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tv   The Evening Edit  FOX Business  May 2, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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lack of educational mobility. it is in serious decline. this highlights it. how dare they? 6 1/2 million. david: a lot of money for a college degree. >> i wish i had that amount of money. david: me too. that's it for bulls & bears. see you next time. liz: well, we told you it's coming. it is here. d.c. trench warfare. bringing legislation and policy fixes to a total stand still. it is total historic gridlock. the do nothing congress spending more time playing for the cameras and not fixing the country's problems. now this. a big democrat push to side line attorney general william barr so the democrats can flat out continue probes, but the democrats had to cut short a hearing today because william barr refused to testify. republicans and critics now saying nancy pelosi, you're flat-out wrong. trying to now claim william barr perjured himself. we will break that down coming up.
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this as trump's approval rating rising in the polls. polls showing a majority of congress is now saying congress -- majority of voters is now saying congress move off of mueller. the trump administration is seeking to make history, it wants freedom for not just venezuela but cuba and nicaragua. it wants to create for the first time in history a totally free western hemisphere. we have a former top venezuelan insider on that and how the hard left democrats come off as antifreedom. it is trump versus biden on the trump economy. the democrats are in panic mode, in a scramble. even the washington post and the new york times saying joe biden, you are wrong, on a lot of things about the trump policies including the tax cuts.
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you won't believe which country joe biden is saying is not a threat to america. how one of joe biden's big fund-raisers is a law firm tries to bust unions. critics saying he's heavy on emotion, so will the real joe biden please stand up? all of this is unfolding. a new congressional budget office study says yes, the democrats your medicare for all is really expensive. it would wipe out government spending on most all other programs and the cbo also says yes, the government wait time to see your doctor would be much much longer. thank you for joining us. i'm elizabeth mcdonald. "the evening edit" starts right now. okay. here's what's going on with william barr. the democrats are trying to side line william barr, get him out of the way from future decisions about investigating president trump involving the mueller
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report. this as senate democrats are putting the brakes on trump impeachment talk. one senior democrat saying it is close to impossible to get the 20 republican votes needed to convict trump in senate. 43% approve of trump. voters are saying move on from mueller. a recent poll shows more than half of americans say the mueller report has no bearing on their vote in 2020. another university poll says more than half have said to move on. a poll said two thirds of americans are against impeachment. joining me now is ned ryan. what is america saying here? >> well, they've been saying it for quite some time, liz, if you look at the polls over the last year and a year and a half. the russia issue, the fairytale was polling at 1/2 percent, 1 percent to the american people when they were asked what are the most important issue to you. that's the staggering part to
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me, the democrats tripling down on this. this whole thing with barr over the last couple of weeks is an attempt to delegitimize him. they realize bill barr is a real attorney general. he is not going to be cowed by the doj and fbi. he's not going to be cowed by congressional democrats he's shown he will be very serious about thesish thus, the potential -- these issues, the potential spying. he said there are multiple investigations open into the illegal leaks taking place. all this terrifies the left. liz: this is what the democrat house, the majority there have accomplished in legislation, 16 bills in the first three months compared to 443 in last year's congress. they are hyperfocused on probes and the president instead of getting things done like cheaper drug prices, fixing open borders and more. >> right. liz: i mean their first 100 days has been totally go nowhere. all of this stuff, it is about getting on camera and mistaking activity for achievement. your take on that?
