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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  March 12, 2019 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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more easily that way. dagen: thank you, hillary. so good to see you. love your enemies. >> it's on sale today. dagen: we should do a podcast based on our conversations in the commercial break. >> i would love that. dagen: "varney & company." stuart, it is all yours. stuart: good morning, everyone. boeing's troubles are spreading. the issue is the safety of the 737 max 8 jet. australia has banned those jets from its air space. singapore will not allow takeoffs or landings and as of now, about 40% of the max 8 fleet is grounded. in america, they are still in service but social media is full of comment from people uneasy about getting on board a max 8 flight. the faa said this morning it will issue quote, a continued airworthiness notification to max 8 operators. in other words, the u.s. authorities say it's okay to fly it. again today, boeing stock is under pressure.
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a sharp drop yesterday followed right now by another near 3% decline. again today, that's hurting the dow because boeing is one of the dow 30 stocks. it will take around 100 points off the dow at the open. so we will open lower, but all of the decline is due to boeing. the rest of the market continues yesterday's rally and much of that rally was big tech. monday, apple, google, amazon, facebook, microsoft, all had big gains and mostly continue with those gains today. not huge, but some gains. there's news on apple. it will hold an event on march 25th. it's expected to reveal its new streaming service. just wait until you hear what speaker pelosi says about impeachment. and wait until you hear what ilhan omar said about our president. tuesday, march 12th. "varney & company" is about to begin.
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stuart: venezuela, a lot going on. president maduro blames the u.s. for cyberattacks for the power outages. they have moved from full blackout to rolling blackouts. the united states has announced it's going to withdraw its remaining staff from the embassy, citing deteriorating conditions in the country. congresswoman omar tweeting this on venezuela. trump and elliott abrams cannot be trusted to tell the truth about what's happening in venezuela. we must continue to question the narratives they provide and promote dialogue instead of intervention. all right. opposition leader juan guaido was on fox business last night, and he invited young socialist aoc, omar, go to venezuela, see how bad socialism really is. roll that tape. >> -- lack of information so if you want to talk about the economy, we are seeing 53% rates
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in inflation, lack of basic products, medications and food. if we look at the day-to-day suffering of the venezuelan people, that's not about numbers. it's about human beings. i invite everyone to see what's going on in venezuela. stuart: i doubt they will accept the invitation. i doubt they will go to venezuela, see what's happening. i'm intrigued about omar, ilhan omar, saying don't intervene. what about -- does that include we should not send food and medicine to the border to help them out? ashley: what are you supposed to do, stand on the sidelines and just observe and issue strongly worded statements how awful it is? you can't stand by. stuart: i can't believe omar would support this socialist dictator who has wrecked the country. ashley: it's in complete opposition to the president and apparently that's all that matters. susan: i would like to see them go to venezuela, go to the hospitals, people can't get
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access to medication or food, they have no toilet paper. look at the living conditions of socialism and what it brings upon a country like venezuela. especially rife with corruption and inefficiency as it has been. stuart: the situation is ongoing. one of these days we will have an end game, i suspect, but apparently not today. let's get from there to your money. futures pointing lower for the dow but higher for the nasdaq. stocks bounced back yesterday. we were down 220 at the opening bell. we were up 200 by the close. the big drag, of course, was boeing. it managed to finish about 5% lower. joining us now is jim awatt with clearstead advisers. back to the same old, same old. looks like the market just wants to go up. >> it does want to go up. you have easing financial conditions around the world and the europeans join the americans in becoming more dovish, and that's a case for a stronger back half in the u.s. economy, but what you need to see right
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now as companies report first quarter earnings and give second quarter outlook, which should happen in a few weeks in early april, if you start to see earnings estimates go back up, they have been coming down in the fourth quarter and they are very modest expectations for the first quarter, if companies report good earnings and start to raise their guidance for the year, in spite of the soft economy in the first quarter, then you will blow through the 2800 which has been a ceiling five times now. you will make new highs. stuart: s&p 500. >> yes. that's the most critical investment vehicle now, earnings estimates increasing rather than going down. we have easy financial conditions. you have that and rising earnings estimates, then we will power our way through. stuart: looked to me like yesterday was big tech. are they now leading this -- >> well, when you have a period of decelerating economic growth, you want to go to certainty of earnings. and certainty of growth. i don't know how you value these companies. you need somebody much younger than me to value these companies.
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but i do know they are changing the world. of course, you do have the political risk of elizabeth warren but i don't think that's going to develop into anything. i think what you are seeing is the economy worldwide is slowing, estimates are coming down for worldwide growth. let's go with the leaders. stuart: you sum it up so nicely. an ideal start to the program. >> thank you. stuart: lively, positive, great experience stretching back the distant past. >> my honor and pleasure to be with you. stuart: stay there. we have more for you. from stocks, let's get to the economy. the chorus forecasting 3% growth seems to be getting louder. i want to bring in economist john lonski, see if he agrees with this. here's what we've got. dennis hassett, larry kudlow, president trump in the budget, various economists on this program, we will get a big rebound for the economy in the spring of this year. do you see it coming? >> i think it's possible to have 3% growth. we will have 3% growth in the
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second quarter but are you going to have 3% growth for the entirety of 2019? no. stuart: no? >> probably growth no faster than 2.5% and i think for 2020, brace yourself for growth of less than 2%. does that mean that the equity market necessarily tanks, no, it doesn't. but i think it's important that we reestablish some upward momentum for consumer spending after what should be a pretty ugly first quarter. stuart: i thought you were mr. bullish on the economy. i thought you were a 3% growth guy. come on. >> i'm not saying there's a recession around the corner. but we have problems overseas. stuart: lonski, wait a minute. are you one of these economists who says on the one hand, we are going to get 3% or 4% growth, but on the other hand, we might not get 3% or 4% growth. >> i have one hand. my one hand says that we are not going to see 3% growth on a recurring basis any time soon, but that doesn't necessarily imply that this recovery is
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about to expire at some point in 2020. it could go forward. i think this more modest pace of economic expansion is going to rein in interest rates and as a result, we are going to see this recovery go on into 2021, if not further. stuart: okay. i will get back to you in a second. i just want to know if you see a dark cloud on the horizon which could present a recession. i will ask you that now. there is a dark cloud out there? >> is there a dark cloud that threatens recession at this point in time? no. stuart: thank you, lonski. i thought you were going to say on the one hand there is a dark cloud. on the other hand -- >> two-handed economist. stuart: we do like you, though. boeing, on a serious subject, get to that now, the stock rebounded off its lows yesterday. it finished down on the day. the stock right now is off almost another 3%, way below $400 per share. latest, please. ashley: the plane grounded in a number of countries, mexico, brazil, argentina, australia,
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singapore, china, ethiopia. all the time the faa vouching for the safety of this plane and i was just noticing a comment from southwest airlines saying we have operated 41,000 flights with this plane and had no complaints. it's been absolutely fine. so no grounding here in the united states. by the way, australia doesn't have -- has a carrier that even has this plane but there are global carriers that fly over australia and into australia. stuart: now they can't. ashley: now they can't. big impact to those people. stuart: the stock is this morning about $388. jim awad, come back in. would you buy boeing at this point? >> my experience when you have great franchises with temporary problems, if you take advantage of that to buy them, you end up making money unless something fundamentally has changed. think back polaroid, kodak, where it moved from film to digital and they were finished. i don't think that's the case. they have a short-term issue here and i think when you look back five years from now, this will have been tragic for the
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people on the planes, so i'm an asset allocator, not a stock picker but my experience, when you have great companies with durable franchises, dominant market share and they have temporary problems, if you buy them and are patient and don't have to market to market two months from now, you end up making money. stuart: boeing needs to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it, fast. >> they will. they will. they have the technology. stuart: thank you very much, jim. apple, they have sent invitations to a march 25th event. when they do that kind of thing, it's a big deal. susan: we expected it. everyone and their mom expected it. march 25th is when it's going to happen. so what is apple going to unveil? as expected, pretty much telestrated, we are going to probably get a streaming tv service, apple tv, and this will be launching their free original programs, also offering something like amazon right now which is where you get to pick some channels a la carte like starz and the like, also
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possibly bundling of their apple products. you will pay a subscription fee each month, you will get a bundle of magazines and other publications as well. we do have people speculating that maybe some hardware introductions like low-cost ipad, possibly remodeled airpods, the head phones, i know i have to explain it to you. stuart: i know what pods are. susan: okay. stuart: check futures, please. if it wasn't for boeing, the dow would be up about 50, 60 points but boeing is weighing down and dragging the dow down at the open. nasdaq will be up nicely. facebook removing ads posted by senator elizabeth warren. the ads were targeted, they were all about breaking up big tech companies, including facebook. facebook has since reposted the ads. we are going to tell you why they pulled them in the first place. interesting item in president trump's 2020 budget. he wants work requirements for
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welfare recipients. you want to get help from the government, you need to work at least 20 hours a week. we are on that one. house speaker pelosi says she's not in favor of impeaching president trump. she says he's just not worth it. the democrats, that is one split party, ain't it? more after this.
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stuart: sales falling at dick's sporting goods. when that happens, the stock goes down and dick's is down 8%. facebook removed a number of ads
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placed by senator elizabeth warren's presidential campaign. what were the ads that were removed? ashley: they were targeting big tech and explaining why they should roll back some of their recent purchases and why they should not be allowed to monopolize and dominate social media platforms. stuart: wait a second. the ad said break up facebook, so they took it off. ashley: they took it off, saying they removed the ads because they violated our policies against use of our corporate logo. there it is. but they said in the interest of allowing robust debate, we will restore them. this plays right into elizabeth warren's wheelhouse because she said isn't this evidence of what facebook can do? she said curious why i think facebook has too much power. let's start with their ability to shut down a debate over whether facebook has too much power. stuart: good point. ashley: she's right. stuart: she's got a point. ashley: they played right into her point. stuart: i always had trouble with the amount of power google and facebook have. ashley: they are the gate keepers of everything. stuart: i don't like it. speaker pelosi interviewed in
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"the washington post" breaking some news. here's the quote. i'm not for impeachment. impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there's something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan i don't think we should go down that path because it divides the country and here's the kicker, he's just not worth it. joining us now, congressman jodi heinz, republican from georgia. you are republican but why do you think speaker pelosi is walking away from impeachment? >> there's only one reason. there's no evidence there. there's nothing impeachable. that is the issue and you know, i don't think this thing is going away. there's no question the democrats have set up an effort right now literally to weaponize the government to go after the president of the united states. we see it in all our committees, we are seeing it in the investigations ramping up, the rhetoric. so this issue is not going away. but at this point, there is nothing there for them to attach impeachment on. i think that's what she was saying.
