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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  March 1, 2019 6:00am-9:00am EST

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tracee: very good. maria: yes, we have a lot of good news this morning, good morning, ladies, thank you so much, good morning, everyone, thanks for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo, friday march first before 6:00 a.m. on the east coast, top stories right now, elon musk big reveal yesterday, tesla launching the long-awaited lower cost model 3, changing the way it does business, not all good news in the morning, the stock is sliding. we will tell you what's behind move. fight to bring amazon to new york, governor cuomo taking message to jeff bezos. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez firing back at the wall street journal this morning, what she's saying after a columnist encourages generation to take pride in ignorance, we will get into it. amazing change, mornings with maria begins right now.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ maria: big rally, let's take a look at future, dow industrials up 160 points, s&p 500 up 16 and the nasdaq up 60 points, quarter percent. pretty good move this morning, we are expecting a strong opening, first two months that saw the dow's best start to the year since 1987, look at the
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markets this morning and, of course, so far in 2019 up 3 and a half percent on the dow, up 3% on the s&p and the nasdaq up 3 and a half as well. that's just up for the month of february. joining me right now from tjm investments, scott shellady, good to see ewe this -- you this morning. >> good morning. we are looking at what the fed, the year curve, we are waiting to see if anything gets hotter, i have been saying for a long time, we are not seeing what we are putting in engine what we get out of exhaust, we have a little bit of leak, we are not getting the bang for the buck on what we are putting forward. i want inflation that will make me feel better, right now we are not seeing it. where we are putting the engine it's not coming out of the exhaust. maria: looks like to markets are responding to the china-u.s.
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trade situation, fox news reporting that chinese president xi jinping will be in mar-a-lago at the end of the march in hopes of hammering u.s.-china deal, saying that it will quadruple the amount of mainland shares in its indexes so we have a rally underway this morning, optimism about china and, of course, you've got, the averages holding more chinese companies giving investors an opportunity to buy into the china story, what's your reaction? >> you know what i think i like the idea, i agree with folks that if we get a deal it will take off in the market. he wants the world trade differently with china, that's going to be the big deal, how do all the economies around the world, really all together start trading with fairer china, that's the big story, not the day we get the deal, we will see
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some sort of bump but how the economies really shape up when we start trading the china freely, i think that's be the big story that will take long tore play out but i'm excited about everybody getting a chance to show what they can do with china trading fairly. maria: one thing that i've been saying on the program over and over that the chinese will have to convince the world that, in fact, we can trust their telecom technology, huawei, they are trying to convince the world, they took a full page ad out in the wall street journal here saying don't believe everything you hear, come and see us. this is from huawei, stay with us because i'm going to be speaking with the chief security officer at huawei, andy, 7:00 a.m. eastern, discussing the relations between the u.s. and huawei and, of course, all of the speculation of espionage going on at huawei right now. we will talk with andy coming up in the program, this is a big
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story, the wall street journal out with a op-ed this morning titled thank you tax reform, writing donald trump's tariff policieses continue to be a risk to investment and growth and the federal reserve is a wild card but the evidence of the last two years is deregulation and tax reform spurred private capital investment exactly when expansion needed to avoid recession. what's your reaction to this because the tax reform and the rollback in regulations definitely moved the needle, we did see growth yesterday that was better than expected for the fourth quarter and name of gdp. >> you're right, and i'm frustrated about it. donald trump's name on top of the paper and the administration and you go down the things that he has done probusiness and prothe economy since he has been in office, it's been fantastic. whether you're a democrat or republican, everything he has done and the administration has done has been common sense
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reform, all the things that they are rolling back that they couldn't believe are actually happening while in depths of recession, so he's on common sense reform that you and your participants talk over the breakfast table and i love it. the problem is because his name is on the top of the paper we get more of that where everybody can't stand what he does. he has another 2 more years, again, if the chinese thing comes through, if we can trust, i'm leery of, i i think thing wl be very good. maria: i'm leery of conway, not necessarily of a deal. we have to look at both issues, scott, good to see you this morning. common sensecrat. have a good weekend. maria: the company is sharing strategy, ceo elon musk announced yesterday that the company will close most retail stores shipping to online only sales model, dagen, good morning to you this morning, we were trying to figure out all day
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yesterday what the tusk was all about. dagen: i was wrong, this was a huge announcement but not really that surprising for elon musk and his idea about what he has always wanted to do with tesla, bring me the electric cars, make them affordable, bring them straight to the consumer, remember, tesla launched with their company-owned stores, they don't have the dealer franchise model, they have been fighting the dealers across the country since the company was launched. here is the deal, tesla is shifting to an online sales model, it will be closing some of the stores, 378 stores, how many it had that includes service centers, this is all to reduce prices and they are, indeed, reducing prices, $35,000 is the new price of the model 3 sedan, this has been the goal of elon musk to make the kind of
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cheaper electric vehicle affordable for people. it started originally with $49,000 when the model 3 was launched in 2017, this is the third price cut this year, so you go online only and close some of the stores that will cut cost out of the business, musk saying that shifting to only online orders reduces prices about 6% on average. that's great news, not good news for the stock, though, because tesla did warn given everything that's going on in the first quarter that they are likely, they don't expect to be profitable in the first quarter, you have loss in premarket trading, closing some of the stores will save money in terms of rent. i know they have store in meat-packing district, i'm thinking $100,000 a month.
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that really will help the company. maria: i'm wondering what his reaction is, people see the situation like a desperate move, look at the stock, down 4 and a half percent. is it forced to close stores, going online all the way, what does that say about the country's cash firm? dagen: i don't think it's desperate, i think this is an overreaction. this is my personal opinion. in the short-run when you cut prices like this, it will eat into your bottom line but they do it to return to profitability, he's just talking about the fourth quarter at this point. i think in the long haul this is the vision that elon musk has always had for this company and thank god for everybody -- somebody who is doing something different. maria: meanwhile there's this, governor cuomo reported trying to convince amazon to come back to new york, lauren simonetti with the details.
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lauren: baby come back, governor cuomo has spoken to ceo jeff bezos several times to guaranty support for projects in new york city, it was scrapped as you know last month after local pushback cost the city thousands of jobs, tens of millions of dollars in revenue, new york officials publishing open letter to amazon, you can see it in the times today saying this, quote, governor cuomo will take personal responsibility for the project-state approval, there are no indications that amazon is reconsidering decision, however, meanwhile there's this, amazon is coming out new way to program, all prime members will get everything that they order in one day. will reduce number of deliveries that it actually has to make. there's a change at the top that we want to tell you. ceo is stepping down following the company's purchase by at&t,
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sentimental to his staff, he says this, it's time to move on after spending nearly 30 years at hbo, at&t cleared to acquire the cable channel earlier this week. according to published reports, president levy is expected to resign as early as today. well, gap and old navy brand are going their separate ways, gap will spin-off old navy as stand-alone company. old navy brings $8 billion in annual revenue, gap to close 230 stores over the next 2 years, look at this, the market is loving the story, gap up 22 and a half percent. maria: wow, what a move. 22%. coming up the blame game goes on, north korea and the u.s. offering different stories about what really happened during the vietnam summit, the very latest
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after this. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez after one columnist calls her for a culture of ignorance. that is next. stay with us.
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maria: welcome back, we have a big program this morning, coming up this morning louisiana congressman and house minority whip steve scalise is here, former reagan economic adviser and harvard economic professor joins us this morning. my exclusive interview with chief security officer of huawei technologies is coming up. andy has a lot to talk about this morning and they took a full page ad out in wall street journal saying don't believe everything that you hear, come see us.
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we will talk about that. don't mismiss -- miss a moment of it. alexandria ocasio-cortez responding to opinion piece in the wall street journal called ocasio-cortez american socialist, the article goes onto say that the congresswoman leads generation of people to take pride of ignorance of laws of nature, of history and the constitution, internal battle of freedom and still succeed, ocasio-cortez responds to article writing on twit internal revenue, i guess wall street journal takes pride of their ignorance of nation's history of slavery, jim crowe and incrars ration, decades of science of climate change targeting indigenous people and the punitive agenda targeting working families. okay. that's what she wrote. joining this conversation this morning is cheddar founder and
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president of maslansky + partners lee carter, great to see you this morning. >> great to be here. maria: jon, thank you for joining us. >> appreciate it. maria: let's get right to alexandria ocasio-cortez, dagen, you mengtsed the column -- mentioned the column when they reported, no love even from her own party we know, what's your reaction. dagen: that was nice political pivot in terms language, she's trying to change the subject and bring back and written by a woman, grace marine turner from the gala institute and i read that quote in addition to others and it's basically the whole column was about and i will quote from some of it that ocasio-cortez has soared because of the freedom in prosperity her policies would destroy. that's the idiocy of the new
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left-wing liberals that she was trying to point out, 25,000 amazon jobs coming to new york city. fundamental misunderstanding of -- of the handouts that amazon was getting. here is what she tweeted about the green new deal, this is ocasio-cortez, if you don't like new green new deal come up with a new deal to address climate crisis, until then we are in charge. [laughter] dagen: basically shows that she has no understanding of math and economy and finances and the way the walls work and what would hurt her constituents. maria: she talks about things like medicare for all, let's go there, for example, she doesn't explain what that means in terms of doing away with the entire private insurance industry.