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>> no, absolutely, first of all, what are they going to pitch to the american people, the green new deal, medicare for all, universal basic income, free college? you add all that up, it is a staggering price tag at 150 trillion or more. they really don't have many positive ideas to actually offer to the american people. what they are left with is investigations and resistance, and that's what they are doing. and they will continue to do it till the 2020 election. liz: this is what they are pushing on that president trump according to the mueller report tried to get white house counsel don mcgahn to fire mueller, the special counsel. we need to break this down for the viewer. nancy pelosi is trying to now claim that william barr lied. critics are saying she's wrong. here are the facts. when william barr testified last month, he said no, he was not aware of reports that special counsel robert mueller's team, the team was unhappy with his summary of their findings. he testified that back in april. he also testified at that time, ned, quote, i suspect that they,
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the team, probably wanted more information to be released, but nancy pelosi is saying that because by that time barr got a letter from mueller saying he was unhappy that that somehow equates to perjury. your take on that? >> well, i would encourage the viewers to go back and watch the video clip of charlie crist asking these questions of bill barr, and he asks there are reports that some of the mueller team are unhappy. do you know what they are referencing? and bill barr goes no, i don't. i suspect they wanted more information released. i mean, this really does show mueller to be a far more partisan person. bill barr has been transparent. he didn't have to do a summary, release the report and didn't have to release a report that was only about 10% redacted. he has been going out of his way to be transparent including testifying for upwards of six
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hours yesterday in the senate. he showed up as the attorney general to testify yesterday. he was not willing to go in front of the house judiciary and be cross-examined by committee staffers as though he were a witness to an ongoing investigation. - abusive and -- it was abusive and completely unnecessary. liz: according to barr, mr. mueller said there was nothing inaccurate in how he described it. because william barr in april he didn't say mueller himself was unhappy, that's somehow is perjury? i mean i think the american people the polls are showing they want to move on, ned. we love having you on. come back soon. >> thanks, liz. liz: great to see you. chinese president xi jinping planning a visit to the white house. that could mean a possible trade deal? edward lawrence is in washington with more. >> trade sources say china has opened several dates in mid june for president xi jinping to visit washington over a trade deal. this visit would be before the g 20 summit.
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this signals the chinese believe they are close enough to a trade agreement to schedule a trip to washington. now, white house economic advisor kudlow says that china admits now that the u.s. has a point that the chinese forced transfer of technology and steal intellectual property. trade sources say the chinese like the roll-off plan for the tariffs, as the chinese, benchmarks enacting the agreement. business leaders are pleased the president is finally taking on china. >> i talked to a lot of ceos, and nobody thinks that they are not a problem. they are an absolute challenge. it's an economic war. china's certainly fighting it. >> and the democratic front-runner for president, joe biden, with the opposite view. listen. >> they can't even figure how to deal with the -- the fact that they have this great division between the china sea and the mountains in the east -- i mean in the west. they can't figure out how they are going to deal with the corruption that exists within the system. i mean, you know, they are not
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bad folks, folks, but guess what? they're not competition for us. >> not everybody's happy about the china agreement, if it happens. chief negotiator for the eu warns a bilateral agreement between u.s. and china would undercut the world trade organization. if the w to collapses quote you could force individual concessions temporarily but can't have big global systemic changes that would again fit the whole world. other countries are looking at what concessions the u.s. could get with china for stop stealing technology, enforcing the transfer. we are a step closer. we will see after this week or next week coming up if we can actually have a deal. back to you. liz: edward lawrence in d.c. great to see you. coming up, president trump declares venezuela's communist dictator maduro must stop oppressing, murdering, torturing, imprisoning his own people. this as venezuelans now outraged over the hard left here in the
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u.s. including congresswoman ilhan omar trying to blame the u.s. for venezuela. a dire situation unfolding in iowa. it could get worse in any moment. much of downtown davenport, iowa, flooded, submerged after a temporary barrier gave way. we will take you live to the scene. that's coming up.