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stuart: you must speak to your colleagues across the aisle, and there are plenty of moderate democrats who -- tell me what they think. tell me about your conversations with them. because i can't believe that they are gung-ho for impeachment or undermining the president at every turn, massive taxes, socialism. i can't believe your colleagues across the aisle are going for that. >> well, many of them are. i'm sure some of them are not but the environment that's been created in the democrat party is right now destroying the president, at least on the committees on which i serve almost every democrat, when they are given the opportunity to speak, it is all about trashing the president, attack the president, go after him. that's why i say literally, they are using the government now as a weapon to destroy this president. they are looking for anything that they can use to destroy him and if they find that, i don't have any question that the impeachment issue will come back with the democrats. but they are bent on destroying
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this president. i think that's extremely dangerous for our country. stuart: will it be successful in terms of voting in 2020? >> i think it will. i think they are overplaying their hand, which they are masterful at doing on a number of different issues. again, 2020 is a long way away. a lot of water's going to go under the bridge between now and then. but i think it's alarming, the direction of the democrat party from the push toward socialism to destroying the free enterprise markets to destroying the president, everything it seems that we hold dear and we cherish in this country, they are attacking right now and i'm certainly hopeful that will come back to bite them in the 2020 elections. stuart: i just want to see the mueller report. i wonder where it is. congressman, thanks for joining us, sir. we appreciate it. >> great to be with you. stuart: thanks a lot. we better tell you how this market's going to open. mostly higher except for the dow which is being dragged down by another loss for boeing. dow is down about 40 at the opening bell.
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nasdaq and s&p on the upside. more big tech censorship. apple pulling a global warming skeptics app from their app store. that's next. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase sensimist relieves all your worst symptoms, including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist.
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who we are as people and making everybody feel welcome. ordering custom ink t-shirts has been a really smart decision for our business. - [narrator] custom ink has hundreds of products and free shipping. upload your logo or start your design today at stuart: a rally yesterday, there
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will be another rally at the opening bell this morning, except for the dow, which is affected again by this stock. that's boeing. boeing is going to be down about -- yeah, over 3%, another $12 down. boeing is a dow stock. hurts the dow industrials. got it. next case. a climate skeptic has accused apple of political bias because his app was removed. ashley: gregory wrightstone, a geologist with more than three decades of experience, has this app that is called inconvenient facts. of course, that plays up the inconvenient truth of al gore fame, who talked about climate change. his app was removed from apple's iphone store on march 4th. stuart: he likes to point out they have given him no reason why and they have not responded to questions about it. but he also points out al gore is on the board of apple. it's also worth pointing out that tim cook, who leads apple, famously said a couple years ago if you are a climate skeptic, we
9:25 am
don't want your business. ashley: there you go. here's more proof of that. he has 60 facts on there, inconvenient facts, he calls about climate change and the role of mankind in that. stuart: they have not restored it. ashley: not restored it. you can get it on android in the google play store. stuart: i think we have time for this one. we should make time for it. google reportedly has agreed to pay $135 million to two executives who were accused of sexual harassment. susan: this disclosure comes in a civil shareholder lawsuit in california. google agreed to pay $90 million to the person that helped build up android which is the most used, yeah, android system in the world at this point, smartphone system in the world. he got $90 million. search is probably the main bulk of the traffic driven by google. he was given a $45 million payout, only took $15 million of it because he went to work for a competitor. don't forget, this is part of
9:26 am
the thousands of employees that walked off the job because of this. stuart: they got the money. susan: yes. stuart: check futures, please. we will be down for the dow industrials, up for the nasdaq. we take you to wall street after this. i knew about the tremors.
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before the market opens. the uk civil aviation authority has banned the boeing 737 max jet from its air space, completely. gone. you can't overfly, you can't land, you can't take off. a big blow to boeing, surely. that's the brits. can't do it. can't fly this thing. the market's just opened. we were up 200 yesterday. we have opened with a loss of 60 points this morning. but i've got a feeling that is all about boeing. if you look on the left-hand side of your screen, at least half the dow 30, two-thirds of the dow 30 are in the green. they are up but boeing is going to be way down. the s&p 500, where is that this morning? i'm sure that's opened to the upside. a gain of 1.4%. the nasdaq, a nice gain yesterday, another gain this morning. up about a quarter of 1%. obviously technology doing well. boeing, look at that. down nearly 4% this morning. i will repeat the news, the brits have banned the max 8 jet
9:31 am
from their air space. can't overfly, can't land, can't take off. boeing falling 4% now on the way down. let's quickly check big tech. apple is up, facebook, alphabet, microsoft all up. had a nice gain yesterday. amazon, though, is down about a quarter of 1%. there you have it. joining us now, mike murphy, d.r. barton, susan li and ashley webster. i want to know first from you, murphy, the market just wants to go up. what's the big factor behind this rally? what's driving it? >> corporate profits in the united states. we have a strong economy and companies are going to continue to operate in the u.s. where things are good. consumer is strong, tax cuts are helping. we had a big sell-off in the market. remember, if you go back three or four months. now the market is looking to take out that old high. we talked about it here before. the pressure is to the upside on the market right now. stuart: what have you got? what's your big factor that's driving this thing up? >> murphy's got the foundation. earnings. i think the thing that's driving
9:32 am
it up is that traders and investors are realizing these big central banks are putting some spice back into the punch bowl. when china announced they were going to be accommodative on sunday, it broke a four-day down streak. we had that big up day yesterday. it was almost all china and powell's "60 minutes" testimony. susan: sentiment change i think. evercore isi have independent economic surveys and they say once the market turns positive there's a lag effect of four to nine weeks when investors really get bullish on the market and start putting money to work. i feel like we're there. stuart: we are at that point now. change in sentiment, you think. susan: yes. stuart: if it wasn't for boeing which is now down 4.25%, the dow industrials would not be down 20. they would be up about 50 or 60, i think, when you take everything into account. i want to repeat this about boeing. the brits have just banned the max 8 jet from their air space. that adds to australia which has done the same thing.
9:33 am
singapore. some latin american airlines -- ashley: brazil, argentina. stuart: asia. susan: china and indonesia stopped flying the max as well. stuart: pretty sure that as of about now, 50% of all the max jets in service are out of service. they are grounded. ashley: even though the faa continues to tout its safety. vouch for it. stuart: two market guys here. first of all, would you buy boeing now at $385? >> i wouldn't yet. however, it sets up interesting, if you look, although we have had about a 7% or 8% pullback when the news came out in the past week, stock's still up over 20% for the year. so if there was more of a pullback on boeing, this will blow over at some point. they will be back to operating and it will be a great company to own. but i would want to see more of a pullback on this. >> yes. it didn't dip down to get anywhere close to yesterday's lows. i got to see boeing from the inside when i was working with dupont in their composites business. i got to deal with boeing a bit. they are an exceptionally
9:34 am
well-run company. they will get on top of this thing and i think any pullback, they are up 200% over the last two years. any pullback like this is to be bought. stuart: $385, down 3.75%. that taking a lot out of the dow industrials. facebook has removed a number of ads placed by senator elizabeth warren's presidential campaign. those ads wanted the breakup of facebook. all right. facebook later restored the ads. by the way, facebook has received multiple upgrades, by the way. looks to me like facebook is teflon. >> yes, it is. as we see in disclosures, i own it. the company owns it. il ci i still think it has a long-term upside because of their growth. what they did is kind of dumb. they took the bait. these were less than $100 worth of ads that these individual ones that were google, amazon and facebook. they pulled them, they took the bait so there could be some twitter stream. they messed up.
9:35 am
it doesn't matter on the stock. stuart: it doesn't, does it. netflix may be, apple is gearing up for its streaming service, expected to be unveiled at the end of this month, by the way. do you think apple will be a powerful -- by the way, it's just reached $180 a share. that's an important landmark. do you think it will be a strong competitor to netflix and disney in the streaming business? >> it will be. it will be right up there with the others. i think they have taken a long time to get out there but if you look at the stocks, you pointed out $180, this is a company that looks like it's breaking out. anyone who sold it up in the 220 range, i would be a buyer here. i love the setup for apple right now. susan: bank of america says it's worth $210 apiece. we also had oppenheimer saying it's valued at very cheap valuations, cash flow 14 times p.e. and he says $185 is the breakout level. we are getting very close to that at this point. stuart: you are the only person ever to appear on this program who doesn't get buzzed for mentioning the fed, p.e. --
9:36 am
susan: you said it all the time. stuart: all right. [ bruzzer ] stuart: there we go. if it wasn't for boeing, i do believe we would be up more than 50 points. the rest of the market is on the upside this morning again. sales falling short at dick's sporting goods place. they are down 6%, nearly 7% now. sales were up at del frisco's restaurant group. we know it well. there's one next door here. the stock barely budging, up four cents. verizon confirms text message outage for east coast customers, what's this about? ashley: yeah. well, they say they are working on it. they sent in a tweet that the texting outage affects a ton of customers on the east coast. they are working to fix it but there you go. no texting services on verizon. stuart: they used the expression a ton of customers? ashley: ton of customers. >> very technical. stuart: almost a bunch of
9:37 am
customers. >> reading between the lines, it's a lot. stuart: elon musk pushing back on s.e.c. charges. he told a federal judge he didn't violate a fraud settlement over his tweeting. he even suggested the government is trying to muzzle him. a new headache every day for our friend at tesla. >> it seems like a lot of it is brought on by himself. stuart: the guy's a genius. he's done it. he's made cars, he's built rockets, he tunnels under los angeles, he's done it all. >> he likes to poke the bear a little bit. he can't help himself. susan: he also argued whether or not that tweet was material, really. you look at it, does it violate the s.e.c. agreement, did it have an impact on the stock when it was already announced in the earnings call? stuart: he's not a lawyer but he stayed last night in the holiday inn. okay. ubs joining morgan stanley in warning about the damage that
9:38 am
amazon's package delivery business could do to fed ex and ups. they say that fed ex and ups are in trouble. i don't believe that. do you? >> i don't know that they are necessarily in trouble, but amazon will have an impact on them. what amazon is doing that's so great, rather than getting so big in one core business, they move into other businesses like grocery, like now delivery. if they can just have a small slice of these businesses, there's a lot of growth even at these levels. stuart: aren't they building up their own delivery network, cargo planes, finding hubs they can fly into? they took over that part of their business, not have to pay ups and fed ex, ultimately wouldn't that be more profitable? >> absolutely. >> it's an ongoing problem because they are ups' largest customer but only 1.4% of their revenue comes from amazon. it's a big problem but only at the margins. they are fed ex's fourth biggest client. stuart: let me get this right. in retailing it's nowadays all about delivery. in communications it's all about streaming.
