're happy you brought it to us first. coming up, a new report says the senate intel committee found no evidence of a conspiracy between the trump campaign and russia. details coming up. nascar adding star power, dagen mcdowell is going. we'll tell you who was named grand marshal of the daytona 500 and why it's a first for the famous race. back in a minute. ♪ this is decision tech. it's screening technology that helps you find a stock
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because with expedia, i saved when i added a hotel to our flight. ♪ so even when she outgrows her costume, we'll never outgrow the memory of our adventure together. unlock savings when you add select hotels to your existing trip. only when you book with expedia. maria: welcome back. good witness morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is wednesday, february 13t february 13th. your top stories right now. a rally on trade this morning, wall street optimistic ahead of tomorrow's meeting between china's president and robert lighthizer and steven mnuchin. markets are up 75 points on the dow jones industrial average, up six and a quarter on the s&p 500 and the nasdaq up 32 and three-quarters points. the trade optimism brought a markle rally yesterday, the dow
7:32 am
snapping a losing streak. the s&p was up 35, the nasdaq up 106 points, one and-a-half percent. european indices higher across the board, fq100 up 25 points, cac up 10 points in paris and the dax index in germany up 11 and-a-half. asian markets higher across the board. best performer china, shanghai composite up almost 2%. looks like they are closeing in on a deal. president trump signaled support for the tentative bipartisan agreement over border funding ahead of the friday deadline even though he said he's not happy about the numbers. job cuts at activision. the video game maker laying off 8% of its workforce as it struggles to compete against fortnite. hitting the track, we'll reveal who was named grand marshal of sunday's daytona 500 race, a first for this race. all those stories coming up. our top stories this half hour, no collusion. the senate intel committee said they found no direct evidence of a conspiracy between russia and the trump campaign.
7:33 am
the president tweeted about the news earlier this morning. the senate intel committee, there is no evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russia. joining us right now is fox news senior judicial analyst, judge andrew napolitano. good to see you. >> we were saying during the break something we all agree on. we would like to see the report rather than just a summary of it but the senate intelligence committee, republicans and democrats, will say there's too many secrets, we can't look at it. that points out to me that the leading democrats, the minority leader on the senate intell committee says not so fast. we have witnesses to interview. and at the same time, the house democratic controlled intelligence committee is beginning its own report. these are shadow reports of what bob mueller is doing. if there's anything in there, would it have been leaked? maria: it's really wrong that adam schiff two years ago went on television on all of the morning shows and said i have circumstantial evidence that there was collusion. and two years later we have zero evidence. somebody needs to call this
7:34 am
stuff out. obviously i've been saying this for a year and-a-half at this point. there was no collusion. and we need to get on with our lives. >> the problem for the president is that the democrats have a significant and substantial majority in the house of representatives and they have subpoena power and no one knows where they're going to go. they're going to try to drive him crazy. they decided that they will investigate first and legislate second. i don't know that that's going to do them well, political types may know better, in 2020. >> it didn't work in the late '90s. >> it's going to gratify their base and gratify their animos towards the president. >> their base will not rest unless they go full throttle against these probes. >> the they want to drive the president crazy. the president tripled the size of the white house legal staff. that's what they expect they will need once the subpoenas start arriving. the first subpoena will go to the department of treasury for
7:35 am
the president's tax returns. maria: i'm wondering why there's not more focus on the misuse of the fisa laws and the fact that we know that the fbi and doj misled the fisa court in the summer of 2016 and got a warrant to spy and wiretap somebody from the trump campaign, carter page. >> because fisa with the lower, easier to achieve standard to get a search warrant, has seduced the intelligence committee and law enforcement to go to it. hey, we give away free search warrants. we give them away with next to no evidence. maria: that doesn't sound like america. >> instead of going to a regular sitting judge. they used to come to me in 3:00 in the morning. maria: that is wrong. >> the standard- maria: that's where the misuse was. >> you have to have real evidence to get a search warrant unless you go to fisa. then you only need evidence that somebody was talking to a foreign person. i could call a book seller in
7:36 am
florence, italy and that would be enough to get a fisa warrant on me because i spoke to a foreign person. maria: senator lindsey graham told me on sunday, as the chairman of the committee that he is going to the senate judiciary committee, that he is going to call in and subpoena all of the people who signed the fisa warrant and that includes l sally yates, rod rosenstein. it was obviously upped four times. >> a and jim comey. my hat is off to senator graham. thithis should have been done a long time ago. dagen: what about the ability of bill barr to look into this, the attorney general? there's no indication, not that there's any leaks, that bob mueller and the special counsel team are looking at fisa abuses but what about bill barr and -- >> as soon as he's sworn in, he has at his disposal legal tools to look ate, called the 90,000 people that will be working for him in the department of justice. dagen: don't they care? don't they care?