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liz: let's get to an update on your money. some context. here's what's happening. the dow is having its best opening to a year since 1999. look at the nasdaq. its best start to a year since 91. the s&p has had its best start since 87. gerri willis has more at the big board. gerri? >> liz, stocks closing lower today, and this on news of a big sell-off in oil. the dow down 122 points. all three major averages down, but off session lows, that's the good news. oil plunged 4.1% throughout the day on oversupply fears, and the u.s. considering bolstering sanctions on iranian oil. the energy sector tumbled and all commodity stocks were lower. crude closed at $61.65 a barrel. the other big news of the day, steve moore withdrawing from
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contention for a seat on the federal reserve board. moore said today that he disagrees with trump on rate cuts. he says, he doesn't see the case for it right now, and he said also that that was not his reason for withdrawing for consideration. powell's comments on wednesday, j powell's the head of the federal reserve seemed to solidify the no rate cut view. back to you. liz: thank you. venezuelan human rights groups say four are now dead. 230 injured. 205 detained after two days of violent street protests against communist dictator nicolas maduro. fox news rich edson has the latest. rich? >> good evening, liz. the administration is trying to maintain pressure on the maduro regime and its allies. the state department says the only path forward for venezuela is for the military to back the opposition leader and the u.s. recognize president juan guaido. the state department
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spokesperson says quote the regime's internal fractures and divisions within maduro's own close circle were on full display yesterday for everyone to see. it is evidence maduro's control over his own regime has grown weaker and there are more in his inner circle that want him out. we know this to be true. any day could be his last. secretary of state mike pompeo says contested president nicolas maduro was ready this week to flee to cuba, when the russian government urged him to stay. russia denies pompeo's claim. the state department official says pompeo will likely meet next week and discuss venezuela with russian foreign minister sergey lavrov. both scheduled to attend an arctic council meeting in finland. pompeo spoke yesterday with lavrov and told him russia should end its support for maduro and its intervention is hurting the u.s. russia relationship. lavrov says the two sides will continue to talk though their positions on venezuela are incompatible. the administration also says there are thousands of cubans,
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security forces that are protecting nicolas maduro and his regime. cuba denies that though its government says if it wanted to have security forces it could because the legitimate government there according to cuba is the maduro regime. liz? liz: rich edson at the state department. congresswoman ilhan omar blaming the trump administration for the crisis in venezuela. >> i don't believe that interventions that are pushing for regime change are in the best interest of venezuela and the best interest of the american people. liz: here's what she also said quote a lot of the policies that we have put in place have kind of helped lead to the devastation in venezuela including sanctions. ilhan omar of course has a right to free speech but critics say this is about the trump white house pushing to stop the communist tyranny in venezuela that has led to devastation there. trump administration pushing for freedom and democracy, not just in communist venezuela but also
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cuba and nicaragua. venezuelans telling us that it's cuba that is flat out annihilating venezuela. communist cuba bullying is what's going on. that's ignited venezuelan communist bullying. venezuelans are applauding and cheering on the trump administration. national security advisor bolton has called them the triangle of terror and the three stooges of socialism. venezuela, cuba and nicaragua. joining me now is the former mayor of caracas, mayor, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you, liz. liz: what is your response to the hard left here in the u.s. trying to blame the u.s. for what's going on? >> well, what's going on in venezuela, it's a direct result of socialist politics applied by hugo chavez and now nicolas maduro. the u.s. government is not to blame. on the contrary, we should thank the u.s. government for being
6:19 pm
probably the most involved in helping venezuelans recover liberty. let me tell you one thing about congresswoman omar. she is not a problem for the venezuelan people, but i'm afraid she with all due respect to the great people of the u.s., i should say, she's a problem and a threat for the u.s., for this great country. liz: why? why do you say that? >> well, because she is the seed of the socialism and the kind of policies that destroyed cuba and destroyed venezuela and is destroying nicaragua right now. it is the same kind of policies that destroyed a century ago the former soviet union. so it's just a seed. but she's not alone. she's with other people, and they are planting that seed. they will try to convince the u.s. population, basically the younger people, that socialism, it's a path to an ideal world of
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equality and justice, but not. it is a sure path to what venezuela is suffering right now, starvation, lack of food, medicine, and venezuelans dying by the day. liz: it is so painful to see what is happening in the streets of venezuela. the venezuelan people trying to fight for democracy for themselves, fight for freedom. the trump administration sees that. can you explain to our viewers how the socialist communists stole money out of venezuela through an oil company? >> well, absolutely. i mean, venezuela was one of the richer countries in the world and in the whole south america. i mean, most people thought it was impossible to break an oil country and an oil company, but these guys were able. they took all the money out of the company and then they used it even to -- [inaudible] -- the
6:21 pm
money. right now the company is under sanctions but not only for the corruption things but because it was used to launder money in the u.s. and europe and everywhere in the world. that's what's left from what was one of the greatest companies in the world just 20 years ago. liz: cuba is now in dire straits because oil supplies in venezuela. cuba's cheap oil has dropped two thirds -- i mean oil output in venezuela is at 1940's level. we know that the military, maduro has given them ownership and control of all commodities including the gold and all of the gemstone mines. the other issue too is we have three days of protests, juan guaido is fighting for freedom. what is your take on what's happening now? where is the military? will the military move to the side of freedom and democracy? >> well, let me start with the good news, liz, is that we just
6:22 pm
start a now phase of operation freedom in venezuela. and when we saw on tuesday very early in the morning with -- in the municipality where i was a mayor sometime ago, what we saw was the next step. maduro right now is weakened. he's not gone. but he's weakened. the u.s. government was able to get very close to him, to his closest circle, even his chief spy had to flee venezuela because he was dealing with the u.s. government to get out of madu maduro. maduro is in serious trouble right now. there will be a lot of things happening in venezuela the next few days. liz: we want to have you back on. thank you very much for joining us, sir. good to see you. >> thank you. liz: coming up a cruise ship reportedly owned by the church of scientology now quarantined in the caribbean after a case of
6:23 pm
measles an outbreak potentially on board. we will bring you the the latest. later in the show, we will debate will the real joe biden please stand up? he gets it wrong again on the trump economic boom, and it's so bad, his errors are flying thick and fast, that even the washington post and the new york times is correcting him. and watch this, we're going to tell you how joe biden himself voted for president reagan's pro-growth policies including tax cuts. that debate coming up. look limu. a civilian buying a new car. let's go. limu's right. liberty mutual can save you money by customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh... yeah, i've been a customer for years. huh... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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liz: welcome back. we are coming into the bottom of the hour. desperate flight happening right now against -- desperate fight happening right now against flooding, a large section of downtown davenport iowa remains submerged. it's forcing many businesses to shut their doors.