9:39 am
is that accurate? >> that's right. i think on retailing, as far as delivery goes, the way people purchase products has changed and it's not going back. there's a lot of delivery there. as far as the media goes, yes, it's streaming, it's not old school cable. the question is what companies are going to do that best. you have amazon but when uber comes to the public market, i think uber is setting themselves up very similar to the way amazon did, to have their hand in a lot of different areas. stuart: interesting. i learn a lot on this program. all right. here's a subject i know absolutely nothing about. door dash overtakes grub hub in market share. this is about delivery of food, isn't it? susan: and uber eats as well. this is how they get the marginal business and also expand their customer footprint as well, offering food delivery. who wouldn't want that, especially if you don't have to leave your door. stuart: i don't know what you're talking about. did you buy grub hub stock? >> i don't like it. if you look, door dash's growth
9:40 am
curve is going straight up. grub hub has lost about 10% over the last year. you got door dash at 27, grub hub at 26, uber eats at 27% of the market. door dash are the ones that are growing. stuart: don't restaurants detest them on the grounds the restaurant lose a piece of the action to the delivery service? >> absolutely. restaurants are trying to do it themselves. uber eats is growing so fast, what they are doing is going out and getting kitchens, like a we work type kitchen where you can go in, you can cook your products there, your food and have it delivered straight from this generic kitchen to customers. stuart: wait, wait. why on earth would i go rent a kitchen to deliver food to myself? >> the restaurant would rent the kitchen, then they would rent it out using uber eats. they would rent it out, then deliver the food to you. >> if you were a restauranteur.
9:41 am
stuart: i'm so far behind. guess what. i'm sorry, d.r., mike murphy, but you were good today. all right. we have narrowed the loss. now we are down only three points. boeing is still way down and still dragging on the dow. i do believe if it wasn't for boeing, that dow would be up maybe 60 points. i have to check out the math. it would be sizeably up. how much? it would be up 62. susan: it's shaving 80 points off the dow right now. stuart: no confusion with numbers. the feds seizing, this is a big deal, thousands of pounds of cocaine, estimated street value about $77 million, shipped into new jersey from colombia hidden in a shipment of dry fruit. we've got that story. more trouble for tesla. a new whistleblower claims the company was hacking employees' phones and computers. full details on that. that, by the way, is coming up next. tesla's stock is down. - hi folks, i'm matt mccoy.
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- [announcer] call the hartford at. to request your free quote. that's. or go to. stuart: down 24 points, 21 points on the dow industrials. all of that, show me boeing, please, because the loss on the dow is entirely accounted for by the loss of boeing, which is down 3%. it's a dow stock. it's taken the whole dow industrial average down with it. tesla, a whistleblower claims it hacked employees' cell phones and computers. sounds like big brother. susan: inflammatory. a tesla ex-security employee alleging theft, drug dealing and spying at the giga factory. this comes from carl hanson who used to work for tesla. according to some of these reports, he's basically basing this information, these accusations, on second-hand
9:45 am
single anonymous sourcing that i'm not sure you can entirely believe but hey, this is what they're engaging in at this point and there could be some criminal aspects of this because as you know, it's illegal to wiretap employees without their knowledge. also, $37 million in theft being reported. that could have a material impact on the bottom line at the company as well. disclosures are a question and also, just oversight of the employees. stuart: just a stream of bad p.r. but the stock is still at $284. susan: downgrade today by morgan stanley. stuart: the stock up six bucks. president trump's new budget has a controversial work requirement if you are collecting a variety of welfare benefits like food stamps or medicaid. got to work 20 hours a week, you want the benefits. the author of "the capitalist comeback" is with us now. andy puzder. is it fair, do you think, you've got to work 20 hours a week if you want the welfare. >> of course it's fair. it's ridiculous.
9:46 am
bill clinton put work requirements in welfare. they already exist for snap benefits and some other programs. this increases some of them. this is a good idea. the way you get self-respect and pride is by what you do in your job, what you accomplish, what you achieve. when you encourage people not to work, you encourage them not to have self-respect. stuart: is there some accommodation for people who are struggling with young children? >> yes. stuart: single parents at home with kids, awfully hard to get out and work 20 hours a week. >> there absolutely are hardship exemptions and there should be. and there should be. but look, people that should be working, should be working. people that can work, should work. why should people who are out there working their butts off trying to get ahead be paying taxes to cover people who decide they want to write cowboy poetry as harry reid once said? it's kind of ridiculous. stuart: one of the big debates on this program is the rate of growth in the economy this spring. we have just seen that small business optimism has ticked up
9:47 am
again. is that a pointer towards stronger growth? we are going to be less than 1% in the first three months of the year. >> we had real problems the first three months of this year. one was we had the government shutdown which had an impact on whether businesses invested and grew and hired more people. another was that arctic dip. i can't remember the right phrase, but my son lives in detroit. he was advised not to go outside and breathe because it would hurt his lungs. how do you do construction projects, how do you go to restaurants when you can't even go outside? so there were things that had an impact on growth. i think the big mistake was just looking at the number of jobs created, not looking at the broader data. you had 255,000 more people working, 300,000 fewer people unemploy unemployed. you had your seventh month in a row with wages up more than 3%. 12 months in a row for the first time since 1970 that we have had unemployment at or below 4% 12 months in a row. the economy is still of great benefit for working class americans.
9:48 am
nancy pelosi focused on one metric and it was a mistake. stuart: she said it was an abysmal jobs report. 20,000 jobs. that's what she focused on. >> you can pick one number on any jobs report, you are going to find something that doesn't look good. this was not good. but the data was great. stuart: what about wages? wages were up 3.4% in the year, the best gain in at least ten years. >> and for seven months in a row. it's been 3% or better. look, people are making more money. it's harder to find a blue collar worker than it is to find a white collar worker. there are one million more job openings than there are people unemployed. this is a great time for working americans. it's a great time. a democrat shouldn't try and hide that. pretty soon they will make the argument who you going to believe, me or your wallet. we are going to believe our wallets. people have more money. stuart: mr. puzder, thank you very much indeed. "capitalist comeback." i have to update a breaking story. verizon says texting service has been fully restored after an outage on the east coast. susan: thank goodness.
9:49 am
stuart: another boeing headline. here we go. norwegian air says it is grounding its boeing 737 max 8 passenger jets. earlier, we told you the brits not allowing any jets into its air space. that will be 737 max 8 jets. can't fly over britain, can't take off and can't land. boeing stock down 3%. check the dow. it is down 36 points but that loss entirely accounted for by boeing. theresa may, britain's prime minister, got some last minute concessions from the europeans just hours before the big vote on brexit. will that get her any closer to a deal? ashley: no. stuart: thank you, ashley. we will get the official response from nigel farage, who is on the show after this. [ telephone rings ] [ client ] - hey maya. hey! you still thinking about opening your own shop? every day. i think there are some ways to help keep you on track. and closer to home. edward jones grew to a trillion dollars in assets under care,
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9:53 am
stuart: big vote on brexit tonight. prime minister may has secured some concessions from the europeans. you tell us what the concessions are. ashley: they are saying there's a joint legally binding instrument that will allow the uk to get out of the so-called irish backstop protocol. it's all very much in the weeds but today, the uk attorney gener general, the main law man, looked at it and his conclusion was quote, legal risk remains
9:54 am
unchanged, the uk being stuck in the backstop. all that hope and hoopla last night that we got the breakthrough has been shut down and i cannot see her plan getting through after being defeated by 230 votes. there's nothing really changed to it. stuart: let's see what the vice-chair of leave means leave, that organization, his name is nigel farage, frequent guest on the program. he joins us on the phone. nigel, seems to me like this vote is going to go down to defeat and i wouldn't be surprised if theresa may was out as prime minister fairly quickly. what say you? >> i couldn't agree more. i think the attorney general has been honorable, he has told the truth. that is what happened here in strasbourg last night was nothing more than a complete charade. the vicar's daughter of course is not very good with the truth, i'm afraid, and she tried to tell us there were legally binding changes. the attorney general has said that is not true. this is going down tonight by a massive, massive margin in
9:55 am
parliament. and i have to say, the only person now who i think could replace mrs. may in the short term is, in fact, the attorney general himself. there must be a chance, there must be a chance that he's the one candidate that could come forward uncontested to lead the country into the next few weeks. stuart: what about boris johnson? we hear a lot about him over here. >> boris is a huge personality and a friend of mine, but boris would not take the crown without a contest. i'm beginning to think, i spoke to several conservative mps this morning who will be demanding her head tonight in private, maybe in public, too, but maybe the time has come for somebody to slip in uncontested and pick up the reins because we are headed for disaster here. stuart: okay. nigel farage, spelling it out in dramatic terms, as he always does. nigel, i think you're right, sir. thanks for joining us. see you again soon. >> thank you. stuart: yeah. big vote tonight. all right.
9:56 am
next case, starting i think cracks are starting to appear visibly in the democrat party. the old guard may be led by speaker pelosi versus the new socialist wing of the democrats, aoc and others. can't hide behind the facade of unity anymore. that facade is cracking. my take on that, coming up next. . . and we'd like to put a fire pit out there, and a dock with a boat, maybe. why haven't you started building? well, tyler's off to college... and mom's getting older... and eventually we would like to retire. . . come with a goal. leave with a plan. td ameritrade. ♪
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stuart: it is a battle royale.