7:37 am
in order to improve the image of the fbi, of our law enforcement at the federal level -- >> i don't think they do. maria: what about the average american trusting these agencies. >> i talk to two types of people, the type of people who don't care, that just want to get evidence on bad guys and the type of people who are concerned about legacy, who are concerned abou-- justice is not only doine right thing, it's appearing to be doing the right thing as well. >> what percentage of this falls under the statute of limitations. these investigations we can investigate but there's no real repercussions. >> most real federal crimes, including those alleged against mrs. clinton have a statute of limitation for five years. she's been out of office for more than five years. forget about it for most of it. maria: there are e-mails from october 2016, hours after jim
7:38 am
comey told congress he would reopen the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail server, in these e-mails clinton's lawyer is asking the fbi's general counsel for a call asaf. >> we know, because of this, because of the people of judicial watch, that the clinton people were frantic either to prevent that october letter from coming out or to get it nullified right away. it was nullified but it wasn't nullified until two or three days before election day and they blame comey for her defeat. there's many reasons for her defeat. but comey's behavior in that time period which is also going to be investigated by senator graham was reprehensible and unprofessional and had a profound effect on history. >> he's one of the great sources of bipartisan agreement in this era, nobody likes jim comey. >> there's a good side to jim comey as well. i don't want to get into that right now. he was a u.s. attorney, he ran the fbi in a way that helped law
7:39 am
enforcement. but when he dipped his toe into politics, when he decided what was right and wrong, when he decided who was going to be prosecuted -- maria: i think he took a bath in it, not dipped his toe in it. dagen: we can ask frank qatrone the if he thinks comey is a good guy. >> he did not have the assets available to him with which to defend himself. an innocent person wronged under the constitution. he'd be in jail today. maria: you make the right point, bill barr, what will he do when we comes in? my guess is one of the first things is he's going to say to robert mueller, where are we? what do you have? why do we constantly continue this investigation and this idea there's any collusion. let's see the evidence. >> i thin i think that conversan
7:40 am
will take place within hours of him taking the oath. dagen: what about the president, an issue you raised repeatedly, releasing all of these documents? >> which documents. mariahe.maria: he wants to decy the documents where you have the back and forth between the fbi and congress in terms of what was going on during the 2016 he'll ex. he will declassify the documents. >> i'm not so sure about that. this involves british and israeli intelligence. they lobbied him not to release this stuff. we don't know what they did. they obviously have an interest in it not being revealed and they have persuaded him that that interest is more important than transparency. maria: i think he's waiting for the right moment. he said he will declassify. he hasn't yet. >> he just doesn't care what other people think. [ laughter ] >> that's true. maria: that was true. it would shed light on a lot. dagen: this fridays the outside
7:41 am
looking -- this is from the outside looking in, but you can he see when he seems to do something that the mainstream media would call rash, it's not rash. you can tell that he's asked people over and over again to do things, to accomplish things and then when they try to stonewall him, he eventually will say i'm done with the stonewall. i'm going a ahead. maria: he's got great instincts on this as you said in the past and i agree with. judge, thank you so much. quick break and then cuts at activision blizzard, the maker of call of duty and candy crush is laying off 8% of its workforce as it struggles to compete with fortnite. quite the proper pig, american children who are fans of peppa pig are speaking with british accents. more on that coming up. ♪ you can have a lot of fun in a new york minutes. ♪ there's some things you can't do inside of those city limits. ♪ ain't no closing time. ♪ ain't no cover charge. ♪ just country boys and girls
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even push us further? it could, if we took the time to listen. the most inspiring minds, the most compelling stories. download audible and listen for a change. maria: welcome back. activision blizzard, the maker of call of duty, is cutting hundreds of jobs. jobs. cheryl casone has details. cheryl: activision blizzard slashing 800 jobs, facing a steep downturn in its revenue, that's 8% of the video game makers workforce. activision which owns call of duty and candy crush, expected revenue to fall about 20% to $6 billion this year.
7:46 am
a lot of folks blaming issues on fortnite, a popular game that kids are playing these games. honey bunches of oats are launching two new cereals, chicken and waffle and maple bacon and donut. they look like mini donuts. they'll be sold at walmart for a limited time. starts on march 7th. well, some american children are adopting a british accent that they hear on their favorite show, peppa pig. >> say the secret word. >> daddy's big tummy. >> that's right, daddy's big tummy. [ laughter ] >> i think those are silly secret words. cheryl: tell me about it. parents are talking about this on social media. one blogger says she's called mummy and her daughter finishes sentence with peppa's raid mark snort. another mother said it's
7:47 am
entertaining in my life right now, that my toddler has been watching peppa pig and speaks with a british accent. another one said my 3-year-old son now says tomatoes with a british accent. i guess that's tomatoes. maria: that would be to das to-ma-toes. >> i hear a lot of peppa pig around my house. they watch it all the time. maria: the chicken cereal, is it actually chicken? cheryl: no, just looks like chicken drum sticks. >> i'm not liking that for breakfast. maria: coming up, getting ready tore the big race, nays cash nar announcing a first for the daytona 500 in the choice for grand marshal. we'll tell you about it after this. ♪ you you're every line. ♪ you're every word. ♪ you're everything.
