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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  April 15, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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news today. [closing bell rings] the markets are slightly lower. down 30 points for the dow dunce dunce -- jones industrials. that will do it for "the claman countdown." "after the bell" picks it up right now. melissa: right across the board right now all three major averages kicking off the week in negative territory dragged down by financial and industrial stocks. the dow ending down 29 points there. the s&p 500 snapping a three-day winning streak. tech-heavy nasdaq also ending in the red. this is "after the bell" and i'm melissa francis in new york. hi, connell. connell: hi, there, melissa i'm in bethlehem, pennsylvania today where bernie sanders is making a pitch to voters at fox news town hall. the candidate is expected to release 10 years of tax returns as he reaches out to working class americans.
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sanders is expected to focus on the economic agenda event along with the "medicare for all" plan. we'll be all over that. i'm reporting from a renovated steel mill in the lehigh valley, transformed into something called factory. 40,000 square foot facility, operating as a new business incubator. invest in smaller companies led by entrepreneurs who created more than three billion dollars in enterprise value by three businesses including meow mix, which you might heard from. a lot coming up. moments from now the former governor of this state, former governor of pennsylvania ed rendell will be on with us. later in the hour, our buddy martha maccallum is one of the monitors for the townhall. back to you, melissa in new york. melissa: looking forward to it. touting the economy on tax day president trump wrapping up remarks in burnsville, minnesota. blake burman live at the
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white house with details. blake. reporter: melissa a day millions across the country absolutely dread that being tax day. the white house making a full pr push, rolling out new tax code in effect for very first time. president wrapped up remarks at a trucking and equipment factory in minnesota. >> we lowered income tax rates across the board, right across the board. the typical family earning 75,000 is saving more than $2,000 of their income. so they're picking up $2,000 every year because of this but many are picking up much, much more than that, depending on the situation. reporter: that right there is part of the pitch from the president. independent analysis does show on the whole more people this year will be paying less in taxes than they did last year, however, here is the problem for the white house. polls also show that people essentially don't like the tax code. that the disapproval numbers are
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higher than the approval numbers. the president's top economic advisors went out before the cameras today saying the only metric that matters is the economy. >> i would say americans approve of a prosperous economy which frankly has been rebuilt by president trump's policies. people have been surprised by the extreme strength of the u.s. economy and folks who think that it is not because of our policies should look at an alternative story. reporter: while individuals and families all across the country ire filed taxes today or done so in the lead-up, the white house, though, melissa has yet to say whether or not president trump and first lady filed their 2018 tax return. the president continues to buck tradition but not publicly releasing his tax returns. melissa. melissa: blake burman, i hate tax day but thank you. reporter: it is the worse but we all got to do it. melissa: it's the worst.
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let's bring in dan henninger, "wall street journal" he is also a fox news contributor. do you love tax day or hate tax day, dan? >> as a resident of new york state where we lost local and state tax deduction i'm not a big fan of tax day. it is a killer if you live in new york, new jersey or california. florida or texas, not so bad. melissa: it has been particularly horrible this year. it is interesting though, because like all the local stories around here in new york quoting people who went and got horrible news when they went to file their return. they had somebody do it, how much they earned. across the country though, we don't want to focus on our misery here, tax policy center, surveymonkey asked people do you think you got a tax cut and did you actually get one? 64.8% actually got one but only 39.6%, we'll show you to you,
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think they got one. where do you think they came up with the disparity? where is that coming from? >> i think it comes from the fact a lot of middle class people don't pay that much in income tax anymore. they do continue to pay payroll taxes. medicare tax, social security gets deducted from every paycheck. they haven't seen any reduction in that. retired people who are receiving social security are paying taxes on their social security. that is the way a lot of people do think about their taxes right now. melissa: yeah. do you think that the president is getting credit right now for a better economy and for the tax cut or are people like, wait a second, i didn't feel it, i don't see it? >> well these polls do suggest that people are not seeing a relationship between the tax cut and the strong economy. so there is that. but the strong economy is real and i think the president is on solid ground when saying that they have transformed the economy in terms of job creation, people moving up, real
