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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  May 2, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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of the rhetoric you would think that the mueller report found the opposite.lou: and of course, the radical dems want the focus on something altogeth lauren: here are your market movers at 5:00 a.m. sparks flying on capitol hill. william barr facing senate democrats for more than five hours about the mueller report. he plans to be a no-show at a house hearing today. showdown over socialism, the maduro regime reaching a tipping point as the opposite leader, juan guaido, speaks out for the first time since the uprising in an exclusive fox business interview, plus a congresswoman's shocking suggestion that the u.s. is partly to blame for the chaos in caracas. the backlash is growing this morning. the current presidential race is echoing moments from the 2012
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race for the white house. joe biden down playing china's threat to the u.s. while on the campaign trail in iowa, he's drawing criticism from mitt romney. the tit-for-tat coming up. burger king going deep, how it's using your mood to take a swipe at mcdonald's with its new unhappy meals. it is thursday, may 2nd. we p hope you're happy this morning. "fbn: a.m." starts right now. cheryl: heres is how your money is moving at 5:00 a.m. we're set to hear from dow i in. this morning before the bell. features are higher, the dow is up 48, s&p up 6 and three quarters, nasdaq up by 23. after the bell, cbs corporation coming out, expect to jump 14% in revenue from a year ago. we also have the fed's decision,
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rates unchanged. now to the oil markets, those pictures from venezuela initially causing a rally in oil yesterday but stocks held in the u.s. at their highest level since september of 2017, so slight loss yesterday and we're down again for oil, down 45-cents. now to europe, theresa may fired her defense secretary, taking a look at european markets, a mixed bag. the cac is in the red slightly. over to asia, japan and china markets are closed for a holiday. slight gains for the hang seng and the kospi. lauren: welcome to "fbn: a.m.." good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning, i'm cheryl casone. intense battle on capitol hill, attorney general bill barr now refusing to testify today before a house panel after a heated senate hearing over his handling yesterday of the mueller report. lauren: let's go to todd piro. he has the details for us. >> reporter: lauren and cheryl. good morning.
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no return engagement for the attorney general today as barr will not testify before the house judiciary committee, democrats vowing to hold the hearing anyway and threatening a possible contempt citation. >> i understand why he wants to avoid that kind of scrutiny but when push comes to shove, the administration cannot dictate the terms of our hearing and our hearing room. there are many questions that must be answered. the committee will convene at 9:00. >> reporter: this after a feisty day of testimony in the senate, much of it surrounding the letter from mueller to barr, which many on the left said proved that barr mischaracterized the mueller report. not so, said the a.g. >> i asked him if he was suggesting the march 24th letter was inaccurate and he said no, but that the press reporting had been inaccurate. i asked him specifically what his concern was and he said that his concern focused on his explanation of why he did not reach a conclusion on
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obstruction. and he wanted more put out on that issue. but he was very clear with me that he was not suggesting that we had misrepresented his report. >> reporter: and despite countless accusations from democrats that barr tried to exonerate the president, barr repeatedly echoed the following. >> we don't conduct criminal investigations just to collect information and put it out to the public. we do so to make a decision. the deputy and i felt the evidence developed by the special counsel was not sufficient to establish that the president committed a crime it would be i responsibl irresponso release a report without stating the conclusions. >> reporter: president trump is sticking by him. >> he did a fantastic job. it's a big hoax, this whole thing with russia. turned out there is no collusion, there is no obstruction. >> reporter: barr testifying that the doj has, quote, mull l tim criminal leak investigations underway in response to
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unauthorized media contact by department officials during the investigation. lauren, cheryl. lauren: todd, thank you very much. meanwhile, thousands of protesters the set to hit the streets of venezuela today for the third day as the crisis intensifies. juan guaido speaking out for the first time since calling for an uprising against the oppressive nicolas maduro regime. cheryl: a lot to l follow. follow. we've got the latest. >> reporter: juan guaido said on fbn not too long ago that this will all be over soon but his calls for a military uprising didn't quite go as planned last night. thousands ovens wa of venezues filled the streets overnight heeding guaido's call. security forces remained loyal to nicolas maduro. they used tear gas and rubber bullets to break up the crowds. earlier in the evening, guaido