10:00 am
this is not a videogame. it is a fight for the control of the democratic party? how will they handle trump? how will they handle socialism? how far left will their presidential candidate go? they can't contain the fight behind closed doors. they can't keep it quiet. they tried that but the hostilities were immediately leaked. now it spilled out on to twitter and on the front page of the wash upon toast. the immediate issue is impeachment. she told the post president trump isn't worth it. the speaker prefers to undermine the president with endless investigations. well that doesn't sit well with the new radicals. aoc says, she doesn't agree with that take. and congresswoman rashida tlaib plans to file impeachment proceedings this month. the fault lines are being drawn around socialism. democrats are a wear that their young supporters approve of socialistic policies. those younger people will be the
10:01 am
largest voting bloc in 2020. they will be 37% of the electorate. it's a voting bloc the democrats have to accommodate. that is pushing presidential candidates further and further towards the bernie sanders socialist left. but where does that leave older party stalwarts, moderates like joe biden? there are real doubts that he could beat the left in the primaries, even if he decides to run. the democrats have a history of keeping divisions concealed behind a facade of unity. they no longer can do that they openly fight over strategy, impeach or not. age, young newcomers versus the old guard. ideology, socialists versus everybody else. four years ago the republicans had 17 candidates for president including the highly disruptive donald trump. now it is the democrats, only they so far have yet to find anyone who can bang heads and bring that party together. the second hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪
10:02 am
stuart: more on the editorial later this hour. we're checking your money. the did youdow industrials at 25,600, down 40 points. the only reason they're down is this. boeing, that stock is a dow stock. it is down 4%. the brits have banned the max 737 jet from their airspace. other airlines around the world are doing the same thing. half of all the national 8 jets are out of service. ashley: 40% before the brits. stuart: i'm sure now it is 50%. america airlines, alaska, southwest, they all have 737 max planes. all of them are down today. check verizon, service is restored after texting outage on the east coast.
10:03 am
fully restored. tesla, morgan stanley cut the price target on the stock to $260 a share. it is down four bucks at 286. big tech had a lovely day yesterday. how are they doing the today? nice gain for apple. reached 181. amazon is up. facebook is up. microsoft is up, just six cents at 112. still on big tech, our next guest says, apple, amazon, alphabet could all be making a comeback. look who is back? he can't get enough of us, loves to sit on the set in new york, keith fitz-gerald is back. go through it one at a time. amazon about to make a breakthrough, back to 2 this dollars a share? >> i think it is going that way. stuart: why the breakthrough. >> a lot of people realize the nothing is not going away. they are changing the face of retail. stuart: alphabet. >> same thing. big data, big ai, big decision
10:04 am
making. again a company you have to have. stuart: apple? >> okay. we're going health pivot. life is just fine after the iphone this is what happens when the doctor prescribes you that apple synced device. stuart: it has been a while since big tech led the rally. >> absolutely. stuart: do you think the rally is back and big tech again is leading isn't. >> yesterday was key. on big down days, with lots of money going to work, those are days institutions pile in. we saw that happen. it may not be smooth as in the past but definitely underway. stuart: why not facebook? >> oh. stuart: facebook you left it out. what is wrong with it? >> i think the ceo is problematic. he is arrogant. still does not understand unleashing what he has done to society. it has become like twitter, den denizen of trolls. ashley: under sos like a movie.
10:05 am
>> this doesn't encourage people to sit down to have a discussion which is what used to happen in this country. stuart: but all the calls to break it up. all the calls to regulate it in some way, the europeans fining it, left, right, center, the stock is going up. but it is at 172. >> that is silicon valley's magic. we have a new shine any apple. do you want a piece of it? you don't have to take a bite. the capitalist system will find a better less expensive replacement. stuart: susan is skeptical? >> a denizen of trolls on facebook. you add people that are your friends. if you're talking about instagram, that is a different story. i think you have to be very specific in terms of how you're categorizing facebook? >> well-said, well-taken, point well-made. i think it is increasingly being used to field the vitriol in this country rather than to field the togetherness by which supposedly that service was started. stuart: sorry, last one for you.
10:06 am
boeing, way down today. i think it is 380 something right now. do you buy it? >> i'm very close, saying i want in. here is why. if we can determine this is software issue, it is fixable, not a material design flaw in the structural element of the aircraft, you know what, boeing survives. it comes roaring back. nobody else is making big planes like this. stuart: got it. keith, fun to have you in new york. are you going to the rainy northwest. >> if my 737 is flying to alaska. that is the plane i'm supposed to be on. stuart: are you worried? >> a little bit. a little bit. stuart: we'll leave it there. boeing drops a bit more. >> got to put your money where your mouth is. stuart: thanks for being here,. >> thanks, stuart. stuart: we better get to venezuela. disputed president nicolas maduro blames america cyberattacks for the deadly blackouts. now america announced it is withdrawing all remaining diplomats from the embassy in
10:07 am
caracas. come on in, when will this end? it can't be matter of weeks or months? it is a matter of days, right? >> this is not about venezuela. cuba has a food hold in venezuela. first time they have had this kind of control on the south american continent. it is supplier of oil to cuba which is important. cubans are not leaving. they really do not care with the venezuelans suffering. stuart: there can't be many of them. >> no, what they have is cyber control and generals in silos so they can't communicate with each other. i'm not saying that can't be broken. you have to understand what is driving this the second thing while the trump administration says it will not take force off the table, the lima group, which is now 13 countries because mexico dropped out but it is canada and 12 other countries in
10:08 am
latin america has said that we reject the use of force. how happy did that make the people in havana and ma daugher row regime when they heard that? i'm not an advocate of force right out of the box. it has to be out there as a potential tool to restore, you know, the basically, civilization. and, one other thing, that the left keeps saying is, well, you can't have foreign intervention in venezuela. you have foreign intervention in venezuela. that is a point that i think secretary pompeo tried to make over and over again. the cubans and more distant way the russians because they have been supplying to them when we cut off -- stuart: with cubans there, backing up maduro. how long will this go on for? >> it could go on for a while. stuart: months? they're starving. they're shooting them in the streets. >> but, again, the people who are in charge do not care about
10:09 am
that. their goal is to make sure that this does not return to a -- stuart: what have we got a cia for? >> do we have a cia? stuart: yes we do. >> still? one thing we should keep in mind is that the, level of suffering may get to a point where they can remove maduro but you don't necessarily get a good player coming in. in other words, maybe the military will overthrow him, somebody new like the minister of defense who is very closely allied with the russians will take over. i mean maduro is kind of a failure in many ways. stuart: kind of? come on. >> no, but what i mean -- stuart: abject failure. >> no, what i mean is, he is not, he is is not good even organizing tyranny. and so they might replace him with who is a better despot. this guy is kind of a -- he is there because he is propped up
10:10 am
by the cubans. ashley: guaido does not have a chance? >> that is not what i'm saying. that is not what i'm saying at all. it is possible he will finally be toppled out of power but there is a lot of things mitigating against that, including the fact that colombians insisted we take force off the table. colombia will regret that because if this guaido experiment or, attempt fails, you're going to have a much larger migration crisis. you know, people are kind of waiting because they keep thinking, you know, right now people are starving. this energy thing is a big thing, electricity. you cannot get water in any of those high-rises. you don't have elevators. in hospitals you have six babies and people on dialysis who are going to die. it is a very extreme situation. i talked to caracas this morning, people are really, really suffering. it goes from the rich to the middle class to people in the
10:11 am
slums. everybody is right on the brink. stuart: come and see us again. we have news of the immediate overthrow of maduro, would love to hear that. thank you, mariance stacia o'grady. >> you will be the first to know. stuart: i hope so. big hour on tuesday. a fight at the center of the democrat party. they have historically been good keeping their divisions concealed, with the rise of aoc and the far left that is impossible. we'll tackle it for you. more on boeing. multiple countries grounding the 737 max jet, max 8 jet i should say. now the brits are doing it as well. would brian kilmeade get on one of those flights if he had to fly on one of those planes. i will ask him. not like keith fitz who will fly one of them. check out this video. 3200-pounds of cocaine seized at new jersey at a port of entry by the way. worth 77 million bucks. the democrats argue against the
10:12 am
wall, saying drugs and immigrants are coming through those ports. i will pose it to the head of the border council in just a moment. you're watching second hour of "varney & company." ♪
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10:15 am
stuart: happening now, top guy at wells fargo testifying before the house financial services committee about consumer abuses.
10:16 am
we'll monitor it for you. remember, maxine waters, a big opponent of many banks, she chairs that committee. any fireworks? you will hear about it. president trump tweeting this morning about airlines, their planes i think it is. here it is, airplanes are becoming far too complex to fly. pilots are no longer needed but rather commuter scientists from mit i see it all the time in many products. always seeking to go one unnecessary step further, but often old and simpler is far better. split-second decisions are needed and the complexity creates danger. all of this for great cost yet very little gain. i don't know about you, but i don't want albert einstein to be my pilot. i want great flying professionals allow to easily and quickly take control of a plane. lengthy stuff there from the president, voicing his opinion on airplanes. ashley: well-thought out. stuart: pilots, technology, okay.
10:17 am
better get back to my editorial, top of the hour, the democrats are split and it's a battle for control of the party between nancy pelosi, the far left and other groups all contesting away. katie pavlich with us, fox news contributor, "town hall" editor. >> good morning. stuart: good morning. had to get that out. i think this split is profound and i don't see how they're going to get back together again. what about you? >> yeah, i mean as you pointed out earlier democrats are famous for being able to keep their caucus and their coalition together even in the toughest of times. nancy pelosi was brought back in as speaker under a lot of scrutiny and controversy this second time around now because of her skills to bring everybody together, to stay on message, to get things done but the first couple months of her new congress being in control has been focused on democratic infighting rather than what, a number of people were elected to do. let's not forget that, while we have the aoc, you know, caucus versus the nancy pelosi caucus,
10:18 am
the people who really got elected in 2018 weren't these far leftists that are getting the most attention. they were blue dog democrats in places like kentucky. so nancy pelosi is having a really, really difficult time keeping the tweeting to a minimum and getting something done when it comes to actual legislation moving forward. stuart: she will have a very hard time getting the leftists to allow a moderate in the primaries, to get anywhere near the nomination for the presidency. >> yeah. stuart: that will be a battle royale, it starts fairly soon i think. >> goes back to the age-old question who does the party nominate who can be elected in a generation? and at this point you have all of the energy in the democratic party on the far left and that person may win a primary but will they be able to win a general election? let's not forget who the democrats have to go for here. they have to go for democrats who voted for trump, who are now somewhat republicans in places
10:19 am
like ohio and wisconsin. i was in ohio last week, i can tell all the people, not all, but the majority of the people who were democrats voted for trump in 2016 aren't going to switch their vote to someone who is far left if they switch their vote at all. if they get back wisconsin, michigan, ohio, pennsylvania, the far left movement that we're seeing in the house certainly won't play at the presidential level in 2020. stuart: i think that is why the democrats will hold their convention, in milwaukee, wisconsin. i'm not surprised at all. >> hillary won't be invited i'm pretty sure. stuart: she might just show up. >> she may, finally. finally. stuart: i shouldn't say those things. i'm being facetious. and sarcasm a low form of wit as we all know. katy. >> thanks, stuart. see you soon. stuart: next hour, i'm going to talk to that guy on your screens right now. that is dave portnoy. he is the head of bar stool sports. very popular with millenials.
