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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  April 23, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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house in 2020, this health inequality is a big campaign promise, by the democrats, they will do something about it if they get election florida thank you so much, that is it for "bulls and bears" next time. >> heated outrage and anger against bernie sanders. saying that felons, including boston marathon bombers should be able to vote from prison. people say bernie you are wrong, kamala harris believes that felons should vote before they do their time. >> door realitry -- realty checr bernie, claiming he does not support communism. and more evidence of bernie dodging and avoiding basic policy questions, as questions mount, will voters refuse to blindly take bernie's word for it? we'll show you how his policies
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have not worked, and critics saying that is big government bullying. >> trump growth agenda knocking the economy out of the ballpark. now this breaking news from pew, nonpartisan, said 41 states have it so good with the trump agenda, they pull in way more tax revenue than in last 10 years, all thanks to what president trump is doing, now this, top democrat warning, now agreeing with our reporting, we have been saying for weeks, congress has just passed 12 laws this year versus 440 in last congress. now top democrat warning democrat house majority, you need to put more points on the board, and get more legislation done, or you will lose in 2020, i am elizabeth mcdonald. the evening edit starts right now.
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>> welcome to show, you are watching fox business network, president trump on a tweet storm, 50 tweets and retweets in last 24 hours, as hillary clinton supports house speaker nancy pelosi saying don't do prime minister, back off -- impeachment back off, saying it is not worth it. hillary clinton is saying democrat house, you have to get to work on legislation to get america working and moving, hill hillary clinton says house need to put more points on board, we've been reporting this for week, just 12 pieces of legislation signed into law. launchelawrence with more. reporter: democratic leadership trying to walk back impeachment talk of some members, nancy pelosi said she and senator chuck schumer will meet with the president's week from today to talk about infrastructure, to
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actually get something done here. republicans warning democrats, that if they just go after the president instead of governing bad things will happen. >> it not good for them now, not likely to be good for them a year from now. but. the impeachment process for bill clinton not turn out well for us. reporter: subpoenas keep coming this time former white house don mcgahn. attorney general william barr to testify. he is going in front of house judiciary committee, today, former white house chief carl klein to testify before house oversight committee about security clearances and directed
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by white house not to show, advisory kushner said this is about democrats trying to avoid embarrassment. >> i think what happened all these people thought trump was going to lose. they were wrong. the american electorate and in great democratic system chose the opposite, i think instead of saying we got it wrong, they said maybe he is russia, now he has been two years with that. reporter: and a big deal for democrat, deadline for president trump's tax returns, was 5:00, an hour ago, they asked for 6 years of tax returns from president, industry secretary -- treasury secretary giving a letter to ways and means committee saying there no deadline by law on this, they are looking for review of conclusion from department of justice, that is not until may 6, they will have after this, a response for ways and means committee, white house still defiant. >> i understand it president is
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clear, once he is out of audit he will think about it, but he is not inclined to do to sent. reporter: white house position not of likely to change, president going for a state visit in united kingdom, they will meet with queen of england. then on june 6, go on normandy at request the french president they will honor 75 anniversary of normandie d-day. >> thank you. >> last night 5 democrat candidates in cnn town hall jockeying and elbowing to stand out in a very crowded field that is growing bigger than size of two baseball time, senator warren, kamala harris and pete buttigieg doubling down on impeaching president trump. >> to the united states constitution. >> i believe congress should take step toward impeachment. >> i think he made it clear he
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deserves impeachment. >> this as socialist ber bernie sanders moderate voice saying that democrat should focus on policy. >> if and this is an if, if next year, year and a half to heart of election all that congress is talking about is impreaching trump, trump, trump, mueller, mueller and not talking about health care or raising minimum wage to a living wage, not talking about combating climbal change, not -- climate change or sexism and racism and homophobia and all of the issues that concern ordinary americans, i worry about is that, works to trump's advantage. >> joining me now, darrell issa. 20 mops t -- 20 months to 2020,e