7:48 am
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7:51 am
maria: welcome back. looks like the end of an era in pittsburgh for one steelers player. jared max with sports right now. >> good morning. antonio brown has been one of the best wide receivers in steelers history but it appears his run is over. seven time pro bowl wide out who failed to show up before the season finale and was benched, yesterday failed to show in court for a reckless driverring charge and told the steelers he wants to be traded. he said thank you for nine big years. time to move on and forward. where will he wind up? every nfl season since 2007 the first game on thursday night has featured the super bowl
7:52 am
champion. but according to sports business journal, the new england patriots may not appear in the season opener next season because the league is going to be celebrating hits 100th season and said to want to feature an original rivalry to kick off the anniversary, chicago bears against the green bay packers. never before has an nfl player been the grand marshal for the great american race. a great american, j.j. watt of the houston texans will serve the honor at the daytona 500. william buyer scored the fastest time in the qualifying. alex bowman make up the youngest front row in the history of the race, now the 61st edition. awed iaustin till lain dylan wog ebert on sunday at the race, one of three that won't be without the top car guys because of repeated infractions and
7:53 am
suspensions. dagen, you're the master. dagen: i'll be there. i'll be doing coverage on friday. i'm doing a ride-around in the pace car tomorrow, going to be embedded with one of the stuart hass racing teams, i'm thinking elmer elmarole and the crew chief. the race is sunday. but i'm going to be here on friday morning with "mornings with maria." so we're going to have all of that and then the grand marshal, j.j. watt, he will be easy to spot because of his sheer size. the drivers are pretty small, they're skinny. >> he won't be in a pace car because he can't fit. maria: how does that happen? dagen: the pace car is a pace truck. >> this year. dagen: maybe they did it for j.j. watt. he would have a hard time crawling in one of those cars. >> getting through the window. maria: how did they choose him?
7:54 am
how come he's the grand marshal? dagen: he's done so much charity work, i think that's a really an important message for nascar is representing our veterans and remembering that freedom isn't free and giving back to the community and i'm sure j.j. watt's a race fan. how can you not be a race fan? >> how can you not be a j.j. watt fan. you'll be talking to jeff gordon who what made 24 famous. byron drives that 24 car, right? dagen: and so i'm going to be embedded. they're doing the qualifying races. you have the front row set but you do qualifying races on thursday night. that's going to be a total blast. but one question for nascar is how do they get people like really attracted to all this young talent? it's jeff gordon is retired, he's a fox broadcaster now. you have dale earnhardt who is retired, tony stewart is retired.
7:55 am
the young guys, how do you get fans excited about them? >?>> joey lagono he got in the r at 18, he was the youngest driver and now he's one of the national champions. >> chase elliott, he will be without his chief on sunday as well. >> from georgia. dagen: son of aso awesome billm dawsonville. >> the young drivers will have to start to build their legacy to get the following that all the older time drivers have. dagen: fight! fight! i'm just joking. maria: don't forget to join us on friday morning where dagen is live from nascar. jared, thank you. catch sports reports on fox news headlines 24/7, sirius xm115. barny's is going green, how the high end fashion store makes a
7:56 am
venture into the marijuana market m beverly hills, next hour, right here, "mornings with maria," stay with us. ♪ dance the night away. ♪ dance the night away.
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investment opportunities beyfirsthand, like because your investments deserve the full story. t. rowe price invest with confidence. maria: welcome back. good wednesday morning thanks so mump for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is wednesday jeb 13 top stories right you just before 8 classroom chinese trade talks on chinese president xi
8:00 am
jinping to meet one of the manys trade representative robert lighthizer with steven mnuchin in beijing during last negotiations, before the deadline march 1 investors optimistic that we could see a deal between two countries, markets higher this morning a big rally yesterday dow industrials up 77 points a third of a percent, s&p 500 up 6 and three quarters quarter of a percent nasdaq up 32 and quarter points one half of 1% yesterday's close strong markets are continuing that this morning, dow industrials up 372 points yesterday, 1/2% s&p 500 up 35 points 1 1/4% the nasdaq with 106-point rally yesterday up 11/2% the close global markets seeing momentum, european index higher across the board ft 100 up 46 skak contacac quarante up asia overnight strong performances shanghai best in china, up almost 2% on the session.
8:01 am
meanwhile, we are closing in on border funding president trump signaled support for tentative bipartisan are agreement ahead of friday deadline he side not happy about it, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle calling for the president to sign this deal. >> i think he he's got a pretty good detail i hope he will prove it he has a sign bill so that we have a bipartisan agreement as a in all bipartisan agreements everybody has to give something. >> we are urging the president to sign it. >> very latest coming up, luxury he retailer barney's going green not the way i think a cannabis boutique products coming at high cost. >> we will tell you about its lexus kicking it borrowing an iconic pair of nickels to break it down fox business network dagen mcdowell he former ceo chrysler home depot bob nardelli the federal i have the commentary writer great to see you. >> great to be here.