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>> maria, that's the pointing to after, capitalism is great, 70% tax breaks are not going to work, rather than name-calling and all of this, the way to defeat is to go after, liberals talk about donald trump, viable, they made it personal. she's got a lot of enthusiasm and energy behind her. she's not boring like pelosi and schumer, people find her exciting, they have to fight her on the argument. maria: you also have to see the honesty from the plans, did she say that a new green deal would mean eliminating airplanes and cars, did she say this green new deal is going to cost $90 trillion, give me honesty so there's not ignorance out there. dagen: what i want -- i was curious what lee thinks because what she does rather than trying to argue the merits of her ideas of her which she can't, she pivots to the history of america, mass incarceration, how about criminal justice reform by the president, jim crowe laws of
6:20 am
history of slavery, that's where she's going to. it's about her policies and how she can't defend -- maria: nancy pelosi took a jab at green new deal with interview with rolling stone, the plan is, quote, not what we hope to achieve. >> yeah, it's clear that there's no love-losdz with nancy pelosi and aoc, very different generations, nancy pelosi is very pragmatic in many ways, relatively speaking. ocasio-cortez, i think we have to be careful on how we respond to her, i totally agree with you, i said this in 2015 and 2016 with donald trump, if you're not acting, you're reacting, reacting to her will end up losing, she does have wildly popular ideas and if you go after her and attack her i don't think there's a smartest idea, a lot of policies on the right that can stand up on their own. >> lee, on capitalism point that's socialism against
6:21 am
capitalism. that's the most dangerous argument. the green new deal is not viable. dagen: i really quickly want to point out in terms of history of the united states, she's advocating on government takeover of healthcare system. the nation that forced the sterilization of people who were mentally handicapped. when you put power in the people in government, let's talk about that aoc. maria: we are on this this morning, take a short break, recall alert this morning, i cana and hyundai recalling half a million cars over rift of engine fires, details after this. devastating flooding to reach only by boat right after this.
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maria: welcome back headlines across america this morning. dispatch reporting that ohio is leader in approach to battling opioid epidemic, ohio increased access to opioid overdoes reversal drug, increase farm reduction program like needle exchange, the state is focusing on treatment availability. the atlantic journal constitution this morning writing atlanta school warns parents that some kids are drinking bourbon, vanilla extract. students are mixing it with coffee. from the los angeles times this morning, the coldest february for los angeles in 132 years, it's never even reached 70-degrees in la, the high for the month was 61-degrees, significantly lower than usual average of 68-degrees, that's an interesting stories across america this morning. short break, when we come back, no deal, president trump speaking out after north korea blames the united states for not
6:26 am
reaching an agreement, back in vietnam this week, hear what the president had to say right after this. (♪light musical cords)
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maria: welcome back, good friday morning, thank you so much for joining us this morning, i'm maria bartiromo, friday march
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first, top stories right now just before 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. markets are kicking off the new month, take a look, pretty good rally at the start of trading, futures with gain of 168 points. s&p 500 is up 16 and nasdaq up 51. 3 quarters of a percent. this after modest decline at the close, 4:00 o'clock, 59 points lower, the nasdaq was down 22 points at the close yesterday. however, a very strong start for the year, let's take a look at all major indices, so far year to date up at least 11% for the year in 2019 so far, what a couple of months we've had, global markets this morning look like this, european trading ftse 100 is up 33 points, cac quarante in paris is up 30 and dabbing index is up 116, in asia overnight, best performer china, up 1.8%, top performer in asia
6:31 am
overnight, korea was closed. deadly flooding to report in california, businesses and home have been destroyed by rising waters, latest this morning and we will take you there. recall alert, fiat and hyundai takes cars off the road due to risk of fire coming up. what the social media giant is doing to help users protect their conversation. all the stories coming up top story this half an hour, the president speaking out on north korea, president trump on sean hannity on why he walked away before a denuclearization deal was made before vietnam summit was made with kim jong un. >> they we wanted to denuke certain areas and i wanted everything and the sanctions are there and i didn't want to give up the sanctions unless we had a program and they're not ready for that and i understand that fully. i really do, they spent a lot of time building it and i guess a
6:32 am
lot of people -- i didn't feel it was right. maria: coming as north korea held unprecedented conference yesterday blaming the united states for not being able to reach a deal. joining from the washington examiner, the summit expectations had come down a bit, what's your take on what happens now between the u.s. and north korea, is there a third summit on the horizon or are we going to come to some kind of an agreement of a lifting of the nuclear sites in north korea or not? >> the difficulty right now is trump can help for because he reached into with little leverage knowing that any presence of the leader of the free world with kim jong un will be used as propaganda among the north korean people. the fact that he walked away
6:33 am
without replanning, with no deal that is a loss, that's a loss and concession. i think for right now, they are going to have to hold the brakes and await for the storm to ride out. clearly this did not go as plan. maria: some republicans are offering trump an ultimatum get the border wall funds through other measures or face gop revolt. 3 senate republicans will vote the national emergency, if four republicans vote no the measure doesn't pass the senate, the senate obviously heads to the president's desk where he will veto it. lee, what's your thought on this? >> this is a really tough situation for the president, he was so confident that this was going to go through and now we are looking at the chance that maybe it won't. i think if it does not go through this is not good moment for the president, we will see a lot of fracturing, she's settling down, he won't go away on this.
6:34 am
all this other stuff. i'm not saying that, we need a wall. maria: doesn't it get held up in the courts, lee. >> absolutely. >> the president discussed with the focus on national security. >> we will be voting 200 miles of wall, i will call it the wall as oppose to barriers or slacks, we played the game for a little while, we need border security, you can't have border security without a wall, strong wall. ice or border patrol or just law enforcement, they have done incredible job at the border, apprehensions, the greatest number we have ever done, you look at the number of people, if we had a wall we couldn't have to apprehend. maria: what's your thought on this, i mean, is this going to get held up in the courts, let's say it passes the senate and that's an optimistic view because it may very well pass the senate and then head to the
6:35 am
president's desk and he has to veto it? >> i think trump should hope that this doesn't -- that the courts don't pass it because it's absolutely -- if this goes through the use of an emergency declaration for something that's clearly urging not an emergency, the president doesn't have the right constitutionally just to declare something because congress didn't comply with him. if this actually goes through, this will backfire republicans in the exact same way for judicial appointees backfired on the democrats. dagen: i just want to point out, though, this is incredible reporting by jon roberts, there's billions of dollars available to the president regardless of this emergency declaration. there was in terms of congressional funding and the dhs appropriation there was $1.4 billion there. there's additional money,
6:36 am
600 million in treasury forfeiture, 300 billion from drug fund and $2 billion from the department of defense budget to drug intradiction. there's potentially enough, 3.3 to build 90 miles of barrier, even more if he directs money in the defense budget and i think that they might end up having from the white house talk about this more. >> dagen, i completely agree with you, the issue believe it or not will fade away, may sound crazy for me to say that, which fund is he using, what does this have available, it will trickle away at this point, some to have wall will be built and some of the wall is being built, it's confusing for the american public at this point and at some point it's overstated. maria: when you say go away, is he going to be able to rebuild the wall?
6:37 am
>> we don't know how much of the wall was built, how much of the is slab or fence. maria: yeah. >> i also think the president has to take a tough stance to keep support and base strong, so i think he has to do whatever it has to take and i don't think necessarily that we will see that it's going to hold, but from this symbolic perspective the president has to stand ground on his because this is signature policies and he's losing some of the base if he doesn't. maria: i agree. there's a legal issue here. is this going to get caught up in the courts? how will they push back? there's a political issue and that is he has to appear in 2020 that he was relentless. i did everything i can. i was there, i even used money that was allocated here and it wasn't supposed to be here but i did. >> he will say this and he has victory already on this. >> that's right, good point.
6:38 am
quick break, great to see you this morning, thank you very much. tiana lowe, washington examiner. major flooding in california. lauren simonetti with headlines. lauren: river flooded thousands of homes and businesses in northern california, governor gavin newsom declared emergency after reaching and now caused engine fire, the largest of the recalls affect about 300,000 kia , a man in ohio died after his mother's kia caught fire in 2017. well, changes might be coming to getter, reported the idea to
6:39 am
stop conversations when they get to a point when they become toxic. twitter plans to start testing in the public months, we are taking a look at shares, 24 cents in premarket. different than a block or mute button because you can still see what the person says, so differently. but twitter thinking of ways to make it safe on its site. maria: pretty good performance, take a look, big rally at the start of trading, modest moves, dow industrials 168 points, s&p up 16 and nasdaq 51st. that's coming up next. outrage of the author of the notebook puzzled why netflix released movie with a changed ending, wait till you see this.
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maria: take a look at futures, pretty good rally, s&p up 17 and nasdaq up 53 points and, of course, it's been a good start for the new year, the markets up 11%, john, your thoughts on where we go from here because when we came into the year, the
6:44 am
fed gave us a pivot, valuations are much better, you have a backdrop that's continue to go see growth and obviously investors are seeing the same thing. >> gdp numbers were very strong, stronger than anticipated and i thought the people would feel like north korea was going to weigh on the market and the failures would cause issues, ultimately people see it as geopolitical risk and not economic risk, and nothing to see here in terms of the president walking away. maria: dagen, you have made the point so many times, just the level of interest rates gives you huge opportunity because there's no alternatives to put money where you have dividend payers. dagen: i was looking down, 2.71% is the 10-year yield, that tells you that certainly treasuries at these levels are not a bargain and you better be careful. so, again, with the economy looking solid and earning season certainly in the first quarter
6:45 am
doing extremely well, stocks look attractive. maria: all of the big news as well as the week, we had a really busy week in mornings with maria in case you missed it. take a look at the top moments to have program this week. >> president trump meeting with kim jong un, they will meet thursday, this is 8 months after the first historic first meeting in hinge -- singapore. >> president trump, kim jong un, anything can happen. there's concern that president trump is going to agree with some things that are not in our long-term interest. >> we felt it wasn't appropriate to sign an agreement today, we could have, i just felt that it wasn't very appropriate. >> the president was right, better to get it right than do it quickly as the united states position has been very clear, the president has been firm in this, so has secretary pompeo. >> china has been cheating for decades and hurt american workers and businesses in major ways, the president to his credit, the president to take china on. >> if you look at the amount of investment that china is making
6:46 am
is huge. intellectual property, theft transfer. >> you do know what mueller has done so far, the people he has charged, paul manafort, rick gates, michael flynn, all people if there had been a collusion scheme would have been part of it and yet they were not charged with anything involving a conspiracy between the trump campaign and russia to influence the 2016 election. maria: your reaction to michael cohen testifying yesterday. >> the only thing that came out of this thing that i saw was that we had a couple of checks which were use today reimburse cohen for his payments with regard to what arguably could be a campaign expenditure which would have violated the campaign finance law. maria: stormy daniels payment. >> stormy daniels payment. >> tell us about the impact of $22 trillion in debt.