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has something to show for it even hillary clinton saying. get stuff done what your take? >> i think you know when you see the adults in the room acting like adults it makes you realize there are people running for president who are desperate to get attention, they are trying to. at the end was day legislators are judged on whether or not they proposed and passed comprehensive or appropriate legislation, including funding government at a timely fashion, executive branch is judge mostly on how well the economy is doing and whether or not we're at peace in the world, this president is accomplishing that. if he is facing a whole bunch of what was supposed to be ladies and gentlemebe --legislator whot legislated they will be silly. >> amy klobuchar punted to impeachment, saying not right now. >> up to the house, i am in the
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senate, and i believe that we are the jury. >> congressman, a political poll shows voters are luke warm, they don't' impeachment, just only a third over a third say they support it. versus 4 out of 10 say don't do it, would it backfire on democrats? >> impeachment always backfired because everyone at end of day know its a political move. impeachment, including even when republicans in fast called for impeachment of various people, it all about politics. if the president had commit a crime or if the attorney general or someone commits a crime, there are remedies, the fact that law enforcement has made a comment hencive and i -- comprehensive and i would say nonpartisan decision there was no crime, if there is no crime this overtly political. even quite frankly when bill clinton committed from crimes it was still a political question,
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they do so at their own peril. >> do you think nancy pelosi lost control of her party give than hillary clinton now saying put points on board? >> you know nancy pelosi has never been more relevant than when aoc and other people make her look like only adult in the room that wants to go pass legislation and work with president, it may not be popular in some wins of democratic party but he has an obligation as kevin mccarthy and others do, to their country to get things done. >> darrell issa appreciate it. >> thank you. >> next up, walk you through how bernie sanders did support communist. he told a vermont newspaper in mid 70s. i favor public ownership -- and praising cuba leader castro. >> everyone was convinced that castro was worst guy in the world, all cuban people would
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rise up, they forgot he educated the the kids, gave them healthcare, and transformed the society. what just because ronald reagan dislikes these people does not mean people in their own nation feel the same way. >> and bernie sanders praising bread lines and communism, saying it is funny: bernie sanders also said this about john k kennedy attacking communist cuba with nixon: >> since then bernie sanders praised more -- noriega refuses
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to call maduro a dictator. >> it is your saw. assumetion? i never have. >> with me now. brad blakeman. >> he always does. i have a news flash are in democrats, bernie is no democrat. he has hijacked your party, either you are a hostage or a willing participant. when nancy pelosi said this is a passing fancy, democrat running for president are advancing that is crazy. >> they like to talk how government can stop income inequality, country about income mobility, look at people who started out dirt poor, oprah, howard schultz, and on and on, steve jobs, but they never, bernie never answers this basic
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question, how will government taxing a and spending make your wage hig higher, my income highe we double debt under obama, what he is still talking about is going on. >> he is not interested in that, they are interested in control your life from grade told grave -- grade tol cradle to grave, fg your debt, you entered a contract for that education. and millennials are saying, you know democrats will give me a punch o bunch of stuffs, and republicans will make me work for it, it is buying votes, it is de. >> we have major welfare program, we already have
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socialism, he is yet to answer question, how does that raise other people's wages and salaries by making government bigger, you need a bigger tax collector. entity that create net job here, during collapse, over last decade, was small businesses, president trump backing government off that helps. >> creates opportunity, giving people a leg up, opportunity to rise above. not making them depend on government from craz cradle it , that is not what america is about. trump is successful he has empowered the individual, if not how good wall street is it is how good main street is. >> bernie is sell envy. >> envy and jealousy, jealous of
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others, if someone is doing well, including bernie, he is a millionaire, he admit it, but he did not admit it until he had to. he wrote a book, he made millions, he has houses, plural. vacation houses, yet bernie in how is shamed by his own success. but it is on the backs of others putting peep dow people down, ag them independent, not lifting them up as president trump as done, trump has released shackles, that is what it is about. if is not becoming a global member of society or apologizing for america's greatness that to the contrary. >> thank you. >> another day, another democrat, entering 2020 race. joe biden delaying his announcement. it is expected tomorrow, peter ducey with more.
