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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  May 30, 2019 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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2.27% and it is moving up by 5 basis points but there's anxiety out there showing up in all sorts, with that we say thanks for joining us this morning. cheryl: that's it for us, mornings with maria begins right now. maria: good morning, everyone, thanks so much, ladies, good morning to you, i'm maria bartiromo, thanks for joining us, live from ottawa, canada, thursday may 30th, top stories 6:00 a.m. on the east coast, tackling trade, i will sit down with vice president mike pence for exclusive interview as canada comes closer to ratifying the usmca deal. how the deal moves forward coming up? >> robert mueller broke silence yesterday officially putting end to russia probe but democrats are not backing down, boeing's long road to recovery, ceo speaking out and what he says
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about his own family flying on the own max 737 jet. interview with ceo bob iger this morning right here, mornings with maria begins right now live ♪ ♪ maria: all right, i want to look at markets on the heels of yesterday, futures indicating gain, better than 80 points, one-third of 1% higher, s&p futures up 11 and a half points and nasdaq futures higher by 32 and a quarter, almost 1 half a percent. political and trade uncertainty weighing on markets yesterday at the close, take a look at the
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damage, dow jones industrial average down 221 points yesterday almost 1%, s&p 500 lost about 20 and nasdaq yesterday down 60 points. vice president mike peps is in canada today, that's why we are here, he will meet with canadian prime minister justin trudeau, rallying support for rewritten north american trade deal known as the u.s.-méxico-canada trade agreement or usmca. i will be sitting down with the vice president for exclusive interview here in ottawa, we will bring that to you tomorrow morning 6:00 a.m. so join us for special interview as we look at usmca and impact. former senior adviser to george w. bush karl rove in new york. sorry i missed you in new york this morning. >> i wish you were here, it's dangerous, handwritten banner back here in the morning mornings with dagen, i don't know what that's all about.
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>> she was talking about cutting the signal for toronto, i don't know. >> ottawa. maria: let me ask you, karl, a lot of fireworks, we imagine given the fact that the vice president will meet with the prime minister today, what's your expectation in terms of nancy pelosi bringing that to the floor for a vote. >> look, having been with a couple of trade battles with nancy pelosi in speaker in 2007-2008, she won't be easy about this. she will drag it out. i know the administration is putting the pressure on hoping to get this done by august recess, i wouldn't be surprised to see it brought up this fall well after the august recess and maybe not even then. she's got two issues here, one is a political problem, she does not want to pass usmca with a small number democrats, she wants to to be big numbers of republicans and big numbers of
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democrats if they will do it at all, they will need things on labor and environment to bring along the democratic left. she does not want to have 50 democrats or 60 democrats and 190 republicans pass this because it will then give opportunity for people in the left of the democratic party to hammer centrist for which the majority depends. the other thing is she doesn't want to give president trump a victory, let's be honest about it. she prefers not to. she knows how important it is to the country, ultimately bring it up to a vote but not until she's assured that there are large number of democrats ready to vote for her. maria: because i think if she were to bring it to the floor it would pass, it would get the votes, you have a lot of democrats representing states that are actually going to see an impact on manufacturing, darrell izza is a hundred thousand jobs, is she willing to take the job with all of the
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jobs at stake? >> oh, sure, she doesn't blame for it. when the economy is bad the president of the united states gets blames for it and not the speaker to have house, you're right, democrats like texas, arizona and new mexico and florida and michigan, the democrats in those states are going to be either because the auto industry or because of the trade with méxico, they are going to be mostly in favor of this and you take those states alone and match them with 185, 190 republicans that would vote for this then you have 218. she doesn't bring it up unless she has larger number of democrats willing to support it. more maria -- maria: aluminum and steel tariffs lifted, méxico looking at this trying to make sure that they address the labor issues, do you think all of that is on track or are there things that she can actually push back in terms of the labor practice in
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méxico? >> pulling the things and obstacles out of the way. she was raising issues about the mexicans and labor provisions and the mexican government has said, hey, we are on board with this, we are comfortable, we are happy with it, you should be too. step by step by step the administration is removing the obstacles but again a political calculation, two political calculations, are there a large number of democrats and do we really want to give the president a victory. maria: you think at a minimum this doesn't come to the floor until the fall because the vice president wants to ratified by the end of the summer, that's what he's calling for. >> right. maria: founder of bridge water associates ray dalio issued warning of u.s.-china trade tensions, as someone in negotiations, history shows countries in conflict have seen
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that such conflicts can slip beyond their control and become terrible wars that all parties including the leaders who got their countries into them deeply regret it. right now we are seeing brinksmanship so it's a risky time. your reaction with what's taking place with china, you know, i speak with secretary pompeo this week and he's been out and about talking to our friends in europe, friends across the world, as well as in the u.s. trying to stress the national security issues around china, it's not just an economic story. >> yeah, he's been particularly concerned about huawei and poynant on comments about that. he has a great deal of expertise in this part of the region. i'm not certain that we share that we are on the brink of war, but we are in the brink of some very severe economic consequences both for chinese and the united states and apparently close to a deal and then the chinese step back, that's not a good sign and then
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we are also seeing a rising number of complaints by american companies who export to china or import items from china that are critical to finished product who are complaining about obstacles on trade, they are getting more inspections, hold-ups at the border, they have to keep the goods in warehouses and not able to get them to market and complaints about this and that and elements of their shipments rejected. the chinese are playing hardball beneath the service. it's one thing to be obvious by raising tariff or refusing to allow certain good to be brought in and another thing to make it really, really difficult to import several hundred billion dollars that we import to china every year. maria: karl, real quick before i switch gears, your reaction to what mueller said yesterday. >> democrats were hoping that he would say something new and expansive than what he said in
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report. if you're nancy pelosi you have 41 democrats and 1 republican who are saying impeachment, she knows impeachment is a political disaster for them. new harvard-harris poll, 65% of americans oppose impeachment. large numbers of democrats support it. the large majorities of independents oppose it. mueller to say something more expansive. he didn't but the pressure will continue to build in caucus, nancy pelosi is between progressive left in the party that wants to impeach and political reality that she has a majority in the house because a bunch of red districts flipped blue and she know that is this could cost her the majority. maria: he certainly took it to the edge as far as he could take it by saying, look, if we thought that the president did not commit a crime we would have said so. >> he said that in his report.
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so -- maria: yeah. >> they were hoping for something new and they didn't get it. i'm sure adam schiff is in mourning having hoped that mueller would somehow or another would say indict, indict, indict, impeach, impeach. maria: karl great stuff, karl rove in new york. >> thank you. maria: be sure to tune in with exclusive interview with vice president mike pence ottawa, canada, we will be speaking and the interview will air tomorrow morning in its entirety. elon musk is pushing employees to push delivery numbers in new e-mail, dagen is on that this morning. dagen: that's the way to rally troops, an e-mail, another e-mail from the tesla founder to employees urging them to improve vehicle deliveries, here is some of that e-mail i won't read through the entire -- the entire
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text but he's talking -- elon musk is talking about we have to improve vehicle delivers in order to have successful quarter and i want to point out what happened in the first quarter that fails to have tesla electric vehicles fell 41% from the fourth quarter, 63,000 vehicles would be delivered down which was record, let's take a look at the e-mail again he said if we execute well current quarter will be all-time record for tesla vehicle deliveries and a many victory, this has been huge problem for the company rolling the vehicles out, he's talking about the expedite fees and routing inefficiency that lead to hirer than delivery cost there. this is a company that's hurting, the stock alone is down 43% and the growing course, tesla in precarious position in
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terms of potential need to raise money in the coming quarters, it is starting to take preorders for the new model 3 made in china starting on friday, but if you can't get the cars to the people who have bought them or put an order for them, that's a problem. so elon musk is trying to tell the troops to pick it up in an e-mail which is -- [laughter] maria: you make such a good point, you can't lead by e-mail, right, dagen, the troops want to see hands dirty. dagen: that didn't work for somebody named o'rourke, back to you. maria: dagen thanks, see you in a bit. boeing ceo publicly apologizing for two deadly crashes of the 737 max jet, cheryl casone with that in headlines, cheryl, good morning to you. cheryl: he will not step down, but continues to standby the plane which remains grounded.
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>> does boeing have a credibility and transparency problem if they don't admit mistakes in the past? >> as i said we clearly fell short and the implementation of this, alert was a mistake but we did not implement it properly, we are confident in the fundamental safety of the airport. >> you put your family on 737 max? >> without any hesitation, absolutely. >> he expects 737 max to fly again by the end of the year, he's confident the crisis hasn't hurt boeing long-term's growth prospects but he added that some customers may delay deliveries after missing all travel season. fiiate chrysler proposed with renault, questioning whether undervalues renault and puts
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french jobs at risk. talks on whether to enter in exclusive talks. the tornado outbreak in the united states, several states under emergency tornado from the midwest to northeast to iowa, funnel forming above iowa city, one person hurt, also after tornado tore through county, now texas, a powerful tornado southeast of dallas and then not far away from there in kemp, texas, tornado slammed into country club. state of emergency in ohio, 15 tornadoes destroying homes and killing one person. so far about 60% of ohioans have gotten their power back, maria. residents are still being told boil water until they can drink
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it. that's incredible what we are seeing especially down in tornado valley. maria: it really is, thank you so much. coming up he broke silence yesterday, the personal counsel robert mueller. we've got that when we come frback. stay with us. can't see what it is what is that? that's a blazer? that's a chevy blazer? aww, this is dope. this thing is beautiful. i love the lights. oh man, it's got a mean face on it. it looks like a piece of candy. look at the interior. this is nice. this is my sexy mom car. i would feel like a cool dad. it's just really chic. i love this thing. it's gorgeous. i would pull up in this in a heartbeat. i want one of these. that is sharp. the all-new chevy blazer. speaks for itself. i don't know who they got to design this but give them a cookie and a star.
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maria: welcome back, big program this morning, ceo of disney bob iger. partner david is with us this morning from u.s. ambassador to canada as well is here and law professor and criminal defense attorney alan dershowitz along with panel utah attorney general sean along with indiana attorney general curtis hill. big program ahead, don't miss a moment of it right here. meanwhile yield on government bonds reaching 20 month lows this week, that is one worry for the markets as typically when
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you see rates this low it is indicative of recession even with stocks higher, futures indicating 70 points, s&p is up 10 and nasdaq is up 28. joining me right now gary b. smith, gary, good to see you. >> first i guess your take on what is impacting the markets, let's talk yields for a second at the lowest that we see them. do you think that this is worrisome or indicative of slowing or recessionary economic story? >> it could be. i mean, there's plenty, everyone points this is a failed safe lockdown signal that recession is coming, there's been a variety of false positives, if you will, over the years so i'm not sure that alone indicates a recession, there's a lot of other things, though, that tells me a slowdown maybe coming, you know i'm normally bullish but, you know, my canary, if you will, is what's happening to
6:20 am
housing crisis, slowest increase in the last 6 and a half years and as you have seen around your part of the country and around my part of the country higher and home sales have dropped off the cliff. that tells me that people with money sense something bad is coming, that worries me. maria: yeah, i feel that a little as well, i understand what you're saying but you have to look at where rates are as real positive for housing market with more good grades falling along with other yields, that typically would encourage buyers into this market. >> certainly at the lower end it will and that's where housing is held up, what's impacting the higher-end housing is the whole issue with the deductions, you can't deduct from interest rate, that really hurts the higher-end home buyer. >> real quick, what do you want
6:21 am
to do then, you want to get out of the way here as the markets figure this out and we perhaps do see a bit of a slowdown? >> i'm glad that you asked that question, i think that there are actually some bargains out there, some stocks that should hold up as well and i go back to my whole stocks that are protected, i like your -- whatever your local utility is, ours is fp&l, it just goes up regardless of conditions, utilities are a great place, amazon always is, wal-mart is expanding, those stocks are not going to go away. everything else i tend to avoid to be honest. maria: gary, good to see you gary b. smith coming back live from ottawa in 2 minutes, back in a minute run with us.