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wages beginning to rise. it is pretty difficult to avoid the reality of an economy much stronger than it was during the obama years. i think the president, that is going to be a very strong thing for him as the incumbent going into re-election. melissa: it is interesting how both parties try to make the most of this. bernie sanders is coming up tonight in the town hall. he is talking about the fact that wages have not risen enough to keep up with the cost of living. he doesn't go on to make the point. my biggest expense is my tax bill. this idea that people as your wages haven't risen fast enough to keep up with the government's burden on each and everyone of us. does anyone make that point well enough for people to really get it, dan what do you think? >> well the pressure, burden will be on the president himself to make that argument against people like bernie sanders. frankly, melissa, i do not understand the democrats trying to run on the idea that we still have a weak obama-like economy. people can see around them that
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the economy is stronger. their children are getting jobs. people who have been out of work for a long time getting work. seems bernie would be on much stronger ground but if he is talking about the health care system. but no, they will insist we are living in a failing economy. i don't get it. melissa: we'll see if it sells. dan, thank you for that. connell: still waiting meantime, melissa, for bernie sanders to release his tax returns as he promised to do today. we're just hours away from the town hall. fox news holding a townhall here in pennsylvania. taking his presidential pretty much into the trump country with a message he insists will resonate with gop voters. take a listen. >> donald trump has told literally thousands of lies since he bean began his campaign. [booing] and since he has been in the white house. the biggest lie was that he was
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going to stand up for working families take on the establishment. [booing] that was a monstrous lie. connell: pennsylvania certainly one of the big states in play for that strategy, taking trump voters. bring in former governor of this state, ed rendell, kind enough to join us from philadelphia. good to see you from here, bethlehem, pennsylvania, a fox bernie sanders town hall tonight. senator sanders is bringing this message as i said a moment ago, trying to, directly to voters that many cases voted for the president last time around in pennsylvania and over the weekend in michigan, wisconsin. those are seen as the big three if the democrats want to take back the white house, what do you make of at least senator sanders trying to take those voters back? >> first i want to commend senator sanders for appearing on fox at a town meeting. i said it was a month ago it was huge mistake to cancel the fox
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tv debate, democratic primary debate. i'm glad he is going on fox because there are fox viewers who are open game i think in this coming election and he has a message, his message is good one. donald trump lied in the 2016 campaign over and over again about being for the working class folks. remember he told us candidate that people like him wouldn't get anything from the tax cut. that they would actually pay more. while the middle class got all of the tax cut. we now know that 1% highest earning americans got more benefits from the tax cut than the 60% lowest earning americans. so we know that donald trump lied. even went down to mar-a-lago and told the rich folks hey, i just made you guys all a whole lot richer today. bernie sanders is right to hammer home that message. donald trump lied to those middle class working class voters. connell: all right. i think the question is in the how from a political strategy
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standpoint, it is interesting that sanders is self-identified democratic socialist, left-wing economic policies that he is quite proud of. "medicare for all," free college, you name it. if he is the right type of messenger for the democrats particularly in those states i mentioned in this one or a more moderate voice like joe biden when he presumably gets in would sell more in those states, including this one, what do you think? >> i think more moderate voice would sell better. in all due deference to senator sanders the problem is donald trump will be able to take people's attention away from what we just said, focus, hey the democrats wanted to set up a socialist economy will cost you way more out of your tax bill. it will cost you 4,000, $45,000 more, all these programs are too expensive. he will have trouble doing that against a joe biden or amy klobuchar, someone who is more moderate, left-of-center democrat. they're a better messenger than
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bernie sanders is. don't underestimate bernie sanders. a lot of people believe what he says. a lot of trump voters said if bernie sanders had been on the ballot in 2016 they would have voted for bernie. connell: that's a really interesting kind of, i guess dichotomy of trying to, people have tried to do it, the governor, since 2016 figure out what was the appeal of both bernie sanders, again, this self-identified democratic socialist and donald trump. but you're right, there was a certain crossover, anti-establishment or something more to it. >> absolutely. connell: definitely in the data we saw? >> i think you're absolutely right. it was anti-establishment. the swamp is killing you guys. we're going to drain the swamp. donald trump hasn't drained the swamp. bernie sanders would surely drain the swamp but who would know what was left when the swamp was drained. connell: you think we'll have more as a final question, more of these candidates appearing on fox, fox news or fox business like bernie sanders is doing? >> well every democratic