6:47 am
>> the highest it's ever been just after world war ii and even more troubling is that it's growing faster and faster every year, faster than the economy. >> we have some tailwinds from 2018 that become headwinds in 2019 in terms to have stimulus from the tax cut that was very supportive and that no longer is there. post hurricane rebuilding that contributed to this growth in the fourth quarter. maria: nicotine toothpicks. >> this is becoming absurd, all the products that are trying to get nicotine into the hands of consumers but they rending up in the hands of children and that's where it becomes dangerous. maria: hold tesla chief in contempt because of the tweet. >> anything material to the company needs to be oversaw and preapproved by counsel. maria: delivery system starting in select u.s. cities this summer, how does this work?
6:48 am
>> at on mouse delivery device, create new market for fedex and deliver pacts to your door. [inaudible] >> people usually talk about it. also looking at nature, the least effort, the rule of intention, creativity, detachment and purpose, these are the 7. maria: i am so happy to tell everybody that i have adopted a rescued puppy, dagen, i thought you would be proud of me, i can't believe the stats that how many dogs go to foster home so i took in baby dusty. guarantee? ♪ carl, can you remind me what you've invested my money in.
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>> i'm an old g. [laughter] maria: sneak peek at madea family funeral, debuts today, madea, joining me right now is michael tamaro, michael. >> i can't believe it. maria: i can't believe how successful. >> taylor perry is hanging out the house coat. really big successful franchise for him. the final movie with the production deal, moves onto paramount and he says he's had enough. he doesn't want to be the same age as madea playing madea and i hope that's not true. maria: how is it? >> it's funny, it's what you expect, probably pulling around 20, $30 million, it probably
6:53 am
won't be duh completely different audience. doesn't have to. maria: let's talk netflix for a second, i don't understand netflix, i guess they wanted us to sob a little less when seeing the notebook, how do you change the ending like that, releasing a version of the notebook with alternative ending, replacing the iconic nursing room scene, it's called tweeting this, netflix says this, if you could change tending of a movie what would you change and why? things you should know, we did not edit the notebook, we are get to go bottom of it. some films have more than one, the netflix author nicolás was asked about controversial ending today. i didn't know it was coming, i find out the same way everybody else does, for me it's an opinion thing, it's a different
6:54 am
ending, you will definitely have an opinion on it one way or another. >> this is such a strange story. they do have alternate endings, usually with ending everyone expects, i don't know, maybe cynical marketer in me, they are getting a lot of pr and buzz out of this. maria: you know what -- >> has it come to that? maybe. maria: i think you're right. that's exactly what it is, we are talking about it again. a film that's been out for a couple of years. >> 2004. released in march, so call me crazy. maria: i mean, is the new ending better than the old ending? >> the old ending that everyone is expecting when they cried, it's been since 2004. maria: unbelievable. >> the ending cuts to i believe
6:55 am
-- maria: 800 different shows to stream on netflix, you know that, you have a list of the bing-worthy and -- [laughter] >> okay. first up, you, you. gossip girl fans would love this movie, plays bookstore owner who use it is internet to get the girl of his dreams, tragic consequences. you'll find this -- one episode to another. maria: go ahead. >> next up the ted bundy tapes, i do not want to watch this, i couldn't turn it off. maria: i heard it was incredible. >> it's creepy. the expense of his doing and probably first media story played in the media.
6:56 am
maria: what's the next bing-worthy. >> body guard, richard, takes place in uk, plays special agent metro police sergeant guarding the home secretary who is controversial, a little bit of a love story. >> cringe worthy. >> avoid roma. bad homework assignment, i could not get through. sex education was built of anything but. maria: cringe worthy. that's a very good list. i was looking to watch on netflix. chinese technology huawei next. , in your own customized view of the market.
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welcome back. good friday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is friday, march 1st. happy friday, happy march. your top stories right now. trade tensions between the u.s. and china remain a key issue in the negotiations, i.p. theft and the threat of huawei. coming up, right here, i'll be speaking with the chief security officer from huawei technologies, coming up live. joining us for interview. we have a strong opening with futures, a gain of 178 points on the dow industrials, s&p 500 up 17 points and nasdaq up 52. extending what has been a really strong early beginning of the year for 2019 for markets, up
7:01 am
11% year-to-date. it has been a very strong start to the year, take a look at yesterday's close, dow industrials down 69 points, s&p 500 down 8 and the nasdaq down 22 points but year-to-date the market showing double digit percentage moves. the dow industrials up 11% year-to-date, this is since the end of 2018. the s&p 500 up 11%, and the nasdaq up 13.5%, just in the first two months of the year as we enter a new month this morning. global markets this morning are higher as well, fq100 up 48 points, the cac is up 37 points and dax index up 133 points this morning in germany. in asia overnight, gains across the board and the shanghai composite was the top performer in the middle of the china/u.s. trade talk situation. protecting children on youtube, the website taking action after facing backlash over comments. buying the rumor, southwest shares are flying high this
7:02 am
morning on speculation it could get acquired by warren buffet. the details coming up as warren buffet eyes the company for a major stake. the new season of fortnite is out, looking to take on apex legends. we're taking a look at the big business of gaming this morning. joining me to break it down, fox business network's dagen mcdowell, john steinberg and the president of mis mislanski d partners, lee carter. what are you covering this morning? >> we're covering all the big changes going on in technology, media and innovation. we'll be talking about richard pepler stepping down from hbo. the heads have rolled already. maria: you talked about china, we've had the china discussion over and over again. we want to get right to that. dagen: i want to hear your next
7:03 am
guest. maria: several countries beginning sounding the alarm on the potential threat to national security. huawei is fighting to repair its image, taking out an advertisement in the wall street journal, titled this, don't believe everything you hear, come and see us, urging american jurjournalists to visit the company's campuses. joining me right now is the chief security officer of huawei technologies, andy purdee. let's kick it off with ad, don't believe everything you hear. what are you trying to do with this ad, tell us what your mission is at huawei as you begin this p.r. campaign. >> we would love to invite you to come to huawei to see what's there and what we do and get to know us. it's trying to open up the dialogue, that's what's fundamentally important, the dialogue about how to address
7:04 am
real cyber security risk and we believe there are proven mechanisms to do it so that companies and governments can take advantage of the most innovative technologies in the world. we're trying to facilitate that conversation which has sometimes been a little difficult to foes cuss on the facts. maria: i want to focus on the facts this morning because you're talking about how to deal with cyber intrusions and people look at huawei as one of the big perpetrators of cyber intrusions. are you saying that huawei technologies has not stolen trade secrets from other companies in the west? >> what i'm saying that is the pressure on huawei is part of the geopolitical dynamic between the u.s. and china. it's also part of the fact that the u.s. government is trying to seriously address the risk to the united states globally with rising power of china economically and militarily and trying to do a lot more, led by the department of homeland security to protect critical infrastructure and work to protect our allies. the communications sector is an important part of it. we have been trusted for the
7:05 am
last 30 years in 170 countries. there have been no major cyber security incidents involving huawei in the world. we're not saying there should not be stric strict scrutiny. there needs to be an effort to address the risk from all technologies and all products, so we can confidently use new technologies. maria: you just said there have been no major issues around huawei but in fact over the last year, years, several years, i can cite a list of companies that have sued you and you've done settlements with, motorola solutions, t-mobile, cisco, all of those companies sued huawei for stealing trade secrets. >> there have been no major cyber security incidents in the bolder involving huawei. the fact we've had lawsuits in the past, has characterized the industry for the past 20 years.
7:06 am
we resolved the issues and we're moving forward. the remaining issues we hope to resolve in next year or so. maria: it's not accurate to say there were no issues around huawei when you had lawsuits for stealing trade secrets. huawei settled a lawsuit with motorola solutions for stealing trade secrets. you settled a lawsuit with cisco for stealing router trade secrets. are you saying that, yes, these issues and lawsuits went on in the past and we settled them and now we're not going to steal anymore? is that what you're saying? >> i'm saying two things. i'm saying that, but i'm also saying there have been no major cyber security incidents in the world in the 170 countries in which we do business. our customers trust us around the world and we believe there are additional mechanisms that can be done so we can provide assurance and transparency so we can help make the americans benefit from us being allowed to compete. maria: i understand that you are on this p.r. trip today and you have this whole page ad in
7:07 am
the journal and i agree that huawei needs to convince the world that we can actually trust the products of the company. but to say there have been no issues with huawei is just 100% inaccurate. i just listed the number of companies that have sued you for stealing trade secrets and the settlements that you've done. >> maria, i did not disagree with the facts of those cases. maria: okay. >> i did not disagree with those. maria: recently, secretary of state mike pompeo was in the studio. he had just l come back from europe and he talked about the threats because he was trying to do his own p.r. catc campaign throughout europe, telling european countries if you have huawei telecom, you're going to get less information from the united states. listen to this. got to get your reaction to the secretary of state of the united states. >> europe is pushing back on this idea that president trump and your administration wants to ban or potentially stop, slow down the use of huawei
7:08 am
technologies. is that what you found in europe? >> we've been out around the world, making sure everybody had the same information, that countries understand the risk of putting this huawei technology into their i.t. systems. we can't forget these systems were designed by -- with the express work alongside the chinese p.l.a., their military in china. they are creating a real risk for these countries and their systems, the security of their people. if a country adopts this and puts it in some of their critical information systems we won't be able to share information with them, we won't be able to work alongside them. maria: your reaction? >> the u.s. has been in a global campaign to try to stop companies and countries from using huawei. i got back from two weeks in poe hand. i was there when secretary pompeo and vice president pence was there. the fact is, there are risks in
7:09 am
cyberspace. there are measures that need to be taken, standards that need to address the risk that can exist from all products. there are at least five nations in the world that can virtually implant malicious functionality in products. we need to do a better job of coming up with objective and transparent mechanisms to address those risks. we support addressing those risks and we look forward to working with the u.s. government and with the other governments we've been working with. the u.k., germany and others believe there are ways despite what the warnings from the u.s. and they're among our closest allies, they believe the risk can be addressed and i think the major carriers in the world know that. maria: a lot of the carriers in the world also know that they have been stolen from. this is not just a government conversation. i had on the former ceo of microsoft, steve bomber, back in november, and we talked about the fact that 90% of the companies in china use the microsoft operating system and a fraction of those actually pay for it. thereon what he said about
7:10 am
intellectual property protection, andy. >> 90% of companies are using the microsoft operating platform and only 1% are paying for it. how do we -- what are we going to do that china keeps stealing everything this way? that's pretty extraordinary. >> i'm a free trader, by nature. i went to school, economics, it's the best thing for the world. this one's a tricky issue because it's absolutely clear that the rules don't apply in china and the u.s. government needs to do something, whether tariffs are right or wrong, i'm silent on that point, but without any pressure from the u.s. government we're talking about $10 billion, plus, for example in microsoft that would go into profit. as a shareholder, that's the easiest thing for me to now see as an outsider. we just haven't seen the rise in profits that would be commensurate with real intellectual property protection in china. maria: so andy, there you heard steve bomber put a number on it.