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skypeed with trish regan, insisting the uprising was close to being over. >> time to abandon the dictator, to join the process of rebuilding venezuela. this is much closer. we remain united and the armed forces are listening to us, this message of progress and they're very close to achieving our freedom. >> reporter: secretary of state mike pompeo recently blamed russia for the delay in ousting maduro. he said the embattled leader was ready to go tuesday but changed his mind after the russians convinced him to stay put. russia of course has denied that. president trump called into fbn last night to share his support for guaido as the u.s. makes it clear, military action is possible if maduro does not step down. >> i've been watching him on the streets and right in the streets where people are being killed ands he's out there doing
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rallies. he's actually very brave. there's a lot of spirit for him. it is from a constitutional standpoint, it's the way it's supposed to be. >> reporter: for now, the standoff continues and it's just incredible that so many people in venezuela continue to protest. as we know, nearly 3 million people have already fled the country. back to you. cheryl: we'll have more on the crisis in venezuela a little later on. the house has agreed to suspend its deadline for deutsche bank and capital one to turn over financial documents related to president trump and his family until a court settles their lawsuit to block the subpoenas. earlier this week, the president and the family filed a lawsuit aimed at blocking two house committeeses from obtaining documents from the banks. lauren: we're learning more about paucall lqualcomm's' setth
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apple. the payment is one element in a three part settlement. qualcomm reporting better than expected earnings after the closing bell. cheryl: well, britain's defense secretary has been fired. prime minister theresa may sacking gavin williamson after he leaked sensitive information involving huawei. the british government has been reviewing the grew use of equipt from the chinese telecom company. the u.s. called on its allies to not use huawei's gear because it is a security threat. huawei denies that claim. lauren: let's get to other headlines making news this morning. a former cia officer pleading gil you at this, admitting he had plans to send over sensitive documents to agents of the chinese government. he now faces potentially 20 years behind bars. facebook's privacy agreement, the company reportedly agreeing to implement a federally approved privacy oversight committee and o and official, sg
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from the cambridge analytica scandal. beyond meat sold more than 9 million shares for $26 eave. the company having a valuation of $1.5 billion. out of the running, kentucky derby favorite omaha beach scratched from the race over a breathingish yobreathing issue. this leaves the derby wide open. tiger woods going to the white house next week. he will celebrate his masters win at an event hosted by president trump. he won the fifth masters earlier this month. cheryl: we continue to root for him. lauren: he has beautiful teeth and a big smile. it was the best picture ever. he looks so excited. cheryl: president trump is a big golf fan as we all know. the billboard music awards lighting up the vegas strip last night.
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there was glitz, there was glamour and, yes, even a wedding. singer joj joe jonah and sophe turner tying the knot with the help of an elvis impersonator after the awards show. lauren: drake became the most awarded artist ever at the bbmas. >> the winner is drake for scorpion! >> drake. >> drake. lauren: the singer nabbing 12 awards last night. he wasn't the only big winner. >> b.b. rex, florida georgia line. cheryl: florida georgia line a and b.b. rexa taking home top country song for meant to be. the show's opening number has a lot of people talking this morning. ♪ cheryl: taylor swift kicking off the show with a marching
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band. some on social media claiming she copied the idea from beyonce's home coming performance. we should also add there's a lot of controversy because queen lost out to imagine dragons for best rock group. i mean, queen, come on, folks. lauren: congratulations, imagine dragons. maybe it's controversial. democrats are grilling attorney general bill barr for more than five hours but the a.g. was cool under the pressure. we break down the biggest take-aways and why barr says he's not coming back for more. we'll tell you about the big changes coming to instagram that could have a lot of users pretty angry this morning. you're watching "fbn: a.m." ♪ i'm on top of the world, hey. ♪ i'm on top of the world, hey. ♪ waiting on this for a while now. ♪ paying my dues. believe it. that we just hit the motherlode of soft-serve ice cream? i got cones, anybody wants one!