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candidate that calls me for money i say get your rear end on fox. let's get the debates back on fox. i said you put martha and bret baier and chris wallace on the panel, i will debate as many times as we want on fox. connell: yeah. well, we'll see. it will be interesting. we'll talk to martha. very interesting to see things tonight. good to see you, governor. governor ed rendell, former governor of pennsylvania with us. melissa. melissa: to his point 12% of voters who would have voted for bernie sanders went for president trump. so that is a lot of what ed rendell stalking about there, according to some of the latest stats. lackluster bank earnings dragging on stocks. let's go to fox business's kristina partsinevelos on the floor of the new york stock exchange. kristina. reporter: you pretty much summed it up. it was pretty much a mixed bag. start with goldman sachs. earnings came in stronger than expected, profit overall compared to last year was down
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21%. it was down 4%. revenue was a little bit soft. moving on to citi because they're another big bank that released their earnings this morning, citi beat their first quarter estimates on the earnings as well as on the revenue side. points of contention going through the report, bond revenue, a drop in the equities business. switching to more local, m&t which is new york based bank, they're still huge, not really that local, the cfo did cite growth in commercial loans and mortgage banking but their revenue fell a little bit short. they're seeing the stock down ever so slightly. charles schwab which is a wealth management firm, they commented on how investor sentiment might have been weak because of brexit concerns, continuous china trade concerns, nonetheless they had earnings beat. tomorrow we're expecting bank of america to release their earnings, what are we expecting? we're expecting earnings per share of 66 cents. that will be up almost 6% compared to last year on revenue
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of $23.3 billion. since we got all the banks out of the way, talk about netflix since that is a big one. they're releasing their earnings after the bell. what are we expecting tomorrow from netflix? we are expecting earnings per share to come in at 57 cents per share which is lower compared to last year but don't worry, revenue is expected to be $4.5 billion. that's a huge increase compared to last year, almost 22% higher. a lot of people will be looking at the number of paid subscribers and how many additional people got on the platform especially as it gets so competitive. back to you guys. melissa: kristina, thank you. one of the greatest comebacks in sports history, tiger woods roars again with a major win at the masters. how some sports betters are cashing in or maybe bottoming out on his first big win in over a decade. connell: amazing stuff. plus a report, report card from the voters here in pennsylvania. residents weighing in on the most important issues heading
4:15 pm
into the 2020 race. we'll have much more from bethlehem coming your way next. >> right now probably border control. that seems to be a big issue. and the economy, obviously. melissa: have you seen this? it is just devastating. a massive fire ripping through the landmark notre dame cathedral in paris. the latest from authorities coming up. all money managers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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melissa: priceless piece of history burning. fire ripping through the historic notre dame cathedral in paris. french president emmanuel macron on the scene talking to susan li in the newsroom, hard to figure out why this burned uncontrollably for so long. reporter: continuing to burn at this hour. the latest french president emmanuel macron is on the scene. he is expected to make a speech, inform the nation in a few minutes. as soon as he has been informed by the civil services that are include the french firefighters an also the police as well. he already canceled a major policy speech tonight. he has declared a state of emergency for the nation and the country, as our lady of paris he
4:20 pm
says is in flames. he said i'm sad to see this part of us burn at this point. now the french fire services, they're skeptical about whether or not they can actually put out this fire, in fact being quoted not sure this fire can be stopped. the french interior ministry says a firefighters might not be able to save notre dame. it has 1000 year history, 850 years. took 200 years to build. the there is some good news. paris match and reporter is reporting that all of the artwork inside of the cathedral has been saved. they're saying the treasures have been enact of the now we also heard from the we heard from president trump on board air force one. the first thing he talked about is the fire at the business roundtable. let's quickly take a listen. >> it is one of the great treasures of the world, the greatest artists in the world. if you think about it, i would
4:21 pm