7:11 am
the theft has cost microsoft $10 billion a year in profit. >> mention two things. you mentioned the carriers. the major he global carriers in the world trust huawei and they have said that within the last week or two. secondly, on the theft of intellectual property, by the china government, that's not us. the china government does not speak for us. we don't speak through the china government. i applaud the efforts of the united states and other to try to crack down on the global theft of intellectual police report which has been -- intellectual property which has been a disgrace. i'm glad to see president trump is raising that as an important issue in the trade talks. maria: huawei technologies is a chinese company. this is a communist country. of course the companies are state actor as an arm of the government in a communist nation. isn't that true? >> no, that's not. we are a privately owned company. there are a number of companies out there that have government ownership. we are not one of them. and the fact is, that major nation states sophisticated and
7:12 am
well-armed with cyber tools have the ability to hack into the global supply chain of everybody. we have vulnerable networks and systems. the china government doesn't need to hack into huawei's products to do the spying they want to do around the world. maria: let me ask you this, andy. do you have a member of the communist government on your board? >> i don't know. i assume since there are so many members of the communist party, i have to assume that some of the officials of our company are members of the communist party but they're not government officials. maria: they are on your board. they are communist government officials because that's the rule in china. you have to have a communist government official on the board, isn't it? >> i don't think so. maria: but you do have government officials on your board or members of the communist party on your board? >> i think we probably have members of the communist party. we don't have chinese government officials on our board. maria: i know that huawei
7:13 am
technologies is very successful throughout the world, andy, and i know the company has been going into several countries in africa, several countries in europe. over the years, this is a long-term thing and saying, look, we will develop your telecom system. how many systems do you believe that huawei has developed throughout africa and europe? >> well, we've been involved in a lot. i can't give you a number. the fact that we have such a tremendous growth around the world, the fact that the major carriers, despite incredible pressure from the u.s. government continue to back us, that's an indication that we have demonstrated that we're worthy of trust to those major companies. maria: it's a lot cheaper than something in the west, that's one of the reasons why so many of these countries have signed on, right? >> the fact is, our products have gone from being inexpensive to being quality, to representing to major companies in the world that we can help them innovate, to be competitive going forward. the fact that we participate in markets that compete, you see our competitors dramatically lowering their prices.
7:14 am
that brings down the profit margin and that benefits everybody who has the opportunity whether it's to end up buying huawei products or huawei is part of the competition. maria: there's no privacy. you can buy the technology but at the same time if huawei created the telecom infrastructure you can tap into anybody's private information, financial data, any information that's on that telecom infrastructure. >> well, the fact is that the carriers control the security. we are just providing, as we talked about for 5g, we want to provide the radio access part. we don't want to he provide the core where all the sensitive information is. maria: i know the components of huawei are in for example for facial recognition a whole host of video cameras components from panasonic and others. how many video cameras would you say huawei components are in right now across the world? what's the percentage. >> i couldn't estimate. i'm sure it's a lot. i don't have any idea the percentage. maria: it's a significant percentage isn't it. >> i assume it is but i'm not sure. maria: we're going to be
7:15 am
watching your public relations to try to convince the world that we can trust huawei technologies. we really appreciate you joining us this morning and answering the important questions, andy. >> you're welcome. maria: an di purdee joining us. we'll be right back. i think there are some ways to help keep you on track. and closer to home. edward jones grew to a trillion dollars in assets under care, by thinking about your goals as much as you do. ♪ ♪ put your data to work on the cloud that drives business. the ibm cloud. the cloud for smarter business. is it to carry cargo... or to carry on a legacy? how do you gauge the greatness of an suv? its show of strength... or its sign of intelligence? in crossing harsh terrain... or breaking new ground? and to do these things once... or seven times over?
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maria: welcome back many we're looking at a market that is rallying this morning, up 175 points on the dow jones industrial average. so did he counsel vince you? i spoke with the speak security officer of huawei technology and we've been covering this story now for upwards of a year and-a-half about china and about the national security threat. john, you were with us this morning from cheddar. i want take get your take on the conversation, you've also covered china. >> did he convince me? he convinced me that our of government and our company should not have any of their
7:19 am
equipment. that's pretty much for sure. my favorite line in his interview with you was when you asked him do you have communist elected officials on your board, he said no, we just have members of the communist party. even if they're not deliberately hacking there's no way we should have a quasi government entity, powering cell towers and internet equipment as the like. maria: dagen, what did you sunshine i thinthink? the fact is, we've seen a list of companies that have sued huawei for trade secret theft. we've had them in the studio, microsoft, motorola solutions, t-mobile, to talk about that. dagen: i think that you crushed it. i think that -- to be quite frank, i think that it was your interview was stunning and your depth of knowledge. i know how much you work. i know how much of what's really going on with huawei you
7:20 am
understand and i think that that was on full display in that interview. i think we need to take it, just rerun it. seriously. he did not convince anybody that huawei technologies is safe for consumption, so-to-speak. >> i frankly, as someone who advises people in crisis communication and others how to communicate, he didn't do anything to reassure us. his big argument was the chinese government can do it without our technology so look at what happens. how does -- maria: let's not forget how huawei technologies started. huawei technologies is a combination of assets from nortell networks, a canadian company. i want to get your take on what he said when i asked him about the list of companies that have sued him. watch this. >> are you saying that huawei technologies has not stolen trade secrets from other companies in the west? >> what i'm saying is that the pressure on huawei is part of
7:21 am
the geopolitical dynamic between the u.s. and china. it's also part of the fact that the u.s. government is trying to seriously address the risk to the united states globally with rising power of china economically and militarily and trying to do a whole lot more led by the dealt of homeland security to protect critical infrastructure and work to protect our allies. the communications sector is an important part of it. we have been trusted for the last 30 years in 170 countries, there have been no major cyber security incidents involving huawei in the world. maria: which we know is not true. i just listed a whole host of companies that sued him. >> he thinks the bar is lower than it is. a lot of companies don't want to use competitive company's technology. maria: let's take a quick break and we have more to tell you about youtube. want more from your entertainment experience?
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maria: welcome back. eye on the economy, the first look at the fourth quarter gdp yesterday showed that the economy grew 2.6% in the fourth quarter, that was better than the 2.3% estimated for the gdp report. joining us right now is the former mccain economic advisor, douglas holtz aiken and doug, you are the man of the moment. thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> my pleasure. thanks for having me. maria: i say you're the man of the moment because of your report about how much the green deal is going to cost. we're going to get to the 90 plus trillion dollar price tag in a second. first, let's talk about growth for the economy. your reaction to what we saw yesterday. we're looking at an economy for 2018 growing 2.9%. of course, we'll get revisions on that number. >> sure. look, i'm really pleased with the report yesterday. if you look at growth as fourth quarter over fourth quarter, take out any seasonal effects, we've seen growth really ramp up
7:26 am
steadily, 2016, 2017, 2018, it's now 3.1% at four over four. that's very strong. inside that top line, i think is something that people are missing. the household sector's been incredibly solid, grown between 2.7% and 3% every year for four straight years and so we've got a lot of momentum going into 2019. business investment faltered a bit in the third quarter, came back in the fourth. that's very promising, way above what people had forecast. i think if we get a little bit of solid housing growth, we've got another good year in front of us. maria: let's get to the green deal cost. i know the panel wants to get in here too. growing concerns about the soaring federal debt, the proposed green new deal would add to it big-time. the plan will cost an estimated $93 trillion according to your analysis, that you came out with this week. the president spoke about the proposal last night with sean hannity. watch this. >> $100 trillion and you
7:27 am
couldn't do it for that. but it's not even the money, it's so ridiculous, no planes, let's not fly anymore. but it is crazy. but personally, they should go with it. i love it. it's one of the greatest plans i've ever seen, as long as they're the ones that have to sell it, not me. maria: so doug, tell us how the american action forum, your group came up with this. how did you arrive at $94 trillion? >> well, we took the proposal seriously as we do with all proposals that come out. it's a 14 page list of specific projects that they would envision undertaking. really comes into two groupings. there's the green part of it which is an all renewables electricity grid, $5.4 trillion to get that done. high speed rail and other ways to have a zero net emissions system for transportation. and then there's a retrofitting of every building for high energy standards. that's a lot of money.
7:28 am
that's the green part. there's also in there a huge amount of economics. there's a universal healthcare program, a guaranteed jobs program that could cost up to $44 trillion. there's guaranteed food for individuals. so there's a lot of going on in this that's not really just about a clean energy supply system. dagen: doug, it's dagen mcdowell. i want to get your reaction to jay powell, the chief of the federal reserve was asked about this this week on capitol hill, this notion that the national debt budget deficits won't be an issue and the federal reserve can essentially help fund these projects, keeping interest rates low, even maybe monetizing the debt, we can keep issuing debt and maybe the federal reserve can blow their balance sheet out again by buying it up, all to fund the green new deal and the pie in the sky projects. he basically threw coldwater on it, jay powell did. what do you say to these notions that we're getting from the left in the likes of aoc.