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reporter: joe biden said to be 2020, 20 candidate when an on-line video dropped thursday morning explaining why he thinks he is best bet to topple trump, then head to his home state pennsylvania, which trump won in 2016 for a campaign event, he reportedly plans to go public with a language lis -- long lisf high profile endorsement. but no indication that barack obama is ready to back biden. biden did flirt with campaign in 2016 but never announced anything, and continued grievings loss of his son in private, first time he -- in 1988 he bowed out before the caucus amid a flai flaij plagiam
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scandal. and then nobody accused him of sexual assault, allegations do not appear to have impacted iz effort. >> thank you so much peter ducey. >> we have key development in case of jussie smollett. nigerian brothers accused of attacking smollett file a defamation lawsuit against jussie smollett's attorneys. >> these lies are destroying our character and our representation in our personal and pro freg alives -- professional lives, though who know us personally know we don't have hate for anyone who is not -- that is not who we are. we will no longer sit back and allow these lies to continue. >> fox news mike in chicago with more. reporter: one way or another we may still see jussie smollett in a real life courtroom drama, he faces a lawsuit from city of chicago, and may be called as
6:17 pm
witness in federal lawsuit filed today. smollett was not named as a defendant. lawsuit is directed at legal team, geragos, claims after charges were dropped against smollett, they did round on news program and podcast, lawyers for brother say that lawyers made false and damaging statements, claiming their representation in personal training business were damaged, they suffered emotional i did stress, today gloria schmidt said they followed direct of a successful actor now they want have clear their names. >> we were asked to do something by a friend they trusted and at end was day that friend betrayed their trust. reporter: geragos, head back, part of statement reads so call
6:18 pm
lawsuit by brothers is more of lawyer-driven nonsense, and desperate attempt to say relevant and further profit from an attack they admit they perpetrated, geragos said that sued thsuit will be thrown out. >> thank you mike tobin in chicago. >> just ahead, on the "evening edit," socialist gone wild, update on latest, crazy idea to make government bigger, and tax correct or stronger. >> we have breaking news how majority of states now make way more money, double digit growth in tax revenue, thanks to trump growth agenda, and bernie sanders tries to say he never support the communism, we take him on, in how he avoided basic policy questions, but first sri lanka in mourning. 40 suspected terrorist have been arrested, more than 300 have been killed and many hundreds more injured, prime minister warning there may be more armed
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terrorists, details coming up. mornings were made for better things than
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more than 320 people are now dead, more than 400 injured, sri lanka prime minister now warning more terrorists, some are not with bombs are still -- some armed with bombs are still on the run. fox news correspondent benni ben hall. reporter: isis has now declared responsibility. they do not believe the local terrorist group was sophisticated enough. connection today as no surprise. death toll has risen to 321 in the blast with 500 injured, prime minister sri lanka warning that there were more militants and more bombs. today isis released a video showing now deceased alleged mastermind. , surrounded by other suicide bombers who carried out the
6:24 pm
attack, pledging allegiance to baghdady, and surveillance video. reportedly one the suicide bombers walking across square, wearing a heavy backpack, entering st. sebastian church, and walking to center of church before blowing himself up. country surge a state of emergency. -- is under a states of merge, police arrested fourth people in con-- 40 people in connection to bombing, reports of a security shake up in sri lanka. given to them by india 10 days going to, referring to suicide attacks on hotels and churches, fbi sending its agency to help with investigation. liz. elizabeth: den benjamin hall in london thank you.