say, jovita might be greater than almost any museum in the world and it is burning very badly. looks like it is burning to the ground. that is beyond countries, that's beyond anything. that is a part of our growing up. it is a part of our culture. it's a part of our lives. reporter: tweeting earlier president trump suggested maybe they should fly over water tanks to put out the fires which as you can see continues to pretty at this point even rectangular edifice of notre dame which is the iconic part cathedral. the french civil service tweeting back at president, hundreds of firemen at paris fire brigade to doing everything they can to keep the fire under control, accept water bombing aircraft, if used could lead to the collapse of entire structure of the cathedral. this is iconic part of the
4:22 pm
french culture. according to some anecdotal reports, people are crying and standing on the banks of the seine seeing it burn. melissa: about the collapse, i would caution that reporter from the that tweeted that things have been saved i don't know about that i don't know how that is possible. we definitely want to take that tweet with a grain of salt. thank you. new details in the college admissions scandal. actress lori loughlin pleading not guilty to two charges against her in the alleged cheating scam. could it backfire? the potential legal fallout. connell what do you have coming? connell: much more of our special coverage in bethlehem, pennsylvania, medical -- melissa, we'll talk with martha maccallum and a whole lot more as we continue on "after
4:23 pm
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melissa: in their first response to the college admissions scandal actress lori loughlin and her husband are pleading not guilty to charges of mail fraud and money laundering. if convicted they could face up to 20 years in prison on each charge. so it could be 40 years. what kind of legal repercussions could this decision have? joining us is attorney jonna spilbor. thanks so much for joining us. this is a huge risk. i mean they're either going to look really smart if they get the whole thing thrown out and they get off, or like they really, really stupid if they end up going to jail? what is your thought? what would your advice, if they were your clients what would you have said to them? >> you just said something very poignant. as a matter of fact, they probably are taking their advice of their attorney and making this decision which does seem like they're playing with fire, melissa, because, look, whenever
4:28 pm
you have a plea deal or plea agreement you are, if you take it, you are taking the risk out of your future, right? because it is almost like having a contract with the prosecution. you know what you're going to plead guilty to in exchange you know what will happen to you after you plead guilt think. they have said we're not taking any deal right now, instead going to move forward. this is going to be a problem if the evidence plays out as we've seen some of it play out on tv. there seems to be a whole lot of evidence against her. melissa: what kind of case could they be making, that they were entrapped? what is sort of the best case scenario that you could see? >> yeah. i'm thinking the perhaps only defense they may have available is entrapment. what i find interesting about the defense in this case there are some defendants but it is not the type of case where they're each going to be pointing the finger at each other to get the plame off themselves. they instead may have a united
4:29 pm
front, melissa, perhaps all of the defense attorneys are getting together to mount an intrapment defense. that could be very interesting. if they are successful, this case goes away. melissa: i know that you have represented thousands of accused criminals. this is why we bring you on because during this time that you're sitting there saying, you know, what should we do here? their best hope it would seem to me they could argue that some piece of the case is so flawed that the whole thing needs to go away. i mean is that possible, given that, they have federal charges? i mean there are some different places where they're fighting things. could they really make the whole thing go away everywhere? >> so you have to remember one thing, evidence is only as good as its source. right now the key pieces of evidence are coming from those who have done the most wrong. they're coming from the mastermind of this thing. they're coming from the people who made the money. and if those people at some point were acting as agents of
4:30 pm
the police, and they didn't actually dot their is, cross their ts, there is a chance could be a technical legal argument that would make this case go away. lori loughlin is not making the decision to plead not guilty by herself. she is being advised by her attorney and i'm sure all the attorneys are talking to each other. this is really interesting. it is sending a message to the prosecution they're not scaring her at this point, i don't know if that is smart just yet. melissa: especially if you took the others took a plea, walked away, makes you think there is wow, there are two very different camps the view of what is going on. jonna spilbor, thank you for that. come back soon. >> i will. melissa: president trump outpacing his early rivals. what the boost could mean for the commander-in-chief. a major comeback for tiger woods. we need some good news today. let's focus on this. tiger woods only person who
4:31 pm
earned millions from the victory at augusta national. will take home $1.2 billion after placing a $85,000 bet to have tiger woods win the masters. biggest golf payout in history. a big wine for nike too? the payout for golf's historic day for everyone. that's next. we're live in bethlehem, pennsylvania. connell. connell: we'll talk more in a moment where we're doing the show today. it is called factory. this is a really interesting concept. it is an old bethlehem steel factory. if you're a company, you make your pitch. if rich thompson, if he likes your pitch, they will invest your company, they provide all the back office supplies, social media, the marketing, finance. rich was telling us there is no place really doing what you do anywhere, right. >> no. first of a kind ever being built to help small companies scale up. connell: new pennsylvania