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your daily dashboard from fidelity. a visual snapshot of your investments. key portfolio events. all in one place. because when it's decision time... you need decision tech. only from fidelity. cheryl: fireworks on capitol hill. attorney general william barr grilled by senate democrats over the handling of special counsel robert mueller's report. >> attorney general of the united states is a sigh cred sa. you betrayed that trust. america deserves better. you should resign. cheryl: the attorney general said he will not attend a hearing today. let's bring in defense attorney, david bruno. in the doj's statement they said the majority of the house judiciary committee including
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chairman nadler are themselves attorneys. he wanted to have staff attorneys question mr. barr. >> he testified yesterday in front of the senate. he answered all of their questions. today, what they want -- what the house wanted to do was have staff interview him and this is a senate confirmed position. the house should actually do it. they should do it themselves, just like the statement says. it doesn't mean it's not going to happen. he's just saying i don't like the procedure. subpoena me. he'll be back. no question. cheryl: let's talk about this. the judiciary committee, now on this no-show news, is threatening to hold him in contempt as you mentioned but of also they're going to issue subpoenas to the justice department. they were given a lightly redacted version of the mueller report and nadlered said he didn't even read it. >> yesterday, barr testified that the copy that nadler got it's 1/10 of 1% redacted. so it's essentially the entire thing. but they're going to push, they're going to try to get the
5:16 am
entire report. they don't deserve to get it. the federal statute doesn't say they have to get it. and that's a losing arrestingment for the house. however, if they want barr there, if they do subpoena him, he will have to go. that's a different issue as opposed to the report. cheryl: could these legal actions take effect against the attorney general? because look, these are co-executive branches of the united states of america. this is the way the constitution was set up. it seems that there's a big crossing of the line happening here. >> they can. if they subpoena him. but they haven't done it yet. so they're barking abouts this contempt, they haven't even subpoenaed him yet. can it happen? yes. eric holder was found in contempt, held in contempt by the house. he was the attorney general. cheryl: so there's legal precedent. >> he said he will be there, so long as the staffers aren't going to be the questioners. cheryl: i want to ask about the college admissions scandal. blockbuster report coming out that this chinese couple paid $6.5 million to singer to get r
5:17 am
their child into i believe it was stanford. are we going to get more indictments do you think in the college admissions scandal? >> i'm sure we're going to get more indictments. you bring up an interesting issue. that family's not charged. 6.5. cheryl: why, though? is it because they're chinese. >> the justice has to make a decision there. they had no problem charging the russians in the russian interference investigation. what's the chances of getting those defendants too? i have a problem with it. when you have huffman pleading guilty to $15,000 and loughlin charged with $500,000. let's bring the 6.5 in as well. cheryl: there's another chinese student as well, $1.2 billion. david bruno, thank you so much. lauren: googles is filing patents to make its personal assistant even more personal. is that possible? why you might want to rethink what you wear to work in the morning. audiences are flocking to see the avengers and they may have
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lauren: the federal reserve leaving the benchmark interest rate unchanged but it didn't drop any hints about a rate cut. that disappointed some investors. where do we go from here? we bring in john hoenig. >> it's up to the data. that's been the federal reserve's mode of operation for several months, federal reserves outlining you could say a goal
5:22 am
goldilocks situation. they don't see a rate hike or cut in the near future. strong economy and inflation below where the fed would want it to be. lauren: is this an opportunity for late game investors looking for one big rally perhaps. >> we're long in the tooth when it comes to the length of a lot of these historical expansions. look at the internals of the market yesterday. we saw the market sell off yesterday. the internals very positive, only 80 new 52 week lows. no matter what you think of the market fundamentals, the bull market remains. lauren: the major averages near record high ass as well. joe biden running for president for the democratic nomination in iowa yesterday, presenting
5:23 am
himself as the savior of the middles class. many of those in the middle class lost their jobs to china. this is what joe biden had to say. >> i met virtually every major world leader in my role as vice president, as foreign relations chairman over the last 30 years. that's not hyperbole. china is going to eat our lunch. come on, man. they're competition for us. lauren: they're not competition for us. jonathan. >> well, they've only become economic he competition for us lauren essentially since they began liberalizing their economy. china was dirt poor for decades and decades. it was in the 1970s and '80s that china began freeing up their economy,l, liberalizing their economy. this is a process that served to reverse in the last couple years as china has become more author authortarian. some jobs get displaced. trade is always win-win.