6:25 pm
>> to supreme court, hearing argument on government decision to add a citizenship question to 2020 census, shannon breen with more. reporter: one of those days there is a lot of noise, a lot of signs and people outside, this is a had the -- hot button case they are hearing this year. people opposed to asking about citizenship on the 2020 census. they will not complete the form is the argument, they worry they will be under counted in areas that get a lower number will be impacted with congressional allegation, federal money that pours in, they accuse trump administration of doing this on basis of immigration. a lot of justicesid today saying we've had this, consistently, this is a part of our make-up
6:26 pm
here, we'll find out by june the decision, the forms whether they have question or not, have to get to printer to be read. elizabeth: and you so muchtionon. >> breaking news, fox news told that white house will fight the attempt to subpoena don mcgahn, and fight all subpoenas run-up against executive privilege. coming up. >> frustration building over bernie sanders' because he continues to dodge and refuses to answer basic questions about his policies. that will overturn the u.s. economy and american lives this as we have breaking news about trump growth agenda, knocking it out of the park with the economy, 41 states now pulling in more revenue than they have in 10 years, we'll show you that later, but first democrat push their big socialist plan, big government attack, spending, not focusing on passing legislation
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elizabeth: breaking news of trump economic growth agenda working. a double digit growth rate according to new data from pew charitable trust, a nonpartisan outfit. >> we say good for you. you have now gotten this great fortune, but two cents, you have to pay something back. so everyone else gets a chance. >> crucial part of new york city green new deal that we the city government, we are going to change the way we do things. >> i support medicare for all. elizabeth: bring in republican
6:32 pm
strategist and civic forum pak chair ford. >> there is a lot of prosper truprosperityurge president trud you don't tell the democrats that, they are pandering free healthcare and money, their plan to say it the same, soak the rich, history shows it does not work. they did not pull in revenue, and middle class gets stuck holding the bag paying for these programs. elizabeth: politician have yet to say i'm fixing that 141 million in over -- billion in over payment out of medicare and medicare, and stop government waste fraud and abuse, i will not spend trillions of dollar on empty federal office buildings. how about fixing that first? before you take a nickel out of someone's pocket.
6:33 pm
>> your news on white house fighting privilege for the democrat probe, what is your take on that and lawsuit against elijah cummings. >> we had a two year unobstructed investigation from robert mueller. democrats are more interested in investigating president trump to political harm, they believe if they could knock him around enough in congress, they can beat him in 2020, that is about political power. >> senator warren's to forgive billions of student loan debt. you know there is that move from warren, the senate is also say no to the green new deal. talking about big government policy push by democrats to fire up the base, how will the base wage and 2020 voter react. >> democrats are sailing in a
6:34 pm
unattainiattainable utobe ut ut- utopia, thank god mitch mcconnell is in senate this stuff does not get to president, he is basically line separating america from socialism. elizabeth: ford o'connel thank you. >> thank you. elizabeth: to your money, market wow, s&p and nasdaq closing at record highs, after strong earnings from aboard range of companies it has been v-shaped up action after a route last year. when wall street was gripped with fear. by faulty analysis indicating recession during government shut down, that not happening, president trump met wit -- twitr ceoers to dorsey today at white.
6:35 pm
twitter stock up, we get to gerri willis at new york stock exchange with more. reporter: a big day in the market, nasdaq and s&p set new record highs, dow up 145, s&p up 25, and nasdaq up 105, with a string of upbeat earning, new home sales, unimpeachmentl unexr rise from march. after hours snap and texas instruments with bigger earnings reports. and oil 6 month high above 66 a barrel for first time since october 31, thanks to tighter u.s. sanctions on iran, and there will be more tech earnings. microsoft and boom boo -- facebk facebooact john thursday. >> thank you. >> we're tracking other headlines for you. for first time, federal prosecuter charged a
6:36 pm
pharmaceutical company and two former executive in opioid crisis,ro ches rochester drug cooperative accused of failing to report thousands of suspicious orders of controlled substances. >> and a. melissa: ruled that videotape of papatriot owner kraft-ing illict ex acts at a florida day some is on hold. >> and new jersey governor murphy wants to raise fees on guns from $5 for a firearm i.d. card toes there ar$$100, and a o carry is 20 bucks that would increase to 400 bucks to carry. to new york, students here in new york seeing apple. after being wrongly, linkeed toa number of robbery at apple
6:37 pm
stores, apple fiberral make facl recognition software said it was him, he says it was not. other technology companies also experimenting with racial recognition software, civil libertarians say watch it, off than software gets false positives and wrong. this shocking video, water cascading from a rooftop pool in manila. the philippines was hit with two earthquakes could one monday 6.3, and today 6.1, they left at least 16 people dead, hundreds injured. >> coming up bernie sanders dodging not answers simple questions about how his big government policy will over turn you're lives, we'll show that you next. i'm working to keep the fire going for another 150 years. ♪ for beauty that begins with nature.