7:29 am
>> you're getting this thing they call modern monetary theory which doesn't make a lot of sense. the idea is somehow the federal reserve can buy the debt, monetize everything, you'll face no real risk of inflation which is perplexing and you don't have to pay for any of these programs. the problem is when you get down to the basics of economics, someone can either work at the dry cleaner or can be in the high speed rail, but you can't be both. if you add projects on you strain the resources in the economy and you start to suffer the consequences. there's no financing america mem that disguise this. this is anen more us i an enormf economic resources. >> looking at the headline numbers for gdp growth. we saw bunch -- your comment about business investment being light. we saw a number of companies issue weak q1 guidance
7:30 am
on the idea there were weak sales, a host of enterprise software companies. is that a little bit of an overhang? is q2 going to be stronger now with the shutdown behind us and people back buying products and services? >> i think we saw some real diminishment in confidence in the economy the second half of 2018, particularly in the c-suite. you look at cfo surveys, ceo surveys, there's a dropoff in planned cap ex and confidence in the economy. we know the shutdown had a big hit on the consumer confidence. we've seen both of those rebound. if there's going to be softness it will be in q1. some of the monthly data has been troubling, to be honest. look at the orders for capital goods, they're not what i would have hoped. but i think people missed the fact that the underlying strength in the household sector, 70% of the economy means there's going to be good sales out there somewhere and as long as jobs keep growing, we see wages go up, there's no reason to worry about that household sector, it's a foundation on which we can build the rest. maria: how likely are these programs to materialize, doug,
7:31 am
knowing the cost that you've just gone through in terms of the green deal? do you think we'll still see this continue to get more momentum? >> here's how i think about it, maria. people want a clean environment. people want people to have health insurance, want people to have a job. those are good intentions. the intentions will not go away. the question is do you want these programs. the point of trying to put dollar costs on them is to try to help answer that question, is this the best way to get to those perfectly sensible societyal goals. i think it will be hard to make the sale for these particular programs. they are very, very top-down government regulatory intrusive programs. they have big changes envisioned for the institutions in this country. every one of those guaranteed jobs would be a union job and it's hard for me to imagine that will gain a lot of momentum in the years to come. maria: doug, great to have you on the program. thanks so much.
7:32 am
we'll be right back. sir, you're a broker. what do you charge for online equity trades? ♪ ah, i'll look into it. [phone ringing] [beep] lisa jones! hey carl, what are you charging me for online equity trades? [nervous laughter] and do i get my fees back if i'm not happy? like a satisfaction guarantee? ugh...schwab! oh right, i'm calling schwab. thanks, carl! wait, lisa! lisa?!... are you getting low costs backed by a satisfaction guarantee? if not, talk to schwab. a modern approach to wealth management.
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more? he has asked for... what? well he did say please (all boys): thank you, thank you, thank you. maria: welcome back. good friday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is friday, march 1s 1. your top stories right now. 2r5eutrade tensions between the. and china continue. a key issue in the negotiations i.p. theft and the threat of huawei telecom. here's huawei technologies chief
7:36 am
security officer earlier this morning with the pressure the company says it's facing. >> the pressure on huawei is part of a geopolitical dynamic between the u.s. and china, part of the fact that the u.s. government is trying to seriously address the risk to the united states globally with the rising power of china economically and militarily and trying to do more to he protect critical infrastructure and work to protect our allies. maria: the fallout coming up this morning. markets kicking off the new month with gains this morning, futures indicate a gain of almost 200 points out of the gate, three quarters of a percent higher on the dow, two thirds of a percent high wear the s&p, up 17 points and nasdaq up 52. this after modest declines yesterday. take a look at the market yesterday when the dow lost 69 points, the s&p was down 7, the nasdaq was down 22. it has been a strong start to the year, however. all of the major indices up at least 11% year-to-date in 2019. global markets this morning in europe are also firmer, fq100 up
7:37 am
39 points, the cac in paris up 36 points and the dax index up 145 points, one and a quarter percent. in asia overnight, gains across the board there as well. the best performer china, shanghashanghai composite up. youtube facing backlash over comments. we'll tell you about a major change happening at youtube. buying the rie rumor, southwest shares flying high this morning on speculation it could get acquired by warren buffet. more on that, plus the airline suing a mechanics union. the new season of fortnite is coming out. we take a look at the big business of gaming this morning. we kick off this half hour with this top story, the democratic field for 2020 getting more crowded. the washington governor, jay insly afound's his run for the -- announced his run for the white house. hillary clinton said she can't imagine running for the white
7:38 am
house in 2020. she said she's going to keep speaking out about president trump. joining us now is columnist, charlie hurt. good to see you this morning. >> good morning. maria: assess the lineup for 2020. how do you see things playing out the next year and-a-half? >> i tell you, this is a rough start to the campaign to say the least, to have -- you've got all this in-fighting between bernie sanders and hillary clinton which is -- i don't see how that's possibly helpful for democrats. then you have other situations like the show hearings with michael cohen on cap l toll cap. you have that. it was clearly designed to be juxtaposed against the president's efforts to denuclearize the korean peninsula. i don't think that's a good look. then you have a situation with domestic policy, like aoc peddling her green dream and you
7:39 am
have the old guard, nancy pelosi, poo-pooing it. she has to answer it because aoc is the most excit exciting thing they've got going right now. the party of course is not going to -- i don't think they're going to settle this time of a sort of conservative -- by conservative, i mean not crazy left wing, they're not going to go with a moderate for the general. i think they're going to push as far left as they can. it's shaping up to be a pretty good field for the current president. >> charles, i think it's fascinating to watch now. back in 2015, republicans had a very similar set-up where it seemed like everybody was jumping in the race with 17 candidates. i think the democrats are going to have north of that as you say, it's going to force -- i think probably a far left candidate to rise up because it's going to have a lot of people fighting for the same territory. who do you worry about the most, though? when i look at this field, there's not a lot that make me sweat.
7:40 am
are there any that you are sitting there, that could be a problem for republicans. >> it's funny that you ask that question. probably the person that i think is most concerning would be somebody like amy clo like amy . people like amy klobuchar, she's a fairly left-leaning politician and if she gets -- but she's getting all of this free press now as being this moderate because of all the crazies that are running in the field right now. and if she comes out of this, some dahow gets the nomination,i don't think she does, but if she gets the nomination she will have gotten free press as a moderate which again, she's not, and then she can sort of -- she would do a good job of going after those blue collar workers that have traditionally been democrat, that voted for barack obama, for example, and then fled the democratic party in
7:41 am
2016 and went with donald trump. >> charlie, question for you. howard schultz which is an interesting topic i can't get over. the democrats picked somebody out of the field, probably doesn't matter who, shuts runs and that basically pulls votes from the democrats and trump wins. isn't that the most likely outcome? >> i think absolutely. i think any third party candidate right now, if they were to try to run like schultz, i think that it would definitely damage the democrats a lot more than republicans. you know, president trump right now within the party, within the republican party, within the people that voted for him the first time, you've never seen these numbers of the popularity that he enjoys among the republican base and those -- even the people that he stole. and i talk to people every now and then that seem to have-they voted for hillary but are pleasantly surprised by how he's run the government.
7:42 am
maria: all right, charlie. great to have you on the program. the problem is you can't have a moderate get past the democrats because they've lurched so left. i don't think there is a moderate that can actually be their candidate. you mentioned howard schultz. that's it. dagen: somebody who is very left-leaning, who is in the far left, if they get the nomination then when they're standing on the stage debating president trump, they're going to get pushed on the fact that they endorsed a medicare for all plan that not only eliminates but it outlaws all private insurance in this country and it also does away with medicare and we'll see how older voters react to that. maria: do you think they understand that so many people right now get their insurance from private healthcare? 160 million people. dagen: it is more than 150 million people are going to lose their health insurance through their employer. it is outlaud by these plans. maria: a major change by
7:43 am
youtube, we'll tell you what the company is doing to keep children safe. southwest is suing the mechanics union. the stock is high on speculation that it could get acquired by warren buffet. more after this. ♪ that would be all right. ♪ that would be all right. thk based on what's trending or an investing goal. it's real-time insights and information, in your own customized view of the market. it's smarter trading technology, for smarter trading decisions. and it's only from fidelity. open an account with no minimums today.
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7:46 am
maria: welcome back. a major change to youtube. lauren simonetti with details on the site turning off comments. lauren. lauren: youtube is disabling all comments on videos that feature minors. this is all in response to
7:47 am
reports of a growing number of predatory and obscene comments on videos with children in them. some exceptions will be made for older kids and teenagers and because millions of hours of footage are uploaded daily there are also reports that youtube will use algorithms to help them out. many companies have already stopped running ads on youtube because of this controversy. you're looking at google -- alphabet shares. southwest filing a lawsuit against the mechanics union, accuseing the workers of reporting minor maintenance issues in an effort to take planes out of service and gain an advantage in contract negotiations. the union leaders said the mechanics are calling out for legitimate safety concerns. take a look at shares of southwest, up 1.7% in the premarket after gaining more than 4% yesterday. the stock jumped yesterday after unconfirmed reports on social media that warren buffet plans to acquire the carrier.
7:48 am
maria. maria: big news there. lauren, thank you. coming up, fortnite season 8 is now, facing off against apex legends, the big business of gaming right after this. ♪ it's all right, it's all right, it's all right. ♪ he moves in mysterious ways. ♪ driving? sing that. ♪ vanishing deductible, you can... ♪ ♪ earn $100... ♪ earn $100 off... ♪ off your deductible. ♪ deductible. ♪ for every year of safe driving. ♪ ♪ for every-- for every-- ♪ ♪ for every year of safe driving. ♪ what are you-- what key are you in? "e." no, no, go to "g." "g" will be too high. not for me. ♪ vanishing deductible. oh, gosh. sweet, sweet.
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♪ maria: so how cool was that? no wonder it's so popular many that was footage from fortnite, the new season bringing ninjas and pi pirates into the game's
7:52 am
world. joining us right now is gaming world news founder and ceo, gail dicky. it's good to have you this morning. thanks so much for joining us. i guess first, characterize -- >> great to be here. maria: characterize for us the incredible success. i mean, fortnite and apex legends, gaming in general and then about how fortnite is responding to apex legends. >> fortnite just has been this global phenomenon for the past year and i think that you have to keep in mind that apex legends coming into the game this year, it's riding the coat tails of fortnite. you've got $2.4 billion war chest from epic games. i think they can pretty much ward off anything apex throws their way. what happens now is there's a a ping system in apex legends and lo and behold it appeared in fortnite. they can just about make any improvement on any modes that apex throws their way.