5:24 am
as china competes with us, we as americans benefit from that competition, buying and selling goods with this major world power. lauren: china has outlined strategies for complete world dominance, economically and in terms of national security. artificial intelligence, you name it. you don't agree with that? >> well, if it's dominance when it comes to trade, i don't think that hurts us at all. i think that's a benefit, we benefit from that trade. when it comes to military dominance, espionage, surveillance, those types of activities not only hurt americans but hurt the chinese people as well. lauren: thank you so much for coming on this morning. >> be well. lauren: you as well. cheryl: well, instagram looking to take one of its most popular features away. lauren: joining us now from fox news headlines 24/7 is brett larson. what are they doing? >> they are not going to let you put filters on your pictures. [ laughter ] >> that would be the worst thing they could do. they are actually getting ready
5:25 am
to -- they want to test this, they're testing this in canada. they want to test taking away the like count and the number of times a video plays count. the thinking makes sense. a lot of people specifically younger people post things with the hope of getting more likes and they're going to go back and they're going to check and see did anybody like my vacation photos. that gives you a sense -- i guess a sense of well-being. i'm not a psychologist so i'm not going to chime in. but it makes sense in a way but the whole point of social media is sharing and sort of interacting and their thinking is we want our users to focus more on the content that they're pushing out there and less on whether or not people are liking the content that they're pushing out. lauren: i wonder if you take a post down because it doesn't get enough likes works they try to prevent that? >> probably not. because they want you to keep pushing stuff out there. you know, we've seen a lot of these challenges, you know, we had the stupid tide pod challenge where kids are eating soap or the challenge where kids jump out of a car and stance dae
5:26 am
while the car still went. if you're looking at a situation like that, it makes sense where you want to say no, we don't want you making sure that 1,000 people see something like this or the thing goes viral because you're being silly. cheryl: we're getting word that google's assistant might get too personal with all of us. what is this? >> they filed a patent. it's basically watching and listening all the time. so if you're in the kitchen and you say who left the plate on the counter and didn't put out in the dishwasher, the google is going to know and it's going to be able to he'll tell you. the other person in the house did that at about 6:47. they also are doing something similar to what amazon's doing with the amazon fashion, in that you're going to be able to stand in front of this camera and it will tell you, you know what, why don't you wear the shoes you wore last tuesday with this outfit instead of the shoes that you're wearing right now or maybe that blue shirt you have would look good with the pants you have.
5:27 am
clearly someone like myself could use fashion help from google. there's a huge privacy concern that you're going to have a camera keeping tabs on you but it's also a helpful piece of technology. lauren: like living with a 2-year-old tattletale all the time. >> a 2-year-old tattletale with fashion sense. lauren: you can catch brett's stories on fox news headline, 24/7, sirius xm channel 115. cheryl: you can buy a mcdonald's burger pretty cheap. there's one item from mcdonald's that's commanding big bucks on ebay. the makers of oreo are looking to bring mellow to your snack time. that's the hint. it's all coming up on "fbn: a.m.." ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ what do all these people have in common, limu?
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lauren: let's get you caught up on global market action
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overnight. investors in the u.s. waiting on the april jobs report that comes tomorrow morning. futures up, dow gaining 58, nasdaq up 27 in the premarket. take a look at oil prices, pulling back 1.2% this morning. we continue to watch the chaos unfold in venezuela, plus new data shows that u.s. liquefied natural gas exports to the e.u. are up 272% since last summer. let's take a look at european stocks, the bank of england meets today amid the brexit delay. the ftse in london is down just fractiojustfractionally. we see strength in hong kong and south korea. cheryl: well, shocking comments from democratic congresswoman ilhan omar. she says the u.s. shares some of the blame for causing the political crisis in venezuela. >> a lot of the policieses thatt we've put in place has helped lead the devastation in
5:32 am
venezuela and we sort of set the stage for where we are arriving today. this particular bullying and the use of sanctions to eventually intervene and make regime change really does not help the people of countries like venezuela. cheryl: how much longer can the maduro regime hang on? let's bring in mike gonzales, a senior fellow at the heritage foundation. mike, good morning. >> hi, how are you? cheryl: good. we should add in the wake of her comments, there's a wall street journal report that says actually that there has been a lot of communications between juan guaido and some within maduro's cabinet. what do we know? >> well, i think that the defense minister pedrino has been trying to talk to some of the people in the legitimate government, that gives us a sense of the instability that is taking place within the inner
5:33 am