4:32 pm
economy. we'll hear about it when we come back on "after the bell." here is the catch, where we need to go for the show. this is only way down. fireman's pole. >> let's go. i will lead the way. connell: all right. we made it. let's go. ♪
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investment opportunities beyfirsthand, like because your investments deserve the full story. t. rowe price invest with confidence. melissa: breaking news now. notre dame in flames. the cathedral has been burning
4:36 pm
for four hours as they struggle to contain the fire. an official official says the firefighters may not be able to save the cathedral at all. french president macron is expected to speak from the scene. biel bring you any updated breaking headlines as they come, connell. connell: wow. big money on the campaign trail we're following as well today. president trump's re-election campaign revealing they have raised $30 million in the first three months of 2019. that is a total that outpaces all his democratic rivals and equals that raised by his top two 2020 challengers in terms of fund-raising, bernie sanders and kamala harris combined. beto o'rourke in third raising 9.4 million in the first quarter. president's campaign is now 40 million on hand to spend on his re-election. additional $45 million raised by the rnc. all this comes as pete buttigieg had an impressive money haul of his own within four hours of officially announcing his presidential run he made that announcement yesterday. the mayor of south bend, indiana
4:37 pm
brought in over a million dollars. all right, now back to where we are today. it used to churn out steel. now it turns out ideas. bethlehem's building 96 now called factory. a 40,000 square foot laboratory. you can see a lot behind me. it's a laboratory for small business. the manager is rich thompson. thank you, first of all, for having us in today. >> you're welcome. connell: lucky two of us did not get killed going down the fire pole. >> no you looked good at it like seasoned. connell: i mentioned this is very unique factory. tell us exactly what happens here that doesn't happen anywhere else? >> factory is innovation center for scale up of these small companies, better for you, healthier, clean label companies but we invest in companies at least two million in sales. this is not where we start companies from scratch, right? this is two million to 20 million in sales. so when we find a company that
4:38 pm
meets our criteria, criteria we love entrepreneurs so we want to understand a good entrepreneur, does it taste good, scale up, does it have margins. connell: you make a move here. >> wherever they are in the world they have to move to bethlehem, pennsylvania, live here in the lehigh valley. >> what is the reason for them moving here as a factory? i will ask but the actual location bethlehem, pennsylvania. you take a majority stake. >> 51% or have a path to the 51% for sure. if you look at building behind us, we turned this old 1940s steel building into this innovation center. the idea if you move here. we have all the services. a place for your offices back here. all the classrooms, social media, package, design, consumer insights. connell: makes you a bigger company. >> yes. connell: gives you resources of a bigger company. >> we'll have 20 or 25 companies in this building. you have this environment of all these entrepreneurs working together. connell: let me get to the second part of the question. we're here for a political
4:39 pm
event. >> yes. connell: fox news bernie sanders town hall. this state important politically. it brings up the question from a business point of view, why here? why lehigh valley. you could have done this other places? >> i could have done it anywhere. i did an analytical analysis where we wanted to put this we looked at boulder, colorado, austin, texas, portland, oregon, a lot of entrepreneurs a lot of food and beverage. nothing going on the east coast. why don't we become the boweller or austin, texas of east coast. connell: why did lehigh valley become that hub. >> between new york, philadelphia, lehigh valley area is great on for distribution, manufacturing, schools. great schools, lehigh, lafayette. penn state, moravian college. we put this in the middle of all the students, student power and student knowledge, real quick. we'll wrap it up. how many companies do you have now? how many companies do you want to have, what is kind of the plan? what does this become? >> we opened in january.
4:40 pm
we finished all the renovation work in january. we have four companies. five fully entertainment companies. connell: food and beverage. >> food, beverage and pet. five up to 20 or 25 in in building. connell: that will happen over matter of years? >> it should happen the next year, year-and-a-half. we'll fill this building out. plenty of people that need help, i bet there are. will you scale it up other parts. >> once we get this up, no, we use this seed to bring all the companies to the lehigh valley for the east coast. we certainly look to put one on the west coast and midwest. connell: rich, thanks a lot for having us in here today. right down the street from the town hall. very convenient. we learned a lot about a different type of company. rich thompson. factory it is called. melissa: it is being called the greatest comeback in sports history. tiger woods winning the masters for the fifth time, marking his 15th major championship. nike didn't waste anytime celebrating the victory. did you see this?