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maria: welcome back, we want to turn to oil prices this morning, prices are off quarter percent but below 60. joining me andy to look at oil, crude 58.96 right now. andy, give us your sense of supply and demand situation and what's moving prices? >> what we have on the bear side is the trade war that's developing between the u.s. and china and that's dampening expectations for growth. on the bullish side we have sanctions on iran, crude production declines in venezuela as well as sanctions that are preventing them from selling oil and we have an upcoming opec and nonopec producers meeting where they are talking about extending production cuts if balance of 2019 and oil market has been wrestling between the two sides. maria: yeah, i guess for a little while there were worries
6:26 am
about iran coming off of the market in a big way impacting prices so prices shot all the way up well above 60 on crude oil but we've come back from that quite a bit, what's your sense of supply given the fact that u.s. increasingly among the bigger suppliers out there now? >> well suppliers are getting tighter and the reason we haven't seen impact from iran is inventories are drawing, filling the gap, on the other hand, the god news for the u.s. is that our production is at an all-time high and it's expected to increase from 12.2 million-barrels a day over 13 million-barrels a day next year and increase further as production in permian base and continues to ramp up. >> let me ask you about exxon mobile, shareholders rejecting proposal to split up ceo and chairman roles, your reaction to that? >> well, i think this is also in reaction to the climate change
6:27 am
resolutions that have been passed by some of the proposed by some of the shareholders at their meetings and what you're seeing is actually a split between the european oil companies like shell and bp where climate change is a much bigger issue compared to here the u.s.-base oil companies like chevron and exxon where we have them as fossil fuels that are getting oil and natural gas out of the ground. maria: andy, do you city oil prices stay i leftated this summer, what's your take on where oil prices go from here? >> i think that oil prices in the near term we could see wti hit $55 and brent $65 if the trade war gets more serious and we see higher tariffs on chinese goods and retaliatory pose from china but, on the other hand, on lenger term bullish prices because opec and nonopec
6:28 am
producers are determined to see prices to $70 a barrel in order to support budgets. maria: andy, thank you so much. he broke his silence yesterday, special counsel robert mueller putting russia investigation to bed, democrats are not happy there, they are not backing down. alan dershowitz will weigh down after the break. galaxy far, far away coming to earth, bob iger inside attraction, star wars galaxy edge. back in a minute.
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maria: welcome back, good morning, everyone, i'm maria bartiromo coming to you live
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this morning from what is known as u.s. ambassador's residence here in ottawa, canada, thursday may 30th, top stories right now 6:31 a.m. on the east coast, tackling trade today, i'm sitting down for exclusive interview this morning with vice president mike pence in an exclusive as canada comes closer to ratifying the usmca agreement. markets are pointing to a higher opening. stability this morning after rough ride for stocks. futures indicating a gain at the start of trading, of course, 80 points on the dow industrials, s&p futures up 11 and nasdaq futures higher this morning by 31. that after stocks took dive after special counsel's robert mueller's report but did manage to end above session lows, dow, nasdaq and s&p were down for second session in a row yesterday. the dow down 221 points and nasdaq lower by 60. take a look at european market this is morning and indices
6:33 am
there are higher as well as well as future, cac quarante in paris up 23, and dax index higher. in asia overnight markets down with korea bucking the trend. only one finishing in the green. as you can see fractional losses for many of the markets overnight. earnings certainly in focus once again, retailers and dollar general out with earnings later this hour. many are looking towards uber's first report since going public after the bell and most popular stores in america, find out who topped the list and who is lagging this morning we've got that list, coming up. plus galaxy far, far away, disney unveiled new park, it is called the star wars, galaxy edge, sneak peak, plus disney ceo bob iger on china trade, all coming up right here. first, top story half an hour, first public remarks, watch.
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>> if we had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime we would have said so. we did not, however, make a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime, understood long-standing department policy a current president cannot be charged while heist in office. that is unconstitutional. charging the president with a crime was therefore not an option we could consider. there were multiple systematic efforts to interfere in our election. and that allegation deserves the attention of every american. maria: my next guest, new op-ed this morning, title shame on robert mueller for exceeding his role, he writes this, i cannot imagine a plausible reason why mueller went beyond his report and suggested that president trump might be guilty except to help democrats in congress and
6:35 am
encourage impeachment talk and action, shame on mueller for abusing his position of trust and for allowing himself to be used for such partisan advantage. joining me right now author of the op-ed, harvard law professor and former criminal defense attorney himself for oj simpson alan dershowitz, good to see you, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you. maria: your sentiment in the op-ed is similar to the editorial board in the wall street journal this morning which also criticizes mueller, what do you think he was trying to do yesterday? >> i have no idea. the obvious effect is to help democrats push for impeachment. it's just wrong for a special counsel to say what he said. he had the evidence that he was innocent he would have said so, imagine if comey had said that about hillary clinton, he said something close, remember, he was widely criticized for that, the job of prosecutor simply whether decide sufficient evidence to prosecute.
6:36 am
if as mueller says, there never could have been prosecution of the president then why was he appointed. they should have appointed a commission of decoy, an investigation that russian involvement in the election but the prosecutor can't prosecute so he can make statements not based on the evidence, one side of the case. maria: yeah. >> he couldn't conclude that the president committed a crime even if he saw that evidence. so i think what he said yesterday was absolutely irresponsible. maria: well, the other thing is that we all know what took place in 2016 by a small cabal of people in terms of trying to put finger on the scale to top
6:37 am
donald trump using steele dossier as evidence to wire-tap american citizens, if you're investigating russia meddling why won't he look at the steele dossier, no mention of that behavior. >> he should have, they wouldn't have said we have a target on the back of the president, let's see if we can find evidence against him or his colleagues, look, the only result of this entire investigation was to indict people who have little or nothing to do with any allegation of russian collusion, indict people of things that happened well before the campaign began and business dealings, but when it came to the mission of the investigation, it came up absolutely empty. it was a waste of money, waste of resources and waste of the credibility and special counsel
6:38 am
generally. special could believe and special prosecutors by showing that it just doesn't work. maria: yeah. >> prosecuting cases or else commissions of inquiry to look into broad issues. maria: yeah, by the way, after all of the interviews he did and upwards of 35, $40 million you will think that he would come up with a judgment, gment -- guilty or innocent. i want to bring in karl rove because hawaii democrats are responding to mueller's statement, listen to what they said and then i want to get your reaction, karl. >> special counsel has clearly demonstrated that president trump is lying, lying about the special counsel's findings, lying about the testimony of key witnesses in the special counsel's report and above all lying and saying that the special counsel found no obstruction and no collusion. >> he did say that if he saw any evidence that the president was
6:39 am
not -- if he was innocent, he would have let us know. but he didn't, i'm gravely disappointed in the justice department for their attitude, misrepresentation of the mueller report to begin with. their hiding behind something that you could never find in the constitution that the president is above the law. maria: meanwhile 2020 democrats took to twitter, freshman congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez weighed in as well, she tweeted this, mueller is playing a game of taboo with congress, his word is impeach, so karl, i feel like i'm living another planet with nancy pelosi's comments there, she's disappointed in the justice department now but she wasn't disappointed in the justice department back in 2016 when they misled the fisa court to spy on american citizens, your
6:40 am
reaction. >> well, i thought it was interesting both nadler and pelosi distorted exactly what mueller said yesterday, he said that if they had clearly found that the president committed a crime they would have said so but they didn't find that he had clearly committed a crime. both of them used the word clearly and both of them accused mueller of -- suggested that mueller found president who violated law and yesterday mueller said as he said in the report while he couldn't exonerate he couldn't say that he violated the law either. this is the reason why, if you want to prove somebody collusion you have to prove corrupt intent. look, i was innocent, the mueller found that there was no evidence of a conspiracy, no evidence of collusion and i was upset that i was being unfairly targeted and so the things that i suggested to people that they do call -- call the attorney general or call, fire mueller
6:41 am
none of which happened. instinct because i was unfairly treated because i was innocent. no corrupt intent there. that's exactly why mueller himself used the word clearly in describing why they did not find evidence of sufficient enough to accusing president of clearly violating the law. maria: how does this play out now, alan, looks like house democrats are going to move on impeachment, likely does not pass the senate, what do we watch for at this point? >> we watch for the democrats to dig themselves into a rabbit hole and lose an election which they could possibly win by focusing on impeachment. impeachment at this point would be unconstitutional, there's no evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors or anything mueller said, mueller shouldn't have said what he said. but the democrats should go back to legislating and doing america's business instead of trying to get a do-over on the mueller report.
6:42 am
if they do that, they will have failed to learn the lesson of the impeachment of bill clinton. when bill clinton was improperly impeached the numbers went up and i think that will happen to donald trump. as liberal democrat i don't want to see that happen. i want to see the democrats help themselves, doing everything to shoot themselves in the foot. maria: they want him out, that's bottom line. >> absolutely. couldn't agree more with dr. dershowitz. 65% of americans oppose impeachment. democrats do this and continue to drown out anything that they are doing in country and they will drive the independents reluctantly away from the democratic nominee and into the republican column in any opinion, this is a big mistake on their part if they continue to proceed. i couldn't agree more with
6:43 am
dr. dershowitz. maria: what are they doing, are they doing anything other than investigating, karl, what has gotten done in the first 130 days? >> they've sent a series of bills to the senate, ethics bill, health care bills and so forth but nobody in america knows about it because what's more interesting to the press and to the public and what juices passing ethics bill or saying impeach president trump, obviously the latter. maria: sounds like you feel that yesterday was victory for the president, is that a fair president? >> well, it wasn't intended as victory to the president but mueller did absolutely backfire and in the end would help the president unless the democrats come to their senses and say it's over, he is finished with his investigation, let's move on. but if they don't do that, it will end up helping the president. maria: go ahead, karl. >> i think mueller's intent was to do exactly what he succeeded to do which was telling congress i'm only going to say what's in the report, if you pull me up on
6:44 am
capitol hill it's not going to be pleasant for you because i'm not going to go outside the bounds of the report, i've said everything i'm going to say, the report speaks for itself, this is what you're going to hear if you have me up for circus on capitol hill. maria: if he guys to capitol hill he will get questions about what the fbi did in the early months of 2016. i'm sure he doesn't want to go there with many of his friends still at the fbi. alan dershowitz, karl rove, one company working hard to protect your personal information online. wait till you see this. back in a minute woow!