circle of maduro. maduro himself had a plane on the tarmac, ready to take him and his family to havana until the kremlin called him and told him to stay and told him not to leave. but i just want to say that that was so unseemly for a representative, ilhan omar, who sits in the house foreign a affairs committee, to say that, to say -- we have all seen what has taken place the streets of caracas. we have seen the regime running down people with armored cars, beating up people, beating up women. the people of venezuela are taking to the streets and for one of our elected leaders to say that we're bullying, when it's obviously the cubans, the russians and the chinese -- cheryl: she's getting beat up on twitter for defending a socialist dictator who you just said is running over his own people and starving them as
5:34 am
well. i want to move on to our position in all of this. president trump and the vice president have been very clear, if we need to step in, we will, with all means necessary. what is the appropriate response and when from the united states, especially considering russian interference. >> well, obviously the u.s. government is going to keep all options on the table as they have said. but i don't think they really do plan to intervene militarily. vladimir putin who is our adversary here, as in every other part of the world, he would love nothing more than for us to be caught in a quagmire in south america. the venezuelan people have taken the right steps to liberate themselves, taking to the streets. we have always supported ever since john quincy adams, we would always support the people against tyranny all over the world. it doesn't mean we're the world's policemen.
5:35 am
there's not a need at this moment -- we're not going to go in, i don't think. the venezuelan people are taking matters into their own hands. cheryl: maybe it should be a global response. nearly 50 countries support juan guaido as the leader of venezuela. maduro's days may be numbered. lauren: the white house is requesting $4.5 billion to handle the border crisis. the white house says it would expand border shelters, provide food and care for migrants and fund processing centers at the border. cheryl: this comes as a new caravan marches towards the u.s. the caravan has been hit with a measles outbreak. an ambulance just leaving a shelter in mexico where thousands are saying. griff jenkins joins us live from mexico where the ambulance has just left.
5:36 am
>> reporter: good morning. the ambulance, three of them actually in the last couple hours, have come and gone. there is a concern amongst the migrants housed in this shelter, which is 25 miles north of the mexican southern border with guatemala, it's the main shelter where caravan migrants have been housed for some time. but in the press, the mexican people concerned about rumors of actually ebola, officials saying there are no known cases of ebola but confirming there are cases of measles, syphilis and other diseases associated with this group of migrants which expands to africa, india, pakistan and other countries. we went a little north of here to a town called wisla, 45 miles north, and talked to the mexican people. they're frustrated with the health concerns and other issues with the caravans and she said, this one pharmacist said she would like a wall constructed on mexico's southern border.
5:37 am
listen. >> [speaking in a foreign language] >> reporter: here at this shelter we've seen of course the three ambulances leaving. we had some doctors come out. none of them would talk to us on record. we're not sure whether they were there for someone that is sick or whether there was another fight. we know there have been high tensions here and some fights. we had a migrant on the ground outside of the shelter yesterday that was very sick. officials not coming out of the shelter to treat them. the migrants putting him in a cab to go to the hospital. all this on the heels that one lawmaker in mexico calling for a sanitary fence to be constructed on mexico's southern border while the president and the trump administration tries to get more funding on the northern border. cheryl, lauren. cheryl: the crisis continues at the border.
5:38 am
griff jenkins, thank you. lauren: here are other headlines making news this morning. covington catholic high school student nicholas saman is suing after reports suggested he initiated a confrontation as you can see there with a native american while wearing a maga cap in washington, d.c. in january. later reporting and video evidence contradicted the claims. nbc has not responded. nearly 300 passengers quarantined on a cruise ship at sea due to a measles outbreak. health officials are docking the ship, believed to be used by the church of scientology in saint lucia. in orange county, california, a woman with measles went to see the hit movie avengers end game. officials now warning other movie-goers in the packed theater may have been exposed. merck said they increased production of the vaccine as there are now over 700 reported measles cases across the
5:39 am
country. mondolez, the company behinds or yows and chips ahoy -- or yows d chips ahoy considering producing cbd oriented products. cbd has no psycho active effects and is reported to have many health benefits. maine, the first state to ban food containers made of styrofoam. the bill goes into effect in 2021. critics say the bill doesn't solve the littering problem and doesn't ensure that alternative packaging will be environmentally friendly. across the bon pond in the u.k., mcdonald's started using paper straws, making plastic straws a hot commodity on ebay. asking prices, from $600 to $1,600, for a straw. some think this could be a promotional stunt to get mcy d's to bring back th the plasti.