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elizabeth: millionaire socialist, frustrates people, he does not answer questions. last week's town hall with fox news. >> how can you challenge idea socialism is bad in minds of public. >> you might ask them, not me. >> tax rate 26% because of president trump's tax cut why not say, you know i'm leading this revolution i'm not going to take this. >> i am -- i pay the taxes that i owe. by way, get donald trump up hire anhere. >> would you be willing to pay 52% of the money you pay. you can volunteer. >> you can volunteer too. >> you suggested that -- everyone in your bracket should do. >> marty you give it you make more money than i do.
6:43 pm
elizabeth: last night, at cnn town hall not much better. >> how did you plan to figure out the private chunk company e company for new medicare for all. >> an excellent question on an issue that millions of americans stay up at night worry about, current system we have a disfunk disfunkal -- disfunctional system,. elizabeth: not answering how he is wiping it out. session your reaction? >> well, if we have a dysfunctional healthcare system, maybe bernie should ask what affordable care act had to do with that. the system itself no not disfunk
6:44 pm
disfunctional it is expensive. focus on driving down the cost of the system. it is one of the most successful systems in world. elizabeth: i don't know why he thinking that government could effectively run health care. it condition run dameric dm v o. he experiences single payer with the v.a. >> i think i'm the only candidate who actually gets single payer healthcare, i think healthcare is a right, everyone should have access. but i made a commitment to continue getting my own healthcare at v.a. that single payer, i tell you, it is not perfect, -- if i am elected i am not forcing you off your private plan. elizabeth: alexandria ocasio-cortez said, never
6:45 pm
experienced v.a. said don't fix what is not broken. elizabeth: you're reaction? >> known what congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez's definition of broke is, when you have 30 thousand unfilled jobs leading to a 70 day average waiting time, to get treatment for conditions that we're finding now in v.a., something is broken if that is acceptable, i don't want to know what it might be acceptable under her plan. elizabeth: you study v.a. what happens when different takes over health care. >> you have to have a rationing of care. right now in great britain, you have a quarter million people
6:46 pm
waited over 6 months to get treatment for conditions because of system that senator sanders and most progressives are pushing would cost on average, double current u.s. revenues are 3.4 trillion, you would have ration care to deliver it. elizabeth: thank you, seth. >> thank you. elizabeth: just ahead, democratic candidates bernie sanders and kamala harris want felons, including murderers to be able to vote, you won't believe when they are saying. that is next. the right gear... matters. introducing the all-new 2019 ford ranger, it's the right gear. with a terrain management system for... this. a bash plate for... that. an electronic locking rear differential for... yeah... this. heading to the supermarket? get any truck. heading out here?
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elizabeth: listen to bernie sanders and kamala harris say they believe felons should be able to vote while they are in prison and before they pay their debt soies to see, bernie sanders said that includes boston marathon bomber. >> i believe even if they are in jail, they pay their price to society, it should not take away their american right to participate in our democracy. >> we have to expand that democracy, i believe that everyone person, does have the right to vote. >> people who are in convicted in prison, like the boston marathon bomber on death row, convicted of sexual assault, they should be able to vote.