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maria: welcome back, the list of the most popular stores in america is out and cheryl casone has headlines now in new york, cheryl. cheryl: of course, wal-mart took the top spot, mcdonalds second followed by starbucks. research based on foot pattern and u.s. sales data. well, disneyland getting ready for the very highly anticipated opening of star wars galaxy's edge, it's tomorrow, harrison ford, creator george lucas all on hands for opening ceremony. harrison ford paying emotional tribute to chebaka actor and
6:49 am
fisher. iger weighed in on disney and the u.s. trade war with china. >> are you worried at all about trade tensions between the u.s. and china because as we all know china has so much control, they can limit the number of films that are shown does that put you brakes with shanghai plans? >> there's still a lot we don't know, where it stands out doesn't feel good in the sense that's not resolved. i was in shanghai last week, actually spent a day at the park and evening, spent the day, and so far we have not detected any issues from regulatory perspective or consumer perspective there. that said if things get more, it's possible that we will pay the price so to speak.
6:50 am
cheryl: also exnew ride which includes life-size, i'm jealous, you can catch dierdre's interview 8:30 eastern, that looked like fun. maria: wow, looks like fun. we have dagen in new york and jack is with us this morning, your thoughts, i personally do not like rides but what do you guys think? dagen: i could get you in a roller coaster, maria bartiromo. maria: no, i'm not getting in any roller coaster. dagen: when i was in the third grade and star wars came out i used to sit in my desk at school and pretend that i was flying the falcon. i'm all in on this. i'm sure the wait is long and the crowds will be overwhelming but i think that this is a huge win for disney and it's become secular, you drive people to the park and new disney plus which
6:51 am
is coming out later this year which will have all the star wars content on it. maria: you walk a couple of steps and you can buy all the products, i mean, they are so smart that way, we will probably have a ton of retail attached to the rides and the park, of course. dagen: my brother has his full collection still of all of the star wars fig use figures. particularly maria good point, that's true. ladies, take a break, when we come back, one company working hard to protect your personal information online, something we all need right now for sure. back in a minute with that.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
maria welcome back highlighting the business of innovation this morning, one key area data
6:55 am
security more important than ever as you know, one company to provide users with control to protect personal information on their terms, joining me right now authority cofounder and chairman lou stienberg, we talked about protecting information every day it feels like, tell us about the company and how we can protect the data? >> great to be here. authorities in the business of protecting consumer accounts and reducing client friction by giving consumers control over how their data gets used and so today what happens is most companies have this false choice between do we make it hard to interact with our clients or do we make it easy but we not only make it easier for our customers, we make it easy from investors as well and we think there's a way to actually
6:56 am
eliminate client friction at the same time. maria: how do you do it? >> the short answer is we move control back to the customer, so companies today have to -- have to guess who is at the other end of a transaction, if you're trying to do something online, open an account, i want to wire money, i want to trade stocks, i want to share my facebook data, medical records, they have to guess, is that really you on the other side of the transaction and they typically do that by challenging you to know a secret like what is your mother's maiden name and what's your secret password, what's your dog's favorite flavor of ice cream, the problem is all secrets leak over time and they know them too, so they don't work terribly well. what we have done is we said what if the client could actually make the decision for the company and eliminate part
6:57 am
of the process. maria: well, certainly needed right now, lou thanks very much, lou stein berg joining us there. next hour right here in mornings with maria live from ottawa this morning. ♪
6:58 am
. . .
6:59 am
7:00 am
maria: welcome back. good thursday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, coming to you live from what's known at lornado, the u.s. ambassador's residence in ottawa, canada. it is thursday, may 30th. your top stories right now. closer to ratification as canada makes progress towards putting usmca into law. i will be sitting down with the vice president, mike pence, this afternoon for an exclusive interview. take a look at where we are in usmca, will nancy pelosi bring it to the floor for a vote. what is next, coming up. investors this morning are reacting to robert mueller's first public statement.
7:01 am
he's putting an end to the russia probe and is stepping down. he said he's going back to private practice. democrats are speaking out on impeachment, however. we're looking at a rebound on wall street this morning, stocks are bouncing after a tough day yesterday. we're off the highs of the morning. dow industrials up 39 points, s&p up 7 and-a-half, nasdaq higher by 19. after a selloff on wall street yesterday, the major indices closed down, off of the lows of the session by 4:00. yesterday, the dow was down 221 points, s&p was down 20 points, nasdaq lower by 60. in europe this morning, markets are higher. take a look at the indices in the eurozone. the cac is up 15, the dax index is up 40. in asia overnight, take a look, the numbers are mostly better. as you can see. the nikkei was down a quarter of a percent, shanghai down a third of a percent, hang seng down half a percent, off of the lows but still negative for many of the markets with the exception
7:02 am
of korea. retail earnings in focus, dollar general reporting moments ago with a double beat and a rise in same store sales. we will hear from dollar tree later this hour. dollar tree shares are up 2% and dollar general up 2%, rather, and dollar he tree stores flat on the session so far. another stock to watch this morning is uber. the company will take action on who to remove from the platform ahead of its first earnings report as a public company. that earnings news coming out after the close. stay with fox business as we will bring it to you. and a heart-breaking and emotional scene on the field to tell you about. a foul ball hits a young girl and the player who hit the ball falls to his knees and cries. an update on her condition, coming up. all those stories coming up this thursday morning. joining me from new york to break it down, dagen mcdowell and jackie deangeles. good morning to. dagen: good morning, maria bartiromo. maria: we've got a lot going on this morning. we've got the ceo of disney coming up. that's going to be great.
7:03 am
deirdre sat down with him yesterday. as well as the usmca closer to ratification here in canada. we'll talk with the former u.s. ambassador to canada, bruce hayman is here. gary lock is here and we've got an attorney general's round table including the utah attorney general and louisiana all. don't miss a moment of that, coming up. our top story this hour, adopting the usmca. vice president mike pence leaving for ottawa today where he will meet with prime minister justin trudeau to rally support for the usmca trade agreement. the visit coming a after the u.s. lifted steel and aluminum tariffs on canada and mexico, removing a major obstacle for congressional approval of the deal. i'll be speaking exclusively with the vice president later today. you can catch the entire interview tomorrow morning on "mornings with maria" at 6:00 a.m. eastern. the vice president is calling for congress to ratify usmca
7:04 am
this summer. joining me right now is the former ambassador to canada and nelson mullin's partner, david wilkins. thank you for joining us. >> thanks very much. thanks for having me. maria: i'm coming to you from i guess your former home, your former residence here in ottawa. beautiful home. we have set up shop here and are loving being here in ottawa. >> well, i hope you're enjoying it. it's a magnificent view from the residence there and susan and i very much enjoyed our four years in ottawa. maria: it certainly is. let me ask you about the issues around nafta, around usmca. what is most important from your standpoint, having served this great country for that many years? what's most important for canada and the u.s. and mexico, really, to do this deal and get this ratified? >> we need to get it done. canada and the u.s., for example, have the largest trade
7:05 am
relationship the world has ever known. i think it's $1.7 billion worth of trade and services going on he every day between our two countries. it's hugely important to both countries. since nafta was adopted 2 a 5 years ago, trade -- 25 years ago, trade has increased significantly between our countries. we need to have a north america strategy and this is part of that. i think it's hugely important that we get this done and get it done this summer. that's why the vice president's in ott today to map out a pathway to give canada and the u.s. to ratify this matt i've trade agreement, -- massive trade agreement, hopefully the next couple months. maria: one of canada's largest oil sands producers is growing. there is a deal to buy h buy den energy corporation for $3.8 billion, the latest foreign company to reduce ownership in the oil sands in the last couple
7:06 am
years. give us your sense of oil story in canada. >> canada is a great energy source, resource, not only mainly for the u.s. we're basically their only purchaser of oil, because they can't get the pipelines, can't get the products to the coast so they ship it south toes. 10 years ago, prime minister harper called canada an energy super power, and he was right. but now the united states really has i think so supplanted that. we're not only their only purchaser of oil but we're also a major competitor with them because now we're the largest oil and gas producer in the world. their prices are suppressed because they can't get the oil to the coast to ship it to other places in the world, other than the u.s. maria: you said you were pleased with usmca. mexico also was pleased with what it agreed to.
7:07 am
but the democrats are talking about better labor issues when it comes to labor in mexico. they're also talking about agriculture being a an issue. they want to see some tweaks. are there areas that you think this deal needs to be tweaked or do you think this should be passed as soon as possible, given that you're happy with where it is today? >> i think we need to get it done. it was yo was agreed to almost t months ago, exactly eight months ago yesterday when prime minister trudeau put in the legislation in the parliament. parliament in canada is ready to go. they could pass it within a week or so. and i think that's what they'll talk about today, is the timing and who goes first and when the u.s. can get it brought up before the house. democrats say they want to look at environmental issues, they want to look at more labor issues, they want to look at
7:08 am
some pharmaceuticallish shoes it there's nothing specific. they've had conversations with ambassador lighthizer. a lot of folks think they're slow-walking it and some democrats don't want to give the president a win on this thing. maria: tell me the impact to canada. why is this so important to canada? >> we are their largest trading partner. canada is the largest trading partner. 75% of all their exports come to the u.s. so it's huge. u.s. is huge to them. and they're important to us. getting this trade agreement is incredibly important to them, widely supported in canada, widely supported among liberals and conservatives in their parliament and they're ready to pass itis it. we need to get it done. time is running out. parliament adjourns the end of june for the election. they have a federal election in
7:09 am
october. it's relatively close. liberals and conservatives are a few points apart in the polls right now. the u.s., the end of july for the august recess, we've got a window of two months if we want to get it done this year before silly season sets in, which i mean by that elections. and so it's time to get it done. i hope we can within the next two months. maria: you make a good point in terms of the time line here. you've got deadlines, soft deadlines on both ends because of the elections here, the parliament elections. what needs to get done in the next couple months in terms of making sure that it's ready for signage before that parliamentary election in october? >> well, from everything i've heard, canada is ready to go. the legislation was introduced yesterday. they've got the neighboring legislation before the house of commons there to take up and they can do it relatively
7:10 am
quickly. i think really it's when can the u.s. take it up, when will pelosi allow the bill to be taken up. the president has to send a final draft over to the house before they can take it up. i'm sure the white house is counting votes and seeing where they stand before they do that. once the house adopts it, then the senate adopts it. i think we have the votes in the senate. the question is do we have the votes in the house to adopt it. maria: that is the question. in terms of a job creator, how would you characterize the amount of jobs or opportunities a deal like this creates? >> well, i don't have the exact numbers in front of me but it does create jobs. i mean, for example, american farmers, it opens up canadian poultry and canadian milk markets that we've been limited to in the past. it opens that up. that creates jobs in and of itself. so it is a job creator. maria: all right. we will leave it there.