4:41 pm
♪ [cheering] >> boy that looks painful. >> yeah. that shot -- ♪ melissa: so nike was one of the few companies to stick with woods over the decades. here now is jared max, sports reporter for "fox news headlines 24/7". it was incredible to see the ad so quickly. so many people focused on this for anyone who has been down in their life, that is what is meaningful. a lot of criticism today, oh, how can you support tiger woods after the things he did. he battled his way back. he said he could barely walk. is this greatest comb back in sports history? when i heard that yesterday, how do you quantify something like that?
4:42 pm
jared, what do you think? >> i think you can get away saying arguably that you cover yourself. i wondered yesterday, i thought i have never seen a better comeback. i watched tiger woods his entire career. saw this guy who was superman, win the masters in '97 by 12 shots. keep winning and winning, winning. all of sudden we learned about certain arrogance. what he did on the course. we saw about the marriage infidelity, his life fell apart. his father passed away. tiger had multiple surgeries. they were the dui. he has paid his price. now that he comes back, he was clark kent for several years and he is superman again. people would say, what is the tiger effect? yes this, is why. he was superman. we got to see it yesterday. for those who never liked tiger greatest comeback, because of what happened to him. there have been others. ted williams served in the navy and marines. missed a few years and came back. he was an american league mvp.
4:43 pm
muhammad ali, selective service. didn't go to vietnam of the was away from boxing for a few years, then in '74 beat george foreman. where does that compare to something like this? for me, tiger woods, this is the greatest individual comeback that many different think would ever happen. melissa: many didn't think it would happen, including a lot of sponsors to dumped him along the way. you can understand that it's a money play. his problems were physical, emotional. there were so many different things and some reasons. nike stood by him. they got so much exposure yesterday. my kids were all wearing their tiger nike shirts today. they had a 20 million-dollar deal with him at one point. some of the other winners though, tailor-made clubs. a lot of people are talking about this. they just made a new deal with him in 2017. they were selling tiger irons now for $1000 you can get them. adidas sold the brand tailor-made to a private equity
4:44 pm
group, for $425 million in 2017. he is still carrying taylor-made they stood by him. what kind of return on the investment do you think they get? >> that is huge. this reminds me of tiger is almost like the best blue-chip stock you could possibly have. one day the sec in halted trading. those shares were not worth a whole lot. all of sudden anything connected to tiger woods if you held on to it, what happens from here. four weeks from now tiger woods place in the pga championship, if he win that, be there sunday toward the end, everything he is connected to, financial value goes up. golf courses will be more crowded. you try to quantify what does this mean. are people buying more golf clothes. his entire outfit is available for sale. nike -- melissa: nike sent me email had like, guys that looked just like him in these outfits. they're selling everything right
4:45 pm
away. quickly, gatorade dropped him. monster beverage picked him up before this. they're one of the big winners. general motors, gillette, tag your, at&t all dropped him. interesting to watch the story if it keeps going, my son took off his hat when he won. my 8-year-old said, i had no idea he was that old. oh. >> were the kids crying at all? who doesn't have tears. melissa: i was crying. my husband was tearing. he doesn't want me to tell you that. my son said he bogeyed the last hole. get out of here, you're grounded. see you next time. president trump offering advice to boeing as more airlines pulling the 737 max off the schedule through most of the summer. we're live at o'hare airport in chicago with the latest next. connell? >> we're live here in pennsylvania as well ahead of the bernie sanders town hall held just down the street tonight. much more still to come.
4:46 pm
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melissa: breaking news. french president emmanuel macron speaking out about the catastrophic fire in paris tweeting, quote, notre dame is aflame. great emotion for the whole nation. our thoughts go to all the
4:50 pm
catholics and to the french people, all my fellow citizens i'm so sad to see this part of us burn tonight. new hit for boeing. american airlines and united continental joining southwest airlines in pulling boeing 737 max planes from their schedules through most of the the summer. jeff flock at o'hare in chicago. jeff, i guess they didn't have a choice. reporter: they didn't have the planes. 34 planes by southwest, 24 for american, 14 for united. this is the line. this is customer assistance, what happens when the flight gets canceled you have to go through this line. what the airlines had been doing canceling them piecemeal. they said you know what? we have to bite the bullet. cancel through the summer of those 737 maxes.