6:51 pm
>> we should have that conversation. elizabeth: bernie sanders said yes to the boston marathon bomber, should be able to vote, he killed three people, injured 280, he planted a bomb on pavement, behind a group of children, killing an 8-year-old boy, we bring in adriana cohen, are democrats trying to lose? >> absolutely, this is the most horrific thing i heard, you know, the four victims who died that day, marathon bombers, they you know they committed an act of war against the city of boston, killed 4 people and a police officer. in aftermath, they lost their right to vote, so where would any democrat candidate want to be empowering terrorists and murderers and rapists and giving then the right to vote, when they have denied innocent
6:52 pm
american citizens their right to vote, including their lives and rights that does not make sense for democrats want to empower the bad guy, they should be respects the victims, they should show compassion for the victims, not the bad guys, it does not make sense, i don't know how that would be a winningish issue for them. elizabeth: do you hear outrage. >> yes, this one of most tragic moments in history, note only boston but on u.s. soil. and i know so many people who were there that day. they saw limbs flying, blood everywhere, this something that will be forever stained in our memory. the fact that bernie sanders is so incentive to that, and he wants to empower murderers who killed an 8-year-old boy and other innocent americans. you mentioned over 280 people were injured, 16 were severely
6:53 pm
maimed. this not who democrats or any american should be empowering. and you know giving then rights they took away from those they murdered. i really just think this is a terrible issue they are running on. it will backfire on them. elizabeth: did they just destroy their candidacy, turn blue state massachusetts, red in. >> they very could have. because i can tell you, we have a republican governor here in massachusetts, there is over a million republican voters, a lot unenrolled, that terror attack that boston marathon attack brought our city together, we became one -- we are all americans it was not about party, it will this the be a winning issue. >> quick word. >> yeah. i just think that this is a losing issue for them, they should should compassion for the
6:54 pm
victims. elizabeth: love having you on. >> coming up pentagon reviews case of two u.s. soldiers detained by mexican troops on u.s. side of the border. we have more on that story coming up. help you quit "slow turkey." along with support, chantix is proven to help you quit. with chantix you can keep smoking at first and ease into quitting so when the day arrives, you'll be more ready to kiss cigarettes goodbye. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. stop chantix and get help right away if you have changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, depressed mood, suicidal thoughts or actions, seizures, new or worse heart or blood vessel problems, sleepwalking, or life-threatening allergic and skin reactions. decrease alcohol use. use caution driving or operating machinery. tell your doctor if you've had mental health problems. the most common side effect is nausea. talk to your doctor about chantix.
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6:58 pm
approval of the software fix to the 737 max airplane as early as the third week of may. the grounding of the aircraft could be lifted around mid-july. according to reuters. let's get to mexican police cracking down detaining hundreds of border crossers. in the largest single ran on a caravan since last year. as many as 500 may been picked up in a caravan of 3000. let's get in right now with national border patrol council president, brendan judd. your reaction to that. >> and i think it's a great thing. we are seeing the president put the necessary pressure on the mexican government to do their part in helping us secure our border. these people are crossing the mexican guatemalan border and they are violating mexico's immigration laws and so it is about time mexico actually steps up and does their part. >> to that story about the pentagon now reviewing mexican soldiers or officials rather detaining two u.s. soldiers on the u.s. side of the border,
6:59 pm
what was your take on the story? >> what's most disappointing to me is to hear the reaction from the mexican government saying that the mexican military didn't realize they were in the united states. this just is not pass the smell test. if you look at the hundreds of encouragements that they have made into the united states many of those, they have done in efforts to try to help the cartels smuggle their narcotics into the united states. if this border was so ambiguous and people did not know where the border was, they would be just as many by border patrol agents into mexico. that just doesn't happen. again, common sense tells you it is an excuse. they were most likely trying to run divergent tactics for the cartels in order for them to get thenarcotics into the unite. lou: we will -- thank you so
7:00 pm
much for watching. thank you for having us in your home. lou dobbs is next right here on the fox business network.♪ ♪ have a good evening. ♪ [music] lou: good evening everybody. for more than two years the radical dems, the deep state, the republican establishment at least much of it, have conspired to overthrow president trump. and throughout the president has stood strong against the unrelenting attacks and those of the complicit left-wing national media. those unrelenting attacks against an already historic president.whose return the nation and americans to prosperity. and all americans. record low unemployment rates that include hispanics and blacks. middle class that is once again growing.


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