7:11 am
ambassador, thanks very much for your insights this morning. appreciate it. >> thank you very much. maria: ambassador david wilkins joining us there. i'll be speaking with the vice president today, vice president mike pence will join me later, the entire interview will air tomorrow morning on "mornings with maria." so join us for that interview as we zero in on usmca among other issues. coming up, scary moments in the stands. a line drive hits a toddler. the player who hit overcome with emotion. details coming up. plus, getting the boot, uber cracking down on impolite riders. what it means for your next ride, next up. stay with us. this is the couple who wanted to get away
7:12 am
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maria: welcome back. we are watching earnings this morning from a handful of retailers, burlington stores out this morning. cheryl casone with the details in headlines. cheryl: burlington stores beating the estimates on the top and bottom lines, but the company said that sales did come in at the low end of their expectations. there is burlington year-to-date. shares of dollar general are higher in the premarket. same store sales topping expectations. customers are spending more on groceries and seasonal products. there is dollar general on the screen. watch that one and burlington today. president trump says that he knows nothing about the white house reportedly trying to move the u.s.s. john mccain out of sight ahead of his visit to japan. wall street journal is reporting that military officials made sure the president wouldn't see the war ship that bears the name of the late senator, a frequent target of the president. the navy has denied that report in the wall street journal. uber wants you to behave. the company unveiled a new
7:16 am
policy which allows it to ban riders that have low ratings. for years, uber allowed passengers to rate drivers on a star system, putting drivers at risk of deactivation if they fell below a certain level. uber is offering tips to riders to encourage them to be polite and keep their cars clean. one of the offenses that were cited, leaving trash in the uber. and there's more, of course. keeping that rating high, i'm going to check mine right now. maria: wow. okay. i think dagen has a thing or two to say about this, cheryl. you've taken enough uber rides, dagen, and you've shared them witwith us. they're rating us. how about we're rating them? dagen: we are rating them. drivers will always say give me five stars, give me five stars before you get out of the car. you can ask your driver what your rating is when you get in. i stopped taking uber. i am all about walking and taking the subway. i really -- again, in the amount
7:17 am
of money somebody spends on an uber in new york city, where to go 20 blocks it costs 30 to $40, that's a pair of shoes every week. so i'm all about the subway. i wish it ran better. a and walking. >> me too. i'm all about walking. it's interesting, because i think the passengers should be dinged for bad behavior. if you wouldn't leave garbage in your office, you shouldn't leave it in the car. come on. maria: you're absolutely right. dagen: i looked at my rating. on the phone. maria: what's your rating? dagen: 4.8. maria: that's high. that's good. dagen: somebody gave me a one star somewhere along the way. maria: that is awesome. >> maybe you complained about the price. dagen: no, i never complain. i don't say anything. it could have been my perfume they didn't like. who knows. maria: well, i'm glad you guys are all about walking. so am i. i agree with you on that. i don't know. we'll see how uber does with earnings tonight. it lost $1.8 billion last year. it's going to be obviously
7:18 am
probably a while until we see sustained profitability. any expectations there on the earnings tonight, guys? dagen: i'll say this broadly. uber was such a disaster when it went public. it's kind of wokeen investors up to the world of technology valuations and the over-valuations among all of these unicorns. that's very dangerous to the market. i think that that's an undercurrent, that we talk about, say, the inverted yield curve and things like that. but this kind of wake-up call on valuations for these tech giants is a huge issue that could weigh on the markets broadly for months to come. maria: yeah. well, yeah, it's a valuation story for sure. we'll take a break many when we come back, we're looking at real estate. the spring housing season coming to a close. the numbers, next. what does the summertime look like for housing. there's a pizza hut recipe update as dominoes uses a.i. in its kitchens. the business of innovation
7:19 am
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maria: welcome back. we want to take a look at mortgage rates in the united states as yields have been dropping. new data from the mortgage bankers association this morning shows weekly mortgage applications are down better than 3% compared to a week ago, despite lower interest rates. joining me now is markets ceo hasam n a aji. what's your taking on housing right now? >> the markets are recovering from the fed whip lash. a year ago the interest rates were going up and the fed was
7:23 am
being aggressive, messaging that rates would go up in 2018 and 2019. there was chaos in the markets in december. there was a reversal where the fed became more accomodative and that brought interest rates down starting in january and february. that reversal is very positive for all types of real estate, housing, commercial real estate and so on. but it takes time for it to really affect markets. we're still recovering from this sales slowdown in housing last year and it takes time for new buyers basically to come into the marketplace and take advantage of lower interest rates. the preference to rent is still a major headwind for the for sale housing market. i think that trend is here to stay. maria: so what would you expect then for the rest of the year in terms of housing? do you think prices continue to come down? is it very bifurcated throughout the market? how do you see it? >> it's definitely very bifurcated. we have metropolitan areas that are showing double digit price increases still. but generally speaking, prices
7:24 am
have flattened out. i expect home prices to be relatively flat this year. but sales should begin to pick up as we progress into the second half of the year. the real story from a real estate perspective, macro real estate perspective, is yields. for commercial real estate, we're seeing so much new buyer demand now beginning to come back into the market with interest rates having reversed course, both foreign and domestic, looking at 5 to 7% yields on an asset class that's not being over-built and is tax friendly. that should generate more sales on the commercial side in the back half of the year. maria: that brings knee the foreign buyers and foreign interests. have you seen a slowdown in terms of purchases from the chinese, for example, the russians, which were certainly part of the boom in real estate over the last decade. >> we have. and it's interesting, when you think about foreign capital coming into u.s. real estate, most of the headlines and media coverage focus on major
7:25 am
institutions and large corporations either investing or divesting. what isn't frequently talked about is the private investor, the families that are moving capital from asia or middle east or even europe to u.s. real estate. those are really still very active. and looking at real estate in america as a long-term wealth creation vehicle. we haven't seen any slowdown in that. the larger institutional buyers coming offshore from offshore have certainly slowed down their activity. maria: are there areas of the market that are hotter than others right now in terms of geographic? >> if you look at the growth markets, such as atlanta, las vegas, pretty much most of texas, if you look at phoenix, those markets are showing tremendous amount of job growth and in-migration. florida is starting to come back very nicely and the coastal markets, new york and los angeles, san francisco, seattle, because the job numbers are so strong, we're continuing to see demand.
7:26 am
new york by the way, over the last 12 months, had the number one job creation in the country at 114,000 jobs. so even new york is looking great right now. maria: wow, that's great to know. all right, great to see you as as always. thanks so much. >> great to see you. maria: president trump is tweeting on the mueller report this morning. here's what he wrote. the greatest presidential harassment in history, writes the president, after spending $40 million over two dark years with unlimited access, people, resources and cooperation, highly conflicted robert mueller would have brought charges if he had anything. but there were no charges to bring, writes the president in response to robert mueller speaking out for the first time yesterday. quick break and coming up, giving america's heroes a helping hand, 51 state attorney generals coming together for veterans. i'll be speaking with three of those coming up next on what they're doing. and then they weigh in on calls
7:27 am
for impeachment following mueller's statement yesterday, we are back with that. plus, drake's playoff an particulars, the nba -- antics, the nba addressing the behavior, details next up, right here. ♪ i'm living fast forward. ♪ hillbilly rock star, out-of-control. ♪ i'm living fast forward. ♪ now i need to rewind real slow. or the latest phones. $4.95. no matter what you trade, at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade. no matter what you trade, at fidelity the doctor's office might mejust for a shot.o but why go back there when you can stay home with neulasta® onpro? strong chemo can put you at risk of serious infection. in a key study neulasta® reduced the risk of infection from 17% to 1% a 94% decrease.
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welcome to seattle.
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where people are into coffee, tech, and retirement planning. the perfect retirement for me is doing the things that i want to do, not the things i have to do. unlike seattle, less than half of americans participate in their employer retirement plans. so what keeps people more engaged in their retirement? i want to have the ability to easily transact online, great selection of funds, great advice, everything in one place. helping people in their working years and beyond. that's financial wellness. talk to your employer or start a plan at prudential. maria: welcome back. good thursday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. we're coming to you live this morning from lornado, the u.s. ambassador's residence here in ottawa, canada. it is thursday, may 30th. your top stories at 7:30 a.m. on the east coast this morning. we are looking at trade. i will be sitting down this afternoon for an exclusive interview with vice president mike pence here in ottawa for an exclusive interview as canada makes progress towards putting usmca into law.