7:53 am
there's also a new wheezer juke box coming to fortnite. i think it's good for the business. it's exeat a competitive. it's battle royal to the max. i think they're a lot of fun. i've played both. they're completely different games, though. it's really not fair to compare them. i know the media likes to do that. one's very pop culture, cartoony, the other ones gritty and last man standing, you know, shoot them up. >> fortnite is not a game, okay. so light speed, which was my lead investor which just put some money into epic games, the thesis is, this could be bigger than a game, it could be a social network, fortnite could be the next facebook. they just had a concert in fortnite by marshmallow, the guy with the marshmallow hat -- dagen: it was during the super bowl. >> millions of people danced and watched the concert inside of
7:54 am
fortnite. that's the opportunity. that's what makes fortnite special. maria: what do you think about that, gail? >> i think you know what, i'll see that and i'll raise you a dating app inside r fortnite. >> amazing. >> it could very well happen. >> it could be anything. i think it's amazing the generational appeal. we were talking about whether it's our kids or husbands or all the way up into the 60s, people are playing this and the pace at which it's adapting and changing, it's fascinating. do you think this is going to be a trend for others that are now going to have to keep up with something that just evolves like this or is this going to be a stand-alone thing. >> no, i do not think it's stand-alone. look for other battle royals to come out this year. i was researching yesterday just what was ahead of us. there's a new game coming out with a thousand player drop-in. there's a battle royale within
7:55 am
ea's treasure chest for battlefield five called fire storm. there's another one called not my car and there's my personal favorite, i thought it was a funny ti tie tell, called -- tie called not another royale. the battle royale modes are so popular. i think it's here to stay. look to fortnite to just continue to be number one and lead the pack. but certainly apex offers a different experience and i think it's good for the business. i think it's good for everybody and i always tell parents, play with your kids. i mean, whether they're 7 or 8 years old or 10 or 17, at least take a shot at playing. i mean, you probably won't last long in the game but at least you'll have fun doing it. maria: incredible stuff, gail. what a business. thanks so much for joining us. >> thanks so much. maria: gail joining us from gamer world news. president trump just tweeted on his summit with north korea.
7:56 am
here's what he wrote. great to be back from vietnam and amazing place. we had very substantive negotiations with kim jong un. we know what they want and they know what we must have. relationship very good. let's see what happens, the president writes this morning after his trip from vietnam. >> that's very city blo very di. dagen: that was the tone coming out of the meeting. they wanted enough that we weren't willing to waive the vast sanctions they demanded. maria: he was -- you were spot-on yesterday, you were spot-on in the way you read it. it wasn't a disappointment. it was actually a success. quick break and then steve scalise on the u.s./china relations, right here. exactly. nothing! they're completely different people. that's why they make customized car insurance from liberty mutual.
7:57 am
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maria: good friday morning. thanks so much for joining us i amma massive. friday, march 1 top stories 8:00 a.m. on the button on the east coast,trade tepgz between u.s. and china remain, key issue in negotiations ip theft the threat from from huawei telecom highlights from my exclusive interview with chief security officer straight ahead agency he tried to defend, huawei this morning, markets kicking off new month with gains this morning expecting a strong rally start of trading futures indicating dow will open up 1830 points he three-quarters 1%, s&p up two-thirds of a percent nasdaq up 52 points tleerts higher.
8:01 am
>> as well this after news yesterday the close dow down 69 points s&p down seven nasdaq down 22 it has been a very strong start to 2019 which can out all major indices, up year-to-date better than 11% nasdaq up 13 1/2% in 2019 another rock 'n' roll start to new year global markets also seeing a firmer phone ft 100 up half a percent cac quarante in paris up 37 three-quarters of a percent the dax up 1 and a quarter% gains across the board china the best performer on miss i'm president of meet with xi jinping maria will goa end of march, retail earnings in focus a big week for retailers foot locker gap wins this morning, check out foot locker up 12 1/2 on earnings
8:02 am
goldman sachs not supposed to about on that board but goldman up by the way,. >> having major xaepgs bringing that coming up elon musk big news revealed yesterday, tesla launched long waitdz lower cost model 3 vehicle changing the way it does business dagen told us top of the show more coming up not all good stock down on news, down 3 3/4% off the lows, a record-breaking contract bryce harper new home deal for 13 years details right here, all stories this friday morning joining me to break it down fox business network dagen mcdowell, founder ceo cheddar, president maslansky and partners lee carter. >> we will talk about tesla i can walk you through how you get tesla serviced i am getting questions, people are interested they see 35,000 dollars, for this it is a very
8:03 am
nice electric vehicle now reason plea priced down from initially list 49,000 people want to know how to get them serviced if not service a center. >> have i model 3. >> you do. >> i have the glove docks every time went over a bump glove box opened a lot of people talking about this they fixed it. >> they have free mobile service, if you live in area like, jack king if you life in bristol tennessee free mobile service there you go. >> you said they are going all online. dagen: going all only going to shut a number of stores they've got about 37 8 stores globally, 35,000 $model three going to try to reduce the saving all this money where they probe pay a hundred thousand dollars in rent on that place in meatpacking district, a00 thousands in rent every00 able to use cost of cars on average by 6%, so we will save -- likely loss first quarter that is why
8:04 am
stock is down. >> lot to come on that, but top story this hour right now, is the china, telecom threat huawei technologies trying to repair global image this morning after being subject of intense scrutiny over potential threat to national security, huawei took out a full page print ad in yesterday's "the wall street journal" titled this, don't believe 'everything you hear see us urging journalists to visit campuses you know we have spoken a lot about this subject this morning, i sat down with chief security officer of huawei andy in as exclusive interview last hour listen to this. >> huawei, settled a lawsuit, with motorola solutions for stealing trade secreted you settled a lawsuit with cisco stealing routeer trade sects are you saying issues lawsuits went on we settled them now we are not going to steal anymore is that what you are saying. >> i am saying two things.
8:05 am
i am saying that but i am also saying there have been no major cyber security incidents in world in 170 countries we do business customers trues us around the world we believe additional mechanism can be done to provide assurance and president trumps so that we can help make, the america benefit from us allowed to compete. >> do you have a member of the communist government on your board? >> i don't know, i assume since so many members of the communist party i have to assume some officials of our company are members of the communist party but not government officials. >> no they are on your board they are communist government officials because that is the rule in china. you have to have communist government official on the board isn't it? >> a i don't think so i think -- >> but you do have government officials on your board or members of the communist party on your board. >> i think we probably he members of the communist party we don't have chinese government officials on our
8:06 am
board. >> laza congressman steve scalise good to see you thanks for joining us. >> good morning, great job getting him to admit large things. >> this is the thing we have spoken about china, a threats around telecom we had secretary of state mike pompeo in studio two weeks ago right after he got back from poland you have yoo-- europe pushing back how big is forced transfer of technology and countries companies using huawei technology because of the threat of espionage? >> it is a major threat it is multitude-billion-dollar threat to america's economy when you talk about our technology, and what they've done over the years you have cited cases, we've got t-mobile case coming up, next march in canada cfo he arrested admitting they have members of the communist party on their board, look being if
8:07 am
they've got technology embedded in so many of our routers, and so many of our cameras, all the things that are involved in an internet of things huawei part of that a hearing years ago i think pompeo was on emergency commercek with me when we had hearings on huawei concerns we were having back then they have gotten worse especially as relates to our department of defense you see them billing back i think now you are seeing more questions being raised, not just by america, but other friends of ours around the world this is a company that people ought to watch with a lot more scrutiny. >> that is the thing what are you going to do about it in congress when president comes up with a deal, with chinese, is this just a culture we are never able to real affect change because we know all of the ip theft over decades president in real deep discussions with xi jinping and chinese about doing a trade deal, we understand, that the chinese are going to
8:08 am
buy more soybean going to buy more grains, but -- can you do a deal with just that or are you going to need some real evidence, confirmation that you will have been able to he move needle in terms each theft forced technical i have not gotten to con to you aious centers around silicon valley that is sunday on "sunday morning futures" on fox news what is your take in terms of this pending deal we are talking about? >> you cover a lot of ground there maria let me try to hit on a few, first of all, i met with ambassador lighthizer few days owing mostly usmca the issue of ip theft with china came up there are negotiations with china i am glad trump administration is he engaging because our friends around the world as we get through some other trade issues, and resolving with mexico and canada, hopefully, we can get better trade deals with european asian allies ultimately all friends around the world want to join together and focus on china. and force them, to come into
8:09 am
the real world and start complying with laws we know their history they cheat steal ip, dump results ultimately if we put our weight on them they need our economy more than we feed theirs, but they've got to play by the rules not just our rules, the rest of the world you can't steal people's intellectual property, and continue to get away with it we've got to stand up against this threat, again, it is a multibillion-dollar threat maybe multitrillion dollar threat to our economy but friends around the world recognize this problem as well. maria: we've seen common ground weaken you and colleagues on the left on this issue, by the way. i think most people agree in a this is the right move for president trump, to make, to push back on china. not as much common ground with the democrats on other issues, though, in a closed-door meeting among house democrats nancy pelosi this week reportedly took some fellow he dems to task not taking a
8:10 am
tougher stance against republicans reportedly told room quote this is not a day at the beach this is the congress of the united states. pelosi said to about angry over moderate democrats vetting with gop counterparts this ties into recent bipartisan bills on expanding gun background checks that passed in the house i am going to get your reaction on that, legislation, in a second. but look at what is going on. of the the speaker is upset with some colleagues for going with the republicans rather than going with the resist movement. >> first of all, if you look at what nancy pelosi is saying, we had a fie amendments on radical giles they've got begun control legislation other bills to the floor part of her far left agenda one of the things we said is they are trying to make, legal -- citizens in this united states, the they apply a gun under certain sakes law eye biding citizen
8:11 am
can become a criminal, have to go to federal prison for loaning gun to a friend you had somebody here illegally trying to buy a gun a federal crime we said turn that name over to ice for deportation, pelosi didn't want that, yet wiper able to get enough democrats to vote with us made her flip out over this, then amendment yesterday it would have said if somebody is a victim of domestic violence they should not have to wait 20 days under their bill, they would up to 20 business days they have to wait to ply a gun a victim of domestic violence with tro against boyfriend we said should not be forced to wait that long to defend herself pelosi threatened all our members to vote with her on that, and pelosi won there but look at who lost not republicans it is american people right now in a situation a lot of democrats won swing district seats not far left, aoc or nancy pelosi
8:12 am
san francisco they are swing districts she is forcing them to make a choice, you choose between the people elected you in district or between nancy pelosi's agenda but you can't have both, that is the dilemma going to face now. >> that is why i brought it up i feel like party over country. i know it doesn't matter what may or may not be good for the american people, they just want to keep the resist on president trump i am wrng if this will hurt them in 2020 elections people are sick and tierpd of obligatories they would like to see you get stuff done, actually react to what is going on, in americans's lives not have constant fighting and resist, resist, resist on a duly elected president. >> you know this is going to become a growing problem, it is almost like they dislike donald trump so much, that they want to oppose things just because it is himself we saw with the wall, so many democrats voted for physical braer before now against it
8:13 am
because donald trump wants it. they are going to pay a price back home ultimately we are all held accountable every two years by people who elect us he nancy pelosi didn't elect any of them most of them didn't want nancy pelosi to campaign for them in their district because show unpopular there, and her policies and views are, in fact many said they are going to about pro-life pro gun anti-pelosi got elected now voting with nancy pelosi, voting for example if a baby is born alive outside the womb they are voting to allow the baby to about killed a radical policy that is where they are voting, that is not the people who electric them. >> really just -- incredible what you just said about incredible, quick being who has best shot against donnon in 2020 democratic side real quick? >> i know who i would like to see look, some people every single senator ring against donald trump last week voted to allow babies to about killed after they are sfwhoorn who has best shot.