4:51 pm
meeting between daniel elwell acting administrator of the faa, pilots expressing concern that they will get training. southwest pilots whether they should be flying all 737s. southwest does only 737s. maybe we should buy planes from airbus instead of just boeing. this is the end of the line, by the way, hopeful people. by the way we had a snowstorm yesterday in chicago. believe it or not we did have a snowstorm. there you go, whatever your delay is caused by, whether grounding the 737s or snow, doesn't make for happy times. i leave with you a picture of the line, that you're happy, melissa, you're not in here in o'hare today. melissa: oh, those poor people. jeff flock, thank you for that. next, back to pennsylvania. connell? connell: we have the bernie sanders in trump country town hall coming up to night. as he tries to bring in some of the working class voters in key battle ground states including this one. martha maccallum from
4:52 pm
fox news. one of the moderators of tonight's event held down the street. he will join us next. we have breaking political news coming in. former massachusetts governor bill weld, officially throwing his hat in the 2020 ring, announcing plans to run against president trump in the republican primary. that is just in. we're back to bethlehem, pennsylvania. back in a moment. ♪ dear tech, let's talk. you blaze trails... but you have the power to do so much more. let's not just develop apps, let's develop apps that help save lives. let's make open source software the standard. let's create new plastics that are highly recyclable. it's going to take input from everyone. so let's do it all, together. ♪ ♪
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if you'd rather be home ask your doctor about neulasta® onpro. pay no more than $5 per dose with copay card. connell: we're in bethlehem, pennsylvania. expected to focus on his economic agenda and medicare for all proposal among the topics. great to see you, we're looking forward to the evening, one thing i thought to start with. this even, it is even happening
4:57 pm
on knock fox news seems signifi. reporter: you are right, we're glad that bernie sanders took us up on our invitation to do this. this is a town hall environment. the beginning of the political process, this is a environment where you will have a lot of questions from people was different political backgrounds, i think that room will be full of bernie supporter, conservatives, social democrats in "the independents," we look forward to hearing across the board questions. i think it great he took us up. we hope others are doing it. he is doing it because he wants to win pennsylvania, this country we're in has -- voted for democrats really all way back to george bush 41. then they flipped voted for
4:58 pm
donald trump, this is an area where a candidate like bernie sanders needs to change some minds and do well, connell. connell: martha, he brings his message. he was in wisconsin, and michigan over weekend, they are seen as big three. bernie won two of those but struggles here against hillary clinton last time. conventional wisdom has been maybe a more moderate democratic voice all be more effective here, i guess we'll see. reporter: we will see. any candidate who wants to win this race, are in states that president did very well in. question goes to that electoral question, are you better identify now than 4 year -- off now than 4 years ago.
4:59 pm
in most of these places the unemployment number has dropped, basically close to full. wages rising 6% in the state of pennsylvania over last couple years, to convince people they need to go a different route with the economy is what bernie sanders wants to do. certainly there is a lot of income inequality in the country, that is where sanders voters live. connell: the hall looks great. how do you put together an audience for an event like this, how involved do you think they will be? reporter: there is a lot of you know the bernie sanders folks brought in some audience, a good portion, we then reached out to civics groups in the area, republicans, democrats and independents to get their folks involved. that is how audience is composed, the questions i think
5:00 pm
will be interesting from this group. connell: i'll see you in a while, good luck to you, martha macallum and brett baier, i will see you in new york tomorrow. melissa: there you go, "bulls and bears" starts right now. david: breaking news, live picture from heart of paris, hundreds of firefighters are still battling the massive blaze iconic notre dame in paris, one of most beautiful cathedrals in the world, it was build in 12 century, survivedded a revolution, world war ii, but french interior minister said it may not survive this. an investigation has been launched into the cause of the fire, construction was under way as part of a 7 million renovation project, among holy relics, the crown of thorns believed to have


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