5:40 am
it's possible paper straws are on their way here too. cheryl: some of the paper straws haven't been great, we should say. lauren: they get wet and crumble in their mouth. cheryl: we've got a lot more coming up. vice be president biden stopping in iowa for a campaign rally. can his message on foreign policy turn off the voters he's looking to get? and the battle for your vacation dollars this summer, as marriott looks to go toe to toe with airbnb. what all of this means for your next trip. we've got deals and steals coming up on "fbn: a.m.." ♪ a little party never killed nobody. ♪ we're going to dance until we drop, drop, drop. ♪ a little party never killed nobody. ♪ right here, right now. run with us.
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lauren: former vice president joe biden making a campaign stop in iowa on the road to 2020 and he said china is not a threat. >> china is going to eat our lunch? come on, man. they're not bad folks, folks. but guess what? they're competition for us. lauren: utah senator mitt romney firing back, tweeting this will not age well. let's rewind to 2012. romney was criticized by his challenger, president barack obama. listen. >> governor romney, i'm glad that you recognize that al-qaida
5:44 am
is a threat because a few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing america, you said russia. notal kanot al-qaida. you said russia. the cold war has been over for 20 years. lauren: how much of a misstep is this for joe biden on the campaign trail for 2020? let's bring in real clear politics white house reporter philip wegman. what do you think? >> what's interesting here is that the parallels are unmistake aable between biden on china and what we heard from barack obama in 2012. the difference, though, is that we had to wait four years, we had to wait until russia actually meddled in our elections to take mitt romney seriously. right now, though, the majority of people see that china is a problem and in particular, unions, people who joe biden is hoping will make up his core supporters, they realize china is a threat to their jobs. this is incredibly interesting.
5:45 am
and i think it's going to provide an opportunity for a lot of these other contenders in the race right now, not just bernie sanders, to push back on joe biden and say he's out of touch. lauren: as they start to push back on this and other issues, do you think another problem for joe biden is that for the party he's just not liberal enough. >> yeah, yeah. well, look, if joe biden isn't woke enough, if joe biden isn't progressive and far enough left for the party idealogues, that's not showing up in the poll numbers. we see see he is the undispute frontrunner. he may not be the perfect candidate according to party brass, but voters certainly like him. the question now is whether or not he can keep up this sort of moderate tone going into that first and second debate and come out on the other side with his frontrunner status intact. lauren: a lot of people are calling joe biden the hillary
5:46 am
clinton of 2020, that he just won't be able to get it to the finish line. speaking of hillary clinton, mayor pete buttigieg did sit down with her. she's given advice to those running for president. what do you think that meeting was really about? was it about getting money from folks who donated to clinton? >> well, right now it's still definitely a money game. there are a lot of candidates trying to figure out how they can get to the finish line after these marathon debates and also a marathon primary here. it's not clear what was said but what is clear is that pete buttigieg, he is a candidate from the midwest who has made the arguments that democrats can't repeat the mistakes of hillary clinton in 2016 if they want to retake the white house and i think perhaps this was an opportunity for him to smooth some are yocome ruffled feather. lauren: the campaign video of
5:47 am
joe biden was pretty dire. thank you for coming on this morning. cheryl: coming up next, we keep hearing millennials are struggling. but there is one thing they like to spend their money on. and it's not a l l a atte. where the younger generation is putting their vacation numbers and why. asking someone to prom can be nervnerve-racking. one teen living the prom posal nightmare. it's gone viral. wait until you see it. it's coming up next on "fbn: a.m." ♪ can you imagine it. ♪ if we all could get along. a.. ♪ then we all could sing this song. the first dogs trained to train humans. stopping drivers from: liking. selfie-ing. and whatever this is. available to the public... never.