8:14 am
>> that is murder they voted for that. >> i like -- >> warren, i like there are so many of them -- >> [laughter] >> trump is going to do a great job because we have a growing economy, he is not standing aring for the radical policies they are that is a sharp contrast next year. maria: good to see you. thank you. >> we will see you soon. >> president trump tweeted on former lawyer michael cohen wow just revealed michael cohen wrote love letter to trump manuscript for a new book written and 'ed after charlottesville on helsinki exact opposite of fake testimony a lie, congress must demand transcript of michael cohen new book given to publishers your heads will soon when you see lies misrepresentations contradictions like a different person totally discredited writes the
8:15 am
president quick break u-turn for tesla announcing closing all real sales in a shift to online sales model all deals right after this how about bryce harper new home highest paid baseball player ever, details behind the reco record-setting contract. and online equity trades are only $4.95... i mean you can't have low cost and be full service. it's impossible. it's like having your cake and eating it too. ask your broker if they offer award-winning full service and low costs. how am i going to explain this? if you don't like their answer, ask again at schwab. schwab, a modern approach to wealth management. (butcher) we both know you're not just looking for pork chops. you're searching for something more... right this way. you thirst for adrenaline, you hunger for raw power. well, you've come to the right place.
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8:18 am
governor cuomo reportedly trying to convince amazon to come back new york. >> "new york times" says kansas has spoken, to ceo jeff bezos several types to guarantee support for the project in new york city, scrapped last month after local pushback. costing city thousands of jobs, tens of millions of dollars in revenue new york officials publishing open letter to amazon in, no today says governor cuomo will take personal responsibility for the project state approval there are no indications that amazon is reconsidering its decision however. there is also this, amazon is
8:19 am
coming up with a new waste reduction program starts tuesday. all prime members able to select a particularly day of the week to receive a week's wovrth of deliveries, amazon hopes this will reduce number of deliveries it has to make. >> tesla, because elon musk says tesla long waited lower cost model has finally arrived, after years of delays the 35,000 dollar version is ready for purchase, but to reach that price, tesla is closing dloirlz shifting sal exclusive to save money to help tesla become more mainstream automaker enough to put tesla back in the black is the question, yesterday, elon musk said the company doesn't expect to post a profit in the current quarter, i want to remind you has 920-million-dollar bond payment due today that is expected to eat up nearly a quarter of cash.
8:20 am
could be why stock down 3 1/2% tesla reading 308.74. >> instead of blocking one on twitter you might be able to hide them reportedly billed a feature lets users hide reapplies to tweets to stop conversation from becoming toxic plans to test in coming months twitter up half a percent right now. maria: thank you so much, traerlgz in focus, all week victoria's secret closing more stores we have a look at industry coming up what it says about the broader economy apple shareholders meeting to cupertino to see what is in focus the stock up ahead of it back in a minute. ♪
8:21 am
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long-awaited. . maria: welcome back gas making a change due deirdre on the floor retail a abroad markets expecting a rally. >> if i look at premarket investors like what company decided so going to about splitting into two analysts said so smart should have been done long time ago old navy is going to trade separately, that company by itself that brand has 8 billion dollars in annual revenue, gap on the other hand called gap followed in banana republic going to have nine billion dollars in annual revenue based on the past, so people saying gap has been suffering for years, declining mall traffic a reason people depending on
8:25 am
season have been off trend, of course, facing competition from everything, that is online, take a look at victoria's secret similar story there company is going to about closing stores, 50 to about precise analysts saying image is no longer current and there are so many other choices out there, target going to offer three separate private labeled sleepwear underaway rihanna has brand, stock, right now l brands higher premarket. >> nike signing a deal with china's biggest ep sports league, league of legends anybody who knows anything about sports says e-sports is next frontier making that junio jerseys for egaming with with online entertainment is going.
8:26 am
>> talking about gaming incredible thanks. >>. dagen: i think that kind of speaks to what nike is not really athlettic parallel it is for sitting on your butt if you go in store nothing in stock clothing i am a runner not made for runners, maybe that is under armour maybe i am shopping at wrong place i hate nike apparel laying around standing still, looking -- >> for gamers. >> i want to touch on victoria's secret story deirdre was talking about this is this is such a story of how tastes you court change third love on the other day 55 million dollars direct to consumer all different kinds of body shapes allen and company led financing if that is not a story of polar opposites i don't know what is. >> great story. >> i have hammered victoria's secret for years, for
8:27 am
continuing to push, some standard of beauty that doesn't resonate with women in this country i don't want 110 super modular gigantic heading wearing push-up underwear bra that is not who we are. >> how do you wear a bow like being about that about going to big in diamonds, crazy who wears that. dagen: you want to talk about death and blind to women in this country, victoria's secret sums it up. >> they didn't change who he they are trying to about same thing in 19995. >> the good company bad company move gap, others, growing 3% a year half revenue from that, and basically jettisoning gap banana republic all that. >> up big a short break
8:28 am
personal income spending out after this short break those numbers and see if they impact markets this morning, a big rally this morning up 166 dow industrials s&p up 15 nasdaq up 46, bryce harper's record-setting contract highest paid baseball player ever, details right after this. >> ♪ sing as you song piano man sing us the song tonight, well ♪ more than half of employees across the country bring financial stress to work. if you're stressed out financially at home, you're going to be too worried to be able to do a good job. i want to be able to offer all of the benefits that keep them satisfied. it is the people that is really the only asset that you have. put your employees on a path
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oftening thanks for joining us image maria bartiromo friday march 1 top stories 8:32 a.m. east coast, breaking news this morning, percentage income spending out, income is down 1/10 of one percent, the estimate calls for income up 3/10 of a percent a miss spending down 5/10 of a percent worse than estimate called for decline of 2/10 of a% cent worse than expected not impact on markets a new month with strong gains, futures indicating we will see rally start of trading up 175 points on dow jones industrial average two-thirds of one percent s&p 500 up 16 nasdaq up 48 points two thinkers of a percent higher on nasdaq global markets well european indices higher across the board ft 100 up 35 points, cac
8:33 am
quarante in paris up 31 dax in germany up 137 points 1 1/4% higher in i germany asia overnight gains across the board to look at best china, shanghai composite up 1.8%. >> trade tensions between u.s. and china continue key issue in negotiations, intellectual property theft threat from huawei telecom i sat down earlier withh chief security officer, he said in defense of his company over a string of lawsuits, we will tell you all about that coming up, then future of apple ceo tim cook will address share holders to cupertino later this hour, plus, a record-breaking contract bryce harper new home deal is for 13 years we take you tloo that coming up, coming up friday morning first top story this half an hour, u.s.-china relations chinese tech giant huawei full page ad
8:34 am
in journal telling americans to the to believe what they hear about company don't believe everything you hear right come and see us, defending itself againsts accusations it steals trade secrets this morning i addressed concerns with chief security officer of the company in exclusive interview. >> over the last year, years several years i can cite a list of companies that have sued you, and you have done settles with, motorola solutions t-mobile, cisco all sued huawei for stealing trade secrets. >> there have been no major cybersecurity in world involving huawei that industry fact lawsuits in the past craved industry 20 years we have resolved those issues, and moving forward, he remaining issues we hope to resolve in the next year or so -- >> to stay there have been no issues withh, is just one
8:35 am
hundred percent inaccurate i listed companies that sued you store stealing trade secrets the settlements that you have done. >> i did not disagree with the facts of those cases. >> okay. >> i did not disagree with that. >> next guest written op-ed will u.s. capitulate to china joining us right now harvard economics professor former reagan economic advisory martin feldstein good to see you what kind of a deal between u.s. and china has what is your reaction to the 4h telecom securityh 4 telecom. >> the deal on key issue china stealing technology stealing through internet forcing american companies to share technology in order to do biggest in china, chinese have really been very clever, they didn't talk about that, in negotiations. instead said we will just buy a lot of soybeans and natural gas other state your cut bilateral trade imbalance, and
8:36 am
alas the president seems to have accepted that. >> i don't know that he accepted it, i mean i don't think that would fly i think now what he know the issues around theft. >> but i think that is where he is heading. >> really? >> yeah i think that he is heading to say look at what i have just won, i have just won a big reduction in our trade deficit with china, and -- >> that is not going to fly dagen what do you think. dagen: can we look what happened with north korea, where north korea came to the table with what was a bad deal for the united states, they wanted kind of sanctions release president and advisers knew when you give in on that note with -- shallow promises from north korea, then there is no way you can lay sanctions back on, can we read anything into -- >> i don't think so. >> why not. >> i think that when a we were asking north korea to do was give up their ability to protect themselves by having
8:37 am
nuclear capability and said thanks but no thanks good the president walked away from that. but i think he is not walking away from china he is setting up to have a meeting with xi the only thing really on the table from the chinese side is cutting the u.s.-china trade deficit by buying less. >> can you really even affect change in economy that has been having a cultural of stealing we spoke with chief security officer, huawei he itself was created from the assets of nortel network a canadian telecom company so i mean, do you think there is any way that you are really going to put a dent in any of this? because this is you a a culture. >> when president obama met with president xi a few years ago, they agreed the government we showed them evidence, that people's liberation army was stealing