10:20 am
i want to talk to him about his problem with roger goodell, more important frankly, that is a conservative website, watched and looked at by college kids. what's with that? check the big board real fast. we're down 48 points. all that decline is accounted for by boeing which is sharply lower again today. we'll be back. ♪ - hello, i'm brad castillo. did you know that americans who bought gold in the year 2005 quadrupled their money by 2012? even now, experts all across america predict the real gold rush is just beginning. don't wait another day. physical gold coins are easy to buy and sell
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10:24 am
new guidance on the plane. that is what boeing said. faa is not mandating any further action at this time. senator mitt romney says they should ground those jets out of abundance of caution. the brits as in uk, singapore, australia, some individual airlines like norwegian air, they grounded their 737 max 8 flights. you can't even over fly britain in one of these things. the stock is taking it on the chin again, down 5% at 380. now this, facebook, briefly took down senator elizabeth warren's ad which it called for breakup of big tech companies including facebook. wonder what brian kilmeade thinks of government intervening in business like that? i will certainly ask him. gonzaga university, crowd funding for scholarships from illegal immigrants. yes we'll tackle that. the dow is down 46.
10:25 am
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♪ get back, get back to where you once belonged ♪ stuart: get back, jojo. susan: one day, one day they will pick my request. my request. stuart: what is your request. susan: maybe something in the last, i don't know, 25 years. stuart: the beatles finished 1970. >> that is my point. stuart: sports fans, moving swiftly along. dow industrials are down 17 points, despite a huge loss at boeing. boeing is a dow stock. what i'm saying is. overall, the market is up. big tech, there is only one loser, that is facebook which is only down 20 cents at 171. apple at 181.
10:29 am
amazon is up. alphabet is up. microsoft at 113 this morning. how about dick's sporting goods? they announced they will remove guns from 125 of their stores. this is after they decided last year to tighten its gun policies. the stock is down 8%. president trump's new budget predicts 3% economic growth this year. scott shellady is with us, he is now known as the cow guy at tjm principle. cow man, welcome back. look, we have got larry kudlow on this program, dennis hassett on this program, all forecasting 3% for this year. how do we get there? >> if we go back to the number, stuart. i was on the show last tuesday. we got ism we were looking number around 57. we came in 59 and change. remember an ism reading 54, 55,
10:30 am
got two 1/2% growth rate. we have over 59. the numbers are surely coming in that will help negate the first three months of this year. we have outside chance. i can't guarranty it. we have good outside chance, million more jobs than job-seekers. 3.7% unemployment. we're not seeing inflation come through. look at wage gains over last 10 years. a lot of great things are lining up for that to be a very good chance, not a guarranty but a very good chance. stuart: do you think this rebound, a lot of people are predicting for the economy, has that something to do with the 2019 stock market rally? >> yeah it does. the last six weeks of last year, we borrowed a lot of trouble, right? investors living in the. things are going very well, i will not make anybody's eyes glaze over, all other central banks around the world are citing more money in the system at their end of the deal. that will help.
10:31 am
everything is pointing to things doing well. tough live in the present and don't miss those opportunities. stuart: very good, stock. now this. the united states is poised to beat and surpass saudi arabia this year in oil exports. this is the face of american independence. scott, i love it. energy dominance. this will be healthy for the economy going forward. that helped us in the 08 through doldrums of 2011. we're reaping rewards of what they have done. it is fantastic. that is not only part. look at energy, technology. all the great american industries coming to the forefront, leading us, shining city on a hill where everybody else is having problems. you don't want to be in europe, or asia you about definitely want to be in america. stuart: you may have moved the market. we turned positive. seriously as you talked about the 3% growth rate and stock
10:32 am
market rally at 2019. at that moment when you're saying it, the dow turned around from negative to positive. now we're up 13 points. congratulations, scott. i didn't know you had the power. the a guy in a cow jacket can sometimes work wonders. >> there you go. stuart: scott, see you soon. let's get to immigration, last fall, new jersey spent $1.6 million to help illegals go to college. that was thanks to a new law signed by governor phil murphy which offers grants and scholarships to dreamers. cabot phillips, media guy is with us now. what do you think about that? >> i think it is absolutely ridiculous. stuart: thank you. >> most average americans look at the story from outside view, realize it is ridiculous to use taxpayer money to subsidize benefit people who are flagrantly breaking immigration laws. stuart: was it taxpayer money. >> taxpayer money. crowd funding was gonzaga.
10:33 am
stuart: this is taxpayer money. >> incentivizes further illegal immigration. if you're from another country thinking about skirting immigration laws and see all the benefits, it incentivizes you. affront to law-abiding students. i have $20,000 student loan debt. i pay taxes. why am innot benefiting. why is it going to them. stuart: i understand the contradiction entirely. you have talented youngsters, they're illegals, may be dreamers, they're talented you can say it is not a bad idea to encourage them to go to college and stay here, contribute to the society? >> what we should be doing to encourage them come here legally through the correct process. stuart: i understand that they are here. >> they are here. there is argument to be had about their role in society. obviously president trump is looking more protections for dreamers. giving extra benefits, beyond equal benefits, other of thes are going above and beyond, offering extra housing benefits. some colleges say if you're illegal immigrant, we'll offer
10:34 am
you in-state tuition, regardless where you're from. other universities give scholarship opportunities only reason because you're here illegally. most americans understand that is wrong and goes concept of rule of law. you can ignore laws if it makes you feel uncomfortable. stuart: gonzaga crowd funding scholarship for illegals. that is not taxpayer money. >> this would be way to do it. encourage members of the community to donate. stuart: i think that is pretty good. >> better than alternative of taxpayer money. this is telling students we'll give special benefits to people going around our laws. we to realize, these are 18, 19, 20-year-old students. we're talking about. they will go into real world, base their voting an consumer habits what they learn in college. they're learning you can pick and choose which laws you follow what makes me feel good. that is dangerous precedent. stuart: i agree entirely.
10:35 am
now last week, you know, your dad, tim phillips, he was on the show. got a little heated. roll tape. >> when you look at government picking winners an losers, which is cronyism tariffs do that. look at steel tariffs right now. stuart: there is not good news. i got it. >> i read today, ford motor company lost $1.1 billion in higher steel prices. that impacts -- stuart: we disagreed on tariffs. it got heated. how come i get along better with you than your dad? >> to quote the immortal words of "godfather," don't get the family, fredo. makes me question judgment. we get along very well, maybe he knows something about you i don't know and i should be more leery. stuart: you turned that around very well. >> don't question me. stuart: where do you stand on tariffs. >> i'm on that side.
10:36 am
free market. government, stay out of it. stuart: concentrate on university. >> that is why i'm not talking tariffs right now. i don't want that arguement going my way. stuart: cabot, you are all right. thanks for joining us. >> appreciate it. stuart: it is now almost, precisely 10:36. that means we can go to brian kilmeade. host of the brian kilmeade radio show. welcome back, brian. good to see you, sir. senator warren says she wants to brick up big tech companies like amazon, google, facebook. what do you think about that. >> facebook took down her ad, speech americasing that. they said oops we better put that up. she is taking on big tech companies but for the wrong reason. amazon is competing, buying their competitors which is might be something looking at. president trump talked about for a different reason i imagine breaking up amazon maybe because jeff bezos owns "washington post." i do think it is wrote examining if it is in our best interests.
10:37 am
so far amazon is doing the thing making our life easier and better. next thing you know, we'll duck and look out for the drones dropping off our packages. that will be our next big challenge. stuart: i have mixed feelings about this. i don't like government jumping up over at business that seems successful. but on the other hand i don't like big brother aspect. they know absolutely everything about you and i. to have the power in the hands after couple multibillionaires, know everything about a couple billion people, that worries me, it is big brother. doesn't it worry you? suppose somebody else in charge of google and facebook, some real bad, nasty characters, that wanted to control our politics? that is dangerous power to have in such few hands. >> you see what is happening. china put up a firewall. russians are working on their own to siphon out what they read and see. europe this is major blow back on those companies, especially with facebook.
10:38 am
i imagine coming here. i thought it was interesting, inventor of the internet not named al gore. i'm glad i invented it. i think we lost our way. we've been on a non-stop, keep climbing the stairs. no one really looked around. there are no railings, banisters, just a big fall. i think for the next generation of people get iphones, access, instant gratification as well as packages delivered there will be analysis of it. i don't really feel comfortable with elizabeth warren deciding what is big, what is small. that ultimately what american people will say. stuart: got it. i have got to ask you this, brian, would you get on a 737 max 8 jet if you had to fly today? >> i see the british are grounding them. senator blumenthal and senator feinstein calling for the fleet to stay on the ground. there are 350. we know china quickly grounded them. my sense, there are two incidents. the second one happened over the weekend. i feel comfortable that boeing has too much at stake to let
10:39 am
this happen in a great way. i believe safety will be fine. i do want to see what the results are over the weekend. this could be a training issue with the pilots in particular but i have noticed a lot of these places have leases on planes. they're not leasing much if the plane is grounded. maybe they could do retribution and pay back from boeing taking a pounding yesterday and i imagine today. i so i would get on the plane. stuart: you would? >> yeah. stuart: actually, brian, so would i. i certainly do it. >> i could go never where you are, stuart, you're always with first class or with the pilot in the particular. i go right to the back of the plane because i have a different whole contract than you have. i'm not on number one show on fox business. they say, okay, morning show guy you go in the back. do me a favor. don't even recline. stuart: okay. thank you for that little plug, brian, i take it. >> only the facts. stuart: thank you, brian. >> go get 'em, stuart, thanks.