8:02 am
>> a good friday morning a lot going on two details that may be close between china and u.s. a deal for the border wall funding. >> exciting see what he does. >> marks rallying are on all that we are kicking off with that story right now possibly averting a government shutdown lawmakers have reached a tentative deal days before the friday deadline, 1.375 billions for 55 additional miles of barrier border wall president trump making it will clear he is not satisfied with this these numbers he suggesting moving from other departments, to get the job done eventually. >> i can tell you that in am i i am a happy first glance? i just got to see it. the answer is no, i am not i am not happy. >> but am i happy with where we are going i am thrilled. because we are supplementing things moving things around doing things fantastic take taking from far less important
8:03 am
areas. >> i think ought to feel free to use whatever tools he can legally use, to enhance his effort to secure the border so no, i would not be troubled by that. >> as for moving around money he needs congressional permission to do it, it was done in the past by president obama, and president trump but they controlled the republicans controlled the house and he doesn't have the authority to do it without house permission. maria: joining us right now former senior adviser to president george w. bush fox news contributor karl rove good to see you. >> what do you think about this deal. >> i think you the president is right -- is unhappy with how far it goes but happy with the direction he ought to be remember when we started this nancy pelosi said nothing more for the wall, then democrats during negotiations tried to dramatically slash number of beside available, to hold people who were so-called people other than mexicans
8:04 am
from other than mexico ease authority to return them, but they want to slashub in of beside so we couldn't hold as many of those people would it reinforcing them on their own recognizance inert of those things nancy pelosi want democrats want happened president giving one billion 375 million dollars 55 miles new wall chuck schumer is wrong the president has authority if there are unexpenned he can sweep those reprogram monies i bet he does to -- to expand number new miles built more importantly to repair the existing miles of the wall that we've got close to this wall if you can see them, you would laugh there are some of them are vietnam area helicopter landing pads that have been welded together other parts of the wall 30 years old in need of repair. maria: how much money is that? available do you think? in these other departments or in homeland security department he could use.
8:05 am
>> i talked to people think may be self hundreds 348z of dollars maybe 800, nine hundred million dollars, real money, the president does have authority, to take monies within a budget of a department, and reprogram them for other purposes, he can take money that has been authorized for construction projects, and reprogram that, too for other construction projects, but there are a lot tighter restrictions on that for example, they have to be construction of projects that are approved by the congress, so you know there is a lot -- you have to have them for specific purposes most of the time to show that it is national security purpose, meaning in defense of the military and mission so there are a lot tighter restrictions on that kinds of movement but he does have authority to move funds around inside the department of homeland security and there are unexpensed balances from previous years monies that simply didn't death spent he can being reprogram those. >> president is certainly signaled that he is going to pursue those routes but when you look at this republicans
8:06 am
got rid of poisons pill when it came to did hetension bug but got less than half money asked for 55 of the 200 miles to what extent is this still -- mitch mcconnell saying pretty good deal on hands to what extent itself this a loss in terms of negotiating between republicans and democrats. >> only a loss if he declares it a loss, look, i was there in 2006 when we passed original bill to begin the wall you cannot build 200 miles of wall within a year take a look last year a billion two was approved by the congress in march. it took until january of this year to begin to spend that money, so the idea that we are going to be allegeable to complete even 55 miles of wall this year, is you have to go through environmental get that land that land many instances in hands of private individuals you have to purchase or condemn it legal about obstacles there if he gets 55 miles of wall built this year good for him i doubt
8:07 am
that it is going to happen he could not get 200 miles, look. the president supporters what is the magic about 5.7 billion dollars? he didn't get it last year, he didn't get that in the 2017 base didn't desert him the president ought to a declare this victory it is a victory directionally the country is committed now to expanding the wall repairing the wall, and to not doing the goofy things the democrats tried to do limiting our ability to hold people who came into this country illegal have been swept up, by enforcement people. >> karl it itself dagen mcdowell. >> of course it is! [laughter]. dagen: you can tell by british accent. >> the only person on that crowd that doesn't speak with an accent dagen [laughter] >> thank you. dagen: there is reality and then there is -- well what goes on in washingtons, this will come down to messaging whether president trump can emphatically say this is my victory, and nancy pelosi --
8:08 am
you dog hegone well ne she is going to say there is no money for wall may be not concrete but the way this is written it is -- levy wall to include two different types of barrier you know she is going to say that. >> let her say it let the him go down to the rio grande valley point out barriers obstacles whatever you can't to wall it exactly what needs to be done in lower valley part levies a along the river makes it difficult to get out of that river climb up that steep levyy it is bares he gets to declare victory american people will see that also appreciate the fact, that the president quote compromised and that we avoided a government shuttled, you can see this, look at the last week. there is approval rating has gone up, his disapproval has gone down i think because he struck that note of compromise and unit we are going to find a way to work together, in
8:09 am
state of the union address i think american people responded to it. >> karl, listen i couldn't agree more, with your opinion, on let's not have another shuttled shutdown no one knows where money is, so is that something that they will be transparency to or will he siphon that reapply. >> you have to go through reprogramming, so there will be documents from both the department, and the office of management and budget, and so we will know exactly where that money is coming, and look, every government department has unspent money unspent balances they periodically get swept by the agency -- to be used for other purposes but -- i wouldn't be surprised to see -- >> how about ted crews's idea use "el chapo"'s money mexico pays for the wall. >> not certain we got our hands on much of "el chapo"'s
8:10 am
money interesting idea my state junior senators coming up with interesting ideas. >> what is the policy calculus going with national emergency declaration do you think a big risk for president or something he has to do to placate supporters. >> i do, i think the president is likely to find himself in court quickly likely to see unless the lawyer says i have been talking to a lot of -- former government lawyers, and they you can use national emergency declarations but it has to be for a specific purpose, and they don't see the basis for it here in the lawyers i talked to worried if he does this route quickly finals him in court finds authority crimped better to start with things he knows he can do again, we are talking what is the magic number? what is is 5.7 billions the number we have to have? i don't think so. >> 25 billion a year ago. >> well, not for the wall.