6:28 pm
fox news mike tobin has more. >> we're now talking about record flooding. the floodwaters passed the record set back in 93. according to the communications specialist for the city of davenport the water will get higher before it starts going down. you can see the spot where the levee failed here. we talked about how the water came rushing into the businesses. where you see the orange, that's the temporary levee. where you don't see the orange and the sandbags sticking up, that's the point where the breach occurred. it was made from the temporary military barriers. those are supposed to be temporary barriers. the water was on that stuff for 48 days. it also had rain on it which softened up the sand that they put inside the barriers. ultimately the fire chief came here to these businesses, told them the temporary barrier was at risk. within an hour all of this water came rushing in. you see the cars in the foreground. people couldn't get them out in time. they were floating around this area as the water came rushing in. that's why so many of the
6:29 pm
business areas -- business owners out here said it looked like a tsunami. and according to the mayor, there isn't very good news because they are not going to get a break from this water any time soon. >> i think the reality is we have to take a look at if the rain keeps flowing and the flood keeps running, we have to wait till that be able to recede so we can come in and make long-term changes. >> flood watches -- flood warnings and flash flood watches continue all across the midwest. really from texas up into illinois. tens of millions of people are impacted. there's a 13.5 billion dollars aid package working its way through the senate, but it is hung up because it includes funding for puerto rico and republicans and democrats can't agree on the amount that should go to puerto rico. so it is stuck. meantime according to senator ernst of iowa you have businesses and farms that are struggling. liz back to you. liz: mike tobin in davenport, iowa. thank you very much. tonight we bring you a story all
6:30 pm
parents around the world can relate to. it is a story of parents getting terrified of their children not getting the right life saving medication they need or get the wrong drug doses. schools and families across the country need this drug for their children's serious allergic reactions. let's bring in dr. hernandez, ceo and president. great to see you, doctor. >> hi liz, how are you doing? liz: tell us why this matters right now. >> this matters because every day in the united states an entire classroom of children dies because of medical mistakes. liz: tell us about this. >> this is a system that allows you to take a color-coded system that we have been using for over 30 years in medicine and put it on the syringe. in an emergency, a medical provider can look at it and they say the child is in the white zone, you have a perfect dose and confirm it right on the spot without doing any math. liz: hospitals make mistakes all the time too; right? >> hospitals make mistakes.
6:31 pm
doctors make mistakes. pharmacies and nurses make mistakes. this helps doctors and nurses at the point of care not need to worry about math. kind of like jumper cables. you have one that's black and red. this is the same thing. liz: this is big competition to the epi-pen. i want to move on to the story of measles. outbreak on the church of scientology boat in the caribbean. a woman went into the "avengers: endgame" and had potential measles. how dangerous is it? it is airborne; right? if you cough and sneeze, you can get it. >> yes, the problem is you can spread it by being breathed on by somebody who has measles. if you get the measles, it will go from your lungs into your bloodstream and it goes to a lot of organs, liver, kidneys, spleen and can affect your brain and your heart. the problem is, it can kill you. liz: holy toledo. the worst outbreak in 25 years. would you come back and talk about this?