10:40 am
stuart: last minute wheeling and dealing ahead on a vote on brexit. the book in london say virtually no chance that the new deal passes. steve hilton joins us on that in our next hour. first, a big number for you, 178,000 migrants expect to try to cross our border between march and may. we're in the era of mass migration. i will put it to the head of the border patrol council is. you can't have this. ♪ ♪ ♪ the new capital one savor card. earn 4% cash back on dining
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10:42 am
♪ ashley: former cke restaurant ceo andy puzder says president trump's new budget should require people to work at least 20 hours a week in order to receive benefits. roll tape. >> bill clinton put work requirements in welfare. they already exist for snap benefits and some other programs. this increases some of them. look, this is a good idea. the way you get, the way you get self-respect and pride is what you do in your job, what you accomplish, what you achieve. when you encourage people not to work you encourage them not to have self-respect. people that should be working should be working. people that can work should work. why should people out there working their butts off trying to get ahead be paying taxes to cover people who decide they want to write cowboy poetry as
10:43 am
harry reid once said? ♪ -driverless cars... -all ground personnel... ...or trips to mars. $4.95. delivery drones or the latest phones. $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade.
10:44 am
stuart: just look at this. here you see implements of that one stock -- influence. if boeing were not in the dow industrials, the dow jones industrial average would be up 100 points. because boeing, with a loss of 5% this morning, that takes 136
10:45 am
points off the dow industrials. everything's up, except boeing and the dow industrials. there you have it. authorities in new jersey seized what, 320 pounds ever cocaine, biggest bust in 25 years. the argument these drugs come through ports of entry, not across the southern border. what do you say to that? >> well, first off, i wish i had a good "godfather" reference to border security but i don't. when you look at these, when you look at the drugs coming across, ports of entry, are secure, safe facilities. we can seize awful lot more at ports of trendry than we can between ports of entry. when you're looking at the desert, all criminal cartels have to do, use these migrants, 178,000 migrants coming up to the border within next couple months, all they have to do, use
10:46 am
them as pawns, cross them between the ports of entry in the deserts, pull resources out, and cross their products like cocaine, fentanyl, opioids, they can do that without being detected. it's a lot easier to cross between the ports of entry and not to get detected than to cross at a secure, safe facility. stuart: what is your estimate of drugs coming across the border, not ports of entry, coming across through the desert? how much? quantity of drugs are coming? >> so all you have to do is look at the epidemic we have in the united states, opioid fentanyl epidemic and how many thousands of people it is killing on a weekly basis and we know the numbers of drugs coming across the border between the ports of entry, not at ports of entry are lot greater than what people are saying. the problem, it is same adage, if a tree falls in the forest, nobody is there, does it make a noise in same thing with drugs.
10:47 am
the drugs are in fact coming across the border. why the cartels are forcing these people to cross between ports of entry. if they didn't want to create the distraction, they would have them cross at ports of entry. but they're not, they're creating a distraction. they're manufacturing these holes in the border and they're crossing their products there. stuart: got a real fast question for you, 178,000 people we are told headed to the border in the next couple months, traveling as families. what happens to them, real fast, what happens, when they hit the border, what happens? >> they cross the border illegally, claim asylum and get released into the united states. that is the magnet, kind of like that gonzaga piece where you're incentivizing illegal immigration. every time that we release somebody we're creating that magnet and we're incentivizing people to cross our borders illegally. stuart: brandon judd, clearly it's a crisis. we thank you for outlining it. good stuff. thanks a lot. >> thank you. stuart: i have some gee whiz
10:48 am
from ford. they file ad patent for a movie screen that pops up from the bed of your pickup truck. ashley: gee whiz. stuart: gee whiz. good drawing of that. we'll tell you how it works in a moment. ♪ you.
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stuart: we turned positive for the dow. we're up three points. we would be up about 140 points if it wasn't for boeing which is sharply lower. give you the latest news on boeing. it is all about of course the 737 max 8 jet. grounded in britain, in singapore, in australia, china, indonesia and a number of airlines are just not flying the plane. joining me on the phone, anthony roman, an faa certified commercial pilot and ceo of roman and associates. anthony, should all of these planes be grounded worldwide? what do you think? >> well, at the current time i don't believe they should. perhaps some of the other airlines are reacting to public opinion. there is no evidence to suggest
10:53 am
that these two accidents are related other than the early, unsubstantiated report that there was, some flight irregularities just prior to the -- clear -- stuart: let me ask but the first crash, lyon air. do we know if that was a software problem, a pilot error problem, or a pilot training problem? was it any of those three, do we know? >> we don't know. the investigation has not been concluded in that accident. it may be another five or six months before it is concluded. so it is difficult to say. even if it's a software or mechanical problem with the aircraft, the pilot should be able to manage the emergency. a previous flight in lyon air experienced the same anomalies
10:54 am
in pitch oscillation, and they successfully recovered the aircraft by disconnecting the mcat system is. it becomes in this case more a question of pilot awareness that the system is running in the background, and, the question of pilot training, both federal aviation administration in the united states and boeing. both concluded prior to certification that pilot training and notification that the system is was working in the background would not be necessary. frankly i don't believe that is the case. stuart: now, senator mitt romney is saying, he is imploring, he is telling the faa, please, ground these planes. so far they have not done that. you don't think they should? >> well, there is reluctance on
10:55 am
the part of the faa to react to public opinion versus scientific evidence and recorded evidence. stuart: but, anthony, i'm sorry to interrupt you, if you have two crashes of the same plane, it is, and you don't yet know what the problem is with either of those crashes, you know, you really taking an enormous risk if you let them all keep flying and the risk there will be another accident with catastrophic results for, a, those passengers, and for boeing and for the flying public in general? >> well, let's look at the -- air disaster. the first officer had only 200 hours of flying time. now i've been a passenger on ethiopia air to and from out of -- and i experienced what i found an unusual pitch
10:56 am
oscillation during the final phases of landing, just before the aircraft touched down on the runaway. the first time that happened to me i felt that there was an inexperienced first officer in the cockpit who may have been on his first, second or third passenger flight and training with an experienced captain. in this instance, in my view, there shin -- shouldn't be first officer in a complex commercial aircraft -- stuart: terribly sorry. coming up to a hard break. i have got to leave you. thank you very much for being with us today. much appreciate it. we'll try to get back to you a little later. there will be more "varney" after this.
10:57 am
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11:00 am
stuart: of the republicans a problem. young voters are flocking to socialistic policies. they support ideas that are straight out of the socialist playbook. look at this peer to ask you agree with the statement. government should provide universal health care. 73% of young people said yes. government should provide tuition free college. 67% said yes to that. prefer living in a socialist country top 49% support. it is young people who hold these views. people 38 and younger. no one else in the so-called generation z.
11:01 am
that is now the largest bulk of voters. 37% of the electorate in 2020. the democrats have these voters in their camp. the republicans do not. president trump has an interesting take on the spirit in a new interview he understands the dilemma. he said, quote, socialism is easy to campaign on. quote, you tell people free medical, free education, no more student loans. it's a great thing to campaign on. he is absolutely right. he is also right when he went on to say that 10 years after you get socialism, the country is down the tubes. the republicans campaign on the economy and price irony, jobs and growth. the democrats make these easy campaign pledges and so far they are holding onto a very important block of voters. the republicans have a problem. the third hour of "varney & company" is about to begin.
11:02 am
♪ stuart: you may have heard there the gop has its work cut out for it if it wants to get the millennial vote in 2020. chris bedford is that the spirit editor-in-chief of the daily collar. this is a republican problem. >> it's broader than that. it's an american problem, western problem. this is a problem that's been long predicted by our founders and people observing this country that said one of the dangers of the democratic government is once people figure out how to vote themselves to treasury come and they just might do that. we saw that in western europe interesting that in canada with devastating results in south america and central america enemy becoming year. stuart: a very large group of people which holds a strong opinion going towards socialistic policies. as i was saying on editorial, if
11:03 am
you combined the millennial and a small number of generation z people, you've got her to 7% of the electorate and they strongly support the socialistic ideals. if you come a running the republican party, how would you go against those ideas? >> about turning the gop would put forth my younger and more serious leaders to try and discuss this. but it's a deeper problem than what politics can solve. it's a problem in our culture. you don't never see students walking around with hitler t-shirt or teachers, the guilty hammer and sickle t-shirts, vladimir lenin t-shirts, all of her college campuses where there is no education at the hands in his individual leaders in a lot of these teachers are allowing these ideas to go forward in questioning capitalism. at the same time some of our capitalist leaders are not lending a hand in any way. this is supporting socialist
11:04 am
democrat candidates. wall street is keeping huge amounts of money who might be against our interests publicly and corporate policies seem to have been defended by the gop is supposed to the hard work small-business capitalism that built the country. that comes together for talks with roo. stuart: can you explain why all the sudden socialism and socialistic ideas are popular? is it bernie sanders in the 2016th election? >> it's broader but he's a major player. the bubble of resentment over declining wages are stagnant wages in this country and the industry leaving has been building. a partially resulted in the election of donald trump. it could've resulted in the election of bernie sanders. donald trump's couple years in office so far haven't released the tension yet in this country. there's a lot of populism and rebellion of what people of long assumed is the american way. representative ocasio-cortez, bernie sanders, and these are
11:05 am
people of the left side the youth and they are looking for something that is not what's been going on in this country and the pressure still exists. stuart: hold on for a second. i'm going to go through a series of items that date the situation in venezuela and then i want your comments on it. president nicolas maduro blames america for the nationwide blackouts. he says the lights will be coming back on little by little. number two, we are going to remove all remaining u.s. diplomat from our embassy and diplomatic missions in venezuela. they're all coming home. congresswoman elon elmar says trump and elliott abrams cannot be trusted to tell the truth about what's happening in venezuela. we must question the narratives they provide an promote dialogue instead of intervention. now listen to opposition leader juan guaido. roll tape. >> if you want to talk about the s&p economy, 53% rate, 1000%
11:06 am
from a lack basic products, medication. we look at the day-to-day suffering. i invite everyone -- [inaudible] stuart: i just don't get it. the left wing of the democratic party doesn't want us to intervene in venezuela. we've got medicine and food supplies lined up on the border trying to get in. i don't get it. i really don't. >> not simply taken the government falling for it. we have the opposition party in venezuela telling us there is a serious issue here. i bought my stock to come usually the children of parents who are now starting have been telling us about this dire situation. "new york times," "washington post." covering the struggle to get medicine. they've had to read the zoo animals an artist not starving people are getting water and sewage plants. this is socialism.