8:11 am
dagen: he is throwne throwing around 15 then down to 5.7 now 1.7 the story arbitrary in negotiations. >> right, look what he is doing now is during the campaign, he talked about building wall along the entire 1954 mile border of texas -- of united states with mexico even stepped back from that because he is listening to experts say mr. president we don't need a wall all along the border, some areas we there is the physicality of the canyon 150 mile yan big bend texas u.s. border is 10000 feet in the air mexico border 750 feet in air you don't need to build a wall to keep guy from climbing down 750 feet crossing river climbing up 1100 feet of wall. >> the cameras technology also critical there, let me ask you karl the state of the union went well his approval rating
8:12 am
up your thoughts on some proposals coming from the left of you yoot the new green deal medicare for all 70% tax rate completely against what the president has been talking about in terms of stimulus for the economy, how -- what is your reaction? >> well i think the democrats are giving the republicans a gigantic giflt as long as republicans treat these seriously and make a comprehensive critique guns them whenever wherever they could i was thrilled to see representative elizabeth cheney of wyoming in hearing on green noaa deal ask witnesses questions like okay. if you want to limit the access to aircraft commercial air traffic who is bakke making the decision who gets to fly and when, one of the advocates said we are going to let those decisions be made by faa we now have to go to the frail aviation administration apply for air travel, under new green deal, i mean, talk about the many state whatever wherever republicans make the case you have to do two things make impressive critique don't
8:13 am
mock it, don't throw it away don't ignore it, take it on, full-on, ask question make the points and then, propose the republican alternative, i mean you know rather than taxing people at 70% we ought to look for ways to keep our country prosperity growing expanding broadening republicans laying out ideas same time critiquing what democrats are paying out medicare for all we want -- health insurance more about about accessible stand consumer choice who wants to get rid you have private insurance. >> 145, 1 a million people get health insurance from private insurers. >> -- 160 million. >> great to see you this morning. thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. >> coming up u.s.-china trade on chinese president xi jinping expected to meet with u.s. delegation this week as president trump says he might let march 1 deadline slide if
8:14 am
two countries are close to a detail we break down what that is at stake for investors. >> luxury reretailer launching a cannabis boutique products not cheap that is next. ♪ to the cafeteria and just chow down midday? -you mean, like, lunch? -come on. voted "most likely to help people save $668 when they switch." -at this school? -didn't you get caught in the laminating machine? -ha. [ sighs ] -"box, have a great summer. danielle." ooh. danielle, control yourself. i'd like to slow it down here with a special discount for a special girl. danielle, this one's for you. with a special discount for a special girl. jerry♪eastbound and down.ound loaded up and truckin'♪ ♪we gonna do what they say can't be done♪ ♪we've got a long way to go ♪and a short time to get there.♪ ♪i'm eastbound, just watch ole bandit run♪
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whatever party you've got going in the back, we've got the business up front.
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my dbut now, i take used tometamucil every it traps and removes the waste that weighs me down, so i feel lighter. try metamucil, and begin to feel what lighter feels like.
8:17 am
. cheryl: numbers are not adding up according to bank rate three in 10 americans have more credit card debt than emergency savings, 20% higher than last year in the highest we've seen in nine years from people, looks like, any improvement when it comes to emergency savings isn't coming soon, 43% he surveyed want to build up emergency fund this year down from over 50% last year people don't even want to save, okay, luxury retailer barney's into marijuana business yep flagship store in beverly hills going to sells
8:18 am
exclusive's accesses 1400 dollar marijuana -- california, in texas, lexus the ux supporting tires inspired by nike air force 1 snookers for john elliott new york fashion week after party designed for city wanted to push concept creating tires inspired by classic street style sneakers. another twist on faction week, there you go. maria: tires, huh. cheryl: i mean whatever, it works you like them. maria: thank you, cheryl. dagen: donate wear white sneakers in new york city they will be the color of -- >> mud. dagen: well mud you are walking in new york city mud i call it city gravy you don't
8:19 am
know what it is. >> i thought you were going to say "mugged". >> also -- jay kind of my point white tires like sneakers, no in new york. >> trade this morning futures pointing to a rally start of trading this morning, some of them over deal with china, what to expect agency u.s. negotiations touch down, the negotiators there in beijing now then expanding into health care cvs focusing on health care services the details after this break stay with us. ♪ ♪ let me hold your hand let me hold your hand ♪ ♪ i wanna hold your hand ♪ ♪ and when i -- to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best
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8:23 am
. maria: welcome back markets rallying take a look at futures indicating gain start of trading 72 points on dow industrials. there is optimism over the u.s. and china, coming to a deal as march 1 deadline approaches, treasury secretaries mnuchin trade representative lighthizer are in beijing gearing up for talks with china's top economic advisory and president xi jinping. president trump seeing optimistic saying the delay might actually he might delay that deadline. >> if year close to a deal we think we can make a real deal going to get done could i see myself lettinged that slide for a little while but generally speaking i am not inclined to do that we will see what happens they very much want to make a deal their economy hurt our economy thriving like never before. >> chief investment strategist thanks so much for joining us how important is a deal with