7:31 am
i will speak with the vice president right after his meeting with prime minister justin trudeau. you can watch that interview tomorrow morning on "mornings with maria" at 6:00 a.m. it is getting closer to ratification. we'll see if nancy pelosi i bris it to the floor for a vote. there is a higher opening expected, off of the highs of the morning. the futures indicate a gain of 30 points at the open, s&p futures are up 7 and nasdaq up 18 and-a-half. this after a steep dive yesterday following special counsel robert mueller's remarks. he did say a whole bunch that has people talking this morning but stocks managed to stay above session lows at the close. the dow is down 221 points, s&p was down 19, nasdaq was lower by 6:00 on wall street yesterday. in europe, similar bounce, fq100 up 31 points, cac up 13, dax is higher by 33 points. in asia overnight markets were
7:32 am
down with korea bucking the trend, finishing in the green by three quarters of 1%. social media is under fire, speaker nancy pelosi is slamming facebook over altered video of her. plus, elizabeth warren is calling for a breakup of tech giants in a big way in the heart of silicon valley. plus, a cubs batter breaks down, we will have the latest on a toddler hit by the player's line drive. wait until you see what happened then. plus the nba addressing drake's courtside antics. sports is coming up, a lot in sports this morning. first, we begin this half hour with helping america's heroes. a group of bipartisan owners general from 5 -- attorneys general wrote to betty devos, urging the department of education to forgive student loan debt for eligible veterans, disabled through their military service. my next guests are attending a major meeting today that will include 57 general counsels from
7:33 am
companies across the country. joining me right now is utah's attorney general, louisiana attorney general, jeff landry. thank you for joining us had this morning. >> thank you. maria: attorney general shawn reyes, give us a sense of what you want to see happen here. >> we can't think of a more deserving group of individuals to receive some debt relief. these heros have risked their lives, sacrificed their health to protect our nation and serve our country and we have asked, urged the department of education to implement a program that would automatically discharge the debt. on average they carry around $24,000. by statistics, 42,000 or so of these veterans who are totally and permanently disabled due to their military service deserve to have their debts extinguished
7:34 am
and only about 9,000 to date, even though the law has been in place for over 10 years, have taken advantage of this program. so we just celebrated memorial day. we talk and give very appropriate speeches about supporting our veterans. but we felt as a coalition of attorneys general because these are the veterans we see in our states that, they deserve to have some relief and we're very optimistic working with the trump administration, we're encouraged by the support that president trump has given to this veteran community to date and we're very much looking forward to working with secretary devos and trying to find a way to help this group of very deserving americans. maria: so a.g. curtis hill, have you gotten the response from betsy devos yet? do you have a sense of the cost of this? >> the cost is negligible to the benefit of providing what these service officers deserve. we are very hopeful that this will go through. congress had intended this quite
7:35 am
some time ago and through bureaucracy and setbacks it hadn't taken place. we're very hopeful that we'll get a favorable response from the administration. we've been working with the administration all along. we look forward to being able to honor these heroes sufficiently. maria: a.g. jeff landry, let me ask you about really the issues around this. this is a heavy debt load. they're already having trouble getting back into the workforce. they need as much help as possible from corporate america. tell us about the issues that these yeah juscourageous men an. >> as a veteran myself, i can appreciate the sacrifices that they have made and when we think about what our brave men and women have done, i mean, we've been 19 long years in the middle east, the sacrifices that they have made, the group of veterans that we're talking about have given it all. and we believe that our country
7:36 am
deserves to give them something back and a way of giving it back, we want to reduce that debt load which will help them get on with their lives. maria: i mean, it's nice to see this bipartisan group coming together, agreeing on this to try to make a difference. there's also other things that i know you agree on, like the opioid crisis. tell us how each of you are fighting that epidemic as this has become epidemic crisis throughout america, certainly, if not beyond our shores. jeff landry, what about that? >> it's the greatest epidemic we're fighting in this country. i mean, almost 70,000 americans are dying annually of this epidemic. 60% of addicts start their addiction with someone else's prescription, which is a problem as well. a.g.s across the country, across the aisle have banded together to work to try to stem this epidemic. it's going to take a lot of work. it's a very multidimensional
7:37 am
approach that's needed. we need to make sure that we fund rehab. we have to educate and we have to support our law enforcement. maria: and you're all doing that in one way or another. curtis hill, your thoughts there? >> well, i absolutely agree. this is more than an opioid crisis. this is a substance abuse crisis. many are focused on opioids. we have lawsuits and investigations going on. it's broader than that we have to dig deep into the root causes of substance abuse in this country including drugs by marijuana in the sense what is it about a person's life that drives them to these issues. we need to dig deep into that. we have substance abuse problems that's per s pervasive. it's a different aspect in various communities. in indiana we have rural areas that have a particular problem, urban areas have another problem. working together we need to
7:38 am
focus on how we get treatment to those who need it and what we can do more to prevent it and we still need to make sure we have a significant law enforcement component, making sure that we have a significant border addressing the issue of drugs coming into this country as well as prescription drug overdose. maria: and of course the attorney general, william barr, has talked about this as well as he's traveled to the border, fentanyl is obviously the big issue there. i want to turn to the special counsel, robert mueller's remarks yesterday and shawn reyes, kick us off here. mueller spoke out for the first time publicly about his two year long russia investigation. listen to this. got to get all of your reaction. >> if we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so. we did not, however, make a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime. under long-standing doesn't policy, a president cannot be charged with a federal crime
7:39 am
while he is in office. that is unconstitutional. charging the president with a crime was, therefore, not an option we could consider. maria: and of course shawn reyes, 2020 democrats are calling on congress to begin impeaching the president, impeachment proceedings. your reaction to what took place yesterday? >> i think my reaction is much like many of my colleagues. it's time to of move on. there's nothing to see there. we have so many more pressing threats to our nation including the opioid epidemic that you talked about. i want to give some credit to the administration, just for a moment, whether it's ondcp, whether it's agriculture, the president has deployed for this public health crisis of opioids so many resources. so that's what we want to focus on. the mueller report i think we're all ready to continue to focus on clear and present dangers like human trafficking, areas where we fight on,
7:40 am
administration has also prioritized. you mentioned several others. that's my view of it. i think my colleagues and i have long felt we believe in this country, innocent until proven guilty. it seems like that hasn't been the case for the last two years. maria: the problem is the democrats and particularly the 2020 hopefuls are not moving on. they are talking and zeroing in on the mueller report. they want the full redactionsins even though it's against the law to release grand jury information like that. so how big of a distraction is this? >> well, of course that's what they want. all they want is the distraction. what amazes me is what they're hanging onto. in all the years of law enforcement, interactions i've had with the federal government and federal law enforcement, u.s. doj i've never seen them go out and claim that someone is innocent. they basically when there is not enough evidence to bring a charge, that means there's not enough evidence to convict which means you're innocent.
7:41 am
that's what it means. this is a complete distraction and unfortunately it hurts the country. it erodes our justice system in this country by the way they're continuing to try to hang onto one thing after another. it's really time to move on. what's amazing is the job that the president has done under this type of circumstance, under the criticism that he's received out there for basically $40 million investigation that has turned up absolutely nothing. maria: well, you know what, you make a really good point. i've never seen somebody who can take a punch and get right back up and keep punching back as this president. curtis hill, i mean, it was surprising to hear robert mueller say, look, if we thought that the president did not commit a crime, we would have said so. it almost felt like he was leaving crumbs around for his friends in the media or in democratic party to keep this going. >> well, i don't know that i would say that.
7:42 am
we had a 448 page report. and the result of this report goes back to what the initial investigation was supposed to be about. is there collusion? is there conspiracy? the report was very clear. no collusion, no conspiracy. i was a prosecutor for a number of years and the role of the prosecutor is to investigate and find the truth. and the problem that we have in this particular case is that we have lots of people in congress and some others around who to paraphrase a popular movie can't handle the truth. the truth is there was no collusion, was no conspiracy. we need to move forward. this is a distraction. this is about getting this country moving forward again and as long as we continue to talk about this, it is a distraction away from the important issues that the president needs to focus on, that the congress needs to focus on and it's time to move on. maria: yeah, i mean, it certainly seems that's what the american people want. you look at polls, they would like actually congress and the administration to get things done. so we'll be watching if actually
7:43 am
we can move beyond this. shawn, curtis, jeff, thanks very much for all of your efforts. best of luck with the help for veterans there. we're all rooting for you for that, that's for sure. president trump is tweeting again this morning, talking about the mueller report. he said this, russia, russia, russia, that's all you heard at the beginning of this witch hunt. hoax. a and now russia has disappeared because i had nothing to do with russia helping me to get elected. it was a crime that did not exist. so now the dems and their partners, the fake news media, say he fought back against the phony crime that didn't exist. this horrendous false accusation and he shouldn't fight back. he should just sit back and take it. could this be obstruction? no, mueller did not find obstruction either. presidential harassment writes the president this morning. quick break here. live from ottawa, canada. we will talk about facebook, house speaker nancy pelosi is slamming the social media giant over altered videos of her.
7:44 am
as 2020 hopeful elizabeth warren doubles down on her war on big tech, taking it right to silicon valley. she wants a breakup. then, drake rushes boundaries, reallreal push boundaries, thats next. run with us.
7:45 am
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mariamaria: welcome back. israelis are headed back to the polls at the end of summer. cheryl casone with details in headlines. cheryl: prime minister benjamin
7:48 am
netanyahu failed to form a government by midnight deadline and that forces a new round of elections in december. this is barely two months after he declared victory. this is the first time in israel's history a candidate failed to form a coalition after being elected. house speaker nancy pelosi strongly criticizing facebook for a refusal to remove a doctored video of her. the video slowed down and altered in tone, making her appear to slur her words. facebook said users are told the video is fake when they view it or share it. meanwhile, democratic presidential candidate elizabeth warren targeting tech giants in a big way. she's posted a new billboard right in the middle of silicon valley, the sign reads break up big tech. senator warren is scheduled to hold a town hall in the bay area tomorrow. all right. you're the pizza expert. this is for you. we're serving up two pizza stories for you. for the first time in nearly 40
7:49 am
years, pizza hut is changing the recipe for its original pan pizza. it's going to have a new blend of cheese, the sauce, the crispier crust will be different. they've got a new pan they're cooking it in. and dominos is going to go high tech for quality control. they're going to use cameras powered by a.i. to make sure that the pizzas are perfect. now, you tell me if the camera can tell you, maria, if your pizza is baked to perfection. maria: i don't think so. i think you have to have the taste test. you can't just look at it and know if it achieved perfection. cheryl: i like dominoes pizza. i now you think i'm crazy but i do. maria: when you have a pan like that, one of the key things is s that the bottom is nice and crispy. dagen: i'm not a fan of the chicago deep dish.
7:50 am
i don't like pizza in a pan. i like the new york thin crust. this a.i. system to alert dominos pizza makers if the pizza is made right, how are they alerted? once the technology detects that the pizza isn't right, is it a voice from on high, somewhere in the sky that goes hey, yo, you didn't put enough pepperoni on the pizza? oh,. maria: good question. i don't know. i guess the more information you feed the computer, the smarter the computer will get. so i guess the computer at some point will know exactly just by looking at what that perfect pizza should look like. dagen: i haven't eaten dominos pizza since i was in college. back then, i had the excuse of having too much beer when i did it. maria: okay. dagen: i will not eat dominos. maria: we will not go there. did you see drake's antics at the playoffs? the nba is addressing the rapper's courtside behavior.
7:51 am
we're going to take a break and come back with that story. stay with us, right here. ♪ baby, you light up my world like nobody else. ♪ the way that you flip your hair gets me ove overwhelmed. the latest innovation from xfinity
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mariamaria: welcome back. it was an emotional scene in houston. jared max joins us with details on a toddler hit by a line drive at the cubs, astros game. jared: watch what happened last night. in the fourth inning, in the game between the cubs and as as. there's a line drive into the crowd. the ball hit a young girl. almore, junior appears distraught, in tears. it took several minutes before he was able to bat again. the young girl was conscious, seen crying, seen taken to a
7:55 am
hospital. almores said god willing he will be able to have a relationship with this girl for the rest of his life. they said protective fencing should be installed to protect fans. the nba finals tip off in ton tonight. we've gol come to see rapper dre at rafters game. he toys with opponents and touched the head coach recently. the commissioner said he spoke with drake about boundaries, said i think drake has a better understanding of where the line is. we'll see tonight. what happened when the live stream of a national anthem from boston froze in st. louis where blues fans were about to watch the stanley cup. watch. >> the banner yet wave. ♪ oer the land of the free. jared: that's the spirit of st.