11:07 am
it can be predicted for 15 years. i would argue in college about where venezuela was headed. now they may come around and agree with it. you're still going to have hard-core democrat and that has always existed on the left. stuart: i think you're right. chris bedford, daily collar. thank you very much. give back your money real fast. that is all because of one stock, boeing, which is again down sharply today. lots of news on bowling. britain, australia, dave founded these slight. the faa says it will not take any action at this time despite a call from senator mitt romney to ground the planes out of an abundance of caution. ashley: the german transport minister says it is close so the amount of countries joining in now is growing. stuart: of misuse 60% out of
11:08 am
service. look him in the stock is now down nearly 6%. 376 on the stock. check out for that of google. a $90 million payout to the creator of android andy rubin. he'd been accused of misconduct must left the company. it was not board approved his ceo larry just gave rubin the money. another executive got 45 million. apple remote desktop from the app store that includes anti-climate change inconvenient facts. the app was made by a geologist to pins its removal on our law who is on apple's board. facebook restored as for senator elizabeth warren which call for the breakup of big tech companies. facebook initially took the ads down because they went against facebook's advertising policies against using their corporate logo appeared senator warren shot vaccine they proved her
11:09 am
point with the unwarranted censorship. big tex has been carrying this market so far this week. all of them are up again this morning except facebook which is now down a fraction, 17 cents down. the rest of them are red. senator warren buffet to restore them in mr. trump's budget called it a big wet kiss to the super rich and corporations. what should be the government's role in lowering drug prices. i'll ask mike rohde, businessman turned senator. he's next to it in a few hours or the parliament will vote on teresa mays brexit plan. nigel farage says the minister at her plan are going down. we will see us develop the grace of god. one might tend a big torch is a 57-point loss for the dow. knowing is responsible for all about loss.
11:10 am
now i'm thinking...i'd like to retire early. let's talk about this when we meet next week. edward jones came to manage a trillion dollars in assets under care by focusing our mind on whatever's on yours.
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stuart: happening now, tim sloan claire grilled by the house financial services committee. they're investigating the scandal over false accounts. he says he wants to rebuild customer trust. wells fargo stock still languishing $49 a share.
11:14 am
the president unveiled his $7 trillion budget proposal. the largest in history. 20 hours of work, work training, community service per week for welfare or food stamp recipients. senator mike ron desantis, republican indiana. mr. senator, your business guy. when you make of the president's welfare reform? >> i like that component of the budget. i think that's long overdue. the four-point 7 trillion of them and that will give me some heartburn. obviously that is a can of verbally from what it was a year before. i'm one of those guys that believes we need to start bringing the federal budget down because we run these trillion dollars deficit. there's nothing good about the future but that being part of it. stuart: doesn't the president also demand a 5% cut in missed agencies and over a period of years that would balance the budget and 15 years?
11:15 am
that's in the budget, too isn't it? >> are more interested in three, four, five years and starting the process the right way. we've been doing the same song and dance in a calamity i think the next five, six years. we've spent plenty to government. we don't have the nerve to raise taxes to pay for it, which i don't think we should do we have to be more honest at the american public and it's got to be across the board including defense. i was glad he enabled the fence back in 2018, but the entire budget is to be looked at. we at. when industries that are start bringing it down. not take it. stuart: can you do that politically? once the government has given something, whatever it is, you could never take it back. politically you can do it. >> you can't in this place
11:16 am
simply because that's been the way they've rolled over the years. all i can tell you on the scoreboard for 10 years, part of a state government indiana with allen's budgets. cash balances. yes it can be done. it takes that don't and fortitude or there's not much of that year. most people get nestled in here and get comfortable doing that and don't understand the real macro economics of the disaster is going to put on shortly. stuart: i agree entirely. i just wondered what was politically possible. i'm interested in your take as a businessman. your big pushes to get drug costs down. tell us how that's going please. >> is going well. i just heard a moment ago that united health care is not going to issue reached rebate on the commercial side directly to the consumer. that was one of my three bills that i introduced last week. also to bring generics online
11:17 am
more quickly, to get drugs manufactured in other countries that it went around and proven back into the u.s. and to get rid of some of the shenanigans drug companies use to delay generics from coming onto the scene. it is true. i took the insurance companies on 10 years ago. you can do it, but just like here in the senate whether it's education or health care you've got to have the nerve to speak up or they'll expect more of the same. stuart: something tells me, sir come you're not really enjoying your life as united date senator. i'm just guessing. >> that would be where you got me wrong. i would've never done this if i wasn't going to have fun with it. even though i'm talking about stuff that makes people squirm out here like getting rid of pensions and some of the stuff we need to reform the place with. i'm going to keep doing it. believe it or not that's a lot of fun.
11:18 am
stuart: please go out it and come back and tell us all about it. let's get back to your money. tesla had until yesterday about those treats. the sec was over's have been. they were violating the first amendment. free speech rights by criticizing. building a larger case and the stock is down eight bucks. 282 on tesla. barstool sports. you've heard of them? huge following in the make a point to take on nfl commissioner roger caddell. the founder will join us later this hour. the founders of instagram respond to what elizabeth warren has called to break up facebook another big tax. we will have that for you. remember, facebook owns and to graham. -- instagram.
11:19 am
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11:23 am
lower now. down six and a quarter%. ireland has been the latest country to extend operation a boeing 747 max sajak. they join you. ashley: germany. many, many country's predicament must feel this growing. a flight attendant saying they say flight attendants will not be forced to fly if they feel unsafe for the same group saying americans carrier should ground until the investigations are complete. stuart: it sounds like public opinion, anxious people, anxious governments are sorted hoping that the head of steam here that's taking the stock down and removing the jet room service. ashley: as that continues, this aircraft is safe, has full confidence in the safety of the max. it's not mandating any further actions at this time based on the information currently available. they are standing firm.
11:24 am
stuart: is clearly a crisis for one of the most important companies in the world. that plane is the basis of boeing's future deliveries. >> 5000 have been ordered. about 380 are currently in service. stuart: will talk to a commercial airline pilot. right now i crisis of confidence in not all important boeing jet taking the stock down again. back to $3.73. twenty-six dollars lower than it's gone down as we've been speaking. that is strive to balance the industrials down to the tune of 90 points. it wasn't for boeing that i would reappear the rest of the market is out. the crisis there was really hurting. >> we were talking about this earlier. canada transport minister says to my knowledge there are no new facts concerning this. we need to wait and see what
11:25 am
happened. they are ready to act immediately but at this point they do not see the reason to do it. stuart: who saw this coming. a new poll shows young voters 37% of the electorate overwhelmingly favor socialistic policies like free health care, free college. president trump torn in 20 press secretary kayleigh mcenany say about that. she will be here shortly.
11:26 am
11:27 am
11:28 am
11:29 am
stuart: about buster story. dozens of business leaders and well-known act nurse has been accused of writing ivy league colleges to let their kids then. ashley: it's really remarkable the indictment uncovered today in boston. a long list of people including actresses. felicity huffman in the lori rothman to name a couple. apparently a gentleman in california is operating a thing or you would pay him money and he would use that money for some of these elite schools for their kids to get into. talking about georgetown, gail,
11:30 am
southern cal, ucla come university of texas and the amounts of money they were being paid. felicity huffman apparently 15,000 put it down as charitable donation. got her daughter in demonic pagan for the second daughter. or a laughlin $500,000 paid. the two daughters were designated as recruits to the usc rowing team hadn't been in their rowboat and their life. these either went to s.a.t. administrators or college recruiters who would then take these kids and put them through the system and get them into the college. a massive skimming scandal. stuart: what a story. thank you, ash. got to get back to boeing. ireland joining britain, australia, singapore ground in the 737 jets. the faa, the authority here says they're not going to take any action at this time despite a call from senator mitt romney who says ground all those planes
11:31 am
in america. boeing says the planes are safe. joining us on the phone, commercial airline pilot robert mark. do you think we should ground all these planes in america now? >> well, and i'm just a pilot. i'm not an engineer. with the public and everyone else will have to face is more and more people jumping on the bandwagon say let's not deal to overly cautious -- i'm sorry, they should be overly cautious. you mentioned the airline ground in these airplanes. stuart: by the way france has just joined in. it is almost universal now. >> i don't think were going to be able to hold out for much longer. you will get information hopefully off the recorders in the next day or two, at the way it's been going today, i doubt
11:32 am
they really going to be a little holdout against that. plus there's a great deal of consumer and rest already stuart: they raised. the flight attendants have set low, and we don't have to. by the way, canada has just said they are ready to act immediately. >> correct. but they will if they get more information. stuart: robert, this is a full-blown crisis here. a crisis for boeing, crisis for airlines and airports around the world. as he said, and i don't think they'll be able to hold out much longer before there's a universal grounding of the plane. you agree with that? >> i think you're absolutely right. what is important for customers to know if they don't need to wait for the faa or transport canada or anybody else.
11:33 am
go to fly when you book a ticket you can see exactly what kind of an airplane that fights going to be operated with. if you don't feel comfortable, don't get on the airplane. stuart: well said. thank you for joining us at the last minute, robert. we do appreciate it. again, you've got to check a big lord. you will see that the dow industrials are down 91 points. all about losses accounted for by boeing. knowing is actually taking the dow down 181 points. the dow would be in positive territory. ashley: turkish airlines -- stuart: canada, turkey, france. it is almost universal. well said. one of the features of the rally yesterday and again today and stocks are rallying today is big tech. there are may come back.