6:32 pm
will you come back? >> absolutely. liz: thank you very much. facebook snow banning some that are no longer on facebook's instagram platform and also facebook itself. baltimore mayor resigning in the face of a criminal corruption probe, linked to her children's book, federal and state investigators looking into hundreds of thousands of dollars that the mayor earned, selling her, quote, book series to a hospital network that was doing business for the city of baltimore as well as the university of medical system. that's an entity she once helped oversee. at this hour golf star tiger woods will be at the white house where president trump will award tiger woods a presidential medal of freedom. for not only his come from behind win at the masters, that was his fifth victory, but for tiger's epic return from massive
6:33 pm
health problems and from disappointing losses on the golf course. okay, next up, here it comes, fast-food vegan hamburgers. mcdonald's now may be the next big fast-food chain to serve up the meatless burger. it would follow burger, king, white castle, karl's jr., all cooking up plant based pattieses also today the beyond meat, a vegan meat company, nearly tripled in its market debut and makes again a plant based meat substitute. finally pot oil, plus munchies. all in one combo. the most famous snacks may be infused with cbd deal, the cannabis oil. this is the company behind oreos, chips ahoy, ritz crackers. that story is coming up. scary news coming into your studio, we have the latest on how the chinese government can spy on you via gadgets and
6:34 pm
devices. this time china could spy on you, yes, inside your own bedrooms, but don't worry. joe biden says the 2020 voters, china's okay, they are nice folks. that debate coming up. also biden's attacks on the booming trump economy. so far off base and far from the truth that even the new york times and the washington post is calling out to biden on that. yeah, they went there. that story next. >> there's 2 trillion dollars tax cut last year, did you feel it? did you get anything from it? of course not. of course not. all of it went to the folks at the top and corporations.
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6:39 pm
everybody and the world into recession. >> markets around the world are in turmoil at this hour over trump's astonishing victory. >> u.s. stock markets will open, but the global markets were very quick to respond to donald trump's defeat of hilary clinton sinking anticipation of a trump presidency. >> global investors expected and wanted a hilary clinton presidency. they didn't get it. now you will see volatility guys. elizabeth: paul krugman of the new york times global recession fast forward to today if you had sold your stocks based on what the pundits there said you would have missed out on 9.1 trillion dollars in market run-up. we've got jobless rates the lowest in half a century. worker retirement plans including union worker plans soaring even higher. historic economic confidence, wait for it, among millennials, that's got democrats in a scramble. now this. joe biden is actually trying to attack trump and the economy, but top newspapers the new york
6:40 pm
times and the washington post saying joe biden is getting it wrong. let's bring in ernie bach jr. four quarters of gdp at 3%. another good jobs report. your take on all this? >> i think it is fantastic. i think the democrats have a real problem, putting somebody up against trump. i mean, if the election was tomorrow, i think mr. trump would win. elizabeth: median household income also plummeted under obama and biden. here's how donald trump might win in 2020, he could quote ronald reagan. watch. >> are you better off than you were four years ago? elizabeth: your take on that, ernie? >> i will tell you with aoc and pelosi's rhetoric, they are in big trouble serving somebody up. they are destroying the american dream. they're demonizing wealth. they've got real problems. elizabeth: you know, joe biden
6:41 pm
said most people did not get the tax cuts -- the new york times saying, joe, most americans did get a tax cut as a result of trump's tax cuts and the job act. the washington post fact checked joe biden, gave him four pinnochios. your take on the newspaper correcting joe biden? >> yeah, well, i think joe biden has it wrong. i don't think he's got a shot of winning at all. i don't even think he's part of the demo that the democrats want. he's not really what they are looking for. i think he's going to crash and burn very quickly. >> you're a businessman. you know what it takes to provide health insurance. i mean we know that joe biden -- joe biden's going to defend obama care. he wants a public option as part of this. politico is saying biden is heavy on emotion and light on policy. kelly ann conway saying is biden
6:42 pm
for medicare for all? because that means obama care didn't work. do they have a point there? >> yeah, yeah, i think they have a point. it's just -- it's so scattered. it's hard to grab hold of anything they are talking about because it's this way. it's that way. it's trump. it's not. it's crazy. elizabeth: you know the other thing too, ernie, the congressional budget office out with a new report that got virtually zero coverage. we're giving it to you now. the cbo saying that medicare for all, bernie sanders plan, the democrats, the medicare for all, will cost -- it would be really expensive, 3.5 trillion dollars a year, the cbo says. it would wipe out all government spending on other programs and, yes, government imposed wait times to see a doctor would rise dramatically. your take on that, ernie? >> i agree. look at the various countries that have national healthcare. i mean, mick jagger just had an
6:43 pm
operation. he could get it done for free in england. yet he got it done in the united states. that tells you something. elizabeth: that does tell you something and a lot of canadians, 60,000 on average leave canada every year to get healthcare elsewhere. ernie boch, you are great. come back soon. love having you on. >> thank you. elizabeth: coming up, u.s. intelligence has said china spying and china theft and copy catting of u.s. products and military hardware is a problem. china also taking u.s. jobs including union worker jobs. that's a problem. joe biden himself even once said china is a problem. but now joe biden says china is not a problem. we're going to break that down for you, coming up next. 2,000 fence posts.