7:56 am
louis. they've been singing the blues forever. st. louis had been 0-13 in stanley cup final games, until early score in sudden death. st. louis ties the series at one. check out the scene in st. louis as fans were watching at the arena as the blues win their first ever stanley cup game. remember we showed how the team employees got to fly to boston. this is their flight home back to st. louis. meet in me saint louie. game three is coming up on saturday. maria: i love that flight back home. wow, are they happy. that is great. jared: be fun on that flight. maria: jared, how's the toddler doing? jared: all we know, because there hasn't been much information given out yet, is that she had been taken to a hospital. the fact that she was conscious and seen crying hopefully nothing too serious. but everybody was affected. so many of these players have young kids and maria, you want to bring mitt to the game to catch a ball, this is the
7:57 am
potential price. maria: really incredible story. we want an update on that. catch jared's sports reports on fox news head lines, 24/7, sirius xm xm115. we're waiting on gdp. the china pmi is tonight. disney's ceo bob iger other side of this break. stay with us. i can't tell you who i am or what i witnessed,
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
but i can tell you liberty mutual customized my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no... only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ maria: good thursday morning welcome back thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. today we are bringing a special broadcast from u.s. ambassador's residence in ottawa canada ahead of an important meeting between vice president mike pence and prime minister justin trudeau onus u.s., thursday, may 30 top stories, 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, on the button tackling trade i will sit down with vice president mike pence this afternoon for exclusive interview as canada comes closer to ratifying that important deal u.s.-mexico canada accord how deal moves forward this morning, robert
8:01 am
mueller breaks science investors react special counsel putting end to russia probe democrats still not backing down futures indicating a higher openibroade average theio dow 30u7 s&p futures up 6 1/2 nasdaq up 18 and kwart points 30 minutes' time second reading on first quarter gdp expectation is for growth 3.1% would be a slight downward revision from initial reading was 3.2%, that is what the market is expecting, we will bring those numbers as soon as they hit the tape, this, of course, after sell-off on wrote a yesterday political economic concerns on investors markets still ended off a lows of the day, nonetheless down 221 points on dow jones industrial average s&p down 20 nasdaq down 60 points yesterday 4:00 on wall street, we've got a bounce this morning certainly off those lows, and that is same thing in europe as well
8:02 am
european indices higher across the board ft 100 up 28 points cac quarante in paris up 15, dax higher by 33 in asia overnight most lower exception korea fractional move, boeing long road to recovery, the company ceo is speaking out about how the boeing jet maker can earn back trust, what he says about his own family flying on 737 max jet. taking you to a disney unveiling new park "star wars" galaxy day a peek with interview with ceo bob iger weighs in on state of biggest and trade tensions with china. >> if things get more acrimonious it is possible that we will pay the applies so to speak. maria: first part of that interview later this hour don't miss it all stories coming up thursday morning joining me to break it alldown fox business network dagen mcdowell, and in new york this
8:03 am
morning, ladies important data coming out in a half hour gdp dagen, a lot of people told us already that they expected it to be revised downward, i say if we get 3.1% number that is victory what do you say? >> i think that it would have to be -- it would have to be each higher than the first reading higher than 3.2% only because the stream of information that we've gotten for the most part last couple weeks whether on retail sales, on manufacturing, on durable-goods orders, xdefense kind of core capital goods, consumer confidence has been okay. that came in earlier in the week came in all right but, again, with inversion yield curve longer term interest rates are higher than shorter term interest rates, that is causing a lot of concern, about the road ahead total economy. looking backward at this point, i don't know if it is -- the markets are up today but only 29-point gain on dow
8:04 am
futures the moment after a really rough several days. maria: you have been pointing out inversion that we've been seeing in yields that is certain concerning even if it doesn't show recession yet jackie what are you focused on. >> this morning looking at that inversion of the yield curve how markets are going to react so gdp i think definitely going to be important but i think this is a longer term story investors starting to digest china trade story wondering how long this plays out before a resolution how it is going to impact economy summer tends to be sledge slower you look at yields dropping investors repositioning a little bit flight to safety, it seems to be the theme it seems to be trend kind of builds upon itself yesterday that 409.drop that was pretty steep maria. maria: skro it recommend was we did come off those numbers by the close still, when you see a number like 400 points i think dagen the mueller
8:05 am
comments accelerated things. dagen: they certainly did we've gone back in history, looked at in -- before the ken starr report came out, that s&p 500 fell almost 20% more than 19% from july of that year until he september 1998 there are a lot of other things going on including the russia debt crisis collapse of long term capital management that year but from the time the -- ken starr report came out through impeachment predicting markets radical back, the federal reserve was part of that coming in with stimulus, but, again, it is hard to read into the markets, in terms of -- because again if it looks -- you know -- double -- dare democrats to start impeachment proceeds but it looks clear the senate would never vote for that, that is not necessarily bad for the markets. maria: maybe that was realization by the close but look we did loss 200 plus points it was largely trade
8:06 am
top story trade in focus, whether with canada, mexico or china, vice president mike pence leaving for ottawa today will meet with prime minister justin trudeau to rally support for us u.s., trade agreement after u.s. lifted steel, aluminum tariffs on canada and members moving a major obstacle for congressal approval i will speak with vice president today after meeting with prime minister trudeau catchy entire interview tomorrow "mornings with maria" join us for that exclusive interview tomorrow we try to understand better what is holding up the ratification of this deal joining me right now former u.s. ambassador to canada author of the art of diplomacy bruce joining us davis wright senior he advisory former u.s. ambassador to china former
8:07 am
u.s. commerce secretary former washington governor gary locke thanks for being here we appreciate your time. >> let me kick off with you, by the way, i am coming to you from your former home, it is beautiful. >> it is great isn't it such a great town. >> it is absolutely beautiful we appreciate our hosts for having us this morning. ahead of this important meeting between the vice president, and justin trudeau prime minister, what are your thoughts onus u.ssmca what is most important to canada to u.s. in this deal. >> at the top line canada is best friend our best trading partner. and we have to recognize that, a lot of damage has been done by the president over the last few years but we are at a point now, where we let go some of the impediments to getting usmca passed we are down to house of representatives, and i think that the president should negotiate out some of the things that the democrats are
8:08 am
looking to add to this agreement, to enhance american jobs for american workers, and american farmers, i think that there is modernization scan be still done on this agreement to enhance to it make it better for america overall. >> you would like to see tweaks in terms of labor practices in members, pharmaceuticals, these are basically main issues the democrats have brought up. >> the bigger issues those as well but i think that they've also and speaker has been very clear on this she talked about enforcement of some of the issues that are already in this agreement so enforcement of labor practices enforcement of environmental practices, they are trying to make sure that if there is a violation of this agreement, that we hold our partners to a standard, and make them accountable for it and that is what the american worker wants to see they want to make sure that the agreement not only is strong, but if there is violation in that agreement
8:09 am
the american workers been put under pressure they want to know u.s. has you know enforcementing provisions i think that is something the somethings be able to work with. maria: absolutely, good point thank you for raising that i want to turn to china gary locke governor secretary, ambassador founder bridgewater associates ray dalio issues a warning over u.s.-china trade tensions writings is as semwon in negotiations wisely said history those countries in conflict can e-mails slip beyond control become terrible wars all parties including leaders who got countries into them deeply reregretted we are seeing brinksmanship negotiations so it is a risky time, i asked the secretary mike pompeo earlier this week about where things stand on getting a deal, listen to what he had to say gary. >> we may or may not get a deal i couldn't tell the answering to that much will turn on when china is prepared to do what president trump has asked them to do it is pretty i simple, fair reciprocal
8:10 am
trading results apply to both countries president trump is perfectly prepared to allow american companies to compete against chinese companies but note prepared to allow them to steal intellectual property force american businesses transfer technology not prepared to allow them to put tariffs on american goods when this aren't tariffs on their goods coming into our country i hope there is a deal i hope there is an arrangement that will work to benefit of each of our two countries but if there is not i am very convinced the american economy will continue to grow. >> gary as i know this is more than just an economic and trade story this is also employ national security. and the secretary has been out talking to our friends across europe, trying have to communicate that national security risk what are your thoughts on this impasse been china u.s. right now. >> as so of them of your guests have said last several months in a trade war there are no winners only losers
8:11 am
both sides especially consumers, in the case of this trade war it is going to be the american consumer that will take the hit, even "the wall street journal" cited american household will pay 500 to 800 dollars more in terms of goods and furs, of course, if you are buying an automobile you the price will be even higher in thousands of dollars, so this could -- really escalate and we don't really need that type of tension, yesterday u.s. economy is strong can weather so is chinese economy they will probably be able to weather the storm impacts global will turn around accelerate boomerang hit u.s. and chinese economy as well american companies american government, foreign compensates governments have legitimate deep concerns about trade and economic policies of china, we need reciprocity a level-playing field but trade war is only going to hurt things. >> quick, can the president accept a deal where they will
8:12 am
not sign into law that stealing intellectual property is against the law? >> well, communist government says they are going to do something, i mean, whether it is passed into law makes really no difference because it is -- the edict, and because, you know controlled by the communist party they don't need to change the law. you know, they can violate the law as well as they can turn around and ignore edict of state counsel. >> good point. >> as just said about enforcement great points you both made thanks for joining us please come back soon when i hope we have longer interview for that tune in tomorrow for exclusive interview with the vice president, vice president pickmens in ottawa speaking with him later today on all of that, president trump is headed to colorado, today, to delivery affair force economy commence menlt address washington reacting to robert mueller's statement yesterday meanwhile, blake burman at the white house as usual very
8:13 am
latest blake, good morning to you. reporter: good morning to you as well the president walked out of the residence at the white house just about two or three minutes ago, he is currently on the south lawn about to leave for the air force economy commencement speech going to give speaking to he reporters right now awaiting first on camera reaction to robert mueller's statement yesterday, according to the neither have just come from from colleagues on south lawn the president announce turky has released a prison nor presumably u.s. we are not gotten notes what exactly president said as relates to the mueller report but we do have some of the president's thinking today sent out host of tweets, earlier today let me get into them quickly he said one point quote, russia, russia, russia, that is all you heard the beginning of this witch hunt hoax now russia has disappeared, because i have nothing to do with russia helping me to get elected maria that appears to be the very first time the president trump has acknowledged the actions from
8:14 am
russia in 2016 helped him get elected as we heard from robert mueller yesterday russia actions targeted at one candidate that being hillary clinton. a second tweet from president saying get great, greatest pelt harassment in history spending 40 million dollars over two dark years unlimited sez highly he can con flooikdz robert mueller would have brought charges if he had anything but there were no charges to bring we will hear from him on camera shortly coming your way. >> blake burman we'll be right back with gdp number later in the half an hour stay with us. at fidelity it's just $4.95 per online u.s. equity trade. moving? that's harder now because of psoriatic arthritis. but you're still moved by moments like this. don't let psoriatic arthritis take them away.