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airbnb is getting big competition. marriott announcing it's getting
5:51 am
into the home rental market in the u.s. whats does that mean for consumers? let's bring in hotel planner ceo tim henshell. good morning. >> good morning from london. thanks for having me. cheryl: wish i was there with you. tim, what does this mean for the hotel business in general? this is a big story with marriott. >> you know, it has made a lot of headlines but it's not new. a core, which is the largest hotel chain in europe, two years ago bought one fine stay which is home rentals and they bought them for $177 million. last year, they wrote down a $288 million loss. so marriott's taking a gamble here. they're in a very crowded space. spends billions to do home rentals. expedia owns home away and vrbo and airbnb, so there's stiff competition in the market. cheryl: what about the issue
5:52 am
with -- airbnb, a lot of cities have gone after airbnb and new jersey now, there's movement in new jersey to go after them. they say in particular in some downtown areas that it's actually raising the rents of regular home -- renters because airbnb charges so much per night and it's hurting the cities. what do you make of that? >> on a low l cal local level ts always going to be some kind of back and forth as cities try to figure out what the alternative accommodation home sharing market looks like. they obviously want to get tax revenue from that and, you know, san francisco went through that earlier with airbnb and they tax now airbnb on short-term rentals because as you probably know, every hotel room you book, you pay an occupancy tax in and that goes to support the city. cheryl: okay. >> the studies that say that the renting of short-term markets increase rents, there's opposite
5:53 am
studies that say something different. there's plenty of cities that are putting some residents that they can't put in other, more accommodating housing in, they're using hotels for that. so cities are also using hotels for long-term rental as some people are renting out their homes for short-term rentals. it goes back and forth. cheryl: i'm almost out of time with you. >> say again. cheryl: i'm almost out of time. i want to show our viewers, biggest bang for your buck, some of the hot picks out there, italy, cuba, miami, montreal. so i want to get that out to the viewers. i did want to ask you about this millennial trend. 56% of millennials are going to be traveling this summer. that's more than older americans. can you believe that? >> the millennials love their vacations and they love to instagram them. they're saying right now instagram is responsible for 50%
5:54 am
of people's vacation choices in the millennial demographic. so he's that's only going to increase and so we try to pick a list of very unique places, like cuba, because that is very popular on the wish list of millennials. you see it's trending heavily on instagram. but it's not that far from the u.s. and it's very affordable. cheryl: wow, tim, i always learn something from you. you have to come back. great to have you here. >> thank you for having me. lauren: from having it your way to feeling your way, why burger king is taking a swipe at a mcdomcdonald's riteos passage. aand a promposal gone wrong gone viral. ♪ thank you, next. ♪ thank you, next. ♪ iate the military family and it really shows.
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cheryl: morning, todd. >> good morning, ladies. meant to honor sad, mad, bitter and some we can't show or say on tv. we hid the boxes, each male with whopper with fries combo not
5:58 am
targeted at kids and no toy. the idea increases visibility about issues surrounding mental well-being during may which is mental health awareness month. that's an important story. this young man went to wrong house creating horrible situation. >> io, my gosh. >> are you in wrong house? >> no. [laughter] >> who is this? all parties embarrassed, 2.5 million views, he eventually found the right house and went to the prom with the young lady. cheryl: poor kid, sending it over to mornings with maria. dagen: good to see you, ladies, i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria
5:59 am
bartiromo. we have earnings for the first quarter in positive territory for s&p 500 and the dow's newest member dow incorporated reported moment, we will bring you the number and analysis, mueller report fallout, attorney general bill barr refusing to testify before committee today, democrats to hold him in contempt of congress yesterday, high likes ahead. crisis at the border, president trump asking for an additional 4 and a half billion dollars, this as dna testing of families at the border is set to begin. take a look at how futures are holding up this morning, 59-point gain after triple-digit loss at blue chips yesterday, you can take a look at yesterday's performance across the board. the stocks near the u.s., federal reserve holding interest rate steady, the markets pulling
6:00 am
back on jay powell's comments suggesting that interest rate cut is not being considered at this point. again, investors wanted more. in europe we have slight losses in england and france, dax there up slightly, in asia overnight, markets in japan closed for holiday, hang seng and kospi and south korea, to the plus side. latest round of trade talks for u.s. and china, the u.s. says progress has been made for a deal, next round of negotiations set for next week in washington. massive starbucks recall. mornings with maria starts right now.


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