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elizabeth: scary news, the chinese government could be spying on you. this time via gadgets and devices from inside your own bedroom. we're talking baby monitors and more, all made in china. fox news gillian turner has more from washington. >> hi, liz. 2 million home security cameras, web cams, electronic doorbells and baby monitors worldwide are vulnerable to spying and hacking. 140,000 of those devices here in
6:48 pm
the united states. this according to new research that identifies serious security flaws that cybersecurity experts say americans need to beware of. >> whether it was intentional or not, the vulnerability is still there and absolutely could be exploited by the chinese government, as well as nonstate actors as well. >> the culprit according to this new research, a chinese software company, and given the chinese government's aggressive use of facial recognition technology to conduct law enforcement, experts say there's cause for alarm. but researcher, who is behind the study, tells fox news that he remains cautious saying the lack of security in these devices is a symptom of an industry-wide problem. there's zero evidence to suggest these issues are the result of malicious or otherwise deliberate intent. these devices rely on peer to peer software, nicknamed p to p, built into many devices run on
6:49 pm
apps that have exploded in popularity in recent years. the ftc tells fox news they won't comment on this specific instance, but they do offer these security tips. don't click next when you set up your device. download the latest security updates for your device and always change your preset pass words. some cybersecurity experts though say that doesn't cut the muster. >> i frankly would throw it away and i would turn toward more trusted device manufacturers who can demonstrate a level of security and trustworthiness that these 2 million devices can't. >> one cyber expert cautioned me today, liz, that just because something can connect to the internet doesn't mean it should and consumers who purchase devices that link up to the web need to take extra care to ensure they are very well informed. liz? elizabeth: great reporter, gillian turner in washington, d.c. great to see you. >> you too. elizabeth: next up joe biden dismissing the threat from china
6:50 pm
saying quote they are not bad folks. president trump just firing back just now on fox news. >> for somebody to be so naive and say that china's not a problem, if biden actually said that, that's a very dumb statement. elizabeth: the pentagon says china's military and its spying and stealing of intellectual property, a growing threat. this according to a new report released this afternoon. with me now is heritage foundation james carafano. your take on this? >> there are those in concentration camps throughout china and if you went to them and said these aren't bad folks, i think they may have a different opinion. elizabeth: what's your take on china taking a lot of manufacturing jobs? that's biden's weakness as well. the american union worker knows china is a threat. correct me if i'm wrong. >> we have a complex relationship with china. we outsource manufacturing to china, but we also import a lot,
6:51 pm
and we use a lot of that in our own industry. so i don't think it is a simplistic -- when it comes to the economic relationship, i don't think it's that simplistic. what i worry a lot more about is how did china get here? how did they get these factories? how did they get the capability? a lot of it they stole the technology and stole the intellectual property and that was our fault because we kind of left the window open and we were blind to this. for many years we had governments that wanted to look the other way because our economy was going good, and what they did is they ignored the bad behavior. now we're paying the price for that. the bad behavior has caught up with us. now they are an economic juggernaut and competing with us and their intent is adversarial and malicious to the united states. that's the problem. elizabeth: you know, i want to switch gears. i know that your organization has also looked into the union workers as well. joe biden says he's pro union worker, but we have got news reports coming in that joe biden's first fundraiser this year was hosted by a
6:52 pm
union-busting law firm. that union-busting law firm helps companies avoid and stop unions. so there's a little bit of a disconnect here, james. what's your take? >> well, you know, i don't think this administration is anti-union. actually the president got a lot of people that voted for him. he's against corrupt unions. he's against unions that manipulate their people, but i think for the average worker, the president has taken the right approach -- elizabeth: we're talking about joe biden here. >> yeah, but i'm talking about what the president has done. what he's done is he's rolled back the regulatory burden. he's dropped the tax rate, and that's created jobs for the union workers. so joe can say he's for the union, but what trump has actually done is created jobs. and i think that's where the debate needs to focus on. elizabeth: great to see you, sir. come back soon. >> thanks. elizabeth: coming up, bernie sanders is losing millennial