11:34 am
our next guest is a big tech bowl and has been for a long time. michelle mckinnon comest interrupted visor and management. maria so bullish on big tech? there's better buys and it's a momentum stock and let's face it, i know we talk a lot of negativity on facebook. facebook is instagram and what sapp and they have a huge user base. think about that revenue just there. stuart: elizabeth warren could not take him to pieces. at least until 2021. stuart: is there any particular one. on the screen apple, amazon, facebook, microsoft. anyone in which you think you're going to get better games than the others? >> apple to some extent has gotten a lot of pressure and
11:35 am
people are pretty negative. i think there is some upside potential buyer. they make some interesting moves and really fascinating by the gaming states. amazon has a big opportunity they are. but i'm a big bowl across the board across all tech. i have to say i'm going to put on my financial advisor cat. it's often better to own baskets of stocks than just one obviously with knowing this morning. if you own a bunch of stocks, not just going to have a positive day-to-day versus bowing down. to put on the financial advisor cat. stuart: is there a basket of stocks that includes apple, amazon, alphabet -- what's the other one? you could know mike vanguard, there's tons of opportunities
11:36 am
where you can own a bunch of different so you're protected. stuart: i made the mistake of putting it all into microsoft. >> you've done well. thank you very much. appreciate it very back to politics in my editorial at the top of the hour. the gop has a lot of work to do. they think a problem trying to court millennial to have a lot of socialistic opinions. kayleigh mcenany has a new job. the press secretary for the president campaign. you're in a tough spot because these millennial in generation z, 73% want the government to provide health care. 67% while free college. how are you going to turn that around? >> here's how we're going to turn it around, stuart. these millennial for a decade during the obama here is where we were in the slowest economic recovery since world war ii.
11:37 am
these millennial's experienced an economic system that was working for them. they were shut out of the job market. the president will say are you better off today than you were four years ago? the answer is going to be yes because finally capitalism is working again against free-market principles and growth policies are put in place by the president. i'm confident we'll have a lot of millennial on board. stuart: then you're going to run on the economy, as prosperity, the trump growth area. is that a really strong answer to youngsters? and by the way, this group makes up 37% of the electorate. is that a good response for them? they want free stuff. they want to feel good things that they are supposed to deliver. so you are running on the economy. that's it. >> is a big cohort of millennial to look around and say we just want a shot at the american dream. the economy is a huge part of the argument.
11:38 am
we finally have a shot. we are finally getting hired, finally getting wages and not having to live with her parents. that's because of president trump. also when it comes to health care, and the government tried to take over health care. premiums skyrocketing. less choice in the market. trump has reversed a lot of that in finally we see the health care cost because the free-market principles for the economy, capitalism and president trump's argument. stuart: you've got your work cut out for you. we wish you the best of luck. thanks for joining us today. more news on boeing. france, ireland, britain, australia, all grounded the 737 -- ashley: in austria just added. the stock is plunging. our authority, the faa says they basically won't take any action. there is enormous pressure on them to take some action similar to other countries. at the moment they have not done
11:39 am
that. down $26. 373 as the price down another 6.5%. we are waiting for the big brexit vote just hours away. we are all over this. what a huge new statuses. we will keep you up to speed i promise you that. ♪ you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase sensimist relieves all your worst symptoms, including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. and all from a gentle mist you can barely feel. flonase sensimist.
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11:41 am
stuart: we're at the point now where one country after another is ground in the 737 max age at. with just added austria. germany, france, turkish airlines. it's almost picking up momentum. you can feel it. stuart: a lot of these are saying you've got a plan this thing. you've got a brown man because if we down to something happens, the liability is astronomical. >> that's where the pressure is coming from of course. we have full confidence continuing what they're saying and we should point out here in the united states, and most in place. stuart: a huge problem in their most important. what a day it is. act in a moment.
11:42 am
11:43 am
stuart: we are rapidly approaching a point where there is a worldwide grounding of the 737 max age at. a number of countries which have done this, france, austria, australia, singapore, turkey, norwegian airline, the break. several latin american airlines they grounded their fleets. canada says it's ready to act but won't do everything yet. meanwhile, the faa here in america not taking action at this time.
11:44 am
ashley: not at all. so instead we respect with the home countries want to do but this is still under investigation and we have full confidence in this aircraft didn't continue to make that point. the faa has not taken any steps as yet, but as the number of country grows there is increasing pressure here in the u.s. stuart: those airlines which do have a 737 jet on their fleets down 2% across the board. it's a challenge to america's most import company. it is a heavy news day we've got this for you as well. another brexit vote happening later on today around 3:00 p.m. eastern time. here is what mr. bragg themselves nigel farage had to say on this program. roll that tape. >> this is a massive, massive margin in parliament. i have to say, the only person
11:45 am
now is in fact the attorney general himself. there must be a chance that he is the one candidate that could come forward uncontested to leave the country in the next few weeks. stuart: steve hilton, host of the next revolution for prime minister david cameron joins us now. >> either way, need to point out which side i was on. stuart: anybody who knows you knows which side you're on very, very clear. but, this vote is going to go down and i don't think prime minister mae is going to last very long. you agree with that? >> it depends how long because if you're talking about a year or so, that's right. but it's literally eking out the next few days and weeks because the official deadline for
11:46 am
leaving is the 29th. that's not that far away. days away. there's a crucial e.u. summit next week and it seems to me they've got another couple of those tomorrow and the next day were parliament, the british parliament wants to rule out the idea of leaving without any kind of deal. but there is a vote on that. that's going to happen. then another vote where they have a chance to delay the whole thing. it is not clear whether those votes have any effect anyway. it is the government who is running the process. i think what's going to happen is that it will all go down to the wire at the e.u. summit with all the leaders next week. there is literally days. you've got to give me something so i can get this across the line. stuart: set comes down to that. the e.u. leaders get together. prime minister mae probably, not for sure, but probably goes over and says come on, you've got to help you here.
11:47 am
>> remember, this vote was originally last year. and then they delayed it again and this is the third delay. the reason for the delay would she was going to go back to the e.u. to ask for more concessions. each time they haven't given her enough. and now there's really nowhere else to go other than the summit next week. stuart: what a mess. >> i can't believe it. i just wonder whether i'll be prime minister boris johnson. >> we will see. yesterday you asked me when was the last time i wore a suit and tie. i actually remember now very clearly. it was on president trump's inauguration where i was commenting on fox news and i thought this was an important occasion i should wear a suit and tie. stuart: next time you're on the show. they'll catch mr. hilton never
11:48 am
sunday night hosting the next revolution was steve hilton at 9:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel. sorry it is so short, but my goodness what a new stay with god. the founders of instagram responded to senator elizabeth warren's call to break up the attack. south by southwest. that is where hillary bond joins us from now. what did they say? >> well, they're kind of laughing at the proposal saying that she must be a time traveler if she wants to go back in time several years and unwind facebook acquisition of instagram but they completely disagree to break a big tech companies like facebook, amazon and google saying if they have specific concerns with these tech companies whether it's over russian meddling or privacy, then pass legislation that specifically addresses those problems. it is a knee-jerk reaction to the anti-attack sentiment that is rippling through the country that they actually aren't
11:49 am
against government oversight or even regulation of their companies. they say there is a need for some type of oversight, but the problem is her plan really doesn't do anything. it just chops up companies and undoes acquisition. stuart: thank you very much, hillary. we are trying to get it all on board today. i apologize for that, hillary. we are going to do something a little bit different. wildly popular voice of barstool sports is herein were talking about barstool roger goodell mes soccer. ♪
11:50 am
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11:53 am
stuart: are likely to do something a little different to close at the show this morning we've got something really different. a special guest whose empire painted different picture of a college-age millennial star ring two. very famous guy, founder and president of our school. welcome to the show. >> thanks for having me. stuart: you're welcome. you're hugely popular, you're more famous than i am.
11:54 am
new appeal to college campuses in your relatively conservative. i mean, you're a reverent kind of guy. i thought these college kids were a socialist. the mac for everything. i'm what they were conservative or liberal. we just call it how we see it. that may be of little bit unusual. it's an ego chamber. social media is an eco-chamber. they want the same things -- i don't know where to college. they want a drink, party, have fun, get laid. that's what most college kids want to do. it's the truth. we talk like normal kids talk. there's a small portion that go around and spend their college years complaining about everything. those are the miserable people and those are the people we don't appeal to. they'll go on twitter and make one person, gives 100, but those people are in usual. if they stomp their feet really loud in make noise. we don't appeal to them. we don't care about them and i
11:55 am
still think they are the minority. stuart: what is your beef with roger goodell? >> is the worst human who ever lived so whilst tartare without. he's banned from all nfl activities. truth be told i'm a patriots fan. that's a team to be a fan of. stuart: why did they ban you? >> he did some of legal maneuvers that i thought should not be allowed good when he suspended tom reid with no proof, no evidence into the constitution out the window we handcuffed ourselves to each other with dr. solves in prison for a night. that started a long-running feud with roger goodell in which we were basically as watchdog. everyone's afraid of them. they won't call him and he doesn't want people challenging. we challenged him. he said that peter indie band does then it continuing back and forth. stuart: sharp edge guy are you? >> i call them as i see them. stuart: why don't you cover
11:56 am
soccer? the ratings are fantastic. english premier soccer. >> where they fantastic? stuart: in america. their ratings this season are up 63% from where they were last year and its young guys and women 20s and 30s, perfect demographic. >> to be go from one person to 63 are up 63%. i don't like soccer. i get it. it's a european thing. too boring for me. stuart: you don't like soccer? are you barstool or barstool sports? >> versatile sports. >> i'd like to keep the barstool but the guy won't sell us a domain name. stuart: i've got to get this thing. another update. the netherlands can add that to the list of countries grounding 737 max jet had watched the stock go down. more "varney" after this.
11:57 am
. .
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11:59 am
stuart: two very big stories developing. the fbi is indicting some people, hollywood, business types for bribing ivy league colleges to let their kids in. what a story. second one, boeing this is a challenge to one of america's most important companies and its most important plane. we seep to being moving rapidly toward a situation where there is wordwide grounding. ashley: as that is going on the
12:00 pm
southwest pilots's association that they are extremely confident that the entire fleet including the max it is safe. stuart: wow a developing story. seems we're heading toward as global grounding of that particular yet. our type is up. what is news day. neil, it is yours. neil: thank you for example connell mcshane and david asman for filling in when i was out kudos to both of them. not kudos to boeing's stock, with this spreading campaign across countries across the globe would feel safer if these planes were grounded, boeing 737 max 8, behind the ethiopian airlines crash and separate lyon air crash months before that. the list is betting long, it is complicated. boeing stands by the safety and reliability about this jet, different views out of the pilot's association, flight attendants. pilots are


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