8:38 am
through internet president xi agreed to o stop doing that. >> but i didn't. >> i think he probably did the government isn't doing it state owned enterprises others are doing it. >> professor i talked to president trump in mar-a-lago in thanksgiving i said mr. president make whatever deal you can with china, so we have a trump christmas it doesn't matter what you agree to with them, on ip they are going to steal he looked at me he said you are right about that asked me if i look like a tariff man i said i am not a tariff man he told me he was a tariff man tell me what i got wrong there make any deal with them on economics, don't even bother with ip never complying with it. >> i think you are right about that that he is going to do a deal because the market likes getting a deal, the voters like getting a deal, the most recent ratings of trump are up 47% hitting new highs that is not because he said i am going to about tougher it is because he said i am going meet with
8:39 am
president xi -- >> back on this for a second, because the fact is this is the first president who really poked the bear, i mean you say a meeting between president xi and president obama, built, the world wasn't talking about this, nothing really was done, i mean we had on several ceos that have said to us, in the last couple of years, motorola slugdz t-mobile cisco microsoft had ipstone before president trump made this a major issue nobody was talking about this so you say he is going to do easy deal why why would he do an easy deal when the first president to bring this to everybody's attention. >> we will see soon but i think that is where he is heading. >> what makes you think that? i am trying to see, what would he is willing to walk away make tough decisions. >> that is true. >> so i am curious why you think he would not -- >> yeah why? >> look about what rhetoric now about chinese he hasn't said oh they are offering to
8:40 am
buy a lot of stuff, that is not the issue. what they should be offering is top stealing. >> pompeo in studio two weeks ago said this is the issue, exactly weigh said. >> lighthizer. >> lighthizer says navarro. >> unwinnable like getting to agree to say not stealing -- >> focus on economic point not by huawei equipment that seems the solution wouldn't apply thursday equipment that he poses security risk. >> europe has it what did pompeo say two weeks ago that if european nations use telecom equipment from huawei they are going to share less information with them the rest of the world has it. dagen: a way of u.s. cracking down on espionage and theft. if -- to marty's point whatever trade deal looks like there are a lot of other levyers administration can looks willing to pull look at justice department has done with request huawei with
8:41 am
charges, particularly he related to t-mobile theft so you've got a lot of different areas of the administration, that is putting pressure, regardless of what might come out of this what the trade deal looks like on the as if of. >> that is true just put cfo of huawei in jail. >> huawei is -- but generally stealing forcing american companies to share their technology if they want to do business, that is what we -- put at the top of the list, and chinese just cleverly said we we -- -- buy your stuff. >> see what this looks like make an important point i don't think this administration can afford to have a deal that doesn't include moving the needle on that whether or not they are are able to change culture is another -- >> if president says look what i have won chinese bot 200 billion dollars more stuff, and we will see.
8:42 am
>> i don't think it is going to fly i don't think going to fly i think people are more educated than ever before about chinese practices we will see, good to see you -- >> great to see you. >> thanks for writing that op-ed get us fired up, president trump back in washington this morning after not reaching a deem with summit, in his summit with kim jong-un blake burman at white house with more on that blake, good morning to you. reporter: maria, good morning to you happy friday president trump at the white house after returning back from vietnam, without a deal, being struck with kim jong-un signing ceremony was scrapped, and this morning we are getting fresh reaction from the president, he took to twitter a while ago he wrote the following, tweeting "great to about back from vietnam, and amazing place we had very substantive negotiations with kim jong-un, we know what they want, and they know what we must have. relationship very good. let's see what happens. the u.s. north korea are publicly disagreeing on what kind of sanctions relief north korea was looking for, put the president says he walked in part because the deal he wants
8:43 am
is complete denuclearization, that have can be verified. >> it is a much tougher deal to make. maybe won't get made but that is the deal we should have, and you can't give up everything if you don't get that. we could have done a large portions, but you are not getting that, so let's see what happens again, the relationship is very good. reporter: now that president is back home focus on domestic issues remerge senator lamar alexander the tlaits senate republican to express reservations about the president's national emergency declaration saying it is dangerous to vote against intrz back to walling the wall a wall. >> we are going to about voting over 200 miles of wall, i am calling it wall as opposed to barriers, or slats could you call it slats or barriers we played game a while said hey look we need
8:44 am
intrd border security you can't have without a wall a strong wall. >> republicans said they would vote for house passed resolution as realities in national emergency declaration president trump could issue first ever veto. maria: blake burman at the white house this morning coming up washington and money we break down the economy and president trump, stuart varney weighs in right after this, then apple he shareholders meeting we are taking you cupertino california for a preview of the meeting right after this. ♪ this is not a bed...
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maria: welcome back u.s. national economic counsel director larry kudlow a speech on socialism yesterday at cpac joining me stuart varney, good morning. >> good morning, maria. larry on our show today i will be he light up like he lit up cpac conference yesterday the battle lines for 2020 are drawn fairly clearly expect alism trump versus socialism aoc and her party comrades in the democrats that is the way it is shaping up i think, larry kudlow is the point man for putting socialism on trial, that is what he is going to do did it yesterday going to do it again for us today. we are also going to talk about growth rate that you can expect he kevin hassett yesterday, told us it ways
8:49 am
going to be the 3% this calendar year 2019. larry kudlow says yep 3% growth as far as the eye can see i want to know where that extra growth is going to come from in summer and fall of this year. because in the first quarter we are probably around 2% growth you are going to very strong growth to get to 3% for the year that is what i want to know how is it going after socialism how do we get 3% growth this year larry on the show today. >> great conversation i hope you ask him about china and if they are going to be able to do deal including more than china buying stuff from united states crack, into the ip theft important. >> that will be my question. maria: great stuart see you 10 minutes thank you so much, stuart will talk again with larry kudlow national economic counsel director this morning join stuart top of the hour larry on 11:00 don't miss it first break right here apple shareholder meeting we are taking you live to cupertino,
8:50 am
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maria: welcome back. apple is gearing up for its annual shareholders meeting today. susan li is in cupertino, california with more on that meeting. good morning to you. susan: good morning, maria. we are just outside apple headquarters here for the annual shareholders event, given that apple is probably the most widely held stock on the planet, the first one to cross $1 trillion in market cap, lots of shareholders in town to hear what tim cook and the rest of management have to say about the outlook ahead for the year. we do have a few administrative items up for vote, namely nominees to the board, eight names being floated here. that includes tim cook, bob
8:54 am
iger, art levinson and al gore. also they will talk about the outlook ahead for 2019 as their main objective. last year they talked about wearables, apple pay and services. you can bet services will be a main part of this for 2019 as well, given that we are looking at stalling iphone sales. revenue have jumped from 200% in 2012, right now it makes up about 14% of the company revenue. tim cook said they want to get that up to 20% of revenue so there is still some growth there. also, cash positioning as well. apple still has a lot of cash on hand. over $130 billion worth. last year, they increased dividend by 16%. shareholders want to know will they get that back in higher dividends this year and also buy-backs. maria? maria: thank you, susan. still ahead, bryce harper has found a home. it is now showing that he will be the highest paid baseball player ever. we have the details behind this record-setting contract after this. ep doing what i love, that's the retirement plan.
8:55 am
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maria: welcome back. free agent bryce harper finding a new home with a record-breaking contract. jared max breaks it down in sports. reporter: good morning. happy friday. the bryce was right in philadelphia. no sports player's ever signed a richer contract. record deal for bryce harper will become official once he passes the physical today. six-time all-star outfielder, 2015mvp, harper chose philadelphia over the dodgers and the giants. out of the only team he played for, the washington nationals,
8:59 am
who reportedly offered him a $300 million deal for ten years but is said to have included $100 million in deferred money that would have paid him until he's 60. with philly he gets $330 million guaranteed. richest contract for a player in pro sports in north america, no opt-outs allowed, no trades. bryce wants to attract others and know that he is there to stay. philadelphia is abuzz. that's a tweet from eagles head coach doug paidederson. odds on the phillies to win the world series dropped to 8:1. philly is abuzz. maria: i bet it is. thank you. couple seconds here to wrap up the show. >> baseball can afford that kind of salary? enough people are watching baseball and are the rsns having all these issues? this is a good deal for the phillies? >> no, it's not a good deal. speaking of deals, $920 million debt payment tesla has due today
9:00 am
and that's going to eat up a pretty big chunk of its cash. about one quarter of its cash on hand. maria: is that what the stock is down to? >> also the fact elon musk said they won't be profitable in the first quarter, more than likely, and all the changes, online sales, the $35,000 tesla. maria: have a great weekend, everybody. thanks. come back soon. stuart varney begins now. take it away. stuart: good morning, maria. good morning, everyone. yeah, march 1st, 2019, the year is going very well. january and february mark the best new year performance since 1987. don't get bogged down with what happened in october 1987. let's just celebrate a great start to the year, shall we? look at this. another big gain for stocks at the opening bell today. the dow is going to be up, what, 150, 160 points. i doubt it will hit the new high today, as i forecast earlier this week, but we may get within a couple hundred points. as for the nasdaq, you are looking at a gain of 47, 50 points.


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