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8:17 am
comments from president trump will bring remarks in full, just moments from now, he is on his way to the air force economy to deliver remarks for graduation there, mixed retail earnings this morning, we've got one stock jill tank after
8:18 am
trimming full year profit forecast gerri i will wigs floor of new york stock exchange with that. >> jay jill down 43.7% after they said full year profit will be lower than they expected, they also have same-store sales down, meanwhile, express stores earnings less weak than expected. take a look at this stock higher, they are forecasting same-store sales growth, meanwhile, burlington stores a double beat what people are watching out for same stores fell short of expectation lower strength in chin's homes baby retail home business dollar general hiking raising target on double beat up 5% eps 1.48 strong same-store sales, dollar tree down, varney interviewing ceo of that company eps in line, they say increased tariffs will be impactful, boeing ceo
8:19 am
apologizing to families whose -- family members were killed in those crashes said he would actually fly in a 737 max jet back to you. maria: all right gerri thank you so much quick break then coming up, we are awaiting second reading on first quarter gdp estimate 3.1% waiting on about initial jobless claims 10 minutes from now markets are up we bring both numbers as soon as he they hit tape futures up close to 50 points awaiting comments from president trump moments from now, we are taking you go to a galaxy far, far away disneyland unveils "star wars" galaxy's edge, an interview with ceo bob iger when we come back.
8:20 am
8:21 am
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8:23 am
kwoel quell we are awaiting comments from president trump we will bring those remarks in full, moments from now futures pointing to a higher opening this morning as we aawait gdp, second reading first quarter gdp out in 8 minutes 8:30 a.m. estimate calls for growth in 3.1% that is slight downward revision from the first read was 3.2% joining me right now investment strategies presidential, a pleasure to see you. thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> i just want to point out that this afternoon all the i will be interviewing mick pence after meeting with justin trudeau comments from president of mexico says today we will send information to the senate to carry out ratification of usmca, president says we are certain trade agreements will be approved in the senate, that there was a majority support among mexican people for ratification of usmca. i suspect justin trudeau feels
8:24 am
same in canada, meeting with vice president today, how important is usmca passage for the markets. >> i think it is definitely -- it has got to be a help in no way should hurt things, the mexican market this year is the worst performer of the top 18 global world -- i think getting passed should help the canadian market too i don't see a problem when it comes to the markets. >> we know impasse between china and u.s. tonight 9:00 pm eastern, of course, is 9:00 a.m. friday morning we get chinese purchasing managers index real window how we can chinese economy is right now china seems to be worse off than u.s. with impasse what is your take how important a deal with china is? >> i think immensely important market showing that last several weeks i guess sunday
8:25 am
night tweet by the president really changeded at least s&p u.s. markets traded s&p fallen to 2900 -- 2800, the bulk of that is really because of the trade deal coming apart, and not getting a something done that at least is concrete i never suspected there would be absolutely completed deal i think ongoing process with china. but because you had talks break down, the markets not happy about that, and it was definitely priced for let's not say perfection but three ofs a belief on street some type of deal would not om come into place but progress further over time that has not happened. >> stay with us i want your take on interest rates, we are looking at another inversion i want to see what you think about rates as low as they are what that is telling us also awaiting comments from president trump we will bring you, the full remarks in
8:26 am
moments, and waiting on that second reading of the first quarter gdp stay with us we will get economic data out of the way come right back to you, we will have those numbers right after this. stay with us.
8:27 am
reciprocal recess pros .
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> the u.s. o ambassador's residence ottawa, canada, ahead of important meeting, between prime minister justin trudeau and vice president mike pence, we are awaiting the second reading on first quarter gdp, it is due out any minute less than a minute expectation is for growth 3.1% first quarter, that would be a slightly revised down from the first reading was 3.2% we will get initial jobless claims coming upbringing those numbers as soon as they hit the tape we are awaiting on comments from president trump we will bring those remarks coming up in a few moments, we understand from the gavel the
8:30 am
president just said he and mueller had a business dispute in the past, also said the economy is doing well and employment doing incredibly well talking to he reporters as soon as we get that tape from that gavel he had before he left for air force academy graduation to deliver remarks we will bring them to you gdp is should be out. and initial jobless claims number see if it is impacting markets, we are looking at -- 3.1% is a number on first quarter gdp that is right in line with expectations, 3. % growth for the first quarter, is what the market was expecting. it is slightly lower in an 3.2% that we saw first quarter, but, as i said earlier i see this as a victory accuse there are so many expectations that the economy is going to slow down so much, if we're sticking around in 3% 3.1% neighborhood, has to be good for markets as you can see, markets are rising on this
8:31 am
number, first quarter gdp coming in, up 3.1% dow futures at high of the morning up 60 points on dow, s&p futures up 10 and quarter nasdaq up 30 points first quarter gdp in line with expectations, even though it is fractionally lower than initial estimate was 3.2%, a lot of people did expect that number to get revised downward, again futures moving fast they are now at high of the morning, dow futures a gain start of trading 67 points on this number, first quarter gdp report off 3.1% we are looking at mexico, tackling trade president speaking onus u.s. this morning, onus u.s. spepg senate to pass usmca to bring to floor i will sit down with vice president mike pence for exclusive interview talking about canada, mexico canada made progress with the usmca
8:32 am
into law tomorrow morning "mornings with maria" 6 to 9 a.m. eastern join me mexico president says that he is expecting it to pass the senate in short order top story this hour, economy initial job claims hitting a the tape we are looking at numbers we've got rick here with us your reaction rick to this 3. % gdp number, actually lists markets. >> yeah, it is -- we are up on highs of the day. at least the number wasn't bad i think the markets reacting to the fact that it is at least came in line with expectations, because so many people were looking for er ebb potential missing that s&p broke down from 2800 yesterday i would think from 2800 even as far as 2830 next week or so should pose resistance. >> what is your take what interest rates tell us across the board here, youfth you've
8:33 am
got 10 year, what is your reaction to rates. >> we have been telling clients once it broke through 2.43 look for 2.17 next downside target interestingly jeff yesterday said he thought yesterday's action was kind of the end of the move for bonds, of course, he very accurately called 2. 5% peak when that happened last year you are going to have some traders going to start selling out of some bonds because of that i think something down here is too late to be a buyer in bonds, if you've got profits in bonds not bad idea at least take some off the table as far as trading perspective wide expectation next move from fed is a cut, in interest rates i am not speculate that happens soon with this economy growing 3.1% but do you think that we would see a cut as next move from the fed. >> the fed is kind of caught
8:34 am
here, between what is gone on last several months between raising rates last year, and then, of course, powell kind of xhaeng the game up after christmas and early january. fed funds futures priced in 70, 57% chance you will now see at least one cut this year that is already substantially higher than month ago i think from 2.5 to 2 and a quarteredish, i don't know if they are going to do or not i think jay powell wants to stay as independent as he possibly can. but the market is essentially suggesting to him that he needed cut rates when you compare where u.s. rates are to anywhere else in the world, from a reliable bond that you know you are going to get your money back from, why not take even 2. 5% versus essentially zero in any developed world bond market. >> rick we've got a growth
8:35 am
number gdp 3.1% to you think that slows down as we go further into the year? i think it -- it is not better than this so the 3.2 that we had last quarter is probably close to the peak. if we hang anywhere near 3% it is still a very solid number. so even if we stay down to 2.8 you are still going to have around 3% this year, that certainly admirable. >> we have been seeing as dagen noted a lot recently, we have seen some weak spots, right we saw some horrible numbers in retail earnings picture. >> yeah. >> we saw manufacturing under pressure, purchasing managers so what do you think about what we're seeing in pockets of the economy where this there is clear weakness. >> not good all around look this china situation has massive effects on different parts of the economy, especially if you look at the industrial side growth side
8:36 am
materials getting blasted, look at that sector health care continues to get blasted this year, energy has sunk. it is a bifurcated market think of it as barbell real wins real lowers very few s&p sectors closed to what s&p is doing solid outer performers those are getting trashed wouldn't surprise me if we stay like about that dagen: one thing i add about china is that the situation with china and the war we are in over trade, it complicates what federal reserve does because, again, with 25% tariff, on almost half of the goods that we import from china at this point you have historically seen all companies in those areas where tariffs exist raising prices whether impacted by tariff or not, that raises the issue of how does this impact inflation. do you put out a weaker
8:37 am
economy but inflation pressures that the fed is going to sit back and wait to see what happens with that before they make any move particularly a rate cut. maria: i think this is a great point dagen let me ask you what is your take on whether or not the president does implement that remaining 320 billion dollars in imports coming from china putting tariffs on that? because that would really accelerate things we are seeing this acceleration china sayings oh, we are considering holding back exporting rare earth materials to the united states there are things not selling agriculture products there are things that have happened recently, that show that these two sides are on very different positions right now we may very well be here a long time in this fight. >> maria think of this as seeing tip of iceberg, and how much worse it can get when you actually get below -- >> let me cut you off here rick i am sorry to the president he is speaking right
8:38 am
now. >> released them a while ago into -- kud will be released from home kud custody soon i thank president erdogan weigh dealt with that he was great released this prisoner hostage whatever you want to call him home custody in turky released fairly soon that is good news i guess probably you know about that. other than that i think things are going very well. the economy is doing fantasticly well, beyond any expectation unemployment numbers are just about the best in the history of our country. employment numbers are the best. we have close to 160 million people working tie which is more than we have ever had before i am going out to colorado today to give the commence meant address to the air force, which is very exciting for me an amazing
8:39 am
place. great people, i look forward to doing that any questions? >> [inaudible question] . >> well i think it was the same as the report, there wasn't much changed. it was to me same as the report. and there is no obstruction you see what we're saying there is no obstruction there is no collusion there is no nothing. nothing but a witch hunt a witchunt by the media and the democrats they are partners. and it keeps going, i thought it was finished when report was released but it goes on and to me it was the same frankly as the report and he said basically it was the same as the report. [inaudible question] . >> i think totally conflicted as you know he want to be fbi director i said no, i had a business dispute with him
8:40 am
after he left guy we had as dispute not a nice one he wasn't happy with what i did i don't blame them that was a right thing to do i had a business dispute he lose comey look at relationship those two weather love or deep like but he was conflicted, look, robert muellerch should have never been chosen he wanting fbi job he didn't get it next day, he was picked as special counsel, so you tell somebody i am sorry i you can't have the job, then after you say that, he is going to make a riling on you it doesn't work that way plus a business dispute, plus his relationship with comey was -- extraordinary, now one other thing i will say. why didn't he page brenaround
8:41 am
clapper lies to congress why didn't comey come clean why didn't comey come clean and say the things that he knows are fact why didn't mueller investigate comey his best friend or very good friend? and there are so many other things. here is the question: this is a study of russia why didn't they invest insurance policy in other words, should hillary clinton lose we've got an insurance policy guess what? what we're in right now is the insurance policy. >> i think he is a total conflicted person i think mueller is the two never jumper dislikes donald trump somebody didn't get a job that he requested that he wanting very badly, then he was appointed. despite that, despite 40
8:42 am
million dollars, 18 -- trump haters including people that work for hillary clinton some of the worse human beings on earth they got nothing it is pretty amazing. >> russia did not help me get elected you know who got me elected? i got me elected russia didn't help me at all russia if anything i think helped the other side, what you ought to ask is this do you think the media helped hillary clinton get elected? she didn't make it but you take a look at collusion between hillary clinton and media collusion between hillary clinton and russia, she had more to do in the campaign with russia than i did i had in orange county to do, and, by the way, that is one other thing -- if you look this is all about russia, russia russia. they don't talk about russia any more turned out a hoax all
8:43 am
a hoax they say gee he fought back isn't that terrible he fought back i've gone i fight back because it was a false accusation totally false accusation a disgrace a very sad period for this country, and i think in the end, i will consider what is happening now, to be one of my aggravate achievements exposing this corruption. >> i don't see how? they can because they are possibly low i can't imagine the courts allowing it, i have never gone into it i never thought that would even be possible to be using that word to me it is a dirty word the word impeach it is a dirty filthy disgusting worldit had this has nothing to do with me nofrngs because there was no crime high crimes, and not with or or, it is high crimes
8:44 am
and misdemeanors there was no high crime there was no misdemeanor how do you impeach based on that? it came out, that there was nothing to do with russia. the whole thing is a scam. it is a giant presidential harassment and honestly, i hope it goes down as one of my greatest achievements. because i have exposed corruption i have ask exposed krepgs like nobody knew existed. >> -- >> [inaudible question] . [inaudible question] . >> i think we're doing very well with china. i want to shake your hand come here you treated me fairly, thank you. thank you. >> wait, i want to ask -- a real reporter's question we're going to answer a real reporter's question okay?