8:24 am
china, in terms of market performance. >> i think very important, from this perspective at least. you know global economy has been slowing big threat would be that it doesn't fall into recession -- anything that is positive in terms of that trade negotiations i think is bullish for the markets,. >> bob nardelli here what are top one, two, three points that till need to be negotiated out to get this deal you know, closed and -- both china and u.s. feel that it was he can about equitable in the final negotiations? >> i think -- i think technology has to be the -- the one obstacle in the primary objective of the president giving away intellectual properties so long so xf even microsoft says that it is cost their company 10 billion dollars perhaps in yearly profit i think the primary issue, that has to be
8:25 am
negotiated. >> what about the global slowdown? are you worried about things slowing down? is that a reason to keep away from stocks or do you want to buy into this rally? >> well -- the global slowdown certainly is a -- is a concern. the point is though as long as u.s. economy remains on firm ground, historically global slowdowns are limited in duration limited in the downside as well. so our feeling about the global economy was that while slowdown could would continue first part of the year would start to see a revital in global economy the second part of the year as u.s. economy remains strong and interest rates, interest rates everywhere remain historically low. >> general sense of optimism this time around at trade talks where is that coming from? what signals influencing that something is going to happen
8:26 am
before deadline or maybe shortly thereafter if it is extended. >> i think a lot of focus is on this trade deal we have had a you in of positive developments helping this market create optimism, fourth quarter earnings were better than expects 72% companies reported, better-than-expected results. the federal reserve wi has been key here, remains in a -- patient mode. at least for the first half of the year. and the u.s. economy if you just measure against labor market pretty healthy. maria: yeah, absolutely, that fed pivot was important as well bruce good to see you this morning thanks so much we've got cpi on the other side of this break, stay with us. ♪ key portfolio events. all in one place. because when it's decision time... you need decision tech. only from fidelity.
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i that's the retirement plan.e, with my annuity, i know there is a guarantee. it's for my family, its for my self, its for my future. annuities can provide protected income for life. learn more at retire your risk dot org. breaking news right now the january -- the january cpi is out. >> it is flat. no move at all it will was expected to be up one-tenth interiors zero, 0.0 on cpi for january want to bring this to you news recently has been a lot about many household items, seeing price increases, at the at cash register we are not seeing it in consumer pricey index cpi hitting tape no movement in terms of markets reacting here dow industrials up 63 points, this morning, and s&p up 5 and
8:31 am
three quarters nasdaq up 27 again estimate called for a gain month over month one-tenth of one percent year-over-year one and one half percent. >> but year-over-year is up 1.6% year-over-year you are seeing a gain, january cpi unchanged, 0, 0 moves versus one-tenth of a percent year over other higher than estimate 1.5% any movement as a result of this number, prices have been moving up, and are expected to move up in terms of household items joining me right now senior fellow hoover institution former chief economic advisor to george h.w. bush, ed good to see you thanks so much for joining us. >> nice to be with you thank you. >> start there since economic data is agent you have the hitting the tape january cpi year-over-year up 1.6% ed the estimate was 1.5% month over month it is flat no change at all versus estimate of up
8:32 am
one-tenth of one percent reaction to lack of inflation numbers? >> well, i think it is actually good news right now for a couple of reasons, first of all, it is below the target rate that fed usually thinks about as we know they always think about numbers like 2%, but right now, you know given the issues that we've seen over the past few months in terms of market movements market volatility concerns where economy is going next year, the fed has had a tension between looking at those numbers, and still worrying about inflation. now they have less of a concern about inflation, and i think they can relax a little bit, and move to the posture that chairman has adopted over the past few weeks rather than the one that he was talking about in december. dagen: yeah. >> so i would say this is actually good news for right now. maria: for sure good news, you don't have much inflation, and we know the federal reserve has given us a pivot basically saying that look we are on data watch, we are on hold in terms of interest rate hikes, is that the right
8:33 am
posture? >> it is. it is the right posture. you know, i have been an advocate of moving to more normalization in terms of rates, you know a few years back, but, again, if you look at the situation right now, in the global economy, in united states, and particularly i al look at market i also a think the market is the best forecast of the future growth for the next four quarters or so and i am happy the markets picked up in the past few weeks but if you look at that relative to the october peak, we are still down a good bit and so the fed should be using that not so much to manipulate but you the rather an indicator of where we are going again i think that is the rights posture, the -- the reverse that the fed has engaged in over the past few weeks is actually the right thing to be doing for right now. >> do you worry should the economy slow down considerably we do need some stimulus from the fed, that we don't have a lot of wiggle room ed?