6:53 pm
hold faster than a minute. millennials saying sanders is a hypocrite. we will tell you why. that's coming up. delivery drones or the latest phones. $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade. no matter what you trade, at fidelity patients that i see about dry mouth. they feel that they have to drink a lot of water. medications seem to be the number one cause for dry mouth. i like to recommend biotene. it replenishes the moisture in your mouth. biotene definitely works. [heartbeat]
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elizabeth: millennials are bernie sanders biggest fans but they are turning away from bernie sanders. campus reform asked students at the university of new hampshire if they knew that their favorite socialist is really a one percenter millionaire. watch. >> i mean, i had no idea, but now that you say that,
6:57 pm
definitely, i mean -- yeah, definitely. >> definitely sounds hypocritical to be advocating for those type of things but also being a millionaire. >> constantly preaching about, you know, that billionaires, millionaires being the problem but he himself is one, so i can definitely sympathize with that view. >> there's a lot of social inequities created by the income gap. i mean, he's part of that. elizabeth: let's bring in the hill's contributor and author, great writer, kristen tate. your reaction to this, kristen. great to see you. >> great to be with you, liz. bernie's rallying cry against the 1 percent is hypocritical given that he's a member of its ranks. the socialist and his wife are worth around 2 million dollars, and they own three homes, one of which is a $600,000 lake front house. another which is a row house in washington, d.c., just steps from the capitol. now there's nothing wrong with being wealthy or accumulating money. i mean, that's part of the american dream.
6:58 pm
but it sure does make bernie look like a phony while he constantly rails against millionaires and billionaires while he himself is raking in millions, largely off the backs of taxpayers. so i'm not surprised that this is the reaction we're seeing from millennials when they learn the facts. elizabeth: you know, millennials are waking up. they are kind of getting woke to bernie sanders, kristin; right? >> exactly right. and by the way, liz, at the same time, the sanders only paid an effective tax rate of 26% last year, that's far lower than the top income tax bracket of 37%. but he wants to raise taxes on all of us, including millennials to pay for his socialist dreams. his healthcare plan would cost 32 trillion dollars. that's going to require tax hikes across the board. elizabeth: including the middle and lower income brackets. >> exactly right. elizabeth: the question is, why isn't bernie paying more now, paying 50%, that's what fox news
6:59 pm
martha maccallum bret baier asked him. quickly, bernie sanders talks about income inequality; right? but the data he uses sets aside all the government programs that the hard left wants; right? the data he uses, the number that he uses does not include medicaid, medicare, food stamps, all of it. he sets aside all the government programs that the hard left wants to fix income inequality but then doesn't acknowledge it, kristin, right? >> that's exactly right. i also think it is important for millennials to know that sanders only paid 3.4% of their wealth last year, their earnings in charity. this is man who says he's so concerned about income inequality and caring for the poor, but he wants to do that using other people's money, working people's money in the private sector. he has no interest clearly in taking his own assets and wealth and giving it to the people he says need it most. elizabeth: kristin tate, come back soon. we love having you on. >> thank you very much.
7:00 pm
elizabeth: thank you so much for having us in your home. thank you very much for watching. lou dobbs is next right here on the fox business network. have a good evening. lou: good evening, everybody. for more than two years, the radical dems have done their worst, spewing constantly the worst they could imagine about our president, creating false and vile narratives while carrying out a conspiracy to block out only the trump agenda but through their efforts and constant barrage of lies by the radical dems, the deep state and the complicit left wing national media they sought to overthrow the presidency of donald trump. and now, those same radical dems brimming with evil and venom dripping from their lying mouths are attacking the


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