8:45 am
>> china would love to make a deal with us. we had a deal and they broke the deal, i think if they had it to do again they wouldn't have done what they did we are taking in billions of dollars in tariffs, china is subsidizing products so the united states taxpayers paying for very little of it if you look at inflation, if you look at pricing it has gone up very little. the tariffs are having a devastating effect on china. people are fleeing the country with their companies these companies are leaving for vietnam, other parts and the either coming to the united states because then there is no tariff. i think we are doing very well with china we will see what happens. but i can tell you, china very much wants to make a deal. because the companies are leaving china to avoid the tariffs. china is becoming a very weakened nation, just as iran has become a very weakened
8:46 am
nation. and iran wants to make a deal also. [inaudible question] . >> mr. -- >> i may farage is a friends of mine boris is a friends of mine two very good guys very interesting people nigel had a big victory picked up 32% of the vote starting from nothing i think there are big powers i think they have done a good job. >> -- well i like them i mean they are friends of mine i haven't thought about supporting them maybe not my business to support people but i have a lot of respect for both of those men. >> do you think it is fair do you think it is fair to the sailors john mccain that they were banned from hearing speech. >> i don't know what happened i wasn't involved i would not have done that. i was very angry with john mccain because he killed health care, i was not a big fan of john mccain in any way,
8:47 am
shape or form i think john mccain had a lot to getting president bush a lot to do with it going to middle east which is catastrophic to me john mccain i wasn't a fan but would i never do a thing like that. now, somebody did it because they thought i didn't like him, okay? and they were well-meaning i will say, i didn't know anything about it i would never have done that. >> sailors -- mccain apology. >> not at all i -- we had a tremendous group of sailors from vicio various ships a beautiful day the mccain thing i knew nothing about. [inaudible question] . >> i think i have been much tougher on elections than president obama. president obama was told in 2016 just before the election in september that russia may try to interfere with the election he did nothing. and the reason he did not
8:48 am
guilty he thought hillary was going to win we are doing a lot we are trying to do paper ballots as backup system as much as possible. because going to good old-fashioned paper in this modern image is the best way to do it. [inaudible question] well i think weo ought to have a relationship with he russia china everybody i said a long time getting along with russia getting along with china is a good thing if we can do it on fair terms or our terms. . >> [inaudible question] . >> well venezuela we are just on watch we will see what happens i would love to see them work out their problems i understand there are a lot of talks going on. but i am all for people of venezuela you know that probably better than anyone,
8:49 am
go ahead. [inaudible question] . >> coalition are you worried about night is too bad what happened in israel looks like a totally win for netanyahu great guy a great guy, and now they are back in debate stage they are back in the election stage. that is too bad. because they don't need this they have got enough turmoil over there it is a tough place i feel very badly about that. it looks like they are talking, but more likely they will have to go back do election mode that is too bad. >> quantitative easing try >>. >> trying to help you what is more wrong about that -- >> i believe russia would rather have hillary clinton as president of the united states than donald trump. the reason is nobody has been tougher on russia than me whether energy policy not heard whether it is play ipelin going all over the applies i
8:50 am
have been bitterly complaining about whether ukraine a whole host of things there is nobody ever been more tough or difficult for russia than donald trump i have to tell you this. i put sanctions on russian at a level nobody has seen before nobody wants to write about it. with all of that i want to get along with russia i want to get along with china i i want to get along with europe i want to get along with everybody if possible i even want to get along with iran iran wants to factual they want to talk i am available, thank you. [inaudible question] . >> great place. meeting with a lot of officials, overnight stay i look forward to that.
8:51 am
>> a lot of -- >> i can't because i didn't know anything about it i don't know who did it we will probably be able to find out who did it they thought they were doing me a favor because they know i am not a fan of john mccain, john mccain -- killed health care for republican party killed health care for the nation i disagree with john mccain the way he handled the vets, because i think you got to get -- he was never able to get -- i've got -- with john mccain on middle east he helped more to make it very bad steady is into going into middle east i wasn't a fan of john mccain never will be i couldn't care less whether or not there is a boat named after -- >> [inaudible question] . >> there were no judges. none. you look at if you look at
8:52 am
bill clinton that is very nice gentleman has been so much on my side sunday a his special prosecutor was guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, so many guilties with me there was no guilty number one there was no crime. and number two, i fought back i will tell you -- wait, wait, wait. there was no collusion there was no collusion, read volume one there was no collusion. >> [inaudible question] . >> that means you are innocent. that means you are innocent. excuse me that means he should have said you are guilty -- >> [inaudible question] . >> that is wrong because you said it, differently the first time. so he said essentially you are innocent i am innocent of all charges you know the thing that nobody brings up it was no crime. there. they are saying -- there was
8:53 am
no crime nobody brings it up, also, some day you ought to read a thing called article two, read article two. gives the president powers that you wouldn't believe but i don't even have to rely on article two, there was no crime, there was no obstruction there was no collusion, there was no nothing. and this is from a group of people that hate me. if they only found anything they would have had it he knows that better than anybody. [inaudible question] . >> he said he didn't -- >> there was no crime there was no judge he had no information. >> did you agree with louisiana ban on abortion at -- >> we are going to have a statement about it i am also going to have probably today a major statement on the border. this is a big league statement, but we are going to do something very dramatic on the border. because people are coming into
8:54 am
our country, the democrats will not give us laws they will not change laws they will not meet they will not do anything they want to have open borders they want to have crime, they want to have drugs pouring into our country they want to have a human trafficking, i am going to be making a statement probably tomorrow but maybe today. i am not closing the borders i am doing something else. we are going to be having a major statement on the border sometime later today or tomorrow. >> report -- >> it will be a statement having to do with the border and having to do with people illegally coming over the border and it will be my biggest statement so far on the border. we have wrote something to the light of the people they see now it is a national emergency most people agree democrats agree too but they won't give us the legislation you need to fix it. right now when you catch somebody you have to release them.
8:55 am
they won't give us the legislation. whether it is chain migration or lottery they won't give us any the asylum procedures are ridiculous no place in the world has what we have in terms of ridiculous he is immigration i will make a major statement i will say my biggest statement on border probably today or tomorrow. >> on the way to air force academy to deliver graduation address before he leaves on the helicopter there, during gaggle with reporters talking about a host of subjects biggest statement yet on border coming later today or tomorrow talking about robert mueller no collusion, no conspiracy, the economy, and dagen mcdowell in new york also talking about john mccain. dagen: yes, again there was
8:56 am
issue of the uss john mccain being moved when president trump was visiting japan he addressed that. nevertheless, i have to correct you he said big league statement on the border. >> big league. dagen: for sure for anybody who doesn't -- understand trump ea trump-ese at this point i see working the line of reporters he is gift if you are in media keeps giving certainly likes talking this quote you mentioned earlier from interest "the wall street journal" editorial robert mueller parting shot says mediaman backbench pressure of build on nancy pelosi to open impeachment inquiry to charge donald trump obstructing investigation that wasn't obstructed into conspiracy that did not exist house democrats will be affable at blot box in 2020 i think kind of simms up what president trump was saying. >> sure does coming up we will
8:57 am
see what william barr comes up with as he investigates variates i speak exclusively with vice president mike pence will air tomorrow on "mornings with maria" usmca china 2020 race a lot more the president said a moment ago, that we had news that turk released a prisoner trying to get home thanked erdogan for releasing that prison nor a hostage he is in turky released soon i am assuming american hostage we will wait for news on that we have been telling you about disneyland newest attraction it opens tomorrow and deirdre bolton got a sneak peek. she also spoke with disney's ceo bob iger. deirdre: i certainly did, maria. i want to show you, as you probably already know, i'm standing right in front of the millenium falcon. that is one of the newest rides. i got to pilot it yesterday.
8:58 am
it's a lot of fun. last night here at the dedication, the original cast for the 1977 movie, so you had mark hamill, you had harrison ford, billy dee williams, george lucas. when disney bought lucas films seven years ago for $4 billion, we have to imagine this was eventually part of the plan. disney had put $1 billion into this new part of the park. in the past, we have seen these investments literally pay off for disney. theme park attendance was up 23% and the parks are the biggest part of disney's business if you count by revenue. when i sat down yesterday with the ceo, bob iger, i asked him exactly what kind of return he was expecting for that investment of $1 billion. he was a little hard to pin down on that but we talked about the detail that went into this park because as we know, "star wars" fans are very enthusiastic, they
8:59 am
live and breathe this stuff, details very important. we talked about some of the attention to detail, how many times he has ridden on this ride in particular. we also talked about the u.s. and china and the escalations for trade, what that means for disney's future in shanghai, building out a comparable edition of the park there with marvel characters. we talked about censorship or the limiting of the number of films china is able to do for foreign films, whether or not that will affect disney and of course, we also talked about the future of media with disney plus streaming coming online and how he sees the competition from apple, netflix and amazon. lot more to come. maria: i'm looking forward to your interview. i know your interview with bob iger will air on "varney & company" so we will wait for that. i'm really glad you asked about china, because this is one of our most important exports and we just saw that china restricted "game of thrones." there's netflix.
9:00 am
we will look forward for that interview. thank you. congratulations. great interview with bob iger coming up. that will do it for us. dagen, jackie, thank you, ladies. great to see you both. have a great day, everybody. that does it for us right here. thank you to our hosts in ottawa. "varney & company" begins right now. stuart, take it away. stuart: good morning, maria. good morning, everyone. this is one of those days when we have news on everything that's important in money and politics. we have had a few days like this since mr. trump became president. here we go. let's get started. this morning, the president repeated forcefully, no obstruction. the mueller probe was nothing but a witch hunt, he says. and he and mueller had a business dispute that mueller was not happy about. more about that in just a moment. the president also teased a big announcement about the border for later today or maybe tomorrow. now, mueller's parting shot yesterday dumped the


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