8:34 am
i mean i know that the fed has raised rates a couple times already. several times at this point actually you look last year and half we are talking about rock-bottom levels do we have wiggle room or just fed pulling back pulling back on balance sheets unwind as well. >> you are right we don't have wiggle room again i said i wish we engaged in a more normalization policy earlier on but, you know, we can't get there right now so the problem is kind of like saying if you are late to the ball should you drive twice speed limit to get there? i think the answer probably not right strategy given where we are right now this is this is the right policy, you don't want to cripple the economy forward if you look at numbers forecast what would actually happen if fed were to raise short-term rates by one percentage point would cost three er quarters of a percent growth that is probably not what we want to do at this stage, you know the economy as
8:35 am
last guest said looks pretty good there are some pretty good numbers out there, but that doesn't mean that there is -- that there is not some fragile aspects of it we have to worry about going forward. maria: by the way, u.s. consumer prices, ed unchanged for a third month in a row this is three months that we've seen unchanged number. >> yeah. maria: smallest annual brief in inflation more than one and a half years obviously good news here, more -- more ammunition for the fed to hold rates steady, let's talk about jobs, and the broad story strength in labor market job option record high in december 7.3 million job openings ed how could you characterize it. >> right, you know it is amazing that you know 10 years after the -- recovery began, and when you think about where we are right now, this is such a mature part of the cycle at least in theory we are growing jobs and seeing vacancies that consistent with recovery rather than peak the reason i
8:36 am
say that is this recall back, the numbers, last jobs day we have over 300,000 jobs created, if you think about how many jobs we need to create in order to keep up with population growth, it is about 135,000 per month. so what that tells you is that we are over double that rate that doesn't that doesn't -- tell that you we're at peak that tells you we are in recovery, the reason for that, of course, is that when you are at the peak, you are creating jobs just at the rate consistent with population growth so we are well above that, still in what looks like a recovery mode it is -- it is really is is odd this point in cycle good news means drawing people biolabor market thought we would never bring in particularly 25 to 34 years old that is is that is especially important, as we move forward that is a good sign actually for the long run health of the economy. maria: right. >> again, i view that as actually still quite encouraging. >> yeah look the economy is running all cylinders no doubt about things going well there is another partly of this
8:37 am
story that is debt, so the national debt new milestone yesterday 22 trillion dollars ed lazear how concerned will you what should be done about it. >> very. if i think of the most serious long term problem the country faces right now, that has got to be it. if you use numbers from, et cetera, cbo congressional budget office or administration numbers, as we look forward a couple of decades what we're talking about is seeing government spending ratios that are 289% gdp, what that would -- 2% -- 28% to close that gap raise taxes on everybody not just as rich but everyone about 50%, that would just drawing the economy down, and unless we get control of spending, that is going to be a very serious long-term problem so the debt is a very serious problem, we were focused on it 2012 i was encouraged by that it was
8:38 am
parted of the rhetoric of the reelection campaign for president obama, and senator romney, talking about that. that kind of faded into the background that is unfortunately i think we need to resurrect that discussion, and think about it again, because it is a big problem going forward. maria: this is one of those issues where you are going to really need to have courage to attack it i mean we had a big budget buster end of last year -- remember by the congress. now, we know he where growth and money is the growth in spending entitlements ed talking about social security, medicare, medicaid. you know gonna take, courage to tell people well i am changing your -- i am changing your retirement plans here. >> you are right, it is either courage or crisis, so if you think about when they things get changed unfortunately they don't get changed until public sees an imminent threat if you
8:39 am
think back when did we make improvements movements on social security it was back when we thought social security fund was going bust, we did make changes, that helped move that into a slightly more solvent position but until you see a crisis until you see something looming in the immediate future, it is very difficult as you say, to muster up courage to undertaking provisions that will actually get control of this in the long run, people always like to put off, what they can put off for the long opportune rather than suffering short run pain very tough for politicians to go opposite that direction. maria: what is your take on stock buybacks? obviously, the tax cut plan put more money in corporate balance sheets, and some of them used to it buy back stock going to be an issue, apparently 2020 campaign senator marco rubio rolling out a plan to limit corporate buybacks he wants to reduce incentives by eliminating the tax treatment of buybacks
8:40 am
senator rubio what he said last night watch. >> our number one objective is not simply economic growth we need economic growth no doubt we want economic growth creates good paying strong jobs for the american people, all i am saying is if you want to return to shareholders we are going to treat that fairly but if you are going to grow company result create jobs that is what the tax code is intoing to incentivize do so moving forward should be made permanent. maria: what do you think ed? >> well -- i think the goal is a good one unfortunately, i think the method is probably not right way to go, i am an admirer of senator rubio but i think on this issue he is probably not on the right track. maria: overstepping? >> i'm sorry? >> overstepping. >> i wouldn't say "overstepping" i would say wrong direction the reason is if you think how buybacks work right now what happens when you buy back stock what you do is you give money to shareholders, what do they do with it they may spend a
8:41 am
little bit of it on buying new video gales, and extra vacation most is vested back in the market what do they invest in they invest in the highest rate of return investment that they can find that is exactly what you want, that is the precept allocation of capital now suppose that you create tax incentivize that induce corporations to hold on to earnings rather than buy them back when otherwise would have with a bad them back the corporation has to do sxhg with that money at best when a they do is mimic what the individual shareholders would have done put in highest rate of return investment at worst kwhat they end up doing is investing in projects have lower rates of return, so what that does it creates a distortion in the allocation of capital and actually negative for jobs and negative for wages so i think it is actually a bad idea unfortunately, as i said i am an admirer of senator rubio i wish this hadn't been thing he seem to focus on right now. >> good to see you thank so
8:42 am
much. >>? thank you. >> coming up california governor hitting the brakes on-billion-dollar bullet train stuart varney weighs in on that right after this, o ford he motor shows a gadget to help stop people from hogging space in the bed. back in a minute. ♪ ♪ ♪ today's goals... all while helping you to and through retirement. can you help with these? we're more of the plan, invest and protect kind of help... voya. helping you to and through retirement.
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misinform wants to put controversial plan to a vote cuts back on plan for a high-speed rail away between l.a. and san francisco, california krug back, of course, joining me host of "varney & company" stuart varney. >> i am laughing maria this is can you call this poetic justice bullet train in california 77 billion dollars worth of bullet train, canceled why? because way over the line expensive, and taking a very long time to build this thing. in fact barely started, 10 years in. now that hasn't the green new deal, the green new deal actually sees a network high-speed rail rhodes crisscrossing the country to replace airplanes have thorz of the green new deal seen what happened in california where you can't get a bullet train built in 10 years?
8:47 am
this is so silly it is so ludicrous, that i think -- i'm very glad to see that mitch mcconnell has called a vote in the senate, now these people are going to have to stand up and say yes, i am for this rafl radical environmental socialism for bullet train cannot be built i really want to see this embarrassment of a alignment for democrats. >> they get mad at president trump for nationalist focusing on america first yet want to o stop us from going to europe. >> [laughter] >> i can't work out why politicians with experience would put their name to something like this. >> con tenders -- right. >> why would you do that i know you will have more 13 minutes top of the hour thanks so much "varney & company" top of the hour 9:00 a.m. eastern after "mornings with maria" quick break more panel ford driving into the bedroom now with high-tech beds, that keep sleepers on their side how it works next looking for love in
8:48 am
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>> welcome back looks personality not only criteria when it comes to choosing a potential partner cheryl details cheryl: yeah, so according to a new study some people want to know how much their next boyfriend or girlfriend makes, survey finds three in 10 signages look up potential partners average salary, to find out if they are financially stable also finds
8:52 am
single men credit scores 700 and above more likely to use paid online dating site happy valentine's day. if you know a bedding whoer that person jumped on your side of the bed for you ford using driver assist technology to design a smart bed that keeps partners on their side of the mattress, uses pressure sensors conveyor belt to keep sleepers in their lane throughout the night only a prototype for now shg, relate t the issue -- >> all aboard the all you can drink josé quervo train open bar all the way from guadalajara to -- once there a tour of a facility tickets start 1 11 dollars why not?
8:53 am
>> would you buy a ticket. >> no. too much. >> everything in moderation, tequila train? >> crazy. >> how about ford story fore says not doing cars want to just do trucks i know people are buying, but -- >> back to beds a leap too far i think they ought to stick to the auto industry not try to transfer into bedroom. >> great -- >> a conveyor belt. >> want to ask thoughts on we've got debt story but what about credit when it comes to auto loans area shows weakness. >> talking earlier about the rate of default, auto loans what happens is those are repossessed the residual value
8:54 am
goes down, potentially will impact new autos because of the price new cars that are probably repo, we lived through 17 89 when i was in detroit with chrysler we will see whether banks start to take reserves for these auto loans they put out as industry was up about 17 plus million cars -- adjusted rate pushing them out with big incentives, 72 months zero percent, to get them in the seat but still have loan payment i think we really need to watch that see what is going to happen. >> more debt people borrowing more for cars than homes. >> right. >> also scary. >> then upside down walk away from it, residual val lower than making payment. >> on that note exchange further into health care testing a concept store focusing on services details
8:55 am
right after this. stay with us. ♪ ♪ and to manage this risk, the world turns to cme group. we help farmers lock in future prices, banks manage interest rate changes and airlines hedge fuel costs. all so they can manage their risks and move forward. it's simply a matter of following the signs. they all lead here. cme group - how the world advances. ok look, if you're not the lead dog, the scenery never changes. that's why this is the view for every other full-size pickup. and this year, it's déjà vu all over again 'cuz only the ford f-150 with its high strength, gives you best-in-class torque, best-in-class payload... and you got it, baby...
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welcome back cbs is testing new concept are store that will focus on health services do you to on the floor of the new york stocks exchange deirdre. >> that's right moving higher premarket so next time you go
8:59 am
there have your prescription in a hand and yoga mat in the other. health hub hads 20% of the square footage goes to wellness space. so they're going to have minute clinics but they're also going to be areas why you can pay classes. the company is saying we want to help people manage chronic conditions for example if you suffer from diabetes they can watch your blood sugar levels and when it bought etna that was november 2018 the the idea is to provide consumers with lower health care costs. the idea you take care of yourself preventive, the care on other side becomes cheaper. maria. >> deirdre thank you. with the latest there. we talked about this before. >> i think cvs is looking to
9:00 am
repurpose the square footage a it is hard to compete with a minute clinic with the urgent cares there are attached to hospitals. they provide more services. they got more technology there. so but the -- service thing might be interesting. >> all right bob great to see you emily thank you for being here. have a great day everybody. here's varney "varney & companyn stu. >> president trump will sign the border security deal, if he does, there will be no government shutdown. he was not happy, the the compromise not thrilled that's how he put it. conservativessed a mangtly against it so were border patrol meeting but in a meeting shelby urged president to accept the deal and expand on it later. we're trying to confirm reports that he has indeed accepted the compromise. the market going up in part on this no shutdown report and also on a report in the south china morning post that xi jinping will meet our top trade guys in be


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